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    Glitch FAQ by Akheon

    Version: 3.1 | Updated: 07/03/15 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    God of War II Glitch & Things of Interest FAQ
    v. 3.1 --- completed 3. 7. 2015
    Compiled and partially researched by AKheon.
    Special thanks to GMG for contributing a lot of info.
    Much of video coverage and some paragraphs by Findlestick.
    See the end of the file for more info.
    0. Table of contents & version history
    0. Table of contents & version history
    1. Introduction & abbreviations + glossary
    2. Quicklist of the most important glitches
    3. General glitches & tricks section
    -- A. Major tricks
    ------- 1. High jump
    ------- 2. Long jump
    ------- 3. Infinite jump
    ------- 4. Swimming in air
    ------- 5. Other useful tricks
    -- B. Weapons/magics/relics/urns
    -- C. Enemies
    -- D. Other
    ------- break-outs
    ------- upgrading "glitch"
    ------- disc tray glitch
    ------- infinite orb glitches
    ------- subtle speed strategies
    ------- unsolved mysteries
    ------- misc.
    4. Level-by-level glitch walkthrough
    5. Legal information, contact info, credits, etc.
    Version history:
    v. 3.1 (3. 7. 2015)
    - updated speed records and other small things.
          File size: 305kb.
    v. 3.0 (30. 8. 2014)
    - another large update.
    - abridged version history.
    - took out some rambling parts.
    - rewrote many other sections for extra readability.
    - added tricks and some videos.
    - finally wrote up the enemy glitches section!
         File size: 305kb.
    v. 2.8 (5. 12. 2013)
    - new Findlestick findings!
    - also some KickTheBaby102's findings.
    - small text fixes.
          File size: 296kb.
    v. 2.7 (29. 9. 2012)
    - added two new Findlestick vids.
    - slight text fixes.
    	File size: 284kb.
    v. 2.6 (9. 6. 2012)
    - spent a whole day cleaning the rest of the FAQ. Again, rewrote things, fixed
      dead links, added links that were omitted for some reason, etc. This should be
      the last new version in a while, at least until something new comes up...
           File size: 283kb.
    v. 2.5 (4. 6. 2012)
    - started cleaning up the FAQ. Rewrote things to make everything clearer. Still
      haven't touched the level-by-level section... *brrr*
    - added a section about fastest speedrun records.
          File size: 281kb.
    v. 0.8 (2. 12. 2008)
    - the first published version, still misses a few things
           File size: 91kb.
    1. Introduction & abbreviations + glossary
    Another glitch FAQ? Indeed it is. Like a sequel to the relatively successful
    GoW 1 glitch FAQ, this file intends to compile all the known glitches and other
    interesting things concerning God of War II. And as a good sequel should, it has
    a more refined approach, a lot higher bodycount (with extra bucketfuls of gore)
    and at least twice the amount of spontaneous jokes which may or may not have
    anything to do with the topic at hand. You heard this one? A rabbi, swede and
    Kratos walked to a bar...
    It was originally thought that this game didn't really have glitches. Many of
    the groundbreaking stuff GoW 1 had, including but not limited to very high
    jumps, many types of sequence breaks and regenerating magic were seemingly
    absent from GoW 2. The developers had apparently taken heed of the shortcomings
    of the first game's engine and fixed many things in it...
    However, during the year 2008 attitudes changed drastically when BigVEE found
    both regen magic AND high jump, suddenly taking us back to the dark ages where
    it wouldn't have seemed too far-fetched to claim such strange things came
    directly from the devil himself. Not long after that ManeshM84 proved the
    existence of a "swimming glitch", familiar phenomenon from GoW 1, meaning that
    swimming in air was now a possibility. Around these times Shenminiu also
    invented infinite jump to go even higher. Will we find more ground-breaking
    glitches? Yes? No? Dammit, I don't know. So let's change the subject.
    The focus may be on glitches, but from this FAQ you will also find mentions of
    the many hidden things the game is full of, and also some advanced strategy
    tips. Apologies in advance for some messy writing.
    GOW = God of War
    GOWII = God of War II (simple enough)
    QTE = Quick Time Event, the button-pressing minigames for example.
    OoB = Out of Bounds
    IJ = Infinite Jump
    HJ = High Jump
    BoA = Blades of Athena
    BH = Barbarian Hammer
    SoD = Spear of Destiny
    BoO = Blade of Olympus
    MotK = Might of the Kings
    RotT = Rage of the Titans
    ... and so on for all the main magics and attacks too.
    However: EH = Head of Eurayle
    NP = Normal Play
    BP = Bonus Play
    GMG = GodModeGOD
    Shen = Shenminiu
    c: = credits to
    § = note to self
    Bounce =
     An effect in which an enemy will bounce a bit after a successful hit. It's not
     nearly as high as a launch.
    Break-out =
     Kratos escapes from a dedicated animation or a cutscene and is free to move
     during it. It can happen due to several reasons, some doable at will, like
     changing sub-weapons during a sub-weapon related animation (Cyclecancelling).
     Break-outs have their own section later on because it's an important glitch
     concept in this game.
    Collision damage = 
     Damage from f.e. thrown enemies.
    Cyclecancelling =
     Whenever you change sub-weapon from the menu, all sub-weapon related animations
     instantly end. We call this Cyclecanclling. It's basically a way to do a type
     of break-out. If nothing else, interrupting sub-weapon animations increases
     Kratos' overall attack speed and combat efficiency, and the technique also
     lends itself to some less obvious uses. More about this in its own section.
    Downed =
     An enemy which has fallen on its back/on the ground.
    False grab =
     A false grab is when you hit an enemy with a grab when it will not lead to
     a mini-game, and Kratos fumbles backwards after performing it. Sometimes you
     can use false grabs to manipulate enemy behaviour in an useful way, like
     against Gorgons in this game.
    Invulnerability frames (a.k.a. i-frames, invincibility frames, etc.) =
     Some moves contain small periods of time during which most attacks pass through
     Kratos harmlessly and he receives no damage. For example all magics contain
     a hefty amount of i-frames in this game.
    Knockback =
     An effect in which the enemy is thrown back. Can be done in air too.
    Launch / Lift-up =
     An attack intended for launching enemies high up in air, like any Ascension.
     Kratos himself rising in air during an Ascension can be called a Lift-up.
    Out of bounds / Out of map =
     Anywhere outside the intended game area.
    Sweet spot =
     A spot in the level where enemies become blind to Kratos, or otherwise become
     powerless to hurt him. Sweet spots change with your enemies and their A.I.
     limits. Some are listed in the level-specifics further down.
    Tricking =
     1. Avoiding enemy attacks with invulnerability frames that some moves produce.
     2. Manipulating enemy behaviour by using the scenery (less common use).
    Weapon switch =
     Term for R2's function, switching between Blades and sub-weapon.
    Weapon change / Sub-weapon switch =
     A weapon switch done from the Menu.
    Real-time =
     Time as you know it.
    In-game time =
     How the game clock counts time.
    Kratos' time =
     Time from Kratos' point of view.
    So, the current speed record for GoW II is...?
    For real-time attack / single segment runs, feel free to check out the
    leaderboards for God of War II at Speedrun.com, which are kept up to date
    more faithfully than this FAQ probably is:
    As for segmented runs...
    Findlestick made a fast segmented run of God of War II at 2012 (on the PS3
    version). It doesn't have all the known skips and techniques, and the in-game
    time is not exactly clear, but it's generally a well made, optimized run. The
    final time is approximately 1 hour 8 minutes 58 seconds.
    Shenminiu did a segmented 3 hours 7 minutes and 25 seconds run on Titan-mode
    back at 2007-2008. It's well performed and less about skips and glitches than
    the two runs above.
    1, findlestick's May 2012 easy BP PS3 run:
    3, shenminiu's Titan-mode run:
    2. Quicklist of the most important glitches
    This section aims for simplicity and ease of use for beginners. A lot of info
    is omitted, so for those that want it all, skip to sections below instead.
    A. High jump (discoverer: GMG and Shenminiu, respectively)
    ------------ (later uses: Kevbew63 and ManeshM84)
    The purpose of a high jump is to reach higher places than normally. Only a
    little extra height is actually needed to go over many walls in this game and
    start skipping important objectives.
    You need Poseidon's Rage or two sub-weapons for this example.
    PR method:
    Do an attack that launches Kratos in air, like the basic triangle Ascension.
    In air, do Poseidon's Rage. Go to start menu while at the highest point of the
    jump, and then cancel Poseidon's Rage by turning the urn off. After you exit the
    start menu, it's possible for you to do a new jump, reaching higher in the air
    than normally.
    Sub-weapon method:
    Do an attack that launches Kratos in air, preferably with Spear of Destiny or
    Blade of Olympus. In any case, at the highest point of the jump, you got to
    have your sub-weapon active. Go to start menu and switch sub-weapon. After you
    exit menu, Kratos can do a new jump.
    1, ManeshM84's vid
    B. Long jump (ManeshM84, Kevbew63, AKheon)
    ------------ (possibly RJWaters2)
    Using air attacks of Blade of Olympus or Spear of Destiny, it's possible to
    make your jumps vertically a lot longer than usual. This can be combined with
    the techniques of high jump for best results.
    Icarus Wings glide is one of the best ways to naturally lengthen your jumps,
    so use it well. You can also do a Double Glide Jump by holding X as you walk
    off a ledge. This way Kratos starts a Glide, but you still have two jumps and
    another Glide in reserve and this helps make your jump a lot longer.
    1, ManeshM84's vid of a long jump example
    C. Swimming glitch (ManeshM84, AKheon, Findlestick)
    Swimming glitch means that you take Kratos for a swim outside water.
    Doing it can be fairly simple: all you have to do is reach a pool of water
    outside walls and then hit water surface. Kratos starts swimming but is not
    tied down by walls, and you can take the effect with you wherever you want.
    1, Findle's vid of a classic swim glitch location (and more)
    D. Infinite jump (Shenminiu)
    The trick as a whole is quite complex. The long description is recommended
    reading, but this tutorial video will get you started.
    1, Findlestick's tutorial
    Ok, now begins the more elaborate explanation...
    3. General glitches & tricks section
    A. Major tricks
    1. High Jump (discoverer: GMG and Shenminiu, respectively)
    ------------ (later uses: Kevbew63 and ManeshM84)
    One fairly universal rule of God of War is that Kratos only has two jumps to
    use while he is in air. You can't do much with only two jumps, though. So how
    to get even higher than that?
    In the first game you could do jumps after most air attacks, but in GoW II you
    can't. This change was probably to prevent certain types of high jump antics,
    like starting with Ascension to get extra high using only one "jump" of your
    two jumps, then doing an air attack and jumping afterwards. Alas, this doesn't
    work in GoW II... so here's where the concept of a break-out comes in.
    You can return Kratos back to idle state where he is allowed to do a double jump
    during or after any air attacks using a break-out, making the aforementioned
    basic high jump possible after all. So the formula for a basic high jump is
    nothing more than this:
    1. lift-up / jump (basically: any move that takes Kratos in air)
    2. optional attacks
    3. break-out (read more below)
    4. another jump / more attacks / whatever is needed.
    1, ManeshM84's vid
    Details on the elusive "break-out":
    +++ Breaking out using Urns
    Poseidon's Urn is something only available during Bonus Play. Basically, it
    allows you to cast Poseidon's Rage in the place of Cronos' Rage. If the Urn is
    turned off right in the middle of casting, a break-out is done: Kratos is back
    again in a neutral state, and another jump is possible in air.
    Try this: Ascension - Poseidon's Rage - (turn Urn off) - jump
    +++ Breaking out using Sub-weapon switching
    You start getting sub-weapons around the half-way of the game. Basically,
    at almost any point Kratos is visibly holding a sub-weapon, he can be considered
    to be in a dedicated sub-weapon animation. If you now happen to switch to
    another sub-weapon from the Menu, break-out happens. Note that you need at least
    two sub-weapons to be able to do a sub-weapon switch from the Menu.
    Try this: Ascension (make sure to have a sub-weapon active before the next step)
              - go to menu and switch sub-weapon - jump
    +++ Breaking out using Upgrading
    Upgrading a sub-weapon at the middle of an attack will cause a break-out.
    This is one of the most convenient ways to do a high jump in a New Game, where
    you don't have an easy access to the other methods. You can do it with any
    sub-weapon or Cronos' Rage.
    (there is more to break-outs than this. They got an own section WAY down below.)
    2. Long jump (ManeshM84, Kevbew63, AKheon)
    ------------ (possibly RJWaters2)
    These are techniques for making your jumps longer.
    +++ using Ledges
    When jumping off from ledges or ropes, Kratos does a somehow more forceful
    jump than normal, enabling you to jump longer than normal - especially when
    combined with the other techniques below.
    +++ using air attack
    Some aerial attacks of your sub-weapons carry Kratos onward quite loftily,
    enabling huge vertical movement in air. SoD and BoO air attacks are the best
    for this purpose.
    +++ using Glide
    Icarus' Wings' Glide gives you the best vertical movement in air, so after
    you get this baby, other long jumps become semi-obsolete.
    "Double Glide Jump" (findlestick)
    If you run off a ledge while holding down X, Kratos will instantly start a
    Glide when there is no longer floor beneath him. But this is not a normal Glide:
    it's a glitched Glide and you can still do both of your jumps and another Glide
    afterwards! You can guess it does wonders for your jump length to be able to
    use two Glides during it.
    However, in God of War II most ledges have a sort of small collision lip on
    them, preventing Kratos from running off them just like that. This limits the
    use of this technique somewhat. But it still might come in handy somewhere in
    the game.
    "PR-cancelling" (AKheon)
    Break-outs have another funny property in that you can interrupt not only any
    sub-weapon attack using them, but you can also interrupt any attack or animation
    that immediately follows the break-out. So you can even interrupt magic castings
    and cutscenes using a break-out. More on that in the break-outs section... but
    for now this knowledge can be utilized in doing a specific long jump.
    The idea of PR cancelling is doing basic air attacks, then cancelling out of
    them using PR, then cancelling out of PR by switching weapons. Quite a precise
    maneuver. But it's worth it since it is the most powerful long jump technique
    in the game.
    A note on the timing. Start must be pressed right before casting PR so that you
    can cancel out of it at the correct time. So...
    Try it out: jump, sub-weapon attack, start, PR (right as menu opens),
                sub-weapon switch, sub-weapon attack, start, PR (right as
                menu opens) ...
    You can do this with any basic air attack, but you get the most effective jump
    by using BoO air triangle or BH air triangle. Don't try to use the L1-attacks
    because those can't be interrupted with magic.
    Atlas Quake can be considered too as a replacement to PR - if timed correctly,
    Kratos will rise a bit each time you cancel out of it - but overall its effect
    is not nearly as great and Kratos will inevitably keep on falling down, unlike
    with PR. Maybe can be used in combination for best effects?
    1, AKheon's vid
    3. Infinite Jump: (Shenminiu)
    It is a very simple trick in its core, but nonetheless mastering it is quite
    difficult, thanks to timing-related factors. Basically, all you have to do is
    to do MotK (air), then at its height cancel out with a sub-weapon switch, then
    repeat as many times as you need.
    Try this (have Hammer equipped as a sub-weapon):
    Ascension - R2, L1, start - switch sub-weapons until you get to BH again
    and wait for it to load - exit start-menu - (with correct timing) R2, L1, start
    - switch sub-weapon...
    Here are a few pointers that are important to take note of:
    1. Wait a few seconds in the menu after having changed sub-weapon. Don't act
    too quickly. This is because the game has to load the sub-weapon info all over
    again after you rotate the sub-weapon wheel. The time you have to wait differs
    depending on your location, too. Some areas are extra laggy, and your jump will
    fail if you exit the menu too quick, so be mindful of this.
    2. Sometimes after attempting to cancel out of a sub-weapon move, Kratos will
    continue doing the move using his Blades in a glitched manner. This is both a
    timing- and lag-related thing. It happens very often at some areas, and probably
    can't be helped... and it will ruin your jump if you're unlucky.
    3. After exiting start menu, don't try to switch back to sub-weapon too quickly.
    Otherwise the game will not register it, and Kratos will only do a block in
    air, resulting in a quick landing. You're in less of a hurry than you think.
    4. Don't press R2 and L1 down simultaneously. This might happen if you don't
    think about what you're doing. Result is an instant failure.
    5. Doing a MotK after a normal jump will lead you to a situation in which you
    can't do another MotK afterwards and the jump fails. Reset the situation using
    PR/another move and only then continue.
    6. Kratos is still effected by gravity during all this. His MotK attacks will
    gradually give him less and less height, until eventually he starts falling down
    again. To remedy this, do a Poseidon's Rage (turning the urn off mid-way to
    cancel out of it) and continue with the jump as normal.
    7. For switching into SoD/BoO air attacks from the middle of the infinite jump,
    it also helps to cast PR, then switch to the sub-weapon, enter menu and turn
    off Poseidon's Urn, then just start attacking...
    8. Each time you use MotK, Kratos will inch slightly backwards. Therefore, it
    is necessary to turn Kratos against the direction you're aiming if you're doing
    a long infinite jump.
    9. The above might work slightly differently on the HD Collection. For one, the
    loading times ought to be shorter on that one, allowing you to do the jump
    faster (once you've mastered it!)
    Note: I like to call MotK attacks in an infinite jump 'charges'. So if it is
    said somewhere in the level-specific tricks section that you need to do Infinite
    Jump with X charges, you must MotK your way up X times for it to work.
    1, findlestick's infinite jump tutorial:
    2, Shenminiu's original vid:
    3, AKheon's example of using infinite jump to skip Clotho:
    More info on specific attacks (regarding high and long jumping):
    +++ Might of the King (Air)
    This attack will cause Kratos to rise upwards each time it is used. It can be
    used once to give you extra height for a basic high jump or repeatedly to do
    what was elaborated on above - the infinite jump.
