Spear of Destiny FAQ/Walkthrough by catkiller904 / Dragonpwner102

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     _____)                    __       __)           _____  _____ 
   /             /)      /)   (, )  |  /             (, /   (, /   
  /   ___   ____(/   ___//       | /| /  _   __        /      /    
 /     / ) (_)(_(_  (_)/(_       |/ |/  (_(_/ (_   ___/__ ___/__   
(____ /               /)         /  |            (__ /  (__ /      
      __                            ______                       
  (__/  )                     /)   (, /    )            ,        
    /  __    _  _   __    ___//      /    /  _  _  _/_   __      
 ) /   /_)__(/_(_(_/ (_  (_)/(_    _/___ /__(/_/_)_(___(_/ (_(_/_
(_/ .-/                    /)    (_/___ /                   .-/  
   (_/                    (/                               (_/   
   ________) _____    ____   
  (, /      (, /  |  (,    ) 
    /___,     /---|       /  
 ) /       ) /    |_____ /   
(_/       (_/     (____ (    

Our names are Catkiller904 and Dragonpwner102. We are users that 
regularly post in the GoW II message boards, and decided to work 
together to create this FAQ/guide. Now, obviously, this is a combat FAQ 
made specifically for the Spear of Destiny (which will be referred to 
as the SoD from now on). Many people believe that the SoD is a weak 
weapon that is practically useless. When used correctly, though, it is 
an excellent weapon, just as good as the others. This weapon is not the 
strongest, nor is it the best crowd controller. However, it is possibly 
the fastest weapon, and is very fun to use. It has a mix of crowd 
control attacks and focused attacks. This FAQ will attempt to explain 
how to best use the SoD throughout the game. It includes moves, damage, 
and a walkthrough for an SoD-only God mode run.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The walkthrough in this guide was made on God mode, 
using a level 3 spear and the General Kratos. Since the General Kratos 
costume was used, the SoD’s damage with the regular costume will be 
greater. Damage for Spartan mode with the regular costume is discussed 
in another section.

If you have any suggestions, tips, comments, additions, or strategies, 
feel free to use AIM to contact us. Our screen names are Catkiller904 
(not hard to figure out, now was it? >_>) and Kusanagi134. If you do 
not have AIM, you can always get in touch with us on the message 
boards. Simply make an attention topic and ask/tell/randomly annoy us. 
Otherwise, you can contact Dragonpwner102 at nehispy@yahoo.com, or 
Catkiller904 at catkiller904@aim.com (My regular email is not working, 
for some reason). We’ll be glad to answer any questions regarding the 
game or the FAQ. Please be sure to put something about GoW2 in the 
subject line, or it will be deleted. Also, if either of us continues to 
receive spam (Including, but not limited to, UK lottery winnings, as I 
do not live in the UK. >_>), our email addresses will be taken off of 
this FAQ. Thank you.

                        Table of Contents

1) Legal Information (LegIn)
2) Spear of Destiny videos
3) Spear of Destiny Move List (SoDML)
4) Spear of Destiny Damage (SoDD)
5) Spear of Destiny-only Combat Walkthrough (SoDCW)
   AA) Area 1 (A1)
   AB) Colossus Stage 1 (ColS1)
   AC) Colossus Stage 2 (ColS2)
   AD) Area 2 (A2)
   AE) Area 3 (A3)
   AF) Colossus Stage 3 (ColS3)
   AG) Zeus (Zeus)
   AH) Pits of Hades (PoH)
   AI) Eastern Ramparts (EastRamp)
   AJ) Pegasus Segment 1 (PegSeg1)
   AK) Enter Typhon (EntT)
   AL) Death on the Wind (DotW)
   AM) Freeing Prometheus (FrPro)
   AN) Releasing the Steeds (ReTS)
   AO) Pegasus Segment 2 (PegSeg2)
   AP) The Adventure Begins (TAdB)
   AQ) Horned Cerberus (HornCerb)
   AR) Over and Above (OvraA)
   AS) Sirens (Sir)
   AT) The Great Exodus (TGrEx)
   AU) Theseus (Thse)
   AV) Waking The Steeds (WaTS)
   AW) Island of the Fates (IotF)
   AX) The Bigger They Are, The Stupider They Are (TBTA)
   AY) Old Enemies Return (OldEn)
   AZ) Boss Battle: Barbarian King: Phase 1 (BK1)
   BA) Barbarian King: Phase 2 (BK2)
   BB) Barbarian King: Phase 3 (BK3)
   BC) Barbarian King: Phase 4 (BK4)
   BD) The Hunt for the Golden Fleece Begins (HGolFle)
   BE) The Steed and the Rider (TSatR)
   BF) The Broken Path (TBroP)
   BG) River Dogs (RivD)
   BH) Mini Boss: Titan Minotaur 1 (TiMi1)
   BI) The Hall of Gorgons (THoG)
   BJ) The Legendary Golden Fleece (TLGolF)
   BK) Mini-Boss: Dark Cerberus: Phase 1 (DCerb1)
   BL) Mini Boss: Dark Cerberus: Phase 2 (DCerb2)
   BM) Kratos Gets a New Toy (KGaT)
   BN) Now THESE Are Zombies! (NTAZ)
   BO) Boss Battle: Euryale: Phase 1 (Eury1)
   BP) Euryale: Phase Two (Eury2)
   BQ) Euryale: Phase Three (Eury3)
   BR) You’d Think Kratos Would Get Sick (YTKS)
   BS) This Is Where Dogs Go To Die (TWDD)
   BT) Crap, More Minotaurs (CrMM)
   BU) Mini-Boss: Titan Minotaur 2 (TiMi2)
   BV) Catacombs of The Fallen (CatTF)
   BW) Courtyard of Lahkesis (CoLahk)
   BX) Courtyard of Atropos (CoA)
   BY) Stupid Summoners (StuSum)
   BZ) Oh yay! SATYRS! (OyS)
   CA) More Puzzles! (MoPuz)
   CB) Boss Battle: Perseus (Pers)
   CC) Perseus: Phase 2: Sword + Shield (PersP2)
   CD) Perseus: Phase 3: Shield (PersP3)
   CE) Remember This Place? (ReTP)
   CF) Lowlands Crossing (LowC)
   CG) The Cave of Trials (TCoT)
   CH) Trial 1 (Tr1)
   CI) Trial 2 (Tr2)
   CJ) Boss Battle: Icarus (Icar)
   CK) Atlas: Half-way check point! (AtH)
   CM) Mini-Boss: Titan Minotaur 3 (TiMi3)
   CN) Titan Minotaur 3: Phase 2 (TiMi3P2)
   CO) Titan Minotaur 3: Phase 3 (TiMi3P3)
   CP) Inside the Mighty Titan (ItMT)
   CQ) Platforms of DEATH (PlatOD)
   CR) Atlas’ Arm (AtArm)
   CS) Temple of the Fates (TotF)
   CT) Inside the Great Temple (ItGT)
   CU) Worst Part of the Game EVAR (WPOG)
   CV) Translator Battle: Waves 1 & 2 (TransW1&2)
   CW) Translator Battle: Wave 3 (TransW3)
   CX) Hallway of DEWM! (HwoD)
   CY) Garden of the Gods (GotG)
   CZ) Sacrifice: Sirens (SacSi)
   DA) It’s That Time Again… (ITTA)
   DB) Cerberus Room (CerbR)
   DD) The Elevator of DEWM! (EleoD)
   DE) It’s HOT down HERE! (IHdH)
   DF) Awakening the Phoenix (AwatP)
   DG) Chasing the Phoenix (ChatP)
   DH) Phoenix Rebirth (PhRe)
   DI) Fallen Allies (FalA)
   DJ) Mini Boss: The Last Spartan (TLSpar)
   DK) Boss Fight: The Kraken (TKrak)
   DL) The Kraken: Phase 2 (TKrak2)
   DM) The Kraken: Phase 3 (TKrak3)
   DN) A Date With Destiny (ADWD)
   DO) Boss Fight: Lahkesis (Lahk)
   DP) Lahkesis: Phase 2 (Lahk2)
   DQ) Boss Fight: Atropos (Atro)
   DR) Boss Fight: Atropos & Lahkesis (AtLa)
   DS) Corridor of Chaos (CoCh)
   DT) Corridor of Chaos: Wave 1 (CoCh1)
   DU) Corridor of Chaos: Wave 2 (CoCh2)
   DV) Corridor of Chaos: Wave 3 (CoCh3)
   DW) Corridor of Chaos: Final (CoChF)
   DX) Road to Clotho: Phase 1 (RtC)
   DY) Road to Clotho: Phase 2 (RtC2)
   DZ) Boss Fight: Clotho (Clo)
   EA) The End Begins (TEB)
   EB) Final Boss Battle: Zeus (FZeus)
   EC) Final Boss Battle: Zeus Phase 2 (FZeus2)
   ED) Final Boss Battle: Zeus Phase 3 (FZeus3)
   EE) Final Boss Battle: Zeus Phase 4 (FZeus4)
   EF) Credits (Cred)

                     Legal Information (LegIn)
This guide may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for 
personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or 
otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use 
of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display 
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This guide may be used only on GameFAQs.com. If you have a site, and 
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information was included in the introduction. If you have permission to 
use this FAQ, you may not edit it, place it in an HTML document, place 
any ads around it, or place it in a password protected or restricted 

                        SoD Videos (SVid)
These are some videos made by others to help us with our FAQ. None of 
these were made by us, as we do not have the equipment necessary to 
make them. Some of them show strategies to make your SoD journey 
easier, some show how to use the different moves of the SoD to create 
combos, implementing magic. The-creeper (who I call simply Creeper) has 
made a series of vids for our FAQ in order to show how to beat certain 
bosses easily.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F7ig9fcqnHI - This is a vid made by the-
creeper, for this FAQ. It shows perfectly how to stun and defeat the 
Barbarian King in his third and fourth phases. This does not work as 
well on the first phase, and does not work at all on the second. 
Creeper explained everything down in the comments.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SKk00i6Sy_w - This vid, made  again by 
the-creeper, shows how to beat Theseus with minimal trouble, using 
Piercing Shards. It does not show the entire battle. It shows different 
parts of it. Creeper explained what he did again in the comments 

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m765meJIR4w - Another Creeper video. 
This one shows how to defeat the Dark Cerberus easily. However, 
Piercing Shards doesn’t do much damage here, as Creeper stated, so he 
had to find another way to kick some dog ass.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BfvpnpbtfIU - Hehe, I love this vid, 
again by the-creeper. Here, he shows how to absolutely decimate Euryale 
with Piercing Shards. Another sweet spot has been found here, usable in 
her first and final phases.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QO7Ixciqzv0 - Next installment in this 
video series, here Creeper beats the living hell out of Perseus. He 
uses a trick found by Dragonpwner himself, which is used similar to the 
way it was used for Theseus and the Barbarian King.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eM03bNFizJ8 - Here is another Creeper 
vid. This is the fight against the Kraken. Creeper found a semi-sweet 
spot and exploited that, Piercing Shards, and in the second part, Titan 
Storm, to kick some ass.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KC2zE7OasTM - This is where Creeper 
brutally defeats Lahkesis. He uses Piercing Shards while jumping 
between grapple points for good damage. He also uses the AotF trick to 
keep Lahkesis under his control. For those who don’t know, Lahkesis 
will blast you as soon as you try to activate the Amulet of the Fates. 
You can reflect it back at her with the fleece.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zq4gVWD1V4I - There wasn’t much Creeper 
could do here against Atropos with the SoD besides blowing up a few 
grunts. XD He mostly uses grapples, rolls, and fleece reflections to 
defeat Atropos.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Eb3qaNxuM0 - This is Creeper’s fight 
against the first two Sister of Fate. Here, he uses the SoD a lot, 
mixing Piercing Shards with reflections to defeat them. He also uses 
his Piercing Shards while jumping between points trick here.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8mK5OuH_ru4 - Now, you’re probably 
sitting there thinking, “That there Endurance Run will be impossible on 
my SoD run”. Well, think no more. Creeper has not only done this, but 
he’s found an excellent way of pwning Satyrs. Launch, Piercing Shards. 
Repeat until dead. :D

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jK4GYab6xFc - The final battle against 
Zeus. Creeper reflects, electrifies, smacks, blasts, and pounds his way 
to victory here. He used the parry explosion attack when Zeus punched, 
and reflected his lightning back at him. Don’t worry, there’s still 
plenty of SoD use.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FlylNiKus1g - This is a vid by 
Hwoarang_Master. A nice, random combo, using magic to juggle the enemy. 
Short, but an awesome combo nonetheless.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jAixKoMiA_g - Creeper’s new vid series 
has begun with this, a Colossus battle on a General Kratos Titan Mode 
run. He’s using the SoD, obviously, with Typhon’s Bane.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=umG0lkf2NZo - Another Colossus video 
here, with the SoD being used with my personal favorite magic, Cronos’ 

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZGA0KHP8g0Y - Steeds of Time vid, 
Creeper using the SoD in his new run. Kicking some Siren ass with my 
favorite weapon.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RudAOMTCcAM - Theseus battle again. This 
time, Creeper did not summarize strategies. Sorry, folks. ;) He does, 
however, seem to get some pleasure out of raping this poor man with the 

                     SoD Move List (SoDML)
This is a list of all the SoD’s moves. We have included descriptions of 
each attack and our rating of the attack, 5 being the highest, 1 being 
the lowest. 

L1+[ ] - Deadly Slash/Altering Slash
This is an excellent move, easily the best crowd controller. Kratos 
will swing the SoD in a wide arc. The main problem with this is the 
fact that it barely stuns enemies at all. Larger enemies, such as 
minotaurs, will just go straight through it and pound you. It’s 
still a good move to throw out when surrounded by weaker enemies. At 
Level 3, you will receive Altering Slash, which allows this move to 
plant a bomb inside of an enemy. However, it will only affect one 
enemy per swing. The slash does decent damage, and hits just about 
any enemy around Kratos unless they are directly behind you. The 
bomb also damages nearby enemies when it explodes.
Rating: 3 (Deadly Slash), 5 (Altering Slash)

L1+/\ - Piercing Shards
Another useful move. Kratos just lets loose a shotgun-like blast of 
energy. It’s useful in that it stuns enemies, but what it’s really good 
for is smashing stoned enemies. It will break most stoned enemies (the 
only exceptions are Hades Minotaurs, who will break with three) in one 
blast when it‘s at level 3, including Gorgons, who get free faster. 
Unfortunately, the range sucks. Since it’s a focused attack, it is not 
a crowd controller either. You can perform this attack in the air by 
pressing L1. Some enemies and bosses can be raped by this attack, so 
expect to see it abused.
Rating: 4 1/2

L1+O - Unfortunate Remains
Meh. Not bad, but Altering Slash kicks the crap out of it. However, you 
receive UR before you receive AS, so expect to use it. Kratos slams the 
spear down, planting a bomb on the floor. After a few seconds, it will 
explode, doing moderate damage to nearby enemies. If you hit an enemy 
with the spear while it slams down, the bomb will not be planted, but 
the enemy you hit will take more damage and a small shockwave will 
Rating: 2

[] x5 Orion’s Fury
This attack’s gonna be your bread and butter for the entire run, so get 
ready to have lot of fun. The attack follows this flow; the first three 
hits are big, sweeping, strikes, then the fourth, Kratos makes several 
sharp, fast, stabbing motions that, if used correctly,  will skewer all 
enemies in front of him. The final attack is sort’ve like a blend of 
Unfortunate Remains and Altering Slash, in that, it is a long sweeping 
strike, but it ends in a powerful explosion.
Rating: 5

/_\x3 Icarus’ Rage
This’ll be the move you use for those tougher one-on-one engagements 
against Satyrs, or Legionnaires. This moves flow of attack is sort’ve 
like an improved version of the BoA’s Launch, in that, it first 
launches an enemy airborne, then Kratos stabs the enemy multiple times, 
before ending the combo with a shotgun blast aimed towards the enemy.
However, it is absolute SUICIDE to use this when more than two enemies 
are present, UNLESS, you have a Cronos Rage Orb activated.
Rating: 3 1/2

                    IMPORTANT!!!! READ ME!!!!
Now that I’ve garnered your attention, I figured that you ought to know 
this much, you see, the ending strikes of the normal combos (I.E. 
Orion’s Fury and Icarus’ Rage), can be switched with each other, as in, 
if for some ungodly reason, you decided to use Icarus’ Rage against a 
group of enemies, you can change the ending combo to Orion’s’ Fury’s 
ending attack instead, and vice versa. Another interesting note is that 
the first two strikes of Orion’s Fury can be added onto Icarus’ Rage, 
thus turning it into a 5 hit combo.

Useful note: When most enemies are killed with the SoD equipped, you 
have a chance to gain magic orbs at the cost of some experience orbs. 
It isn’t much, but it adds up and can be useful at times, namely the 
corridor before Clotho.

