Titan Mode Boss FAQ by Frightwolf

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God of War 2 Titan Mode Boss FAQ

System: Sony Playstation 2
Version 5.0, 7/05/07

Copyright 2007
This document can be reproduced and redistributed without consent for
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and if this document is to be used for non-personal and non-private use but the
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SECTION 1: Introduction (SEC1)

SECTION 2: Version History (SEC2)

SECTION 3: Bosses (SEC3)

-Boss 1: The Colossus of Rhodes (Col1)

-Boss 2: Theseus (Thes1)

-Boss 3: The Barbarian King (Bar1)

-Boss 4: Euryale (Eur1)

-Boss 5: Perseus (Per1)

-Boss 6: Icarus (Ica1)

-Boss 7: Unknown Soldier (Unk1)

-Boss 8: Kraken (Kra1)

-Boss 9: The Sisters of Fate (Sis1)

-Boss 10: Clotho (Clo1)

-Boss 11: Zeus (Zeu1)

SECTION 4: Helpful Videos (SEC4)

SECTION 5: Questions (SEC5)

SECTION 6: Special thanks (SEC6)

SECTION 1: Introduction (SEC1)

Hey, God of War fans! Like many of you, I bought the first GOW
in 2005 and was hooked.  The ambiance was beautiful, the music was 
heart-pounding, and the bosses were spectacular.  I recently purchased the
second installment, and it is an impeccable follow-up -- one of the best games
on the PS2.  It will probably be the last big, big game on it (pity), but 
that's fine.  We always have to move on.

This FAQ deals with the bosses in GOW.  There are roughly three times as 
many in this game as there were in the first game.  They're just as fun, 
although they're not all Hydra or Minotaur size.

If you're reading this and you have alternate strategies that you would like to
contribute, send me an E-Mail.  I check my E-Mail daily for the most part, so
I'll probably be able to respond to you quickly as long as Yahoo doesn't 
mistake your mail for junk mail.

All the strategies in this FAQ worked very well for me in Titan Mode.  I
hope they work for you.

SECTION 2: Version History (SEC2)

March 28th, 2007: Started the FAQ. 
Ver. 1.0

March 30th, 2007: Updated the Zeus Strategy; it’s far more detailed now.  I
also fixed some minor semantic errors here and there.  A person by the name of
RESIDENTEVIL719 gave information about the final boss.
Ver. 1.1

March 31th, 2007: I fixed up some spelling errors here and there and reworded
several of the sentences for clarity purposes.
Ver. 1.2

April 1st, 2007: Andman and ChrisR1986 pitched a strategy for Euryale, Form 4.
John A. Lande submitted a strategy dealing with The Barbarian King, Form 1.
Ver. 1.3

April 8th, 2007: Made grammar corrections and added miscellaneous strategies
to the first several parts of the FAQ.  I also added a contribution from Robert
Croy dealing with the 3rd form of the Sisters of Fate.
Ver. 1.4

April 11th, 2007: Added a contribution by George Grill for the Colossus of
Rhodes, Form 2.  I also alphabetized the user submissions.
Ver. 2.0

April 12th, 2007: Added a contribution from dOuBLe_oh7 [Elliott Stepusin] for
Euryale, Form 1.
Ver. 2.1

April 14th, 2007: Added recommended upgrades for each boss.  That just means
that these were the upgrades I had at the time.  You can still win if you don’t
have the exact ones I had, of course, since some people have beaten this game
with no upgrades on Titan Mode, but I thought it’d be a good reference.

I also added two contributions: one was from blob719 for a tip during the
second Colossus form, and the other was from Nicholas Johnson for his tip on
Euryale, Form 2.
Ver. 2.5

April 16th, 2007: Changed blob’s name in the Special Thanks to RESIDENTEVIL719.
I also added a plethora of tips from contributed Neoflash for the Colossus of
Rhodes, Form 3, Theseus, Forms 1 and 2, and The Barbarian King, Forms 1 and 4.
I also added a tip for the Sisters of Fate, Form 1.  Last but not least, a
contributor named Imxinxcamoxflage pointed out one Theseus’s spear attacks
that I forgot to mention.
Ver. 3.0

April 24th, 2007: Added contributions from busterblader183 for Euryale, Form 2,
Kyle Corrales for the Colossus of Rhodes, Forms 2 and 3, and super_emu for
the Colossus of Rhodes, Form 1, and Theseus, Forms 2 and 3.
Ver. 3.3

April 25th, 2007: Added a contribution from Tim Symanczyk for the Colossus of
Rhodes, Form 2, as well as making a new section entitled “Helpful Videos.”  If
you have any videos of boss battles you wish to submit, feel free to E-Mail
them, and if they’re good, they’ll find a place here.
Ver. 4.0

May 2nd, 2007: I added a bit more to the Zeus strategy in regards to his
physical combo that he does to you.  I also added two contributions.  One was
from Ultimacy in regards to Euryale, Forms 1 and 3, and the other was from
Marcos Vasquez in regards to a surfacing Easter Egg that was brought out to the
public from the site islandsofrhodes.org.  The location of the video he sent
(which is in the videos section and after Perseus) shows where to do this (it
is in the location before Perseus but best to do after defeating him) and tells
when and where to Press R1.

Last, and this was a stupid mistake, I added Icarus to the Table of Contents
because, for some reason or another, I forgot about him.
Ver. 4.2

July 5th, 2007: I’m very, very lazy, and it shows.  I’ve gotten dozens of
E-Mails over the past two months but haven’t responded to any of them until
now.  Nevertheless, here is the overhaul.  I have added a strategy from 
mpaskin1 for the Barbarian King, Form 1, a strategy from Ttiger654 for the
Colossus of Rhodes, Form 2, and Zeus, Form 2, a strategy from Janus for the
Barbarian King, Form 3, and a tip from C Maelstrom for Clotho. Form 3.  I also
received an E-Mail correcting my spelling of ‘trap’ for Clotho, Form 2 (I
spelled it ‘trip’).  
Ver. 5.0

SECTION 3: Bosses (SEC3)

When going through this boss FAQ, aside from the normal "How to beat them"
information, I will also give information about Gorgon Eyes, Phoenix
Feathers, and extra red orbs if any are available in the same area during or 
after the fight.  

Second, this FAQ may give numerous ways to defeat a boss, clearly labeled "1st
way,” "2nd way," etc.

Last, I use the term "FORM" loosely.  Some bosses really have multiple forms,
but others are simply different points in the battle that I refer to as forms.

That said, let's begin.


Recommended Upgrades: n/a

After Athena hands you your ass, you'll notice a huge colossus coming toward
the building you're in.  What you have to do is fight your way to him.  He has
many forms, so I’ll give you information on each one so you know which form
you’re on.  Here we go!

FORM 1: 

Special Note: Do not use the catapult to the left until instructed to do so.

Once you exit the building, you will have to double-jump.  Do that immediately.
Now, you'll notice normal enemies on the ground with you.  These guys aren't
important.  What's important is dodging the colossus' attacks.  When you see
him lift his arm up to hit you, roll out of the way.  Then either attack his
hand with your regular attacks or with Poseidon's Rage.  After some damage,
he'll flinch a bit, then put his hand into the building and throw some soldier
at you.  Dodge these and repeat the last strategy until he flinches again.
Then repeat once more.

You can also attack from the catapult.  Just remember that when he grabs 
the building, it hurts you.  When he pushes it, he hurts you again, so make 
sure you jump both times he does this.  The safest way to deal with this while
on top of the catapult is to use Poseidon's Rage every time he comes to get
you.  You'll nail him pretty handily.

Once the camera zooms up on him and he appears dazed, use the catapult and
launch a rock at him.  That will give you some extra orbs.  Then press R1 again
to put yourself on the catapult and launch yourself at him.  Press the buttons
when indicated to on the screen, and you will be flung across the city.
That's okay; you're the God of War!

+++++super_emu writes+++++

“I had trouble rolling out of his ground slap, so instead of dodging I took his
hand on the bottom plane near the catapult platform.  As soon as he goes into
slap animation, just jump onto the catapult platform.  you'll have a huge
amount of time between start of slap animation and the actual slap.  This
allows you some form of freedom incase you lack precise timing like I do.”


