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G O D 

O F  
W A R  
T W O 



     |  Contents                                   |

          Introduction ------------------------------ (x01)
          About this guide -------------------------- (x02)
          Hour by Hour review of FFXII -------------- (x03)  
          Themes ------------------------------------ (x04)

       ACT I
          Battle of Rhodes -------------------------- (x05)
                      BOSS: Colossus Fight Part 1 --- (x05a)
                      BOSS: Colossus Fight Part 2 --- (x05b)
                      Urn of Gaia ------------------- (x05c)
                      BOSS: Colossus Fight Part 3 --- (x05d)  
                      PUZZLE: Colossus Pendulum Septum(x05e)
          Escape from Hades ------------------------- (x06)
          Flight of the Pegasus --------------------- (x07)
          Lair of the Typhon ------------------------ (x08)
                      Typhon's Cavern --------------- (x08a)
          Flight of the Pegasus II ------------------ (x09)
          Temple of Lahkesis ------------------------ (x10)
          The Steeds of Time ------------------------ (x11) 
                      BOSS: Theseus ----------------- (x11a) 
          The Divine Pools -------------------------- (x12) 

       ACT II                 
          Destiny's Atrium -------------------------- (x13)
                      PUZZLE: Placing Shield Statue - (x13a)
          The Bog of the Forgotten ------------------ (x14) 
                      BOSS: King of Barbarians ------ (x14a)
          Temple of Euryale ------------------------- (x15)     
          The Ruins of the Forgotten ---------------- (x16)      
                      PUZZLE: Corpse and Water ------ (x16a)
                      BOSS: Cerberus ---------------- (x16b)
                      Urn of Gorgons ---------------- (x16c)
          Temple of Euryale ------------------------- (x17) 
                      PUZZLE: Meat Press ------------ (x17a)                
                      BOSS: Euryale ----------------- (x17b)
                      PUZZLE: Wetlands -------------- (x17c) 
                      PUZZLE: Crushing Room --------- (x17d)
          Destiny's Atrium, Again ------------------- (x18)
          The Hall of Atropos ----------------------- (x19)
                      PUZZLE: Statues in Elevator --- (x19a)
          The Hall of Atropos - Again --------------- (x20)
                      PUZZLE: Double Tree ----------- (x20a)
                      BOSS: Perseus ----------------- (x20b) 
                      PUZZLE: Eye Beams ------------- (x20c)
                      URN OF OLYMPUS ---------------- (x20d)
          Crossing of the Lowlands ------------------ (x21)

       ACT III
          Meeting Icarus ---------------------------- (x22)
          Atlas ------------------------------------- (x23)      
                      Golem fight on the Platform --- (x23a)
                      Urn of Promethius ------------- (x23b) 
                      PUZZLE: Stacking Two Stones --- (x23c)
          The Great Chasm - Part II ----------------- (x24)
          The Palace of the Fates ------------------- (x25)  
                      PUZZLE: Rotating Room --------- (x25a)
                      PUZZLE: Lowering the Gate ----- (x25b)
          Auditorium of Lehkisis -------------------- (x26)    
          Garden of the Gods ------------------------ (x27)
                      PUZZLE: Sacrifice the Sirens -- (x27a)
                      PUZZLE: Moonlight and Mirror -- (x27b)
          Auditorium of Atropos --------------------- (x28)
                      PUZZLE: Jumping Translator ---- (x28a)      
                      PUZZLE: Steam Jet ------------- (x28b)
                      PUZZLE: Chain Elevator -------- (x28c) 
          The Phoenix Chamber ----------------------- (x29)
                      PUZZLE: Spike Room ------------ (x29a) 
                      PUZZLE: The Phoenix Room ------ (x29b)
                      PUZZLE: Premature Elevation --- (x29c)
                      BOSS: Sea Monster ------------- (x29d)
       ACT IV
          Temple of the Fates ----------------------- (x30)
                      PUZZLE: Two Bells ------------- (x30a)
          The Throne of Lahkesis -------------------- (x31)
                      BOSS: Lahkesis ---------------- (x31a)
                      BOSS: Atropos ----------------- (x31b)
                      BOSS: Lahkesis and Atropos ---- (x31c)
          The Inner Sanctum ------------------------- (x32)
          Loom Chamber ------------------------------ (x33)
                      PUZZLE: Floor 1 --------------- (x33a)
                      PUZZLE: Floor 2 --------------- (x33b)
                      PUZZLE: Floor 3 --------------- (x33c)
          The Summit of Sacrifice ------------------- (x34) 


     |  Introduction  (x01)                         |

Sing to me, muse, and through me tell the story 
of the man with the god complex. 

It's not a complex about being a god, rather, it's a complex about NOT being 
a god. Kratos tires of Olympus and the other gods tire of him. Zeus kills him 
and Kratos spends the rest of the game not being a god. You see, Kratos is an 
anti-hero. A regular video game hero kills all the bad guys and then talks to 
some NPCs. On the other hand, an anti-hero kills all bad guys, then talks to 
some NPCs and then kills those NPCs. It is a slight distinction but one that 
deserves "anti-" in front of it. So, enjoy Kratos and his god hating, NPC 
hating adventure. I don't know what he likes or what pushes him to continue 
but maybe we can figure that out together. Please enjoy my guide. If you 
really want to get the most out of it, head over to www.gameintestine.com for 
diagrams, picures and more. 

     |  About this guide  (x02)                    |

This guide will take you through every level, cut scene, mythological 
allusion, and pop culture reference that I can squeeze out of God of War 2. I 
will also give you the location of every urn (check the table of contents for 
to quick reference them). I don't cover every feather or gorgon eye because I 
think it is a waste of your time to be a completionist - don't shoot for a 
100% unlocked rating. 

Also, if you are wondering, "how far am I?" I have included an hour by hour 
breakdown of the game so that you can see how much game is remaining and how 
good (or bad) the game will get. Check for the section right after this one 
called "Hour by Hour review of GOW 2."

I have heard that my guides are quite readable and you may enjoy reading it 
from top to bottom. Really, reading all of the guide could be fun. Anyway 

     |  Hour by Hour review of GOW 2 (x03)         |

The following is a graph of how entertaining GOW 2 is on an hour by hour 
interval.  The vertical line is the entertainment factor from 1-10. My rubric 
is simple, if a portion of the game went by quickly and I enjoyed it, the 
score is at least 5. If the time dragged, and I had to slog through it, at 
best it could get a 5. The number of hours is listed along the bottom. 

                   8|           *  *    *
                   7|*    *    **  *  * ***
                   6|*   ***** **  *  * ***
                   5|**  ********  * ****** 
                   4|************  * *******

     |  Themes         (x04)                       |

- The Stealing of Essence - Zeus stole Kratos's Manhood. Insert whatever you 
want to think about manhood: Mojo, Essence, Groove... See how he is dealing 
with his loss and what he does to get it back.

- Architecture as Proxy - There are several characters in GOW 2 who do not 
appear but Kratos can not always confront them. Statues and architectural 
elements often are destroyed for his rage. 

- Surprisingly NOT the theme of fate - Usually there is a big philosophical 
about if we repeat the fates that we are dealt but not this game.

- Perpetuation of Vengeance - See how killing dad killing son keeps 

     |  Battle of Rhodes (x05)                     |

The scene opens with Kratos sitting on the throne demonstrating that he is 
clearly not the god of "gender equality." Linda Hunt, headmaster of 
Kindergarten Cop Elementary and international sex kitten, purrs the 
exposition.  "By defeating Aries, Kratos became the God of War."  Kratos is 
shunned by the gods but he doesn't care because he would rather hang out with 
the Spartans anyway. Athena stops him and tells him "enough Kratos, with 
every city you destroy the wrath of Olympus grows." But why should the gods 
be mad at his fighting? He is the god of WAR. It's like complaining that 
Hephaestus is always sooty.

Kratos then leaves Olympus via the same swan dive trick used to kick off GOW 
1. He crash lands in the middle of Sparta's assault on Rhodes. Athena 
counters his advancement by sending a hawk to animate the Colossus of Rhodes 
(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Colossus_of_Rhodes) and deflate Kratos. Thus 
proving that it really does take an act of god to reduce Krato's colossal ego 
down to human size.

The Colossus trudges across the little inlet and the water effects look nice 
and sudsy. Kratos falls into a little palace atrium and the Colossus runs up 
and gives a little looky-loo at Kratos. This 100-ton statue with a propensity 
for voyeurism is your new enemy. 

When you gain full control of Kratos, kill the multiple waves of gold-platted 
soldiers. My favorite attack combo is to use the triangle button, shoot them 
in the air and attack them while floating above the other soon-to-be-killed-
guards. When they are all defeated, three solders say "by the gods he has 
killed them all" and then run off. Proceed to the gate, stand in front of the 
small glint, and press R1 to power clean it. 

Circle around this next hallway fighting off any guards that attack.  When 
you reach the end, the colossus reaches in and pats around like he is looking 
for his lost glasses. He then grabs two guys who probably have second 
thoughts about voting "aye" when the Rhoads's council said "Let's build a 
huge bronze statue in front of our city-state!"

Jump through the new hole in the wall and run up the ladder. Jump out the 
window to find the colossus again. He is patting around, smashing guys and 
will swat at Kratos if he gets too close. But, his frequent uses of the hands 
suggests a sensitive touch. If he wasn't destroyed by that earthquake in 224 
BC he could have probably given the Statue of Liberty a pretty good rubdown.  
She seems a bit tense and I bet she would enjoy that. 

     : BOSS: Colossus Fight Part 1 (x05a)          :

- Watch for the colossus' windups and move the right analog stick to dodge 
his slap attack
- When his hand hits the ground it will sit there for a moment. Use this time 
to attack it
- After several hits, he will pull it back and commence the attack again 
- Repeat the above process and when you have hit the hand several more times, 
the colossus' eyes will shut, he will pull back, and then rest his hand on 
the building 

At this time, jump up to the ballista. And press R1 to fire a rock at his 
head. Then get into the ballista by press R1 to get in it and then tap O to 
fling yourself on him. As soon as you hit him, follow the on screen button 
presses to attack the giant in such a hyped-up fashion that it makes the 
battles in Shadow of the Colossus seem about as much fun as reading a book. 
After successfully punching out its eye, the Colossus flings Kratos's across 
Rhoads, through a dome to create an impromptu oculus. When you regain control 
of Kratos in the pool, don't swim down the tube yet. Swim back just a bit and 
then hit X to surface. Climb out of the water and circle around the room to 
find a row of protective screens. Attack the screens a lot to destroy them.  

Behind the screen are two women who are kinda-naked. You see, Kratos really, 
really loves these two kinda-naked women. He loves them so much, and so 
equally, that he has to make a special type of love to them and he has to do 
it to them at the same time. You will have to take my word for the loving, 
because the camera shifts to a statue called Manneken Pis 
(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Manneken_Pis). This is symbolic. The boy and 
his penis stand in for Kratos and his penis. Are you following me on this 
one? Furthermore, the boy's spurting, stands in for Kratos' spurting. It's 
very crafty. Not since the train at the end or North by Northwest has coitus 
been so thinly inferred. When you fill them up, red orbs appear which means 
that this was their first time.

When ready, get back in the pool and dive down the underwater tunnel. Press 
and hold R1 and then release it to bust through the grate. Surface and swim 
right to the ladder that is leaning up against the burning town set-piece 
featured in Pirates of the Caribbean the ride. Climb up and R1 the giant 
lever. Move forward and R1 the sparkling hook to swing across the gap. Jump 
up the two ledges to the grate at the top.  Use R1 and circle again to get 
through it.

Fight the guys in the next room and climb the ladder. The colossus gets fed 
up with Kratos' annoying attacks and decides to put his foot down.  
Unfortunately, it is right on Kratos. Rapidly tap circle to fling the 
colossus across Rhoads. Continue to the left side of the room and hand-grab 
your way up the wall.  When you reach the top, the Colossus comes back and 
Jesus H. Zeus does he looks bad. His bronze skin is really falling off fast 
and judging by what is underneath, I am thinking that it is actually Tron Guy 

Jump down and get ready to confront the colossus once again.  

     : BOSS: Colossus Fight Part 2 (x05b)          :

- Stand just a bit to the right of his right hand.  
- Don't stand too close to the right hand through because he will attack you 
with his right fore-arm.
- When he rears back his left arm for a smash, double jump towards his right-
side.  Quickly turn around and start attacking that left fist. 
- If he pulls back both arms for a double fisted tantrum, use your magic by 
pressing L2 and Kratos will yell stuff like "I am the God of War", "I will 
make you suffer" or "Don't believe Ondore's Lies"

When Colossus has been knocked around enough, he will swing over to one of 
the two corners and pout. Run over to his hand (indicated by the circle) and 
press the circle button. Then, follow the context sensitive prompts to give 
him some nasty Inigo Montoya cuts. After he has been cut, he will recenter 
and you will need to repeat the set of attacks to get him to pout on the 
other side and then cut his face again.

When the second set of slashes are committed, he grabs Kratos in his hand and 
that's when the box art for the demo comes to fruition. Let me tell you I was 
relieved to see this moment tie into the box cover because I was sure the 
GOW2 just crayoned Kratos into the cover of an old Encyclopedia Brown 
mystery. I even went down to my old elementary school library to do a little 
investigating but couldn't find the book. It looks like the box art is a 
totally original piece which I will call "Kratos and the Case of the 
Blueberry Jelly Monster." I guess it makes more sense that the blue stuff 
isn't jelly but actually an ectoplasm conjured by Athena. A little bit more 
sense. Either way, you need to pump the L1 and L2 buttons to free his vice 

Colossus throws Kratos through another dome (leaving two Wile E. Coyote holes 
in the ceiling) and into a quaint little villa.  Jump over the chariot and up 
onto the balcony.  Lift the gate and run through the hall.  When you hear 
someone yell something that sounds like "watch your bike", make a quick right 
to avoid the archers.  Make another right and fight off the approaching 

After clearing that room, observe the light streaming through the open window 
and that sexy dandruff particle effect. Move to the left corner of said room 
to find a pedestal with a statue on top that is spread eagle. I mean an eagle 
whose wings are spread. Check your watch because we reached our first 
pressure plate in less than one hour. Drag the block over to the plate that 
is in front of the gate. Hold R1 at the stone again but this time press and 
hold X until Kratos stops his grunting, at which point you can release X to 
fling it past the gate and onto the next trigger. But, Kratos is still locked 
out. Position him on that first trigger and then flick the right control 
stick to roll him past the gate before it closes. You should now have Kratos, 
the eagle pedestal, and the second touch plate all together. 

     :   Urn of Gaia (x05c)                        :

Before you go through the next switch plate, pull the eagle to the right. The 
camera will switch to the long hallway. Notice the three chests that are 
sitting on a shelf high above the floor. Push the stone block right under 
these chests. Attack the block to destroy the eagle. Jump up onto the block 
and then double jump up to the chests. The middle one has the urn which will 
multiply the red orbs by a factor of 10. You can only activate this on your 
second play through though. 

      ...END URN OF GAIA............................

Pull the statue back to the other hallway and onto the touch plate to open 
the second gate. Run through it.  

Send Kratos down the hallway, and makes a quick left. Someone yells out "Die 
with Honor." This fight is easiest if you jump over the front line and attack 
the archers first. With them down, go back to fight the foot soldiers. When 
done, run ahead to a platform with a lever. Pull it with R1 and ride up to 
the top. Run straight ahead towards the open window and the colossus looks 
through. Strike his eye a few times and be glad that the colossus didn't 
mistake this for a glory hole. He pulls the room down. Head to the end of the 

The clouds start talking and saying that "I offer you the Blade of Olympus." 
It is Zeus and he says that this sword won the war against the Titans. Zeus 
tell Kratos to drain his Godly Powers into the sword and realize your full 

At the edge of the balcony, climb up to the ledge on the right (ladder on 
it). Then move right just a bit and double jump onto the grey hand ledge. 
Shimmy to the right, them jump up onto the ledge above it. Button mash your 
way through the next set of guards and continue through the door at the end 
of the hallway.  

Break through the glass window. Ahead is a series of narrow beams you will 
need to tightrope across. However, there are guys below that will shoot you 
off. Take care of them first. When they, and the archers above, are dead. Go 
back to the right of the area and find the ladder. Climb up it so that you 
can crawl across the beams again un-molested. Nimble to the right to reach 
the save light and then climb the nearby ladder. 

Jump down the hole with the chain and fight the guards.  When done, lift gate 
that is between the two orb chests. Run across the bridge before the colossus 
can destroy it. 

     : BOSS: Colossus Fight Part 3 (x05d)          :

The colossus is at the end of a large, round platform. He grabs his left hand 
because his left hand has fallen off. It is lying on the side of the 
platform. Most importantly is the center of the platform which lies the Blade 
of Olympus (sent by Zeus).