                         SoD Damage (SoDD)

Level 3

Orion’s Fury - 6, 12, 12 damage = 30 damage. Ender - 33 damage

Icarus’ Rage - 6 damage. Pokes - 4 hits = 36 damage. Ender - 42 damage.
1. The launcher is quite fast. Great against Clotho's limbs and 
launching enemies quickly.
2. The pokes afterwards are good for getting air kills when not looking 
to waste magic.
3. The triangle ender is quite powerful, actually. 40 damage makes it 
slightly stronger then lvl5 Blades' "Spirit" but still weaker then the 
basic triangle hits of the Hammer.

Air Square - 9 damage. Air Triangle - 6, 18 damage = 24 damage.

Piercing Shards - 20 damage.
1. Piercing Shards doesn't count towards combos and is ideal for 
breaking stoned enemies
2. It stops Gorgon Stare if it connects and can put enemies (Ex: 
Barbarian King) into a stun animation repeatedly.
3. Decent at achieving collision damage.
4. Unaffected by difficulty settings.
5. Excellent tool for exploiting in Bonus Play.
6. Passes through walls/barriers if close enough.

Unfortunate Remains - 12 damage. Bomb - 15 damage.
1."Remains" detonate in 2.5 seconds. It needs a surface to lie on. Bomb 
quirks haven't all been covered yet. They are effective means of 
keeping enemies off their feet.

Altering Slash - 18 damage. Bomb - 15 damage.
1. "Altering" cannot be triggered if initial hit triggers enemy "O". It 
often will not if the hit does killing damage. (Not that it would 
matter) it takes about 5 seconds to detonate and a minimum of 2.25 
seconds altering to be completed. (Bomb always detonates in the same 
amount of time)
2. Bomb damage doesn't affect enemies in grapples even if altered. This 
can be used to your advantage in some cases.
Ex: an altered Cursed Legionnaire is about to blow between three Cursed 
Legionnaires and a Hades Minotaur. Instead of merely letting it go off, 
grab the altered Cursed Legionnaire, doing bomb damage to all nearby 
enemies, and toss the enemy for collision damage.

Now, with that being the damage the spear can do, obviously this 
information is useless without the health of the enemies. So, here is a 
list of every enemy you will fight with the SoD and their HP:

Barbarian Mercenary - 30HP
Beast Lord - 80HP
Cerberus - 300HP
Cerberus Breeder - 250HP
Cerberus Seed - 50HP
Cursed Archer - 10HP
Cursed Harpy - 30HP (15HP during Pegasus sections)
Cursed Legionnaire - 90HP
Cursed Remains - 50HP
Cyclops Berserker - 250HP
Cyclops Brute - 325
Cyclops Tyrant - 300
Erebus Minotaur - 60HP (90HP during Theseus fight)
Fates Guardian - 65HP
Fates Juggernaut - 400HP
Fates Sentry - 35HP
Gorgon - 85HP
Gorgon Assassin - 150HP
Gorgon Queen - 200HP
Hades Fiend - 45HP
Hades Harpy - 45HP
Hades Juggernaut - 200HP
Hades Legionnaire - 200HP
Hades Minotaur - 160HP
Hades Nymph - 25HP
Harpy - 15HP
High Priest of the Fates - 130HP
Hydra Boat Captain - 10HP
Legionnaire Captain - 150HP
Minotaur Grunt- 120HP
Nymph - 25HP
Rabid Hound - 35HP
Rhodes Archer - 15HP
Rhodes Soldier - 20HP
Satyr - 150HP
Satyr Champion - 210HP
Siren - 120HP
Siren Widow - 100HP
Titan Minotaur - 400HP - 500HP - 730 HP *in order of appearance in 
game; first being the standard*
Undead Archer - 10HP
Undead Legionnaire - 45HP
Wild Boar - 35HP
Wraith Asphodel- 180HP
Wraith of Athens - 120HP
Colossus of Rhodes -45HP - 150HP - 375HP
Theseus - 280HP - 270HP
Barbarian King -180HP - Invincible - 240HP - 140HP
Dark Cerberus - 200HP - 400HP *after eating the arm*
Euryale - 200HP - 180HP - 150HP
Perseus - 150HP - 150HP - 150HP - 60HP
Last of the Spartans - 300HP
Kraken - 100HP exposed tentacle - 50HP stuck tentacle 1 - 125HP stuck 
tentacle 2 - 100HP each tentacle
Lahkesis - 650HP - 200HP
Atropos - 400HP
Lahkesis/Atropos - 150HP - 125HP with single mirror remaining/80HP in 
Clotho - 20HP per hand - 75HP per hand
Zeus - N/A - 400HP - 375HP - 400HP - N/A

Note: Multiple sets of HP indicate phases.
Note 2: The damage numbers were done on Normal difficulty. There are 
other guides that list the differences in other modes, so if that’s 
what you’re trying to figure out, you’re gonna have to do some math. 
Multiply by 0.75 for Titan.
Note 3: Most people don’t know this, but Rage of the Titans does NOT 
increase the power of any weapon or magic. It gives you a stronger 
move-set for Athena’s Blades, but that’s it.

                   SoD-only Combat Walkthrough (SoDCW)


                   Area One: Cut Down to Size. (A1)
Okay, when the battle first begins, there will be a few minor soldiers; 
these guys can be dealt with fairly easily by using the square combo. 
If too many soldiers begin to swarm you at once, a good strategy is to 
use the L1+[ ] attack, known as "Altering Slash". This attack will make 
a long sweeping motion with the SoD and hit most of the soldiers around 
you, planting a bomb inside one of them. Now allow them to gather 
around you. Notice how that one guy's turning purple? Yeah...Make sure 
he's close to the center of the group in order for the bomb to have 
full effect. After the soldiers have been dispersed, rinse and repeat 
until all are dead.

Creeper: With lvl2-3 SoD, you could just pick between the lower left 
and lower right corner when spamming Unfortunate Remains.  The hits 
will keep them mostly off-balance.  If you aren’t using General Kratos 
it will destroy them in a hurry while you are safe.

               Boss Battle: Colossus Stage One (ColS1)
When this battle starts, the Colossus will attempt to smash into the 
balcony you're on. Jump to avoid. When you're on the ground, there 
should be about 5 or 6 soldiers running around, don't try to kill them. 
Just try to stun them to get them out of your way. You'll see why we 
need them later. Now, you should have positioned yourself next to the 
wall where the catapult is, if you have, great, if not, MOVE. When the 
colossus raises his arms in the air to pound the ground where you are, 
jump onto the area where the catapult and you'll avoid all damage 
handily. Now, while he's still got his hand on the ground, jump over 
and proceed to wail on it. For those of you using a lv.3 SoD, L1+[ ]'s 
bomb it lays afterwards can be good for getting some extra damage off 
on him after the initial wailing is over with. If ever you should be 
away from the wall, and the colossus is raising his hands up to hit 
you, don't try to roll, you'll fail. Instead, grab one of those 
soldiers that I told you to keep alive. When the Big man stuns, run to 
the catapult and you know what to do!

Creeper: You could also use Altering Slash on the group of soldiers to 
make living bombs where the Colossus attacks.  I like to use the upper 
right corner *near the drop point of soldiers* while waiting for the 
Colossus to attack.  When he does I use between 5-6 air square hits. 
*sometimes a Piercing Shards too*

              Boss Battle: Colossus Stage Two (ColS2)
Now similar to the last fight, the Colossus will, for lack of a better 
word, "ambush" you after you climb up the wall. To avoid this, you can 
jump to the right of his fist and avoid the attack completely, hell, if 
you're swift enough you can stop him mid-animation. Now, once you get 
down to the ramparts, he's going to have one hand resting in front of 
you, try to stay to the right of it as you attack, other-wise he'll do 
a backwards fist smash, which is close to undodgeable. You *can* roll 
under it, if you've got really good timing, though when I tried it, he 
one-shot killed me. Anyway, stay to the right of his hand, and he'll 
raise up his left hand (your right) and try to smash you, he usually 
misses completely. And if he does, sweet. Because if you start a combo 
on his right palm, the ending hit almost always smacks his left hand. 
Ending in MASSIVE DAMAGE! Well. Massive damage for the SoD anyways.
After Big Boi gets stunned, he'll be more pissed off than John Wayner 
after they unfroze him. So run over to the grapple, wait until Big Boi 
raise both his arms waaaaay up in the air...SWING DAMMIT!!!!!! After he 
is done, jump back over to him. With good timing, he should just be 
coming out of the recovery animation for that attack. If not, expect to 
die. Because he'll swat you off the grapple point, and watch as you 
fall to your death. Now keep this up till he gets stunned and goes over 
by that…wheel…thingy…go over and minigame. After minigame, you'll be on 
the *right* ramparts. This is bad. Because there is 0 room for dodging. 
HOWEVER, it is possible to avoid all damage and relocate the Colossus 
over to the left ramparts. Here's how: After mingame, immediately run 
to the grapple, grapple over, and roll-cancel all the way over to the 
other wheel thingy. The Colossus will do a big two-armed sweep, and 
miss you completely. Rinse and repeat above strategy, after minigame, 
L1+R1, and escape his Crusher Grip! Cookie to whoever gets the Pokemon 

Creeper: You could also stay in the center of either rampart to lure 
him into a smash attack with his opposite arm.  I use the Bow Trick 
*drawing the bow the second a hit is to make contact* to negate his 
damage before doing Orion’s Fury.  Usually I’ll attack his resting hand 
before and afterwards.

When he goes for his tantrum pound, I again Bow Trick through it.  If 
you aren’t opposed to using magic I suggest using “Lethal Vortex” as he 
prepares for that attack OR if you have GREAT timing, a single PS.  
This will leave him with very little damage left to be done before 
recoiling again.

                 Area Two: Cleanin' up Town (A2)
After that intense fight, you'll be blasted into yet another building. 
-Sighs- He never can make a proper entrance, can he? Anyway, open the 
gate and navigate through there until you see archers behind a gate. 
Take a left. Save at the save point. Continue onwards. after the save 
point, you'll ransacked by about 6-7 soldiers, now try to lure them 
*behind* the wall so you can avoid getting hit by the archers mid-
attack, because it sucks to get stopped JUST before a finishing strike 
then getting slaughtered by 6-7 simultaneous attacks. Anyways, Ice the 
soldiers, then run over and grab the archers. Mother-heffers. Do the 
simple little puzzle then you'll be tossed into yet another hallway 
with 6-8 soldiers and three archers. Jump over the regulars and grab 
the archers, now square, square, square, the remaining mo-fos. Or use 
the L1+[ ] strategy. Whatever suits you. I prefer to combo, since you 
can cancel during the multi-hit part and roll or block. Afterwards, go 
forward and ride the elevator, while enjoying the soothing sounds of 
Beethoven's third...K. Elevator ride's over. Run over to the window and 
-gasp!- PEEPING TOM!!!! Poke his eye out with the Triangle combo.

Creeper:  For the first wave I suggest, Unfortunate Remains then 
grapple killing the archers and finishing survivors if any are present.  
Pwner’s strat for the second is sufficient.

Area Three: Those who live to run away live to fight and run away 
again! (A3)                            
Okay, now after the cutscene, run over to the ledge and jump up onto 
it, as you may have noticed there are a few friends waiting to greet 
you. Say hi, then cut a bloody swath through them. Don't bother 
fighting them. Just run. There’s an obscene amount and they're not 
worth the time or effort. After you kick open the door, break the glass 
and jump down. Deal with the soldiers as you deem fit. Then go and grab 
those god-forsaken archers! Afterwards, just climb back up and "Mission 
Impossible" your way over to the save point, save. Proceed. Now, after 
you slide down that chain, you're going to be in a teeny-tiny area with 
four guys. Ummm.....GRABS. Use the chests if you need them and open 
that gate.

Creeper: If you skip the waves of Soldiers/Archers before the glass 
you’ll only have at most 3 Archers to contend with.  You can actually 
make it across without killing them with enough BoW Trick practice to 
negate their arrow shots. *in air*  It will be wiser for most to simply 
go down and kill them.

              Boss Battle: Colossus Stage Three (ColS3)
AMBUSH! QUICK ROLL, ROLL, ROLL DAMMIT!!!!! After dodging the Colossus' 
ingenious ambush, he will wander over to the rampart and proceed to 
scream about his hand. Lol, nub. Anyway, he'll smack his hand into the 
ground and make a shockwave. Avoid it by not touching it. Nowm I find a 
good strategy is to stay near the Blade of Olympus, but not TOUCH it. 
This will make the Colossus do his shockwave ground pound...Jump over 
shockwave and use the airborne triangle, or square combos to attack. 
That's...pretty much it. Now do the whole switcheroo and repeat above 
strategy. After you drain your magic, there *is* an easier way to beat 
him this round. Run over to his hand, press R1 and voila, instant stun. 
Now pick up dat dere sword and watch as it magically turns into the 
Spear of Destiny! :O! Amazing!  Now, the Fat man will be a great deal 
weaker now. I recommend winding up a square combo then smacking him 
with the finishing combo. It does like...2x the normal damage of a SoD 
hit. Do this about 5 times and FINISH HIM!!!

Creeper: I’ll just offer a magic loving strategy using Typhon’s Bane.  
Once near the sword he likes to do his fist pound.  While he is 
swinging for the hit use “Titan Storm”.  If he needs a few more hits 
afterwards, just shoot him with square shots of the Bow.  Pull on the 
sword.  As soon as you release it, fire off another “Titan Storm”. Pull 
on the sword again, this time the drain of magic will actually refill 
it. (Bonus Play advantage)  As you release, again use a “Titan Storm”.  
Pull the sword - will refill any lost health - free, *to become the 
SoD* roll towards the severed hand and toss it at the Colossus to make 
“O” appear.
I may make a vid of this later and/or write down a strat of my own for 
pure SoD pwnage in this fight.

                    Boss Battle: Zeus (Zeus)
Meh. Not really much of a fight. After the cutscene you just 

                      Pits of Hades (PoH)
Alright. Gaia knows how to motivate people, eh? Anyway, once you’ve 
regained control of Kratos, immediately grab the first arm in front of 
you by pressing O; this will kill that arm and several others. Now, 
this next bit is important, if you are a true SoD runner, then you will 
only use grabs as I did. However, due to my co writer’s argument, you 
may use the Blades if you wish. Afterwards proceed in whatever fashion 
you wish, grabs or slashes. Makes no difference to me.

                    Eastern Ramparts (EastRamp)
Okay, go save, talk to soldier “blah blah blah Spartans do not 
surrender”….Pegasus appears, go ride ‘em.

                   Pegasus Segment 1 (PegSeg1)
Oh goody, goody. It’s game time, now before I begin, it should be 
mentioned that if you are a TRUE SoD user you will use tackles only to 
kill your enemies, and on Titan mode, that’s like…two tackles. Anyway, 
after you slaughter the first few gryphons, a Raven will come and dive 
bomb you. Return fire and press shown buttons until “O” appears. Now 
mash it. Raven dead. Now the fun part, the SoD Wannabe appears. Don’t 
YOU wish you could use it while flying? I do….Anyway, once inside his 
jet stream make an evasive maneuver to the left to dodge his first wave 
of attacks, then down, then right, then up, however his final wave 
*will* hit you, do the analog stick thing, and good luck.

Creeper: Note that the R1/L1 shoulder attacks are one in the same with 
collision damage so they do: 5 (Easy), 10 (Normal), 25 (Hard), 50 
(Titan) and double any of these with General Kratos or Hydra Armor due 
to their decreased attack power. *know that RotT will always weaken 

We all wish we could swing it around and use it as the Dark Rider 

                       Enter Typhon (EntT)
Typhon, the mighty ice titan whom gives you your Bow. As soon as 
Pegasus lands, he’ll be caught underneath Typhon’s hand, and you can’t 
move it just yet, OH ROTTERS! Anyways, make your way down and you’ll be 
attacked by a few harpies. I find that the airborne /_\ combo not only 
does a good amount of damage, but also grounds them, allowing for a 
grab finish. Anyway, after the Harpies are dealt with, smack Typhon’s 
finger until he withdraws it. Now coming to the wall, climb left then 
when you get to the fall, just mash R1 and skip right past the enemies, 
they’re not worth the time or effort to kill. After you get done with 
that run into the hallway and you’ll face three harpies and an Erebus 
minotaur. Let me disclose a rumor, right here, right now. YOU CANNOT 
AXE. THANK YOU. Now, off the harpies and only the Minotaur will be 
left. Square, square, triangle baby!

Creeper: I tend to pretend the whole Typhon section is a under speedrun 
conditions so I skip any battle/section that isn’t forced in Bonus 
Play. *almost invariably now*

Instead of mashing R1, you can simply hold it to slide down walls.  I 
lol at all who try to catch a Erebus Minotaur’s attacks as if they were 
Minotaur Grunts.

                     Death on the Wind (DotW)
Now as you exit the cave, the door will slam shut behind you, and you 
will see three Undead Archers resting high above you on poorly made 
scaffoldings. I recommend L1+O and Triangle for destroying them. After 
you bust down the first scaffolding, the archer will drop down, 
unharmed. Time to change that. Right about now, an Erebus Minotaur is 
spawning, grab the Archer and toss him into the Minotaur; this will 
cause him to minigame. DON’T KILL HIM YET. If you kill him now, two 
more Minotaurs will spawn, making it harder on you. Instead, focus on 
destroying the remaining scaffoldings. When you do, toss one archer 
into the Minotaur to finish him, then do whatever your heart desires to 
the last.