    Another interesting feature of this move is that you can pass some ceilings
    using it enough in a row. However, many ceilings remain which can't be passed
    through using this or any other move.
    +++ Spear of Destiny air attacks
    They defy gravity in an uncanny way. Repeated usage of SoD air square attacks is
    the easiest way to naturally lengthen your jumps. Blade of Olympus air attacks
    are the second best in this respect.
    Also, the same trick from GoW still applies here: by doing your attacks as soon
    as possible after doing a jump, you will gain extra length and/or height due to
    how the air momentum works in this game.
    The dubbed entry name for this trick is "SoD/BoO Leap".
    +++ Blade of Olympus launch
    This move defies gravity in a most excellent way. Try it next to ledges. Kratos
    basically hovers in air for the duration the attack lasts, and he moves quite a
    bit forward during it too, so this move has its uses.
    Instructions: (BoO active) hold triangle down
    Other Ascension / lift-up moves that are immune to gravity are Icarus Ascension
    and Hyperion Rise, so those can be useful too in a similar way.
    +++ Poseidon's Rage
    PR is extremely handy for changing your direction in air. It also resets your
    falling momentum - something no other attack in the game does. PR is mostly used
    for Infinite Jump and Long Jump.
    +++ Atlas Quake
    Whenever done in air, it will give Kratos a noticeable height boost. It's just
    unfortunate AQ can't be easily canceled out of. Upgrading doesn't work. Only way
    is to break out of the magic animation by changing sub-weapon the instant the
    magic starts, but this is difficult and you won't get all of the height boost
    you should (you don't lose any magic, though). However, AQ is mentioned here
    because it is in fact the only other move (aside MotK) you can do Infinite Jumps
    +++ Icarus' Wings
    The laucher defies gravity (as mentioned earlier).
    Double Glide Jump is a cool technique... (it was mentioned earlier too).
    4. Swimming in air: (ManeshM84, AKheon, Shenminiu...)
    In the GoW series (at least in the main games), the game doesn't know which
    areas are water and which air - it simply knows where's the water surface and
    what must be done when Kratos touches upon it. The only thing preventing Kratos
    from swimming wantonly wherever he wants are a couple of walls around the place,
    but at some parts of the game this restriction can be cleverly bypassed.
    During "swimmingness", you can't...
    - block, use weapons, use magic, and other land-only functions
    - open gates, pull switches, etc. most generic R1-operations are off-limits
    - operate grappling points
    - slow time
    You can, however...
    + access places not otherwise possible, not hindered by gravity
    + open chests
    + do some rare, specific R1-actions
    + deal damage to your enemies. The rush is capable of it!
    Other features:
    + carries over while saving/retrying (at least for the most part)
    - camera angles are sometimes atrocious
    - you're in danger of skipping important loading triggers
    + you can break out of many non-swimming actions in a strange way... there's
      more about this in the section about break-outs.
    Other interesting stuff:
    Occasionally you will see Kratos entering t-pose while swimming and he looks
    like he is riding a "sled" made out of his Blades. This is probably because the
    swimming animation for Kratos is not loaded in maps that don't have any water
    in them, so the game just puts Kratos in a t-pose to be done with it. You can
    tell when some new maps load and previous ones unload when Kratos' stance
    changes to t-pose, or from t-pose back to normal swimming.
    In t-pose Kratos' swim dash will NOT do any damage, nor does simply jamming
    the Blades at his feet into enemies do any damage (though it will make a sound).
    A swimming Kratos can get stuck to many other poses as well. For example,
    opening a chest will leave Kratos "standing" in an upright position. This does
    not affect his capacity to swim around the place, but again, it might make his 
    dash damage-less (not a big deal, though).
    Kratos is able to disattach himself from many ground actions in an unnatural
    way while swimming. Picking up corpses, opening chests, random R1 actions... I
    believe details are mentioned in the break-outs section, somewhere below.
    A seemingly impassable ceiling can be passed while swimming by doing rush,
    casual wiggling and other moves in some combinations. Kratos slowly inches
    through the obstacle. Not sure if this works with every impassable ceiling,
    but at some places you can swim through roofs.
    So how to end swimming glitch?
    The basic way to end swimming glitch is to hit another water surface. Becoming
    stonefrozen at ground level also ends swimming glitch. And... that's pretty much
    it. Those are the known methods of ending swimming glitch. Since swimmingness
    carries over a retry or a reload, you can get yourself stuck in some part of
    the game where it's impossible to complete some objective while swimming but
    you also can't end the swimming glitch in any way.
    Extremely rarely, Kratos may lose swimming glitch after death. There is footage
    of this in my "Swimming with Lakhesis"-vid. In it, Kratos hits an insta-death
    barrier and falls down to his death. After retry, no swimming...
    Also, in at least two reported instances, Kratos lost swimmingness while
    swimming between areas that were never supposed to be 'connected'.
    In God of War III, swimming at ground level when hitting a certain checkpoint
    ends swimming. Not sure if something like that would work anywhere in GoW II.
    1, AKheon's vid of losing swimmingness after falling into a pit:
    2, findlestick's vid of teleporting and losing swimming glitch:
    Special section dedicated to picking up corpses while swimming:
    Findlestick tried it out, and the results are very surprising. Kratos appears
    to pick the corpse up like normal, but it always slips from his hands. His
    swimming stance changes to the corpse picking one. And then it gets strange.
    First of all, it is possible for the corpse to change angle once picked up.
    It will fall down in all sort of inane positions, sometimes nudging and moving
    oddly by itself. It can get stuck under pushable buttons, having horrible
    seizure-like motions. Also, if picked up against collision, the corpse may
    rocket skywards like a... grotesque corpse that rockets skywards. Then...
    After ending swimming Kratos can come and pick up the corpse even if it has an
    angle. This causes Kratos himself to get an angle! He will stay leaned to a
    strange direction until some moves are used. An alternative effect is that his
    graphics get messed up so that the game draws him partially from a wrong
    perspective, looking even better. He also loses his textures, or so it seems.
    Rolling makes it look like both of Kratos' legs are broken. Do I need to go on?
    If Kratos ends up too slanted and in air, he becomes stuck and won't be able to
    end the state, and instead stays like that forever (until retry). While slanted
    rolling, it's possible to move up some walls because the game considers the wall
    as floor if Kratos is slanted enough. Also, it's once been reported that Kratos
    fell through floor when rolling while slanted.
    If Kratos becomes petrified while slanted, his statue form appears normal but
    flies up in air for some reason if he is close to a wall. Ending petrification
    makes Kratos lose slantedness.
    Mini-games while slanted are possible, since the game doesn't pay attention
    to things like gravity during the sequences. At least with the Gorgon one,
    if Kratos succeeds, he will not lose slantedness. If he loses, the gorgon
    may become 'slanted' momentarily!
    Things that will not end 'slanted Kratos':
    - standing still
    - rolling
    - jumping (however, all air attacks or just moving ends the state)
    - weapon switch (may revert Kratos from 'slanted' to 'slantedly drawn')
    - Divine Sacrifice (the orb is skewed and bad to look at)
    - magics (PR is especially interesting since Kratos does it at an angle)
    - getting hit
    - mini-games (but maybe not all)
    1, Findlestick's vid of the odd "corpse" activities
    2, Findle's vid of some more slanted Kratos action!
    3, findlestick's vid of yet more slanted Kratos action:
    5. Other useful tricks
    "Cyclecancelling (or CC)" (invented by GMG & Addaminsain)
    Cyclecancelling is a term for a specific type of break-out - a strategically
    timed sub-weapon change. It's a technique that finds good use in combat since
    you can interrupt attack cooldowns with it and increase Kratos' combat
    efficiency by a great deal. But CC has a few more surprising uses as well...
    1, addaminsain's vid, showing all-purpose use of CC:
    More details on specific uses:
    +++ canceling out of attacks
    You're doing a slow special move with one of your sub-weapons. It hits, but
    then the attack continues indefinitely even after it dealed its damage. Slow?
    Yeah, but fear not, for a simple sub-weapon switch cancels you out of the
    move instantly. Saves up to seconds of Kratos' time per use.
    1, addaminsain's vid, showing the speed difference in Kratos' time:
    +++ doing high & infinite jumps
    Already explained in the Jumps sections above. A controlled break-out helps
    to create bigger jumps.
    +++ petrification negation
    Switching sub-weapon while Kratos is petrified (and you have sub-weapon active)
    instantly returns Kratos back to normal. Useful on occasion, but if you time
    your sub-weapon switch wrong, you get a funny (and deadly) side effect where
    a redundant stone clone of Kratos appears on the map and it's an instant game
    over if the stone statue is shattered by anyone - including you. There is still
    more on these stone clones later on.
    Other things like insta-death floor triggers can also be, if not cancelled, then
    at least delayed using CC.
    1, addaminsain's vid on petrification negation:
    2, findlestick's vid of stone clones:
    3, AKheon's vid of breaking out of falling in swamp:
    +++ event / trigger break-outs
    Another side effect of breaking out is that any animation that directly follows
    being broken out will also end abruptly. So you can examine some R1 prompt right
    before breaking out and Kratos examining the prompts becomes glitched. This
    concept will be looked into with more detail in the section about break-outs.
    1, AKheon's vid on the power of event break-outs:
    The fastest regular movement in the game happens to be a simple roll cancel.
    To do it, simply roll to a direction, then do a weak attack to cancel out of
    it, then re-roll (or just keep the right analog stick pressed down to your
    chosen direction). For rolling into jumping, roll into a weak attack, then
    cancel the weak attack with the jump.
    A pretty specialized trick, but hey, it's faster movement. To run quicker,
    start running and then spam Blades or Spear square attack and interrupt it
    quickly with Bow. Just repeatedly spam the attack and Bow stance, and you should
    see Kratos pick up a decent speed, maybe around 1.5 times his normal running
    speed. This is an useful method of movement during short stretches of ground
    where a roll would be too much or on terrain where rolling would be for a reason
    or another highly inconvenient.
    "Bow/Head tricking"
    An extremely useful, if hard-to-master technique which involves abusing the
    i-frames of either Typhon's Bane or Euryale's Head. Basically, you just press
    L2 with the correct magic selected while standing still. Kratos unsheathes his
    Bow/Head and most attacks pass right through him harmlessly. This can be
    done in air too, by simply unsheathing the Bow/Head after having jumped (but
    not pressing to any direction or shooting while at it).
    Technically, you could trick with any other magic too, but these two are the
    most common and useful because they do not cost magic and are instantly ready
    for use.
    This move can also be used for stalling. By repeatedly unsheathing either Bow
    or Head, any enemy in the vicinity stops attacking. Just an A.I. glitch.
    "Bow/Head cancelling"
    Another useful technique that allows you to increase your damage per second
    efficiency to astronomical heights... almost, at least. All magics take priority
    over Kratos' basic melee attacks. Also, stance magics cost nothing to activate
    and they resolve quickly. You see where I'm going here? You can cancel out of
    normal attacks after they've done their damage to start new attacks extra quick.
    It is most useful using BH because it's the weapon with most power and least
    speed. In fact, even on Titan-mode most bosses fall quickly under the combo of
    triangle, triangle, cancel, repeat.
    Block cancelling is also possible to do with most attacks, although slightly
    less efficient.
    "Alternate Orion's Harpoon" (discoverer: GMG and/or Shinobier)
    Some enemies can be Orion's Harpooned in an alternate way by keeping the circle
    held down while starting OH instead of just pressing it once. The "alternate
    way" is usually a normal grab, but depending on the enemy, it can also be a 360
    toss or even their finisher. This allows versatility to link moves together
    this way. More of a secret move than a glitch.
    B. Weapon/magic/relics/urns
    Generally about weapons and melee:
    I would generally call God of War II combat mechanics "streamlined" compared to
    God of War I. Attacks have more consistent rules and Kratos' movelist acts as
    a more focused whole.
    While you have three sub-weapons, they are all in a way simpler than Blade of
    Artemis was. None of your sub-weapons have air block or more than one air
    special. Their combos are more restricted than with Blades and they also don't
    have other types of specials like Hyperion Charge that Blades have. It's not
    until God of War III where Kratos gets sub-weapons that are as detailed as his
    main weapon the Blades.
    Sub-weapon related animations interrupt instantly if sub-weapon is changed from
    the menu - you can call this effect Cyclecancelling, or more broadly speaking
    a break-out. Sub-weapon related special effects also completely disappear if
    Kratos changes to another weapon. Best example of this are the souls of BH.
    If Kratos hits a damaging platform, balancing platform or does Fleece countering
    while simultaneously doing a sub-weapon change, your sub-weapon becomes
    completely inaccessible for a short while, for some reason. This is not the same
    kind of downtime as when switching sub-weapons. It lasts a lot longer, and so
    far we don't have an explanation for it.
    A. Athena's Blades
    Many things are same, but many things are also different with Athena's Blades
    compared to Blades of Chaos from GoW 1.
    Unlike in GoW 1, you can't buffer to triangle attack after a roll any longer.
    Instead that input is reserved for Athena's Wrath that you get later on when
    upgrading Blades.
    Athena's Wrath moves through obstacles and regardless of ground height.
    Hyperion Charge is a new melee attack Kratos gets in GoW 2. He first whips the
    Blades in a wide arc, then starts running. During the run, Kratos auto-targets
    towards nearby enemies. Square leads to an imitation of Hermes Rush from GoW 1
    (now called Hyperion Rush), triangle leads to a special sorta launcher (Hyperion
    Rise) that is immune to gravity - you can take one step into chasms during it.
    These Hyperion Charge follow-up attacks can't be buffered if Rage is active.
    Activating Rage of the Titans changes the rules a little. Kratos can't do any
    ground specials while RotT is active and it's also a bit more difficult to combo
    into RotT basic attacks from other weapons. You also can't use Fleece block or
    Icarus' Ascension with RotT on.
    If you activate RotT right at the start or during Hyperion Charge's first attack
    or Olympic Ascension, Kratos will do a "false Plume" which makes no sound and
    does no damage. If during the false Plume you turn RotT off, Kratos will
    continue doing the original attack.
    B. Barbarian Hammer
    The only weapon that doesn't have a natural launcher move. You also can't start
    a roll when BH is active.
    Doing Crushing Defeat, Kratos automatically moves the longest possible distance
    he moves with a single attack in this game. This can come in handy sometimes.
    For example using this move right before hitting a cutscene trigger lets you do
    the attack during the cutscene and keep moving during it, saving some time.
    The normal souls and Legion of Souls-souls are different from each other in both
    damage and effect (note: LoS-souls do less damage). In general souls have a
    variety of different effects depending on your enemies and the situation.
    Souls, created by any mean possible, disappear the instant active weapon is not
    the Hammer. Soul damage is not affected by difficulty/costume settings.
    Kratos looks like he is in air during Legion of Souls, but the game considers
    him to be on ground during the entire attack.
    C. Spear of Destiny
    Piercing Shards is a convenient move in Kratos' arsenal. Doing it, the Spear
    emits an explosion that passes through all barriers and walls. The move has
    quite a capable auto-aiming, even for aerial enemies or enemies which are far
    away. The explosion seems to change shape depending on the enemies' location.
    While this auto-aiming is not perfect, if you enter EH or TB stance right before
    doing PS, Kratos auto-targets the closest/any creature and the attack will
    always hit after that.
    Piercing Shards' damage does not change with costume/difficulty, and RotT does
    not seemingly increase its powers either (although normal weapon level ups do).
    PS doesn't count towards hit count except against Kraken's tentacles (?).
    The ender of the triangle combo can stun even very powerful enemies. GMG said
    that he once saw even Zeus' summon animation become interrupted hitting Zeus
    with this attack with Rage active, which doesn't happen with any other move.
    Unfortunate Remains leaves a small bomb on the battlefield for a few seconds.
    A bomb will drop down to the nearest ground level if it is spawned in air
    somehow. Uneven collision can also cause a bomb to end up inside walls a bit
    Maximum amount of bombs at any given time is 2. These bombs can be slowed with
    the Amulet, and if they are slowed down, they explode without an effect.
    Interestingly, an in-game weapon switch will NOT make the bombs disappear,
    unlike most other sub-weapon related effects. You can also retry from checkpoint
    and the bombs will carry over the retry. However, if this retry would revert
    Spear of Destiny level back to 1, the bombs will disappear.
    Altering Slash is a move that makes an opponent turn more and more purple until
    they explode colourfully. The enemy takes about 5 seconds to explode after
    they've been set to detonate, and the charge can even explode with the host
    dead if the foe's death animation is not entirely finished. Altering Slash does
    not plant bombs to targets that die from the attack, that go to a mini-game stun
    from the attack or which are stonefrozen.
    The detonation has no effect to enemies who are being grabbed, though it does
    damage stonefrozen targets just fine. If you change weapons, any bomb charges
    disappear. You can have quite a many enemies detonating at the same time, at
    least 4 to 5... but this is something glitched, since the natural limit is 1.
    Any explosions after the second one will either fail or be effect-less.
    According to GMG's research, a factor in making more than the normal amount of
    enemies ready to detonate is to turn while swinging and hitting a group of
    If an airborne target gets detonated by either Unfortunate Remains or Altering
    Slash bombs, they will get bounced. Unique lauches are possible using Altering
    Slash detonation in addition to other techniques. GMG reports that he has gone
    as far as sending enemies over the walls using this technique, and that it
    seemed that the spawn spots of the arena died after it. Could there still more
    to this?
    D. Blade of Olympus
    You only get this weapon for a short time during Normal Play. Have to wait
    until Bonus Play to get it a regular part of Kratos' arsenal.
    The launcher of this weapon is immune to gravity, so it is sometimes useful
    in high jumps where you want to start the jump next to a chasm.