- Do not run over to the deifacted sword. You will have to wait until the 
colossus is occupied before you can approach it
- If Colossus raises both arms above his head, double jump over the shockwave
- If Colossus rears back his bum arm, dodge the crawling fissures
- When the fissures appear, quickly run over to the right side of the 
platform and pickup the hand that is lying there. Press R1 to fling it back 
at the Colossus.
- When he is reeling from getting hit by the hand, run over and R1 the blade 
in the middle of the platform.  Kratos will drain all his red life into the 

- Continue to avoid the sword until the Colossus is stunned
- Colossus resumes his two fisted pounds so double jump then attack his fist 
just after Kratos lands
- Use your magic liberally against his hands because it will soon be drained
- After enough attacks he falls back stunned. At this time, run up to the 
blade and Kratos will drain all of his blue magic into the blade

- Colossus returns to the two fisted attacks again, continue to attack his 
- When he is knocked back a third time, return to the blade and Kratos will  
drain half of his green health into it.
- Finally, Kratos pulls out the blade that contains all of his "essence" and 
use it against the colossus. 
- Colossus rests his arm on the side of the platform like he has had too much 
to drink. "Pleasse bartender <<hiccup>> juss one more"
- Attack his forearm with just a quick hit. Keep your attacks down to one or 
two combos because he will swing his other hand at you quickly and you will 
need to jump out of the way.
- Colossus then does his best Samus impression and sweeps a beam of energy 
out of his arm hole. Avoid it by double jumping out of the way the instant 
you see his arm fire up
- After enough hits he gets an "O". Press it to continue to the next phase

Kratos grabs the sword and ventures into the Colossus. Have I expressed how 
much I love games that have inner-body levels. Even though this is the inside 
of an automaton, it still counts. Continue along the catwalks, fighting guys 
and jumping over gaps until you see a split in the path with one side leading 
to a large joint of blue infused supports. I see, the Colossus isn't acting 
like an ass because he was under a god's spell, it turns out he just has a 
herniated disk. Help him out by pressing R1 to pull the life energy right out 
of what I think may be the the colossus's T12 vertebrae. 

Continue back to the catwalk and move north to the mesh and climb it.  Move 
left along it to the next catwalk. At the end of it, double jump to grab onto 
the rope above. Shimmy Kratos to the other side and continue along the path 
to find the next blue herniated disk and slash at the rusted chains. When 
they are gone, press R1 again to suck his life force.

Go back to the narrow pathway and take the left branch. Continue down this 
pathway to the next mesh. Fight off the guards there. Then, run right up to 
the circular wood structure and shimmy left around it. When blocked by a blue 
beam, press R1 to drop and hand grab your way to the left. Jump back up, cut 
the chains and R1 the blue joint. Jump over to the rope. Climb up it to the 
next level. 

     : PUZZLE: Colossus Pendulum Septum (x05e)     :

Circle round past the inside of his nose. Climb the ladder, pull the nearby 
lever and down comes a long metal rod.  Is that a deviated septum? So besides 
working on the Colossus' bad back, Kratos now has to double as an 
Otolaryngologists? Jump down and hit the septum to set it in motion. It's a 
pendulum! That doesn't make much sense. Unless the people of Rhodes built the 
Colossus to be a giant, bronze Mickey Mouse Watch. The idea was probably 
abandoned when they realized that at 6:30 it looks like the Colossus is 
grabbing his nuts. Eitherway, with the pendulum moving, climb the ladder 
again and pull the lever to raise it back up.  Jump to the nearby rope and 
inch along it following in the pendulum's shadow. By doing so, Kratos is 
avoiding the eye beams. 

      ...END Colossus Septum ......................

Follow the path around to another of the beam joints. Destroy it, and even 
from the inside, it is clear that Colossus mouths "oh f*******ck!" Run around 
and jump out of the mouth. 

Cut Scene: 
The Colossus' head is on fire and explodes. Kratos escapes the blast and then 
lands on the platform below. He then (prematurely) gets on his soapbox and 
starts yelling at anyone who will listen about something that seems to be 
bothering him. The colossus seems as annoyed with Kratos's ranting/over-
acting as I am and slaps him. Kratos's sword flies out from his grasp (and 
thus all of the mojo he infused in it). At that instant his god-armor falling 
off. Which is a good thing because the armor kinda sucked. The black and gold 
metal accents combined with the scarlet-red cloth made his suit look like it 
was cobbled together from the decorative elements of a Chinese Super Buffet. 
It probably even smells like a bucket of hot-lamp crab wontons. For a further 
breakdown see 

That eagle that animated the Colossus flies down and turns into Zeus. Zeus 
has a long white beard, long hair, and old features. He looks at best like 
the god of 1960's drug gurus and at worse the god of hobos. Zeus says Kratos 
must serve him and not these Spartans. He attacks Kratos. However, because 
Kratos drained all of his strength into the sword he is so weak that it is a 
winless battle. Let him wail on you and tap "O" to fruitlessly hold off a 
stomach attack. Has the winless-final-boss/first-level mechanic become a 
video game standard yet? It would be joining Super Metroid and Final Fantasy 
among others. 

Failing to hold off the sword plunging into his stomach, Zeus digs into 
Kratos's bread basket. Zeus, referring to Kratos as his son, tells him that 
he will never be the ruler of Olympus. Then, he sends out a shockwave of blue 
fire and all of the Spartans are exterminated via Geometry Wars Genocide. 
Kratos promises revenge.
Zeus sexily sashays off and Kratos dies a Smucker's-preserves-filled death. 
As he dies, the arms of Hades pull him under and we get confirmation of what 
we all suspected: hell looks exactly like a Korn concert (crowd surfing and 

Linda Hunt then plays her "power of narrator" card to change the story and 
resurrect the protagonist. Kratos, still reeling from his body blow, has his 
life flash before him (a little late considering that normally happens just 
before you die). Here is a rapid fire transcription of his the flashes: 
- Kratos shows an enemy soldier that a rock is quite a bit worse than a hard 
- The king of Barbarians attempts to kill him at which point Kratos prays to 
Ares (the then god of war) to get him out of this certain death. As part of 
the deal, Kratos must serve Ares forever and is fused with blades mounted on 
- While using those chain-blades, Kratos kills a woman who happens to be his 
- Ares, the one with the red hair and widow's peak, does a pretty good Linda 
Hunt impression
- Then, a naked concubine does and even better version
- Finally a young girl tops them all does a REALLY good version when she says 
"this is not the end"

Kratos awakens and a huge face with a crispy, crunchy, tender, flaky, crust 
introduces herself as the Earth Titan Gaia. She uses the Gravemind technique 
of giving point blank exposition right to the (in stasis) protagonist. She 
tells him that he is getting his life back so that he will help her and the 
other titans defeat Zeus. She tells him that he must seek the Sisters of Fate 
to regain his power first. The camera pans down and Kratos' stomach is 
healed. Kratos then pulls himself out of the cop-a-feel depths of hell. 

     |  Escape from Hades  (x06)                   |

Climb up the wall, slashing at any and all hands. Move up and to the right 
until you get to a gap. Jump across it and then up to the next section. Move 
left then up towards the light above. The platform repairs itself like 
Allstate is there. Use the save.

|| HOUR 1|| *****

Kratos emerges and the field is littered with fallen Spartan soldiers. Zeus 
killed them all. Run over to each soldier and press R1. When you find the one 
soldier that is still alive, Kratos tells him to go back to Sparta to give a 
report of what happened here at Rhodes. At that moment, a Pegasus arrives to 
pickup Kratos. A Pegasus? Really? In the pan-fantasy scale of mythological 
beasts, Pegasus leans a little too far to the "pansy-ass" end of it. Kratos 
is the f-ing God of War and he is stuck riding something that closely related 
to the unicorn? For a diagram of this pansy to badass scale go to 

Kratos climbs aboard his flying pony and tries to force it to go back to 
Olympus to fight Zeus. The Pegasus won't listen because Kratos is no longer a 
god. Talk about embarrassing. Not only does he have to ride on a whimsically 
fanciful creature but it won't even do what he says. Its like going to Hertz 
Rent-a-car and the only thing left is a Ford Taurus that drifts left and has 
its emergency flashers stuck on.

     |  Flight of the Pegasus (x07)                |

Despite the Pegasus, this next part is impressively executed. Cory Barlog is 
showing that he is a competent director and worthy successor to the 
franchise. But, I wonder how much of his start in the video game industry 
owes to the fact that his name is just one letter away from a Street Fighter 
II character. 

Attack each Griffin that attacks and after each one is hit enough, pres "O" 
to jump aboard. Kratos will slash off their wings and then they will fall to 
earth to become regular lions.

When all the Griffins are gone, a different beast will start dive bombing 
Kratos. When that happens, press X just before it strikes Kratos/Pegasus. 
Then, press square and tap circle to "choke the chicken" and pull off its 

When that is done, Kratos enters the jet stream and the lone enemy shoots 
purple fireballs. The easiest way to avoid this is to hide in one of the 
corners and when the screen pauses showing a purple orb, hit L1 or R1 to 
dodge out of the way. 

     |  Lair of the Typhon (x08)                   |

After flying through that area, the Pegasus brings Kratos to a cave and as is 
the case with all video game caves, bats attack. In the back of the cave 
hides a Titan who quickly stops Kratos's fly-through by trapping the Pegasus 
with its hand and flinging Kratos into the cliff. Unable to move, the Pegasus 
squeals. Gaia warns that if you have any hope of moving that Titan's hand, 
Kratos will need more strength. But I bet if Kratos could just pull off the 
titan's fingernail like Digger the Dermatophyte does, we could get to that 
Pegasus out right away.

There is no button for that though, so continue on by jumping down the ledges 
to the hallway on the right. Jump back up and continue left.  There is a hand 
ledge at the complete left. Using those hand grabs continue around to the 
right. After fighting quite a few bad guys (circle works best on them) find 
the ground and use the save.

|| 1:34|| 

Traverse through the snowy cave. If you can hear me writing through clenched 
teeth it is because I hate, hate ice levels. In fact, I still can't sit 
through the first 30 minutes of the Empire Strikes Back because it is 
essentially a cinematic ice level. Same reason I haven't seen Ang Lee's The 
Ice Storm. If the last part of this level is a large room with slippery ice 
floors forcing Kratos to become a blade bearing Brian Boitano, I wont even 
write up how to get through it. I'll just post a picture of a monkey ice 
skating. And how, in the name of good science, does snow get INSIDE a cave? 

When you reach the basket (it is on the right of screen, hanging over a 
chasm) jump up and destroy it.  Jump again to grab onto the rope and slide 
down it. At the end of the next hall is the outline of a helmet. Run through 
it and into the snowy outside. There is an elaborate scaffolding that is 
packed with archers. They are totally pumped because someone is finally 
invading their hill and so building this defensive structure in the middle of 
nowhere doesn't feel so stupid anymore. Start by attacking the archer's 
scaffolding. When the minotaur appear, hold them off but continue to focus on 
the scaffolding and the archers. When everyone is killed (including those 
archers), climb the hand grabs on the cliff face (the scaffolding obscured 
it.) Slide down the chain and continue to the stone outcropping that looks 
remarkably like an outstretched hand.

A white and yellow bird is picking at a bound man. It rips at his stomach. 
Kratos scares off the bird and the man instantly recognizes him as the God of 
War. The chained and picked apart man explains that Zeus put him here because 
he brought fire to the humans. He says "My only crime was helping mankind." 
Actually, I think his punishment is fitting his crime. The sky darkens and 
close-up of the man's torso. We see his intestines (Yay!) and then they get 
covered up by a set of reality-TV-grade, six-pack abs. The man asks for 
Kratos to free him from his torment. 

Hit the human cuttle-bone a few times to release the chains and then slide 
down the chain that is located between the hand's pinky/ring-finger. Let him 
dangle there because you can do nothing for him now. Move around the fire and 
then on down the lower path. 

By the way, if you thought Prometheus's voice sounds familiar it is because 
the actor, Alan Oppenheimer, has made more appearances on TV than the color 
orange. His list of bit-parts include Bewitched, The Smurfs, Scooby-Doo, He-
Man, Hawaii Five-O and how I recognized him, The Never Ending Story. He 
played Falkor the Luck Dragon. In case you are wondering Falkor is well into 
the pansy-assed side of the mythological based scale. 

When you reach the end of the cliff (there is a torch there), jump to the 
hand grab surface. Descend into the canyon and then head right. When you get 
to the bottom, use the save light. 

|| Hour 2:15 || *****

Around the turn is a chest with a gorgon eye and another rock face for Kratos 
to climb.  When you get Kratos up to the top, enter the skull face. At the 
cliff, swing across the chasm. If you want to unlock that gate, swinging down 
the nearby rope and then swing back up to the platform again. 

Attack the menagerie of bats and medusas. As you cross the bridge that is 
straight ahead, a voice that sounds like it has a 3-pack a day habit says 
"stay back servant of Zeus." Somehow I don't think Kratos has the savvy to 
explain to him that he is here because he is prepping a coup d'etat against 
Zeus. Save again.

|2:28 | *****

     |  Typhon's Cavern  (x08a)                    |

Looking over the greater-cave-area area is Typhon. He looks like the  
personifications of your radiator that car shops would use for newspaper 
inserts advertising 30% off all fluid flushes.

The titan's two primary weapons are sitting and blowing. It is actually quite 
effective because doing this knocks Kratos off this narrow cliff. So, you 
will have to dash from shelter to shelter between exhales. Move to the left 
and if you do end up getting blown off the path, quickly pull yourself up 
with X and then flick the right control stick to roll to the next safe spot. 
When Kratos rounds the top of the path, the titan yells "get out of my 
sight." As you reach the top, there will be one wall that is very shiny and 
has a crack in it. Attack it and the ice will break. Run up to it and press 
R1 and then tap O and Kratos will dead-lift the pillar. It crashes across the 
chasm. Run up the newly-created ice bridge and when you get to the end, hold 
R1 to jump to the Titan and perform an impromptu Lasek procedure. The result 
is Typhon's Bane which is a magical bow and arrow. Use it to shoot out 
Typhon's other good eye. Typhon doesn't seem to enjoy this even though he was 
kind of asking for it when he specifically said "get out of my sight." 

Head back across the blow-me-down bridge and kill off the new set of 
attackers. Use the new magic attack to shoot the archers that are across the 
chasm. When they are all dead, the force field that was blocking your path 
escape will disappear. Run to the right and use Typhon's Bane again to shoot 
at the crate that is blocking the grapple hook. Press R1, and then release 
with X to swing across. Attack all the newly fallen stones to get lots of red 
orbs. Run back to the save spot. As you leave you can hear the titan yell out 
"Don't forget to recharge your Freon and have your air filters changed 

|| 3 hr || ****

Head back to the snowy outdoors. Use the Bane again to destroy the crate and 
swing to the other side. Jump down and shoot Prometheus back into the fire. 
He roasts and starts walking on the bonfire (http://www.slate.com/id/2162676)

Ladies and Gentle men: God of War. Where burning someone alive is the most 
humane option available to you. Because of his good deed, Kratos receives the 
fires that burned Prometheus: the Rage of the Titans. 

I don't know if any of you have read any Greek Mythology but this game is 
totally plagiarizing the stories from it. Big time. For instance, the story 
of Prometheus is one of the biggest legends out there. The lead writer could 
have a least tried to hide his script stealing by renaming Prometheus to 
something like Romethius, or Promethilus, or Doug. 

Either way, run back to the right and tryout the Rage of the Titans technique 
on the next set of attackers. Jump up to the next platform and shoot out the 
box. Get to the next platform using the rope. Then, circle around and there 
is another chain to walk across. While on the chain, guys will attack. The 
circle button works best against them. Continue left and jump back down. Open 
the nearby chest to refill your Rage of the Titan power. Activate it by 
clicking down on both the left and right stick and knock down that door. 
Enter the helmet door to the cave. 

Backtrack (ugh) through the rooms you came from not long ago. When you get 
back to the titan's hand, try to ignore the pitiful cries of Pegasus (why 
does it sound like swine?) If you attack any of the Titan's fingers your 
titan power meter refills. When full, activate it and hit each finger. He 
will raise them only while you are using your power. When all five are 
raised, jump up to the spot where the thumb was to reclaim the Pegasus. Fly 
it out of the ice den.  

As Kratos flees from the icy cave and out over the terrain below, Gaia 
explains that the destination is the Island of Creation. It was created to 
keep the Sisters of Fate in and everyone else out. This protection is 
important because if we could all have free access to the three fates, we 
could all perfect our past and become life-saving, ex-military, medical 
doctors who run triathlons as a side gig. Just like that new Bachelor. Oh how 
I want to punch Andrew Baldwin in his pretty face. 

     |  Flight of the Pegasus II (x09)             |

The island's air defenses kick in again and you will have to battle them. 
This will play out much like the first Pegasus fight.