Form 2 appears after he tries to squash you with his foot.  This is after you
mashed in Circle and threw him into the water.  After scaling the wall, you'll
see him appear from the water.  That's when Form 2 really begins.

He will attack you physically again with his massive hands and arms.  When
you see him launch his fist up into the air, be ready to dodge roll.  Once his
hand has landed, stand facing his palm and either use magic or physical
combos to attack him.  You'll also notice one of his hands firmly grasped on 
the ground.  If you're too close to that arm, he'll try to knock you down with 
it, so just avoid it entirely.  When you've done enough damage, he'll stagger a 
bit, then he'll slam both his fists to the ground.  Run far away from him as he 
is staggering, then be ready to double-jump when his fists are about to land.

Also, always stay in the middle of his two arms.  If, for example, you’re on
the left side of his left arm (your right) when he slams it down.  He will
swipe you with it as he removes it from the ground, and I’ve never found a way
to block it.  If anyone knows how, an E-Mail would be great, but so far I
haven’t found a way, so just do yourself a favor and stay between his arms.

Repeat this strategy until he finally staggers to the other side of the stage.
You'll notice a Circle prompt above his hand.  Use R1 to swing over to the 
other side and press Circle.  Button prompts will appear on the screen at this
point.  Simply push whatever button is on the screen to inflict damage on the

Repeat this entire strategy one more time until he grabs you in his hand.  
Alternate pressing L1 and R1 to escape his grip, at which point he will fling
you across the island.

+++++George Grill writes+++++

“Hey.  A little note when fighting the Colossus in his second form.  After
doing the inital damage, when he raises hs fists to slam the ground, the best
way to avoid the attack is to quickly swing to the other side of the area.
This way, you don't have to worry to much about timing.  Like the guide, keep
up the good work.”

I E-Mailed him to ask how’d he avoid the Colossus, because if you do this, the
Colossus retaliates by swinging his arms to your side.  He E-Mailed back with

“The way to avoid this is either immediately swing back or, just swing, release
and reverse in mid-air.  This must be done fairly quickly, but he hasn't come
after me yet.”

Makes sense.  I have yet to try it out, however, but I’m sure this technique
works.  Hope this helps everyone.

+++++RESIDENTEVIL719 writes+++++

“’ Also, always stay in the middle of his two arms.  If, for example, you’re on
the left side of his left arm (your right) when he slams it down.  He will
swipe you with it as he removes it from the ground, and I’ve never found a way
to block it.  If anyone knows how, an E-Mail would be great, but so far I
haven’t found a way, so just do yourself a favor and stay between his arms.’

For this part, I just used Poseidons Rage because while it lasts you are
invulnerable to damage.”

I’m still looking for a way to actually block that move, if at all possible,
but this still does work and is a sound strategy for avoiding damage during
this point of the battle.

+++++Kyle Corrales writes+++++

“on the colossus fight part 2 the easiest way to beat him and take absolutely
no damage is to...as soon as you drop down swing to the other side.  he will
side swipe the floor with his arms so as soon as you land roll to the edge of
the floor where the wheel is that you'll later shove his fist in. then start
one of the combos like L1 triangle (for example any of them will do, the others
just take more time and increase your chances of getting hit) as he is ABOUT to
lay his hand down. this will hit him at the end of the combo and then roll
immediatetly to the other side swing and repeat.”

+++++Tim Symanczyk writes+++++

“Quite simply, attack whichever hand he has sitting on the ground. Just walk
right up to it and attack with square. When he gets hurt and does his double-
overhand-palm slap, simply activate your magic - you will damage him, and you
will not take damage. When he does the arm sweep, simply roll TOWARDS it and
you will roll underneath unharmed.

After his first mini-game jump back to the first platform so that he uses
identical attacks for both portions of the fight and do everything as before.
Use your magic as he "comes back" to the first platform to damage him and avoid
taking damage from his initial swipe.

Here is a video demonstrating the above technique, note that I easily make it
through the entire fight unharmed :

That’s quite a good video you have there.  My strategy is actually very
similar to this.  The only difference is that I don’t mention Poseidon’s Rage
explicitly when he raises both fists up in the air after taking a lot of
damage.  Very good strategy, nonetheless, and I hope people find that video
helpful to them.

+++++Ttiger654 writes+++++

“This fight is actually easy.  After jumping off the brigde to avoid his first
punch immediately swing to the other side, run all the way to the end, and roll
as his swing attack.  This will give you time to pull out a Triangle, Triangle,
Triangle attack.  This will stun him.  Before he brings his fists down, you
should be able to run about half-way, the have Kratos tell him who is the God
of War and that he will suffer (use Poseidon's Rage twice).  Then, he will be
stunned again.  Swing to the opposite side and repeat.  After the first
mini-game swing to the other side, run to the end, roll, and do an all triangle
attack again.  Then do Poseidon's Rage twice, swing, and so forth.  This fight
is too easy”


Form 3 begins when you're in a room with a box of blue orbs and a box of
green orbs.  When you open the gate and step through, the colossus will
destroy the bridge you're on.  If you're on it when he does, you'll die.  To 
prevent this from happening, make sure you roll right onto the bridge the 
minute you open the gate.  Then roll and double-jump your way to the end.
There's the Blade of Olympus.

The first thing you should do is run to the large object in the corner by the
colossus.  Press R1 to fling it right at him.  Then run to the sword and hold 
R1 until all your red orbs are drained into the sword.  

Okay, now that we're this far into the boss fight, it's time to be aware of 
his actual attacks.  The first attack he can do is the attack he did right at 
the start.  When he makes those inroads into the ground, simply make 
sure you're not standing on one of the crevices when he attacks.  The 
second attack is when he pounds his fist into the center of the arena.  Make 
sure you're not in his hand's path by rolling out, then double-jump to make 
sure the impact doesn't hurt you.  If you're too close to him, he'll begin 
smacking you around.

Knowing this, if you want to go close up to him to attack, be ready to roll out 
of the way.  When he begins to smack you with his hand, it hurts.  The best 
strategy would be to first stand right by the sword.  Doing this will cause him 
to use his hand-stomping attack more often.  When he does this, jump and 
use Posideon's Rage.  Keep doing this until he staggers again, then press 
R1 by the sword to drain your magic out.

Okay, you're out of magic, now.  Never fear.  Using the same procedure, 
double-jump when he stomps his fist to the ground, then use your physical
attacks to hurt him from afar.  It'll take a while, but you'll walk away with 
minimal health loss.  Once he staggers again, drain your health into it.  Now 
you have the Blade of Olympus.

After launching an attack on his stomach, simply go to his right arm (your 
left) and hammer away.  When he starts moving his left arm (your right), run 
back.  He'll unload this blue energy from his arm to defend himself.  Once he's 
done doing that, run back and repeat this strategy.  Eventually, you'll get a 
Circle prompt, so press Circle.  You will be launched into the actual colossus.

+++++Neoflash writes+++++
“During the 3rd form of the collossus of rhodes I know a way to greatly
simplify the fight...at least if god mode is the same as titan.
When you drain your powers the first time you lose your athena's blades'
special abilitys, or combos whatever, plus they do way less damage. Instead of
flinging his severed hand at him right away and then draining your blood
powers. use your blood powers first....using the same stratagy. walk slightly
past the sword of olymplus and double jump when he swings then hold L1 and
press square while in the air to do that spinny attack thing. it shouldn't take
long for him to become dazed where you would then drain your blood powers.
Then afterwards use you magic attack against him every time he swings...it
should daze him before you are out of magic. then drain your magic.
NOW is when you want to fling his severed hand at him as it will daze him
instantly. and allow you to get the sword.
after you get the sword...just stand back and use the swords special attack...i
think it is L1 + triangle. it will shoot a beam at him...he won't react til you
hit him several times but just keep it up and circle will appear above his
cheap ass head.”