    Divine Retribution lasers are stronger than the Anger of the Gods ones. They
    also behave a bit differently, in that DR lasers can and will pass through
    everything 'til an enemy (who can block it) will block it, while Anger laser
    will stop at first target it hits. DR also lasers pass obstacles if done at
    point blank range.
    All the laser effects do damage that is not influenced by settings like
    difficulty or costume. Rage also does not boost their damage.
    Divine Sacrifice drains red orbs from enemies while causing bounces or
    knockbacks. Once it has hit an enemy for 3 full attacks, it does not effect them
    at all after that. If you activate Rage during this attack, the graphical
    'halo'-effect disappears eerily!
    The orb drains of Divine Sacrifice carry over restart, so you can in fact get
    infinite red orbs using the attack. There may be more about this in the section
    about infinite red orbs later down.
    Generally about magic & urns:
    There's a period of time before Poseidon's Urn starts to effect after switching
    to it. During this inactive moment, the left magic icon remains as Cronos' Rage
    and you can't cast either of the spells. The same works vice-versa too, with
    this sorta inactive period after having switched back to CR. The explanation is
    that the game has to load the attack fully before you can use it.
    If you switch Poseidon's Urn on and then activate a checkpoint before the magic
    icon turns to PR, after retrying the game will still show you the CR icon, but
    it can't be cast (because it's not loaded). This works the other way around too.
    Urn of Gorgons can mess up juggles and launches in strange ways... more info
    about this wouldn't hurt. §
    E. Poseidon's Rage
    Kratos says one of these three comments occasionally when doing PR at the start
    of the game (they no longer play at Typhon's Cavern):
    "None shall defy me!"
    "I am the God of War!"
    "I will make you suffer!"
    There's a short animation after each PR casting during which Kratos can't do a
    thing. This slows down the possible rate of casting pretty much.
    It is the only spell you can't upgrade. It only has one level, "MAX".
    PR has a limited number of enemies it can hit at any given time. If there are
    too many enemies in its radius, they aren't affected.
    "It can miss some foes in the blast radius (unknown reasons)." - GMG
    This move is pretty much the only one in the game which can't be interrupted
    by latching onto grapple points.
    It is also the only move in the game which can reset your movement and falling
    momentum (useful in long/high jump).
    If you do Rage while casting PR, the blackening effect that comes with Rage goes
    away (until you quit Rage and re-activate it).
    In mysterious circumstances Kratos starts doing glitchy PR that has no effect.
    It looks quite similar to unloaded PR from God of War 1. This can happen for
    example if you switch Poseidon's Urn on or off in laggy circumstances, but
    it can also happen for more rare reasons too.
    1, findlestick's vid of doing glitchy PR after switching Urn:
    1, findlestick's vid of glitchy PR in other circumstances:
    F. Typhon's Bane
    A stance magic.
    While entering the stance, you get a noteworthy amount of i-frames. They are
    lost if Kratos moves or attacks while unsheathing the bow.
    Other i-frame periods are during charged Wind Blast (during the time after
    square is let go and after the shot fires), Lethal Vortex and Titan Storm
    (while building up steam).
    Wind Shots don't get stronger with upgrade, it's just your rate of fire that
    increases. Their magic cost stays the same too.
    Trying to shoot small enemies with Wind Shots at point blank range can cause
    the bullets to pass through the enemies harmlessly.
    LV will auto-shatter all statues it hits. The attack travels through barriers.
    It has a casting pause after it, so you can't spam it.
    TS lingers a bit around the field even after disappearing. It has a casting
    pause after it, so you can't spam it (very noticeable). You may be able to
    destroy yourself with this attack if you're stonefrozen when it resolves. The
    attack moves past all sorts of barriers.
    Charged WB's normal cost is 25MP, but it can be done for as little as 4MP. As
    long as you have magic for one single TB shot, you can do a charged version
    for great cost efficiency. The attack does extra *glitched* hits for Barbarian
    King and the mounted Cyclops Berserker - try it out. Charged WB can't target
    or damage stonefrozen creatures.
    "You can maintain 'charge' of Wind Blast if you walk off a cliff but it won't
    fire." - GMG
    If you jump in air with sub-weapon active in TB stance, upon landing you can
    change sub-weapon and cause a graphical glitch where Kratos starts using his
    own Blades as the Bow.
    1, findlestick's vid:
    G. Cronos' Rage
    There's a noticeable i-frame moment when this magic is cast.
    Maximum amount of CR orbs at any time is 3. Orbs will stick to air or wherever
    Kratos was during casting.
    The Lv. 3 orb explosion can shatter statues, even Kratos himself if he is one
    at the time!
    Its effect arcs towards creatures being grabbed, but does no damage (or hits).
    Some hits it does are not shown.
    In rare circumstances, switching from Poseidon's Rage to this magic can cause
    the magic to remain and glitch up so that Kratos does its animation but no
    effect comes out.
    1, findlestick's vid:
    H. Head of Euryale
    A stance magic.
    While entering the stance, you get a noteworthy amount of i-frames. They are
    lost if Kratos moves or does other attacks than Beam.
    Other i-frame spots are with Gorgon Flash (instant it fires), Gorgon Blast
    (instant it fires) and Gorgon Rage (instant it fires).
    If you upgrade EH while you're in its stance, it turns invisible, as does its
    beam. Only the lv. 3 attack is visible after this.
    If you jump in air with sub-weapon active in EH stance, do Gorgon Flash and
    change sub-weapon afterwards. You cause a graphical glitch where Kratos starts
    using his Blades to shoot freezing beams instead of the Head.
    1, findlestick's vid:
    Gorgon Blast hits count as hits (unusual for an attack which deals no damage).
    If you hit a stonefrozen foe with GB, the explosion that occurs is a lot bigger
    than normal (but it won't work any better than it does normally).
    Shooting multiple GB shots towards water surface, some will pass right through
    the surface and won't explode. Sometimes GB shots can also pass through enemies
    (if they are too close).
    Gorgon Rage can leave foes within range unaffected. Maybe it has a limited
    amount of targets it can hit as well? (though GMG doubts it)
    "I recall testing this at the places I denoted previously. It hits all the
    targets. In situations with foes in range with LESS targets it can miss
    (sort of like PR). It's just a failure by the game I feel." - GMG
    Retrying and stonefreeze do not always mix well. Kratos or one of the enemies
    can rarely get stuck in an eternal slow-mo state in which they will never die.
    Sometimes the game counts petrified foes as dead ones, which means that you can
    fool some of the game's triggers (like Barbarian King stage 2). Infinite red
    orbs are also possible with stonefreeze and checkpoints.
    1, Addaminsain's eternally slowed down Hades fiend
    I. Atlas' Quake
    During the whole magic Kratos is completely invincible, so it is the best
    panic button-type magic in the game (aside PR).
    Unlike the other magics, this one has a difficulty/costume dependant power,
    making it relatively much weaker on Titan-mode.
    Some hits it does are not shown.
    Generally about relics:
    They are basically items that give you some magic powers. They are stashed away
    in your inventory menu, and there's very little you can do to manipulate them.
    So there's not much to tell about them in general. You lose most of them when
    starting Bonus Play, which is a shame... would be nice to use Rage or Glide from
    the start of the game, for example.
    J. Poseidon's Trident
    You always have it from the beginning of the game. Neat!
    You can do fewer things while swimming than in GoW 1. No more swimmy grabs,
    no more rushing up or down, no more insane jumps from water...
    K. Rage of the Titans
    "The activation cost is about 1/8th the meter and you need 1/4th to activate."
    - GMG
    If you got Prometheus' Urn on, you can activate RotT for no activation cost and
    even if your RotT meter is at zero.
    You can activate it during loading times and some events/cutscenes of this game.
    It has no use unless you're fighting, though. No use to open chests using RotT.
    During some cutscenes RotT turns off automatically, and can't be turned on again
    'til the scene is over. (my theory: it's because during the cutscene "Kratos'
    time" is stopped.)
    If you cast PR while RotT is on, the black spots on Kratos disappear. This also
    happens if you keep RotT on over FMV-scenes.
    "Divides collisions by 3.85 regardless of Armor/Power. (these things effect the
    Translator)" - GMG
    During Prometheus' Inferno, you can shut off RotT and have the attack continue
    like normal. Useful for saving Rage.
    The RotT triangle finisher works without RotT on. A rare instance of i-frames
    in a weapon attack. (thanks to GMG)
    Kratos can't be petrified if RotT is on. If he is already petrified while going
    to Rage, the petrification instantly breaks. Some enemy grabs can also be broken
    out of by utilizing RotT.
    You can create glitchy "plumes" by turning RotT on right before Hyperion
    Charge's "whip" or Olympic Ascension. They are silent and damage-less.
    L. Amulet of the Fates
    So what exactly is slowed by its effect?
    + enemies
    + Rage of the Titans (both graphical and Rage cost)
    + many graphical effects
    + collision movement
    + some grapple point swings
    "Concerning Rage, what occurs is that there is no drain while time is
    comprimised BUT the Initial cost still takes place should you activate in or
    out of the effect." - GMG
    After you've exhausted the time slow meter, the effect stops. You can't start
    a new one instantly afterwards: it will take about 1 second before the meter
    has recovered up to halfway through again, after which it can be re-activated.
    You can't use ropes when time is slowed.
    Many attacks look different while time slowage is on since their graphical
    effects may be slowed down as well.
    The time slow effect will stop when activating most R1-prompts. Two expections
    are R1-prompts that yield a message, and save points. The effect keeps on
    running even if time is stopped (other than game menus).
    Time slowing does not carry over save nor checkpoint, even though you can hear
    the time slow reversal sound over checkpoints.
    While time is stopped, the music of the game stops everywhere except start menu.
    M. Golden Fleece
    During Rage of the Titans, Fleece counters are turned off.
    "RotT parries should work just fine when you have a sub-weapon out rather then
    the Blades. Prometheus' Flare is what fucks it up. Air Blocks (Blades) aren't
    effected." - GMG
    While Fleece countering, Kratos is immersed in i-frames.
    N. Icarus Wings
    Everything interesting about IW has already been related at the High/Infinite
    Jump sections above.
    Generally about menus:
    The already tread sections of the moves list turn white as you go. That is,
    unless you hold down the directional button, in which case the cursor flies
    over them without them changing color!
    The menu glitches from GoW 1 have been mostly fixed for GoW 2.
    The moves list has a glitch regarding Poseidon's Urn. First, go to Cronos' Rage
    sub-section at the moves list and open it. Then go and switch Poseidon's Urn
    on. Then exit menu for the effect to activate. Finally, re-enter moves list.
    ...do you see the glitch?
    If you choose to 'close group', the cursor will move a pre-set amount upwards,
    as if the Cronos' Rage group indeed was there, only invisible.
    The magics' order in the moves list changes a bit if you turn PR on.
    C. Enemies
    The list is organized in the order as the foes appear in the Combat Arena menu.
    Next to the name you see how many of them can be brought to the Arena at once.
    In general about enemies, especially in conjunction with Arena:
    - most grabs by enemies can be escaped instantly by using RotT.
    - special effects like being covered in web or stonefrozen can also be escaped
      using RotT.
    - even if you turn an enemy's Attack off, its counterattack behaviour remains
      normal. So they can still attack you if you make them react with an attack.
    - an enemy whose Attack is off acts differently when first entering the Arena
      and after retry. First entering the Arena, the enemy is mobile and runs around
      while ignoring Kratos. After retry, it just stand still and does nothing.
    Enemy-specific things...
    ++ Wild Boar (x3)
    - Can be infinite Orion's Harpooned.
    ++ Rabid Hound (x3)
    - Can be infinite Orion's Harpooned
    ++ Cerberus Seed (x3)
    - Can be infinite Orion's Harpooned
    ++ Harpy (x3)
    - Extremely frail.
    - Can be infinite Orion's Harpooned.
    ++ Hades Harpy (x3)
    - Can be infinite Orion's Harpooned.
    ++ Cursed Harpy (x3)
    - Can be infinite Orion's Harpooned.
    ++ Nymph (x3)
    - Extremely frail.
    - Can be infinite Orion's Harpooned.
    ++ Hades Nymph (x3)
    - Can be infinite Orion's Harpooned.
    - In most cases they will self-destruct upon death.
    ++ Greek Citizen (x3)
    - Extremely frail.
    - This enemy is exclusive to Arena - you never see him in the main game.
    - They will drop health, rage and magic orbs when killed.
    - They behave exactly the same way whether their Attack is set to on or off.
    - Unlike in GoW 3, other enemies don't go out of their way to attack civilians.
    ++ Greek Women (x3)
    - Extremely frail.
    - This enemy is exclusive to Arena - you never see her in the main game.
    - They will drop health, rage and magic orbs when killed.
    - They behave exactly the same way whether their Attack is set to on or off.
    - Unlike in GoW 3, other enemies don't go out of their way to attack civilians.
    ++ Cursed Remains (x3)
    - Nothing to report so far...
    ++ Rhodes Archer (x3)
    - Extremely frail.
    - Can be infinite Orion's Harpooned.
    ++ Undead Archer (x3)
    - Extremely frail.
    - Could probably be infinite air grabbed if they didn't die so easily.
    - Could be infinite Orion's Harpooned if they didn't die so easily.
    ++ Cursed Archer (x3)
    - Extremely frail.
    - Could probably be infinite air grabbed if they didn't die so easily.
    - Could be infinite Orion's Harpooned if they didn't die so easily.
    ++ Rhodes Soldier (x3)
    - Can be infinite Orion's Harpooned.
    ++ Barbarian Mercenary (x3)
    - Their grab can be instantly escaped with RotT.
    - They can't be launched while they do their attacks.
    - Can be infinite Orion's Harpooned.
    ++ Beast Lord (x3)
    - Can be infinitely Orion's Harpooned.
    - While in the Arena, they're unable to summon a Cyclops Berserker to their aid.
    - If they are close to a Cyclops Berserker, they are able to start riding on it.
      They will do this even if their Attack is turned off!
    - Apparently rarely the sequence where Beast Lord mounts a Cyclops glitches up,
      causing the Beast Lord to become stuck in air and completely invulnerable.
    1, Sparlastor's thing's vid of invulnerable Beast Lord:
    ++ Undead Legionnaire (x3)
    - Can be infinite air grabbed.
    - Can be infinite Orion's Harpooned.
    - If you open up Arena with more than 3 Undead Legionnaires, the game will
      crash in the loading screen. Might be a version-specific glitch?
    1, AKheon's speedrun of GoW II to fastest crash:
    ++ Cursed Legionnaire (x3)
    - Can be infinite air grabbed, although the point where the enemy becomes
      mini-game stunned will interrupt the infinite air grab.
    - Can be infinite Orion's Harpooned, although again mini-game stun will end
      your barrage of Orion's Harpoons.
    ++ Wraith of Athens (x3)
    - Nothing to report so far...
    ++ Wraith of Asphodel (x3)
    - Nothing to report so far...
    ++ Hades Fiend (x3)
    - Can be near-infinite air grabbed.
    - Can be infinite Orion's Harpooned.
    - In most cases they self-destruct upon death.
    ++ Fates Sentry (x3)
    - Can be infinite Orion's Harpooned.
    ++ Fates Guardian (x3)
    - Can be infinite Orion's Harpooned, although the mini-game stun will end
      your barrage of Orion's Harpoons.
    ++ Fates Juggernaut (x2)
    - Nothing to report so far...
    ++ Hades Juggernaut (x2)
    - Nothing to report so far...
    ++ Legionnaire Captain (x2)
    - Nothing to report so far...
    ++ Hades Legionnaire (x2)
    - Nothing to report so far...
    ++ Satyr (x2)
    - Nothing to report so far...
    ++ Satyr Champion (x2)
    - Nothing to report so far...
    ++ Siren (x2)
    - Nothing to report so far...
    ++ Siren Widow (x2)
    - Nothing to report so far...
    ++ Gorgon (x2)
    - A false grab always provokes them to shoot their freeze beams, which can
      be useful in some cases.
    ++ Gorgon Assassin (x2)
    - A false grab always provokes them to shoot a Gorgon Flash, which can be
      useful in some cases.
    ++ Gorgon Queen (x2)
    - A false grab always provokes them to shoot a Gorgon Rage, which can be
      useful in some cases.
    ++ Minotaur Grunt (x2)
    - Nothing to report so far...
    ++ Hades Minotaur (x2)
    - Nothing to report so far...
    ++ Erebus Minotaur (x2)
    - This foe will cancel his charge attack if he runs into another foe.
    ++ High Priest of the Fates (x1)
    - They are able to summon Fates Guardians to their aid, even inside Arena.
    ++ Cyclops Brute (x1)
    - Nothing to report so far...
    ++ Cyclops Tyrant (x1)
    - Nothing to report so far...
    ++ Cyclops Berserker (x1)
    - If you stonefreeze a Cyclops Berserker ridden by a Beast Lord, the two foes
      become separated again. Beast Lord also becomes frozen and most likely
      shatters when falling off the Cyclops.
    ++ Cerberus (x1)
    - Nothing to report so far...
    ++ Cerberus Breeder (x1)
    - They are able to spawn Cerberus Seeds during a fight, even in Arena.
    - A word of warning: fighting against three Cerberus Breeders in the Arena
      highly increases the risk of your game crashing.
    - If you false grab them repeatedly, you'll activate a glitched version of
      their head-cutting mini-game for no reason. Kratos is free to move during
      this time as the Cerberus' head is separated by itself. If you continue this
      long enough, the foe dies. (thanks to corvettelover for mentioning)
    ++ Titan Minotaur (x1)
    - Nothing to report so far...
    ++ Griffin
    - Only encountered during flying sections. Can't be brought to Arena.
    ++ Griffin Rider
    - Only encountered during flying sections. Can't be brought to Arena.
