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        GGGGGGGGGGGGG              WWWWWWWW                           WWWWWWWW
     GGG::::::::::::G              W::::::W                           W::::::W
   GG:::::::::::::::G              W::::::W                           W::::::W
  G:::::GGGGGGGG::::G              W::::::W                           W::::::W
 G:::::G       GGGGGG   ooooooooooo W:::::W           WWWWW           W:::::W 
G:::::G               oo:::::::::::ooW:::::W         W:::::W         W:::::W  
G:::::G              o:::::::::::::::oW:::::W       W:::::::W       W:::::W   
G:::::G    GGGGGGGGGGo:::::ooooo:::::o W:::::W     W:::::::::W     W:::::W    
G:::::G    G::::::::Go::::o     o::::o  W:::::W   W:::::W:::::W   W:::::W     
G:::::G    GGGGG::::Go::::o     o::::o   W:::::W W:::::W W:::::W W:::::W      
G:::::G        G::::Go::::o     o::::o    W:::::W:::::W   W:::::W:::::W       
 G:::::G       G::::Go::::o     o::::o     W:::::::::W     W:::::::::W        
  G:::::GGGGGGGG::::Go:::::ooooo:::::o      W:::::::W       W:::::::W         
   GG:::::::::::::::Go:::::::::::::::o       W:::::W         W:::::W          
     GGG::::::GGG:::G oo:::::::::::oo         W:::W           W:::W           
        GGGGGG   GGGG   ooooooooooo            WWW             WWW      

				  I::::I    I::::I  
				  I::::I    I::::I  
  				  I::::I    I::::I  
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|                            Author: Amel Purgic (Amel0)                  |
|                            Started: March 14th, 2007                    |
|                            E-mail:Purgic5@aol.com                       |
|                                                                         |

|                            *** INTRODUCTION ***                   (0001)|

To start of the introduction this is my first Faq/Walktrough i have done on 
gamefaqs and the first faq i have ever done. I hope this guide helps you if 
you are stuck and i am sorry if i don't spell something right or have errors.
If you find any please send a email and tell me where it is so i can fix it.
I will try to keep it organized and i am oging to use some sort of numbering 
system to help you search trough the guide faster using the ctrl+f function
to skip right to the part you are looking for. I will keep this guide updated
and keep a version history. Please do not send any email that is useless and 
are just flaming my guide, i will change any errors in my guide and any sugg
estions you have to help me make this faq helpfull. I would like to remind 
you that this is my first guide and that it might not be perfect right away
but i will update it and correct any errors i find or you point out to me.
Any help is appreciated and i will give you credit if you help me.I will try
to beat this game by the weekend (or earlier) and start working on the faq 
more and hopefully it will be helpfull to people by then.

|                              Table of Contents                           |

2.Version History....................................................(0002)



	I- Rhodes....................................................(0012)
	   i-The Collosus Battle-Part-1..............................(0b21)
	   ii-The Collosus Battle-Part-2.............................(0b22)
	   iii-The Collosus Battle-Part-3............................(0b23)
	II-Inside the Collosus.......................................(0013)
	IV-Flight of the Pegasus-Part1...............................(0015)
	V-Lair of the Titan..........................................(0016)
	VI-Flight of the Pegasus-Part2...............................(0017)
	VII-Temple of Lakhesis- part 1...............................(0018)
	VIII-The Steeds of Time......................................(0019)
	IX-Temple of Lakhesis- part 2................................(0021)
	X-Destiny's Atrium...........................................(0022)
	XI-The Bog of the Forgotten..................................(0023)
	   i-The Barbarian...........................................(0b24)
	XII-Temple of Euryale........................................(0024)

6.Boss Guide.........................................................(0020)
	I-The Collosus...............................................(0120)
	   i-The Collosus-Part1 .....................................(0121)
	   ii-The Collosus-Part2 ....................................(0122)

7.Challange of the Titans............................................(0030)
	Challange #1.................................................(0031)
	Challange #2.................................................(0032)
	Challange #3.................................................(0033)
	Challange #4.................................................(0034)
	Challange #5.................................................(0035)
	Challange #6.................................................(0036)
	Challange #7.................................................(0037)

8.Urns of Power......................................................(0040)
	I-Urn of Gia.................................................(0b41)
	II-Urn of the Gorgons........................................(0b42)
	III-Urn of Olympus...........................................(0b43)
	IV-Urn fo Prometheus.........................................(0b44)
	V-Urn of the Fates...........................................(0b45)
	VI-Urn of Poseidon...........................................(0b46)

9.Tips and Hints.....................................................(0041)




|                              Version History                       (0002)|

Version 0.01---Just started 03/14/07
		hope to update by the 17th.
Version 0.02---Updated the Walkthrough and added some things in the other
                categorys. 03/18/07
Version 0.12---Updated the Walktrhough a bit and completed the Challange of
                the Titans section and the Urns of power section. 03/26/07
Vetsion 0.20---Updated the Walktrough more.