- Use the Pegasus and your L1, L2 buttons to dodge the next set of bird 
- Use L2 and "[]" to shoot at them
- Attack them with your blades, press "O" as needed to jump aboard and kill 
- When the boss bird comes attack it
- After enough attacks it will slip into the jet stream.  Dodge out of its 
way when if fires the purple fireballs
- After enough dodging, Kratos will jump aboard the nearby Griffin and enter 
into a button pressing sequence
While Kratos freefalls get ready for a button press prompt in order to swing 
over to the cliff face. 

     |  Temple of Lahkesis (x10)                   |

Having survived the crash landing, Kratos is left clinging perilously to the 
side of a precipice. Climb up and around the grip-wall to the upper deck.  On 
that deck is a giant statue head that is looking off to the sea. Head to the 
left side of the balcony to get some treasures and to the right to find a 

|| Hour 3:27 || *****

From the save, climb the nearby Mega Man ladder to reach the next platform.  
Fight off the attackers and then head left to the next ladder.  At the top 
are some ravaging dogs. When defeated, go to the right and kill all the 
skeletons; well, not kill them, but attack them so they are even more dead 
than they were before you got there. Further to the right and in front of the 
chests is a dead body. Pick it up with R1.

Take it to the left and drop it next to the lever so that Kratos can have his 
hands free to pull it. The lift will descend. The surrounding terrain is 
quite beautiful and I think that may be Fireball Island down there. Pick up 
the body again and drop it on the pressure plate. Just in front of the plate 
is a lever. Drag that lever along the track and quickly run through the next 
two doors before they fall again.

Continue down the next corridor. The music is unnecessarily moan-y and 
sorrowful. I think this place is quite pretty and the music should match it. 
I am think...ing....samba. Kick down the drawbridge. 

Kratos looks off into the sky and yells for Gaia. Considering she is the 
Earth Titan, he should really be yelling down at the ground to talk to her. 
He questions why she helps him and she launches into voiceover. Cronos (who 
has a happy trail that is more like a happy super highway) was told that his 
children would rise up against him. To head off this prophesy, Cronos ate his 
babies. However, Zeus's mother (who should be commended for surviving a 
conception that was initiated by Cronos) used a decoy and gave her child 
away. Gaia raised Zeus. While her actions were well intentioned, Zeus grew up 
and turned his hatred for Cronos against all titans. Now, the titans are 
having to deal with a zealous Zeus. So, Gaia is helping Kratos so that he 
will also help them deal with him. Kratos seems to be ok with being a 
complete tool for the titans (seems a little out of character for him.)

Go back a little bit from edge of the bridge and shuffle left along the path 
on the left. It will crumble so flick the left stick and double jump across.  
At the dead end, jump across the broken barrier. 

In the next room, kill all the dogs then go the upper right corner of the 
room and destroy the four statues. Behind one of them is a moveable stone. 
Kratos need a step up to get to the next area so drag that stone to the left. 
Pull Kratos up to the next platform, fight the dogs, and then save.  

|| 4:10 || ******

Head left and out from under the porch and slide your way down the hand 
rails.  Head up the ladder between the two chests and up along the roof.  
Destroy the shiny arch. Catching a motif here... shinny = destructible. Much 
better than having a big red arrow to telegraph it. Continue out past this 
overhang (it is like that gaudy sky walk they are building over the Grand 
Canyon http://www.csmonitor.com/2007/0410/p20s01-litr.html). Continue across 
it and fight off the dogs. Shoot the archers across the gap with your bow and 
then double jump across. Jump up to the next level, work your way past the 
guys and over to the lever that lowers Kratos into the next room.  

In the shinny floor room, fight off the woman with the half open bodice. I 
can only hope that with the universal popularity of this game, eye-patch-
blouses become the new fashion statement. Attack these peek-a-boo fiends 
until they get that circle over their head to have Kratos rape hug them. I am 
a little uncomfortable with that. They scream and the wall crumbles. Do this 
four times to get through. Save at the spot on the other side of the door. 

Run down the massive, massive chains that lead to the equally massive horses. 
This scene is fondling the brain cells that contain my fond memories of Super 
Mario 3's Big World.

     |  The Steeds of Time (x11)                   |

When you get closer to the horses, claw your way up to the pedestal that is 
located at the back of one of the steeds.  Find the nearby lever to lower the 
chain that will let Kratos swing to the other one.  

A large man is busily closing a large door. His name is Theseus and he is the 
head bouncer for The Fates. Now that I mention it, "The Fates" would be a 
pretty good name for a club (mental note recorded). The bouncer tells Kratos 
that he is serving in the name of Zeus; giving Kratos one more reason to kill 
Theseus. He then goes on to insult Kratos's manhood and challenges him to a 

     : BOSS: Theseus (x11a)                        :

Part I:
- Wait for him to attack and save your magic until I tell you to
- Watch for his blades to glow blue - it is a sign he is about to swing
- Continue to dodge until he is done swinging, then attack
- After enough hits, he will stab at Kratos and you flip him on his own sword 
with a quick turn of the control stick
- Once you have done this, his swords will remain glowing
- When that happens, you can attack him more often, but still try to play 
- Watch out for the blue spikes that he summons

Part II:
- When he jumps up above the door, flick the right stick to avoid his arrows 
- Now use the bow to shoot him
- If you are out of magic, get some more by fighting off the many minotaur he 
- After he is shot enough, he will fall. 
- Follow the key cues to pull him down then "American History X" his face on 
the door

      ...END: Theseus..............................

In the newly unlocked room, run up to a book (which, FYI, have not yet been 
invented - they should have just used a scroll). The book tells you that the 
giant horses were a bribe to the sisters so that someone else could try and 
control their destiny. First the Trojans and now the fates, why do Greeks 
think that gigantic horses make good gifts? I can't imagine what I would do 
if someone left a massive equine in my front yard. Well, I mean, what I would 
do after I got tired of climbing up on its back (in full Equus-style 
nakedness) and then heralding the dawn by blowing into my goat-horned 
trumpet. The fates didn't like the horse bribe either and would not grant the 
briber their favors. It is reassuring that even in an ancient civilization, 
Jack Abramoff wouldn't make it far. Run outside and up the ladder. Circle 
around to the middle of the horse and then jump up onto the pedestal. Slide 
down the rope and unlock the door. Use the brace you acquired and touch the 
flaming pedestal.

There is an effervescent rush of steam and then Frankenberry appears, 
possibly to give us a nutritious breakfast. He speaks: "our destiny has 
brought us together warrior" and "for the good of the Titans I, Cronos, 
bestow what is left upon you." Ah, so it is that baby-eating titan Cronos. He 
gives Kratos the Dr. Stanley Milgram treatment and as a result, Kratos can 
now use Cronos's shock power against enemies. 

|| 4:53 || *******

Continue up that long horse thingy that is long and connected to the horse. 
Bear with me because all I know about horses is that they have four legs and 
a long face. 

When you reach the intersection there are four levers. You will have to turn 
one of them and then quickly run to the corresponding colored mechanism that 
is on the forehead of each horse.  When you get to the right horse's 
forehead, press R1 at the medallion to activate it.  Repeat this on each 
crank and on each horse in the following order:
- Green
- Red
- Yellow (When you grapple to the flying bat, Hold R1 and flick the control 
stick to fling Kratos over the gap)
- Blue (use the same swing technique listed above)

These levers remove the black card things that go over horse's eyes to make 
them blind. I think they are called "blind makers." When all four horses are 
un-blinded, go back to the small platform that is located in the center of 
them and R1 the giant latch to put Kratos into the driver's seat. Press R1 
again to commence the horse whipping.

The horses start to move and they pull on their chains. The camera pulls back 
and the fortress we have been running around on for the last five hours is 
just a smaller outcropping of a much larger island. 

The horses keep pulling and the big island is hitched up. All this is 
accomplished without someone standing out there waving furiously and saying 
"ok now backup, backup, backup, 4 feet (hands far apart but closing), backup, 
backup, (hands 2 inches apart) right, right there. You're good." The main 
island comes to rest and now Kratos can backtrack through the fortress and 
explore the rest of this land.

With the island village locked and loaded, the music finally picks up from 
that sappy world music. I love the drum beats. Go back to where you fought 
Theseus and kill the guards who are there. Gaia purrs "go back to the 
island." Do so and as you walk back on the chain be sure to ponder how much 
better this game is because you don't have to control the camera. Look at 
that long dramatic camera angle they provided you and consider how this could 
only be accomplished because a designer planned for this moment to happen. I 
like it.

     |  The Divine Pools  (x12)                    |

Get off the chain, break the rocks, and climb up to reach the save. From 
there, ascend the waterfalls and go left. Slide down the climbing wall and 
proceed through the gate.

You enter a circular temple with a totally hot statue at the front who has 
her two hands raised up to her face. I am pretty sure it is a temple, a 
temple dedicated to worshiping foxy statues. But, before you can do anything 
with the she-statue, you will need to get the right equipment. Jump down 
either side of the bridge.

Look for the lever on the left side of the room and pull it. Next, go to the 
very center of the room and move the giant planter that is the pool. Swim 
through the hole that was underneath and break through the barrier by holding 
then releasing R1. When you emerge from the water, Kratos will be behind the 
grates at the other end of the room. Go to the green glowing statue and press 
R1 to get an amulet that will allow you to slow time. It turns out the Matrix 
didn't invent bullet time, it was created back in 500 BC. 

Jump into the hole and swim back through to the other side. The amulet is 
described as an object which "allows you to move swiftly through time while 
all that is around you, slows." That sounds pretty much like college for me 
(seriously those four years went by so fast). Go to the very back corner of 
the room and find the pressure plate that will raise three pedestals. Press 
R1 and L1 simultaneously to freeze time. Run to the pedestals. They fell 
quite quickly before but now that you have the time-slowing amulet, you can 
make it over and jump up on them.

When you reach the top floor of the temple, run to the back of the hall and 
stand on the pressure plate. The foxy statue with the bright green prom 
pimple will lower her arms to ground level. Stop time and run right into her 

The statues brings Kratos real close to her face and she rhymes using poetry-
101-tameter "None defy what the fates decree / That is the way must be." To 
further dumb-down her point she clarifies "only death awaits you at the end 
of your journey." And in a surprisingly valid point, Kratos responds "Death 
is what started my journey."

The fate statue then emphasizes once more that he is destined to fail. Kratos 
takes this about as well as a spoiled 5-year-old by blaming someone else for 
his problems and then attacking the one who told him "no." The statue's face 
breaks and then lists backwards.

Attack her head again and send it careening through the window. Follow that 

Through the window and in the little courtyard, fight the monsters. During 
this time the statue head will nag and nag and nag with quotes such as "You 
can not change your destiny mortal." Wow with all that nagging I wonder if 
she is the fate, the fate marriage <<badum-CHING>>. When the monsters have 
been destroyed, go over and attack the head until it disintegrates.

The next area is a small stone courtyard with a large stone head at the far 
end of it. Its eyes shoot green lasers at two obelisks. From the green lasers 
a force field expands to prevent Kratos from continuing to the forest.

     |  Destiny's Atrium (x13)                     |

Before you can solve the problem with the head and the force field, you will 
need to fight off the monsters that attack. One is a huge hulking beast who 
looks like what would happen if Boris Vallejo had designed Monsters Inc's 
Mike Wazowski. That Cyclopes is accompanied by a few pigs. Focus your attack 
the pigs first. The best way to deal with them is to hit X twice and then 
press O to perform the pork loin removing animation that was in GOW2's 
trailer (I was sold on this game by that one move) 
(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gwaUIShOM54). When the pigs are gone, focus 
on the Cyclopes. It is best to save your Titan's Rage for the second wave of 

When defeated, all the ladders are unlocked. There will also be a little 
alcove with a demon door that spits out fireballs. Ignore the door, you can't 
do anything with it yet. Instead, turn so that you are facing the giant 
statue and climb the ladder on the north-left side of the room. At the top of 
the ladder, grab the statue that is in the corner and pull it across the 
balcony to the small indentation that is in front of the face's green eye. 
When in place, the green beam is reflected back to her and it turns yellow.  
Maybe she should shut that eye. 

     : PUZZLE: Placing Second Shield Statue (x13a) :

Cross the bridge and descend to the small sunken area. The small step will 
keep you from pulling the statue. Kratos can lift a whole friken ice pillar 
but he can't bear-hug a statue and carry it like the Africa Stone over to the 
big head? Well, because he can't, pull the lever to lower the wall. Drag the 
statue onto that lowered wall and pull the lever again to raise statue. Jump 
up and onto the wall grab the statue. Charge up a powerful kick by holding 
the R1 and X buttons and then release both to kick the statue all the way 
across the step. Jump back down and push the status along the bridge and into 
the slot that is right next to the other statue. With both eye beams being 
reflected back at the statue, the face explodes. Go back down into the atrium 
and over to the newly unlocked save light: 

      ...END Second Shield Statue..................

|| 6:13 HR || ******

     |  The Bog of the Forgotten (x14)             |

With the magical force field gone, Kratos can proceed deeper into the Island 
of Creation. It is a forested valley that looks like what would happen if 
Thomas Kinkade painted The Forests of Hell. 

Gaia gives a little update. The sisters are hidden deep within the spire and 
if Kratos can get to his thread he can go back to the time before Zeus killed 
him. At that moment, a horseman comes ridding up behind him and tries to take 
Kratos's head right off. Kratos throws his blades at the mounted attacker and 
hitches a ride. Follow the on-screen prompts to proceed. 

Kratos drops off the horse and comes to rest on a stone platform. The rider 
circles around to finish him off. But, just before he does, the bearded rider 
recognizes Kratos and introduces himself. He is the Barbarian King. The 
catalyst for Kratos selling his soul to Ares in GOW 1. It turns out that 
since his death, the Barbarian King has pulled himself out of the depths of 
hell and is now ALSO seeking the Fates to turn back the clock to the battle 
where Kratos killing him. 

The Barbarian King (or BK) asks Kratos if he remembers him. Kratos says "I 
will never forget that day." Cue flashback and it looks like Kratos has 
already forgotten one key thing... that it wasn't day at all but actually 
late dusk. But Kratos does recall BK shooting an arrow and making a guy's 
head explode. And then he remembers swinging his blades and making the BK's 
head explode. 

When the flashback is over, BK says "this time, ghost of Sparta, I will have 
your head."

     : BOSS: King of Barbarians (x14a)             :

This next fight is like fighting a mounted Charles Manson. Except, instead of 
his "family" of hippies he has a horde of zombie superintendents.  

Part I 
- Attack him at will until the orbs that encircle him disappear 
- Use the bow and arrow too
- When the orbs are gone, circle around to climb up and kill the horse

Part II
- After dismounting, he surrounds himself with a series of gold lights. 
Attack him to get rid of them
- Stripped bare, he summons his horde of Zombie Supers
- You can use magic liberally here because each zombie will give you blue 
orbs to refill your magic
- Strike the boss with two-hit combos then flip out of the way to avoid his 
counter attack

Part III
- Again, attack twice then roll away
- When beaten enough he will get a circle over his head, follow the on screen 

      ...END King of Barbarians....................

When he is dead, use the nearby grapple hook to swing across the lava and 
then run down the path.

     |  Temple of Euryale (x15)                    |

In contrast to the gleaming perfection and well tended architecture that was 
the last area, this temple is a dump. I actually like it this way, what with 
the vines and the nature taking over. But, I do question how historically 
accurate all this is. It is Ancient Greece, did ruins even exist yet?
Traverse to the right and then around the temple to the save crystal. Go up 
and across the lava. A guy is running from a pair of minotaur and calls out 
for help. Dude you are asking the wrong guy. Kratos's idea of compassion is 
throwing a suffering man into a bonfire. 

Run to the edge of the land to the dead body with crows picking at it. Press 
R1 to get Euryale's Key which is the Greek letter Phi. Run back around to the 
front gate and to the path just to the left of it.

Attack the Jason and the Argonauts skeletons. God I love how they shatter. 
Use the key on the gate (not the gold medusa gate, but the one that is 
further to the left).


     |  The Ruins of the Forgotten (x16)           |

Upon entering this area, a Cyclopes approaches and then from stage left runs 
a little monster who climbs up on his back like he is a five year old at a 
parade. If this were TV, we would be setting up for A) the classic ice cream 
on the dad's head gag or B) the riskier bird craps on one/both of them gag. 
But, because this is a video game, both of them will die. 

When they are both in fact dead, a second wave attacks so kill them too. Run 
over to the Peristyle (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peristyle). Once 
underneath it, head for the far right corner. Pull out the large stone and 
drag it to the far left corner as a counter balance. Go back to where you 
pulled out the stone and O tap the gate open. Head down the halls and through 
the door, clear out the enemies in this room with the large stone column in 
the center. Destroy it and then use the newly exposed grappling hook to swing 
like a Cirque Du Soleil performer up to the next platform.