    ++ Hades Arm
    - A special encounter that can't be brought to Arena.
    - They are immune to being stonefrozen.
    ++ Boat Captain
    - Appears during the Barbarian King fight along with Barbarian Mercenaries.
    - Can't be brought to Arena.
    ...and as for the bosses, see level-by-level section for them.
    D. Other
    Break-outs (finally!)
    It is an all-around important phenomena in this game. Break out basically means
    that Kratos breaks loose from a dedicated action or a cutscene and becomes free
    to move during it. Reasons for it vary heavily, as do the consequences.
    Sometimes the mechanism can be controlled by the player, but at other times it
    is random and can even be caused by some disc fault. 
    Break-outs may happen because of...
    - switching sub-weapon while sub-weapon is active. ("Cyclecancelling")
    - upgrading certain weapons/magics while they are being used.
    - switching out Poseidon's Urn while PR is used
    - swimming glitch influence
    - loading errors
    - event-specific reason
    + Cancelling out of moves can lead to strategic advantage in fights.
    + Breaking out in air can lead to the highest jumps possible in the game. But
      this was already covered in the high jumps section.
    + If break-out happens while moving to another animation, the next animation is
      often cancelled too. You can move into events such as Translator interrogation
      with Kratos free to move during the cutscene, making things look surreal.
    + If break-out happens when touching insta-death water, you don't die instantly
      but can instead jump one more time before dying. Same goes for other type
      of special surfaces and triggers like getting petrified.
    Here is more info on some sub-sections.
    Upgrading break-outs can be done with...
    + Barbarian Hammer
    + Spear of Destiny
    + Blade of Olympus
    + Cronos' Rage
    Can't be done with...
    - Athena's Blades (nothing is cancelled, Kratos continues attack like normal)
    - stance magics (or at least Typhon's Bane)
    - Atlas Quake
    Break-out by Poseidon's Urn:
    A common high jump technique. Read more about it from high jumps' section.
    Break-out while swimming:
    Seems many land-only events are extra vulnerable to glitching during swimming.
    For example: opening a normal chest while swimming and trying to turn around
    can interrupt the chest opening so that Kratos retains swimming in the chest
    opening pose. The chest also remains close and loses its R1 prompt for good.
    Try out different things and see what happens.
    During some scripted events Kratos just breaks out by himself if he is swimming.
    For example, the Icarus fight or BK chase sequence.
    Break-out by loading error:
    This is completely non-reproduceable and in most cases harmful.
    Most interesting example is from the beginning of the game, in which there's
    a very big Kratos at the start, who then shrinks just in time for normal game
    to begin. Due to a loading error, Kratos can remain big and get stuck in the
    first room... (see a video of this at level-by-level glitches)
    + a forced break-out during a swinging grapple point activation can lead to to a
      complete and instant game freeze. (other grapples are safe, though)
    + using grapple points from a cancelled PR seems to cause game freeze rarely.
    + switching sub-weapons during special cutscenes that cause Kratos to become
      stuck with only one sub-weapon (like when you first get BoO) may crash the
      game. I think it's because of a "break-out" at a wrong time.
    + breaking out to negate petrification can cause Kratos to say unoccupied while
      a stonefrozen clone of him forms. If the statue dies, so does the real Kratos!
    Other notes:
    + breaking out of most normal movements (jumping, grabbing, etc.) is possible,
      but causes nothing interesting to happen.
    + breaking out of fixed grapples will cause Kratos to hang onto the grapple
      point while in the usual "riding a Blade sled" stance.
    + breaking out of swimming animation seems to be impossible.
    + breaking out of ropes seems to be impossible.
    + breaking out of damaging platforms only causes a short-term sub-weapon glitch
      in which you can't change it until about 5 seconds have passed.
    + breaking out of either stance magic while in air causes a funny graphical
      glitch of the Bow/Head becoming invisible.
    + sometimes Kratos breaks out of Fleece animations. This has a few small unique
      effects, like being able to move while Euryale is reacting to parrying her
      stonefreezing beam. Or if you are frozen by another Gorgon while breaking out
      of parrying a stonebeam, Kratos becomes stonefrozen but no enemies are able
      to detect him.
    This has all been fairly theoretical so far. But check out the level-specific
    glitches section for the crazy results you can achieve in the game using these
    various break-out techniques.
    1, findlestick's vid of the parrying break outs:
    Upgrading "glitch": (c: AKheon)
    In GoW 1 there was a black-out time glitch that was invoked by upgrading Blades
    and then retrying from last checkpoint. This would cause the checkpoint to load
    slower than usual and it would have some interesting results, like being able to
    roll past cutscene triggers unnoticed while the game is pre-occupied with its
    extra loading time.
    This glitch still partially works in GoW 2. It makes the game load slower and
    the game screen fade in later than usual. But it seems Kratos can't move during
    the black-out time any more, reducing the use of the trick. It still creates
    some odd side effects here and there, though.
    On further examining, I found out that not only Athena's Blades upgrading causes
    variables to change. Here's a list of stuff I've found to add up:
    + Athena's Blades upgrade (the most important thing)
    + other weapons upgrade (less important)
    + switching Poseidon's Urn on/off
    + switching sub-weapons
    + (maybe) activating Rage of the Titans
    All of the above create strain for the game to handle. Different amounts of
    strain work in different ways. Small strain can cause a graphical glitch that
    a large strain doesn't cause.
    Examples of this glitch will be listed at the level-specific section of the FAQ.
    (though for the record, I haven't tested each of the checkpoints for glitches...
    only the most promising ones.)
    Read more on lag-based glitches from their own section below.
    Disc tray glitch: (c: AKheon)
    A pointless oddity that someone very stingy could use to save in-game time at
    the expense of his honor and sanity. By opening the disc tray at a precise time
    just after the game picture appears (say, after retrying from a checkpoint), the
    game will proceed onwards with sounds clearly audible while the screen stays the
    disc tray screen. So what's the use of this?
    Answer: during disc tray screen no time runs. This means you can effectively
    play through large sections of the game with the timer off. The glitch is easily
    controllable, since you can end it whenever you want by just closing the tray,
    and for activating it a mere checkpoint is enough. Unfortunately because of the
    disc tray message blocking the screen, you can't see at all, and you also can't
    access either menu.
    The timing has to be just right. Otherwise, the disc tray effect 1, doesn't
    start or 2, it ends in about 15 seconds. In worst case scenarios your game will
    crash to the loading screen.
    Other tidbits:
    + Most loading triggers can't be skipped using this. The game will freeze Kratos
    (with the text 'loading' in lower right corner).
    + Some longer events leading up to a cutscene (such as getting squeezed between
    Atlas' fingers) end in unexpected ways if the next cutscene isn't loaded. Often
    with Kratos dying.
    1, AKheon's vid of doing this at Rhodes
    2, AKheon's vid of doing this at second Pegasus flight
    Infinite orb glitches
    As of now, there are five knows ways to get infinite orbs God of War II.
    v1. By accident. You remember the orb fountains of GoW 1? Some enemy (usually
    Harpy) gets killed on uneven collision and keeps dying over and over again,
    spouting amount an indiscriminate amount of red orbs? It can happen in this
    game too, but it's completely random.
    Best known location for it: the room with Wraiths right before Atrium of
    1, Melot89 / ICcold's example of infinite red orbs v1
    2, findlestick's additional example
    v2. By a checkpoint/petrifying glitch. In theory - and only in theory - you got
    to find a checkpoint that activates after you've killed all enemies in a fight.
    Petrify the last enemy of the fight and shatter him. Then retry. The enemy
    re-appears as a statue, and can be shattered again. All the orbs you gather
    while shattering him and retrying are yours to keep. (c: no idea)
    But in practice, there's only one locale in the entire game we know for certain
    this trick works: the fight with Gorgons and Archers at Passage to the
    Underground. At many other places, despite having a checkpoint at the end of
    a fight, this glitch simply does not occur.
    1, AKheon's short video of infinite orbs v2:
    v3a. By a boundary glitch. First you need to lure an enemy close to an unloading
    trigger, then kill the enemy, then unload it before it has finished its death
    animation. This way you can cut off the enemy's death animation short, in best
    case reaping the orbs it drops multiple / infinite times. (c: GMG)
    This is possible at many parts of the game if you use your creativity and have
    patience. If you notice the enemy disappearing after Kratos passes a certain
    point, you've most likely found a proper location for doing this. Kill the
    enemy, then quickly cross past that point to make the enemy disappear. Repeat
    and prosper!
    1, findlestick's vid
    v3b. This is more a bizzare curiosity than a useful red orbs glitch, and all
    thanks to a very strange de-calibrated camera-glitch. For PS3 and BP only.
    Basically, if you have swimming glitch active, then trigger the Barbarian King,
    Kratos breaks out being dragged (while still swimming). But more importantly,
    Kratos & the camera become separated - as in - the camera will no longer follow
    Kratos directly (Kratos is always off-screen). This separation causes some
    cameras to become oddly de-calibrated, when you go near them.
    I've noticed at least 3 cameras that can be de-calibrated. The first one is at
    Destiny's Atrium, the second one at the Rock Minotaur inside the Catacombs of
    the fallen, and the third one is at the pillar-puzzle.
    If you de-calibrate a camera near where there are enemies & then return via
    non-swimming and kill them, you can cause the enemies to load & unload by moving
    around after killing them. Moving around causes the camera to zoom in & out of
    the scene, this 'zooming' causes the "death animation" to loop. Tens-of-hundreds
    of orbs flow into Kratos in mere seconds.
    So this is basically a variation of using unloading to create infinite orbs,
    just a fairly unusual one.
    1, findlestick's vid (at 4:05)
    v4. By savepoints and enemies. Find a place where there's a save point and an
    enemy. Stonefreeze the enemy close to the save point, then shatter it. Examine
    save point at the exact time the foe is shattered to gain both the shatter bonus
    and the natural orbs the foe drops. After retry, the foe is still alive and
    petrified and can be shattered again and again.
    Another verified method is doing brutal kills to easily brutalized foes like
    Fates Sentries. You only get orbs for brutal kill, which means 5 orbs every time
    you do this, but that's better than nothing, right? And it's Normal Play
    compatible too.
    With the stonefreezing variation your foe may get stuck in air strangely on
    retry. It's a glitch and probably can't be helped. If it happens, you
    obviously can't continue doing the trick, so lure another enemy nearby or load
    the game.
    1, AKheon's vid
    v5. Apparently, orbs gained using Divine Retribution - the orb gathering move
    that BoO has - carry over checkpoints. So, you can just keep on doing it to
    nearby enemies, then retry. Too bad this is BP only, and therefore not very
    Subtle speed strategies:
    + any time the 'loading' placard appears anywhere, time keeps running even
    though you lose control of Kratos. Therefore, if you know that some place with
    loading is coming up, and you're going for fastest in-game time in a speedrun,
    you might want to pause the game (using select) for a bit so that the game can
    load everything it needs before progressing. Not such a big issue on the HD
    + while jumping over irregular or slightly elevated ledges, attacking in air
    (or even just unsheathing Bow/Head) will instantly push Kratos over the ledge's
    collision, giving you an ever-so-slight speed boost to the direction you were
    going. However, after having attacked in air, Kratos will land making a stomp,
    unlike normal. Not sure if that wastes the time you save.
    I've since noticed this small stomp can be skipped by entering a magic stance,
    blocking or attacking with AB right before Kratos hits the ground, but the
    timing may be a bit too annoying for normal gaming use.
    + whilst receiving health or magic upgrades, opening the start-menu will cut
    short the time it takes for the meter to fill. (same as in GoW 1)
    + the "you have upgraded weapon/magic X" window can resolve either quickly or
    slowly. So with luck you can save a few seconds here and there by getting
    quicker upgrading windows.
    Mechanism to help out stuck gamers?
    Chances are that this game has a mechanism which throws additional hints and
    even might trivialize a puzzle if anyone gets stuck around it for too long a
    time. For example, at water pillar puzzle (after Euryale) the game gives player
    a new Amulet of the Fates tutorial if enough time passes. We don't have much
    other evidence for this yet, though...
    Other general glitches:
    + petrification glitches
    Glitches with petrification and checkpoints have been documented a bit in
    other parts of the file too. Basically, Kratos (or enemies) can end up
    stuck, extremely slow and immortal after retry. A variation of this is that
    an enemy turns into an insubstantial version which is stuck in some pose.
    I don't know how to do the former, but the latter seems to happen if a
    checkpoint is created the instant a stonefrozen foe is crushed (you can
    manually create checkpoints by touching a save point, hint hint.)
    By Cyclecancelling right as petrification hits Kratos, it is possible that
    a 'stone clone' is left behind while the actual Kratos stays mobile and well.
    This clone is basically a petrified Kratos, and his death results in the
    actual Kratos' death too (illogically). Multiple stone clones can be created.
    Findlestick reported that during Euryale he got as many as 6 stone clones at
    the same time. It varies depending on the area...
    If Kratos has been stone cloned enough times, he no longer petrifies like he
    should. Instead, you start getting glitchy stone-freezes where Kratos only turns
    semi-stoned. One variation has Kratos turn slightly gray-hued but otherwise
    stay quite normal looking. If he is petrified in air, gravity does not effect
    him. Enemies' attacks do no damage, so he is basically immortal too. If you
    glitch-petrify Kratos with a failed Fleece counter, Kratos doesn't even turn
    gray-hued. In both of the instances there is no effect of breaking stone when
    he breaks free, and he also can't avoid these freezes using Cyclecancel.
    You can use a stone clone as a platform for standing on too, but it's unlikely
    this trick could be used in a speedrun somewhere to make your jumps higher.
    In 2012 findlestick tried creating stone clones in the Arena. It's possible
    to put Kratos in a semi-stoned state here, but it requires up to 6 of
    stone clones, which is pretty insane. He then discovered an extra glitch
    which involves being grabbed by a cyclops while frozen in air in the
    semi-stoned state: Kratos regains the ability to do attacks, all the while he is
    fixed in one spot in air, slowed down and invulnerable. Looks odd.
    1, Findle's vid featuring semi-stonefrozen Kratos and clones:
    2, Findle's vid of Arena semi-stonedness and "anti-gravity combat":
    + lag-based glitches
    In some areas of the game, the game sort of naturally 'lags' (like when the
    game is anticipating an upcoming FMV). Weapon switching is slower, the frame
    rate may actually drop and other sorts of small annoyances show up.
    As I said, weapon switching is slower, but with heavy lag you'll get not only
    that but side-effects during break-outs too. The attack data may clear only
    partially after switching sub-weapon, leaving Kratos hanging and finishing an
    attack with none of the effects there. Very annoying when doing trick jumping.
    Also, sometimes attacks may contain strange properties, like air attacks that
    have no effect on your momentum.
    With heavy lag and retrying from a checkpoint the game may tend you to a scary
    sight of Kratos unexpectedly appearing in the middle of nowhere, falling down
    in absolute emptiness with only weapons shining in otherwise impenetrable
    darkness. Your orb count is at '0'. It usually lasts but two seconds, then the
    actual data becomes loaded and everything is like it used to be. If you access
    menu during this time, you'll see that Kratos only has his initial weapon (at
    lv. 1), no relics but the Trident and for some reason three urns unlocked out
    of 6... in my actual game I had all the urns unlocked.
    You can create your own lag by rapidly entering and exiting the menu while
    switching a sub-weapon and turning Poseidon's Urn on and off. An example of its
    effect: when you fight Colossus III and get Blade of Olympus, the message which
    appears and says that you have the weapon appears only as the camera is already
    zooming out of Colossus' stomach wound, which is a few seconds later than
    normal. However, I don't recommend the reader to try it out, because the game
    may crash if you switch sub-weapons at the wrong time here.
    Another sort of lag-based glitch is the "upgrading glitch" which is mentioned
    in an above section.
    1, AKheon's vid
    + Problems with door hinges
    Just a funny little graphical glitch that happens rarely. When lifting a door
    up, the door can jitter and bounce a bit like it was a roll curtain before it
    finally rises all the way up. This glitch is probably related to doing the door
    opening mini-game with uneven timing.
    I've also seen it happen in God of War 1 once.
    1, JFCalibur88's vid:
    + Rotating crank glitches
    It happens rarely. It's one sort of break-out, but I don't know why exactly.
    Anyway, I call it 'rotating crank' because it's the only type of crank I've
    had it happen to. The effect is that the crank continues rotating even after
    Kratos has let go of it. Witness and re-live my horror through these two
    glitch vids.
    1, "rotating platform glitch"
    2, Ice room crank glitch
    + Grapple point glitches & observations
    Like mentioned, trying to do a break-out while activating grapple points may
    crash the game.
    If latching onto a swinging grapple point, you can jump to screwed up directions
    if you let go right at the middle of Kratos' swinging arc.
    Kratos flies further if you hold block as you let go of the grapple point.
    + Rope climbing observations
    You can do quick rope climbing as in God of War 1, although in a more limited
    form. It's only doable in areas where the rope is next to a wall, so that Kratos
    automatically latches back onto the rope after jumping off it and doing an air
    1, AKheon's vid (at the start):
    + Start menu glitch
    Not sure what else to call it. Basically, after retrying from a checkpoint,
    you can't enter the start menu before having visited the select menu. Sometimes
    it also worked the other way around, with me not being able to enter the select
    menu before visiting the start menu.
    In God of War 1 something like this happened if you pressed either start or
    select while falling into a chasm. But it might explain this glitch for GoW 2
    as well.
    I especially noted this happening at the collapsing floor after FMV with Zeus
    growing up (Isle of Creation beginning)...
    + Lenient Air Momentum
    An unknown classic glitch of the God of War-series, all the main games have
    Lenient Air Momentum (LAM) in a way or another. In GoW 2 it starts by either
    interrupting specials when hitting water or a rope, or if you do a break-out
    of some air attack with Cyclecancelling. The special move that seems to give
    you the most LAM is Piercing Shards, so try it out.