Good strategy.  Waiting until you’ve drained your magic to toss that at him
will do wonders for the people who play Titan Mode and are shocked that the
Colossus is actually killing them! =P

+++++Kyle Corrales writes+++++

“ok i suggest this throw the hand whenever you feel like it cuz i gives you the
opportunity to unload ur powers at the sword easy. my strategy is very
simple... all u have to do is stand where the hand *or by it if u havnt thrown
it* and he will ALWAYS do the attack he did when you first appear ie the energy
into the wall and the blue energy bursts forth from the ground, when he pulls
his arm back move in and make a few attacks 3 or 4 and roll back b/c he will
arm swipe twice and it hurts big time, just repeat no problem”

That’s very similar to my strategy, only he does a different attack here.  This
strategy still works just as well as mine.


Fight the easy enemies and circle your away around.  You'll eventually come
across a large piece of metal on the ground with a blue aura on it.  Jump 
over it and make your way left to the center.  Press the R1 prompt to destroy

Next, you'll see the camera pan to some netting.  Go there and climb the 
next upward.  You'll have to follow it up until it ends.  Plant yourself down 
and defeat the enemies here.  Then jump to the rope and climb across.  Circle
your way to the left and defeat the enemies here.  Then keep going until
you've reached some planks you need to tiptoe across.  Start tiptoeing, then
walk to the left when it splits.  Walk to the end and get the chest with green
orbs.  Now go to the center and break the metal chains around the blue
energy until the R1 prompt appears on the screen.  Press it and destroy that

Now, go back on the plank and tiptoe to the other area you haven't walked to
yet.  You'll notice when you start tiptoeing, the camera will zoom out and
show you where on the plank to walk (to your right).  Double-jump up and
make your way around to the netting.  Go up to the next platform and defeat
the enemies here.  Now go onto the center platform and tiptoe to the right.
When the game prompts you to, press R1 to cling from the platform so that
you can get around the metal with the blue aura surrounding it.  Once you get
past there, press Up and X to climb back up.  Before going to the center, on 
your left should be some netting.  Climb up it to get to a chest containing a
Gorgon Eye.  Now go to the center, break open the chains, and press R1.

Did you see that rope the camera panned to? Climb it way up, then hop off
to the platform.  Circle your way to the right until you get to a ladder.  
Climb it and pull the switch at the top.  A pendulum will be brought down.  Hop
down and attack it to make it start swinging to and fro.  Climb the ladder back
up and pull the switch again.  The pendulum will be brought back up.  Once it 
rocks to the right, you'll notice it'll block the blue energy from exiting the
Colossus's eye.  Use the rope and press X to quickly move through there.
Once the pendulum swings to the left, press X and move out of there quickly.
Now circle around, break the chains, and press R1. 

At this point, the Colossus will start exploding.  You'll notice the mouth open
as it screams.  When you have control of Kratos again, use precise jumping
to circle around to the right and get to the mouth.  Simply run and jump out of
the mouth.  

Phew! You're done with that one!


Recommended Upgrades:

Athena’s Blades: LvL. 2
Typhon’s Bane: LvL. 1

This guy is a hell of a lot of fun to fight.  He has 3 forms.


He attacks in two ways.  Sometimes he tries to combo on you (3 hits), and
sometimes he just lifts his spear and tries to slash you.  Luckily, all these 
attacks are blockable.  

Immediately when the battle begins, block his initial attack(s).  IMMEDIATELY
when he's finished, hold triangle to launch him up in the air.  Then Press L1
and Circle to hit him a numerous amount of times.

That's basically the flow of this form.  There may be trouble if you wait to 
long to hold Triangle, causing him to counter you immediately, so make sure 
your timing is right.  You may also miss when you try to launch him into the
air, but you should have enough time to block his upcoming move.  As long as
you consistently block his attacks and counter by holding Triangle to toss him
up into the air, you can beat this part with a full health bar.  When he holds 
his spear into the air and blue energy appears on both ends, you've defeated
his first form.

As an E-Mail from Imxinxcamoxflage pointed out, I forgot the attack where he
sticks his spear in you, and you have to rotate the analog stick to counter
this.  He points out that doing this will dramatically shorten the time it
takes to complete the first two forms.  The reason I forgot this move was,
truthfully, that I never get hit using this strategy, so he never has a chance
to nail me with it.  Sorry if that threw anyone off before!

+++++super_emu writes+++++

“quite possibly the easiest fight in the whole game.  this is easier than
regular baddies.  as soon as the battle starts, throw him (o button).  he will
block it and either throw you or attack.  if he attacks, parry him.  you can
parry all of his attack.  if he throws you, you'll get an opportunity to
counter throw.  This is the beautiful part. since you do normal damage with
throws, it only takes three throws to make him change forms.  and if you mess
up the counter throw, he won't hurt too much because enemies also do normal
damage with throws.”

Note to Readers: This strategy also applies to Form 2.


All right, most of what happened in Form 1 will happen again in Form 2.
However, if you catch him not attacking you and instead running to the left or
right side of the map, he is about to launch his special move.  What he does
his he drives his spear into the ground, causing large blue spikes of energy
to appear three at a time.  The first wave surrounds him, while the second 
appear slightly ahead of them.  When you see this happen, make sure you're
far away from him, and you won't be hit.  If you can get a few weak hits on 
him as he's running, by all means do so.  

When he's done using this move, he'll charge you.  Get a few hits as he's 
running, then simply block whatever attack he tries to do on you, then hold 
triangle to launch him up into the air. At this point, you have all the 
information you need to defeat this form.  Using this information and the Form 
1 strategy, you should be able to get enough hits on him to cause him to 
retreat to the top of the building.  When that happens, you're done with Form 

+++++Neoflash writes+++++

“after blocking and launching his ass into the air during forms 1 and 2...YOU
CANNOT JUMP and use the special attack. you must hold triangle in order to
launch but not to jump. if you jump and do the attack....you will take a spear
to the chest and lose a more than exceptable amount of life....forms one and
two should be easily killable without taking any damage.”

I don’t believe I’ve had this problem before, come to think of it.  Weird.


Before I go, I’d just like to say that during Titan Mode, this is usually the
point where people start to get bitchy.  This part of the fight seems to be
responsible for at least 20 of each player’s deaths while playing the game.
Never fear – that’s what the FAQs are for. =P

When he runs to the top of the building, whip out your Typhon Bane and
unload onto him.  After a few seconds, he'll start launching energy balls at 
you.  Dodge roll each one.  He launches six of them, stops a moment, then 
launches five more.  At this point, two minotaur will appear from the ground.  
You may be able to get a few hits at them, but not too much.

This is where it gets tricky.  While the minotaurs attack you, Theseus will
either launch three energy balls at you, or he'll dig his spear into the roof
and cause blue spikes to form on the ground.  You have to try to kill the
minotaur for some health/magic boost while avoiding Theseus's attacks.  In
order to successfully avoid his attacks, you have to keep one eye on him every
now and then.  When you see him swinging his spear behind him, he's about  
to dig it into the roof and use his blue spike attack.  If he swings it in 
front, he will launch energy balls at you.

I would use Square, Square, Triangle from afar to stun the minotaurs.
Sometimes, holding triangle to launch them up into the air and then
grabbing them using Circle works wonders.  Remember, Theseus gives a physical
cue before each and every move he does, so keep a third eye on him so he
doesn’t catch you off guard with his energy balls/blue spikes.

After killing the minotaurs, use your Typhon Bane to attack him from afar
again.  After a while, he'll start launching energy balls again.  You will have
to repeat this strategy until a Circle Command appears above him.   Press
Circle, then press the indicated buttons on the screen.  You will send Theseus
to a bloody death.

This form takes a while to beat, so don't fret if it's been 10 - 15 minutes and
you're still on the boss.  

SPECIAL NOTE: After killing him, do NOT go into the building, yet.  Instead, 
go outside to the right and drop downward to find two chests for you to open.
A very well-deserved reward.