                    Freeing Prometheus (FrPro)
Yeah, just smack him a couple of times, watch him fall, go down and 
shoot him with Typhon’s Bane. After you get Rage of the Titans, a few 
enemies will spawn. Two Erebus Minotaurs and three Fates Grunts, that 
is. Okay, run over grab a Grunt and toss him into the nearest Minotaur, 
this should do massive damage to him, if not kill him. If he’s still 
alive, launch him skywards, then bring him back down with Orion’s 
Harpoon. (NOT ORION’S FURY!!!!!) Deal with the other Minotaur in the 
same manner, throw a grunt into him, etc, etc…afterwards kill the 
remaining Grunts and wait for the last Erebus Minotaur to pop out…..Use 
the extended version of Icarus’ Revenge for him, should cause him to 
mini game. Now follow the path back to “Enter Typhon”.

Creeper: Orion’s Harpoon (OH), knockbacks, air grapples and throws are 
sufficient means of getting collision damage here.

                    Releasing the Steeds (ReTS)
Okey smokey, as you reach the door, it will be sealed by the power of 
gameplay! So destroy it with RotT and proceed forward. Open the RotT 
chest if you feel the need to. Now as you proceed, three Grunts are 
gonna come after you, I find that a L1+O usually puts them on their 
asses. Afterwards just mop them up, however you please. Upon reaching 
the save point three Grunts will spawn, this fight can be a little 
tricky because it’s in such a small area. I personally prefer to grab 
the nearest grunt and /_\  him into submission, then use two sweeping 
strikes to stun the others, then grab one and toss him into the other. 
Usually results in death. Afterwards, more grunts will spawn. Use 
Altering Slash if you have it, if not, repeat above strategy. Now save, 
and move on. If at all possible, it would be best to avoid the Grunts 
on the roof; they can be real ass-wipes if they gang up on you. 
Anyways, cut a bloody swath through them, and reach Typhon’s hand. Go 
RotT and use Orion’s Fury to move his fingers. Afterwards, just jump up 
there and garb your noble steed.

Creeper: I skip everyone as they are unworthy of effort.  You can 
refill your RotT with three things in this segment: The RotT chest, 
hitting the RotT door w/o RotT and hitting Typhon’s Finger’s w/o using 

                    Pegasus Segment 2 (PegSeg2)
As you exit the cave, a cutscene will play and show a vast armada 
heading out to greet you in combat. Don’t you love that feeling? 
Rushing headlong into battle, against crushing odds, just fighting for 
the hell of it? I do. Anyway, when you first start, dodge a few minor 
fireballs that the enemy Gryphon’s fire; however, be on the watch for a 
dive bomb.
Anyway, continue with the ass-kickery, tackling Gryphons when needed. 
Eventually, a *scripted* raven will dive bomb you, return the favor and 
snap its neck. After that, a few more Gryphons, then HE comes. Yes. The 
SoD Rider. First off, you’ll have to fight him fair. Now, a good 
strategy for wasting him is to tackle into him, this will put him into 
a stun animation that he’ll quickly break out of. Why is this good, you 
ask? Because, immediately after the stun animation his first instinct 
is to tackle the air where you were. I’m not sure why he does; I doubt 
I’ll ever know. Anyway, afterwards, you’re taken back into the Jet 
Stream, now I can’t quite remember the pattern of his fire balls, but I 
DO remember that the first one comes from the right, so move to the 
left. The rest, well, you’re on your own. After that you’ll have to 
fight the SoD Rider again. Don’t bother. It’s quicker to just let 
Pegasus die, so that way you can immediately jump onto the SoD Rider’s 
gryphon. Afterwards, do the button presses and fall to the Earth. Be 
sure to get that button press, or Kratos will fall into the abyss, 
disgracefully, yet quite hilariously, dying.

Creeper: You don’t have to fight the Dark Rider here at all. *who has 
500HP*  Simply pressing “X” to rush ahead/away from him about 3-4 times 
is sufficient to get to the chase.

                   The Adventure Begins (TAdB)
Now, proceed to climb up the wall until you reach the 1st floor. Wow. 
Nice work. I wonder who originally had the design idea for this place… 
Anyway, proceed to the save point, and well, save. Now climb up that 
ladder, and move along the roof until you get to the next floor. When 
you do, a couple of Red Guards will appear. These guards are different 
from regular grunts, in that, you cannot grab them until prompted to do 
so. Anyway, run over to the first Guard and use the extended Icarus’ 
Revenge to make him mini game. When he does, grab him and toss him into 
any other guards, this, in turn, should cause them to mini game as 
If not, Orion’s fury is the way to go. Remember, if you’re ever being 
ganged up on, just lower your guard for a second, and parry the enemy’s 
incoming attack, it won’t disperse the enemies, but it will stun one of 
them momentarily, hopefully giving you a chance to escape. After that 
hassle’s over, climb up the ladder and…DOGGIES!!!! Grab one of the 
little suckers and teach ‘em what real football’s like. Just do this 
until all enemies are done with. Now solve some puzzle, blah blah blah, 
dead people make good paperweights, blah, blah, blah…After that’s all 
said and done, proceed forward. 

Creeper: I’ll resist the urge to tell of every speedrun trick as I go 
through these segments.  The only notable one here is that you don’t 
have to fight many Rabid Hounds.  Just run and free the corpse/weight, 
carry it to the elevator while ignoring the Hounds, grab two while 
kicking them at each other to kill two and get one far away from you, 
pull the lever and proceed about your business.

                Boss Fight: Horned Cerberus (HornCerb)
Alrighty…big doggy. Not much strategy here. Just kick the pups into the 
Cerberus and, do the “O” mini game when prompted. Boom. Fight over. Not 
that challenging, really.

Creeper: Or continue to kick puppies at the Cerberus until it fades 
from existence.  Afterwards kicking the pups at each others.

                       Over and Above (OvraA)
Okay, make your way past the save point and slide down this wall, as 
you do this, you’ll come to a ladder, grab the chests, if you need 
Climb up the ladder and you’ll attach to the roof. As you do this, go 
forward and there’ll be a shiny piece of stone blocking your way. Break 
it. As you do this, Grunts will appear and chase you. Crap. Personally, 
I just try to run away from them. They’re not worth the time. As you 
ascend the wall onto the 3rd floor, there will be several pups coming 
after you, kick them into submission. As you’re kicking, you should 
notice three Undead Archers shooting at you. Run over there and toss 
the first archer into the rest. Killing them all instantaneously. Lol, 
nubs. Make you way to the lever and pull it. As you do, your elevator 
arrives…With s few unsavory guests as well…Grab the Grunts that appear 
and toss them into each other to kill them. If any remain after the 
wrestling match, Icarus’ Rage them!
Now pull the lever, go down and…

Creeper: You’ll want to rush for one of the Archers closest to the 4 
forming Sentries and toss him at them.  If any of the Sentries survive, 
use the Archer on the opposite side to finish the job.

                     Mini-bosses: Sirens (Sir)
Aw, baby, why ya make me hurtcha? Anyway, at first only one siren will 
appear. Take advantage of this, by using the extended Icarus’ revenge 
to make her mini-game immediately. Be warned though, if she dodges the 
attack, IMMEDIATELY BLOCK! Keep repeating until mini game. Now after 
that Siren, things get a bit stickier. Now sirens appear in twos. Crap. 
If you’re using lv.3 SoD, use Altering Slash to plant a bomb in one, 
wait for it, and then waste them while they’re down. If you’re NOT 
using lv.3 SoD, use extended or regular Icarus’ revenge to send a siren 
skyward. Jump up after her, and hit her twice with the airborne square 
combo. Then press “O” and throw back to Earth. Rinse and Repeat until 
mini game. Now, one more set of Sirens. Sheesh. Use the same strategy 
as above to deal with them. Go through the door and save!

Creeper: 4 lvl3 PS are enough to get a Widow to “O”.  The idea is to 
get them in near a wall and keep using PS on her.  When two spawn I 
like to use the launcher to get one airborne and OH her at the other.  
With General Kratos on Titan this will instant kill the other will 
doing about 10 damage to the one you knocked away.  When not using GK, 
I’ll work on the one hit by the collision damage.  IF using GK, I’ll 
beat on the survivor w/ PS until “O” appears. 

                     The Great Exodus (TGrEx)
Yeah, if you don’t know what Exodus means, it’s basically a big word 
for “religious journey”. Anyway, run, or roll-cancel all the way across 
the big ol’ chain until you reach the “Steeds of Time”. They don’t look 
very temporal to me… Anyway, open the chests, if you need them. Then 
pull the lever and go through the door, now make your way over with 
that zip line and…

                   Boss Battle: Theseus (Thse)
Ah. Theseus. My old enemy. Well, if you’ve ever played Titan NUR, he’s 
your enemy too. Anyway, after the cutscene, Theseus raises his Ice 
Lance in the air and screams like a wild monkey, use this opening to 
your advantage to get a few cheap hits in. Afterwards, he’ll retaliate 
with a random attack. If it’s the mini game one, DON’T LOSE IT. If you 
do it correctly, he’ll take MASSIVE DAMAGE! If you do miss it, you will 
take light damage. Brush it off. Now, if he doesn’t do the mini game 
attack, be sure to have L1 held down to block it, after his attack, 
he’ll have his guard down. Show him how dangerous that is with a few 
Piercing Shards to the face. This will do an obscene amount of damage 
and knock him off his feet, allowing you to get in three hits of 
Orion’s Fury, before he comes back to hurt you. After his first stage, 
he’ll power up his Ice Lance with Blue M&M Power. Yes, I made that up. 
Anyway, his attacks will do a small amount more damage than before. Oh. 
And also, he’ll use a new attack where he runs to either the West or 
East side of the field and make Ice Spikes. Stay away from those. Ice 
Spikes=INSTA-DEATH! So use the same strategy as before to waste him. 
Okay, final phase of the fight. And get ready for a doozy. Theseus will 
climb the rooftop in an attempt to cheap shot you. Shoot him down with 
Typhon’s Bane, OR if you’re creative like me, just drop a Cronos Orb 
near in front of the doorway to give him some minor damage. Although 
Typhon’s Bane is more effective. Between each shot, be sure to wait one 
second, no less, no more. Or else your shots will have no effect. Now 
after Theseus jumps up there, he’ll begin throwing ice bolts at you, 
these can be easily avoided by rolling. There are two types of Ice 
Bolts. Slow and Fast. When he shoots Fast, he’ll fire 6 in quick 
succession. When he fires Slow, these will home in on you. Very 
crappily, I might add.
Anywho, after he’s done badgering you with Ice Bolts, he’ll summon two 
Erebus Minotaurs, and while these Minotaurs are on the field, he‘s hoot 
both Ice Bolts at you, and make Ice Spikes appear. Remember, you 
WON’T HAPPEN. DON’T TRY IT. Now to the strategy. I find an effective 
strategy is to use the extended Icarus Rage on him. This puts 
Minotaurs, either in mini game, or close to it. Now you’ll have to go 
through five sets of Minotaurs to finally have enough magic to kill 
Theseus. So here are some tips on surviving that long:

1. When you see a Minotaur about to do an over-head slash, either block 
instantly, or roll sideways. I prefer the latter.
2. Memorize the Ice Spike pattern. It’s vital to survival.
3. Airborne Minotaurs=Good minotaurs.

After you do enough damage, Theseus will go berserker on you. This 
signals the 1/3rd point of the battle. After that, continue firing 
Typhon’s Bane, and finally, Theseus will fall. Do the mini game and 
watch as Kratos smacks Theseus’ head in the door. Who said Kratos 
wasn’t a sadist?

Creeper: (w/ lvl3 SoD) I like to do a series of three PS in a row that 
goes like this:  PS *after any of his attacks end to knock him away*, 
jumping PS towards his downed form *or run at him and PS* and end with 
another while he rises.

In phase 1 of stage 1, it will take 10 PS to get him to power up his 
weapon for phase two.  Holding block will usually bait him into using 
strikes instead of retreating to his two pillar summoning spots so you 
can treat the fight like Phase 1.  If he does the pillar summon, pursue 
him and stand in a place where pillars don’t summon.  Fire off 1-2 PS 
there.  It will take a total of 10 PS in phase two to get him to Stage 

In my vid I show a corner where I stand.  Here he does not use the 
pillars on me or hit me with his projectiles.  When his Erebus 
Minotaurs are summoned I use PS on one to get a collision on the other, 
roll at them, use the launcher, roll forward again, use PS on the other 
Minotaur to cause a collision with my original target. *both will have 
been hit by a PS and a collision at this point*  It won’t take but a 
few square hits to make “O” appear.  Get your magic orbs.  Be sure to 
only do so after shooting off a considerable amount of your magic at 
Theseus through bow shots first so you don’t waste a refill at all.

Repeat the process of shooting, waiting and pwning.

                     Waking The Steeds (WaTS)
Now proceed forward until you get Cronos’ Rage. I like to skip this 
cutscene, considering that you already HAVE Cronos’ Rage. Anyway, 
continue onwards until you reach the Steeds of Time puzzle. Blah, blah, 
blah, Puzzle junk. During the process of this puzzle, however, you’ll 
fight some Harpies. A one, a two, a you-know-what-to-do!…Or if you 
don’t, then just jump and use the square combo. Then when they’re 
grounded, just grab them. After that rousing puzzle, do the mini game 
and, lo and behold, the Steeds are awakened. Now, go back to the save 
point, save, hop on the zip line to the other area, and jump down off 
the roof after the trip. Alright, now it’s my time! When the spiked 
gate comes into view, three Fates Guards (red grunts) will jump off the 
roof and ambush you. Get some cheap shots in while they recover from 
that jumping animation. If you ever get one of the soldiers isolated, 
use the first two hits from Icarus’ Rage to damage them greatly, but 
block when the others come. The first and second attack of Icarus’ rage 
are the only ones that can be cancelled. Unless you use the extended 
Icarus’ Rage. Now after those Guards, three more will spawn *plus* two 
Erebus Minotaurs. Ugh. This an get very annoying, very quickly. 
Personally, I just use RotT and Orion’s Fury to waste these freaks. Or, 
if you’re less of a berserker, then use Altering Slash, block. Wait. 
Boom. Attack. Repeat. After that intense battle, Gaia will start 
blabbing about something…”blah, blah blah, U MU5T F1ND T3H S1STERZ OF 
F8TE KAY-TOS. LOLOLOLOLOLOL.” Anyway, jump off the Steed and kill the 
Fates Guard that spawned with the extended Icarus rage.

Creeper: I prefer to skip, killing the harpies so the only ones that 
spawn will be in the same spot throughout this puzzle.

For the fight with Guardians and two Erebus Minotaurs I like to use 
collisions a lot.  The primary concern is using Guardians to kill the 
Minotaurs. *or use them against each other*

                   Island of the Fates (IotF)
Alright! We get to cross that giant, freakin’ chain again! W00TZ0RZ! 
Anyway…Roll-cancel across the chain until Kratos has vertigo, then when 
you reach the wall, break the piece of wall in your way with a good /\ 
smack. Jump over, climb up, and run to the save point. When you enter 
the room you’ll notice a couple of Hades Nymphs. These guys make GREAT 
grenades. So, as I always say, grab ‘em and forget ‘em. After they’re 
dealt with, jump up the mini fountains, and run to the wall outside 
where you will find another, lone, Hades Nymph. Grab ‘em, and forget 
‘em. Lol, nub. After that encounter, get on the wall and climb sideways 
a bit until you can go down to a ledge. Do so. Then jump from the ledge 
over to the one adjacent from it, and you’ll fight a few more Nymphs. 
Y’know what to do. Now, kick open the door, and run to the little 
fountain decoration. Pull it backwards and swim through the hole. Grab 
the Amulet of the Fates (AotF) and swim back. Run to the button and- 
wait, why the hell am I telling you this?! You should already know what 
the hell to do!

         The Bigger They Are, The Stupider They Are (TBTA)
Okay, after that cutscene, jump down into the fighting ‘arena’ and get 
ready for the Wraiths. I find that activating the AotF, then spamming 
Piercing Shards absolutely ASS-RAPES the Wraiths. >.> Srsly. It takes 
about 5-6 Piercing Shards to kill them, and it puts them into a stun-
state, which allows you to do it again, and again, and again…Anyway, 
after the first two Wraiths, two more will spawn, and they’ll have 
buddies to help. Regular Nymphs, to be exact. Be careful with these 
guys, they can get you stuck which will leave you open for MASSIVE 
DAMAGE! So grab ‘em and forget ‘em! After both Nymphs are dead, two 
more will replace them. Grab ‘em yet again. 
Now that the Nymphs are gone, it’s RAPE TIME. Freeze time, Piercing 
Shards, dead. After they’re dealt with, destroy the face, and move 
forward. Now jump down that ladder, walk a few feet, and…Cyclops. And 
piggies. I hate piggies. Go over and use “O” to insta-kill the boars. 
It’s best to try to NOT let the Cyclops get his hands on one. Otherwise 
he pulls an Ozzy Osbourne and tosses it at you. Now, after they’re all 
dead, it’s time to deal with the Cyclops. Taking him head-on is 
complete suicide. Don’t even try it. Instead get in two hits at maximum 
range, then roll away just before his attack. You can repeat this up to 
three full times before the Cyclops begins coming after you. So abuse 
this as much as possible. When prompted, roll in press “O” and roll 
out. Repeat the strategy above and Cyclops=dead. Okay. That wasn’t so 
bad was it? Well, it’s gonna be a bit trickier now. Now Two Cyclops’ 
will spawn. Yikes. However, there is a simple, yet long way, to safely 
kill the both of them. Run. Run far, far away. Srsly. When you run away 
from them, they’ll go into a roar animation, which leaves them open for 
MASSIVE DAMAGE. Well, 6 hits actually from Orion’s Fury. Good enough, I 
say. Now try to focus on one Cyclops at a time, until one falls. 
Afterwards, the final will be cake.