In the next hallway, use your timing carefully to swing between the two 
grapple hooks.  Continue across the Bog of Eternal Stench to the three 
columns and the guys on top of them who are shooting bombs at you. Attack the 
columns on the left and right side to drop the guys. Then, move the large 
central column by pressing R1 then R1 + L1 in quick succession. When the 
remaining enemies have been dispensed, jump your way up to the platform and 
continue around to a room with a large plant at the top and a touch plate in 
the center.

     : PUZZLE: Corpse and Water (x16a)             :

This next room is small and circular with alcoves at each of the cardinal 
directions. In the alcove with the bars is a touch plate. The other side has 
a body that would make a perfect touch plate weight. However, the bars in the 
other alcove prevent Kratos from jumping over it with body in tow. If you 
can't go over the gate you will have to go around it. So, go to the alcove 
with the body and destroy the fake wall. Pick it up and set it in the water 
so it can be whisked away. Quickly, run across to the half-gated alcove, 
destroy the fake wall and wait for the corpse to circle around. Pick it up 
and place it on the touch plate. Run over to the central pressure plate to 
unlock the main gate. Run and roll to get through it. 

      ...END Corpse and Water......................

||7:23|| - ******

In the next room we find the soldier from outside still alive and still 
fending off a skeleton attack. Unfortunately, it is across a river of instant 
death fluid. Your way across is on two floating platforms with a handle 
attached.  To work the flotillas, point the left control stick relative to 
the position Kratos is in on the wheel. Keep rotating for as long as you can, 
even when skeletons are attacking. Fight them off only when they are right 
over you. When the wheel is as far as it can go, jump to the next one. Repeat 
this same process for the other wheel.

Back on firm ground, the camera zooms over to a large rock that is shinny.  
It is interactable. Attack the nearby rock and I was shocked to find the rock 
attack me back.
Rock monster
- Destroy it by using basic attacks
- Step back when it starts swinging its arms
- While waiting for it to stop attacking, you should use magic to hurry the 
fight along. 

When you get near the shinny rock, you will be prompted to press R1 to pull 
it down. When it collapses, run up to it and then over to the vine covered 
wall. Proceed across it to the rope. When you drop down, you are on a cliff 
face with a huge spinning wheel and a small black door nearby. By lifting 
this door, you will find a pause-time statue that seems to have been placed 
into storage. Use L1 and L2 to slow the wheel then run across it.  On the 
other side, you find a series of conveyer belts. 

"Conveyer belts? In Ancient Greece?" you ask. Just ignore it. In return for 
getting them the job, the Devil's covenant obligates all game designers to 
include a conveyor belt in every game they make (regardless of its setting or 
genre). Satan is a tricky one alright.  

Proceed through the conveyor belts and break through the wooden wall that is 
straight ahead. Jump to the next landing and you are surrounded by several 
columns that are shaped like women. The architectural term for that is 
Caryatid. They were used in then Pantheon and if you want to see some hot 
Greek women holding up buildings I posted a few of them over at:


Destroy the central caryatid and reveal a block that must be pushed forward. 
With the block out of the way, you can proceed to a new area that looks just 
like the one we started with. In fact, it is the one we started with.

Push that block you just dropped into the Peristyle. As you push the stone to 
the furthest edge, the whole building will list. Push the other stone box 
towards the far end of the Peristyle and the camera-man indicates another 
shiny-interactable object. Go to that shiny stylobate (the art world's term 
for the steps of a temple http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stylobate) and tap "O" 
to lift the ENTIRE thing. You know it is actions like these that make 
archaeologists cringe. It wasn't natural decay that prevents us from learning 
about the past, it was vandalistic dopes like Kratos destroying all these 
artifacts. After it has been submerged in that rank fluid, run across this 
stunning example of architecture to the climbing wall.

Use the hand grabs and work your way left. Destroy the dead tree, and jump 
across to reach the other side. Run past the spinning gear building (you can 
destroy it if you wish) and move left. Talk to the dying soldier and he tells 
Kratos of the golden fleece and how Jason (of Argonaut fame) had it before he 
was captured by the beast. 

Up ahead, the doorway to this beast is blocked by a series of gears. Pick the 
soldier up, carry him through the hallway and towards the nearby conveyer 
belt. He's all "I'm not dead yet." I told you dude, don't ask for Kratos's 
help, the skeletons would have been much nicer to you. His corpse mangles the 
gears. So smashed alive eh? That's it? When Jaffe was directing, we had to 
roast a guy alive. I am just saying this seems a bit tame. What were the 
slicing pendulums too hard to program? Wouldn't a pot of burning oil or a 
skinning alive machine have been a bit closer to Kratos's style.

The gears crumple but you still need to attack them to get through them. As 
Kratos enters the dog's pen, they are chewing on a ragdoll or a corpse imbued 
with ragdoll. The center head rips off the corpse's arm and lets it dangle 
like a cigar. I hope he has it like that through the whole battle and then 
when he whips his head around the arm punches Kratos. That would be worth the 
price of the game right there. And damn if this dog isn't the buffest thing I 
have ever seen. It has biceps that are bigger than my waist. Do dogs even 
have biceps?

     :      BOSS: Cerberus (x16b)                  :

- Keep the dog a chains length away from you at all times
- Fight him with a matador approach of dodging then attacking him.
- When the O appears over the beast's head, Kratos reaches deep in its mouth 
to extract the arm. 

      ...... END Cerberus .........................

Well it turns out that arm cigar was the golden fleece. It is a good thing 
that Kratos got to the beast just after he ate it otherwise we would have to 
wait around for 24 hours to get it back. Wearing it would be a lot less cool 

Run over and pull the nearby lever to activate a wall that spooges fireballs. 
I may be joking that this looks like ejaculate but the word "semen" is Greek 
in origin and literally means "fire-seed." The ancient Greeks believed that a 
man's "fire-seed" would enter the woman and start a "fire" in her stomach. 
Thus creating a child. I took classics in college and my professor took a 
good chunk of the class to explain the meaning of fire-seed and its appears 
in the Odyssey. Google "fire-seed" odyssey. I think it's a strange 
coincidence that this wall's "fire-seeds" so closely matches the trajectory 
of the real world fire-seed. 

To get through, stand on the floor's burn-spot and wait for the next shot. At 
the precise moment it hits Kratos, press L1 to reflect the ball back and 
destroy the wall. When you make it through the door, fight off the medusas 
and head down the path (this is where you first found that guy and sent him 
through the grinder). Go back across the rock wall and jump to that building 
you pushed into the lava. Yes, the camera angle for that jump is awful and 
yes I died several times on that. Dear GOW2 team, when you build the Game of 
the Year edition, swivel the camera angle around so we can see the gap 

     :   Urn of Gorgons  (x16c)                    :

When you are standing on the top of the temple you have a chance to go get 
another Urn. The Urn of Gorgons. This one will allow you to hit enemies and 
turn them to stone. Remember, this is for the next play through. If you want 
it, take a left and go back through the level you already completed. Go back 
to the conveyer belts with the petrifying beams. Stand in front of the beams 
and press R1 to reflect them back at the walls. The wall will crumble and the 
chest for the urn will be revealed. 

      ...Urn of Gorgons............................ 

When you get back to the sunken temple, jump off of it and onto the bank 
located on the right side. Follow the path around, jump across the small gap 
and head back down again to the save.

|| 8:19 || ******

     |  Temple of Euryale (x17)                    |

Stand in front of the medusa door and hit L1 to reflect the beam back and 
destroy it. Punch your way through. This is Euryale's lair and the game 
claims that she is Medusa's sister. I don't know about this Euryale Vs Sony 
Entertainment Mythology so I am going to consult a legitimate source here. 
And wikipedia says..... TRUE! Eureyal really was in Greek mythology and 
really is Medusa's sister. Way to do your homework GOW 2 team. Oh and for 
extra credit, it turns out that Euryale is Typhon's daughter.  

Once inside the temple, take a right and after the fight and descend down the 
ladder. A voice taunts Kratos for the misery and killing of babies. Fight the 
attackers that accost you. One of them is a minotaur and I really like the 
kill sequence where you pull them down on their own flaming clubs. Genius. 
Continue through the unlocked door. 

A gate separates one side of the room from the other. A soldier who must be 
all hopped up on crank runs up to the gate, calls Kratos the "ghost of 
Sparta" and then grabs some more crank. Proceed to the elevator and lower it. 
Fight off the bats. The other elevator does not function because of that 
soldier's crank theft. So, run back to the elevator that you just descended 
in on and raise it to a level where Kratos can jump across without hitting 
his head on the grate above. Double jump across. Now that you are standing in 
the broken elevator, jump up and grab the narrow ledges that are above him. 
Continue to jump up to the ledges above it until you are at the top. Rid 
yourself of the skeleton attacker and then use the save behind it.

||8:35|| ******

From the save go to the alcove on the left and climb the semi broken ladder. 
Proceed to the left side of the room to find a grip wall. Climb up and across 
ceiling. Crisscrossing across it are half a dozen blades. It would be another 
century before people figured out that ceiling fans are much more effective 
when they spin parallel to the ceiling. Until that day comes, you must 
navigate past them without getting cut. Time your advance and if you need it, 
press X to make Kratos dash.

     :   PUZZLE: Meat Press  (x17a)                :

When you reach the other side of the room, press R1 to drop down. One side of 
the room has a large meat press that blocks a lever that will let you proceed 
to the next room. Here is how to get to that lever:
- Rotate the crank that is on the ledge to pull back the press.
- Run right in front of the spiked end of the press and then down the caged 
hallway to the lever that was blocked when the press was fully extended.
- Pull it to lower the columns that barricaded the door.
- Run up to the door at the end of the cage and press R1 and tap "O" to 
rapidly lift it.

      ...END Meat Press............................
When you reach the next room, you are welcomed by a drunken smoker's laugh. 
Proceed to the book in the center of the room and in it is written "I am all 
that remains, I know now that I will not reach the sisters." I am totally 
writing that in the guestbook for the next wedding I go to. The joke is more 
relevant if you are the last single guy among your group of friends or if one 
of the girls that is getting married is of a clutch of sisters. 

Then, when you least expect it, in flops Euryale. For all you out there who 
complain that they don't put women with realistic bodies into games, here you 
are.  One steaming, pendulous pile of fleshy-ness compliments of Cory Barlog.  
I hope you are happy. 

     :      BOSS: Euryale (x17b)                   :

Part I
- Don't use the Rage of the titans until I tell you to
- Watch her hands because she will form a red ball above her head just before 
she shoots her paralyzing scream at you
- Use your magic a little, not more than half of the meter though

Part II
- Still hold off using titan power
- She shrieks "You will die, you killed my sister" and then coils up 
seductively around one of the columns
- Hit her by jumping and attacking	
- She will scream at the ground filling it with a red fog. Keep watching 
because she will soon sweep the floor with an even darker red fog. When this 
more intense fog hits you, press L1 to absorb the attack with the fleece
- If you are turned to stone, shake the left stick and then run as far away 
from the ring of columns as you can because she will try to belly-flop on top 
of you
- After hitting her enough, the circle prompt will appear above her head.  
Rotate the stick quickly in order to pull the column down on her
- She will then climb up on a second column so repeat the above process to 
bring it down on her again
- After being knocked from both columns she resumes the ground attack

Part III
- NOW is the time to use the rage of the titans. If you are aggressive 
enough, you can kill her before your titan meter runs dry
- If not, use a defensive strategy where you only attack her after dodging 
her series of attacks
- When she gets "O" over her head, play the context game. Kratos grabs her 
and they have shirtless time together. I bet she consumes pallets of Zombie 

When she finally rolls over, Kratos decapitates her. Then he keeps her head. 
The game calls it "The Head of Euryale." Wait a minute! That's not the head 
of Euryale, Kratos just decapitated Ernest Borgnine 
(http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0000308/.) Either way, by selecting the head with 
the directional pad you can turn your enemies to stone and then shatter them. 
Before you can proceed to the next room, you will have to practice this 
technique on five enemies.

||HR 8:45 || *******

Through the next gate is a series of rooms that are flooded with water. This  
probably is Euryale's bath house. Those stone platforms are where she 
breaches so her handlers can check her teeth and wash her dermal layer. 

     :  PUZZLE: Euryale's Castle: Wetlands (x17c)  :                          

The goal of this puzzle is to raise all four of the columns, which have 
grapple points on the tips. When all are raised, Kratos can swing his way 
across to the gate on the other side of the area. Look for the colored jewels 
that surround each column. Each room's color is unique.

White Crystal Room
- Use the rotating mechanism to lift the column until it locks into place.
- Swim across the water to the lever and pull it (the gate you opened is 
under water and will start to shut automatically). 
- Press L1 and the L2 buttons to slow time so that you have time to get 
through the closing gate.
- Jump straight ahead, across the water and then dive in to swim through the 

Yellow crystals
- In the next room, rotate the lever to raise another column
- Dive in and pull the underwater lever to open the nearby gate
- After pulling it, swim through and immediately hold R1 to get enough speed 
to make it through the next gate before it closes

- Ascend and use the next rotating mechanism to raise a third column
- Dive back into the water and swim over to the next grating.  It is 
destructible, so hold R1 and burst through it.

Green crystals:
- Again, swim up, find the rotating mechanism, and turn it
- Jump to the small alcove on the left side.  Pull the lever to raise the 
- Jump across the water to the hallway 
- Turn on the first right (it is before you reach the ladder) and enter the 
room that has a small stone nubbin in the middle. Run over to the statue and 
start to rotate the lever that is in front of it. Kratos will be ambushed so 
kill them attackers and then go back to raising the column.
- The column will slowly fall so hit R1 + L1 to slow time.
- Quickly, proceed back to the hallway and up the ladder.
- At the top of the white room, grapple over to the hook and release your 
swing when Kratos is just at about level with the second statue.
- Proceed to swing from column to column.
- Hurry because that one column will fall and be inaccessible if you take too 

     :  PUZZLE: Crushing Room (x17d)               :            

Go down the hallway and pull the lever and the floor starts to raise and the 
roof doesn't. I would use the rest of this paragraph to rant about how 
cliched the crushing-room gimmick is but this one is actually pretty fun and 
has been updated a bit. When Kratos reaches the top and is about to be 
crushed, he can push the floor back down again. The only escape is a door 
that is at the front of the room. However, there is a gate blocking it and 
that gate is slowly grinding open (thus the sparks). The gate will not open 
by the time the floor meets ceiling. But, as stated, Kratos is strong enough 
to get between the two and buy himself more time. Be sure to attack as many 
of the dogs as possible so that you are able to push back on the roof 
unmolested. After the second roof push-off, the grinding gate opens and you 
can escape. 

The next hallway has some narrow scaffolding. Kill all the bats that could 
attack you and then slowly tight-rope your way to the gap. Jump to the right 
wall and use the hand-hold. Shimmy over to the next side. 

Head down the rocky, narrow, path to a pile of rubble. That rubble turns into 
a balrog-esq enemy. Fight him out, and use some your Rage of the Titans if 
you have it. When defeated, grapple to the other side and save 

|| 9:23 || *****

This next area is a deep blue cave that is littered with bones. Thankfully, 
bones are rarely just decoration. The creatures rise up. Now, I know the 
whole videogame world is zombie obsessed, but I prefer killing skeletons to 
killing zombies. I am not afraid to admit that either. My preference has 
something to do with seeing the bones fly everywhere and having them fall 
into that pile at the end of fights. Plus, skeletons usually scream and that 
is much scarier than the moaning that zombies do. Wow, admitting you like 
skeletons is coming out nerd closet (with has skeletons in it). So, which do 
you prefer? Zombies or Skeletons? 

Next, head through the door and up the spiral staircase to see proof that at 
least one of the level designers has seen Hitchcock's Vertigo. Proceed up the 
spiral staircase to reach... DESTINY'S ATRIUM! Remember how we were here and 
we put those statues in front of her eyes and then the force field came 
through. Great times, I feel older now. 

     |  Destiny's Atrium, Again (x18)              |

Now that Kratos is equipped with the fleece, he can make use of it to reflect 
the fire-seeds back to that wall. Stand where the burn spot is and wait for 
the fireball, as soon as it hits Kratos press R1 to shoot it right back. With 
it destroyed, move to the right wall and shimmy your way inside the cave. 
Jump to the opposing wall to find the cave passageway. 

Descend through the caves and eventually emerge on a cliff side. Notice the 
four horses on the horizon. This is backtracking done right. We weren't lead 
back to the same spot via the same path. As a result, I don't feel like 
designers are padding the game play. Furthermore, by showing the horses in 
the background there, it makes the world seem more cohesive rather than a 
simple chain of random levels.