Recommended Upgrades:

Athena’s Blades: LvL. 2
Typhon’s Bane: LvL. 1
Cronos’ Rage: LvL. 1

The boss battle begins when you see a man on a horse come to attack you.  
You will hook onto him, and you will have to push some buttons when 
indicated to on the screen.  Once that occurs, a cutscene will be shown to 
you, and you will be thrown into the real fight.  This guy has four forms:


In this form, you'll notice that The Barbarian King is mounted on a horse and 
surrounded by glowing orbs.  The minute the battle starts, he will charge right
at you.  Roll out of his way two or three times.  After this, he will either 
charge again, or he will begin to circle the arena and shoot arrows at you.  If
he charges, simply roll out of the way like before, and it might help to use 
Cronos' Rage before rolling the first time, just to damage him a little bit,
but I'd suggest avoiding that.

If he shoots arrows at you, simply block.  If you're right beside him, he may
try to attack you with his hammer, so block that as well.  All his attacks are
blockable unless he rams into you with his horse, so as long as you dodge
the horse, you'll never get hit.  The point of the battle is to wear him down
until all the orbs surrounding him are gone, to which there will be a Circle
above him.  Once you press Circle, the battle goes to Form 2.  Knowing all
of this, there are two ways to go about him.

1st way -- Using the strategies above, simply use light attacks on him while
blocking his hammer/arrows and dodging his horse.  If you do it this way, 
it'll be longer, but you'll play it safe and save your Rage of the Titans and
magic.  This way is far preferred on Titan Mode.

2nd way -- The minute the battle starts, put on Rage of the Titans and let him 
loose until the orbs are gone.  You'll have to sacrifice some health, but it's
a very quick way to get the job done.

+++++John A. Lande writes+++++

“Hey...Let me first say thanks for all your help...so thanks....I think I may
have come up with a (lets say different) strategy for the first stage the
Barbarian king were you don't have to use any magic or RoT...you stand directly
in front of the horse and deliver two or three hints and then block...as long
as you stay in front of the horse you can do this until you get the O...just
thought you'd might like to know.”

+++++Neoflash writes+++++

“Just dodge his attacks until he charges then roll on to his (the barb kings)
Left side. He will not be able to hit you with his hammer on that side....so use
your spinning special ability. rinse repeat.”

+++++mpaskin1 writes+++++

“hi, I have a quick tip for the barbarian king form 1:
you can stay back and upload all of you Typhoon's bane ant the king,
and then just do the [],[],/\ at him , and it wont take too long before you
could kill his horse.

you can waste all your magic here, cuz in form 2, when he summons those blue
guys to attack you, you can simply grab them, and they will give you blue orbs
to re-fill your magic.
hope I helped!”


After pressing Circle to mount him off the horse, he will go underground.  
Before he jumps, try to get a few hits on him.  Then in a few seconds, he will
appear in the center of the arena and spawn four undead souls.  All of them 
will come at you, including, of course, The Barbarian King.  Luckily, you're a
terrific gamer, so this will be a cinch.  =)

First, don't attack the Barbarian King much.  Simply press Circle on each of 
the undead to rip them apart while you dodge the boss's attacks.  He may 
swing at you, which you should dodge or block, or he'll slam his hammer into
the ground and release a shockwave at you.  Dodge that as well if he does it.  
A neat thing to note is that if you press Circle on one of the undeads as he 
does that shockwave, it won't hit you, so that's another way to "dodge" it.
After this, the boss will retreat underground, so get some more hits on him.
He will repeat the same thing, so execute the same strategy.

The third time, he'll spawn two undeads, one of them being the captain of the
ship attacked by the hydras from last game.  After a short humorous clip, use
circle, once again, to get rid of the undeads.  Now it's time for Form 3.


He gets freaking huge.  He has two attacks.  One is where he swings from 
his left.  When he does this, he will double swing at you and then hammer at
the ground.  If he swings from his right, he will only swing once, then he will 
hammer the ground.

However, if you saved your magic and Rage of the Titans, this won't be as 
hard as it looks.  First, get some hits on him as he gets larger and gives you 
orbs.  Then go behind him and press L3 and R3 for Rage of the Titans.
Once this happens, hammer at the triangle button to do a large amount of
damage.  The attacks he unleashes should be such that he can't get you that
well from behind, so keep hammering away.  Once Rage of the Titans wears
off, keep the attack going unless he tries to left swing you.  Once he turns
around to get you, get far away from him and unleash the Typhon Bane on
him.  If you did this correctly, he'll shrink back down to size.  Yay! Off to
Form 4.

However, if you used up too much magic or Rage of the Titans before, he'll
still be huge.  You can do this one of two ways.

1st way -- Press Square a few times, then roll out of the way or run out of the
way.  Rinse, lather, and repeat until he shrinks.  This takes far too long, but
it works if you make absolutely no mistakes as far as your hit-and-run is 

2nd way -- If he swings to the right, roll to the right and then behind him, 
then do a short combo on him.  If he swings to the left, roll to the left to
avoid his hammer, then roll again and again.  This takes patience and practice
since it's easy to mess up, and if you're on Titan Mode, ouch, it hurts.

+++++Janus writes+++++

“if you ever go into updating your FAQ... I've discovered something quite
interesting while fighting the Barbarian King:
in his giant form, start by going behind him and then unleashing L1+square as
soon as he attacks... then, if you stand behind his back, he will do a couple
of 1 spin attack then ground slam.. pretty easy to avoid: roll back, then roll
to him and attack a couple of time... as soon as you see him get ready for a 2
spin, unleash Cronos' rage when the hammer SHOULD hit you.... it won't... if
you time it right, you may even have the time to fit in a S attack once in a
while... considering the time the King will take between each of his attacks
and the S,S,S combo you will logically put into these time outs... if you time
your shoots right, you should get him back to small form in no time, without
using any of your RoT... meaning you'll have it for his last form, making him
that much easier
this strategy worked perfect for me, I hope it'll be helpful to you all
btw, thanx for your FAQ... it's great and helped me a lot ^^”

+++++M P writes+++++

“My strategy for this form is somewhat tricky AND requires that you have
Athena's Blades up to Level 3. That is because this strategy revolves around
the Cyclone of Chaos move (L1 + Square). What you need to do is have the
Barbarian King chase you along the outer rim of the circle platform with you on
the left side of the screen. As the King chases you from the right side of the
screen, jump and use the Cyclone of Chaos at the minimum distance to him.
You'll be aiming mostly at the hammer than sticks out from him. If positioned
correctly, you'll be able to hit him up to a 10 hit combo each time. And as
long as you stay the correct distance away, he will never attack you either as
he seems to have a bit of trouble with his pathfinding. Yes, this will take a
while but as long as you are careful, you'll take no damage.”


This part is far easier than the last, so if you have at least 1/4 of your 
health left, you should be good.  His two attacks will consist of using his 
hammer to attack you and summoning a wave of undead soul orbs at you (whatever
they are called).  If he attacks with his hammer, simply block and attack him.
If he uses his undead swarm on you, simply roll toward him to avoid being hit.

The problem with the undead swarm is this: If you're close to him when he's 
unleashing it, you may have to roll backwards first, then roll toward him.  
Once you roll toward him, he may follow up either with another undead 
swarm or with hammer attacks.  Use the above strategies to deal with 
whatever he throws at you.

Eventually, the Circle command will appear on the screen.  When it does, it'll
tell you to hammer away on Circle, so do that.  You'll eventually take the 
hammer away from him.  Execute the button presses prompted on the 
screen to kill him and gain a new weapon.

+++++Neoflash writes+++++

“SAVE rage for this point and beat his ass down as fast as possible. by the
time rage is done it will only take a couple of hits before a circle appears
above him....”


Recommended Upgrades:

Athena’s Blades: LvL. 3
Barbarian Hammer: LvL. 1
Typhon’s Bane: LvL. 1
Cronos’ Rage: LvL. 2

This is one fat Medusa; I'll tell you that much.  Despite her size, she's very 
quick and has three forms.  


In this initial form, you need to be aware of a few attacks.  When her mouth
light up red, that means she's going to do a huge stone glare.  Have the L1
button ready to L1 counter is, then push Circle rapidly when it appears on 
the bottom-left hand corner.  When she stands on her hands, she will do a 
tailswipe, which is blockable, but then follow that up with some kind of tail
smash, which you can't block.  Therefore, block the first part, but roll out of 
the way for the second part.  Remember, this happens when you see her 
standing on her head.  Along with these attacks, she also tries to bite you 
and has a regular tailswipe, but both are blockable.