|                              Controls                              (0003)|


Circle-Grab (sometimes tap when it shows up in bottom corner to do action)
Square-Normal attack
Triangle-Heavy attack
X button- Jump
R1-Action button
R2-Not used

Left Analog- Move
Right Analog-Evade

Left+Right Analog- Activates Rage of the Titans (when acuired)


Square-Normal attack
Triangle-Heavy attack
X button- Dash forward

L1-Dash left
L2-Dash right
R1-Not used
R2-Not used

|                              Walktrough                            (0011)|


	After the cutscene you are in a room with a few normal enemies. Just
kill these few enemies and then procceed trough the door on the left. Here 
you are put against a few more enemies, kill them and keep on going. When you
see three soldires crouching down slow down because when you get close the 
collosus will punch trough the wall and make a clearing for you. Go trough 
the new opening and there will be a chest there containing green orbs. Smash 
around here to break some boxes and gain some red orbs. Go up the ladder and 
jump out trough the window.

	--------- Boss Battle: The Collosus-Part 1 ----------------(0b21)

 Here you fight the Collosus for the first time. He has some basic moves here,
at this point he can only use two attacks. If you kill most of the soldiers 
he pick some up from the building and throws them at you. His other attack is
simple and he just strikes down on you wiht his hand. Just use the right 
analog here and dodge his attack,proceed to attack while his hand is still 
down. I suggest to time it right and as he is about to hit you wiht his hand 
use Posiedens rage until he falls back a little and leans on the building. 
Now is your chance, jump up to the platform on the left and push R1 next to 
the slingshot like catapult. This will shoot a rock at him. After that push 
R1 once again and you will be required to tap the Circle button and shoot 
yourslef up to him. Now you will be in one of those actione sequences in 
which you push the corresponding buttons shown on the screen. That ends the 
first part of the boss fight.


  After this you will be in a new room with water. Go straight here and you 
will be at a window like wall in the water. Hold the R1 button and then 
let go. You will charge trough it, go up and you will find a ladder on the 
right side. You will be able to save here. After saving your game pull the 
lever and swing accros the room by jusmping towards the sparkling thing in 
the ceiling and pushing the R1 button. Go trough the gate and you will be 
in a room with about three soldiers. Kill them and go up the ladder. The 
Collosus will now kick trough the wall and try to crush you with his foot. 
Throw him back by tapping the cricle button. To the left you will find a 
chest that changes from blue orbs to green orbs. To get the one you want 
simply grap it while it is the collor you want. Go up the wall in front 
of you, the Collosus will punch the wall a few times. Go up the wall and
you will be on the second part of the boss.

	--------- Boss Battle: The Collosus-Part 2 ----------------(0b22)

	At this point the Collosus has a few more moves. He will try to crush
you with his right hand (you'r left). Simply dodge this attack with the right
analog stick and try to attack, you will not be able to get of a lot of hits 
on this attack.The two other attacks he uses give you more time to damage him. 
Sometimes he will put down both his hands on the platform and scream at you. 
At this point use your magic and damage him until he stops. The other attack 
he willtry to crush you with his left fist (you'r right). Once he does this 
time it right and right as he is about to get you use Poseidon's rage to 
damage him. After you damage him a bit he will fall back and put his hand on
the platform accross from you. When this happens quickly swing to the other 
side and push Circle. This will take you into another action sequence. Once 
you are repeat this again and the second time you do it he will grab you. 
Push the L1 and R1 buttons repedetly one after another and he will throw you
 to a new area.


	Here you will see a blue chest. Open it if needed and proceed. Open
thegate and go trough here. Save your game and dispose of the soldiers and 
archers in this area. To the left there will be a movable block. Break the 
bird statue on top of it and pull it to the button like platform to open the
next gate. Kickthe block trough the gate and then roll trough before the gate
closes. Take the block and don't go trough the secodn gate just yet. Push it 
to the right and you will see three chests on a platform. Push the block to 
the wall and jump up to get the chests. The two on the sides will contain red
orbs but the one in the middle will contain a urn of power.

   Now take the block back and put it on the second button and proceed trough 
the gate.Here you will find another chest containing green orbs. Kill the 
enemies in this area and go up the wiht the elevator. The collosus will look 
trough the window,hit him and you will see a quick scene. Jump up to the ledge
and then jump again to the secodn ledge.Kill the enemies here and kick open 
the gate. Here you will see another chest containing green orbs. Brak the 
window and jump down to kill the enemies before you try to go accros the thin 
floor.Save your game and proceed up the ladder.

   Go down the chain and kill the enemies in this room. Open the gate and 
go over the bridge. The Collosus will smash the bridge as your going accros,
roll forward and jumpto the other end. Now get ready to fight the boss again.

	--------- Boss Battle: The Collosus-Part 3 ----------------(0b23)

   This battle comes in three parts. At first if you try to go to the sword 
the boss will crush you with his hands. Go over to the hand and press the R1 
button. You will swing it and throw it at the Collosus. Now go to the sword 
and hold the R1 button. This will drain you of your red orbs. 

   After that you have to knock him out again. The easiest way is to wait 
for his attacks and time it right, just as he is about to hit you use 
poseidons rage to damage him. Repeat this a few times and he will go back 
once again. Go to the sword again and you will be drainde of your magic.