    Unfortunately unlike in the other games, LAM in God of War II probably doesn't
    serve much purpose. But some more tests wouldn't hurt.
    +++ Messing with FMV flags
    The game has some value in memory that tells it about an FMV that is coming up.
    Sometimes the setting of this value and the actual start of the FMV are separate
    enough that you can go elsewhere and pick up a wrong FMV flag to replace the
    first FMV flag, and only then activate the FMV - the game then proceeds to load
    a wrong FMV. It is an interesting glitch, although it's hard to say off-hand
    where something like this might come in handy.
    1, Findle's aforefentioned glitch:
    Unsolved mysteries or untested:
    ++ Small chests
    For unknown reasons, some chests can rarely be found in mini-size. They take
    just as much effort to open them than regular-sized chests, though.
    A theory is that this glitch may be related to the infinite orb glitch v2 -
    if you do that glitch long enough, the enemy you shatter repeatedly starts
    shrinking in size. One comment I read mentioned that this could also make a
    nearby chest shrink in size.
    1, RangerRipcord's vid
    ++ False attacks on climbing walls
    "I now know how to activate the false attack glitch on walls I reported long
    ago. Get at the edge of a gap and hold the left analog towards it. Wait until
    Kratos' animation stills (about 2 seconds *no rush*) then press square, triangle
    or circle. Doing it too early will self-cancel. The fake attacks have no aura
    and can be canceled at any point with other attacks, movement, etc." - GMG
    ++ Wrong voice-over
    "Has anyone ever had it happen to them where, instead of Gaia saying "Let the
    Rage of the Titans flow your blades Kratos" or whatever, it's a different voice?
    During the part with the Cerberus breeders and fates juggernauts I heard some
    different voice say "Let the Rage of the Gods Guide your Blades Kratos" instead.
    - corvettelover
    In-game clock:
    It works differently from the one in GoW 1, very differently. I must say I
    prefer the GoW 1 clock...
    Game clock begins counting at the start of the first in-game scene.
    On retry, the game time is not reverted back. (unlike in GoW 1)
    While in weapons (start) menu time DOES run.
    While in save menu, time DOES run. §
    During FMV's the time DOES run.
    During in-game cutscenes, time DOES run.
    During loading times, time DOES run.
    While in the pause (select) menu, time does not run.
    While in the screen which you get if you open up the disc tray, time does not
    4. Level-by-level glitch playthrough
    Alright, now we go through the levels in the game and list all tricks
    chronologically as they come up.
    Many of the sequence breaks, especially the ones close to the start of the game,
    can only be done on Bonus Play. For clarity, there is usually a tag or (NP) or
    (BP) next to a sequence break or a trick to indicate if it can be done on Normal
    Play, Bonus Play or both.
    Checkpoints and save points have also been listed along with their respective
    oddities (if any). Remember that upgrade glitch refers to upgrading something to
    cause extra strain on the game, then loading the last checkpoint to see if
    something odd happens. If something odd does happen, that is listed as well.
    Different markings are used for different entries:
    - Sequence break (you are able to skip small or large portions of the game)
    - Collision flaw (some part of the wall, etc. has a breach or a flaw in it)
    - Trigger skip (you are able to skip a loading or another type of trigger)
    - Other (a glitch that doesn't fit into any of the other groups)
    - Random (some esoteric factoid)
    - Untested (something that no one has tried? wrote it down here)
    - Mystery (??????????)
    - Wasted glitch potential (a trick that is completely useless or worse)
    - Strategy (listing some useful tip or strategy)
    - Sweet spot (a location which allows strategic advantages)
    <game begins>
    + checkpoint (before level loads)
    + checkpoint (at shrinking Kratos-cutscene)
       - upgrading glitch: the screen shake caused by the closing gate occurs way
                           earlier than it should - if you cause enough strain, you
                           can even get it to happen at the loading screen!
                           Generally speaking, all atmospheric/timed effects are
                           vulnerable like this and there is not much point in
                           listing all of them.
    Other: rarely, maybe due to some loading error, Kratos breaks out of the first
    cutscene of the game that would conveniently return him back to normal size from
    his fairly large demi-God size. If this happens, you are stuck - if not in the
    first room of the game, then at the sling that you can't activate since you are
    too high for the R1 prompt.
    Wulf2k9 said that Kratos starts at roughly 2.5 his normal size at the start of
    the cutscene before shrinking back to regular size.
    1, Nemesis958's original vid:
    2, Wulf2k9's exploration with big Kratos (using hacks):
    Random (NP): in case you were wondering, the golden Blades Kratos has at the
    start of Normal Play only have Lv. 1 damage modifier although the game claims
    they're at MAX level. (thanks to Demonic Phoenix for this fact)
    <first fight>
    --- Random fight quotes:
    "Don't let him open the door!"
    "Don't let him through!"
    "Stand fast, men!"
    "For the glory of the gods!"
    "Hold the door, men."
    "Hold your ground!"
    "Defend the city, men!"
    "Zeus, guide our swords!"
    "The battle is ours!"
    "We have him where we want him!"
    Other (BP): you can kill the guards behind the gate before it is opened. The
    next cutscene will then lack anyone standing behind the gate, although you still
    hear the guards talking like usual.
    1, Findlestick has captured an example of this phenomena:
    Wasted sequence break potential (BP): the walls of this roof are so friggin'
    high it's impossible to win any time by trying to jump over them.
    Trigger skips (BP): findlestick has reported (and shown) that Infinite Jumping
    from the first room to the arena with Colossus causes Colossus to remain near
    the first room's window, invulnerable, until you choose to throw the rock at
    Balcony trigger skip (listed later) has a similar effect, except Colossus is at
    a different location and pose.
    1, Findlestick's vid
    Speed strategy (NP) & (BP): Early gate opening
    Stand right next to the gate and be ready to press R1 right as the cutscene of
    the rest of the enemies running away begins. Kratos will grab and lift the gate
    up during the cutscene, making things more time-efficient. Easiest to do on BP,
    1, Findle's vid (at the start):
    Trigger skip (BP): if you're patient, you can infinite jump past a trigger in
    the following corridor. The end result is that Colossus' hand will never break a
    hole into the wall... but you can pass through in any case because that spot
    in the wall was collision-less to begin with.
    1, Findle's vid:
    Random: An invisible wall prevents passage while Colossus' hand ravages the
    corridor. If any of the soldiers who were involved in the hand cutscene survive
    Colossus' reach, they'll be huddled in the corner. They aren't counted as
    enemies and Kratos can't interact with them.
    1, Findle's vid:
    <Colossus I>
    + checkpoint (after balcony has collapsed)
    Trigger skip (BP): If you do an Infinite Jump with about 3 charges, you can
    grab a ledge at the top of the balcony invisible wall and climb over the
    trigger which would activate the scene where the balcony crashes. Unfortunately
    Colossus will not become alert to Kratos' presence either, retaining
    invulnerability and looking somewhere completely else. His attention is won
    over by trying to shoot the rock at him, and only then the fight continues as
    If you skip the trigger, then shoot yourself to the empty building using the
    sling (read more below), and then return, it looks as if the fight would start
    anew, with the accompanying cutscene and all. However, you will soon find out
    that no matter how much damage you inflict to Colossus, he will never get
    stunned. This is because the game already thinks he IS stunned! As soon as you
    touch and access the sling, Colossus faints by his own right, and the fight can
    proceed as normal. If you retry from checkpoint, Colossus has full HP, but once
    properly stunned, he does so without a cutscene (the game remembers he was
    stunned into submission once before already).
    1, AKheon's vid of the classic balcony trigger skip
    2, unfortunately, it seems there's no video footage of the glitch spoken of
       in the second paragraph.
    Battle musings: "(Lower level) There is an invisible wall there for us that
    doesn't apply to our foes and a mere knockback can send them over the side.
    Doing so doesn't give orbs, counts as a kill and discontinues the respawn of
    that particular soldier right away *rather then taking A LOT of kills to do so
    as it isn't infinite*. So you could set-up a situation where there aren't any
    soldiers present within 1-3 minutes of effort. *just to note it*"
    "The Colossus' attacks appear to directly damage the Rhodians (5 damage per
    instance). Amusing. Almost as funny as hurting the Colossus with a Rhodian
    (collisions)." - GMG
    Speed strategy: If you try to shoot the rock whenever Colossus is not stunned,
    he will always react to it with his rock grabbing animation. Even if his right
    hand was filled with soldiers he just groped from inside the house!
    Since the attack of him throwing more soldiers is so slow, it actually saves
    time to skip the attack by activating rock throw during it.
    1, AKheon's video of a quick Colossus I (BP) fight
    Sweet spot: Hang on the ledge close to the side Colossus is at. Nothing will
    harm you.
    Sweet spot: You are immune to being shaked (an attack Colossus does when you are
    at the left part of the area) by standing on top of the chest or at some fickle
    spots in front of the sling.
    Speed strategy (NP) & (BP): Early rock use (c: GMG)
    If you release the rock instantly as Colossus becomes stunned from damage, the
    rock cutscene will cancel out the stun cutscene and the game will continue like
    normal a lot sooner. The timing is semi-difficult, though. Most manageable
    during Bonus Play. As far as speedrunning goes, this is an obsolete strategy
    because of the "Early sling use" (more below).
    1, AKheon's vid:
    Strategy (BP): various sling glitches
    You can activate the sling animation the instant Colossus gets stunned, so that
    the time spent on watching the stun-cutscene can be spent more usefully. For
    speedruns a pretty nice trick. Most manageable during Bonus Play. However, be
    careful not to shoot Kratos at Colossus too early or else he will simply pass
    through him and land back to the adjacent building - where the game started
    from. Nothing can be done there, though, and you get stuck.
    Another option is to use early sling during Colossus' cutsceneless second
    stun. This causes Kratos to activate a glitched-up QTE which requires no prompts
    and will always end in victory. I think it is a couple of seconds faster than
    the normal QTE too.
    You can also glitch things a bit using the sling by activating it the last
    moment before Colossus shakes the ground OR by doing a break-out (pretty much
    the same effect). After that, you can break out of EVERY single phase of the
    sling shoot, even though it does get a bit hard during the last phase due to
    its circle-tapping.
    If you cancel out of all the phases, the sling will shoot nothing at Colossus.
    If he wasn't stunned, his hand extends a bit as if he was trying to catch the
    stacked nothingness Kratos shot at him, but then he drops the idea as something
    completely non-sensical and returns to normal. If he was stunned, however, the
    internal timer which would return him back to normal from his stun shuts off,
    leaving him eternally stunned. During this time you can try to damage kill him:
    his head can't be targeted after inflicting a certain amount of damage, but
    nothing else of interest happens. Also, the sling's collision changes to let
    Kratos get on top of it, as does the arena's front wall's collision. You can
    jump down if you want to, but nothing awaits there but death and a strange white
    square panel (I'm not joking, go check it out yourself!).
    1, AKheon's vid of "Colossus sling glitches"
    2, AKheon's vid of "More Colossus Stuff"
    Random: You can see Zeus in his bird form flying in the background.
    <Rhodes bathhouse>
    + checkpoint (after screen fade-in) (swimming checkpoint)
       - upgrading glitch note: if you built up dash momentum before retrying, it
                   carries on over the checkpoint strangely.
       - other: a strange screen flash whenever retrying
       - other: you can manipulate the checkpoint spot for this location by moving a
                bit before it activates (during loading times, etc.)
    + savepoint "Rhodes Bathhouse"
    Sex mini-game:
    If you retrace a bit and break one wall down, you will find an infamous sex
    mini-game from the area.
    --- Quotes: (two women, but both have the same comments, only a different voice)
    -- While behind wall
    -- After being unveiled
    "Hi there!"
    "Ooh, this water is nice..."
    -- During sex
    "Ohh... ohh..."
    -- Afterwards
    "Praise the gods..."
    "Aww, I wasn't done yet..."
    - "That is not my concern!"    = after losing enough in a row.
    "I don't feel degraded at all" = after winning enough in a row.
    "That was SO consensual."      = after winning enough in a row.
    By beating the game, you win a decent amount of orbs. Subsequent victories yield
    nothing in particular (except those two comments, or are there more?). However,
    during Normal Play you will lose all your orbs in a moment, so it actually does
    you no good to beat this mini-game. (except to add to final ranking)
    Other: Findlestick got this strange result while trying to begin the mini-game
    one day, perhaps due to something being unloaded.
    1, Findle's vid:
           video unavailable at the moment...
    <second bath area>
    + checkpoint (at the mid-way of the next corridor)
    Wasted potential (BP): Very curiously, there's a spot underneath the grapple
    point where you can't cancel out of L1-moves with Cyclecancelling, preventing
    some high jumps. Also, the balcony at the other side can't be grabbed onto
    since it has no ledges to its side... preventing an easy long jump.
    Another very curious fact is that two of the walls of this room are not passable
    from the outside to the inside! They are the most obvious ones too: front wall
    and the right-hand wall. This left an impression of the whole room being
    glitch-proof, but I didn't mind being proven wrong eventually...
    1, AKheon's vid, "wasted glitch potential"
    Swimming glitch (BP): (c: AKheon)
    After some brainstorming a solution to getting swimming glitch here was finally
    found: you have to get over the back wall, fall and touch water surface while
    still being out of bounds. It's something pretty arduous to do, though.
    You can only swim in these few maps since you can't defeat the next Colossus
    fight while still swimming. Backtracking to the first bathroom is possible to
    do, although a bit tricky: you have to activate a necessary loading trigger from
    out of bounds to do it. Try swimming just barely above the underwater corridor
    to do this. (c: findle)
    You can reach the next Colossus boss this way while skipping a few triggers on
    the way, making things look... strange. There are probably many videos of this
    and similar glitches up ahead.
    1, AKheon's original video:
    2, Findlestick goes into further detail with scenery exploration:
    Sequence break: you can do a PR long jump over the large gap.
    <next room>
    --- Quotes:
    "Show no mercy!"
    "Kill him!"
    Trigger skips (BP): if you infinite jump or swim past the corridor with the
    closed gate in front, you skip a trigger that would load Colossus here. This
    causes the wall up ahead break as Kratos approaches but no foot comes out. A
    pretty cool result in itself, but you can also follow this up with a few other
    trigger glitches if you now visit the top of the grapple wall with Colossus
    After visiting the top and hitting the triggers there, you can start fighting
    Colossus from inside the large hall downstairs with ranged attacks - normally
    this won't work since Colossus is invincible. Colossus will get stunned, drop
    orbs and enter his mini-game despite being far away from Kratos. If you abuse
    the Colossus' unloading limit, it's possible to have him drop the orbs again and
    again (e.g. infinite red orbs v3).
    Many of Colossus's atmospheric actions (e.g. banging the wall) come first before
    his 'damage check', so he may drift in and out of being mini-game ready when
    you approach him (and of course, it looks funny). Because of his tendency to
    switch sides on alternate mini-games, this may leave an useless 'O' floating in
    the air on either side of the arena which stays there even after Colossus
    returns to normal. However, I hear there can't be more than one 'O' in existence
    at the same time - the first one disappears when you start a mini-game.
    You can also do these climbing wall trigger glitches in an easier way by doing
    a trick at the top of the climbing wall. More about it somewhere below...
    1, Findestick's vid:
    Wasted potential: the thing that looks like water at the left side of the room
    is just a graphical effect.
    Sequence break (NP): skipping Colossus' foot (c: AKheon)
    Hooray for a new NP skip. To skip the foot cutscene, you must grab a very small
    ledge that the 'balcony' has and just jump over the boundary to the left side.
    When approaching the correct area, Colossus will stick his foot out, but if
    you're outside the correct range, the event just ends there and nothing happens.
    While the camera stays at a blissfully wrong angle afterwards, you save many
    seconds doing this.
    In a speedrun, you'll likely get to the foot so fast this way that the foot
    will not even be loaded. This means that the event simply won't start, and you
    don't have to do any evasive manouvers to make it work.
    In the PS3-version, this trick is unreliable to do because of faster loading,
    or so I've heard from findlestick.
    1, AKheon's vid
    <Colossus' foot>
    + checkpoint (almost at the top of the grapple section)
       - other: the checkpoint can be triggered the exact moment Colossus bangs the
         wall. Whenever retrying, the screen shakes ominously for a moment, but
         Kratos will not get stunned.
    Random: You see soldiers in the background. They can be targeted, though they're
    immobile. If you have Typhon's Bane, you can even kill them and get their orbs.
    Glitch control: The game re-positions Kratos automatically as soon as the giant
    foor attempts to crush him. However...
    Event glitch (BP): Moving Colossus (c: AKheon)
    If you do a 'break-out' at the exact moment the giant foot is about to touch
    Kratos, you can manipulate the event AND the following boss fight in a very
    strange manner: you can change Colossus' position in the game world, leading
    to some cool-looking scenarios. Here's a list of most common outcomes:
    1, QTE takes place 2 meters closer to the back.
    2, QTE takes place somewhere outside the camera. If the outcome is victory,
       Kratos appears somewhere at the room's backside for no reason. If the outcome
      is failure, the camera fixates on an empty spot on the floor while the text
      "You are dead" appears.
    3, QTE takes place almost on the camera's view. The text "You are dead" appears
      out of thin air, while you still hear Kratos' desperate sounds of lifting the
      foot in the background.
    4, QTE takes place somewhere outside camera. If the outcome is victory, the
      camera stays fixated on the hole in the wall. Time passes. Kratos was actually
      out of bounds and falling to his death the whole time!
    It has since been found that you can do an Infinite jump and get on the Foot
    platform from the left side. This will give the player even more options in
    regards to the possible outcomes. Not to mention that you can in fact break-out
    of all the phases of the Foot event, not only the first one. This also changes
    variables quite a lot. So basically, most options regarding this event are still
    Untested, but probably go along the same lines as the four options listed above.