It never occurred to me before, but as someone submitted to me said, you can
use L1 to fleece her tail swipes and her head bite, then you can counter with
Square.  Be sure to use this in your strategy.

Unleash your attacks on her while blocking the aforementioned.  When you 
L1counter a Stone Gaze, she gives you some blue orbs, so don't be afraid
to use Cronos' Rage every now and again.  Just keep attacking until she 
gives more orbs than usual and shouts something at you.  If she doesn't 
scream, she may simply climb the pillars behind her.  Whatever she does 
from here, that signals the end of Form 1.

+++++dOuBLe_oh7 [Elliott Stepusin] writes+++++

“Hey, Thanks for the great guide. On the first form of Euryale, I have
found a much easier way of defeating her. I equipped the hammer, and
did the double triangle attack as my only attack. When she lifts up in
the air, or does a tail swipe you spam L1, and then hit square to use
your block energy. If she does that two attack tail swipe, the large
tail pound at the end does no damage if your in the act of releasing
that block energy. So basically you go up to her, do triangle,
triangle with the hammer, when she starts to do a move you always use
L1, and I've done this 5 times now to confirm it works all times not
loosing any health or magic. I hope you can test this to see if it's
easier, but it sure does save a lot of time... a huge amount.”

This is a great strategy.  I tested it out myself, and it saves a lot of time.
The only thing I’d have to warn the FAQ readers is that you HAVE to be ready to
L1 her moves.  It’s very easy to get carried away with Triangle-Triangle
attacks with the hammer and forget to press L1 to fleece her attacks.  Other
than that, this is a sound strategy for Form 1.

+++++Ultimacy writes+++++

“I found an easier way to beat Euryale's first and third form. Once the fight
starts run to the left or right and stand in the corner where the water is
flowing down.

Euryale will rush over, but since her pathfinding sucks she'll get stuck trying
to pass the pillar. Once this happens you're basically free to use plume of
Prometheus to your hearts content.

She'll still attack if you get too close, but this happens maybe once or twice
before she goes down. Obviously this trick won't work if she's too far down on
the screen since she won't have to go past the pillar to get to you.  If this
happens get her to follow you up a bit near the center of the screen and try

I found out by accident and tested it quite a few times, it never fails me.  I
wish I could get a video of it to show how it works, but alas. I hope you can
get it to work :)”

Good strategy.  For the record, this works for Forms 1 and 3.


Here, she climbs up to the poles in the background.  She will do one of 
several things.

If she shoots red fireballs at you, L1 counter them and fling them right back.

If you see her starting to ignite the floor, let me give you a word of advice 
-- DO NOT TRY TO JUMP OVER IT.  It will turn you to stone, then you will fall
down and break.  Try to block it at the right moment.  I haven't figured out a
good way to time it, though.  If you do turn to stone, very quickly get out of
it.  You usually can afford to get stoned (no, I'm not trying to be funny =P)
anyway, since it takes her a while to attack after you do, so don't worry if 
this attack gets you.

If you see her climbing further up the pillar, she will slam her body down to 
the ground.  You have to double-jump up to avoid this.  After that, she 
repeats the cycle.

If you get very close to her, she will attempt to tailswipe you.  Block it.

At some points, she comes down to attack a bit, but I haven't experienced 
any prolonged attacks on this form, so just block and attack if she does.

What I would do is either quickly attack her the moment she starts to climb 
the pillars and press the attack, or attack her with Typhon's Bane.  Don't 
forget to L1 counter the fireballs, and you should be all right.  Once you've 
done enough damage, a Circle will appear above her.  Go up to her and 
press it, then rotate the analog stick to drag her off.  

This cycle will repeat again.  When you get the Circle again, press it, and 
that'll be the end of Form 2.

+++++Andman and ChrisR1986 writes+++++

“My strategy is to let her climb up the poles. Then she will ignite the floor.
After contering this with L1, she will shoot the red fireballs, but u DON'T
block them, instead of that you roll to her and hit her with a Square combo
The fireballs wont hit you if you stand right below her. After she fired three
fireballs, you roll back and conter the ignite of the floor with L1, then
against rolling to her and hit her while she does fireballs. This is much
faster and really safe! Then the circle will appear and you do the same on the
other pole.”

That is very much like the Barbarian King Form 4 strategy.  Shame on me for
not picking up on that.

+++++Nicholas Johnson writes+++++

“This is for her full room stone gaze.  It's very hard to time the block on
that because it depends on where you are and you can't really see it coming.
When I noticed her charging for the attack, I just began to rythmically block,
and over half the time, I got the block on it.  When I say rythmically, I mean
just that.  If you try to just pound the block button fast, he'll never fully
let the initial block down.  You've gotta wait for him to bring his guard all
the way down before you can do it again.  Hope that made sense to ya.”

For those that may be confused with Nicholas’s strategy, he’s saying that if
you press L1 to block, then let go, wait for his arms to fall back down, then
press L1 again once that happens (in rhythm), you can avoid getting hit.  It
took me a couple reads to understand it, but it makes sense.

+++++busterblader183 writes+++++

“Through fighting euryale if you time it right you can jump over her blast wave
but it takes timing and precision”

This strategy isn’t really necessary for the fight, but it is a fun fact, I
think, for anyone who wishes to try it.


She's back on the ground, but she's not happy at all.  If you've ever looked at
the boards, you'll probably find many topics concerning this very part of the
battle.  What she'll do that she didn't before is stand up higher with her tail 
and pound the ground multiple times.  You have to be quick to roll out of the 
way since you can't block these attacks.

Do your best in that respect to roll out of the way.  If you feel like you will
die if you take too many chances, simply play it safe.  Use your Cronos' Rage,
then, as that's what I do.  Roll out of the way, and after about six pounds or
so, she stops for a while.  That's when I normally take a few of my hits.

If you play it safe, it'll be longer, but you'll be alive, and I doubt you can 
complete the game dead. =P

Eventually, a Circle appears above her head.  Press Circle by her, then 
push the appropriate buttons.  Rip her head right off to finish the battle and 
gain a new magic.


Recommended Upgrades:

Athena’s Blades: LvL. 3
Barbarian Hammer: LvL. 1
Typhon’s Bane: LvL. 1
Cronos’ Rage: LvL. 2
Head of Euryale: LvL. 1

Three forms here.


All right, there's an immediate concern you probably already noticed, that
being his invisibility.  Never fear, there are telltale clues that the cutscene
prior gave away.  Look out for little droplet marks on the ground and a
discernable shadow in the water.  Usually, when he appears in a different
location in the water, he will either toss fireballs at you or start a physical
attack combo.  If he tosses fireballs, roll out of the way until you get to 
him, then let him have it.  If he does a combo, block it until it's finished,
and then hit him a bit.  It’s imperative not to let go of your L1 Button during
a combo because on Titan Mode, it does a hell of a lot of damage.  Furthermore,
it is important to always look for water clues and verbal clues to find out if
he’s moved to a different location.

The most obvious one is, "I'm over here!" or some taunt similar to that.  If
that happens, stop attacking because he's not next to you anymore.  Look out
for a shadow at this point.  Usually, if he appears far away from you, he'll
launch fireballs at you, so look out for him swinging one of those.

Once you've done enough damage to him, you'll see a Circle appear above
him.  Press it to finish off this form and render him visible.


You can block pretty much all his attacks, so do a mixture of blocks and 
physical/magic attacks to him.  If he starts rolling away from you frantically,
he's about to unleash some kind of daze attack, so if you see him rolling
away and then point his hand at the ceiling, immediately wiggle the analog
stick left to right.  Once you're dazed, keep doing it, and then immediately
hold L1 to block because he's going to try to cheapshot you.

He'll block a lot of your moves, but don't fret.  Just keep the hurting and make
sure you dodge and L1 counter whenever you can.  When you see a Circle,
press it, and you'll break his sword now! Uh oh for Perseus!