   Now it is a bit harder since you can't use your magic on him, but not to 
hard.To attack him now when you are close to the sword he stops his attack 
where he punches the ground. Once you try to push R1 on the sword he will 
try to hit you with his fists.Jump over the shockwave it makes and just attack
with your swords. When you damage him enough he will go back again and now go 
to the sword one final time. This time it will drain your health like it used 
to be in the beggining of the first game. 

   The Collosus will now lean on the platfrom and you will acquire the Blade
of Olympus.Attack him wiht your new weapon and when he attacks you with his 
other hand just block it and continue attacking him. When the circle comes 
above his head push it and now you will make a whole in his stomach and enter
his body.

	---------- Inside the Collosus ----------------------------(0013)

   Once inside the collosus head up the platforms and get rid of the enemies
here. The thing is colapsing so the dery falling breaks the floor and 
sometimes can get you by suprise. Watch out for the glowing blue pipes and
make your way to the center of them. Break the chains there and push R1 to
drain the power. Continue up the platrforms and you will reach a wal you need
to climb on. Jump up on the rope and make your way accros to the other side
and kill the soldiers. Go on the thin walkway and go towards the blue pipe.
Break the chains and drain his power again. Go back and go the other way on
the thin walkway and make your way to the scafold.

   Go a bit more and climb up the wall. Go close to the center platform and
you will walk on the thin floor by the wall. Once you get to the blue pipe 
push R1 and you will drop down and grab onto the bottom of it. Go under the
pipe and climb back up.

   Once you are back to the scafold go left and climb the wall here. You 
will find a chest up here containing a Gorgon's eye. Go back down and break 
the chains once again to drain the collosus' power. Climb the rope you see
hanging down and jump up to the next platform.

   You will see a ladder here, go up the ladder and pull the lever. Jump
back down and hit the pendulum to get it swinging. Go back up the ladder 
and pull the lever again. This will bring the pendulum back up but now it
will be swinging. Wait for the pendulum to come close enough to block the
beam and go accros, do it on the other side and make it to the next platform.
Go to the center and drain his power for the finnal time. This will cause 
the area to start collapsing, run to his mouth and jump out.

Now you will watch a short cutscene and when done walk to the blade of 
olympus to trigger another scene. Now you will fight Zeus but you have to

	----------     Hades    ----------------------------(0014)

  After the scene you will be in Hades. This part is pretty simple. Just 
climb the wall and just swing trough the arms and continue your way up the 
wall and you will exit hades.

  Save your game here and go talk to the wounded soldier and you will see 
another short scene. After the scene go to Pegasus and push R1 to get on.

	---------- Flight of the Pegasus-Part1 ---------------(0015)

   This is pretty simple here to. You will be flying on the Pegasus and 
there will be gryphons flying around. Hit the with simple attack with square
and when they get above you i would use the hard attack as it hits them many 
times and damages them pretty good. Once you see the Circle button apear
above them push it and kill the gryphon in one of those action sequences.
There is about three to four of them to kill and once you kill them a larger
bird will come down. To kill him just use normal attacks and the Pegasus dash
when he is about to dive at you. After a while you will jump on it and you 
will be requiered to tap the cricle button to finish it of. Now a new enemie
will apear but you just have to dodge those purple things he shoots at you.
You will kill him later but for now you will enter a new area.

	--------- Lair of the Titan ---------------------------(0016)

  In this area you will just fly around for a bit. When you land the Titan
will put his hand down and trap your Pegasus. Once you gain control there 
will be a few harpies to kill but they just respawn so there is not much 
point in killing them. 

  To start of jump down and go towards his fingers. Attack them and he will
move one to allow you to pass. On the left there will be a wall that you can
climb on. Follow this wall till you get to a save point and save your game.
Procced trought this area and you will fight a few enemies and a minitour.
Kill them and open the green chest if you need to, otherwse leave it because
you will go back trough this area again. Procced until you see a red chest.
Go get that and break the crate on the zipline. Go down here and continue 
out of here. You will soon come to a snowy area. There will be three archers
here and a few minitours. After you have killed them jump up on the cliff
and up again. Go left and up on to the cliff. There is a green chest here 
and a red chest.

   Go down with the zipline go up the hand to watch a short scene. Attack
Prometheus and he wil be hanging on the chain above the fire. Jump on the 
chain and slide down. Prometheus will tell you to kill him but for now you
can't do anything (unless you are in bonus play, but then you wouldn't be 
reading this). Continue a bit forward and the camera will move and show you
the path you should take. Climb on the wall and once you reach the bottom
there will be two enemies, kill them and open the red chest. Save your game
and continue. Get the red chest here aswell and go up the climable wall.

  Enter the new area and collect the red orbs and green orbs if you need 
them. Go towards the sparkling thing and push R1 to go up there. You will 
see a red chest behind a gate, don't worry about this for now. Continue
trough here and jump up to the next floor. Here you will fight three
gorgons and a few harpies. Go up to the shining pillar thing and break it.
Proceed down to the new area and open the chests and save your game.