Continue across the cliff face by fighting off archers, zombie skeletons, and 
swinging on the grapple hooks.

     |  The Hall of Atropos (x19)                  |

Well, speaking of rehashing, in this next area we find yet another statue 
shooting her eye beams at a wall to create a force field. Use the save light.

 || 9:43 || *******

But, before you can get to the eye statue, you will need to fight off several 
wizards that are on crutches.  Here are some tips for fighting them:
- Attack them lightly with short 3-move chains.  This will allow you to 
quickly escape if they shoot the green squiggles at you. 
- Also, use magic because killing them will yield blue orbs.  
- I suggest Cronos's rage because it will keep more than one of them occupied 
while you attack another with your regular weapon.

When they are dispensed, head to the left-most corner of the room (just to 
the left of the save light) and dead lift the door to get in. 

In the next room, with its highly waxed floors, proceed to the left. The 
force field doors close around Kratos and he is ambushed by all sorts of 
minotaur and proto-Latin speaking priests. Focus on the priests first because 
they will summon more minotaur if left alone. There will be several waves of 
the chanting guys so keep at them.  When they are done, focus on the 

     :  PUZZLE: Two Statues and an Elevator (x19a) :                          

When the room is clear, explore it.  There are two sliding bronze statues and 
one elevator. Your goal is to get Kratos up to the top of that ledge. The way 
to get there is to get the two statues nearly on top of each other. 
- Find the lift in the upper left corner of the room
- Place one of the statues on the lift
- Move the other statue just to the right of the lift but not on it
- Start turning the crank so the elevator goes all the way to the top
- Let go of the crank and quickly run over to the statue that is not on the 
lift and push it under it so that the lift is jammed
- There should now be a statue sandwich that consists of statue, lift, statue
- Jump to the top of the bottom statue, then jump again to the statue that is 
on the elevator, finally jump to the top floor 

Run down the hallway but stop at the gate to see a man fighting a minotaur. 
Climb up the stairs that are located to the left of the gate. At the top you 
will be standing on the edge of platform that is overlooking a beautiful 
Grecian sunset. I really want to visit Santorini now. The Tourism Board of 
Greece should have kicked in some money for this game. Hey that could be the 
future of in-game advertising: realistic settings that advertises for the 
country. Think of the boost in Japanese travel the movie Lost In Translation 
caused. It could work for games too. 

Take the stairs that are located on the left side of the broken bridge. When 
you reach the room at the bottom of the stairs, two Akira-eyed beasts attack. 
Keep Kratos moving and attack quickly and you should have no problem 
defeating them. Push out the stone that is at the left side of the room and 
it will fall into ...

     |  The Hall of Atropos - Again (x20)          |

When the stone falls into the main Hall of Atropos push it across the plaza. 
Line it up under the ladder at the base of the arch. Jump up on the stone to 
reach the ladder. A voice calls out for Kratos's help (The owner of that 
voice must have a death wish) and then the voice tells him where he is (dude 
you are so dead). Head left across the narrow bridge and through the door. 
Fight the beasts in the next room and when done, jump up to the door and use 
the save light.

|| 10:16 || ******

At the end of the balcony three grapple hooks fall. Target the lowest one and 
swing over to the one on the side of the building. Go up and finally across 
to the other side. There are soldiers waiting there for Kratos and they have 
packed some of the best drumming theme music.

     :  PUZZLE: Double Tree (x20a)                 :                          

At the very edge of the balcony is a small trigger (nestled among the roots). 
Stand on it to extend a tangle of plants. Use the slow-time move and then run 
across to a small island with two trees on it. Make a quick left (you should 
still be in green pause-time) and continue across that bridge. Kill the 
attackers and then press another trigger that will extend a third bridge.  
Press L1+L2 again and run across the bridge to the two-tree island again and 
then take a left to get to the next platform. Fight the bats and armored 
zombies here and then stand on the trigger to extend another new bridge. Run 
across to the two-tree island a third time and then take a left to the final 

Cut Scene:
Kratos enters a room with a pool and the door closes behind him. A man who 
was in the water scolds Kratos because it was his only escape from this room. 
In his frustration, the man explains he is seeking the sisters too. Jeeze, 
who isn't after these girls. This is turning into a wild goose chase a la 
It's a mad, mad, mad, mad world. Via monologue, the self-identified Perseus 
ponders that this may be another test. As he talks he does the punctuated 
stair walking and sweeping arm gesturing that is an unavoidable side-effect 
of reciting anything Shakespeare-esq. He concludes that even if this is not a 
test, he can "bathe (he jumps into the water at this word - very clever!) in 
the glory of being the one who brought down the mighty Kratos." Perseus puts 
on a golden helmet and then disappears. 

By the way, the voice of Perseus is played by none other than Harry Hamlin 
who you probably remember from such Lifetime Network fodder as Like Father, 
Like Santa, L.A. Law: The Movie and 1-800-Missing. Or, if you have ever 
turned on a television on a Saturday, Clash of the Titans. Harry Hamlin 
played Perseus in the film version and now he is reprising his role in the 
this game. 

     :  BOSS: Perseus (x20b)                       :                          

Part I:
- As I mentioned, Perseus is invisible so watch the surface of the water and 
attack anything that looks like a shadow moving across the pool.
- Save your Rage of the Titans until the end (I will let you know)
- Attack him frequently with the Cyclone of Chaos ( L1 + [] )
- After quite a few hits Perseus will briefly appear with a circle over his 
head. But, it is very briefly. If you hit him while he is in the open, he 
will disappear again. So, start counting how many hits it takes, usually 
around 8
- When you think you are nearing 8 hits, get real close to him because after 
that 8th hit he will only stay stunned for a moment
- When visible, grab him with O to stop these shenanigans and stomp his 
invisibility helmet

Part II
- Don't use your Rage of the Titans yet
- Now that he is visible, use Cronos's Rage and regular attacks to really 
hurt him
- After enough hits he will get the "O" so grab him to impale him and then 
break his sword

Part III
- Be ready to jiggle the left stick when he throws out his flash bangs
- Now is a good time to use Rage of the Titans
- When he is "O" stunned, follow the on-screen cues to kick him through a 
wall and then onto the conveniently placed (for Kratos) meat hook.

Jump out the Perseus-sized doorway and jump to the chain.  Slide down to the 
bottom. If you press R1, you get a chance to see Perseus up close.  Real 
class SCEA.

|| 10:56 || ********

     :  PUZZLE: Eye Beams (x20c)                   :                          

Run back to the stone that you placed in front of the half-ladder and climb 
up. Continue to the right and jump over the shrubbery to a medusa like statue 
that is half-sitting in a chair. "The statue seems to be missing its shield" 
says R1. Attack it to destroy its base and bring it to eye level then press 
R1 again. Kratos places Perseus's shield in the statue's hands really hard. I 
mean Kratos, dude, there is no one watching, you don't have to be an over-
aggressive dickhead all the time. Grab the statue by its side and push it 
over the nearby broken edge of the balcony. Jump down after it and push it 
left to that small, yellow indentation. Go to the nearby lever and rotate 
around it to raise the platform. The newly installed statue blocks just the 
right green eye lasers. You will need to use the Golden Fleece to block the 
other one. However, the platform only stays in place for a limited period of 
time. So, pull the lever then quickly jump up to the ladder and get in front 
of the other eye laser and press L1 to reflect the beam right back at the 
statue. The face then exhibits video game rule #198 which states: "blocking 
any form of energy beam can have one and only one result, immediate 

      ...END: Eye Beams............................

Jump back down and continue through the newly opened pathway. In about 3000 
years Marcus Fenix will fight through these same hallways to put an end to 
those damn Locusts. It looks the same now as will in 3000 years. You can tell 
that it is abandoned because in the distance there are crowing birds. 
Actually, I have to compliment the atmospherics here as it really is well 

If you take the path that is straight ahead there is a grate that closes the 
moment you get in front of it. Behind that gate is one of the hidden urns, I 
will tell you how to get there in a moment. 

But until that time, work your way through the hallway and across the to a 
balcony that's over looking the Amazon rainforest? Climb the vines on the 
right wall and then pull the lever. Jump down to the open gate below.

Pull the spear of Destiny out of the gigantic blue bird and the weapon 
testing fodder comes in. Fight them off with the spear. I found the combat to 
be a bit slow and stiff. Ninja Gaiden for the Xbox implemented this same 
weapon with more speed and acrobatics. When the beasts are all taken care of 
continue on. 

     :  Urn of Olympus (x20d)                      :                          

The Urn of Olympus is at the beginning of the area behind that quick-shut 
gate. You will need the pause-time to make it past it. However, because the 
gate is so far away you will need to get the statue closer to the gate. 
Because you can't push it through water, the closest point is the edge of the 
first pool from the balcony. You will also need to turn the statue so that 
she is facing across that pool. 

To do this:
- go back to where the statue was in the corner. 
- Pull her onto the turntable and rotate her so that when you drag her down 
to the pool, she will be facing across it (It will takes some mental 
gymnastics to figure out that orientation while she is still on the turn 
- Drag her down the ramp, around the corner and to the pools edge
- Swim across the pool and press R1 + L1 to start slow time
- Swing across the other pool
- Head around the next corner, jump across the touch page and under the 
falling gate to reach the Urn.
- This urn entitles the bearer to unlimited magic (on the second playthrough)

      ...END URN...................................

With the urn in hand, run back to the statue and drag her all the way back to 
the turntable portico. Rotate her around again so she is facing out to the 
valley below and then push her to the edge.

Run down the stairs and take two rights to that bridge with the teeter-totter 
segment. When you jump up and stand on one side, it tips to the level 
position. Hold R1 and L1 to activate statue time and run across the bridge.

     |  Crossing of the Lowlands (x21)             |

|| 11:28 || ******

Jump up to the next grapple hook which I think is attached to a sound system 
because some chubby beats start. The columns crumble immediately and you will 
have to be quick to proceed through. The timing will take some figuring out 
on your part because there is no way that I can explain what you will have to 
do. About the only tip I can give you is on the fourth hook. When Kratos is 
swinging circularly, make about three rotations and release to spring to the 
flat platform. Run to the edge of the island let it fall forward a bit before 
jumping for the next grapple spot. The rest of the hooks will take you across 
the chasm.

The next tunnel is also nice and jungle-y and I have to ask "is this game 
really set in Greece." Maybe it actually takes place in Northern Mexico and 
we just reached the tropical forests around the equator. Andd wikipedia 
says.... Greece! Proceed through the dense JUNGLES of MEDITERRANEAN GREECE 
and fight off the two sirens. I know they are evil witches or something but I 
still feel bad for beating them up. I guess all the years of video games have 
trained me to recognize anyone who is pretty as being good.

When you fight off the beasts continue through to find out why Icarus should 
really be spelled Ick 'R us ...

     |  Meeting Icarus  (x22)                      |

Kratos runs across the decrepit bridge and then something even more decrepit 
slithers up to the top. It is Icarus. And every time I think that it would be 
great to live in the splendor and debauchery that was ancient Greece, I 
remind myself that by age 40 most people would have looked like Icarus. He 
tells us that only way to get across this great chasm is to use his wings. 
Icarus, like everyone else in this game, is trying to reach the sisters of 
fate. I think he is trying to go back in time to relive his 8-bit glory days. 
Kratos threatens to take his wings and Icarus resists by climbing up and 
roosting on his shoulders.

Then Icarus pulls Kratos off the side of the bridge and they go falling into 
the chasm, punching all the way down. Follow the on-screen cues. When Kratos 
and Icarus fall, keep hammering on the [] and O buttons and watch for the 
random prompts. 

When you beat him enough, Kratos steals the wings and glides softly away from 
the bird man. Icarus falls through the hole and past Atlas. I had to laugh 
because he does that aaaaaah...take a breath.....aaaaah thing. Then, the 
earth opens up and Icarus falls through the Upper Mantel and I wonder if he 
will reach the Outer Core or just stay in the Mantel Proper 

     |  Atlas  (x23)                               |

Thought you were going to make it across that chasm and on to the Fate's 
temple and then on to the fates? Nope. You have been diverted into an off-
topic, sub-level that kinda sucks. You just got a bad case of game-
progression blue balls.

Either way, after Kratos' H.A.L.O. drop, he is standing atop one of the great 
Titans: Atlas. Continue left from his eye to get the save light. 


Go back to the nose and climb up his brow ridge. Continue around to the 
dangling platforms which may be Atlas's straightened payots. This is also a 
good time to practice Kratos's new wings. Descend from platform to platform 
until you reach the last one which is a quite a ways down. From this last 
platform, jump towards that big doorway. No wait. That is an enormously 
inflamed pore. I know they don't make Biore strips that big but good lord man 
at least get Gaia to take a look at that. 

Head on into the pore and buckle up for the Game Intestine's favorite level 
type: INNER SPACE! Take a moment and lets critique how this body-level 
measures up to ones in the recent past. The walls have a good blood color 
(Atlas seems to be getting the requisite amount of iron) and the slight 
capillary texture is good too. I am a little disappointed with the actual 
area design as there do not seem to be any recognizable organelles. When you 
fight off the attackers you can have a clear view of the door. I think the 
horns are a nice touch but the door lacks that clenched, muscular je ne sais 
quoi that a real sphincter has.  

Attack that door and pull back on the huge block that is there. Run around to 
the back side of it (you wont be able to see Kratos) and pull it into the 
next room. At this point you should be in the next room with the blockage 
partially exposed. Jump up onto it and then up to the chest. 

Proceed down into the next room for an example of excess stomach acid eroding 
the lining of one's esophagus. Icarus-wing your way down to the platform in 
the middle and prepare for a fight.

     :  Golem fight on the Platform (x23a)                  :

Attack the beast while avoiding his attacks. After a while the platform 
Kratos is fighting on will start to sink and the wall behind it will break 
away. Go to the northernmost edge of the platform and float over to the wall. 
The rock wall there has hand grips (it is white in color). When Kratos has a 
firm grip, the beast will start throwing rocks at him. The best way to avoid 
this is to jump left or right the moment the Golem lifts the rock over his 

When defeated, the golem leaves behind a large stone pile. You will need to 
stand on this Golem-turd to get up to the doorway above. Push it as close as 
you can to the opening then jump onto it and then double jump to the door. 
You should be able to reach it without using your wings. 

      ...END Golem fight....................................

Continue through the room with walls the texture of basketball leather. When 
you emerge you can see Atlas's hand through the gaping hole. Wounds that 
don't close are not a good sign. Jump to the left platform for a save and 
some health.


Look to the right of the save platform and at the horns in the wall.  Attack 
them to release a (kidney?) stone. Jump on it and then when it gets stuck, 
attack the horned outcropping that is blocking it.  As it falls over the 
side, jump to the grapple hook, swing and release, and then float over to the 
nearby door.

Destroy the stone that is in the middle of the path and float over the new 
steam jet. As you hover over it you will gain enough lift to make it to the 
next room.

This room is infested with those flying bat creatures. They are emerging from 
their nests, which are shinny, meaning you can destroy them with enough 
attacks. Go to each hive and attack them until all of them have been 
destroyed. Jump up to the platform in the central edge of the room.  Grab 
onto the grip wall and follow it around to a platform with two chests. Turn 
around and look for the white grip wall across the room. Flutter your way 
over to it. And follow it around to destroy the shinny stalactite that is 
blocking your way. 

     :  Urn of Promethius (x23b)                            :

Destroy every stalactite you see. One of these contains a secret entrance to 
the Urn of Promethius. It will allow you (on your next play through) to have 
unlimited rage of the titans. 

      ..END URN.............................................

When you get back to the ceiling grips, drop down at the end of it and then 
fly yourself around the little corner to the doorway. Grab the grip wall that 
is on the left side of the door. Climb up it to the roof and proceed outside. 
Follow this path around destroying any stalactites and attackers. It's like 
Atlas has lice. Climb up into the space created after you destroyed the 
second stalactite. Then, descend down the metal elevator and jump to the next 
stretch of grip wall.
You are now back in the room where you released the titan's kidney stone.  
Continue around and knock off any of those hooks in the ceiling. The camera 
will pan over indicating a way out. Grip your way to the edge of the path 
(past all the hooks) and drop down to the platform below.  Jump towards that 
steaming lesion and fly out the window.

Kratos is outside and that buttery fingered dawn is quite impressive. Fly to 
each of the dangling hooks which could be Atlas's tzitzit. The second 
platform will require you to kill off a few rounds of guys and then raise it 
with the rotating lever.  After that, descend to the slide rope and the save. 

|| 12:49 || 

Ascend using the nearby grip wall. Proceed to the grapple hooks. The last 
hook before jumping to the grip wall can be tricky. I found it is best NOT to 
release at the apex of your swing. Rather, hit X while Kratos is still 
swinging upwards. When you do grab a hold, climb to the top of the grip wall, 
hold back on the left stick and press X twice because you will need to glide 
to the platform behind you. 