Creeper: Wraiths aren’t fun to fight in tight quarters.  I’d either 
skip the fight entirely, use launch-to-OH for collisions with one 
Wraith aimed at another or PS a Wraith in a corner.  ALL of these while 
time is compromised.

                   Old Enemies Return (OldEn)
As the title imposes, old enemies return. One in particular: The 
Barbarian King. Now travel down the path, and just before you reach the 
uber-chest the Barbarian King attacks. Press the correct buttons, and 
move the analog stick correctly, and the fight shall begin.

            Boss Battle: Barbarian King: Phase 1 (BK1)
Okay, when the fight begins, BK will charge towards you like a maniac 
on methamphetamines. Roll to the left to dodge it. As you do, the idiot 
will now run in circles around you until he swings his hammer, which is 
easily blockable. After that, try your best to stay in front of him, 
and keep smacking him between each hammer strike. You *should* be able 
to get three Orion’s fury’s hits in between each swing. So, just keep 
beating down on him until the big, flashy “O” appears, then put Black 
Beauty down. 

Creeper: I like to go to the left when using the Spear.  He’ll follow 
so I loop around him in a clockwise manner.  Once he stops running I 
stand in front of him and use a constant stream of PS. *about 7*

                 Barbarian King: Phase 2 (BK2)
Alright, with his horse dead, the BK will now summon even more 
submissive weaklings to aid him. Four Undead Mercenaries, to be 
precise. Be careful when he summons them though, for his big, sweeping, 
summon strike *can* hurt you. Just be sure that right after he summons 
the Mercs that you’re close enough to immediately grab one of  them for 
an insta-death. Now after the first merc is dead, you will be 
vulnerable to attack. The BK’s attacks, that is. So block, then run 
over to the next Merc and mini game his ass. After that, do the third, 
and fourth as well. Then the BK will jump into some strange dimensional 
hole that leads him back to the centre of the ring…Hey. How come Kratos 
never got any cool, undead powers?! -grumble- Oh, well. After he does 
that, he’ll summon one more merc and- ?! The BOAT CAPTAIN?! JINKIES!! 
So yeah, Mini game the Merc and the Captain. Then enter third Phase.

Creeper: Grab kill everyone.

                  Barbarian King: Phase 3 (BK3)
Now, the third, and most feared phase for the BK. The Giant Phase.
The BK will now begin to absorb the souls he brought with him, turning 
him into a behemoth of the man he was. Smack him a few times to make 
him release some minor orbs, if you want. They’re really quite useless. 
Anyway, once he gets Giant, there’s only one effective strategy here. 
Go RotT and Orion’s Fury with the Icarus Rage finisher until the BK 
submits to your will. That’s…about all I can say. I suppose you *could* 
use the SoD’s range to your advantage and just slowly pick away at him, 
but it’s much faster and effective to waste him with RotT. After he’s 
been wasted once more, we have yet ANOTHER phase to go through.

Creeper: As my vid demonstrates, I stand a the MAX firing distance (for 
PS) away from the BK and let off PS in this pattern *retreating after 
each*: 4,4,5 *13 hits from lvl3 SoD*  If he gets too close he’ll attack 
you despite your PS hits.

                   Barbarian King: Phase 4 (BK4)
Alright, it’s almost over, so don’t let up now! While the King is still 
shrinking down to size, smack him for the orbs he releases. If you’re 
good enough though with blocking and rolling, you may not need them.
Now All of the King’s attacks are blockable *except* one. This is Soul 
Summon. You will know he’s preparing it when he raises his hammer in 
the air and rears it back, as he does this, roll backwards, and when he 
releases the souls, immediately roll forwards to avoid all damage! ^_^
Now, simply continue to beat down on him in between attacks, and sooner 
or later, he shall have that infamous “O” above his head, press “O” and 
begin MASHING IT LIKE A MADMAN. Afterwards, follow the button prompts 
and the Barbarian King has been slain by Kratos once more! Funny. Not 
only did he NOT kill Kratos, he also died by his own weapon. How 

Creeper: Same as before.  Out of his three attacks, only one cannot be 
interrupted by PS.  That is the Soul Sharpshooter.  Do as Pwner says to 
avoid the damage and continue with PS hits.  It will take about 8 PS.

          The Hunt for the Golden Fleece Begins (HGolFle)
After the fight, you’ll automatically equip the Hammer. Un-equip it and 
re-equip the SoD, now you *can* deal with the Mercs now, if you want. I 
personally like too, considering how they always messed me up. Now 
grapple across the tree, run forward, kill a few wild boars, and run to 
the save point next to Euryale’s Temple. After that, run over to the 
area where the dead body is. As you approach it, a cut scene that shows 
a Spartan(?) being dragged away by Minotaurs will play. Huh. Sucks to 
be him. Anywho, run over to the dead guy, and take Euryale’s key from 
him. As you do this, a few Beast Lords will attack. These guys can be 
easily defeated with the spamming of “O”. Though be careful. If too 
many Beast Lords gather around you as you’re doing the finishing grab 
on another, there is a VERY high chance one will get you into a combo, 
knocking you into a stun animation, and then, another will do the same, 
over and over, until you DIE. After the Beasties have been defeated, 
(I’ll refer to Beast Lords as “Beasties” from now on, k?) run in front 
of Euryale’s Temple, where you’ll be ambushed by a few skeletons. These 
guys can be a REAL pain. Mostly because, it takes a Piercing Shards to 
stun them, even the finisher combos won’t stun them. So the safe way to 
fight these guys is to, get in one or two cheap hits, then guard 
immediately. I call this technique of fighting, “Turtling”. As you 
guard so much. However, if you’re like me, you can use Piercing Shards 
to send those little guys flying every which way, doing a great amount 
of damage with each blast. After they’re dealt with, run over to the 
gate on the West side of Euryale’s Temple. As you do this, two more 
skeletons will attack. Deal with them as you see fit. Now open the gate 
with Euryale’s Key, and proceed through.

Creeper: None of these fights are necessary.  If you want to have some 
fun with the Cursed Remains you can just use OH to have them kill each 
other or knock them at the “lava” OR Gorgon door *for the lulz*

                  The Steed and the Rider (TSatR)
Now the fun part. As you run forward, a cut scene that shows a Beastie 
popping up will play, and as the Beastie pops up, he’ll blow on his 
horn, summoning a Cyclops which he will now mount. This next bit is 
KILL THEM. Then, with the Beastie dealt with, only the Cyclops is left. 
Now, this won’t be as hard as you imagine, because of the SoD’s pwnage-
worthy range, it makes this guy a lot easier than using Athena’s Blades 
to kill him. Now here’s what you’ve gotta do: First, hit him two times, 
then roll away when the Cyclops tries to stomp on you. Now move in and 
L1+/_\ his ass for MASSIVE DAMAGE! Rinse and repeat. Or, if you’re 
feeling risky, after the Cyclops’ attacks, move in and do TWO hits from 
Orion’s Fury, then L1+/\ him for even better damage. I was able to get 
the Cyclops to mini game in under 45 seconds doing this. Now after he’s 
dead two more Beasties will spawn and attempt to summon Cyclopes. I 
recommend going after the one closest to you, as it takes the Cyclops a 
bit of time to get up there to help their buddies out. Hell, if you’re 
quick enough, you can kill BOTH Beasties before the Cyclops even 
arrives. But, when the Cyclops does eventually arrive, use the strategy 
above to easily ice his ass.

Creeper: Rush the mounted Berserker and “O” him.  The exact instance 
the mini-game for getting the Beast Lord is finished, mash “O”.  This 
will do 4 OH and get get between 2-4 collisions on the Cyclops.  With 
GK in Titan the Cyclops won’t survive that many hits.

When the next two Beast Lords appear, just rush for the one that 
normally blows the horn and grab him (before he finishes).  Kill these 
guys as per normal and no Cyclops will appear.

                     The Broken Path (TBroP)
Now after that little melee is over, head into the little structure and 
move the block as needed. Also, here’s a little trick I learned. Move 
the block over to the left so that the structure’s footing is equal 
with the ground, this’ll come in handy later on. Now, lift the gate by 
mashing “O” and run inside, now proceed down the hallway, and jump off 
the ledge into the pit below. There’s a couple of Hades Nymphs and two 
Wraiths. I think you know what to do. Toss the Nymphs into the Wraiths 
for absolute obscene damage, then when more Nymphs come, well, grab ‘em 
and forget ‘em! If any Wraiths are still alive, there is an interesting 
strategy that’s good for deal with them., Due to the Hades Nymphs’ 
blast radius, the pillar in the middle of the room should be broken. If 
not, BREAK IT. NAO. Now, after that’s done, use Piercing Shards on a 
Wraith *or* “O” grab him. Immediately after either of those attacks, 
there is a very high percentage that they will burrow into the ground. 
As they do this, mash R1 to swing yourself onto the above ledge, and 
cancel their attack. Jump back down, rinse and repeat. Just remember to 
re-equip the SoD afterwards. After them proceed forward, until you get 
to the Hades Fiend area. I hate these guys with all my burning soul…Not 
because they’re hard, they’re just…Crewtons. Anyway, break the first 
two pillars and abuse “O” grabs to kill them. Then shake the last one 
like it’s a giant pillar of Jell-O, and watch the Fiend jump off. Now 
two more will spawn and attack you all at once. Spam “O” grabs. After 
that, jump on what’s left of the pillar and continue forward to the 
puzzle. And fast-forwarding through!!!! Go to the save point and save.

Creeper: Breaking the pillar in the middle and leaving the fight is 
ideal.  For the Hades’ Fiends, I like to launch them and use multiple 
OH to kill them.  After dislodging the big pillar I either leave or 
annihilate the final 3 Fiends by beating them with each other.

                         River Dogs (RivD)
Alright, now this part in interesting because numerous topics are 
usually made for it on the Board, however I have discovered a way to 
make this normally Hate-inducing part of the game, quick and easy. Yes. 
Quick. And. Easy. Now, jump onto the first platform and begin to crank 
it. As you do so, some minor Grunts will attack. Now, when one gets 
close enough, use Piercing Shards to send him over board straight into 
the water, no lengthy, time wasting fight or anything, just aim and 
blast. Then continue cranking it. You can pretty much abuse this all 
you want, until you get done with each platform.

               Mini Boss: Titan Minotaur 1 (TiMi1)
Alright, a nice, quick paced fight for once. To begin the fight, merely 
run up to the dormant Titan rock, and…LIKE ZOMG!!!!! TIATN MINOTAWR!!!! 
I SHALL SLAY YOU!!! ZOMFG!!! Now, there is a very simple, yet slightly 
risky, solution to our big, ugly problem. First, after his initial 
blitzkrieg, run up to him and hit him with Orion’s Fury until the hit 
counter reaches 5 or 6, whichever is your safety number. I prefer 6.
Anyway, repeat this again and again until “O” mini game. Or…If you’re 
the TRUE SoD user…Keep beating down on him with the SoD until he dies. 
I wouldn’t ask of you what I couldn’t do myself.

Creeper: I provoke his forward pounds by standing in a key spot that 
I’ll have to make a vid for. *this one is difficult to pull off*  Once 
he is pounding though, I roll to the right corner near him and do an 
Orion’s Fury ending with a triangle ender.

                   The Hall of Gorgons (THoG)
After the T. Minotaur’s demise, pull down the tree and run up to the 
rope, now rope across, grabbing anyone who gets in your way with “O”, 
etc, etc…Now, once we get across this rope, open up the door, slow 
time, run across the wheel of fate and hop across to the other side. 
Now the fun part. Jump to the conveyor belt and two grunts will spawn, 
don’t even bother attacking them, just wait for the snake eyes to stop 
spewing green junk, then roll forward, wait, roll, wait, roll, now when 
you reach the little, poorly made barricade, go RotT and smack it to 
BLOODY, FIERY, HELLSPAWN DEATH. Then, grapple across to freedom!

               The Legendary Golden Fleece (TLGolF)
Okay, remember how I told you to move that block to the left slightly? 
If you did that, good. If not, you wasted about five minutes on this 
part. Anywho, charge-kick the block into the small structure and you 
just saved yourself a lot of block moving. Now move the other block, 
and tada! Lift up the building and toss it into the muck below. Okay, 
watch the pretty cut scene, and run across the building to the cavern 
and walk into it. Go up to the soldier and watch, yet another cut 
scene. Now, don’t pick him up just yet. Instead, run across the hall to 
fight the Gorgon that spawns. About 4-5 Icarus’ rage should mini game 
her. Tear off her head, TADA. Now pick up the soldier and throw his ass 
in the meat grinder. Quick question. Why the hell do they need a 
freakin’ meat grinder in a place like this? Thing doesn’t even work. I 
mean it broke RIGHT after you put your friend in there…Stupid faulty 
Greek appliances…Anyway, after the grinder’s broken, run in there to 
confront the mini boss.

Creeper: I prefer to PS the Gorgon Assassin to death. (about 8)

              Mini-Boss: Dark Cerberus: Phase 1 (DCerb1)
He’s really not that different from regular Cerberus. Hell, if you took 
a bite out of him, he’d probably taste like grape jelly. Anyway. After 
he gets done playing with his rag doll, I mean Jason(!), he’ll get all 
mean and dominant. It’s Dog Whisperer time. Greek-style. Now, when the 
fight starts, he usually runs up and tries to headbutt you, then does 
an over head paw smack. Or. He may run up and try to do a double paw 
smack. Either way, he does a combination of the two for EVERY physical 
attack. Block them, then retaliate with two SoD hits, these usually 
stun him, if not knock him back some. Now, I’ve noticed that when the 
big doggy has been pushed into a corner, he *usually* starts to spit 
out fireballs. This is good, because after either of his fire-based 
attacks, he leaves himself open for a nice, powerful L1+/_\ right to 
the face. This even includes is second fire attack, a flamethrower, 
which  also leaves him with this deadly opening. Exploit it as 
necessary. Just remember to block his flamethrower too, or else he WILL 
ass rape you. Repeatedly. Slowly. Forcefully. Also note, he sometimes 
goes into a recovery animation after Piercing Shards. Use this to your 
advantage. Use another Piercing Shards on him. I was actually able to 
get off three Piercing Shards before he decided to get out of my way. 
Okay, now after you’ve done enough damage it’s time for…DA-NAH!

Creeper: During this fight PS doesn’t do much damage no matter how many 
times you hit the beast.  I base my strategy on what my foe does:

double attack (swipes/charges)- strafe after blocking the first hit, 
then use Icarus’ Rage to square ender

Quad-firball - I strafe around his body with a Orion’s Fury combo using 
the triangle ender *not much room to guide this hit*  The vid shows 
this better then I describe it.

Charges - I circle round his attack and square hit him a few times.

Flamethrower - Block at close range or if just outside his attack 
range, use Altering Slash/Deadly Slash.

            Mini Boss: Dark Cerberus: Phase 2 (DCerb2)
Well, now that he’s sufficiently fed, he’s going to get a bit meaner, 
what with a new attack and all. It’s nothing to be feared, however. He 
just raises his paw, as if he were going to do a regular paw smack, 
except this time, the paw smack has a shockwave! WOWZERS! TEH UBER 
HAXXORZ! He also does this attack once at a time, unlike his other 
physical attacks, which he does two at a time. Basically, just keep 
beating down on him like in the above strategy, wait for an opening, 
run in and attack. Nothing to it. After the big “O” appears, watch the 
pretty cut scene. You now have the Legendary Golden Fleece! Nifty, 
ain’t it?

Creeper: One new attack to consider.

Strong Paw stomp - Just block and wait for a better chance to hit him.

                  Kratos Gets a New Toy (KGaT)
Now that you’ve acquired the Golden Fleece, go pull the lever and 
fleece back the fire ball. This run will now become a bit easier with 
the fleece. When you leave the Cerberus room, you’ll encounter a 
Gorgon. Attempt to grab her with “O” and watch her rear back and stone 
you. Unless you fleece it back at her, of course. Now, use a Piercing 
Shards, and watch her shatter instantly. Now, another Gorgon will 
appear to avenge her sister’s death. Stone her too. Can you say, “lol, 
Now proceed onward until you get to the front of Euryale’s Temple. Time 
to use that new toy. Block the beams and reverse them back at the door, 
smash it with a few well placed Icarus’ Rages, and voila! Open door. As 
you head inside, you’ll notice two stoned Cursed Legionnares, use 
Piercing Shards to break the little bastards. Go even farther and 
you’ll see three stoned Cursed L‘s. Try to destroy the stoned ones as 
fast as possible, as two more will soon spawn. Remember, Piercing 
Shards is powerful enough to deplete the HP of any stoned enemy, with 
the crappy exception of Hades Minotaurs. After you’ve gotten rid of the 
stoned Cursed L‘s., the others will decide to attack, be sure to Fleece 
their attacks back at them to stun them. Afterwards, use a Piercing 
Shards while they’re down to make them your submissive female dogs.