    Anyway, the following boss fight has Colossus' position different depending on
    where you managed to have his foot appear in the QTE. At the very worst,
    Colossus is completely absorbed into the right wall of the arena and you can't
    damage him in any way!
    (note: Findlestick later showed us what happens if you infinite jump out of the
    chasm you get into by doing the #4 of the options mentioned above. Colossus ends
    up really high above the ground and things look a lot more ridiculous than they
    should. So yeah, another new displacement option.)
    Let me still tell you one strange thing about this event. Some break-outs will
    teleport Kratos to the arena where Colossus II is fought, with the Colossus
    present, but with no atmosphere effects or BGM. The area is only half-loaded.
    You can go as far as defeat the fight, but you get stuck as the last QTE ends.
    1, part I, showing the event break-out in action:
    2, part II, showing moved Colossus:
    3, Findle's additional displacements:
    4, even more additional displacements:
    5, more by Findle (as extreme as it goes?):
    Other (NP & BP): messing with the climbing wall triggers (c: findlestick)
    There are two triggers at the top of the grapple wall - one that makes Kratos
    immobile and one that activates Colossus' dramatic appearance. It's possible to
    hit the first trigger while avoiding hitting the second, with various results,
    including an easier way to do old familiar glitches like creating redundant
    mini-game circles and in general screwing with poor Colossus' head.
    This is done by firstly making Kratos grab the ledge at the top of the wall and
    then do an extremely difficult double jump up to the Colossus 'appearance
    trigger', so that only one of Kratos' legs is on the ledge. Now Kratos is at
    the top, but as for Colossus?
    There are 2 initial outcomes dependent on some unknown factor/s:
    (a) Colossus appears left of screen & is unhittable from the top of the grapple
    (b) Colossus appears right of screen & is immediately hittable from the top of
        the grapple wall. Which can be used as a (minor) speedrun strategy since you
        can do some damage before you've even dropped to the arena floor.
    It's also possible to double jump from the top of the grapple wall & end up out
    of bounds, you can run around Colossus' feet & cause chaos.
    1, findlestick's vid (at the start of video)
    <Colossus II>
    Random: while climbing, the wall is banged at a couple of times. Kratos may get
    stunned, and the wall gets dented, but nothing else happens. If you're swimming,
    Kratos' stance changes to the climbing one, which looks quite awesome.
    Random: While on the high area, you can't harm Colossus, though he can harm you.
    Random (BP): There's an invisible floor far below Colossus II, as well as his
    own severed hand (you will only see it later after winning the fight). It can be
    reached by swimming glitch or high jumping out of the map.
    1, Findlestick's vid:
    Sweet spot (BP): If you moved Colossus around with the break-out glitch
    mentioned above, you can create your OWN sweet spots for the fight.
    A.I. flaw - "If you 'repel' Colossus, cross to the other side and 'repel'
    it again (before it can start the sweeping attack to the other side) it will
    continue attacking on the opposite side." - GMG
    Other: if you fail either of the QTEs in which you scratch Colossus' cheek
    during the two last inputs, the scratch you make stays, but later (when you
    re-start the QTE) disappears.
    Random: The last QTE lasts indefinitely, until you deign to break yourself free.
    <inside palace>
    + checkpoint (after screen fade-in)
    + savepoint "Rhodes Palace"
    --- Quotes:
    "Watch your flank!"
    "Show no mercy!"
    "Die with honor!"
    Sequence break (BP): there is some collision above the window-type ornaments
    that would otherwise be so very simple to jump over. However, this collision
    can be avoided by starting IJ further away than normal. But this doing a long
    IJ is slow, and better skip possibilities await just around the corner.
    Sequence break (B): Findlestick found this very neat way to skip the block
    pushing puzzle. Although the puzzle is short, this still saves some time when
    done quickly. It involves jumping over the door which you are supposed to open
    with the button, then jumping to the left to grab a ledge that you can't see,
    and from there, a third jump will get you right to the elevator.
    1, findle's vid
    Sequence break (BP): you can reach the Urn of Gaia with a mere high jump. No
    need to push the block around.
    "I believe foes that follow us onto the elevator just fall through." - GMG
    Random (BP): with a painstakingly high Infinite Jump, Findlestick showed us that
    even if you didn't use the elevator to get to the higher level, it rises up
    there regardless as you blast Colossus' Eye out. (oops! spoilers for the next
    This is probably to prevent the players from jumping down and noticing that the
    area below unloads as the balcony shatters.
    1, Findle's vid:
    <Colossus' eye>
    + checkpoint (on the elevator)
    Random: the 'window' of the corridor is sealed even before Colossus gets in
    front of it. TB shots just hit nothingness.
    Wasted glitch potential (BP): You can do a high jump to reach a ledge in the
    upper part of the corridor where there is the eye looking at ya. From there you
    can bypass the giant head and move on to the next area...
    Unfortunately the collapsing bridge and anything beyond simply will not load
    unless you view the Zeus FMV, whose trigger is passing through the balcony
    window at the end of the corridor and then moving to a correct area.
    Findle later revealed that it's possible to garner infinite orbs from an
    apparently infinite horde of soldiers that charge at you if you skipped the
    head. Unfortunately, were this even possible on NP, it would be useless because
    in a few moments all your orbs are drained away by the Blade of Olympus!
    1, AKheon's vid of the jump getting out of bounds:
    2, Findle's vid on the wasted infinite orb potential:
    Other: if you pull the elevator switch the same time the room collapses, the
    switch sort of dislodges itself from Kratos' hands and Kratos continues the
    animation without the switch. No elevator activates afterwards.
    <"What I do now I do for the good of all Olympus!">
    + checkpoint (after FMV)
    + savepoint "Eastern Ramparts"
    + checkpoint (after hitting the bottom floor of the tower)
    "Sweet Spot - Once you kick the door open the Rhodians won't be able to properly
    pursue (though when they prep to charge they will do so before retreating)."
    - GMG
    Other: the glass window may stay impassable up to a few seconds after it has
    been completely broken. Not sure if it always happens, but I'm guessing not.
    Speed strategy: jump to move while on the shimmy beams. A lot faster. The same
    is true for any shimmy beam section in the game.
    Sequence break (BP): underneath the beams, by the Archers there is a door that
    looks into the room that leads to the bridge that breaks. High Jump over the
    rightside wall then SoD leap into the room and you can proceed without fighting
    any foes in this section. (thanks to GMG)
    The collapsing bridge is not loaded initially as you open the gate leading to
    it. So you have to do a sort of long jump, like SoD Leap to hover in air for
    a few seconds before the bridge materializes under Kratos.
    The worst part of this skip is that in a segmented speedrun you are forced to
    skip a save point in the process.
    1, AKheon's vid
    Other: after falling down to the gate next to the breaking bridge, you can't
    grab the chain above. Kratos gets separated from it instantly if you try.
    <Colossus III>
    + checkpoint (after bridge had collapsed)
    Useless trigger skips (BP): by doing IJ, you can skip the bridge collapse
    trigger and Colossus appearance triggers. The useless but funny things you can
    do with unloaded data are f.e. reach the fight arena with Colossus absent, toss
    the hand at nothingness (making an audible clank) and getting on the solid
    bridge after Colossus is at the scene of the fight (the bridge collapses by
    There's a third trigger, the one which officially begins the fight. Skipping it
    enables you to f.e. R1 the sword one extra time before Colossus can react. It's
    high and wide though, making it pretty annoying to skip.
    More details? Very well.
    + Skipping the Colossus appearance trigger will enable you to R1 the sword three
    times without anyone bothering you. Afterwards, if you trigger Colossus to
    appear, he will "die" from a single hand toss, making short work of the fight.
    + Skipping the fight start (3rd) trigger will leave Colossus invincible until
    you either throw the hand at him or R1 the sword once.
    + It seems that you can't break out of R1'ing the sword. On one of Findle's
    vids a similar effect is seen, with orbs counting to zero while Kratos can move
    freely around the arena. When asked about him, he said that it may've been a
    result of doing the sword charges without Colossus around, leading to a glitched
    outcome. Maybe future provides us with a more precise answer...
    1, Findlestick's vid of hitting invisible Colossus:
    2, Findlestick's vid of defeating Colossus in one hit:
    Wasted glitch potential: it's impossible to do "early sword touch" because of
    the fact that you can't R1 the sword during the cutscene. Just to note that it
    IS possible to reach the sword during the cutscene by doing Crushing Defeat
    at a correct angle.
    Other: here's a small thing to watch out for. Don't try to R1 the sword if
    Colossus is sending out his destructive ground beams. This is because if you
    get hit in a wrong position by the beams while grasping at the sword, the
    sword loses its prompt and you get stuck (until you retry)!
    1, AKheon's vid:
    Random: on Normal Play activating the sword makes Kratos' powers drain away.
    On Bonus Play activating the sword instead regenerates Kratos' health and
    magic to full! (thanks to GMG for mentioning)
    Speed strategy (NP & BP): Early hand throw (c: GMG)
    You can throw the severed hand at Colossus at any time to instantly stun him.
    However, the fastest outcome is to throw it at him right after you've acquired
    BoO via the cutscene. You must do two rolls to the correct direction while the
    controls are reverse and camera angles skewed, which is a lot easier said than
    done. In any case, saves some seconds in a speedrun.
    "I've actually gotten my 'feel' for this back. Again, what I do is:
    -Right analog up/forward, attack (square)
    -Right analog LEFT (goes right), R1 *the instant I see the prompt*" - GMG
    1, AKheon's vid
    Event glitch (BP): Hand throw break-out
    By breaking-out, you retain control of Kratos while the severed hand whirls
    by itself in the air and slams into Colossus. I suppose you'd save a few seconds
    by walking up to Colossus after having done this trick, but that's all.
    1, AKheon's vid
    Random: Whether you throw the hand or not, it is gone before you get back here.
    Speedrun strategy (BP): the sub-weapon you had selected during the cutscene
    where Kratos finally picks up the Blade will stay in your hand the whole of
    "Inside Colossus"-section. It can be something else than Blade of Olympus, and
    all other sub-weapons become locked temporarily. It is recommended you do not
    pick Hammer for this occasion because it becomes impossible for you to do the
    skips inside Colossus if you don't have a weapon with a proper launch in it.
    <inside Colossus>
    + checkpoint (when inside)
    + checkpoint (after destroying first core)
    + checkpoint (before shimmying to the second core)
    + checkpoint (after destroying second core)
    + checkpoint (after climbing rope)
    + checkpoint (at Pendulum puzzle)
    + checkpoint (after passing Pendulum puzzle)
    + checkpoint (after destroying last core)
    Random: In this place the enemy A.I. is quite limited. The soldiers can be led
    off cliffs easily, for example.
    Sequence break (BP): after jumping over first glowing pipe, you can do a high
    jump to a ledge right above you.
    There is an alternative version of this skip by doing the high jump a bit
    earlier, after jumping over the first chasm. This way may be a bit slower, but
    for a pacifist run it's useful because in my tests it seemed that a few soldiers
    don't spawn (and die) this way.
    1, Findle's vid of both working and non-working skips of the area:
    2, Findle's vid of the alternative version:
    Sequence break (NP & BP): skipping first core
    On Bonus Play... right near the pathway to the first core, do a Poseidon's Urn
    high jump to the ledge on your right. You skip destroying the core, basically.
    Oh, and the rope part. (c: GMG)
    On Normal Play... the first core can be skipped by doing a BoO lift up, then
    turning your back to the electrified beam at the peak of your jump. The
    knockback-animation of hitting the beam makes Kratos go sailing backwards over
    On Very Hard, make sure to hit the blue barrier only once on the way over it. If
    you hit it more than once, you might not have enough health left to do the 'Core
    3' skip (as described further below).
    1, Findle's vid of the BP method:
    2, Findle's vid of the NP method:
    Sequence break (NP & BP): skipping second core
    On Bonus Play... right after the shimmy for the second core, do an Urn high jump
    to a ledge above on your left. Again, you skip straight to the next level. (GMG)
    On Normal Play... the 2nd core is skipped by doing an BoO lift-up from on top of
    the chest located left-of-screen. At the peak of your jump is the tiniest of
    ledges you can use to jump up to the final grapple wall...but ONLY when Colossus
    has swayed fully to either the right or left-of-screen (I've forgotten which
    see the two above vids
    Speed strat: when jumping to the climbing wall a floor above the second core,
    you can save seconds by jumping more left than usual. The collision can push
    Kratos a bit upwards and you skip a small amount of climbing.
    Sequence break (NP & BP): skipping third core
    On Bonus Play... right before the shimmy for the third core, do an Urn high jump
    followed by SoD long jump over the damaging pipes. You reach the rope which
    leads to the next area. (c: GMG)
    On Normal Play... it turns out that skipping 3rd core doesn't require any high
    jump after all. Once you've reached the 3rd core after climbing the
    roped-netting, do an ascension towards the beam in the background and then turn
    your back to it. The knockback-animation of hitting the blue barrier pushes
    Kratos backwards through to where the climbing-rope is.
    Actually, doing a simple double jump towards the blue barrier - and turning your
    back to it - results in the same skip. (c: findlestick)
    On Very Hard you take a lot of damage on this one, so hit the barrier just once
    on the way through (taking a second 'hit' might be ok).
    see the two above vids
    Sequence break (NP): alternative for the 3rd Core Skip (c: findlestick)
    Once you've shimmied past the 3rd core, climb the roped-netting to end up on the
    platform that has a hidden chest. Now, there is an invisible wall between you
    and the electrified beam, preventing an easy route over it. So you have to use
    your first jump to end up at the base of this invisible wall, and then use your
    2nd jump followed by BoO air-attacks to get you above the electrified beam to
    the left of the core. Again, turn your back, so that the knockback-animation
    takes you backwards over to the rope. (v2)
    Another place to start this skip from is to do a launch right after shimmying
    past the 3rd core. (v3)
    1, findlestick's vid of all versions
    "Speed Tactic: (Shaft 3) Instead of shimmying then dropping down to get under
    the beam before pulling back up into a shimmy and crossing, you can run at the
    ledge, fall for an instant, use Icarus Lift to grab the ledge and continue from
    that point (nearly under the beam already)." - GMG
    Speed strategy: at the top level, you can do a long jump to the left instead
    of going to right. You end up right next to the pendulum puzzle this way.
    (c: Findlestick)
    see the previous I linked to
    Sequence break (NP & BP): Skipping Pendulum puzzle
    You can get past both of the beams without using the pendulum, saving a lot
    of time, by inching your way through both of them. You see, as Kratos gets hit
    he takes some damage and is pushed back a little. But if you persistently keep
    going, Kratos makes some progress anyway and soon passes through the beam. (c:
    Another method is available on Bonus Play, in which you just do a PR urn high
    jump to the left higher area. But you need to hit a loading trigger first by
    climbing to the rightmost high area, otherwise Kratos will get stuck after the
    last core has been destroyed. If the lower shafts are still glowing blue down
    below, this means you have not hit the correct loading trigger... retry and go
    activate it. Or else!
    Yet another method is available on Bonus Play. Climb close to the top of the
    ladder that leads to the left higher area, then double jump towards the opposite
    platform while doing air attacks. The margin for error is very small, since you
    have to jump high enough to land on the opposite platform, but low enough that
    you manage to go under the lasers overhead. (c: findlestick)
    1, JFCalibur's video of the NP method:
    2, findlestick's vid of the second BP method:
    Speed strategy (BP): you can cast CR while jumping over the last glowing pipe
    on the way to the core. It damages the lock while you are still moving towards
    it. (c: findlestick)
    Random: If you wait too long to escape, Colossus closes his mouth, the only
    exit, and Kratos falls to his death! You can only survive if you are on the
    higher areas, but there's not much to do there.
    (I hear it's possible to re-activate the pendulum puzzle, and even get hit by
    invisible lasers while there.)
    1, Findlestick's vid:
    <World of Pain>
    + checkpoint (at screen fade-in)
       - other: screen flash while retrying
       - other: when retrying, Kratos can switch sub-weapon the instant screen
                fades in, unlike normally when he can't do it until you hear the
                muted 'urgh'.
    --- Quotes:
    "Why does our god struggle?"
    "Kratos has fallen!"
    "How can this be?"
    "What power could possibly defeat the God of War?"
    Speed strategy (BP): after FMV, you can still do attacks during a small time
    window. By (for example) doing Crushing Defeat (on BP) at this time, Kratos will
    move forward for some time while the cutscene is progressing. Wins several
    seconds of time because in this part normal walking speed is so slow... Or just
    a roll will do fine as well.
    Untested: it's probably possible to break out of being "weakened Kratos", but
    very difficult. The moment where you'd have to do the ever criticaul break-out
    happens outside camera and also at a time that is not easy to predict at all.
    Maybe try it with savestates some day?
    Random: During the fight with Zeus, if you indeed manage to hit him, he will
    bleed. But it's unlikely you could win a whole battle being as slow as you are.
    Random: Cheap! Using the disc tray glitch you can get to the Blade of Olympus
    without any FMVs interrupting the process, but turns out it can't be interacted
    with. It doesn't even have any collision! It's just a holographic image Zeus
    uses to lure Kratos to his death...
    Other: it may be possible to break out of the weakened Kratos state while
    fighting Zeus if he knocks you onto the rails of the stairs in a right way...
    "While doing the Zeus battle, I got hit onto the rails of the stairs and fell
    back down with the SoD in hand (but couldn't swing) since he obviously was
    beating on me too fast to even try." - GMG
    - "I would rather die!"
    <Hades' arms>
    + checkpoint (after Kratos can be moved)
       + upgrading glitch note: Kratos will get hit before screen fades in
    Other: Kratos can be pushed down from the wall by bad positioning while your
    enemies attack you, causing sudden death.