     :  PUZZLE: Stacking Two Stones (x23b)                  : 

As you round the top you get to see Michael Chickliss in all his glory, or is 
it Right Said Fred? Either way, continue to the really high cliff face. The 
only way over it is to use the two nearby stones. The first goal is to get 
the stone stacked. Push one stone to the side of the nearby ramp. Then, push 
the other one up the ramp and then on top of the first stone that you parked 
under it. 

Jump down and push the double stack as far to the edge of the next platform 
as possible. Jump up to the platform and pull the top rock off of the double 
stack. Now, maneuver that top stone to the edge of the really tall platform. 
Jump up on the stone and then up to the top of the platform. When you reach 
the top, open the chest and then move around to the grip wall. 

      ...END Two Stones.....................................

After following the grip wall path around, the mountain opens up with a 
large, red slit. Rocks fall from above and, if hit, Kratos will (predictably) 
plunge to his death. Luckily the rocks fall in a quite predictable Left-
Right-Left-Right pattern. Jump from one side to the other to avoid them.  
Also, you can climb a lot faster if hit the jump button. Use the slide button 
to descend quickly down the next slit. And then follow the same rules as the 
previous one for it.

After progressing through the rest of the hand grip path, you reach the very 
top of Atlas's arm. A chain clamps his hand to the Earth. Attack the center 
link and the chain falls off. Atlas's arm and shoulder kinda wrest under the 
weight change and he does a little shrug causing me to wonder when Kratos 
become Ayn Rand? (talk about an anti-hero).

The Atlas asks "who breaks my chains of torment" and then picks up Kratos. He 
notices that Kratos is too strong to be a mortal but pH balanced to be a god. 
Atlas starts to pinch Kratos and you may ask:
"Why he got his hand closed?" 
To which I say 
"Cracks in his palm. He's just watchin' the long arm o' the law." 

Kratos yells that he no longer works for the gods and that he actually wants 
to defeat them. Atlas inquires how and Kratos says with Bade of Olympus. 
Mentioning this blade causes Atlas to flashback.

I paid real close attention to this scene because I was really curious how a 
legion of titans (who stand as high as buildings, have biceps the size of 
battleships, and in some cases, are equipped with multiple arms) could loose 
to the gods. The only thing the gods have for them is the ability to shoot 
cool looking specular effects.

So, according to Atlas the battle went as follows. The god Hades tethered one 
of the titans with gold chains. Even though right next to the chained titan 
was an even stronger titan with FOUR arms. Four totally ripped arms. The 
titan just stands there and pounds the ground while his friend is chained. 
Don't do that, that's dumb! Run up there and grab Hades and use your FOUR 
arms to do that chest beating thing that Goro used on me every time I tried 
to use Sub-Zero's freeze attack. 

Somehow Hades ends up stunned and looses his grip on the chains freeing the 
titan. But the titan who was released just sits there. Go attack Hades! Four-
arms, grab him! Then, get Cronos to use his eye lightning on the god while he 
is being held down. Its called teamwork. 

The gods have obviously figured how cooperation works because when Hades gets 
Four-arms by the chains another god shocks him. Then, using some magic they 
steal the titan's blue soul or life-force, or mojo or whatever it is. It 
doesn't matter what was stolen because the Titans totally suck.

Elsewhere on the battlefield, Zeus creates a weapon called the Blade of 
Olympus. He says "I ban you to the deepest pits of Tantalus", raises the 
deifacted sword above his head and a holy tornado forms. We get another 
overview of the battlefield and see that the Titans are everywhere but just 
standing around like it's high holiday. Come on. Team up titans and focus on 
one god at a time.... Ahh forget it, I don't care. You guys lost this war 
yourselves. Don't blame the gods when you half-assed your way through a war.

The flashback ends and we are back to Kratos sitting in Atlas's hand. Kratos 
tells the titan that he no longer works for the gods and is instead 
interested in killing them. However, he needs his help to reach the sisters. 
Atlas can't get him there but he can get him across the Great Chasm.

When you regain control, practice the Atlas quake on the supplied monsters. 
With Kratos' loyalty confirmed, Atlas puts him back up on Earth's surface. 

     |  The Great Chasm - Part II (x24)            |

||13:21|| - Atlas stage ****

After escaping from holy-heck for a second time, Kratos is now back on top of 
the world. He is almost across the great chasm but still has to make a few 
more jumps. I have to agree with the name of this Chasm though. Yes, the 
chasm is Great (which better than good) but it could never be considered 
something like "The Rad Chasm." Unless, of course, the Greeks build a sweet 
jump that would allow someone to launch over it with dirt bikes.

But, because neither ramps nor dirt bikes have been invented yet it will 
remain the Great Chasm. Furthermore, Kratos is forced to get across by 
jumping and not via dirt bike. First jump to the set of rock columns that are 
clustered ahead. The third and tallest one has hand grips. Climb up as high 
as you can on it and then backwards jump to the column behind it. From there, 
fly back to the hand grip column, but this time landing on top of it. Jump 
and float for a graceful landing at the palace of the fates.

     |  The Palace of the Fates (x24)              |

The palace is glaringly white and there are two huge statues holding up the 
building. Their hands are turned in a bit awkwardly but generally look 

Under the ramp and on the right side is a lever. Pull it and the ramp 
disappears and two attackers appear. One of them blows the warning horn. 
Attack the horn blowers first because each time they blow the horn a Cyclopes 
appears. Fight off all of the attackers and the force field above the center 
door disappears. 

However, the grate will keep you locked out. To remove this grate, go to the 
right side of the door and find the small lever (there is chest right next to 
it). Grab this lever and then pull it around the front of the palace to start 
rotating the entire building. It will take several rotations to line up the 
opening, so you will must let go of one handle and run to the next one before 
the building slips back into its regular position. When the gate is correctly 
lined up, the building will lock into place and you can run inside.

     :  PUZZLE: Rotating Room (x25a)                        :

Once you enter, the whole room will start spinning. For good measure, it also 
has flying creatures, floor spikes, and a grinding sound. Your goal is to 
stop the rotating by pulling a large stone block that will jam the inner 
ring. That block is in an alcove that is just right-of-center. You will have 
to wait for the stone room and the grates to line up correctly. Just watching 
the open grate as it rotates around the room (don't bother trying to get into 
those other rooms because you will have a chance to reach them when the room 
stops moving). When the open spot finally lines up with the stone block 
alcove, run up to the block (it has a spiral design on it), grab it and then 
pull it towards the center. The whole machine stops and you can now get the 
items hidden in the other alcoves. Be sure to grab the crank handle that is 
located in one of them.

     ...END ROTATING PUZZLE................................

Continue through the room and take the left staircase (the other way is 

The camera pans across the plaza and up to a huge haystack that stands erect 
above an island across the sea. At least I think it is a hay stack. It could 
be a giant monument to Cousin It. 

When you regain control of Kratos, explore this plaza. All of the various 
doors, cranks, and levers are not accessible to you yet. The only thing that 
you can do now is to head up the ladder and into the caged tower.

Inside the cage is one of those slow-time statues and a broken crank. Touch 
the crank and Kratos will insert the piece that you picked up in the rotating 
room. Rotate the device until it stops and as soon as you let it go, press R1 
+ L1 to freeze time. Jump from the tower and float around to your right and 
head for the balcony that was once blocked by flame jets.

||SAVE: 13:54 || ******

     :  PUZZLE: Lowering the Gate (x25b)                    :

From the save, turn and enter the curving hallway. Run past the steam jet and 
go to the lever that is at the dead end. Pulling the lever will lower a 
nearby gate. However, the gate will rapidly return to its locked position so 
you will have to hurry to get over it. To do this, stand over the steam vent, 
double jump, open your Icarus wings, let the steam lift you, and then float 
over the gate. 

This will take several tries. The biggest factor is the amount of time you 
spend on the steam vent. If you float to long, the gate will close before you 
can make it over. If you don't float over it long enough, you won't have 
enough height to make it over the gate.

      ...END: Lowering the Gate.............................

     |  Auditorium of Lehkisis (x26)               |

Pass through several rooms and you will reach the auditorium. In the center 
is a book that Kratos cannot decipher. Go find help by proceeding to the 
right and across the bridge. Behind a grate is a man tied up and surrounded 
by candles. Pick him up then notice that he is the one keeping the gate open. 
You will have to find another weight to replace him. This weight supplement 
is located in that darkened, red colored room that you passed through before 
reaching the Auditorium. Run back there and then destroy the scaffolding that 
is holding up a huge block. Drag that block all the way back to the tied-up 

After picking him up (he is a translator who can help with Kratos's reading 
deficiency) you must protect him from an entire army of translation haters. 
Save all of your magic and titan's rage powerups because you will need them 
for the Auditorium where the attackers get much more aggressive.

When they are disposed of, go to the book and Kratos will command the 
translator to read the text. It is written as follows:

"Hear me sisters who control the threads
Another search is for only what the sisters may give
As proof that he is worthy, accept this sacrifice of my blood"

Then Kratos then helps the translator to "sacrifice his blood" by smashing 
his head upon the text. And Jeeeeeezus I hope Kratos never has kids because 
homework hour would be harsh.

The wings of the structure open and the Translator's incredibly viscous blood 
pours all over the book and down into the channels under the pedestal. It 
looks like someone has been watching The Crow. A transparent red woman 
appears and she is wearing a blouse with a plunged neckline (one that was at 
one time plunging but has since reached its destination).

The woman in red is one of the fates and she commends Kratos on his 
sacrifice. She then says that this was just one test required to reach the 

|| SAVE: 14:19||  ********

Open the nearby door to get the key of the Ram. With it Kratos can unlock the 
door back in the central plaza. Follow the unlocked path around and then open 
the door with the big ram on it. 

At the next turn, Kratos is blocked in on either side by two rapidly closing 
gates. A legion of monsters is thrown in for good measure. I was thinking of 
explaining how to beat this next part by posting a video of a bunch of frogs 
in a blender but I despise animal cruelty. As an alternative, here is how to 
get past this using words: 
- Start with rage of the titans and use your L1 attacks
- When that is spent, kill the remainders with magic
- Use the L1 + X a lot.

     |  Garden of the Gods (x27)                   |

In this statue garden an all-star cast of Gods is arranged under an array of 
arches. Using the statues as proxy, the gods try to convince Kratos that Gaia 
is lying to him about the god/titan conflict. Athena goes on to explain that 
the Titans can't be trusted and that Zeus isn't that bad. Really, a few 
talking statues is the God's best attempt to convince Kratos to stop his coup 
d'etat? They are the gods. The gods of elements. Can't they do something like 
bend the ocean around and have a wall of water yell at him? Performing this 
ventriloquism trick on these crappy statues is ancient equivalent of leaving 
a voicemail. And just like voicemails, no one listens to them. 

Ignore the statues and run over to the nearby wall and get Kratos to start 
the wall-hug shuffle. Move around the ledge to get to the save. This is 
probably the GOW team being artsy and deep with the camera angles but I have 
no idea why we are watching him shuffle like this. Save and then proceed to 
the next room by climbing down the chain.

     :  PUZZLE: Sacrifice the Sirens (x27a)                 :

To unlock the next door, Kratos must kill three sirens using the flame 
torches on either side of the room. Why do keep torturing these sirens, this 
makes it the second time we have had to sacrifice them to unlock a door. To 
start the battle, go to the top of the room and try to open the door. The 
sirens will instantly start dropping down. Try to attack each siren a few 
times untill she falls. Pull the lever that activates the closest flames. 
When she gets up, hit her a few more times to knock her into the flames. 
Repeat this until you get the requisite number of sacrifices.

      ...END Sacrificing the Sirens.........................

Jump into the bloody water that is in the center of the next room. Swim 
through the bodies and spikes and then up to the next chamber.

The room is icy and the center of it is surrounded with alternating Omegas 
and symbols that represent (when lined up correctly) the phases of the moon. 
Get you drag on because this is, everyone's favorite, a light and mirror 
puzzle. I wish I could line up every single light puzzle that I will ever 
play and get them over with in one sitting and never have to be bothered by 
them again.

     :  PUZZLE: Moonlight and Mirror (x27b)                 :

- Jump down and pull the lever that is next to the bird statue. The flames 
that shoot out of its mouth will unlock a door
- Pull out the object behind the door, it is a giant mirror
- Run up to any part of the wall that is not covered in ice and climb up it 
(they are grip walls) 
- From the ceiling, attack all 8 of the ice crystals to let in the light
- Jump down and pull the mirror pedestal over to the light beam that is right 
in front of the door you entered to get to this room. 
- When in place, the mirror will reflect the light down into the sunken area
- Use the three levers, on the right side of the upper deck, line up the 
disks so that the dark shape that represents a "new moon" is at the point 
where the light beam is
- When correctly done, the light will be reflected off the moon shape and hit 
the statue, melting the ice that surrounds it
- Find the crank that is on the back of the bird and rotate it to one of the 
iced covered doors.
- Run around the bird and pull the fire lever to melt the ice on the target 
- Melt the ice that surrounds each door.
- The final door out of here has the handle at the bottom of it.

      ...END Moonlight an Mirror Puzzle.....................

The next room is a cylindrical one that is below ground level. The flying 
creatures here will make it impossible to progress so you will need to climb 
the walls and to get to the ceiling. From the ceiling, head around to the two 
nests and destroy them both. Drop down and kill any remaining bugs. Start 
turning the crank to lower a grappling hook. When it is low enough, hook onto 
it and let the lift take you up to the top level.  

The next circular room locks you in with two dog beasts. The trick with them 
is to always kill the pups first because if they are left alone they will 
grow into a mature beast that can also reproduce pups. Also, focus all your 
attacks on one of the mature beasts at a time so that he will be killed off 
as fast as possible. When everything is dead in the room, run towards the 
gated off end and look for the small ladder on the left. Climb up for a save 

|| Save 15:23 || *******

     |  Auditorium of Atropos (x28)                |

Go through the gate, down the halls and when you reach the next gate, a man 
tells Kratos that he was destined to be here and he won't let him "reach the 
sisters." Then he dives off the side of the room. The room he was in is a lot 
like the Auditorium of Lehkisis. And just like last time, you will need 
someone to translate the book to proceed. So saving this suicidal translators 
life is key. It's kinda ironic that Kratos will be changing the fate of this 
one guy so that he can to change his own fate.

     :  PUZZLE: Jumping Translator (x28a)                   :

Kratos must go a few seconds back in time to catch the translator before he 
- Backtrack through the circular hall and pick up the pause statue that is 
hidden in one of the alcoves
- Drag it around until it is right next to the gate
- Open the Gate
- Pull the statue under it so that it prevents the gate from closing
- Go through the mercury-like door that is located on the left hand side of 
the auditorium. This will send Kratos back in time
- Press L1 R1 and slow time
- Run up and catch the translator before he falls

      ...END Jumping Translator.............................

Kratos drags the man over to the book and makes him read it. 

"Hear me noble sisters who forge our destiny's /
another seeks an audience to change their fate /
As proof that he is worthy / (Kratos says "die with honor" here)
I give my blood to illuminate the way"

Second verse, same as the first as the translator's head is smashed, Cousin 
It island opens some more, and then the blood fills the channels of the crow. 
Our Lady of Perpetual Wardrobe Malfunction appears again and she says that if 
Kratos can find the ashes of the phoenix and resurrects it, he can reach the 
temple of the fates.

Go over to the locked door and Kratos will rip off the Warrior's Skull. Press 
R1 again to open the door. The camera pans up and examines the many layers of 
this hall. The ceiling is coated in chads which are coincidentally, falling. 

     :  PUZZLE: Steam Jet to the Ceiling (x28b)             :

In order to get up to the ceiling you will need to float up there using the 
steam jet. First, use the rotating lever to open the steam aperture. Float up 
to the second floor and pull the lever there to boost the steam output. Jump 
back down and rotate the stick again to reopen the aperture. Now that the 
steam pressure has been increased, float all the way to the ceiling.

      ...END Steam Jet......................................

Continue along the roof grips and destroy the fluted column (term for any 
column that has long lines that run down the length of it 
http://www.ushistory.org/carpentershall/games/carpenter/fluted.htm). Drop 
down when you reach the edge of the ceiling. Turn the crank to lower Kratos 
to the next floor and fly across the chasm to get back to the palace lobby. 
Fight off the four thugs that attack. When defeated, run across to the 
warrior's door. Using the newly acquired key, Kratos unlocks the door.

     :  PUZZLE: Chain Elevator with Skeletons  (x28c)       :

Inside, hit the save and then proceed to the elevator. 
- Move Kratos over to the large chain that runs down the center of it and tap 
"O". With his super-human grip strength, Kratos will pull the elevator down.
- The ceiling (complete with spikes, natch) descends too and quite fast. 
- Keep "O" tapping and don't even stop until the skeletons are actually 
attacking Kratos. 
- Fight off the first wave of them and then get back to the chain. 
- The fastest way to grab it again is to stand right in front of it and start 
your tapping. 
- The escape door is on the north side of the room and will take a bit to get 
there and will need to be dead lifted open. 
- Before you start lifting though, make sure all skeletons are preoccupied 
with an attack. I used Cronos's Rage on the last few and then rapidly opened 
the door without killing them.