                 Now THESE Are Zombies! (NTAZ)
As the Cursed L’s. are defeated, jump on the stairs behind them and 
slide down. As you do this, a small in game cut scene will play. You 
have to fight a veritably small army. There are about 8 Cursed L’s. and 
two Hades’ Minotaurs. This may not sound *too* hard, and truthfully 
it’s not, but it can be if you DON’T use magic. Fight onwards, and 
Fleece when needed, drop a Cronos’ Rage orb when needed. After they’ve 
been dealt with, run forward, until you get to the lift. Watch the 
crazy man tear apart the lift’s handle, lol at him while he cackles 
maniacally. Now drop down the lift, and you’ll fight several Hades 
Nymphs…GRAB ‘EM AND?! -crowd- FORGET ‘EM!!! WOOO YEAH!!! Sorry. Anyway, 
after they’re dead, head up the lift and you’ll fight an Undead 
Legionnaire. Use Icarus’ Rage on him. It ass rapes him. About three to 
five should do it. Now save, and go onwards to the ceiling from hell. 
Cross it, and ZOMG BOSS FIGHT!!!!

Creeper: PS still-stoned enemies, then you can PS Legionnaires at the 
Hades Minotaur or use the launcher on a Legionnaire, 5 times air 
grapple him, then toss him at a Hades Minotaur.

              Boss Battle: Euryale: Phase 1 (Eury1)
Ahh, Euryale. My…My…Well, you’re ugly, let’s leave it at that. Anyway, 
when the fight starts Euryale almost always does her Gorgon stare, 
Deflect it with the Fleece and MASH “O” LIKE A MADMAN!!!! You’ll 
reflect it back at her for minor damage and some blue orbs. Now she has 
several attacks that she loves to use, I’m going to list them below:

1.Headbutt; the ultimate, “LOLOLZORZ I CAUGHT YOU OFF-GUARD. LOL” move. 
Be sure to watch the snakes on her head, they’re the indicator for this 
attack, when they raise up in the air, she’s about to use it.
2.Tail Sweep/Tail Pound combo; Her basic attack. It’s very easy to 
fleece back at her, just Fleece it and you’ll avoid all damage 
3.Tail Sweep; This is different from the above one because she doesn’t 
lower her body to the ground in preparation for the tail pound, just 
Fleece it.
4.Gorgon Stare; …If you get stoned and die, I lol at you. Now after 
each attack, Euryale has a nice opening for a Piercing Shards. Take it 
and blow her away. After you do enough damage it’s time for ZOMG!!! 

Creeper: Due to where I stand she really can’t do anything here. *see 
vid*  Shoot her from the spot shown, 10 times to release some orbs.  
She’ll always follow up with a tail sweep.  Stage 2..

                   Euryale: Phase Two (Eury2)
Now Euryale shall climb up on the pillars and attack you from there, 
this is, IMO, the easiest phase. Her attacks are FAR from lethal and 
easily dodged. Her first attack is a minor two-hit tail swipe for when 
you get close to her, just block it. Her second, a strange “Gorgon 
Flare” if you will that sweeps along the ground and stones you, the 
third attack, and certainly the most lol-worthy is the Belly Flop, just 
jump to avoid it. There’s really only one strategy for this part, just 
run up to her, L1+/_\, and block her tail swipe. If she uses the Gorgon 
Flare, there’s a lag time that you can use to avoid it. Alternatively, 
you can easily Fleece it. Just be sure to block early. After you do 
enough damage, reel her off the pillar, and watch her run to the next 
one. Repeat above strategy.

Creeper: Here I stand next to her and PS 10 times to get her to “O”.  
During any of her attacks I use RotT to negate them or just limit the 
damage.  Repeat for second pillar.

                  Euryale: Phase Three (Eury3)
This is the dangerous part, if you have full RotT, use it now. Now spam 
Orion’s Fury or Piercing Shards to attack her, you *should* have just 
enough Rage to get her to minigame in time. Minigame her and EURYALE = 

Creeper: Same as Stage 1, except it takes about 13 PS this time.  “O” 
her to show Kratos’ disapproval of saggy, green boobs.

            You’d Think Kratos Would Get Sick (YTKS)
After Euryale’s dead, do the “STONE THE ENEMIES FOR SEESTERS!!! 
LOLZORZLOL” thing and proceed to the save point. Now save, and…Oh, look 
there. A puzzle. SKIP. I am still needed! Okay, when you get to the 
room with the lever and and the tower, with the AotF statue in the 
back, try to move the lever and a Juggernaut spawns. Use the AotF to 
slow time and Piercing Shards his ass. It should take 8-10 Shards to 
get him to minigame. By the time he’s dead, a few Hades Fiends appear. 
Piercing Shards + AotF = shredded Hades Fiends. Now after they’re dead, 
another Juggernaut will spawn. AotF + Piercing Shards, people!!! Then 
another Juggernaut and three Hades Fiends appear…Do I really need to 
tell you what to do? After that rousing puzzle, head forwards into the 
Lemon Juicer of all Elevators.

               This Is Where Dogs Go To Die (TWDD)
When you enter the elevator, a swarm of dogs will jump down upon you. 
Play some soccer. They should all be dead in a matter of seconds. Also, 
when the last one is left, be sure to hit it with a Piercing Shards to 
kill it. As you get pushed to the top of the room, the elevator will 
attempt to crush you. Mash “O” to push away from it. As you do this, a 
two more dogs will drop in on you, just do the auto-kill on the first, 
then finish the other off with *two* Piercing Shards. Keep repeating 
this strategy until the door opens wide enough to fit through, then 
cheese it and run.

                   Crap, More Minotaurs (CrMM)
As you enter this next area, there will be two Harpies flying towards 
you. Be careful when you try to fight these, so you don’t accidentally 
fall into the endless chasm below. After they’re dead, proceed forward 
to the big hunk of rocks in the middle of that cave, take a few steps 
forward, and…ZOMG! TITAN MINOTAUR!

              Mini-Boss: Titan Minotaur 2 (TiMi2)
This time, our big friend is accompanied by an unending supply of 
Harpies. I find an effective strategy here is to try and stay near the 
T. Minotaur, so as to agitate him into using his spinning attack. 
Because when he does this, the Harpies will be stunned momentarily, 
allowing you to attack the T. Minotaur for a few uninterrupted seconds.
As you do attack him, I find the best thing to hit him with is a 
Piercing Shards, if you time it right, you can even get about two 
Piercing Shards in while he’s recovering from the attack. And, if 
you’re blessed with luck, he’ll go into a stun animation, allowing you 
to get in up to four Piercing Shards. Now since this Minotaur has 500 
HP, depending on what level SoD you’re using it should take so long to 
defeat him:

Level 1 SoD does 10 damage with Piercing Shards.
Level 2 SoD does 15 damage with Piercing Shards.
Level 3 SoD does 20 damage with Piercing Shards.

So, since I have a lv.3 SoD it would take 25 Piercing Shards to kill 
him. Or, if I mini game him, it will take 21-23.

Creeper: Just to add a bit to this strategy I’ll add that you can force 
TM2, into his sleep state by retreating to the back of the room.  This 
is good for forcing his frontal pound attacks which are so delightfully 
easy to exploit.

                  Catacombs of The Fallen (CatTF)
Anyway, after the Minotaur has been slain, grapple across the chasm and 
save. After THAT, head forward until you see a few Skeletons pop up. 
You can either run or fight. For those that choose to fight, I find a 
nice strategy is to use a Piercing Shards x2. This usually stuns them, 
and puts them into mini game, if not kill them. For those of you using 
the Lv.1 SoD it may take about 6 to have desired effect.

Creeper: I like to use launcher to OH to kill scores of Cursed Remains.  
For the final one a single PS then the “O” grab.

                  Courtyard of Lahkesis (CoLahk)
Run up the stairs for a bit, pull the lever, and you’re home free. Now 
go save at the save point to your left, and run towards the ugly 
fireball-spitting statue, and fleece its balls back at it. Not too 
hard, eh? Now continue onwards, opening the chests if needed, and you 
should come upon two Undead Archers. Oust ‘em. I find that using a 
toss-grab kills them both. Now move forwards a few steps and three 
Undead Archers AND an Undead Legionnaire will spawn. This Legionnaire 
can be a HUGE thorn in your balls, if not dealt with appropriately. Try 
to lure him away from the Archers and into another screen. Here, you 
can either Piercing Shards him into death (not recommended) or use 
Icarus Rage to kill him (recommended). After he’s dead, move forward, 
using cover often, and you should be able to grab one of the archers 
and toss him into the others to kill them all. After that, grapple 
across, kill two more archers, and move forward. ONE MORE LEGIONNARE 
PEOPLE! However, you do not have to fight this one. I choose not too. 
But, if you need a strategy for him, a good one is to toss the Archers 
at each other, then launch the Legionnaire over the side into the 
watery abyss below.

Creeper: I like to hit the Legionnaire Captain with archers using their 
grabs.  So I try to skip the first two only to come back and use one or 
both of them against the Captain.  For the second Captain, I hit him 
with the Archers then take him to the cliff edge and knock him over the 
side with OH for the lulz.

                   Courtyard of Atropos (CoA)
“Great. Wraiths…“is what I’d normally be saying, but because we *can* 
use magic, it makes this part MUCH easier. Simply, pluck out Euryale’s 
Head, and stone them. Then Piercing Shards once (or twice if you’re 
using the lv.1 SoD)and TA DA. Wraiths defeated! Once the other spawns, 
you can just abuse Icarus’ Rage on him to kill him.

                   Stupid Summoners (StuSum)
Now, open the door and use the chests if you need them. Proceed onwards 
and -GASP!- An ambush!…Oh, c’mon. This fight’s WAY too easy. Just abuse 
grabs on the Priests for the I-frames (invincibility) and grab them 
mid-air for lots of damage. Easy as pie. Once the other two priests 
spawn, do the same. Don’t worry if one of the priests summons a 
Minotaur while you’re dealing with his brother, they’re not very hard 
to kill. After the old farts have been put in a retirement home, the 
Minotaur(s) will begin closing in on you. If there’s only one, just 
keep abusing Icarus’ Rage. If there’s two, use Piercing Shards to fling 
one a few feet away, and stun him while you deal with the other. Rinse 
and repeat until dead. If there’s THREE…Well. Rage of the Titans is a 
wonderful thing. I’ve never let the priests summon three minotaurs 
so…You’re on your own if that happens.

Creeper: I don’t suggest Rage of the Titans use very often.  This 
situation isn’t one of them.  With General Kratos you don’t get things 
back easily or at all. *bosses are a godsend for the refills they give*

                      Oh yay! SATYRS! (OyS)
After the puzzle, feel free to watch a rousing fight between a Minotaur 
and some idiot. GO MINOTAUR! Anyway, climb up the ladder and you’ll see 
two Fates Guards jump UP from the infinite abyss…This……hurts brain……How 
come THEY can jump UP from the abyss, but we CAN’T? Makes me angry… 
Anywho, a few harpies will spawn as well. The best thing I could find 
to do, was to use the launcher on Icarus’ Rage to knock the harpies 
down, then grab them. For the F. Guards, Piercing Shards pretty much 
solves everything. Go down the stairs and two more will spawn. Repeat. 
Now head ALL the way down the stairs and into the room to fight two 
Satyrs. Normally, this would be BAD. But. Euryale’s Head is here. So 
stone the first, then Piercing Shards him. After that, just abuse grabs 
on his twin. BUT. If you do NOT have lv.3 Euryale’s Head, a strategy 
that *might* work is to launch them in quick succession until they die. 
I have as of yet to test that.

Creeper: There is no need to deal with any of the enemies before the 
Satyr Champions.  Do as Pwner says for them.  Though you an still 
Gorgon Stare a single Satyr into stone mode with lvl1 Head of Euryale.

                       More Puzzles! (MoPuz)
Which means more dead space! Anyway, kick the block into position and 
climb the ladder…I hear………BUZZING. That must mean………GRAB ‘EM AND?!
Anyway, Grab ‘em and forget ‘em. Go through the door and you’ll see a 
few F. Guards jump down to fight you. You can just skip this fight, if 
you want. If you don’t, then be prepared to abuse Piercing Shards for 
the Juggernauts that spawn. Now head forward and fight a few 
Guards…Blah, blah, blah…Piercing Shards, blah, blah, blah grabs. 
Proceed through the puzzle, fight more Guards and a few Harpies. Use 
the launcher to bring back down to earth, and grab em, Piercing Shards 
for the Guards, MOVE ALONG FOLKS AND………Even MORE Guards and Harpies…Be 
sure to abuse AotF here. Head Northbound and eventually you’ll fight………

                    Boss Battle: Perseus (Pers)
Okay, when this fight begins, the little pansy’s invisible, so you need 
to watch for ripples in the water to see where he is. After you get a 
bead on him, head over and smack him a few times, followed by a 
Piercing Shard. When you see the water explode be ready to block for 
about 6-8 hits. After his initial blitzkrieg ends, he do some more 
random stuff.
If you hear a swinging sound, just hold down the block button, and 
you’ll take zero damage. Now, wait for another blitzkrieg 
and………PIERCING SHARDS HIM. NAO. After you do enough damage with 
Piercing Shards, he’ll go into the “O” prompt. And since you used 
Piercing Shards to mini game him, he should be within a grab’s reach.

           Perseus: Phase 2: Sword + Shield (PersP2)
After that, it’s time for the easiest phase of the fight. The sword + 
shield phase. I honestly laughed when I got to this part of the fight. 
If I had a video I’d show it, you’d see why, but I’ll see if Creeper 
can do it for me, since I don‘t have the means to record it. Anyway, 
immediately after the mini game’s over, just keep pressing L1+/\ and 
Perseus will get stunned, again, and again, and again…and if you get 
him in a corner like I did, he’ll take constant damage. So keep doing 
this, until Kratos takes that horribly-made sword and snaps it into a 
million pieces.

Creeper: Covered Pwner’s trick in my vid.

                 Perseus: Phase 3: Shield (PersP3)
Now the final, and most hate-inducing phase. The Shield Phase. When it 
begins, hit him once with the SoD, so that you can get your bearings, 
then keep hitting him until he gets rammed right into a wall. When he 
does, PIERCING SHARDS PEOPLE. Abuse it until he gets back up. Now, keep 
this up and eventually, he run towards the back wall and await his 
encroaching death. Speed up the process for him. Now, be aware that his 
“SHINING LIGHT” attack can give you a serious hand ache if he decides 
to abuse it. Because, this. Attack. HURTS. Z.O.M.G. Talking. Like. 
Oprah. Anyway, after the fight, solve a minor puzzle and TOODLEY-DOO!

Creeper: Use PS to get him near a corner/deal damage.  When he tries 
his Flash crap, use 3 Cronos Rage to negate it and deal damage. *or if 
done with bad timing…you’ll at least deal damage*  As he is forced back 
and the game slows, roll towards him and PS.  If at any point he runs 
into a wall, PS him a few times.

Once he starts retreating for the back wall, roll-cancel all the way to 
where he will be and unload all your Cronos Rage as he nears you.  If 
all goes well he will be at “O” without even reaching for his sling or 
doing his flash. *demonstrated in vid*

                  Remember This Place? (ReTP)
You should. It’s where we first discovered the SoD. Grapple across and 
murder those two soldiers. Move onwards, pull a lever and proceed 
through the door. Go grab the SoD and some enemies will attack. What? 
Not even Guards? Just Grunts? And you’re GIVING me an AotF Statue? WITH 
the SoD? You are too kind, game. Now I shall make you my *****. Use the 
AotF, and abuse Piercing Shards. Leave NO ONE alive.
After that, solve puzzle.

                     Lowlands Crossing (LowC)
This part of the game = my all time favorite video gaming moment.

                     The Cave of Trials (TCoT)
This is probably my favorite part of the game. Simply because it 
manages to fuse fun and challenge together. So, GET READY TO 

                          Trial 1 (Tr1)
This is rather simple. When the Sirens first spawn, you can get in two 
good Piercing Shards on which ever one you wish to focus on. After you 
do this, she SHOULD mini game. Grab her and block. Repeat until death. 
Now after she dies, another one will spawn to take her place. This is a 
trick bit. What you want to do here is try to get them both down to a 
low amount of health, so that they can be mini-gamed BEFORE the Hades 
Minotaurs are able to be of any use. When the Hades Minotaurs spawn, 
they actually aren’t that hard to kill. Just roll away when you see 
them preparing the Un-blockable attack, PS where able to and they’ll be 
dead in no time!

