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God of War 2
Puzzle Guide
By: SolidFantasy

Table of Contents

1. Legal issues
2. How to use
3. Tips
4. Walk-through
5. Credits

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2: How to use: The number and area name is where the puzzle is, the name
is just what I call it, then there is a solution to the puzzle.

April 8th 07: Completed guide

April 10th 07: Guide accepted

April 11th 07: Added puzzles and a glitch solution. Also fixed some of the
grammar problems. Added Tips section and e-mail section.

April 13th 07: Changed e-mail address.

April 21st 07: FAQ Section, Titan Mode fire wall strategy added, made 
grammar corrections

3: Tips: 

1: Always try and identify your main goal

2: Always check your inventory, chances are you may need something

3: Always look at your environment, chances are there is a hidden
statue, block, or key. Hell, maybe you need a body.

4: Always come up with ideas for the puzzle, pretend you are making the game.
What would you do if you made the game?

5: Always look for Time statues

6: Kill all the enemies first so you can think

7: Don't over-think things.

8: You may have to progress with the story first.

4: Walk-through

1: Rhodes

Statue and the Buttons

Pull the statue on to the button. The door will open. Now press and hold
R1+X to kick the statue through the door. Now you must stand on the button
and quickly roll forward through the gate. Place the statue on button two
then go through the door.

Urn of Gaia

This urn is found on the first level of the game,
Rhodes. In the puzzle room with a button on one side
of the door, then the door, and finally a button on
the other side of the door. Within that room, there's
a block underneath a statue bird. Break the bird and
push the block to the button so Kratos is facing and
standing on the button; and the block is between you
and the door.

Once the button is pushed down, the door should be open.
Charge up your kick and can kick it into the next room.
From there, make sure the door is open all of the way 
and evade underneath the door using the right analog stick. 
Kratos should do a roll. Now at this point, push the block to the
furthest point to the right. Now, simply jump atop the
block and jump onto the ledge with three chests. Grab
your well-earned treasures.

Thanks to Voodoo

Pendulum and the Beams

Climb the ladder and pull the switch. Drop down and beat the crap out of
the pendulum. Quickly climb the ladder, pull the switch again, and get
on the rope and use the pendulum to make your way past the beams.

Thanks to Chako for telling me to pull the switch again

2: Typhons Cavern

Soldiers and Fire

Throw them in the fire(press O,Square) to make the chests appear.


You must first attack him with your weapon. When he falls, leave him.
Progress with the story until you get Typhons Bane. Shoot him down with it.

3: Temple of Lahkekis

Dead Body

In this room you see skeletons everywhere, wait a minute, thereís a body too.
They are hanging from the ceiling. You must do jump attacks to knock the body
down. Once he is down bring him with you too the elevator. Go down, and
put him on the button. Pull the switch all the way back, now run and roll
through the gates. This is the only hard puzzle too me.

Hidden Block

Solution: Once you have killed everything, you will notice a hard to 
reach ledge. Smash the statue to reveal a block. Push this block to the ledge
and jump on it. From here jump to the top.

4: Steeds of Time

Four Colored Levers

There are 4 levers that are colored green, yellow, blue, and red.

Green: Rotate the lever, turn left and climb up the wall. Hit R1 by the door

Yellow: Rotate the lever, turn left and climb up. Use the grapple bird,Hit R1 

Red: Rotate lever, turn right and climb up. Hit R1.

Blue: Iím sensing a pattern here. Rotate lever,turn right and climb up.
you know what to do.

Now where all four levers were is one more switch. Hit R1 and do the commands.
Damn those horses are strong.

5: Divine Pools

Amulet of the Fates

Drag the statue all the way back to reveal a hole. Swim to the other side
and walk up to the statue for a scene. Kick ass, you can now slow down time.
Go back through the hole and stand on the button in the back of the room.
When the platforms have risen press L1+R1 to slow down time(you are timed now).
Jump across them during this slow-time state. Now at the top thereís a
button. Stand on it and freeze time. The statues hands will lower. Stand on
the hands for a cutscene.

6: Destinyís Atrium

2 beams, 2 Statues

There are 2 statues; you need to block the beams with them. Itís simple.

1. On the left side, there is a statue. Drag it in front of the beam.

2. On the right side is a statue, a switch and a platform. I got an idea.
A ledge is blocking the statues path toward the beam. Put said statue on the
platform and pull the switch. Jump up to the platform and charge kick the  
statue on to the ledge. From there just drag it in font of beam number 2.

ALERT: Some people have ran into a glitch. This is what occurs.
The barrier is removed after completing the puzzle. The problem is
that when you go on to the next area, it will never load. Here are suggestions.

1. Restart from the last checkpoint.
2. Get a new copy of the game.
3. Restart the game.
4. Clean the lens on your PS2.
5. It might be the bootleg copy if you are using one.

If these don't work then I don't know what to tell you.