      ...END Chain Elevator.................................

The next room is a long, lava filled hallway with an upper platform and a 
rope running down the center of it. Jump up onto the rope and attack anyone 
who comes near. When you get shot down by the archers on the upper platform, 
jump towards them. Kratos will grab the ledge and you will need to shuffle 
him to the right to reach a place where he can pull himself up. Kill 
everything on this platform and when you need to get back down, jump and fly 
of the ledge. In a design oversight, you can't hand grab your way back to the 
bottom floor. 

Walk over to the left side of the little platform to find a wall with hand 
grips. Climb up it and then to the ceiling. When you reach the other side of 
the room, drop and fight off all attackers.

This next area is a series of chambers that each have a large rotating spiked 
turbine. Scattered among the turbines are steam jets. I don't know if I 
totally buy the concept of this room, other than the concept of slowing me 
down on my march towards the end of this game. Is this supposed to be some 
sort of Geo-thermal turbine? And if so, why the spikes on the turbines? Maybe 
those are scrubbers to reduce CO2 emissions. To get through this one, float 
to the steam vent on the right. From there, float right and on to the next 
rotating turbine. Find the next steam jet. When you land, proceed to the next 

     |  The Phoenix Chamber  (x29)                 |

Pull the lever that is just ahead and jump to the platform that is on your 
left. Then, just when I gave up questioning the relevance of the outlandish 
traps in this game I am given a room that is tricked out with wall to wall, 
rapid rise, floor spikes. 

     :  PUZZLE: Spike Room                                  :

- Pull the lever to temporarily lower the spikes 
- Run over to the center of the room to the body that is just hanging out at 
the bar. When he is moved you will obtain the "Hail of Boreas." 
- Run back to the doorway and wait for the spikes to shoot up again 

- Pull the spike lowering lever a second time and run to the left and break 
the wall to reveal a time freeze statue
- Two attackers will jump down and you can dispense of them quickly if you 
run back to the doorway and let the spikes take care of them

- Drop the spikes a third time and run to the rotating lever that you got the 
Boreas from
- Rotate it one and only one full rotation 
- Press R1+L1 to stop time
- Run to the right and to the far end of the spike field, jump over the two 
spike pits and then out to safety

      ...End Spike Room Puzzle..............................

The subsequent hallway is winding and leaking with lava. At the end is a long 
room with a phoenix at the end of it. This phoenix sends out a periodic, room 
clearing wave of fire that is so beautiful you may want to waste a few lives 
just to see Kratos get burnt alive. Your mission is to open the gate at the 
far end of the room and swing up to it to get out. However, the waves of 
flames keep Kratos from reaching it unless you can get something to shield 

     :  PUZZLE: The burning Phoenix Room (x29a)             :

How to beat this room:
- On the left side of the entrance hallway is a large statue. Pull it out and 
push it north through the room. 
- As you work your way north you will be attacked so fight them back a little 
but keep pushing the statue forward.
- Don't fight off the bats or the skeletons using your standard attacks. 
Instead, use either Atlas's Earthquake or Cronos's Rage to hold them at bay 
as you make progress. 
- When you move the statue in front of the raised blocks, it will no longer 
slide back. Consider these blocks checkpoints so you can catch your breath 
and attack more enemies.
- An easy way to fight off the attackers is to park the statue in front of 
one of the stone steps then lure the beasts all the way back to the entrance 
hallway. The fire will be dispersed and you will have more room to dodge and 
- When you get Kratos and the statue to the center of the room, pull the 
lever to lower the step that is blocking your way.
- When you get the statue all the way up to the two touch pads, two more 
skeleton guys will drop to attack you. Kill by luring them back to the 
entrance of this room. 
- If you ever need a refill on health/magic, run back to the hallway to find 
two chests.

      ...END PHOENIX ROOM ..................................

When you get to the end of the room, grapple up to the balcony. Move the urn 
that is up there to the side and step onto the central trigger. The elevator 
descends into a lava-filled room. 

Drag the Urn to the right and into the small indentation in the floor. Run 
towards the lever that is in front of the phoenix head and pull it. This 
lever sends in a crane to pick up the urn and drop it into the lava. 

The lava boils, even more than it normally does, and a huge phoenix emerges 
from it. A geyser erupts sending the bird up to the plaza. That pot was full 
of phoenix ashes and when Kratos cracked it into this lava skillet, the 
Phoenix was "rising from the ashes." 

Jump over to the save light and use it if you have to. Then, float off 
towards the central ring of columns and onto the second ring of stairs. Run 
up this spiral to the elevator that lifts Kratos back to the Palace's main 

|| 17:20 || ******
The phoenix is moaning as it is bathed in a geyser of lava. You can't free it 
quite yet so go to the elevator that you came up in and look behind it for  a 
stone relief of an old man (a relief is a sculpture that is extends partially 
into 3D space - like Lincoln's head on the Penny). Pacify the old man by 
placing the Hail of Boreas in his mouth like a giant diamond pacifier. 
Continue through the hall and past the chain to find a Gorgon Eye. Then, 
climb the chain to get to the floor with the giant horn. Blow into it.

The Ricola-esque echoes of the horn frees the Phoenix and in turn, do what 
birds do best: destroy property value. I have a roost of pigeons in one of my 
palm trees and they sh*t all over everything. But, instead of giant lava 
turds, the phoenix causes his damage by knocking over stone statues and 
pillars before roosting on a nearby burning pedestal. 

Jump down from the horn and head straight to the two column bases. Climb onto 
the shorter one and then jump over to the tall one on the left. Leap to the 
nearby balcony and then open the door. 

     :  PUZZLE: Premature Elevation  (x29b)                 :

The room has one lever and one elevator. If you pull the lever the elevator 
raises without you. That's fine because there are hand grips on that 
elevator. Run up to it and use the grips to climb onto the ceiling. While 
dangling, hack at the two sets of chains to reveal a red chest and then a 
dragable stone column. Drop down and pull the lever to lower the elevator 
again. Slide the stone column so that it is straddling the lower-left-hand-
side of the elevator and the room. Pull the lever and the column will jam the 
elevator. Climb up and into the partially elevated elevator and then pull the 
column back into the lift so that it is free to lift all the way up. Now that 
Kratos, the column and the elevator are at the top floor, drag the column 
under the bronze gate and jump on top of it. Jump and slash the chain that is 
holding the gate up and it will eventually drop.

      ...END PREMATURE ELEVATION............................

Inside the next room, rotate the lever to erect the two columns that are back 
out in the palace courtyard.

Proceed right to a crank and turn it until the gate blocking the door has 
been moved. Proceed forward and all of a sudden it is shadow boxing between 
Kratos and a silhouetted man. Please don't be a dark Kratos cliche, please 
don't be a dark Kratos cliche... 

The shadow figure says "I have come too far to fail." To best him, attack the 
guy a few times, block, or jump over him. After enough hits, Kratos grabs the 
figure and they go tumbling out the window. 

As he falls, Kratos jams his Blades of Chaos right through the attacker. This 
would normally be a good thing except that the attacker is the kid that was 
dispatched to defend Sparta. So that's innocent victim number two that Kratos 
has Fragged (his first was his wife in GOW1). It's a good thing they don't 
have guns yet because Kratos' aim is a bit, how do you say... generous. 
Kratos then scolds the kid for abandoning his post. But if anyone should be 
getting a lecture it should Kratos for his swing-first/questions later form 
of martial arts. And to the kid's defense, he did go back to Sparta. But Zeus 
went there too. And because Kratos was out trying to get his mojo back, Zeus 
had free reign over the city-state. The god of lightning shot down buildings, 
picked up towers and stomped on porticos. It actually looks like a lot of fun 
to destroy an ancient city like that (hint, hint Mr. Barlog. A perfect 
playable add in for GOW2: Game of the Year Edition). After Sparta was left in 
smoldering ruins, the Spartan kid came here to the Island of Creation to meet 
the fates and change the past for Sparta's benefit. But, the kid's quest was 
cut short because of Kratos. He dies and Kratos yells out for Zeus.

Kratos starts a demi-god sized tantrum and a giant leviathan that I can only 
describe as an unholy lovechild between Cthulhu and the Creature from the 
Black Lagoon surfaces. He wraps his tentacles around the two columns. 

While this is happening, the face buttons have been remapped as follows: 
X=temper tantrum 
/\=being a pussy. 

Walk Kratos over to the monster and let the beast pick him up. I assume that 
sea monsters have the same hallucinogenic skin that frogs do because Kratos 
starts buggin' and passes out.

When he opens his eyes, Kratos is standing in the middle of a wheat field or 
on the back of an enormous dog. The colors are a bit muddy so I can't tell. 
This dog/wheat field overlooks a burning city that I bet is Sparta. Up walks 
Kratos's wife. <<Her musical theme is the Italian restaurant mandolin>>. 
Kratos apologizes for accidentally slashing her to death but, it isn't even 
his wife, it's Gaia talking through the wife. 

Kratos totally pusses out and says "I can not defeat the gods." Gaia begs, 
and then urges him to command the rest of the titans in a war to kill Zeus. 
She warns that if he does give up, the gods will torture him for the rest of 
his life and then when he dies, they will torture him in hell. <<Cue the 
Kratos theme: bump-bump-bu-bu-bump>>. She then infuses him with the fires of 
Sparta. You know if Kratos doesn't reclaim kill Zeus and reclaim his godly 
powers he still has a lot of options available to him. For one, he would be a 
natural choice for spokesman for Red Stripe Beer. 

Kratos awakens in the Leviathan's grasp and that acid trip really restored 
Kratos's desire to kill. Furthermore, the buttons are back to their rightful 
attack positions.

     :  BOSS: Sea Monster  (x29d)                           :

- Attack the left set of tentacles until they inch up and reveal a touch 
plate that opens the steam vent
- Considering Kratos is never one to leave a corpse to waste, grab the 
Spartan's body and carry it over to the touch plate
- When the steam vent opens, run over to it and use Kratos's Icarus wings to 
fly up to the monster's forehead
- Attack it with wild abandon

- After enough hits, the sea monster will jam its tentacle into the steam 
- Run up to that tentacle and climb it
- Attack the large knob on that tentacle 
- When the knob is destroyed, press circle to chop off the whole arm

- Repeat the corpse-on-trigger, steam vent float, and forehead attack 
- After enough hits he will jamb his right tentacle in the wall
- Run under the tentacle and jump up to grab it. Ceiling climb to the large 
knob and attack it the same way you attacked the other one

- The beast eats Kratos's Spartan comrade and then swings its remaining 
tentacles wildly
- Focus your attacks on the creature's left tentacle (on the right side of 
the screen) and when the tentacles loose their grip, run over to the other 
set of tentacles and attack them  
- When it has lost both sides and is hanging on for dear echinoderm life, 
pull the central lever and the monster deep throats the rapidly extending 
      ...END SEA MONSTER....................................

Proceed across the bridge and up over the best's head. Run up to the Phoenix, 
press the circle key and follow the on-screen cues. Kratos climbs aboard the 
bird and I shutter to think what its flaming down feathers would do to 
Kratos's bare thighs. 

|| 18:22 || ******

     |  Temple of the Fates (x30)                  |

The bird flies in and around the giant spire. When it reaches the top, Kratos 
jumps off and lands into a large pool. This is the entrance to the Fate's 
Temple and which is flooded with water and judging by the color, in desperate 
need of a chlorine shock.

Swim over to the save and then jump to the statue head. From here, grapple up 
to the platform above and to the green crystal. Destroy it and the lights 
come on and all bell breaks loose.

     :  PUZZLE: Two Bells (x30a)                            :

On either side of the room is a bell. One has the face of Zeus and I want to 
say that the other one is Cronos but my heart says that it is Gerald Ford. 
The goal here is to ring both of these bells at the same time.

The first step is to go to the Gerald Ford bell and press R1+L1 to ring it 
and then immediately press R1+L1 again to pause time. Quickly, grapple up to 
the central pedestal. Press R1 to pull back the large hammer that will ring 
the Zeus bell. The vibrations from both bells ringing cracks the statue's 

The face is cracked but you needs to do one more thing to get it fully 
destroyed. Jump down into the water, swim over to the central pedestal and 
look for a blue lever. Below that blue lever is a groove that is in the 
circular hub. You need to alight the blue lever and that groove. To do this, 
surface and rotate the blue lever so that it is positioned above the 
underwater groove. 

When those are aligned, dive to the very bottom of the pedestal and pull the 
lever. This will raise the pedestal enough to interlock with the blue handle. 
Now when you rotate the handle to rotate the entire hammer structure. It 
works a lot like a clutch plate (see 

Surface and when you rotate the blue lever it will spin the upper platform 
too. Now, rotate this entire column so that the hammer is pointed right at 
the face. Press R1 to pull back the hammer and then release it to smash right 
through it.

     |  The Throne of Lahkesis (x31)                    |

Kratos swings out to the platform and the fate that we saw in the two 
Auditoriums is back and in the flesh. She floats down and I thought she was a 
moth but is really just wearing a huge metal cape. In her hand is a crook. In 
Greek mythology that stick would determine the length of a person's life 
thread. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moirae)

She looks at him and says "We've been expecting you." Get it? Because they 
are the fates. Kratos says "out of my way." She then uses a lot of words to 
say that no one can change their fates and that as the fates, they are the 
most powerful creature in all of Greece. Kratos offers that he can control 
his fate and she pretty much shoots him down right there by calling him on 
the fact that Gaia has been lying to him all along. Kratos takes it the same 
way he does most things, not well, and grabs her by the throat. 

     :  BOSS: Lahkesis (x31a)                               :

Part I
- Attack her as much as you can but be ready to roll away from her because 
she attacks quickly
- When she shoots green fireballs, use the L1 gold fleece to block and fire 
them back at her.

Part II
- Reflect the beam at her and you will volley the beam back and forth like  
fighting Gannon in Zelda Ocarina of Time.
- When she fires a green electric beam at the floor, she is electrifying it 
so jump up and grapple to the hooks that line the walls. Keep moving among 
the hooks to avoid her additional attacks.
- When she finally gets an "O" over her head, follow the on-screen prompts to 
destroy her.

      ...BOSS: LAHKESIS.....................................

Actually, I lied, you don't destroy her. She just calls in her sister Atropos 
for some more fighting. Sometimes end bosses remind me of gratuitous encores 
at concerts. Those moments you realize that the band really isn't that good 
live and then when they fake pack-up and are off stage teasing the audience 
to start chanting "encore" but you want to shout "No! Your guys are just 
alright, that set was fine as is." Then you actually get mad when they come 
back out. This boss is just like that. She does not need an encore.

But Lahkesis rises anyway and points her hook at Kratos and says "You do not 
defy the fates Kratos. For we have woven the events of your life." Then a 
black cloud circles the room and the other fate drags Kratos back to the 
inlet where he battled Ares in God of War 1. There in the background you can 
see Kratos and Ares battling it out and I just got Back to the Future II deja 
vu. Atropos explains the rules: she is going to destroy this huge sword which 
is bad news for Kratos because in GOW1 Kratos needs this sword to defeat 
Ares. You need to stop Atropos from destroying this sword.

     :  BOSS: Atropos (x31b)                                :

- Fight the skeletons that are on the sword until she approaches
- When she fires a green ball at you, quickly execute either an Atlas or a 
Cronos magic attack to occupy the guys thus freeing yourself so that you can 
push L1 and deflect the beam back at her.
- When she gets real close to the blade and casts a green beam on it, jump up 
and start attacking her with your weapons.
- You can also use Typhon's Bane to shoot arrows at her.
- After attacking her enough, she gets real close to the blade and has a "O" 
over her head. Grab her and follow the prompts.

      ...END ATROPOS........................................

You see the final scenes of GOW 1 (spoilers in the background if you have not 
played it). GOW1 Kratos is about to get stabbed by Ares but because GOW2 
Kratos saved the sword, GOW1 Kratos is able to grab it and used it to finish 
off Ares. But who left their Malibu Atropos Doll lying on that sword? She 
falls when Kratos grabs the sword and then she tries to fly back up and out 
of this time period but is stuck there. It's not entirely clear how but 
Kratos is able to get back to GOW2 time and back to the Temple of the Fates. 

     :  BOSS: Lahkesis and Atropos (x31c)                   :

Kratos now has to fight both fates. Atropos will pop in through the mirror 
and fire a few fireballs at you while Lahkesis will perform the same attacks 
she used in the first fight.  
- Attack Lahkesis using the same tactics used in Part I and Part II. 
- When Atropos pops in, deflect her beams and keep attacking. 
- After enough hits on the Lahkesis sister, Atropos will slump down into the 
mirror stunned. Use L1 + R1 to slow time and attack the mirror bound sister 
with everything you have. Magic, attacks, Titan Rage, everything. When you 
hit her enough, the mirror cracks and she starts pounding on it. Keep 
attacking the mirror to break it for good.
- Repeat all the steps in part IV to destroy the other mirror. 