  The titan will blow air at you here and there will be a few harpies. 
When he stops blowing run behind the pillar. Stay there till he stops 
blowing again and run to the next rock and stay there. Run again to the 
next rock and then all the way to the other side. Kill a few harpies so 
they don't knock you down. Do thje same here and run all the way to the top.
Hit the shiny pillar and then push R1. You will be required to tap the 
circle button here to tip the pillar over. Run up the pillar but watch out
because he can push you off here aswell. When you are at the top push R1
and you will jump off and stab his eye a few times. You now have Typhon's
Bane. Shoot at his other eye with your new magic and run down the pillar.
Kill the enemies here and shoot the archers down with your bow.

  Instead of going to the obvious path on the rihgt go towards the camera
and you will get to a place with a fire pit like the one where that 
Prometheus is hanging over. In this place you are required to throw five
enemies into the fire. Once you do this the chests that were previously 
forzen will now be accesible. Collect the chests wiht the red orbs in 
them and one of the chests will contain a pheonix feather.Now go back to
the area with Typhoon and go to the right side where i told you to first
go over here. Shoot the crate like thing on the hook point and kill the
three archers at the bottom. Swing over to the next area and break the
rocks here for some red orbs.Run down to the save point and save your 
game. Continue until you see the zipline and there will be a red chest that
is behind bars. To open it go down the zipline and push R1 when it comes up
to jump back up there.Open the chest and continue down the zipline again.
Keep on going straight and exit this cave. Go down the wall and now that you
have the bow go toward the broken bridge and shoot with your bow. Swing over
to the other side and open the two red chest. Swing back and save your game.
Go back to Prometheus and kill him wiht your bow. Now you will recive Rage
of the Titans. Kill the enemies here and jump up to the next area. Open the
green chest and shoot with your arrow (it should aim for you). Climp up the
rope and go up.

   Before you go over to the other side go up on the climable wall and 
open the chests. Go back down and go on the chain to the other side. There 
will be enemies on this chain so kill them. Jump down and there will be a 
gate with a symbol on it and next to a chest wiht gold orbs in it. This is
for your Rage of the Titans meter. Break the gate by going into Rage of the
Titans by pushing the L3 and R3 buttons at the same time. Go trough this
area and swing up to the next one. Kill the enemies and save your game. 

   Go up the climable wall, kill the few enemies and go back to Typhon's
hand. Turn Rage fo the Titans on and attack his fingers so that they lift up.
If done correct to all fingers he should lift his hand up off of Pegasus and
allow you to ride him once again.

	--------- Flight of the Pegasus-Part2 -------------------------(0017)

   This is almsot liek the first part except now the griphons have riders on 
them and when you kill them you have to push more buttons then last time. 
There will also be a few harpies around and not really a boss but kinda. Kill
the burds the same way you did last time and once you get to this boss just
dodge his purple blast things until you get to attack him. When the circle 
button appears on his head push it and you will be required to tap the circle
button followed by a few button presses shown on the screen. Once you kill him
be ready for one more button while you are falling. 

	--------- Temple of Lakhesis-part 1 ---------------------------(0018)

   Climb up the wall all the way to the top and go left to open two chests.
When you open the chests go back and go to the right to the save point and
save your game. Climb up the ladder and you will fight a new enemy. The only
big difference is that you cannot grab these guys right away until the circle 
button appears above their head. Once you finish them jump up to the ledge and
climb up the ladder. You will fight a bunch of dog like enemies here. When you
are done wiht them go over to the right and open the two red chests. You can 
break the skeletons hanging here for a few red orbs but just go to the end by
the red chests and hit the body hanging there and take it over to the lever.
Pull the lever and drop the body over on the button. Pull the lever like thing
all the way to the button and then run trought the gate if you can't make it
by running try to roll at the end. Go over to the end and push R1 to kick down
a bridge and watch a scene here. When the scene is done go back and go right
to find another red orb chest. Now take the left path and be ready becasue the
ground will break under you so run as far as you can and then jump over to the
end. Here you will incounter once again a new enemy. Simply kill the little dog
things with circle and hopefully it will kick them at the main one. Attack him
until you see the circle above his head and then grab him to rip of one of his
heads by tapping the circle button. Repeat this three times and you are done.
Break the statues on the right side and on the last one a block will fall down
that you can push. Pull it all the way over to where you saw the cerberus come
from and push it inot the little slot made for it. Jump up and open the red 
chest. Kill the two dog things and save your game.

   Go trought the narrown path and slide down the wall here. Get the green and
red Chests here and go up the ladder. Kill the enemies with circle and break
the shining obstacle here. Continue and kill the enemies here aswell and climb
your way up. There will be a few enemies here but kill the archers first and
then take care of the dogs. Jump over the gap on the left and and go into the
next area. Take the chest here if needed and proceed. Pull the lever and here
you will have to fight some sirens. To get past this you must kill the sirens
with the circle button so they break the door here. Do this a few times and
it will open.Before you leave go over to the right and jump up on the platform
and go up the chain. Go accros to the other side and break the chain wiht your
weapons. Open the two chests and continue trought the door opened earlier.
Open the chest if you need it and save your game.