7: Forgotten Ruins

Dead Body and the River

Go to the right wall and bust it down. Same thing for the left wall.
By the right wall is a dead body. pick him up and Place him in the river.
Run to the other side and pick him up when he floats by. Put him on the button.
Now just stand on the center button.

Rotating Platforms

Solution:Keep on turning the crank while fighting enemies. When the platform
is close enough, jump to the next platform. Repeat this process twice.

Barely Alive

There is a guy who is almost dead. First take out the Gorgon. Once she is dead
pick up the body and place him on the moving part of the floor. It is past
the Gorgon. Once he is on there, the machine will grind his ass up. Poor guy,
we hardly knew him.

8: After Euryale

Grapple points

This may look like a complicated puzzle, but it isnít! It just happens
to be VERY long! You must Turn the first turnstile (white color) all the way
around until the large pillar stops. Jump to the lever across from the
turnstile and activate it. Now quickly activate the Amulet of the Fates
and swim down to the newly opened gate, under the water to the other side.
Once the gate quickly closes, stay under water and activate the lever next
to where the gate shut just in case. Swim up to the top and turn the turnstile
until the large pillar stops. Swim down and activate the other lever in the
water. As the double gates open, swim inside and use a lightly charged
dash to make it to the other end of the gate before it shuts. This is annoying.
Swim up to the top and turn the turnstile until the large pillar stops.

Swim back down and find the wooden door in the water on the right.
Use another charged dash move to destroy the door. Swim up and turn the 
turnstile until the large pillar stops. Now approach the last lever(about time)
across the turnstile and activate it to open a doorway above. Enter the
nearby doorway and turn right to an open arena. Approach the lever and
turn it to trigger an enemy battle. Once the area is cleared, you must
turn the turnstile until the large pillar stops.

Get ready, this is hard. It is probably going to you take a few tries.
Once you let go, this particular pillar will slowly start going back down
after a few seconds. Activate the Amulet and quickly exit to the ladder
and head up to the top and step on the button. By this time, the Amulet
runs out, so activate it again and then start jumping and swinging from
pillar to pillar. The third pillar is the one that is slowly going down
so BE QUICK when swinging around each pillar! Swing past all five of the
pillars to complete this puzzle! WOOHOO!

CREDIT TO Vampire Horde

Ceilings Coming Down

Fight all the dogs and tap O when prompted. Each successful time, the gate will
open up a little. Repeat this 3-4 times and then go through the door.

9: Hallway of Atropos

Take Me Higher

There are 2 statues. Put one on the elevator and raise it up with the switch.
Take the other statue and put it underneath the elevator. Lower it.
Climb this mess to the top.

10: Edge of Creation


Kill everything first. There a hard to button on the roots. Step on it and
slow down time. Go across. Repeat this process twice.

11: Courtyard

Perseus' Shield

climb back up the ladder; go to your right, and then back to the wall for
a different statue. Put the shield in its hand. Bring it down and place it
on the platform. Raise it up to block the beam. Block the other yourself
with the Golden Fleece.

12: Atlas

2 Stones

Bring one to the top of the ramp and place the other underneath the ramp.
Push the statues on top of each other. Bring the stones to the ledge,
jump up, and grab the statue and bring it to the next ledge.

13: Palace of the Fates

Spikes and Doors

Watch out for the spikes and kill the birds. When the door with a moveable
wall opens,pull it back. There are a few red orb chests too. I know its hard,
but try to avoid the birds and spikes.

Skeletons and the Ceiling

This is similar to the dog puzzle. Kill the skeletons and tap O by the chains
to lower the platform and avoid the spikes. Once at the bottom go through the
door. Tap O to raise this door. Damn those skeletons are annoying.

14: Garden of the Gods

Sacrifice by Fire

Beat on the sirens until the O prompt comes up. Instead pull the switch
and fry the bitch. I can rhyme. Repeat this twice. Then go through the door.

Frozen Eagle

First thing to do is to jump down to the eagle statue. Behind the
statue is a lever that makes the eagle statue breathe fire every time
you pull it. Activate the lever to melt the ice wall across from it to
reveal a large globe-like mirror. Do not grab the mirror yet! There is more.
Jump to the top and look for the wall that you can scale. Its on the left side.
Scale the wall to the top and then start scaling the ceiling.

There are a couple of icicle stalactites on the ceiling that you can
attack. The only stalactite that you need to destroy is the one that is
directly above the entrance doorway that you came from. Once the icicle
stalactite is destroyed; it will reveal a light source beam from above.
Jump down and grab the mirror and drag it under the light beam. Notice
how the light beam is shining towards the symbol on the left side when
you place the mirror there? You need to somehow reflect that light!
Make your way towards the three levers. Each lever rotates the symbols
in a circular direction. When you grab the lever, the camera angle will
show you the symbol in the middle. Rotate all three levers until you
can match the symbol of a big fat half moon. When done correctly, the
light will reflect and melt all the ice off the eagle statue. GOOD JOB!