- When there is one mirror left, Lahkesis will guard the central mirror and 
launch her attacks from there.
- When she sends out 6 beams, hang back so that they are spread out by the 
time they reach you. 
- When she is not launching the 6 beams, run up and attack her at point blank 
range but watch her carefully and get ready to roll out of the way when she 
raises her staff.
- When she is low on power she will have a circle on her head. Watch out 
because there are about 6 key press that you will have to follow and they are 
spaced out so far that you think it is the last one and then another will 
- When she finally gets stuck behind the mirror, destroy it and both of the 
fates will be dealt with.

      ...END  Lahkesis and Atropos..........................

I don't think they are dead I just think the fates are trapped forever. 

     |  The Inner Sanctum (x32)                    |

Continue through the now broken mirror and use the save. Circle around the 
rotunda. On the left side of the rotunda is a relief of Cronos and Zeus 
fighting it out and it says "The all consuming struggle between the titans 
and the Olympians rages on."

The second Relief depicts a single figure standing and the caption is 
"A lone soul surveys the wake of carnage that surrounds him."

To the right is the third and final relief which says
"Three Travelers Heading to an Unknown Destiny"

Despite what you may hear on the forums, these are not about Jesus. I know 
they are cryptic but this is all just the design team trying to sprinkle a 
little mystery onto your 20 hours spent button smashing and zombie killing. 
If the middle one is Jesus, why would it be chronologically out of order with 
the relief that seems to alludes to the three wise men? Plus in the middle 
one, you can't see the Jesus mullet or the Jesus sandals. 

And no, Kratos is not Jesus and by killing the polytheistic gods. And no he 
is NOT making room for monotheism. If anything he is just clearing out the 
Greek gods to make room for the Roman Gods who are the same except that they 
have Latin names. Gods such as Jupiter, Mars, and Pluto. 

|| 19:28 || ********

Go back around this room and stand in the doorway. Run straight ahead and 
jump up to the grey wall. There are hand grips here. Scurry around to the 
door on the other side of the rotunda. If you want the chests on the left and 
right side, jump and fly over to them.

When you proceed through the door, a large window overlooks the third fate 
sitting in what looks like a huge hot tub. She says that "it is through my 
threads that all life is born. You must not tamper with your destiny Kratos. 
You will destroy everything." 

Show her that you don't mean to destroy everything by... by destroying the 
wall that is just ahead. 

Continue right and as you descend around the ramp you enter into one of the 
hardest parts of the entire game. Several waves of beasts will attack. Here 
are some tips for this marathon battle.
- Don't be afraid to use your titan power on this first group because when 
you decapitate the larger beasts, they give you yellow orbs which refill your 
titan meter.
- Also, don't worry about saving your magic. Use it because many of the 
monsters in these fights give up blue orbs.
- Use the green walls to your advantage. If you roll behind one just as it is 
rising, you can often divide the attacking monsters allowing you to focus 
your attacks on fewer enemies. 
- When you reach the femme fatal mix of Medusas and Sirens, use your fleece 
frequently to freeze some and keep from bricking yourself.

When you reach the bottom level and find the big blue fate gate, attack her  
left claws and she will relinquish her grip. Then press on the crank and it 
will slide open. Then, attack the left side and press R1 on the wheel to 
release the door bar. Watch for an animation bug: Kratos will turn the crank 
to the left but the wheel will turn to the right. When the bar has been moved 
to the far end of the door, press R1 in the center of it to open it wide.

|| 20 :16 ||

     |  Loom Chamber (x33)                         |

If you were thinking that GOW2 had broken the boobies-per-game record with 
the battle between Atropos and Lahkesis, hold on because this last boss is 
here to ensure that no other game will knock GOW2 off its fun-bag pedestal. 
Trust me, it's a freakin tit carrousel.

When you enter, Gaia explains that this third fate is responsible for weaving 
all of the threads in an individual's life and that if Kratos can find his 
thread he can change his own destiny.

     :  PUZZLE: Floor 1 (x33a)                              :

Proceed across the bridge and past the blade pendulums. Take a left at her 
camel toe and run up the small flight of stairs. Attack that little hand she 
has there and it will fall down like she slept on it all night. Run past her 
arm and turn the crank to raise the door above. Attack her arm again and jump 
up to that newly opened door. 

Open the chest and then jump to the left of this alcove to reach a wall that 
is covered in threads. Climb up to the ceiling and climb up and around her 
body mass. Fight off the hand when she tries to feel you up. Fresh. Then, 
knock off the two bodies that have been smashed like bugs onto the windshield 
of fate (wow, that sounds so poetic). Now that the bodies are gone, jump down 
and rotate the lever to raise the glass. Get back to the staircase and jump 
over to this newly available chest. Climb up the rope.

     :  PUZZLE: Floor 2 (x33b)                              :

At the top she says "This hall was never meant for mortal hands." As the 
camera pans around, you are probably thinking what I am: polymastia isn't all 
its cracked up to be. In fact, it is usually pretty gross. The goal on this 
floor is to get the urn that is located just counter-clockwise of the rope 
into the one and only functioning hanging crane (it has two hands instead of 
the other ones which only have one hand). Unfortunately, to get the urn over 
there, you will have take the long way around. While you are performing this 
sequence of events, try to get a breast count. I will offer my guess at the 
end of the steps, see how different ours are.

- Start at the rope you used to reach this floor and move counter clockwise 
around her.
- Attack that first hand until it falls limp
- Continue counter clockwise past the urn and to the caged off lever. Pull it 
to open a trap door. Her limp hand falls in. Pull the lever again to shut it 
in there
- Go back to the urn carriage and drag it counter-clockwise around the 
platform. Look at the base of this platform and notice the blue jewels. If 
you cross one, the urn carriage won't slide past it if it is let go
- Stop when you get to the next hand and attack it until it goes limp. 
- Climb up the nearby rope and jump to the platform. Pull the lever and Bam! 
Jesus hand.
- Get back to the urn carriage and pull it counter-clockwise to the next 
hand. Attack it to make it go limp and then drag the cart past it.
- Pull the cart all the way to the dangling hand crane.
- When the carriage has been locked in place under it, step on the trigger to 
raise the urn. The two handed crane will grab it and now you have control of 
that sharp blade.
- Run back and attack that hand you passed before and drag the cart over to 
- If it is still limp, step on the trigger. Or, if it is alive again, attack 
it. Either way the result is a second palm piercing.
- Climb up the rope that is holding the blade and jump to the platform just 
to the left. Pull the lever and Kratos will be lifted to the top floor.

By the way, I counted 7 breasts. Disagree?

When you reach the third floor, you finally reach her face. It looks like 
that illustrator for the Gnomes book, Wil Huygen, tried to draw the titular 
character from "Throw Mama From The Train." This final fate, Clotho, scolds 
that "you will never control your fate Kratos."

     :  PUZZLE: Floor 3 (x33c)                              :

- If you need health at anytime during this fight, pull one of the two levers 
that are in front of her and cannibalize the bodies that descend. 
- You can't kill her just by attacking her. Instead you will need to move the 
crane that is parked on the right side of the platform to a more appropriate 
- Unfortunately, two poor souls are trapped in the gears of fate (poetic 
again!) and this wont let you rotate it around. 
- Clear them out of there by climbing up the grip wall that is just to the 
right of the green doorway. Swing over to the gears and attack them.
- Now that the crane is movable, you have to find the right place to position 
it. Drag it to the third green jewel (counted from the right side).
- When you have it positioned, deaden both of her arms and pull the lever 
that is now right in front of her. The pendulum blades will be pulled up will 
be right in front of her.
- Deaden her right arm again and run up to the blade and rotate it 90 
- Before you swing the pendulum, make sure her arms are limp. However, the 
arms seem more resilient so you will need to knock out one, freeze time and 
then knock out the other one. 
- Run up to the pendulum and pull it back as far as it will go and then 
follow the on-screen prompts.
- The blade goes right through her head.

Note: I didn't tell you we were playing on this floor, but my count was two 
tittys balls. 

Run through either doorway and up the elevator. Head through the hallway and 
the pool to the save light. Pull the lever that is right in front of the cage 
and the platform around big-mama-time will switch into loom mode. Go back 
down to her and find your line so that Kratos can hack his fate.

|| 20:49 || *******

On the platform, each of the wheels represents somebody's life and their 
fate. Run up to each and press R1. If the one you picked is not Kratos's 
line, the mirror above will appear shattered. Try each one and when you find 
it, start tapping O to see a recap of Kratos's life on the Jumbo-tron of fate 
("of fate" is the easy way to sound deep). By methodically inching through 
his life like this, Kratos becomes history's first blogger. As he shuffles 
through the line I can only make out the sea monster image, everything else 
looks like Kratos's life was spent drunk and blury. Don't worry about trying 
to see it because the wheel will stop automatically when it reaches the 
position in time. An hourglass will appear in the upper-right corner of the 
screen too. Freeze time then head up the elevator, through that hall, and to 
the screen. This was also the area where you just saved. When you get to the 
mirror, jump into it like it is Kratos 64. 

Now You may be thinking "why doesn't Kratos just rewind time to go back to 
the moment before he killed his wife and in doing so, remove the need to kill 
Zeus?" I don't have a logical answer for that. But, I do know that if we did 
that, GOW1 probably wouldn't exist and GOW2 definitely wouldn't exist. So 
just ignore this plot hole because without the GOWs we would have spent all 
this time reading.

But, because Kratos just went back a few clicks on the fate line, we return 
to the beginning of GOW2. We come to the moment when Zeus first plunged the 
sword into Kratos. Seeing it now I didn't realize how much Zeus wass really 
sawing the Blade of Olympus into Kratos's stomach. So much so that if you 
Photoshopped out the blade, Zeus would be doing an old man's version of the 
Cabbage Patch. Kratos 2 appears and knocks him away from the BoO and picks it 
up (at this time it is still infused with Kratos's Mojo). Rather than being 
taken aback by the sudden re-appearance of Kratos, Zeus is only mildly 
surprised. He then attributing this phenomenon to the Sisters of Fate (the 
way explains it so matter-of-factly it seems like this is an every-day 

Zeus leaps right for Kratos and they go flying up to a rainy mountaintop. 
Zeus dives down below the mountain and says "Now, I will show you the true 
power of being a god." He reemerges and is real big and his hands glow 

     |  The Summit of Sacrifice (x34)              |

So Zeus finally has Kratos and is ready for a one on one battle to settle 
this affair. But, Zeus calls in his harem of sirens to work the fight for 
him. Only occasionally does Zeus perform a fist pound and even then it is a 
half assed attack. The most important tip for this fight is to learn how to 
avoid that earthquake attack. Pay attention to him in the background and 
practice the timing of when to jump so that you are in the air when the 
ground is shaking.

- The way to attack Zeus is to get the sirens to scream. Use your big magics 
like Atlas Quake or Cronos's Rage to affect all the sirens at one time. When 
a siren dies, she gives up magic so don't worry about using it up too much.
- Attack the Sirens enough so that they get an "O." Then, give them the 
creapy hug and have them scream. 
- Zeus  will be affected by this scream and will try to punch Kratos.
- Before zeus does punch, go to the farthest edge of the circle and jump as 
he is rearing back. Doing this will avoid the shockwave.
- When his punch lands, his hand will rest there for a moment. Attack it.
- Watch for him to raise both arms up like "I don't know" and then oo a 
little laugh. The moment you hear the laugh, double jump and then fly your 
way back to the ground to avoid the earthquake. 
- After enough hits of this, he will get that "O" over his hand and press it 
to get to the next part.

- To make this easy, keep casting Cronos's rage or Atlas magic attacks and 
strike him with the sword while he is occupied by the magic. I beat him right 
away and got an attack chain of 250+.
- Play defensively. Roll away from his attacks and then when he is done with 
his combo, attack him
- Use your Area magic quite liberally here because this is the hardest phase
- Block his lightning Attack

Zeus picks Kratos up and rips the sword right from his hand.
- Play this fight like you would Mike Tyson's punch out. Meaning, let him 
swing two or three times, dodge both attacks, and then when he is stunned, 
attack him two or three times.
- When Zeus gets the "O" over his head, grab him. The on-screen prompt is 
easy: just start tapping O.

Zeus is stabbed through the gut in a stomach for a stomach replay of the 
story's beginning. Zeus is then thrown across the area and comes to rest 
under an excellent example of post and lintel construction. Run over to the 
shinning spot and pick up a column and hit him in the back of the head with 
it. You know, this area would make a pretty good place for a death-metal 

Padding, I call padding. You will have to repeat the previous two parts of 
this battle.
- Attack him with the sword like in part II
- Again, use the magic/attack combo here to make it easier
- I ran out of magic and used my Rage of the Titans here, it helped

- He will again steal the sword from you.
- Still fight like it is Mike Tyson's Punch out
- The on-screen prompts are again to tap O.
When he is thrown for a second time, run over and hit the shiny thing to drop 
a whole lintel on his head. Zeus jumps down and then he comes back big. He 
shocks the ground so get ready to tap on O.

Kratos turns his back on Zeus and wants to totally bury the hatchet (or blade 
in this instance.) Zeus wants to too. Only he wants to bury it in Kratos's 
Carotid Artery. Zeus holds the blade above his head and says "your torment is 
just beginning." He is right because here comes one of the most painful 
button pressing sequence in the whole game. Plus, if you fail the button push 
sequence, you will have to watch the whole cut scene again. 

Here are some tips to get you through this.
- There will be five button pushes
- Then there will be a tap O sequence towards the end

After inflicting some wicked stigmata and engaging in general grappling, 
Kratos gets the better of Zeus and starts really sawing away at his stomach. 
Athena comes running up telling him to stop. She says that she does not want 
to fight but will do what it takes to save Olympus. At which point Zeus says 
that "you have just started a war that you can not possibly win." He claims 
victory because the fates have already said that he will. Kratos counters 
this claim by swinging the BoO around but runs Athena through. That's miss 
number three Kratos. Is Kratos cross eyed or does he just have horrible depth 
perception? As Athena lies dying we switch into Pre-reneded mode and she 
tells him that she is not defending Zeus but she is defending Olympus (there 
is no difference between the two.) In her final gasps she reveals that Zeus 
is Kratos's father and Kratos seems shocked to realize this. How many more 
times do we have to go through this Oedipal, "I am your dad," rigmarole? I 
actually assume that every tyrannical overlord is the father of the 
protagonist until I hear otherwise. Besides, in the first cut scene Zeus 
calls him son. I posted the video over at 

Kratos starts in with a dualogue about how he will destroy all the gods on 
Mount Olypus but it soon turns into a monologue because Athena dies. Kratos 
looks into the camera and all I can think is how I really should be using 
Chap Stick more often.

Kratos then quantum leaps back in time to the period when the titans were 
waring the gods. He finds Gaia and lists off the positives: he has killed two 
gods, has the Blade of Olympus and the gods are on the run. He pulls her into 
his time by using a lighting effect and she relays that effect to the other 

Back on Mount Olympus, Zeus is rallying the other gods for the coming war. At 
the same time, Zeus's voice actor is trying to channel Patrick Stewart. Zeus 
says the gods will prevail and then the camera pans up to a crumbling statue 
of Zeus. Mount Olympus really starts to crumble and all the Gods scramble to 
the cliffside to see the Titans making an assault.
The camera zooms in on Gaia and Kratos is hiding in her bush, I mean holding 
onto her bush, rather, holding a bush. Kratos commands the titans on and in 
turn starts a Cultural Revolution. And I mean that in the most revolutionary, 
communist way possible. The Titans really are just stand-ins for the 
proletariat. They work hard in the factories doing things like hold up the 
Earth (Atlas), grow plants (Gaia), and make wind (Typhoon). They are also 
oppressed and exploited by the bourgeoisie class (Zeus and the rest of the 
gods). The revolution is also carried out by the lower-class rather than from 
within. By overtaking the gods, the Titans seem to be promising a change of 
power and a new form of rule. The bulbous Titans even look like the figures 
from Soviet era Social Realism painting. Way to go kids, you just started a 
Bolshevik-style overthrow of the government.  

How do I think this revolution will play out? Not good. Ignoring the fact 
that coups from the military branch rarely place human-rights as their big 
issues, it is being lead by Kratos. Can you imagine him trying to head a 
junta where the best example of him compromising is summarized by his quote 
"If all those on Olympus would deny me my vengeance, then all of Olympus will 
die." Furthermore, I am not so sure he really cares about the Titans. I 
assume he is using them for their muscle and will forget them once his regime 
is in place.

Oh ya, the game ended, and the background says "The End Begins." 

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