	--------- The Steeeds of Time ----------------------------------(0019)

   Procced down the long chain and climb up the wall on the left. Igonre the 
chests her for now unless you need them and go to the other side and pull the 
lever. Run to the zipline , get on the shadow of the rope and jump up to slide
down the rope. Get ready for a boss battle.

	--------- Boss Battle: Theseus ---------------------------------(bb20)

  This boss is pretty easy unless you are on Titan Mode. To start it of just 
block his moves since the blue glwo gives them away and just start hitting him
after the blocks. After a while he will make his spear glow even brighter and 
he will have a few more moves suck as summoning crystals out of the ground.
When you see him run away fomr you to a side that emans he will use that move
and simply just roll away. Attack him fro a while using the same strategy as
before and after a while he will run up to the door and jump up on top of it.
Here just unload your Typhoon's Bane on him until you run out of magic. Dodge
his blue ice shot things by simply rolling away using the right analog stick.
He has two different kinds of these shots. One of them is fast and the other
one follows you for a bit. Both can be dodged by rolling away from them. He
will then summon two minitours. Kill them like you would normally except
watch tou for his attacks as he will sometimes shoot at you form up there 
(just roll away) and he will summon some of those crystals out of the ground.
The crystals have i think about 4 different patters so just dodge them. 
Kill the minitours when the circle apears above their head so you recive more
magic and shoot the bow at him again. Repeat this until he falls and hangs on
ledge. When this happens there will be a big circle above his head. Push the
circle button while on the ground you don't have to jump and you will be 
required to rotate the right analog stick in a clockwise motion to pull him 
to the ground, then tap the circle button when it is shown on the bottom 
left corner of the screen. This is porbably one of the collest boss finishing
action sequences in the game. If you are playing Titan mode do the same but
you will need to be more carefull wiht the mimitours and his attacks.

  Go into the opened door, open the chests here and read form the book in the 
middle. Take the right door to open a red chest. Go back and jump on to the
ledge with another red chest. Open it and jump up to the zipline to return to
the place with the door you could not open. Open the door and go to the end
and push R1 on the fire thing. This will trigger a scnene and you will recive
a new magic, Cronus' Rage. Kill the enemies here by just using this new magic
since you have unlimited magic in this room. Take the left path this time and
go up on this building to get a red chest and to a new save point. Save your

  Go to the left and procceed all the way to the end where you will see 4
different colored levers. First turn the green one as much as you can and 
then climb up the wall on the left and push R1 at the green glowing thing.
Go down the stairs on the nose of the horse and open a red chest. Now go
back to the levers and turn the red one. Run to the right, climb up and
push the R1 button. Now go turn the yellow lever. Go up the wall on the 
left and swing over to the other horse and push R1. Go back and do the 
last lever the same way and kill the harpies if you haven't done so yet.
Go back to where the lever where and pull the shiny thing to release the
steeds. Go a bit forward and push R1. You will now be required to do swing
your blades of chaos to make the steeds go. To do this you will do the 
motions with your right analog stick as it shows on the screen. Now just
watch the cutscene. Go back up to the save point and save your game. Jump
down and prepare to fight some enemies. When you kill them open the chests
there if neccessary and go to the right where the gate has opened. Climb 
down and kill the enemie waiting for you down there. Continue over the big 

	--------- Temple of Lakhesis-part 2 ---------------------------(0021)

  When you are over the long chain climb upand break the wall on the right.
Go to the right and save your game once again. Kill the flying things in 
here and on the left side under the water fall break the door like wall to
get a red chest. Climb up the rocks but before going to through to the next
area go to the right to fins another red chest. Go on the climbable wall and 
first just go to the left , open the two chest and then the one red chest 
behind the wall on the left. Go back and this time go down to the middle 
platform. Go to the right first and follow this climable wall till you reach
a dead end and break the wall in front of you to find another red chest. Now
go back and take the middle path kill the 3 hornets and open the red chest
on the left. When ready go up to the big door and push R1. In this area jump
down to the bottom floor and pull the thing in the water to find a hole. Go
into the hole and obtain the Amulet of the Fates. This will allow you to 
slow down the time in areas with a statue that has a green glow to it. Go
to the back of the place, step on the button and slow down the time by 
holding L1 and then pressing R1 and then run up the pillars to the place you
jumped from. Step on the button in this area to , slow down the time and run 
to the statues hands. Watch the cutscene. Break the statue again to make it 
fall back and break the window. Open the chests on the left and right sides 
and procceed through the now open window. Kill the enemies here and don't 
forget that you can slow down the time to kill them easier. Break the 
stautes head one more time and go forward. Open the chest on both sides and
the green chest in the middle and climb down using the ladder on the right

	--------- Destiny's Atrium ------------------------------------(0022)

  Here you will have to fight about three cyclops and a few of those wild
boars. Kill the wild boars first so the don't mess you up and so the cyclops
cannot throw them at you. When you kill all the enemies go up the left ladder
in the back and not up the one you came down. Pull the statue over the birdge
and into the slot in front of the blue beam. Now go over the bridge and pull
the lever. Push the second statue on the platform you lowered and pull the 
lever one more time. Jump up to the platform and kick the statue of towards
the blue beam coming out of the other eye of the statue. Push the statue 
into the slot here to and the area with the save point will now be open. Go
to the save point , open the green chest and save your game.