Now jump to the statue and grab the turnstile. When you turn the lever,
you can position the statue towards each ice wall and melt the ice off
(by activating the lever behind the statue). The only ice wall that you
really need to melt is the exit door. If you want to melt the rest of
the ice walls, that's up to you. You'll find lots of chests (one of
them has a Phoenix Feather) and some un-frozen minotaurs. When you're
done melting all the ice, exit the room to the next area.

CREDIT TO Vampire Horde

15: Atropos' Auditorium

"I will not let you meet the Sisters"

Drag the statue with you to the gate. Pull the lever and place the statue
underneath the gate. Go through the picture, freeze time, and grab
the translator.

Fly Up

Rotate switch, jump up, pull switch, drop down, rotate switch, and glide up.
Attach your blades to the ceiling.

16: Phoenix Area


Go pull the switch and examine the dead guy. There is a wall that can be
broken at the northwest screen. A time statue is there. Pull the switch, rotate
this lever around ONE time, freeze time, and jump across the ledges. Do it fast

Fire and the statue

Just keep moving the statue forward and stay behind it at all times. This will
avoid damage from the fire. Use jump attacks to kill the birds and short combos
to kill the other guys. Just keep heading toward the lever with the statue.
Put it in front of the raised areas so the fire wall won't push it back.
Then move the statue onto the left floor button, when the fire stops,
you must stand on the right button and grapple(R1) to get out of there.

Titan Mode:

A safe way to do this is too stay back and use the hammers L1+Triangle move.
YouTube Shinobiers Titan Mode videos to see how to effectively do this or
read Loud Wallys Hammer FAQ. Both are great guides to use for help.
Then move the statue onto the left floor button, when the fire stops,
you must stand on the right button and grapple(R1) to get out of there.

Chain and the pillar

Activate the lever to raise a large wall. Scale that wall to the top
and then scale the ceiling. Go to the second chain and cut it down to
reveal a pillar. Jump down and activate the lever again to lower the
wall and make some enemies appear. Kill the exploding soldiers and then
grab the pillar. Place the pillar halfway through the wall. Its very tricky.
When you activate the lever again, the pillar will stop the wall halfway
as it rises up. If it doesn't, try again. Jump up to the top of the rising wall
and then drag the pillar away to make the wall rise up all the way.
Now place the pillar near the metal door and jump on top of it.
Destroy the large chain above the door to lower it. Use triangle.
Now head for the nearby turnstile and rotate it all the way. Once
that's done, go down the hall and rotate the next turnstile until a
doorway opens up.


first keep attacking his tentacles. eventually he will raise his tentacle
and you will see a button underneath. pick up the body and put it there.
This will cause the vent to release the steam or whatever it is.
Glide unto his face and keep attacking him. Triangle attacks work well.
Eventually he will put his tentacle into the vent. Now you must
climb up his tentacle and keep attacking the part of his body that
is in the way. it'll trigger a mini-game. Repeat this. Then stun both arms
and pull the switch. Now that death was cool.

17: Temple of the fates


You have to ring both of the bells at the same time. How fun. Jump and
grapple back to the top of the pedestal and press the R1 Button to get
the bell ringer to slam the bell. Quickly activate the Amulet and then
glide to the other bell, Hit RI to ring the bell with the platform.
to manually ring the other bell. If done correctly, the statue face
will become partially cracked. Now jump down to the turnstile and
rotate the pedestal so that the bell ringer is in FRONT of the statue
face. GO back to the top and activate the bell ringer to smash the
statues face to reveal a new path. Enter the next area to a circular
room. Open the chest on the left and then open the door.

Credit: Vampire Horde


Phase 1:
Go to the left side and attack the tentacle, rotate the switch.
Go up there, climb the ceiling to the other side(Clotho will grab you
on the way, shake the joystick left and right to free yourself) and break 
the arms that are caught in the gate. Drop down and rotate the switch. 
Go back up and climb the chain. On to phase 2.

Phase 2:
you need to trap the 3 arms. One gets locked in the trap door
and the other 2 get pinned with the blades hanging above. This is easy.
two are simple, but for the third, you need to pull the lever on the right side
that has the urn above it. Using that lever you have to hook the last 
hanging blade and then drag it over to the final arm. After you get all 
three arms out of the way,climb the rope from the last blade and 
enter the Top rim. Prepare for a showdown with fatso, I mean Clotho.

Phase 3:
On the top rim, Clotho is immune to any attack. In order to beat her,
knock out both arms and then rotate the levers so that you can pick up
the swinging blade. Use R1 to turn the blade so the edge is facing Clotho.
Get behind the blade and press R1. You then ram the blade into Clothoís
head during a button sequence mini-game

The Threads

Pull the thread to the right of the center one. Slow time and make your way 
to the time portal.




5 Outro: 

FAQ Section

Q: May I use this guide
A: Yes, just e-mail me

Q: I don't understand a solution
A: Just e-mail me, Iíll help and revise the solution
See you next time.

Cory Barlog and his team
Vampire Horde