He'll still do the Daze move, so if you see him frantically backing away from 
you, be ready to use the analog stick.  It's possible to hit him hard enough
to slam him into a wall, which will cause him to lose his balance a bit, letting
you take some shots at him.  This form is easier than his last, so if you
survived Form 2, this one should be cake.  When the Circle command
appears, press it, then press the buttons that come after.  When you get his
head underwater, be ready to wiggle the analog stick left to right, then 
continue to press the buttons that come on the screen.  Congrats! You've
beaten Perseus.

NOTE: There is an easter egg that you can access in the area before Perseus.
Here is the video of what it is and how to access it:



Recommended Upgrades: n/a (you won’t be using them)

This is kind of an easy boss.  I'm not even sure if it should technically be
considered one, but he's an important character you face, so here we go!

All you have to do is push the allotted buttons.  The first few on the bridge 
use the left analog stick, so you will have to be quick there.  If you do those
successfully, you start on top of Icarus as you fall down.  In that case, 
hammer away when the game tells you to.

Just make sure you get the correct button presses, and you'll be more than 


Recommended Upgrades: n/a (too easy a fight, anyway)

You're on a 2D plane, but that won't hinder you much.  Just block when he 
attacks, then attack back with physical and magic attacks.  When the Circle 
command appears, press it.


Recommended Upgrades:

Athena’s Blades: LvL. 5
Barbarian Hammer: LvL. 1
Spear of Destiny: LvL. 1
Typhon’s Bane: LvL. 1
Cronos’ Rage: LvL. 2
Head of Euryale: LvL. 1
Atlas Quake: LvL. 3

When you first see him, you simply shout out to Zeus and Olympus.  The 
Kraken will wrap its tentacles on you, to which you will be greeted to a 
cutscene.  Once that finishes, the real boss battle will begin.

This is your first massive boss since the Colossus.  When the game 
prompts you to press L3 and R3, do it.  Now, looking at the arena, you'll 
notice the soldier's body in the middle.  You'll also notice a square button 
underneath the Kraken's right tentacle (your left).  Attack the tentacle until
he moves it up.  Then, go to the body and press R1, walk over on top of the
button, and press R1 again to lay the body down.  You will have to be careful
as carrying the body makes you far slower and the Kraken can still attack

Once you've done that, you'll open up a vent in the center.  Use that vent to
double-jump, fly over to the Kraken's head, and attack it.  The Kraken can
still attack you while you're in the air, so watch out.  Once you've done
enough damage to the Kraken's head, it'll launch its crab leg onto the vent.
Climb his leg up and once you get to the center (where you can't climb any
further) to where it looks like a knee, attack it with Triangle blows.  Once 
that part comes off, go up a bit to get a Circle command, then press Circle to
slice off that tentacle.

Repeat the same process until the Kraken takes his left tentacle (your right)
and shoves it into the ground.  You'll see the knee-structure again.
Double-jump up to the leg and get very close to the knee, then hammer away
at it until it's destroyed.  You will then get a Circle prompt.  Press Circle
to slice off that tentacle.

The Kraken now will eat the body you used.  That's okay -- you don't need it
anymore, anyway.  The Kraken will probably go apenuts with his tentacles,
so do your best trying to dodge them.  What you have to do now is hammer
away at each tentacle one at a time.  You'll notice that when you do enough
damage to one, it'll slip off of the pole it's on.  Do the same with the other
tentacle, then you'll notice that he's barely hanging on.  The camera should
pan a little bit.  At this point, pull the switch (R1).

Phew! Congrats, you won!

NOTE: I highly recommended upgrading Euryale’s Head at this point and using all
orbs for it.  Remember that hallway right before Clotho? It’s not covered in
the FAQ, but let me just tell you that a maxed out Euryale’s Head will save you
so much heartache.  All orbs from this fight, the puzzle before the Sisters,
and the Sisters themselves should go straight toward that upgrade.


Recommended Upgrades:

Athena’s Blades: LvL. 5
Barbarian Hammer: LvL. 1
Spear of Destiny: LvL. 1
Typhon’s Bane: LvL. 1
Cronos’ Rage: LvL. 2
Head of Euryale: LvL. 1 (I know this says LvL. 1, which is where I was at
at this point, but after this fight, you really need to max this out, like I
did during my runthrough)
Atlas Quake: LvL. 3

After flying into the arena, you'll watch a cutscene between you and one of
the Sisters.  Then you will be thrown into the arena to fight.  The boss fight
consists of three forms.


You're up against Lahkesis here.  This is a fun boss, but keep on your guard.
You can use L1 to counter her fireballs by swinging them back right at her, 
so do so (be it the single fireballs or the trio of fireballs).  Block her 
normal attacks, and unleash your physical attacks on her.  If she tosses her
staff and causes it to hover around, that means it will drop some fireballs at
you, so roll out of the way if she does.  At some points, she launches one as
if it were lightning from Cronos' Rage, where it sticks in the air and then
explodes.  Stay away from those.

If she starts getting fireball heavy, the best thing to do would be to keep
your distance and L1 counter her fireballs, sneaking in physical attacks when
she's lying on the ground after a counter.

Once you've done enough damage, she'll let out some orbs and then fly to 
the top of the arena.  At this point, there are two ways that you can do 
damage to her.

1st way -- Stay on the ground and counter the fireballs she throws at you.  If
done successfully, she'll fall to the ground, where you can do some damage
to her.

2nd way -- Use R1 to swing around the arena from the four swinging points.
Dodge the fireballs she throws at you as she will attack you relentlessly when
you're up there.  Then swing at her and launch magic or some devastating
triangle attacks. 

You should combine these ways however you see fit for the battle.  At some
point in the battle, she'll launch her staff into the floor, causing a green 
aura to start forming.  Swing to the top of the arena and do NOT go on the
floor until it has lost the aura.  While on top, she'll try attacking you, so
swing around to dodge the fireballs while the aura goes away.  Then keep the 
hurt on her.

When a Circle appears above her, you have to swing at her and press Circle
while in the air to deliver the finishing blow to this form.

Note: Anytime you swing a fireball at her and do something to her that knocks
her to the ground, using an L1 + Square or L1 + Circle move does a great deal
of damage to Lahkesis.  This also applies to Form 3, though it’s harder to use
since you’re up against two Sisters.


Here you fight Atropos on the sword that you used to defeat Ares.  She'll 
summon some weak enemies to attack you as she launches fireballs from 
afar.  There are two ways to damage her here.

1st way -- Launch some arrows from Typhon's Bane.  

2nd way -- Press L1 to counter her fireballs and throw it at her.  They home 
on you, so it's possible to run from the enemies and then successfully 
counter one of her projectiles.  When you L1 counter one, another will come
right at you, so be prepared to L1 that one as well.  If you do this strategy,
be sure to stun the other opponents so you have an open shot at her.  Either
Square, Square, Triangle the enemies to stun them, or use a quick Cronos’
Rage to dispatch of them.

You can use Atlas Quake or Cronos' Rage to defeat the ground troops, and 
I'm pretty sure you can spare some magic since they give you magic upon
being killed.  

Either way, she eventually goes closer to the sword you're on.  If she comes
up near to your position, you can probably do some physical attacks and 
cause her to retreat immediately.  Either that, or press Circle on an enemy
and fling him at her.  

Use the above strategy to nail her if she tries summoning a green aura.  I've
never died on this part, so I'm assuming that the green aura is to destroy the
sword you're standing on.  I think that's the case because if the sword is
destroyed, there is an in-game movie that shows you dying because of it.  
So don't let her finish with that green aura.  Just run up to her quick and
nail her as fast as possible.

She may also launch fireballs at you, to which you can repeat the same 
strategy as when she launched them from far away (L1 counter or Typhon's 
Bane).  However, since she's so much closer, you can launch some regular 
attacks on her.  

She'll retreat back at some point, probably, at which point you should use the
same strategy I've told you.  After a while, she'll be near the sword, and a 
Circle will display above her.  Press Circle, and press the appropriate 
buttons shown on the screen.  That'll be the end of this form.