	--------- The Bog of the Forgotten ----------------------------(0023)

	Proceed towards the two chests and you will watch a short cutscene.
Now you will have to push the buttons shown on the screen and then a boss.

	--------- Boss Battle: The Barbarian ----------------(0b24)

	Ok the first part is not that hard. The barbarian will run around on
his horse and slide by and try to swing at you. Simply doge his attack and 
hit him with whaterver you want. Another method for this is to use Cronos'
rage while he charges at you and dodge out the way so it hits him. But i 
would just attack. He will also shoot a bow at you after his charge. Repeat
this and the sould sround him will disapear one by one. After that continue
doing this until the Circle appears above his head. Quickly run up to him 
and do it. You will now be rid of his horse. 

	The next part he will be on foot and this is not that hard either.
(If you are on Titan mode watch out for his hammer and when he shoot that 
blast out of it.) He will shoot souls at you and when hits his hammer to 
the ground he shoots out a beam, just dodge this and the souls and attack.
When he summons the people just use circle to kill them all. After a few 
waves he will summon the guy you pushed down the hydras throat in the 
first game. Just do what youv been doing this whole time. Kill the 
enemies with circle for a safe kill and they will give you magic orbs if
you need them for the boss. 

	The barbarian will get really big now. The only problem here is if 
you are playing on Titan mode its kinda hard to dodge the hammer. Just
run around and attack use your Rage of the Titans if needed. If you dodge
his attack or just if he hits you get ready for him to smash his hammer 
into the ground, this is your chance to get some attacks on him. He will
shrink once again. Here you can block his attacks so just play it safe.
The one attack you can't block is the souls. When he summons them to
his hammer back away form him and when he shoots them at you roll 
towards him and you will go under the souls. The circle will appear 
and you will be required to push the buttons shown on the screen. When 
you defeat him you will aquire the Barbarian hammer. 


	Kill the enemies around here and swing over with the tree you 
knocked over after killing him. Proceed down the path and you will 
encounter two wild boars. Kill them and continue.

	--------- Temple of Euryale ---------------------------------(0024)

	Proceed down and head right. You will find a Save point and a green
orb chest. Open if needed and save your game. Jump up to the platform on 
the right and jump over to the other side. Head down to the edge where the
dead body is. Watch a quick cutscene and push R1 close to the body to find
Euryale's Key. Kill the enemies here and go back. Save your game again if 
you want. 

--------------------COOMING SOON-------------------------------------------

|                              Boss Guide                          (0020)   |

I-The Collosus........................................................(0120)

            |                The Collosus-Part1       (00121)  |

   The first part is real simple. This part he only has two basic attacks.
When you kill most of the soldiers the collosus will grab some more soldiers
and throw them down. These can actually hurt you so watch out. The other
attack he slams the ground. To dodge this just roll away or the way i did it
is fight next to the wall on the left and when he is about to swing at you
jump up on the platform and attack his arm. after doing this for a while he
will lean on to the building. If you are low on health there is a chest on the
far left but the you will have full health after the fight so it is not
neccesry unless you need it during the fight. Next to the catapult push R1 and
it wil launch a rock at him. Now push R1 again and you will be required to tap
circle again. This willaunch you at him and you will have to push the bottons
shown on the screen.

  The easiest way to beat this boss is as he is about to hit you use 
Poseidon's Rage and repeat this. The boss should be down in no time.

            |                The Collosus-Part2       (00122)  |

--------------------COOMING SOON-------------------------------------------

|                           Challange of the Titans                   (0030)|
      ******* Challange #1-Blind Fury ******* (0031)
   The first challange is quite easy you have to take out a Cyclops' and you
have 40 seconds. Just spam Cronos' Rage and then go into Rage of the Titans 
and attack untill you see the circle above his head, push circle and follow 
the buttons it shows you on the screen and you got it.

 |Bonus |
   Kill two enemies by stone shattering them. At first i tought to do it to 
the riders but it keeps on aiming at the Cyclops. Try to do it to the Cyclops
and then on fo the riders before the next Cyclops comes, and then procced by
taking out the other Cyclops' eye.