Creeper: It’ll take 3 PS to get to the mid-”O” and one more to get to 
the final “O” after a grapple.  A good way to get them on their back 
and/or cause collisions is to use Argo’s Return. *parry their bolts*

When facing the Hades Minotaurs I like to stick in front of them and 
parry their normal attacks before using a PS.  During their unblockable 
hit I use the Bow Trick then a PS.  It takes about 8 direct hits of PS 
to get to their “O”.

                         Trial 2 (Tr2)
Alrighty, Challenge time. Actually, you know what? Disregard that 
statement. When you enter the room, a Satyr will spawn. Euryale’s Head 
FTW. Use the shotgun blast and then be amazed that he is NOT completely 
frozen. Indeed. It takes more than just a shotgun blast from EH to 
stone him completely. So after the shotgun blast, hit him with the 
stare for a moment, then go up and Piercing Shards him. This can be 
repeated for the other. After that, wait like 30 seconds, and two 
Juggernauts will spawn. Remember, it takes two Piercing Shards for me 
to get them stunned, so for those of you using a lv.2 it’ll take 4. And 
those of you will lv.1, 6.

                  Boss Battle: Icarus (Icar)
Anyway, after that rousing battle-royale, head onwards and you’ll come 
upon a lonely man known as Icarus. Icarus is a schizophrenic, so he 
doesn’t like anybody…Brighten up his day by kicking his ass. Do the 
prompts and such, until you rip off his wings.

               Atlas: Half-way check point! (AtH)
Indeed. Now run to the save point and save. Be sure to deal with the 
Hades Harpies. After that, crawl up Atlas’ big ol’ beak. Hmm. He sounds 
congested. Afterwards, jump forward until you reach those chain-
platforms. Kill the harpies with the Icarus’ Rage launcher + “O” grab.
After that, jump of the platform down to the lower one, and hop into 
what I guess is Atlas stomach?

                      MOAR SATYRS (MSat)
As you enter this place, a Satyr and two Hades Harpies shall have 
spawned. KILL. THE. HARPIES. LIKE, RIGHT NOW. Because they will make 
fighting that Satyr absolute HELL. There are 6 harpies that you have to 
kill, whom come in sets of 2. After they’re all dead, either use grabs 
to finish the Satyr (meh), or use Icarus’ Rage (mm, yeah). Then another 
satyr will spawn. Yeah. Kill him too. “lol, nubz, I beated your 
champion. Lern2Fight nub.” After that’s over, pull out that bone 
segment, then pull it back and open the chests, if needed. ‘Cause we’re 
about to have a rousing mini boss fight coming up.

Creeper: You could pull the bone block out part way and fight from 
their or simply get it out most of the way, lure them away from it 
again and pull it out, get behind and pull the opening shut.  Basically 
skipping another fight.  Using the alternate OH (holding “O” rather 
then pressing it) of the Harpies on the Satyrs works well too.

              Mini-Boss: Titan Minotaur 3 (TiMi3)
Wow. He’s mobile this time. Still, no biggie. We’re gonna copy the 
strategy from the first Titan Minotaur battle, except with a slight 
twist. This time, we get in THREE cheap shots for his first phase, then 
finish it with a Piercing Shards, m’kay? I managed to do this about 8-9 
times before he went into phase two.

Note: Be sure to dodge his attacks because they hurt. Like, seriously. 
They do MASSIVE DAMAGE. No, really, they ****ING HURT. Like, one-

               Titan Minotaur 3: Phase 2 (TiMi3P2)
This part’s DEFINITELY the easiest part of this fight. Just get into 
the centre of the wall, and when you see the Minotaur rear back his 
arms to toss a rock at you, just mash R1. Then, fast climb back up, and 
repeat for 8-9 times. ENTER. PHASE THREE.

               Titan Minotaur 3: Phase 3 (TiMi3P3)
Yay, now he has a NEW attack. His big 5-hit ground-pounding “GAH, 
STUPID GROUND!!!” attack. This, needless to say HURTS. AVOID IT. SRSLY. 
Anyway, repeat the above strategy for Phase one, but when you see him  
getting out of the ground pound attack, just use a Piercing Shards, 
otherwise he’ll make your life hell. So, just keep abusing Piercing 
Shards, and he’ll go down eventually. After that, push the lump of T. 
Minotaur towards the edge, and go save.

Creeper: To strafe around the TM3 as he prepares for his Ground Pounds 
I use Icarus Wings just outside his strike range.  I aim to get to his 
side or back before hitting him.  Then retreat using a double jump and 
Icarus Wings gain.

                  Inside the Mighty Titan (ItMT)
Well, now that we’re inside of his…abdominal…area, let’s proceed 
forwards, shall we? Smash the…thingy, and jump on the rock that comes 
out. Now smash the road-block, and use the grapple point. Smash the 
rock and fly son, fly. In the next room…UH-OH…Hades Nymphs…Grenade 
time. GRAB ‘EM AND FORGET ‘EM, FOLKS! Easy as that. After that little 
bombardment, climb over to the stone structure and proceed forward. 
Smash the rocks in your way, and grapple enemies with “O”, if needed. 
After that, jump on the platform, sink down, and climb on the roof of 
his bodily area. Now, break the two spikes hanging over that vent and 
drop down and fly forward.

                   Platforms of DEATH (PlatOD)
S’truth. As soon as you fly to one of the platforms, a Legionnaire will 
spawn, along with an infinite amount of Hades harpies. Now, this place, 
*can* be made fairly easy by abusing EH for the shotgun blast, but if 
you’re doing a NUR then a Cronos’ Rage method will have to suffice. So, 
use a CR orb then wail on the Legionnaires while they’re stun-locked 
for some good damage. Best thing to do next to the EH strategy. But for 
the EH method, go shotgun blast+ Piercing Shards=Dead Legionnaire. 
After that Legionnaire’s dead, two MOAR will spawn in his place. If 
you’re doing the EH method, simply continue to do that. If you’re using 
the Cronos’ Rage method continue with that as well, but focus on one 
Legionnaire at a time. In the immortal words of our would-be co-writer, 

Creeper: I always stone the first Legionnaire then PS him away.  If you 
are doing a NUR (a Gorgon Rage for the final two is out of the 
question) I suggest trying to use Harpies against the Hades 
Legionnaires. *air grapples, alt. OH, etc.*  Cronos Rage is nice but 
won’t do much damage.  Icarus’ Rage is good when the Harpies are tied 
up by that spell however.

                      Atlas’ Arm (AtArm)
As you make your way here, open one of the chests if necessary. Now 
head up his massive arm, and when the enemies start to spawn, you can 
just break the rocks and those will tumble down and MURDER any oncoming 
enemies. Now head upwards ad when you get to the right spot, jump away 
from the wall and head towards the little puzzle. Done with that yet? 
Alright. Cool. Now after that little adventure, you’ll get to climb up 
Atlas’ Arm and reach his hand…O joy. As you begin climbing, rocks will 
fall down and attempt to hit you. Be sure to dodge these at all costs, 
for getting hit by one means INSTA-DEATH. Now proceed onward an you 
shall come to a rock face that you must go DOWN. Be sure to hold down 
R1, otherwise, you’ll never make it. After that, dodge some more rocks 
and climb to victory. You see that chain? That………Chain of Torment? 
BREAK IT. Use the SoD’s Icarus’ Rage combo to do so. After that, watch 
the pretty cut scene and press L1 + R1 to escape yet another Crusher 
Grip! Cookie to whomever gets the reference. Alright, after that use 
your magic to ANNIHAILATE the enemies before you.

                  Temple of the Fates (TotF)
Alright, as you pull the lever, two Beasties will spawn and attempt to 
summon some Cyclopes. Now, my close acquaintances keep telling me that 
you CAN stop them before they summon the Cyclopes, but from my 
experiences, it seems impossible. If anyone could prove/ disprove this 
to me, you can mail me at nehispy@yahoo.com. Anyway, my acquaintance, 
Abaddononion2, claims that it is possible to stop them from summoning 
the Cyclopes by using a well-placed Atlas Quake. Then, following it up 
with a Cronos’ Rage orb. However, if a Cyclops does spawn, an effective 
strategy is to let the Beasty climb the Cyclops, then peel him off and 
use OH for lots of collision damage. And if you can’t do that, 
Euryale’s Head is a wonderful thing.

NOTE:I will allow the usage of Athena’s Blades ONLY for ORION’S 
HARPOON. If you press /\ or [] while having Athena’s Blades out, your 
run is void.

Creeper: Atlas Quake is one of a few effective ways of stopping the 
Beast Lords from summoning Cyclops.  After that ONLY aim to kill the 
Beast Lords.  Killing a fiend now creates another spawn point and will 
only make them respawn.  Once all Beast Lords have been killed, murder 
the lone Hades Fiend.

                Inside the Great Temple (ItGT)
Alrighty, now for an easier challenge. Enter the temple and pull the 
lever. As you do this, what seems to be hydraulic-powered spikes will 
fly up from the floor and do lots of damage to you. Do your best to 
avoid these. As you’re running around the place, Nymphs will spawn to 
pester you to death. Literally. They’re web attack can be fatal here. I 
do not recommend the usual “GRAB ‘EM & FORGET ‘EM!” tactic here. As 
this can get you killed, quick, fast, and in a hurry. ONLY grab the 
Nymphs if you KNOW the floor spikes won’t 1-shot you. When the door to 
the big block opens up, drop a CR orb or two to keep the Nymphs at bay 
while you pull it back. When you do, congratulations. Now, onward!

Creeper: It is preferred that magic isn’t spent here too much if at all 
when using General Kratos.  You’ll be needing it for a quick, easy 
victory when protecting the Translator

              Worst Part of the Game EVAR (WPOG)
Indeed. As we head forward, we shall come to an updraft and a locked 
gate. Bypass it as needed. Now, in the next room, a few puppies shall 
attack. Kick them into each other for insta-death. Go into the next, 
next room, and you’ll see a F. Guard and two dogs, immediately kick the 
dog to his left into him and the other and deal with the remaining two 
F. Guards as needed. Now, lift the door and destroy the scaffolding. 
Kick the block into the translator room, be sure to put the block on 
the button, pick up the 

           Translator Battle: Waves 1 & 2 (TransW1&2)
Translator, head out, watch cut scene, head back in.  Now pull off the 
block immediately and the gate shall close, protecting you and the 
Translator from harm. Use the SoD’s Piercing Shards, Unfortunate 
Remains, and Altering/ Deadly Slash here for damage. For best effects, 
I recommend using an Altering Slash, followed by a Unfortunate Remains 
and ended with a Piercing Shards. After the initial wave of enemies, 
head out and take the Translator with you. This next bit can be tricky, 
but doable. Now as you are about to walk into the centre ring be sure 
to just BARELY cross the third ring, as soon as you do, turn tail and 
head back into the Translator room. Pull the block off, and HOPEFULLY 
the Satyr that spawned isn’t in there with you, if he is Piercing 
Shards is your best weapon here. Repeat the above strategy to deal with 
these guys, but make use of Altering Slash so you can turn Satyrs into 
mobile suicide bombs. Now, after the first Satyr’s dead, and all the 

              Translator Battle: Wave 3 (TransW3)
Now, after that’s done and over with, pick up the Translator and take 
him into the sacrificial chamber. Know this now. You WILL get 
frustrated. You WILL want to kill the Translator. And you WILL die. 
Many times. There is no right way to do this next part, but the best 
thing I can tell you to do is to run up, kick the dog on the right into 
the left, then go over to the same dog and kick him into the oncoming 
F. Guards, from there stay near the Translator and drop a CR orb when 
things get crowded and NEVER kick a dog into the Translator. KAY? After 
most of the natural-spawning enemies are dead and gone, run to the 
Priest and shower him with Piercing Shards. After he’s done for, two 
more Priests will spawn, if you have any magic left I recommend 
dropping a CR orb followed by blasting them with Piercing Shards. If 
you STILL have magic left, drop another orb and continue to PS. If all 
goes well, the Translator shall die by YOUR hand. Instead of dying by a 
laceration to the big toe from a dog’s tail as he flies by the guy.

Creeper: Here I rush into the fight, use Gorgon Flash on the first 
Priest *and his summon*, crush them with PS, then charge up a Gorgon 
Rage as the other two spawn.  Before they finish I use the GR and 
follow up with Atlas Quake to annihilate the Priests.  Without them the 
rest of the fight is fairly easy.  Just keep enemies away from the 
Translator, don’t let any collisions with him take place and PS/throw 
your problems away.  Rabid Hounds are good tools here.  Video example:


                    Hallway of DEWM! (HwoD)
After the Translator has been taken care of, take the Ram Key and run 
back to the Kraken battle area, head back through there and use the Ram 
Key to open the door. Head in and you shall see the infamous HALLWAY OF 
DEEEEEEEWM!!! This area can SUCK all kinds of chestnuts if you’re not 
fully prepared. Now head into the Hallway of Doom and the walls shall 
start closing in on you, along with A LOT of Grunts that decide to pop 
in to say “hello”. Start off by leading them back to the middle of the 
Hallway so that both groups of enemies converge in one location. Now 
drop a CR orb, until most are dead. After that wave some more enemies 
will pop in, now you have to time this just right, but when you feel 
the need activate RotT and spam CR and Orion’s Fury until all are dead. 

Creeper: I prefer saving my magic with General Kratos so I use the 
Undead Legionnaire’s throw on all my enemies with a few CR…that’s only 
if things are taking longer then they should have.

                   Garden of the Gods (GotG)
Indeed. Now stop looking at the pretty statues and head into the room 
after that, be sure NOT to jump down into the bottomless pit unless 
you’re just into that kinda stuff. Whatever gets ya satisfied, I always 
say. Anyway, keep progressing forward until you get to a sacrificial 

Creeper: I use the Icarus Wings on the balance segment to navigate 
faster. *I aim the flight at an angle between the wall and the 
direction I wish to go*  A double jump sets up for this well enough.

                   Sacrifice: Sirens (SacSi)
Alrighty, this isn’t gonna be too hard, in fact I’d say it’s gonna be 
fairly easy. When the first Siren spawns, use the Icarus’ Rage launcher 
to throw her airborne, then deselect SoD and use Orion’s Harpoon with 
Athena‘s Blades. NOTE: I shall allow the use of Athena’s Blades ONLY 
for OH, since it an “O” grab. Anyway, just keep repeating that, and 
when the Siren gets stuck in a corner, spam Piercing Shards on her. 
Keep doing this until you get three sacrifices done. After that, head 
onwards and endure a small puzzle that some people seem to have trouble 

                  It’s That Time Again… (ITTA)
What time is it, you ask? Why of course it’s “GRAB ‘EM AND FORGET ‘EM!” 
time! As you enter the next room, about 6-10 Hades Nymphs will spawn 
from their nests. I think you know what to do. After you destroy the 
first nest, there’s a few more up top. You’ll have to scale the wall to 
get to them. I shall allow usage of Athena’s Blades since you don’t 
have any other choice. Also, remember that if the Nymphs are giving you 
trouble while you’re on the wall, you *can* activate RotT while 
climbing on a wall or ceiling. Anyway, destroy all the nests and kill 
Nymphs if you have to. After that little explosion-fest, you’ll have to 
turn a lever and grab onto something that takes you up to the next 
room. : (

                      Cerberus Room (CerbR)
Indeed. No matter what sort of strategy you go into this room with 
you’ll probably die at least once. So, I’ll go with the best one that 
worked for me. When you first enter the room, pull out EH and use L1+O 
for the Gorgon‘s Rage attack. After that, use an Atlas Quake to kill 
them all. Now two more Cerberus Breeders and two Hades Juggernauts will 
spawn. You should have enough MP for ONE more Gorgon’s Rage attack, SO 
GO RotT AND USE IT. However, try to wait for the Juggernauts to get in 
range so you can stone them too. After that you should have enough MP 
for a final AQ, That *should* kill them all. If not, you’ll just have 
to wing it. I recommend Fleecing A LOT should there be any survivors. 
Also note that the Juggernauts have three attacks. All three are two-
hitters. The first one is a charging run + smack. If you fleece the run 
you can avoid the smack. The other two are just some berserker spin 
smacks. Just block or fleece them.

Interesting note: If you grab a Cerberus Breeder mid-breeding it will 
accidentally eat the baby and give you some orbs. Cool, huh? This also 
works for when they’re about to spit fireballs at you.
Anywho, after that fight, do the whole “ I catch you, NAO READ TEH 
BOOK” thing with the second translator, grab the Warrior’s Skull and 
presto! After you get the Skull, do the Draft Puzzle and proceed 

Creeper: My method using Typhon’s Bane, Euryale’s Head and SoD is shown 
in this vid: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vJBrSZ6_8Ec

                    ZOMG! A PEN0RIZ! (ZOAP)
Quite. As you head towards the other Cerberus door, two Cyclops will be 
beamed down to fight you. Does…Anyone else sort of…wonder how they were 
suspended in the sir, completely invisible to Kratos?………Yeah………Anyway.
As the fight starts the two Cyclopes will bum rush you. Fake them out 
and run towards the ladder, now climb up it and activate the Amulet of 
the Fates. It’s worth noting that you have infinite RotT when the AotF 
is active, so yeah. AotF + RotT = lol. Anywho, after you’ve gotten 
everything set up, I recommend jumping back down and showering their 
stupid asses with Piercing Shards. Just keep repeating this strategy 
until the first two are dead. After they are, two more will spawn. Just 
AotF + RotT them too. Or…When only one Cyclops is left alive, just go 
up hit him a few times, roll back, let him have a fit then go into his 
“RAWRWRARARWRARW! I MISSED J00!” animation, then, while he’s still in 
the animation, run back up and hit him with the Orion’s Fury combo 
(alternate). Until mini game.