    Infinite red orbs: the arms spawn infinitely and can be brutal killed by just
    grabbing them, allowing you the orb bonus. Doing this quick enough also allows
    you to keep a combo up, giving more orb bonuses as time passes. It's still a
    rather slow method, though. (c: Steel Stiletto)
    1, Findle's vid
    Other: there's a spot inside Hades' arms where you can drop off (or become
    dropped off the wall) safely, landing on some floor. From there you are able
    to do an infinite jump out of Hades (on BP), allowing some small, new exploits,
    like jumping out of the hole without it closing.
    1, nanospheres' vid (at the beginning)
    2, KickTheBaby102's vid of showing closing the hole at a wrong time
    Random (BP): You can re-visit this place after leaving if you get out of bounds
    and do a long jump here! (only before talking to Last Spartan, though)
    <Return From Hades>
    + checkpoint (after cutscene)
    + save point "Return from Hades"
    Random: From this point on, all save points say that it's Gaia who grants you
    the saving possibility, not Zeus. Makes sense.
    Other: GMG reports that on some occasions in his games there have been a couple
    of soldiers still fighting in the background while everyone else has died. He
    theorizes that it may've happened because of heading towards the stairs during
    the fight with Zeus.
    "I still can't say for sure what causes those soldiers to stay alive and
    fighting. Though I seem to be able to recreate it about 3/5 times by going
    really fast with grabs (at Hades' arms, edit. note) and sticking to the extreme
    left as I rush up to the exit/ledge (it's always indicated by a strange camera
    issue). The last wall before the exit appears especially important towards the
    end." - GMG
    Wasted potential (BP): it seems impossible to be able to break out from the Last
    Spartan discussion scene.
    Collision flaw: Try jumping on top of your horse. What the hell is this?
    Event glitch (BP): you can break out from Pegasus flight. Unfortunately, while
    the graphical effect is awesome (Pegasus stands around like normal with no one
    riding 'im during the cutscene) Kratos dies at the next part because he can't
    withstand gravity by himself... Infinite jumping like a madman to preserve your
    height doesn't seem to yield results for some reason. The sky looks different
    than during the actual ride, and Kratos is nowhere to be found even after a long
    series of MotKs. It's likely that something important won't load if Kratos is
    not on the horse during this time, explaining why you get stuck.
    If you checkpoint yourself during the break-out, after retrying you have a
    decent/small amount of time to go and re-R1 the horse! This causes the next
    cutscene to glitch up, with no horse visible and the checkpoint triggering way
    later than it was supposed to. If you're feeling particularly vain, you can
    re-break out, but this has no visible use.
    1, AKheon's vid
    <Pegasus flight #1>
    Checkpoint (after FMV)
       - other: doesn't activate if Kratos is not riding the horse >,>
    Checkpoint (right before the Dark Rider appears)
    Other: getting hit by the Raven while doing attacks or rushes can lead to
    Kratos being thrown off the Pegasus and getting stuck in air.
    1, insain's video:
    Random: The Wind Shots of TB during this part auto-target any targetable
    enemies slightly, unlike on the ground.
    Random: "Forward Dash Slam seems incapable of hitting harpies but instead deals
    GLANCING blows that work the same but fail to halt our movement. As if we were
    cutting through their ranks with our winged stead." - GMG
    Random: The game will not progress until you break the neck of the bird (Raven)
    which continuously crashes into you.
    Soon a short cutscene will lead you to the next part of the flight. Your health
    refills mysteriously. During this part you're unable to use attacks and your
    magic gets drained too.
    Other: On Titan-mode, if Kratos' armor% is normal or less (f.e. due to a
    costume), the first patch of bullets the Dark Rider shoots at you will instantly
    kill you. This doesn't happen if/after you retry from checkpoint.
    "Other: The first UNDODGABLE wave is what kills you. Not the first (dodgable)
    volley. Restarting will correct this." - GMG
    After that you're treated to a nice, scenic tour of the next area. Harpies fly
    around you, but they are harmless. You can't hit any of the scenery, though you
    may try if you wish.
    <Typhon's cavern>
    + checkpoint (after riding a bit inside the cavern)
       - other: you can do a forward rush during the first few frames of retry.
    + checkpoint (after gameplay resumes with Kratos on the ground)
    Random: Attacking the big fingers will yield a cutscene. Attacking the fingers
    also regenerates Kratos' Rage power in very large amounts (only noticeable
    after you've actually got RotT).
    Wasted potential (BP): over the Pegasus there's a large, invisible platform
    which will eventually kill Kratos if he touches it. Visually it looks as if
    Kratos was falling down endlessly, even though he isn't. Approaching from the
    left side, you can get on the same platform as Pegasus is, but he is inside a
    protective collision bubble and you can't R1 him. So, it may not be possible to
    fly away with Pegasus just yet..
    Speedrun strategy (BP): you can skip the first section of the grappling wall at
    this area. It's done by doing a high jump towards the screen, where you'll see
    some broken pillar-bases. Grab a ledge at the top and pull Kratos up so he's
    standing on it, from there you want to use your first jump to go very slightly
    towards the screen. Then the second jump to end up directly underneath the very
    spot you did your initial high jump from. You'll end up at a later section of
    the grapple wall, but more importantly, that very spot is where the trigger is
    that loads the next section. (c: findlestick)
    There are a few other ways to quickly get down to the lower area's save point.
    But these methods skip the loading trigger.
    Note: beware of saving the game if you screw around with this. I corrupted one
    of my saves for some reason, and had to start a new playthrough...
    1, findlestick's vid (at start of the video)
    Collision flaw: One of the corners adjacent to ceiling in the upcoming grappling
    part is a real safety hazard. Kratos will fall down accidentally if he hits it.
    <The Hand Cavern>
    + save point "The Hand Cavern"
    + checkpoint (before Erebus Minotaur fight)
    Collision flaw: The sides of this cavern are unstable and cause Kratos to shake
    while running towards them. In fact, if you jump towards the wall that's left
    of the save point, it's possible for Kratos to pass through and fall to his
    Other: GMG reports that he once launched the Erebus Minotaur into the next
    chasm, and that it stayed alive there, walking and visible. Later attempts to
    reproduce this failed. He also mentioned that the minotaur re-spawned after
    death, which doesn't normally happen.
    <helmet-shaped gate>
    + checkpoint (before the gate)
    + checkpoint (after climbing up the cliff)
    Wasted glitch potential (BP): You can skip the next cutscene and some enemies by
    high jumping to the platform over the gate and from there traversing over the
    cutscene trigger. You get there the easiest by high jumping towards either wall
    on the side. After on a ledge there, do a jump towards the gate a couple of
    times. You will hear Kratos moving, though the camera is still the same.
    The problem with this skip is that you can't (at least to my knowledge) get back
    inside the cavern from the outside without activating the same cutscene, so
    nothing really gets skipped but some enemies.
    Strategy (BP?): you can destroy the scaffolding early by using ranged attacks to
    it. §
    Random: Now the Gate behind you closes, and it can't be broken open without
    Rage of the Titans.
    Strategy: "There is a curiously placed sweet spot to the far right. You can
    send the Minotaur over the side there thanks to a low invisible wall (launch to
    PS) which drops orbs, counts as a kill and possibly ceases respawn in of itself.
    *not 100% on it*" - GMG
    Speed strategy (NP & BP): you can High Jump up the cliff. Or if not, the ledge
    of the cliff can be rolled over. Faster than doing it the usual way. On Bonus
    Play you can also use TB/EH to cross it over (as a last resort?)
    <at Prometheus>
    + checkpoint (after FMV)
    + checkpoint (after acquiring Rage of the Titans, fight starts)
    Other (BP): various trigger skips and glitches at Prometheus
    ++ you can skip meeting Prometheus by infinite jumping over the FMV trigger.
    Even if Kratos never meets him or breaks his chains, he will be found dangling
    down from his chain when returning from Typhon.
    ++ you can fall into the Fire of Olympus from above. The camera can act fairly
    strangely when Kratos is inside it, sometimes rotating madly when moving around.
    ++ it's not possible to break Prometheus' chains until you're close enough to
    him. The game loads the normal camera angle when this is the case.
    ++ no other attacks damage dangling Prometheus than TB shots.
    ++ the Fire of Olympus visually loses its fire and looks like a birthday cake
    without candles if you start infinite jumping back to the stone hand from next
    to it.
    ++ if you drop Prometheus into the flames before ever having met him or broken
    his chains, then return to the stone hand and watch the FMV where you meet him,
    afterwards there will be an invisible Prometheus whose chains you can break on
    the stone hand.
    1, findlestick's vid of many above things
    2, findlestick's vid of invisible Prometheus
    Speedrun strategy (NP): you can skip having to drop Prometheus down, thus
    skipping the scene where Prometheus drops. This is done by breaching collision
    at the area where the chain appears later on. This is done by jumping into a
    little groove located there, then roll while blocking. If done correctly you'll
    fall through to the area below. As a bonus, you also don't have to watch the
    next scene of a grapple wall. (c: findlestick)
    When you return, Prometheus and the game load as normal.
    1, nanospheres' vid:
    Speed strategy (NP): I hear it's possible to drop down along with Prometheus
    as you break his chains if you are in a correct position when doing the final
    Other: using disc tray glitch you can drop Prometheus down to the lower
    floor or even in the flames before you even meet him! Unfortunately the game
    doesn't know what do do, and you never actually get Rage of the Titans this way.
    Random: You can see Prometheus' tormentor bird flying in circle in the
    -- Quotes:
    "I must burn in the fires of Olympus... it is the only way..."
    "Kill me, Kratos, kill me..."
    Random: While hanging over the fire, the blood Prometheus emits just sorta
    sticks in air like powder.
    Speed strategy (BP): you can shoot Prometheus down into the flames before going
    down by doing some TB shots from between the stone fingers. (c: shenminiu)
    Also, on BP there's no need to progress any further than this (unless you want
    regen magic). Just return to Pegasus already and kick those big fingers' ass!
    Other: you can launch enemies into the fire where Prometheus is but it has no
    proper collisions. So the enemies can just waltz right out of there, which is
    unhelpful. (c: GMG)
    Wasted glitch potential (BP): a short while after moving away from Prometheus,
    an in-game cutscene is activated. It can be skipped doing an infinite jump over
    the trigger, but this wastes more time than it saves!
    Combat musings: "Using Ascension by the wall climb (with a break in the middle)
    lures the upper enemy spawns to just leap down." - GMG §
    <Fire of Olympus>
    + save point "Fire of Olympus"
    + checkpoint (in the middle of the caverns)
    + checkpoint (entering Gorgon fight room)
    Collision flaw: The next cavern too has some very bad collision to the sides.
    Wasted swimming glitch potential: the splashy effect in the cavern does not
    count as water.
    Random: You don't have to fight the Gorgon fight yet. But it will await you
    when you return if you skip it now. Also, at that time the harpy spawns come
    in way later than normal, costing you some time.
    <Typhon's Cavernous Prison>
    + checkpoint (almost at the save point... >,>)
    + save point "Typhon's Cavernous Prison"
    + checkpoint (after cutscene with TB twinkling in Typhon's eye)
    + checkpoint (after completing the chest melting puzzle)
    + checkpoint (right next to the huge boulder you'll topple over)
    + checkpoint (after acquiring TB)
    + checkpoint (at final grapple points, before in-game scene)
    + (missed one? Is there one after grapple points?)
    --- Typhon quotes:
    -- upon entry
    "Be gone, servant of Zeus..!"
    -- at summit
    "Get out of my sight!"
    -- approaching via the toppled boulder
    "I will not help you!"
    -- removing Typhon's Bane
    "You will pay for that, Kratos!"
    -- leaving
    "You will pay..."
    Trigger skips (BP): Typhon dies
    Finishing the Typhon's Bane event and only then triggering the first cutscene
    with Typhon (after which he begins blowing cold air) causes him to stare at
    nothingness with mouth agape. As Findle half-jokingly said, he looks to have
    died... If you leave the area and return, he is alive again, but just looks at
    Kratos with a dumbfounded look on his face.
    1, Findlestick's vid:
    Strategy: By doing quick-rolling, the wind that blows has very little effect on
    Kratos, and you can quickly rush by the narrow bridges.
    Other (NP & BP): Regenerating magic!
    Basically, you need to activate the grapple points of the area early, use them,
    then complete the area as normal. After playing through the Typhon section,
    Kratos will then have regen magic. The reason for this is likely that the game
    activates the one-time trigger which ends regen magic before you even got it.
    Convenient! (c: GMG)
    Kratos' magic regenerates much faster in GoW 2 than in GoW 1. You can spam
    magic as much as you want without ever running out. Makes it handy for some
    upcoming fights, however... Whenever you get a new magic later on, the game
    prepares a similar sort of regen magic trial for you, and unfortunately
    participating in them will remove regen magic. So on NP, you will lose regen
    magic after getting Cronos' Rage - until we find a way to skip getting it.
    Finally, even on BP you will lose regen magic at the Atlas Quake regen magic
    trial since there is no known way to skip it or escape it early.
    1, Shenminiu's vid:
    Other: for some reason, maybe because of getting hit by a Harpy during the
    cutscene of lifting up the rock to form a stone bridge, another R1 prompt
    appears on the stone bridge afterwards and you can use it to lift up a ghostly
    invisible rock... I guess.
    1, findlestick's vid:
    Trigger skips (BP): you can leave the upper areas before even getting TB with
    some high / infinite jump antics. This screws up the game a little, with Typhon
    becoming pre-occupied blowing cold wind to somewhere else than where Kratos is.
    You can also find some invisible rocks near the area you came from - you can
    break them and get some orbs from them, but later on they become completely
    loaded and are now indestructible.
    Doing things still in a wrong order, Typhon will blow some cold wind over a
    destroyed stone bridge. Some enemies spawn. Once you kill them, Typhon will
    cease blowing cold wind - but this will not make the cold wind graphical effect
    disappear! He also acts as if he lost both his eyes even if Kratos didn't put
    out his other eye.
    Leaving, creating a new checkpoint and returning can cause other effects as well
    like making Typhon inactive momentarily. If you leave during the part where you
    have to put out Typhon's other eye, you can actually aim at the eye from
    surprisingly far away, almost from the entrance of the room.
    1, findlestick's video series:
    Speed strategy (BP): after dealing with Typhon, you can leave the area quick by
    doing a PR long jump over some death collision to the right. Not easy to do.
    1, findle's vid:
    Infinite red orbs (NP): at the back area Sentries are spawned infinitely until
    Kratos manages to lure or throw enough of them into the fire. So using brutal
    kills you can slowly build up an infinite amount of orbs.
    Infinite red orbs (NP?): you can start infinite orb v3 glitch at the hallway
    leading to save point and Sentry fight... according to GMG. This means there
    is an unloading limit somewhere close by you can use to interrupt a foe's death
    animation and have it drop its orbs multiple, even "infinite" amount of times.
    <return to Pegasus>
    + checkpoint (exiting skull-shaped gate)
    + checkpoint (fight begins after shooting down Prometheus)
    + checkpoint (right before rope-crossing)
    + checkpoint (before chasm with a grapple point)
    + checkpoint (at Pegasus)
    Speed strategy: you can drop down Prometheus using TB shots from surprisingly
    far away. Try it out.
    Other: at the chain leading back to RotT door, the 3 Sentries that appear have
    no ground A.I. and if lured on ground only stand around looking pathetic.
    (c: GMG)
    Speed strategy (BP): You can use AQ in conjunction with RotT to get all 4
    fingers rise up at once. (c: tyrhhjy)
    Event glitch (BP): you can break out of this Pegasus ride too. Unfortunately not
    much can be done: the horse flies off on his own only up to a certain point,
    then freezes in air. Leaving the area and returning causes Pegasus to return.
    One strange thing about all this is that after R1'ing him the first time the
    ground collision changes and it's possible for Kratos to fall through if he
    is not careful.
    You can IJ to your horse while he is stuck in air, but he is ensheathed by a
    protective collision bubble and you can't interact with him. I also don't think
    it's possible to leave the cave. I IJ'd further from the horse, but the cave
    Pegasus is supposed to fly in was not loaded.
    1, AKheon's vid
    <second Pegasus ride>
    + checkpoint (after having exited the cavern)
    + checkpoint (after Dark Rider-fight begins)
    Other: if you hold down R2 (for Typhon's Bane) before the screen fades in,
    Kratos will enter a glitched magic stance in which he doesn't move but only
    changes angle strangely without targeting anything.
    Random: if you got regen magic, your magic regens twice as fast while flying.
    Strategy: doing false grabs will prompt the riders to jump towards you. If they
    hit, a grab sequence starts. If not, they just fall down, down, down...
    Other: the Pegasus getting stuck in mid-air can happen in this flight section
    too. One way to provoke it is to aim at Raven with TB when it rams you. (c: GMG)
    Random: This time around, it is possible to skip fighting Raven. Simply dodge it
    (for example, using R1/L1 move as a 'dodge'). It won't circle back but instead
    becomes completely skipped.
    Speed strategy (NP): At the middle of the journey you have to fight Dark Rider.
    The first phase of the fight is completely travel-based, and it doesn't matter
    whether you attack him or not. Just X forward, trying to avoid direct hits with
    him, to get to the end of the area as quickly as possible. For "distraction" of
    the Dark Rider GMG recommended false grabs (though it's overall faster to just
    speed forward as well as possible).
    Untested: GMG said this about ending the Dark Rider chase sequence right around
    as it is starting: "ONLY with Regenerating Magic can you use a Forward Dash Slam
    out of the 'vortex' (where even with an Urn on you lose all MP) and if aimed
    right it will hit the Dark Rider to initiate the finish right away..."
    Though to note, GMG said he couldn't reproduce it later. And neither could I.