My best results are:

  Time: 0:00:37........Mortal

  Red Orbs: 864........Titan
  Damage Taken: 9.....Titan

  Enemy Kills: 4.......Titan
  Max Combo: 348.......Titan


  Overall Rank: Titan

      ******* Challange #2-Death From Above *******  (0032)

   To beat this challange you have to kill 10 enemies in the air before 
time runs out. You are given 200 seconds to complete this. The best way
to do this or the way i did it is use the Icarrus lift wiht L1+X and then 
L1+Square while in the air. You should be able to kill enemies easya nd fast 
like this and kill about three enemies in the air before the gorgon comes. 
They are the ones that will make you fail in this not the time. Kill the 
gorgon imediedtly wiht Cronus' Rage also i have found it is good to be in 
Rage of the Titans so she cannot turn you to stone. Once done with her get 
rid of the big guy and proceed wiht the same strategy again. If you kill
the gorgons this should be no problem. Another way to kill them is to damage
them a bit and then use Cronus' Rage and then the Icarrus lift becasue they
die in the air. If you follow this strategy you should win pretty fast.

 |Bonus |
   To get the bonus here you have to atleast kill 15 enemies in the air.

My best results are: 
  Time: 0:03:20..........Titan

  Red Orbs: 2235.........Titan

  Damage Taken: 35.......Titan

  Enemy Kills: 28........God

  Max Combo: 402.........Titan

  Overall Rank: Titan

      ******* Challange #3-Gorgon Graveyard *******  (0033)

  To beat this chalange you are requiered to turn 25 enemied to stone and 
shatter them before time runs out. For this challange you are given 200
seconds. This is really simple to get the Gorgon to try to freeze you try
to grab here and it will make her do the gorgon gaze. Push L1 at the right
moment and press the button it tells you on the screen. This will freeze most
of the enemies. On some of the bigger enemies like the cyclops use the
square,square,triangle move. Get rid of the flying things if they are causing
to much trouble and don't kill the Gorgon because it takes a while for
another one to appear.

 |Bonus |
  To get the bonus in this challange you are requiered to turn 35 enemies
into stone and shatter them before time runs out.

My best results are:

  Time: 0:03:51........Titan

  Red Orbs: ...........Titan 

  Damage Taken: .......Mortal 
  Enemy kills: ........Titan

  Max Combo: ..........God

  Bonus: ..............Achieved

  Overall Rank: Titan

      ******* Challange #4-Protect the Weak *******  (0034)

  In this challange you have to protect the translator. To do this you must
kill all the waves and keeping the translator alive. There is a circle that
you must keep him in  or he slowly looses health also the enemies can attack
him. The circle will disapear every few waves and you will have to move him
to the next circle. Just slow the time down and use the Blade of Olympus for
this challange. If you do not have it upgraded all the way then go to bonus
play and do this now. Kill the enemies , you should have no problems in the
first few waves. When the cyclops and the Satyrs come use the Blade and slow
the time down if it is upgraded you will have enough time to kill any enemie
even the cyclops just focus on one enemies(i reccomend the
cyclops and Satyrs) then do the same for the rest unitll you kill them all.

 |Bonus |
  To get the bonus here you are required to keep the translators health above
50%. I have noticed that sometimes even under 50% it still dosen't say bonus
failed until a bit more health is lost. 

My best results are:

  Time: 0:16:22........Mortal

  Red Orbs: ...........God 

  Damage Taken: .......Mortal
  Enemy kills: ........Titan

  Max Combo: ..........God

  Bonus: ..............None

  Overall Rank: Titan

      ******* Challange #5-Reap the Rewards *******  (0035)

  This challange is really easy i don't think you need any help here. To beat
this one you must collect 500 red orbs. Just kill a bunch of enemies. The way
i did this is just turn on the Rage of the Titans and just get a big combo
and end it. Gives you alot of orbs and jsut kill people with the circle
brutual kills because they give you more red orbs. For this challange you
are given 180 seconds. 

 |Bonus |

  The bonus is also pretty easy but not neccesary because you will probably
get Titan rank on almost everything. Anyway the bonus is to collect at least
600 red orbs.

My best results are:

  Time: 0:03:01........Titan

  Red Orbs: 618........Titan

  Damage Taken: 61.....Titan
  Enemy kills: 41......Titan

  Max Combo: 571.......God

  Bonus: ..............Achieved

  Overall Rank: Titan

      ******* Challange #6-Survivall of the Fittest *******  (0036)

  I also don't think you will have trouble with this but im gonna write it
anyway. For this challange you are required to just kill all the enemies and
survive. All i did for this challange is kill the easier enemies and when
the Hades Minitours started coming out and the other harder enemies i just
spammed cronus' rage and then when the circle appears over thir heads kill
them wiht it because it will give you more magic. If your really having
trouble with this you can use the Rage of the Titans and then push R1 when
you have a big combo to kill the enemies. 

 |Bonus |
  The bonus in this challaneg is just to do the challange without using
the Rage of the Titans so if you really don't need it don't use it.