You'll face Lahkesis and Atropos in this one.  Lahkesis will have the same
moves as before for the most part, but she may also launch herself up in the
air and dive at you.  Simply avoid her if she does this.

Atropos will be on the other side of the mirror launching fireballs at you.  You
can L1 counter these and send her back into the mirror.  If she launches a 
green beam around the arena, R1 one of the grappling hooks to stay above

Once you do enough damage to Lahkesis, she'll fall to the ground, to which 
you'll see a green glow coming from her.  Remember this? Yes, you can still
control time! Press L1, then hammer away at Atropos from whatever mirror
she's in.  Once you've done enough damage, she'll fall, and you'll notice the
mirror will show many crevices.  Destroy the mirror at this point.  Are you 
beginning to see what you're supposed to be doing?

Repeat this strategy for a second mirror.  After two mirrors are destroyed,
Lahkesis may start summoning these large green pillars of energy, about
five.  When they come across the arena, get in between two so you don't
get it.  At this point, she's going to stay in the final mirror in the center,
so what I would do is use some Cronos' Rage and quick attacks to damage
her, all the while L1 countering her fireballs.

When you get a Circle prompt above her, press it, then press the indicated
button sequence.  Once that's finished, notice they're behind the mirror?
Destroy the mirror.  The Sisters of Fate have come to a fitting end.

+++++Robert Croy writes:+++++

“Just wanted to say: sweet FAQ!.  It really helped me, especially against the
barbarian king.  I was reading through it and just wanted to add:  when
Lahkesis does her annoying pillar-of-light things, you can attach yourself to
one of the grapple points and they won't hit you (they haven't hit me everytime
I've ever done it anyway).  It's a damn-site easier then trying to dodge them.”

No way! Funny that I utilized the grappling hooks for everything BUT that.
Hope this helps FAQ readers.

BOSS 10: CLOTHO (Clo1)

Recommended Upgrades:

Athena’s Blades: LvL. 5
Barbarian Hammer: LvL. 1
Spear of Destiny: LvL. 1
Typhon’s Bane: LvL. 1
Cronos’ Rage: LvL. 2
Head of Euryale: LvL. 3 
Atlas Quake: LvL. 3

There are many puzzles you have to do before actually fighting her.  


First, get through the first walkway with the pendulum weapons.  Then go to 
the left and attack her arm.  You're able to block the arm's attacks, so it'll 
be pretty easy.  Once it goes down, jump over it and rotate the switch to open
the gate above you.  By this point, the arm will be up again, so beat it down
again, then double-jump to the chest and grab it if you need it.  Double-jump
upward to the ceiling and go all the way around to the other side.  Once
there, her other arm will grab you.  No worries -- just wiggle the analog
stick as shown on the screen.  Destroy the bodies on the gate there, then R1 
down and rotate the lever.  Double-jump up and climb up the rope.


Okay, now you're on the second part.  Walk to the right where you see the 
lever.  Pull the lever.  Go down there to get a hidden chest, then double-jump
and wear down her arm.  Pull the lever again to trap her arm.  

Now, move to the right and attack the arm to the right of the lever until it 
wears down.  Then climb the rope and jump up to the TOP lever.  Pull it to 
spear her arm down.  

Now, do you see that device that was to the left of the first lever? Pull it 
to the right until you get to the third arm.  Wear that arm down, then pull 
the device to where you see the top part of it, accompanied by another huge
spear.  Hook it up, then move Kratos on top of the button on it.  That will
cause the machine to be hooked up to the spear.  Wear her arm down again  
and move the machine to right where her arm is.  Do a Square-Square-Triangle
attack on her arm to cause it to fling upward into the spear.  The camera will
now pan to where you need to go.  Climb the rope on the spear and jump up to
the lever and pull it.


Okay, now for fighting Clotho.  This is a very easy fight, so don't fret at
all by her massive size.  You can block her regular attacks.  If she does an
arm swipe, simply double-jump over it.  What I would do is stop time and haul
ass on her left arm (your right).  Once it's worn down, I'd stop time again,
then climb up on the right where you see a broken ladder.  Climb to the very
top and kill those glowy bodies on the right.  Now, go back down and haul
ass on her arm again.  Once it's worn down, move the contraption to the very
center of the arena.  Pull both of the switches to cause the strings to raise 
dead bodies into the arena.

Once this is done with, wear down her left arm (your right) again, then move
the big contraption until the right-most switch is in the center of the arena.  
Pull it to raise a huge pendulum.  Press R1 on either the left or right bar on 
the pendulum to move it to the sharp ends are pointing toward Clotho.  She'll
probably be in top shape again, so wear down both of her arms, then get 
behind the pendulum, press R1, and push the analog stick back.  At this 
point, a series of button commands will appear on the screen.  
Press them when they come up and kill Clotho.

+++++C Maelstrom writes+++++

“In the fight with clotho, the third sister, there is an easier way to get rid
of the bodies that are in your way, both on the first part, and the third. Just
double-jump underneath them and drop a cronos' rage, it will destroy the bodies
and save some time and effort.”

BOSS 11: ZEUS (Zeu1)

Recommended Upgrades:

Athena’s Blades: LvL. 5
Barbarian Hammer: LvL. 1
Spear of Destiny: LvL. 1
Typhon’s Bane: LvL. 1
Cronos’ Rage: LvL. 2
Head of Euryale: LvL. 3 
Atlas Quake: LvL. 3

You probably have some orbs left over at this point.  Upgrading the Hammer
wouldn’t be a bad idea if you want to nail him, and by using my strategy,
particularly during the second form, you’ll be able to get enough hits to do
massive damage and avoid getting hit much.  However, if you’re more of a magic
guy, go with Cronos’ Rage if you have enough orbs.

Three forms here.  Time to get some sweet revenge.


If you thought the Colossus was big... damn! Zeus has a few attacks up his
sleeves.  He may slam his fist in the middle of the pavement, he can also
throw lightning bolts at you, and he may punch the sides of the platform.  You
can L1 counter the lightning bolts and dodge his hands.  When he laughs and
then punches the sides of the platform, you can either double-jump to avoid
both punches or you can glide until he’s done.  The easiest way, though, is to
fleece it using L1.  Either way, you’ll avoid the impact of a very annoying

At the start of the battle, he'll summon sirens from the ground.  At this
point, I usually use Cronos' Rage three times to heavily damage all the 
enemies, including Zeus.  Either that, or you can use Atlas Quake, which is
the popular magic of choice.  

Using three-to-four hit combos with your Blade of Olympus, weaken out the
sirens.  This will be hard considering it’s Titan Mode and his attacks are 
lethal.  Sometimes, if the sirens are about to unleash that obnoxious screech
move that stuns you, and Zeus is laughing and about to punch the sides of the
platform, I use Atlas Quake, rendering me immune to his attacks.  Once this is
done, if your Atlas Quake is maxed out, you’ll probably get at least one siren
weakened enough to where a Circle appears above her.  When the Circle appears,
press it right by her.  This will cause a massive shockwave to hit the sirens
and Zeus.  That’ll give you several magic and health orbs, to which Zeus will
now slam his fist down on the center of the platform.  When he does this, 
strike at his hand with your Blade.  If the sirens are getting in your way when
you try to strike him, use Atlas Quake or Cronos’ Rage.  

There is a very good strategy to use when you kill a Siren using Circle.  Since
Zeus always counterattacks the same way, and if the Sirens keep giving you
hardship, just use a pre-emptive Atlas Quake, right before Zeus slams the
ground.  You’re guaranteed to hit him.  Don’t use it too much because you
really want magic on the next form.

Once his hand is damaged enough, a Circle will appear above it.  Press
Circle to defeat this form.  

+++++RESIDENTEVIL719 writes+++++

“Damaging sirens does hurt Zeus.  With infinite health that’s all I did til I
got the O prompt.

Glad I could help.”

So there you have it – you could technically beat Zeus just by pressing Circle
on the sirens.  Thanks for the info.