Creeper: Demonstration of exploit I like to use here:


                  The Elevator of DEWM! (EleoD)
Before you enter the Elevator of DEWM, there’s a save point and two 
chests. Use them as needed since you’re probably low on magic right 
After that, step into the elevator and, 

Credit to MistryMan for the concept and credit to Creeper for 
implementing it so perfectly. Oh, repeat the video EXACTLY. But, don’t 
screw up like Creeper did. LAWL.

Creeper: Notice I keep my distance from the Cursed Remains so they 
don’t attack.  You want their laughing animation so you can launch them 
into the spikes for an auto-kill.  ANYTIME a Cursed Remains runs for 
the gear you can launch them. *as an interruption*  Also, don’t jump 
like I did at the end…it made my impressive demonstration look silly by 
vids end.

                 It’s HOT down HERE! (IHdH)
As you exit the Elevator of DEWM, you’ll see a chest, open it as 
needed. As you enter the room, there’ll be a few Grunts heading towards 
you. Just wait for them to come to you, then murder them with “Crystal 
Death“, as Creeper likes to put it. After that, climb across the rope 
and you’ll get shot down. Oh noes! Now jump up there, and throw the 
archers into each other. If you do it right, you’ll be able to kill all 
of them in one throw. After that, the next fighting bit is optional. If 
you decide to fight them, just know that it works best to grab the 
Gorgons, then reflect their Gorgon Blast, then use PS to kill the 
Gorgons. After that, climb up and across the wall and jump off. Wow. 
There’s a lot of enemies. GRAB TIME!!! Just start grabbing and throwing 
like mad. They should all be dead in a matter of seconds. Oh. And know 
that a single Fleece blast can be DEVASTATING to a group of Grunts like 
these. After that, open the chest and use Typhon’s Bane to shoot down 
the wall. Fly and use the Mega chest to fully restore your magic.
Now head in the updraft and carefully navigate your way through the 
spinning spikes.

Creeper: IF you are doing a GK:TM:NUR and you NEED a magic refill 
badly…I suggest you toss enemies at the wall hiding the Gift of Magic 
and/or use the last of your magic (Bow shots) to break it.  Also break 
the wall next to the chest to reveal a lever to get ride of those 
spikes.  When using the steam to elevate upwards, be sure to land on 
the platform before going across the lava as it is a checkpoint you 
MUST land on to activate. *just in-case*  Pretty much the only time you 
aren’t allowed to use this UBER refill is a NUR+

                 Awakening the Phoenix (AwatP)
After you enter the chamber, go up and read that book. Now go save. And 
finally head towards the Western platform and fight some skeletons. 
Just use PS on them and mini game them if you feel like it. After 
they’re dead, you get to fight a Hades Legionnaire. Oh joy. Lead it 
back into the platform room and abuse Icarus’ Rage and PS on it. After 
that, head into the timed-spike room and pull the lever. You’re going 
to hear a ticking sound as the spikes come increasingly closer to 
impaling you.
However, there’s a trick you can use to better track the time you have 
left before the spikes pop up. Look just past the lever that the dead 
soldier’s on and you’ll see two chains with a big link in the middle of 
each. As your time decreases these chains will creep up the wall, when 
the chains are almost 75% to the top, it’s time to leave. Got it? Okay, 
so pull the lever and run forward, destroy the wall and you’ll see an 
AotF statue and two Hades Legionnaires that drop down to greet you. 
Dammit. Anyway, the best strategy is to slow time, and PS them into a 
stun state until the timer starts to run low, when it does, just roll 
off the impalement spikes and watch the fools die. After that, pull the 
lever, slow time, pull dead guy off of crank. Now run back before 
you’re impaled. Okay, once more. Pull the lever, slow time, rotate 
crank 240 degrees, slow time, go down the path, jump once, and roll 
through the gate. YOU ARE ALIVE.

Creeper: I like having fun with the Cursed Remains here.  With a well 
aimed/lined up shot you can do a OH on one (kill the other two) while 
sending it into the lava.  For the Hades Legionnaire I lure it to the 
spikes, launch-to-PS it onto them for an auto-kill.  Normally I’d 
suggest using a certain attack to break the wall where the two Hades 
Legionnaires come from  while the spikes are up for instant kills, but 
I’m now suggesting a last second wall break before a hasty retreat as 
the spikes come up.

                  Chasing the Phoenix (ChatP)
Now that that little party’s over, head onwards until you reach the 
dreaded Phoenix Fire Room. God, I hate this room. Probably because when 
I did it I was at 4/10 of my normal health and 9/10ths of my magic. 
Anyway, enough of my belly-aching. Push the statue inwards until the 
Hades Legionnaire spawns. I REALLY hate this part. Okay, I’m done. For 
real. When the Legionnaire spawns use Icarus’ rage’s launcher on him to 
get him out of the picture momentarily. Now try to move the statue to 
the center of the room, this’ll give you the best fighting advantage 
while the flames are still being thrown at you. It works best to do 
this next part sort of like the Translator, in that, you lead the 
enemies back to the opening of the room and blast them with AS, UF, and 
PS to murder the Harpies and Legionnaire. After that push the statue 
even further down to the second hold, and fend off the new Legionnaire 
by using the same means. Use a CR orb if you need. But do NOT use an AQ 
yet. We need to save magic. Now that the second Legionnaire’s dead drop 
a CR orb to kill the harpies and push the statue towards the lever, go 
RotT, PULL THE LEVER. Now proceed to push the statue onto the button of 
your choice, as you try to, however, two Hades legionnaires will spawn. 
ATLAS QUAAAAAAAAAKE!!! Until death. Then grapple onwards and get the 
phoenix ashes.

Creeper: It is easiest to kill all enemies before proceeding about your 
business here. *not the fastest method of course*  Using the doorway at 
the start is good for this.  Also alt.OH of the Harpies against the 
Hades Legionnaire.  Once you get to the lever, pull it, kick the statue 
forward and two more Hades Legionnaires appear.  Slaughter them how you 
like and continue as per normal OR get them away from you/on their 
back, put the statue in front of the second button, wait for the fire 
*to be safe* to push the statue back onto it and rush to the right 
button and press R1 to escape.

                     Phoenix Rebirth (PhRe)
Alrighty, almost there people! Just a bit more to go! Push the ashes 
into the hole and go to pull the lever. Now two Hades Minotaurs and 
four Skeletons shall spawn to greet you. Do some minor damage and fly 
over to the save point. This next bit’s interesting because of how you 
can kill one enemy, go back, save, then come back, kill another enemy, 
go back and save. Now suppose you die, you’ll come back, but the 
enemies won’t! Nifty, huh? So you can basically whittle down their 
numbers until they all die. To deal with the Skeletons, just use a PS 
or UF. For the Minotaurs…Hmm……I found that a blend of AS + minor 
strikes has the best effect. Now that, that’s over with, PULL THA 
LEVER! Watch the pretty cut scene, and move on. Fly over to the stairs 
using the updraft and grab the enemies along the way and smash them 
into each other for the collision damage. After you’re done with that, 
head over to the lever and platform. Jump on the platform and pull the 
lever. Now that we’re up top, use the Hail of Boreas to unlock the 
door. Now head down the RE-esque corridor and climb the chain at the 
end of it, head up, go save and blow the horn!


Creeper: If not using magic, I like using OH (Cursed Remains) to kill 
some of their own and the Hades Minotaurs.

                     Fallen Allies (FalA)
Okay, after that jump down to the two platforms where the statues used 
to be and use them to navigate your way to the other room. Okay, now as 
you’re doing this puzzle, a few Hades Fiends will attack. The Icarus’ 
Rage combo one-shots them. After the puzzle, head into the structure, 
see that crank? Twist it. After that, head into the round-ish room and 
rotate the crank until the path in front of you opens up. 
Head into the darkness and………

               Mini Boss: The Last Spartan (TLSpar)
Block, attack,, block, attack, FLEEEEEECE, block, attack, block, 
attack, FLEEEEEEECE, FLEEEEEEECE, FLEEEEEECE, block, block, attack x3, 

Creeper: Use RotT and cast CR like a mad man until your friend’s “O” 

                 Boss Fight: The Kraken (TKrak)
Oh ****. That was the…CRAP. Anyway, Kratos will now throw a temper 
tantrum and refuse to fight the giant arthropod. So just stomp around 
yelling sacrilege until The Kraken decides to silence you. Now watch 
the cut scene. Use RotT. Game on. As the fight begins, run over to the 
Kraken’s left tentacle and massacre it with Piercing Shards, it should 
take 7 for it to lift its tentacle. Oh yeah, another thing, NOTICE HOW 
PS REGISTERS AS A COMBO…Anyway, after that pick up the young warrior 
and place him on the button. Go to the updraft and fly towards the 
Kraken’s face, although the_creeper likes to use PS for this part, I’m 
more partial to the aerial triangle hits to get this stage done and 
over with. After you do enough damage, Kraken will throw his tentacle 
into the ground in a fit of rage. Everyone seems to be getting pissy 
today huh? Anyway, jump on his tentacle and climb up, use /\ hits to 
destroy the tentacle segment. Now press “O” and slice the little jack 
off to ribbons.

Creeper: After the 6 PS, I use 3 sets of PS on the Kraken’s face.  This 
takes some practice to perfect.  It is faster on Titan w/ General 
Kratos to just do this then to try any other SoD method.

                  The Kraken: Phase 2 (TKrak2)
Okay, one down, one to go. Head over to slightly the left of the 
tentacle and abuse Piercing Shards to get him to lift it up. Then, take 
your little buddy over to the button, set him down and fly back up and 
proceed to smack the **** out of his face, OR, pull out Typhon’s Bane 
(My second favorite magic :3) and use 2 nice L1+O attacks while to the 
left of his tentacle. Now it’ll only take on PS to make his tentacle 
raise up, and then only two more PS to the head to make him go to Phase 

Creeper: It would take 7 PS shots the Kraken’s face this time.  I’d 
rather use my magic version in this case.  Know that if its tentacle 
recovers it will retaliate fiercely but the damage dealt to the head 
won’t be regenerated.

                  The Kraken: Phase 3 (TKrak3)
Now that you’ve cut off both tentacles, he’ll get ANGRY and start 
blitzkrieging the battle field with his tentacles. As far as I know, 
the only *safe* way to not take damage from this attack is to use CR 
and abuse the I-frames. As you do this, he should take enough damage so 
that you can shove that bridge down his gullet. Good job! Now, walk 
over his slimy face to the phoenix.

Creeper: To be extra safe here I activate RotT while I use CR between 
tentacles..IF he hits me it won’t knock me around and do killing 
damage.  Minor damage would be taken instead while my 4 CRs destroy 

                   A Date With Destiny (ADWD)
Now, press “O” and wrangle the Phoenix into submission, after you do 
that, he’ll fly you to the Fates true temple. Once inside, you’ll need 
to swim across to the big crystal in the middle and destroy it. A 
single PS does the job. Afterwards, do the puzzle and head inwards to 
battle the Sisters of Fate.

                   Boss Fight: Lahkesis (Lahk)
This fight can be a REAL pain in the ass if you don’t have the correct 
timing. As the fight begins use the AotF to make Lahkesis INSTANTLY 
throw a Fates ball at you, and when I say INSTANTLY, I mean INSTANTLY.
Because as soon as you use the Amulet, she tosses that son of a gun out 
there, so you’ve got to be RED-EYE. Now that you’ve successfully 
fleeced it back at her, you may notice how nothing has happened. That’s 
because the Fates ball never reached her. And right about now she’s 
fleecing it back at you, you need to fleece it back to her, OVER AND 
OVER AGAIN, until it connects, when it does, she’ll be vulnerable to 
two PS’s and one regular hit, but if you do the regular hit, be ready 
to block her 3-hit combo. After you do this enough times, she’ll start 
using some new attacks, such as laying a bomb right where she was, 
sending out staff like a boomerang, and a giant ground pound. The most 
deadly one is the ground pound. It’s INSANE. With these new attacks, 
another one that can catch you off-guard is the bomb, she likes to do 
this right after you’ve fleeced a Fates Bolt back at her, so while 
you’re blocking, you’re also getting BOMB’D. When you’ve finally made 
her reach critical mass (about 20 PS’s.), she’ll take to the skies into 
phase 2.

Creeper: She doesn’t always get hit by the first Argo’s Return but it 
does happen.  Do 2 PS then another Amulet, repeat this until she starts 
doing dive bombs. *about 20 PS later*  IT will take about 7 PS more to 
bring her to stage 2.

                    Lahkesis: Phase 2 (Lahk2)
Now that she’s airborne, she becomes a bit more of a jack off. However, 
there *is* a way to beat her. I found the best thing to do was to 
position her so that you could hit her with a PS blast while you 
grappled from point to point. That’s about all I can say for her now. 
Now when she takes enough damage, take a sigh of relief and mini game 
her. After the fight, you get to fight her lovely, and aging, sister, 

Creeper: I found the same thing to work oh so well here and later on..

                   Boss Fight: Atropos (Atro)
I hate this battle. Mainly because the SoD is useless here. Now on to 
the strategy. What worked for me the best was to fight off Grunts until 
Atropos started tossing Fates Bolts at me, then I fleeced them back at 
her for some minor damage and intimidation value. When I say 
“Intimidation value” I mean that she seems to get scared off from 
throwing Fleece Bolts at you and decides to go try to destroy the 
sword. Which, is good. When she inevitably gets tired of Bolting you, 
she’ll run over to a spot on the sword and start shooting green funk at 
it. Grab a grunt and toss the lil’ bugger into her to make her stop. 
Also note, once in a blue moon, when you throw a grunt at Atropos 
instead of running off, she’ll stay at close range and shoot Fates 
Bolts at you. THROW ANOTHER GRUNT AT HER. I was too pissed off at the 
moment to keep track of how many grunts I threw at her to get her to 
mini game, but I think the magic number is 10, or so. When she mini 
games, enjoy stabbing Athena’s Blades into her skull.

Creeper: Collisions through grapples are the goal of this fight.  I 
wish there was a little more to this fight to make it interesting…also 
MOAR that the SoD could do in it.  After about half her health is 
taken, she will normally be stunned by each collision so you can get 
her in a loop of throws.

              Boss Fight: Atropos & Lahkesis (AtLa)
This is gonna be one HELLUVA FIGHT! A line only uttered when I believe 
a great challenge is upon us. And one is if you have bad timing. When 
the fight starts Lahkesis will go up into the center of the room and do 
something to the mirrors, which allows her to move half of her body 
inside to their reality. Position yourself close to the mirror on the 
left so that when Atropos decides to ”pop in” to say “hi”, you can 
greet her with an Icarus’ rage launcher. The attack will scare her off 
for a few seconds and you can proceed to fight Lahkesis. Fight Lahkesis 
basically the same as you did when fighting her earlier, only, when you 
see her dash across the room to her sister, it means that Atropos is 
about to let loose a giant, horizontal, sweeping blast of lightning. So 
grapple to a point, then jump back down and use the AotF, Lahkesis will 
toss a Fates Bolt at you, fleece it back to bring her back down to 
Earth. Remember. As you’re fighting Lahkesis, try your best to keep 
Atropos at bay. Believe me when I say I know how bad it sucks to fleece 
a bolt back at Lahkesis, only to be greeted with another to the face, 
followed by a ground pound, when you only have one mirror left to 
shatter. Anyway, -grumbles- after you’ve done enough ass-kicking to 
Lahkesis, she’ll get down on one knee and allow usage of the AotF, 
activate it and run to Atropos, now use Icarus’ Rage on her 2-3 times. 
When you do enough damage, she’ll back up into the mirror. Smash it 
with a PS. Do this whole strategy TWICE until the third mirror. When 
the third mirror comes into play, well, just copy Creeper’s video. But 
be wary of the Pillars of Light attack. It’s a 1-hit KO with the GK 
costume. Also, if doing what Creeper did seems too dangerous for you, 
CR works just as well. After that, mini game her and CONGRATU-****ING-
LATIONS! The Sisters of Fate, Atropos & Lahkesis are dead! 

Creeper: I start this fight with a CR beneath Lahkesis followed by a 
use of the Amulet *taking her out of the sky* then doing 2-3 PS on her.  
Afterwards I slap Atropos to keep her from interfering then treat 
Lahkesis as I did last time.  This time using a CR as she is hit by her 
blast and 2 PS.  

I demonstrate this fight fairly well in my vid.

When there is just one mirror left you can use multiple CR orbs or jump 
between grapples and PS Lahkesis in the face when she isn’t using her 
energy pillars.