My best results are:

  Time: 0:13:07........Spartan

  Red Orbs: 11078......Titan

  Damage Taken: 654....Mortal
  Enemy kills: 83......Titan

  Max Combo: 966.......God

  Bonus: ..............Achieved

  Overall Rank: Titan

      ******* Challange #7-Perfection is Divine *******  (0037)

This challange can be really frustrating if not done right. Im just gonna
tell you what i did. To start it of i would go in the midlle and use cronus'
rage about twice and if there is one left kill him with the circle or place
another Cronus' rage. Try to get it spread out so all the skeletons are
getting hit. Then chnage to your bow and get ready. Aim at the guy that
summons enemies and push L2+Circle then just use Cronus' Rage and play it
safe by grabbing the enemies.Try to not touch the rock minitour so its
easier but i did and had to fight like that. Just dodge his rock attack and
don't get to close.Kill the summoners first because you don't want him to
summon a cyclops. Once you kill all the enemies use the Blade of Olympus to
shoot those blasts at him. Once again if you have your Blade upgraded it
will shoot at him on every hit. Just dodge his rock attacks , shoot at him
and don't get closer.If you have any magic shoot him wiht the bow but i
didn't. When the circle above his head go up to him quick and kill him. If
you are still having trouble with this since its kind of hard to explain
it better send me an e-mail with any questions you have or i can just send
you a video of me beating it if you want.

 |Bonus |

  To get the bonus in this challange you are required to do the challange
without using magic. I tought it was pretty pointless becaus ei got Titan
rank on it the first time i beat it and i didn't feel like going trough that
challange wiht even more frustration. I don't think you should waste your
time with this one so i don't know what to tell you when i didn't even try
it without magic.

My best results are:

  Time: 0:01:46........Titan

  Red Orbs: 1349.......God

  Damage Taken: 335....Mortal
  Enemy kills: 14......God

  Max Combo: 308.......Titan

  Bonus: ..............None

  Overall Rank: Titan

My Overall Rank for the whole challange was Titan.

|                             Urns of Power                           (0040)|

***Urn of Gia:  Gives you 10X the red orbs you would get normally     (0b41)

   You can find this urn in the beggining. When you beat the second part of 
the Collosus where you are at the first puzzle. Get the movable statue and 
go trough the gate and roll trough yourself. Instead of going trough the 
second gate take the block to the left and you will see three chests on a 
platform. Push the block forward and jump up there. The two on the sides will
contain red orbs and the one in the middle will contain the urn of Gia.

***Urn of the Gorgons: Freezes enemies wiht the hits fomr your sword (0b42)
  You will find this urn in the area where there is a conveyer belt and out
of the walls have the Gorgon Gaze trying to freeze you. Here just use the 
Golden Fleece like you would on normal Gorgons and the wall will break where
you will find a chest containing the Urn of the Gorgons.

***Urn of Olympus: Unlimited Magic                                   (0b43)

  This urn is located at the area where you get the Spear of Destiny. There
is that place with the three chest in it but when you go step on the platform
in front of it the gate closes. To do this go ver to where you found the
spear and turn the statue you that you can use to stop time and spin it so
that it faces the deriction you came from. Bring the Statue close to the
water and slow down the time. Now run all the way back to the place with
the platform and try to get into the room before it closes.

***Urn of Prometheus: Unlimited Rage of the Titans                   (0b44)

  At the part when you fight the rock Minitour inside of Atlas you will
be in a room wiht a bunch of those flying enemies. Break the things
they are comming out of and kill them. Go on the gas comming out of the 
ground and you will be on the ceiling hanging wiht your swords. Destroy 
the first spike comming down from the ceiling and go into the ceiling to
find some chests with red orbs and a chest containing the Urn of Prometheus.

***Urn of the Fates: Extends the time to perform combos              (0b45)

  Receive this Urn by completing the Challange of the Titans with a overall
rank of Mortal or better. So pretty much just beat it since Mortal is the 
lowest rank.

***Urn of Poseidon: Gives you the option to switch Cronus' Rage with 
Poseidons' Rage							     (0b46)

  To get this urn beat the Challange of the Titans with a rank of Spartan
or better.

|                              Tips and Hints                         (0041)|

--------------------COOMING SOON-------------------------------------------

|                             Weapons                                 (0050)|

Athena's Blades---
	Icarus Lift(Air)------------  X
	Olympic Ascension----------- Hold Triangle
	Orion's Harpoon------------- Circle
	Athena's Reverse------------ Tap L1
	Plume of Prometheus--------- Square,Square,Triangle
	Rampage of the Furries------ L1 + Circle
	Rampage of the Furries(Air)- L1 + Circle
	Cyclone of Cahos------------ L1 + Square
	Cyclone of Cahos(Air)------- L1 + Square
	Spirit of Hercules---------- Tringle,Tringle,Tringle
	Valor of Hercules----------- Tringle,Tringle,Square
	Hyperion Charge(Run)-------- Hold Square
	Hyperion Rush(Running)------ Square
	Hyperion Rise(Running)------ Triangle
	Athena's Wrath(Evading)----- Right Analog, Trinagle
	Tartarus Rage--------------- L1 + Triangle
	Tartarus Rage(Air)---------- L1 + Triangle
	(Locked)-------------------- Cooming Soon
	(Locked)-------------------- Cooming Soon
	(Locked)-------------------- Cooming Soon

Blade of Olympus---
	Divine Absolution----------- L1 + Square
	Divine Retribution---------- L1 + Triangle
	Divine Retribution(Air)----- L1

-----More Coming Soon-----------------------------

|                            Legal                                    (0060)|

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