He's your size now, but he's still deadly.  Maybe even more so than before. 
His three attacks are a lightning bolt attack, a more powerful lightning 
attack, and a physical combo.  On Titan Mode, these moves can provide a 
hurting, but in particular is the physical combo.  However, there is a
failproof strategy that will guarantee you lose no health at all.

First, if he does a lightning attack on you, L1 counter it back at him.  This
will give you some health and magic orbs.  After that, he’ll wield his fist
backwards.  That’s the cue that he is about to lunge at you.  Simply jump over
him when he does this, then get a few more shots at him (two or three will
suffice).  If he puts his hands into the air and lightning comes out of them,
he’s about to pound the ground twice.  The first time, it’ll just be a small
shock, the second, it will be a shockwave that comes at you.  Luckily, it
affects only the ground, so simply jump over it or glide over it and behind
Zeus.  Once you’re behind him, get a few more shots.  These two strategies
will work throughout this entire portion of the battle and will always work.
Seriously, it’s full-proof as long as you fully double-jump and don’t fall to
the ground too fast.

He also moves around quickly; you’ll see him zoom from point to point in a
split second.  Once he reaches whatever destination he wants to reach, he’ll
do one of the two attacks I mentioned, or a physical combo.  Be ready to L1
fleece his physical combo.  If you miss his first punch, try to L1 his second
and fleece that.  If that doesn’t work, double-jump over him so the third shot
doesn’t get you.

After a while, he'll jut out many orbs for you, but then he'll lunge at you 
and steal the Blade of Olympus.  That's all right.  At the very least, you can
attack with your long-reaching blades, now, right? His attacks now will 
consist of jumping with his blade and launching an energy beam at you.  He
will also lift the Blade into the air, summoning tons of electrical energy, 
but the attack is the same as this last one.  For these two attacks, you don’t
even have to roll out of the way – all you need to do is run around in circles
around Zeus, and they won’t hit you.  Sometimes, he tries to hit you doing two
normal swings at you.  You can block them or roll out of its way.  The problem
with the last combo is that he sometimes does it after teleporting around, so
once again, be ready to press the L1 button to block.  Only use magic if
you’re in a bind; save it if not.  Same applies for Rage of the Titans.

Once you've done enough damage, he'll weakly make a few desperate
swings at you, then a Circle will appear on top of him.  Press it, then 
rapidly press Circle once it tells you to.  You will toss him into the
pillars, at which point the camera will pan to a shiny point on the pillar.
Press R1 and whack him upside the head.  Now you're back to the first part of
the battle.

Repeat this entire strategy until he steals the Blade from you again.  Gold 
orbs will start flowing around him.  Activate Rage of the Titans and hammer
away.  If you haven't used it yet, you'll do enough damage for him to stumble
to the center again, which will save you a hell of a lot of time.  Press Circle
again when it tells you to, and repeatedly press it to steal the blade away.
Go to the shiny thing again and press R1.

+++++Ttiger654 writes+++++

“This strategy works well when Kratos has the Blade of Olympus.  After
reflecting one of Zeus' bolts jump over his rush move and cast Cronos' Rage.
Zeus gets stunned by this!  Cast two orbs a few seconds apart and hit him with
the blade while in Rage of Titans' (I assume Rage of Titans' makes Kratos
stronger, if not, disreguard it).  After one orb explodes cast another.  Of
course, we must conserve some rage and magic, so stop at about half rage and a
little less than half magic.  This might not be enough for Zeus to take the
sword from Kratos, but it will knock him for a loop.  I did not try this when
Zeus holds the blade, but I believe Cronos' Rage stuns him.  If one of you guys
would like to know, write back and I'll try it out.”


Now he gets bigger again.  Don't worry; this part is cake.  Press Circle a 
lot, then Kratos will say he will lay down his arms.  This is a fake, though.
When Zeus starts to say, "I will release you from your life, my son, but your
torment..." be ready to press the buttons on the screen.  Press all the 
buttons that come your way, then be ready to pound on Circle when it shows  
up, or else Zeus will counter and kill you.  After you've pounded Circle, you
will begin to stab Zeus repeatedly with the Blade.  

And with that, you have beaten the game on Titan Mode!

Enjoy the ending again! You deserve it after such a challenging mode.

SECTION 4: Helpful Videos (SEC4)

This will be a quick rundown of all the videos submitted by users.  I tried
putting them right with the bosses, but I felt they were more organized in
their own section.  If you have any to submit, please feel free to.

The Colossus of Rhodes:

Form 2:

Submitted by Tim Symanczyk


Submitted by Marcos Vasquez
(this is really the easter egg
before Perseus, not the battle with Perseus.  For the record, it is best to
revisit this place after defeating Perseus, that way there are no enemies in
the area)

SECTION 5: Questions (SEC5)

Q: I think I may have a better strategy for [insert boss here].
A: I'd love to hear it.  Send me your E-Mails (Frightwolf_2005@yahoo.com),
and if it's a good, new strategy, I'll post it in that boss's section, giving 
you credit there and in the Special Thanks area.  If it is in all caps or 
has grammatical errors that I find pretty bad, I do reserve the right to clean
it up, but I’d appreciate it if you took the liberty instead before E-Mailing.

Q: Wait, you can edit our submissions?
A: The only thing I’d edit is the spelling, which makes you look good,
really.  Don’t worry – your strategy and sentences remain the same, but if I
feel the spelling might be a bit distracting, I’ll take the liberty of changing
it for you.  No big deal.

Q: I’ve noticed your strategies work primarily with the Blades of Athena.  What
A: You’re right; that was my weapon of choice during both my playthroughs of
the game.  As a result, my strategies aren’t geared toward the Hammer or Spear
and may not help as much, but the basics of dodging the boss’s attacks and such
still work.  If you have a good alternate strategy using the other weapons,
then by all means send them over my way as was done with dOuBLe_oh7 [Elliott
Stepusin] for Euryale Form 1.

Q: Will you accept videos of my fights with a boss?
A: If you have any videos, then by all means, submit them.  If they’re good,
they have a place in this FAQ.

SECTION 6: Special Thanks (SEC6)

You: For reading this FAQ.

David Jaffe: For kick starting this franchise.

Sony Santa Monica: For making such a great game.  This team is one hell
of a team.

Andman and ChrisR1986: For their tip on Euryale, Form 2.

busterblader183: For his tip for Euryale, Form 2

C Maelstrom: For his tip for Clotho, Form 3.

dOuBLe_oh7 [Elliott Stepusin]: For the awesomely time-saving tip for Euryale,
Form 1.

Emmert Anderson: For pointing out that I wrote ‘trip,’ rather than ‘trap,’ for
Clotho, Form 2.

George Grill: For his contribution to the Colossus of Rhodes, Form 2.

Janus: For the contribution to the Barbarian King, Form 3.

John A. Lande: For his tip on the Barbarian King, Form 1.

Kyle Corrales: For his contributions for the Colossus of Rhodes, Forms 2 and 3

Imxinxcamoxflage: For his addition to Theseus, Form 1.

Marcos Vasquez: For his video on the easter egg before Perseus.

M P: For the tip on the Barbarian King, Form 3.

mpaskin1: For his contribution to the Barbarian King, Form 1.

Neoflash: For his tips on the Colossus of Rhodes, Form 3, Theseus, Forms 1 and
2, and the Barbarian King, Forms 1 and 4.

Nicholas Johnson: For his tip on Euryale, Form 2.

RESIDENTEVIL719: For telling us that the sirens definitely hurt Zeus.  Also for
his tip on the Colossus of Rhodes, Form 2.

Robert Croy: For his contribution on the Sisters of Fate, Form 3.

super_emu: For his contributions on the Colossus of Rhodes, Form 1, and
Theseus, Forms 1 and 2.

Ttiger654: For his contributions to the Colossus of Rhodes, Form 2, and Zeus,
Form 2.

Tim Symanczyk: For his contribution to the Colossus of Rhodes, Form 2, and his
video of his taking no damage during the fight.

Ultimacy: For his strategy for Euryale, Forms 1 and 3.

*This section will be updated if anyone E-Mails me to contribute to this FAQ*