                   Corridor of Chaos (CoCh)
After the fight, head inwards to the save point, now head even deeper 
into the temple until you see Clotho’s ugly face. It is time, my 
brothers. Head onwards and smash the wall, go through and accept your 

               Corridor of Chaos: Wave 1 (CoCh1)
As you enter the first wave three Cursed Legionnaires will drop down to 
attack you, run from them and try to rally them all in the Corridor 
section just ahead of you. As you do this, two Hades Juggernauts will 
now spawn. With proper positioning, use Icarus’ Rage’s launcher to send 
a Legionnaire skyward, then leap up after him and use the mid-air grab 
on him over and over again. As you do this, he should collide with the 
Juggernauts several times, heavily damaging them. If you do it right 
you can kill them in four collisions. Though it took me several tries 
to do it right, so just take what you’re given and roll with it. 
Assuming that you now have the Legionnaire in mini game state, I find 
it best to use the “X” throw since it seems to do a little more damage 
than the “[ ]” one does. Plus, since you’re at close range, it should 
guarantee the hit. Now by my reckoning, the Juggernauts at a little 
below half health at this point, so send another Legionnaire skywards 
and repeat the strategy until the Juggernauts mini game. BE CAREFUL, 
THOUGH. When you do enough damage to cause the “O” to appear above 
their head, they do a monstrous smack with their mace and do LOTS of 
damage. After the first two Juggernauts are dead, another will spawn. 
You should still have enough Legionnaires with which to kill him. 
Unless you just screwed everything to hell. In which case, hiding 
behind a barrier while hitting him with PS does WONDERS. After that 
wave, you’ll fight a group of six lesser enemies. 3 Fates Grunts and 3 
Cursed Legionnaires.

Creeper: I just rush as far as I can down the Hallway, launch a Cursed 
Legionnaire and air grapple them (they have only 5 of these in them) 
and hope for some collisions.  This tactics is ONLY meant for a General 
Kratos in Titan as each collision does enough to strip the Juggernaut 
of armor *4 to kill them*.  My vids shows this.

               Corridor of Chaos: Wave 2 (CoCh2)
This one, IMO, is probably the most HATE-inducing wave. But when it 
starts, you should be positioned so that you’re behind the Siren that 
just spawned. As the black mess beneath her clears away, launch her, 
then quickly switch to Athena’s Blades and use an OH to throw her into 
the Gorgon for lots of damage. After that, drop a CR orb to get in 
control of things and get your footing. Remember, we need to conserve 
our magic for the next major wave. So only use magic where I say it’s 
needed. Now then, grab a Gorgon and watch it fail miserably. Now watch 
her spit out Gorgon Grenades at you. The timing to deflect these is a 
bit tricky, but from my experimentation, you need to fleece it RIGHT 
when it explodes in order for it to backfire and stone them instead.
When she is stoned, HIT HER WITH PS. You’re only getting a 2 second 
window of opportunity here, so GET TO WORK. If, for some reason, you 
ever DO get stoned, don’t bother wriggling free. It’s just a bit too 
slow, and speed is essence for handling Gorgons, instead just use a bit 
of RotT to free yourself instantly.
Mainly for this wave, you want to

A.) Fleece back Gorgon Grenades and Stares.
B.) Shatter stoned Gorgons and Sirens, with Gorgons being the higher 
C.) Fleece back Siren energy bolts.
D.) If ever stoned, use RotT to break free immediately

Mostly follow those rules and you should come out fine. Also, if you 
ever get the chance, be sure to use OH for some nice damage to Gorgons 
and Sirens in your wake. It’s absolutely insane to see how much damage 
you can do with a single Siren/Gorgon OH. If you need it, use the 
health chest for a minor boost. But, if at all possible, save the magic 
chest, we’re going to need it. After Wave 2, you’ll fight another group 
of lesser enemies, I can’t remember the exact number, but I think it’s 
7-9 Cursed Legionnaires.

Creeper: Provoke Gorgon Blasts from the Queens by a grapple, Argo’s 
Return and then PS the petrified Sirens until it is just you and the 
Gorgon Queens.  Then start taking them down this way, one at a time.

                Corridor of Chaos: Wave 3 (CoCh3)
This wave is truly hell. I take back what I said about Wave 2, THIS is 
the worst wave. If you don’t use magic, that is. For this wave, as soon 
as it begins, you’ll be fighting a Satyr at close-range, and he‘ll have 
another satyr and two Hades Minotaurs backing him up. Use the launcher 
and a PS to put some distance between yourself and him. Now jerk out EH 
and charge up a Gorgon’s Rage to stone all the enemies that just 
spawned. After that, now proceed to pull out Typhon’s Bane and blast 
them all to hell with a Titan Storm. It’s…sad, how easy this wave is 
with an upgraded TB and EH. Truly. Anyway, now one more Hades Minotaur 
and two more Satyrs will spawn. It works to just use a launcher on one 
Satyr while you deal with the other. If things get just a bit too 
tight, drop a CR orb to get back in control of things. After the Satyrs 
are dead, the Hades Minotaur is cake. Just watch out for unblockable 
attack and you’ll be fine. After that, fight another wave of lesser 
enemies. At this point I just stopped counting, but I think it’s 8 
enemies. 4 Fates Grunts and 4 Cursed Legionnaires. After that, remember 
those two magic chests we were saving, go back and use those to 
recharge your magic. After that, head towards the final wave.

Creeper: My favored team of Gorgon Rage and Titan Storm work well to 
kill off two Satyrs and two Hades Minotaurs.  You will want to be in 
the thick of the group for Rage to petrify all in range without 
fail…know that.  You could use a single Lethal Vortex instead of Titan 
Storm. *it auto-breaks statues and costs only 20MP instead of 50MP* IF 
they are lined up.  At this point I don’t mind using a Gorgon Flash on 
the isolated Hades Minotaur and 3 PS on his stoned form.  The two 
remaining Satyrs aren’t much of a threat.  Just PS them into each 

               Corridor of Chaos: Final (CoChF)
And it doesn’t get any easier. Actually. I take that back. It does. 
Head into the room and two Cyclops Brutes will drop down, go RotT, pull 
out EH and charge up a Gorgon’s Rage. Now PS both Cyclopes. There’s one 
more Cyclops left. Wait for him, then use a Gorgon shotgun blast to 
stone him, now PS. FIGHT OVER. Proceed to clean up the Grunts and 
Legionnaires until all are dead. There, wasn’t that fun? Now go save, 
and give yourself a pat on the back. You deserve it.

Creeper: RotT isn’t needed but it is a safety measure if your timing 
for the release of Gorgon Rage is lacking.  Once both are petrified, 
use a single PS on each.  Gorgon Flash for the last one before another 
PS.  The rest is a joke…kill them in whatever way you feel is best.

                  Road to Clotho: Phase 1 (RtC)
At first I wasn’t sure as to treat this as a puzzle, or go through it 
normally, but because you have to kill stuff, for argument’s sake, 
let’s say it’s *not* a puzzle, but rather, a part of the boss herself. 
When you enter the loom chamber, head past the giant swinging pendulums 
and head to the left side of the room. Now, when you see the arm just 
block until it’s done having a fit. Now hit it with Icarus’ Rage once, 
then again after another spasm. It should be unable to move now. Turn 
the crank, then kill the arm again if it decides to wake up. Run to the 
staircase in front of the arm, run and glide across to the part of the 
wall you can hang on. Now navigate your way to the right side of the 
structure, as you do this, however, another limb will attempt to jerk 
you from the ceiling, just do the analog prompt and you’ll be fine. Hop 
back up there and destroy the bodies that are stuck in the gate, now 
head through and climb up the rope.

                  Road to Clotho: Phase 2 (RtC2)
Now that we’ve arrived above, you’ll see four of Clotho’s arms 
lingering about. Time for some “lulz” as Creeper might call them. Run 
to the first arm and block and smack it until it’s unconscious, now run 
to the lever near it and pull it. See how the arm fell into the opening 
below it? Pull the lever again to keep it there. After that, push the 
thingamajig across the room until it reaches a new checkpoint. After 
that, you’ll see another arm. Go knock it unconscious as well. Now run 
back and you’ll see a rope leading up to a platform with a lever and a 
giant harpoon of sorts above the hand. Climb the rope and pull the 
lever. Hand 2 is disabled. Now move the thingy to the next checkpoint 
and we get to kill another hand. Okay, now run up and stun the hand 
like normal, except this time, don’t waste time trying to find a way to 
keep it in place. Instead push the thingy across like normal to the 
next checkpoint. With the thingy in place, step on the pressure plate 
to attach another harpoon to it. Now, go knock the hand unconscious 
again and push the thingy to the closest checkpoint, it should place 
the harpoon right above the hand. Wait for the hand to come back, now 
knock it unconscious again and watch the nublet impale her hand on the 
harpoon. Climb the rope attached to the harpoon and pull the lever to 
face Clotho. 

Creeper: The SoD launcher is great for knocking the arms into the air.  
This resets the stun timer it normally has after being pwned.  For the 
part where a spike is above her hand, a single launch of her prone hand 
will send it straight up into the spike. *I don’t let that final arm 
recover once I make my way there*

                   Boss Fight: Clotho (Clo)
This boss battle is honestly the easiest battle in the entire game. 
Even more so than Perseus. When it begins, slow time and run to the 
right arm. Now use Orion’s Fury to knock it unconscious. You may have 
to use it more than once. After that, climb up the wall next to the arm 
and destroy the bodies blocking the thingamajig from being moved. Now 
climb back down and drop down. Slow time again and waste Clotho’s arm. 
Push the thingy two checkpoints to the left, then slow time and go stun 
the other hand. Now pull the lever, and watch it bring up a pendulum. 
Go to whichever side of the pendulum that suits you and start to push 
it to the opposite side so that the blade is facing Clotho. Now head 
behind the blade and pull it back until the mini game begins. After 
that, just do the button prompts and the analog prompt and voila! Fight 

Creeper: I use a single CR orb to destroy the bodies on the lever.  
After knocking the arm nearest it out, I push the “thingy” over, knock 
both arms out with a flurry of CR, pull the lever, shine it up real 
nice, turn that som’ bitch sideways and stick it straight up her candy 
ass! *Rock FTW*

                     The End Begins (TEB)
Now head behind Clotho’s fat body into the chamber behind her, pull the 
lever and head up the elevator, now run to the water and swim under the 
gates and head into the mirror room. Now pull the lever and save. Head 
back down stairs and pull Kratos’ thread until he gets to the “ZOMG 
ZEUS, J00 BETRAYED MAH!” moment of his life. Now run to the left, slow 
time, and head back up stairs. Be sure to switch back to the SoD before 
entering the mirror. Watch the cut scene and prepare for battle.

                Final Boss Battle: Zeus (FZeus)
Turn on your favorite fight music and jerk out the SoD, the time has 
come for mortal kombat. As the fight begins, Zeus’ll summon three Siren 
Widows. Since you can’t switch to Athena‘s Blades, that means that OH 
isn’t an option here. So instead, use CR. Try to stay to the left to 
avoid his lightning bolts and when you see him rear back in a jester of 
power jump up and fly to avoid the earthquake he makes or else he will 
MURDER you. As you’re fighting, use CR if the Sirens and Zeus become a 
bit too much to handle all at once. It should take about 8 Sirens and 
some light damage from the SoD to get Zeus to mini game.

Creeper: 2 CR orbs and 1-2 PS to get a Siren Widow to “O’.  I like to 
break one, use PS on Zeus’ wrist the first time, use CR on his resting 
hand, another CR for the two Sirens, break one, then the other *while 
Zeus’ hand is down*, Use CR on his punch and PS his wrist as I did the 
first time.  Then I grab his hand. (I use about 3 Sirens this way)

            Final Boss Battle: Zeus Phase 2 (FZeus2)
Now that Zeus has been “Cut Down to Size” (cookie for those of you who 
get it), he becomes a bit trickier to fight. When he throws lightning 
bolts at you, fleece them back at him for minor damage and make him do 
his legendary FACEPALM OF DEWM. When he does it, just double-jump to 
avoid. Afterward, he usually shoots more lightning bolts at you, but 
for the rare times he doesn’t, he’ll either use: A) his three-hit punch 
combo. Or B) His two-hit ground pound + shockwave attack. When he uses 
the three-hit combo, the first two hits can be blocked. I even 
recommend fleecing back his initial hit for the I-frames and a chance 
to catch him with an PS. For the ground Pound, eh…I prefer to just run 
circles around him while he throws a temper tantrum. Whereas our good 
buddy Creeper likes to use the I-Frames from Typhon’s Bane to avoid the 
damage. Either way works, just be sure to hit him with a PS when he’s 
done. As for the main way of damaging Zeus, what I did was this: After 
I fleeced back a bolt at him, I jumped over his face palm, then when he 
got out of the face palm animation, I dropped a CR orb to stun him, 
then hit him twice with PS. After I did this thrice, I switch tactics 
to hitting him with a PS after his Ground Pound and Three hit combo. 
Note: If you’re brave enough you can hit Zeus with PS twice, but it’s 
extremely risky. After that, Zeus face palms you and “OMFG TEHV HAV THE 

Creeper: I use a CR orb then 1-3 PS shots, repeat. *ONLY 4 CR orbs 
during this phase should be used.  You’ll want a few for Phase 4.  The 
rest is based on his attacks used:

Punch to Shockwave - Bow Trick to PS

3 punch combo - Argo’s Revenge after parrying the FIRST hit then PS

Thunderbolts - Argo’s Return, Bow Trick *letting his charge go through 
you* then a PS to his back.

             Final Boss Battle: Zeus Phase 3 (FZeus3)
This part is a bit easier to do than the last phase, but can be a pain 
in the ass if you’re not careful. Now that Zeus has Teh Ragtasok, he 
wields a few new attacks. Mainly a bunch of “CHARGE UP LASER!” attacks, 
and one close combat two-hit combo. Take advantage of all of his “ZOMG 
LASER!” attacks by using the lag time after each one to hit him with a 
PS or two. Also remember, when you hit Zeus with the PS after a “ZOMG 
LASER!” attack, it usually stuns him, which allows you to do another PS 
on him. And, if you’re lucky, you can get another stun in on him and 
land one final PS on him. Basically, just stay a distance and bait him 
into using his laser attacks. When he does the laser attacks, run up 
and hit him a few times, until he has a seizure and goes to the middle 
of the ring. Mini game him and them smash the pillar on his head for 

Creeper: IF for any reason PS fails to stun him…the glitch will not 
allow it to stun him for the remainder of this stage.  Normally each PS 
stuns him.  19 of these are needed…this takes a while…

            Final Boss Battle: Zeus Phase 4 (FZeus4)
See “Final Boss Battle: Zeus Phase 2”.

            Final Boss Battle: Zeus Phase 5 (FZeus5)
This phase is probably the easiest one since all you have to do is go 
RotT and attack him with the Athena’s Blades combo. Yes. The Athena’s 
Blades RotT tornado. I’m allowing it since, it tears through the golden 
orbs and you can only use it to destroy the orbs. If you use it on Zeus 
himself, I consider the run null and void. After the orbs are gone, 
just hit him with a PS or two, FIGHT OVER. Now go mini game him, and 
congratulations. Zeus has fallen to the Spear of Destiny.

                         Credits (Cred)

I’d like to thank Catkiller904 for allowing me to do the combat 
walkthrough with the SoD, and I’d also like to thank Creeper for all 
the hard work and videos he made for us. This FAQ would not be what it 
is without his help. Truly, The_Creeper is a GodmodeGod. I’d also like 
to thank my inspiration and stress-reliever at times, Catgirls! 
Catgirls = the smexers. Thus concludes the SoD FAQ.

Right, well, time for the rest of the credits, in no particular order. 
Thanks to:

Dragonpwner102 - My partner in this FAQ. He wrote the entire combat 
walkthrough, so thank him if it helped. He also created the ASCII 

Myself - Let’s face it: I am lazy as hell. So I had to push away my 
natural laziness in order to do this. Dragonpwner helped motivate me as 
well, by making me work. >_>

the_creeper (Creeper) - What can I say? He was almost the third writer 
of the FAQ. Creeper not only gave us that video series, but he gave us 
the damage section, and numerous suggestions to improve the FAQ. He 
also wrote out alternate strategies for parts of the FAQ.

abaddononion2 - He helped us quite a bit as well. He gave us a couple 
strategies and tips on how to best use the SoD in certain situations. 
He also helped with making this FAQ the visual masterpiece it is now. 

Hwaorang_Master - For giving us that combo vid with the SoD.

MistryMan - For giving us quite a few tips, and also for figuring out 
the strategy for the Elevator of Dewm.

DarkHorseRequie - For looking over the FAQ a couple times and 
pronouncing it as good as cheese. XD Or something to that effect.

NeLaX44 - Alas, NeLaX was banned, but he still managed to look over the 
FAQ as well. For those of you wondering why he was banned, he got 

CJayC - Obviously, for founding this excellent site. (b^_^)b

Any people who contributed to this FAQ that I might have forgotten.

And finally, you! For taking the time to see how an excellent weapon 
can be used. And taking the time to read the Credits, something most 
people somehow never seem to care about. ;)