    Random: The Dark Rider has SoD and uses Piercing Shards himself. At the end
    Kratos does one inside his torso... ouch.
    <Isle of Creation>
    + checkpoint (beginning of the fall)
       - upgrading glitch note: camera acts weirdly for a second. Later, Kratos is
                                seen falling down longer than usual.
       - upgrading glitch note 2: on small strain a small graphical glitch happens.
    Random: Fall QTE oddities
    If you hold R2 with either stance magic active, Kratos will swing to the wall...
    then fall down. Nothing interesting, but just thought to mention. I think it
    also works if you just hold block.
    You know that you can activate Rage of the Titans during loading time? Try this
    out too. You get to see RotT Kratos very close this way.
    <The Cliffs of Lahkesis>
    + save point "The Cliffs of Lahkesis"
    + checkpoint (right before hounds)
    + checkpoint (after using elevator)
    + checkpoint (after watching FMV with Zeus growing up)
    Other: randomly, perhaps after a fall off the cliff here, the graphics for a
    part of the level may disappear.
    1, KickTheBaby102's vid
    Battle musings: (Guardian fight) "You can use the spot by the climbable wall as
    a sweet spot of sorts or lure foes over the side *to die*...there is an
    invisible platform there for them but they tend to fall through it eventually."
    - GMG
    Swimming glitch (BP): with some work, it's possible to acquire swimmingness from
    the garden. Right after having climbed up the ladder, do a MotK high jump with a
    few charges to your right. There's a ledge there. Grab it, then drop down to the
    ground level (not easy to navigate with this camera), PR to stop your fall, long
    jump towards the streaming water and MotK to gain height. Once you touch the
    water, you got it baby! (c: AKheon)
    You can get all the way to the fountains before Siren Sacrifice this way. You
    can even access Steeds while swimming, but the puzzle is impossible to complete
    like that, so it doesn't serve a purpose.
    1, Findle's optimized vid of this trick
    2, AKheon's original vid
    Sequence break (BP): There is a pretty good non-swimming glitch skip of this
    area available as well. You have to infinite jump and grab an invisible ledge
    to the left of the entrance, then jump to the lower floor while staying outside
    bounds. From there, you have to inch your way until you can long jump past the
    two closed gates. (c: findlestick)
    1, findle's vid
    Speed strategy (NP): it's possible to pick up the corpse and deliver it to the
    elevator while ignoring the pups. Of course faster than not ignoring them!
    (c: Shenminiu, most likely)
    Wasted trick potential: the cerberi pups are not heavy enough to depress the
    floor switch you'd need the corpse for. It would be cool if you could use them
    as a means for shortcut, but...
    Other (BP): using swimming glitch, you can lift the corpse up in air and move
    it a bit further than the developers intended.
    1, findlestick's vid
    Speed strategy (NP): don't pull the switch back more than half of the way for
    fastest outcome. Kratos can get through the gap made with quick rolls.
    Sequence break (BP): you can skip kicking open the gate and watching the next
    scene by doing a high jump over the right corner of the room and long jumping
    'til you reach ground. (c: GMG)
    An alternative version involves kicking down the bridge, then instantly after
    passing through the archway doing a high jump / SoD Leap to the right. This
    skips the cutscene as well. (c: findlestick)
    1, findlestick's vid of his method:
    Sequence break (BP): skipping the Cerberi fight
    The simplest way is this: you skip the Cerberi fight by doing a high jump up to
    the next place after the fight has started.
    But you may also do this: after getting over the collapsed walkway, jump off
    its end and grab the ledge of the remaining walkway from the outside. From
    there, inch slowly towards to the left - you are actually out of bounds at the
    moment. At the very end of the pathway, double jump towards left and back, doing
    air BoO swings along the way as in any long jump. You'll reach the corridor
    below that is after the Cerberi fight. (c: KickTheBaby102)
    1, KickTheBaby102's vid of the second method
    Other: if you throw or lure the Cerberi pups to the other side from the high
    ground they spawn at, they become completely passive and no longer try to hurt
    1, findlestick's vid:
    Other (BP): if you cast a quick multi-hitting attack as the big Cerberus is
    jumping down, it becomes juggled in air in a glitchy way and hovers about.
    1, findlestick's vid:
    Block glitch: if a Cerberus Seed should jump onto the pushable block at the
    Cerberus battle while Kratos is pushing it. Kratos starts pushing the block at
    1, findlestick's vid:
    Random: Pressing R1 on the following EXP chest triggers two Rabid Hounds to
    spawn here. (c: GMG)
    <Garden of Lahkesis>
    + save point "Garden of Lahkesis"
    + checkpoint (right after first ceiling grapple section)
    + checkpoint (platform after archers)
    + checkpoint (mid-way down the elevator shaft)
    Sequence break / swimming glitch (BP): by doing IJ to the right-hand wall in
    the same room the save point is, you will eventually reach the area beyond
    the climbing parts. This takes too much time to be worthwhile, though.
    (c: zxcv017l)
    Later, findle found a high ledge from here that is easier to use. Using it,
    it's possible to backtrack to the Cerberi fighting arena and even get swimming
    glitch through the water at the bottom (although it doesn't save time), or just
    proceed until you reach the vital loading trigger for the Siren Chamber and
    then continue as normal.
    1, findle's up-to-date vid:
    2, zxcv0171 original video:
    Collision flaw / sequence break: you can get through the walls by rolling
    towards a corner right after getting up from the Cerberi fight arena. From
    there, you get to the lower area without having to climb. You don't need BP
    for this, which is useful. (c: Darkshniff)
    1, not available at the moment...
    Small sequence break: You can skip the grapple part after the save point by
    jumping through a narrow gap between walls and the grapple space.
    Sequence break (BP): You can skip using the ladder by doing a MotK high jump up
    to the ceiling panels. Even on NP you can save a hint of time by jumping
    backwards from the ladder so that you don't have to climb up all the way.
    Wasted glitch potential: You can get out-of-bounds by dropping at the correct
    moment from the ceiling panels, but can it be useful?
    Battle musings: "(Ceiling Sentries) They can use the Ladders like us. Sending
    them over the invisible walls won't kill them (invisible platform) and they can
    walk through the ground like 'street sharks'" - GMG
    Speed Strategy: ignore the Hounds and Archers, they're not necessary to fight.
    Swimming glitch: the small fountains here can give you that curious gift, but
    it requires a pretty high infinite jump to go over the wall to begin the glitch.
    What's more important is that you can end swimming glitch at this point if you
    are already swimming to not get stuck at the Steeds.
    1, findlestick's vid:
    Battle musings: "(Archer/Sentry spawn) By the HP/MP chest, the camera view
    changes in a way that stops Archer assaults. You can lure the Sentries back
    towards where the other Archers were below. It's tough to avoid killing everyone
    and pull the elevator crank otherwise." - GMG
    Sequence break (BP): skip Siren Chamber
    You can do a semi-high infinite jump (about 6 charges) to reach an invisible
    ledge on top of the elevator. From here you can either jump into the Siren
    Chamber to skip riding the elevator... or preferably, do a long jump to the
    left and back to reach the next area early without ever stepping inside the
    Siren Chamber. Should save something like 10-20 seconds? (c: AKheon)
    Later Findlestick found a new route with which to skip the Siren Chamber, and
    it's pretty complex. Not time saving, but interesting.
    1, AKheon's vid of the first skip:
    2, findlestick's vid of the second skip:
    Trigger skip (BP): You can reach and activate the elevator to Siren Chamber
    while it's still just slightly below the surface level by jumping over a
    trigger on the way. Interestingly, the elevator rises up instead of down, and
    after stopping at the surface level, the game still thinks the elevator is
    moving and Kratos stays immobile... forever. So it's almost a softlock, but
    fortunately you can still go to menu and choose to retry if you want.
    1, findlestick's vid
    Random: Any enemies with you while you ride the elevator will die as the new
    scene begins.
    Sequence break (NP): You can jump from behind/over the chain and through the
    wall, avoiding the Siren fight. (c: RJWaters.)
    1, Kewbev63's video:
    Other: Sometimes an unrelated Siren died for no reason after one was mini-gamed.
    "(Siren death) Again, that's just how it works there. The death wave that
    typically just causes knockbacks/stuns elsewhere, auto-kills Sirens in that
    room. Pity it isn't that badass elsewhere." - GMG
    Random: If you retry after beating the fight once, the door-breaking cutscene
    works differently (in that it lets Kratos move during the breaking time).
    <Pathway to the Steeds>
    + save point "Pathway to the Steeds"
    + checkpoint (after crossing chain, at first grapple)
    Sequence break (BP): skipping Theseus
    At the first larger balcony you get up to, with a green health chest and a
    locked door, you can do a high jump to the ledge above and skip right to the
    upcoming puzzle segment. Cronos' Rage is skipped too, and thus if you had regen
    magic you get to keep it a while longer. (c: GMG)
    1, an excerpt from findlestick's speedrun where this skip is done:
    Speed strategy? (BP): you can skip lowering the rope by doing a single MotK high
    jump up to the rope.
    + checkpoint (as fight starts)
    + checkpoint (after getting key)
    + checkpoint (after Cronos' Rage trial)
    Other (BP): In the distance you can see Theseus working on the door. If you skip
    the FMV introduction trigger (by not using the rope when approaching him), the
    fight won't start and Theseus remains as a piece of scenery.
    1, n3obudhha's vid:
    Other / Trigger skips (BP): The joys of leaving Theseus fight too early
    You can get out of battle boundaries by doing a high jump up to the ledge of the
    building at the back. Theseus will no longer be able to reach you with normal
    attacks, while you can still blast at him quite easily. His A.I. may also have
    difficulties keeping track of Kratos' new out of bounds location.
    During the second phase of the fight Theseus jumps back up to Kratos' height,
    and starts firing projectiles at Kratos. A simple false grab during this time
    will screw up his A.I., causing him to do ground attacks to some strange
    direction where Kratos usually ain't. During the mid-battle cutscene (where he
    roars), he will teleport instantly back to the middle arch and his A.I. returns
    to normal. He can be confused again just as easily, though. Some more side
    effects of doing this glitch follow:
    - When Theseus is confused, he may move around the battlefield to somewhere he
    normally won't go. GMG mentioned that whenever he is on the upper level and not
    in his usual spot, he can't be targeted and he is also invincible to attacks
    from below.
    - GMG has said that if you bring Theseus back down to the lower floor whilst
    Stage 2 is on, his behaviour will be that of Stage 1 Phase 1. He can be hurt
    and brought to 'O' as long as Kratos is not down there with him... in which case
    he will turn invincible (!).
    - Findlestick has shown that if Kratos is on a certain spot on the roof of the
    building on the other side of the area, Theseus will turn translucent (varying
    - Theseus or Erebus Minotaurs can be dropped into the small climbing space below
    the fight arena, where they become stuck. It seems that for Theseus provoking
    him with TB shots while far away on the other roof can do this.
    - GMG reports that if Theseus fight Stage 2 is on while you're leaving the
    Steeds, he will yet attempt to shoot his bolts at you from the distance. If you
    dropped Theseus to lower areas against his will, you can shoot at him with TB
    for long ways while backtracking via the rope.
    - Apparently leaving the area and returning may cause Theseus to start phasing
    through the bars of the fight arena or walk above a chasm. GMG reports having
    done a wall climbing grab to Theseus as he was running above him, causing him
    to fall down into the small climbing space.
    For the finisher minigame Theseus will fall down in front of the door as usual.
    At least if you didn't lure him too far away from the roof or anything. For a
    refreshing change, you might want to try to activate and finish the minigame
    from inside the building! It looks pretty strange.
    "NOTE: I don't know how the CR trial glitch + Theseus (alive) would work
    together. Perhaps Theseus would unexist?" - GMG
    1, findlestick's vid of Theseus out of bounds:
    2, Findle's vid of related activities (such as translucent Theseus):
    Speed strategy: by doing a false grab to Theseus, you prompt him to grab you
    back (it isn't guaranteed, but increases your chances a lot). By winning the
    grab QTE, you do 56 damage to him, which is good.
    Other: enemy bounces that are done against the arc/door can sometimes have a
    strange trajectory. You can also send Minotaurs on the roof of the building
    with a high enough launch + knockbacks.
    Other (BP): GMG reported that on one playthrough he attempted to high jump up
    to the 2nd floor as Theseus started climbing there. Somehow - this might be the
    cause - Theseus never used the automated floor spikes attack in that fight.
    Also, aiming TB at Theseus as he climb up on top can cause an unusual camera
    Battle musings:
    - "A Wind shot after launching Theseus will send him further." - GMG
    - "I've seen hits on Theseus as he gets up top for Stage 2 give off orbs." - GMG
    - "You can also lock Theseus somehow before Stage 2: Phase 2 begins (bow shots)"
    - Minotaurs can be launched towards Stage 2 Theseus for high collision damage.
    Sweet spot: During the second phase of the fight, Theseus will shoot semi-aiming
    energy balls towards you. By standing next to the arcs above, all the energy
    balls will hit them and never you. Just remember to not go too close to the
    wall lest you get hit by the automated ice spikes attack.
    Other: if you bring Theseus to 'O' while he is trying to create ice spikes, he
    will glitch up and can't be grabbed. But I think you get to try another time by
    doing enough damage to him again.
    Random: If you have regen magic, you will lose it if you attend the CR tutorial.
    On Normal Play you unfortunately don't have a choice on the matter, so you'll
    lose regen magic here.
    <Steeds puzzle>
    + Save point "Steeds of Time"
    + checkpoint (at puzzle)
    + checkpoint (one for each completed machine)
       - other: Kratos' remembered position can be manipulated by holding R3 to some
                direction during the in-game cutscene
    + checkpoint (after unlocking brace)
       - upgrading glitch: camera works differently, allowing you to see how the
                           scenery disappears quite cheaply in the background
    + checkpoint (after puzzle ends and platform has descended)
    Random: If you examine the middle part of the central platform, you will get a
    message "The brace is locked in place and cannot yet be released."
    Speed Strat (NP): If you avoid killing the Harpies to the right, you avoid
    fighting any on the far left Steed. (c: GMG)
    Other: "Sending foes over the saddle won't kill them here (2x launch to PS) as
    they live on below...." - GMG
    Speed strategy (NP): in the case of the rightmost part you have to activate, you
    can use the grapple point to flail yourself right next to the machine. This way
    some climbing is skipped. Seems this works for the leftmost part too.
    Event glitch: You can break out of the big whippathon of the steeds. This will
    leave Kratos unattended while you hear whips and the Steeds react accordingly.
    However, the FMV that should ensue never ensues, and as is... you're just gonna
    have to do it the regular way, bud.
    1, AKheon's vid:
    Trigger skip: you can mess up the FMV flag of the Steeds whipping. First you
    have to entirely skip Theseus - also skip the rope slide leading to him. Then
    get to the Steeds and complete the Steeds puzzle. Then break out of the Steeds
    whippathon (like mentioned above), and only now go visit Theseus via the rope.
    Then return to the Steeds whippathon and complete it like usual. And now...
    Instead of the game playing the Steeds FMV, it plays Theseus FMV instead and
    the game starts the Theseus boss fight instead.
    1, findlestick's video:
    Event glitch (BP): GMG says that if you skip Theseus and then wait too long at
    the Steed whippathon, the platform you're on may collapse to the first floor
    level with the R1 prompt becoming disabled - and you get stuck.
    Sequence break (BP): after having done everything, one final battle awaits you.
    It can be skipped by jumping over the invisible walls - not too hard. However,
    for some reason the invisible wall in front of the gate is very high, unlike at
    the sides of the arena, so do try to jump around it.
    1, findlestick's vid (v2 of this jump):
    Sweet spot: during the final fight you can open up the door of the area for a
    forced sweet spot. (and just to note, you'll be invulnerable while opening the
    door). (c: GMG)
    Other (BP): after completing the Steeds puzzle, if you had not attempted to open
    the Cronos' Rage room with your key yet, doing it now will require two R1
    Trigger oddity (BP): If you complete the Steeds puzzle first, then return to
    pick up CR, the game will think that you have not completed the steeds puzzle
    and when trying to return via the chain you get back to the Siren Sacrifice
    area. (GMG)
    Also, the chain backgrounds are a bit messed up while doing this (the place
    is called Steeds of Time, not Steed of Time!) But yeah, you get stuck, so avoid
    this outcome.
    <The Divine Pools>
    + save point "The Divine Pools"
       - other: loading a save from this location may cause a strange sound effect
                during the time the game loads
    + checkpoint (after having kicked the door open)
    + checkpoint (after having picked up Amulet)
    + checkpoint (after statue head shattering FMV)
       - other: strange flash when retrying (but not always?)
    Speed strategy (BP?): destroy the obstacle blocking the climbing part from
    ground level with a long-range attack (like Atlas Quake or Might of the Kings).
    Other (NP & BP): Divine Pools swimming glitch
    The original BP method of getting swimming glitch here involved long jumping
    from the uppermost level towards the righthand corner of the area (beyond the
    red orb chest) to go out of bounds. Then, changing your jump direction mid-air,
    you could return and hit water from out of bounds, starting swimming glitch.
    (c: AKheon)
    A newer, preferable method of getting swimming glitch can be done on NP too,
    so that's a plus! There's a collision flaw in one spot of the Divine Pools
    lower floor, so that when you roll against it, Kratos will fall through the
    floor and start swimming glitch automatically. (c: findlestick)
    Starting swimming glitch here is at best extremely useful speed-wise since it
    allows you to skip everything in the game from here to Icarus. However, on NP
    it's questionable if you want to do this entire skip because that way you never
    get Hammer, Euryale's Head or Spear, disallowing any high jump skips later in
    the game and some speedy fighting tactics later in the game.
    Amulet of the Fates is mandatory for finishing the game, so you have to pick
    that up first, then return to Divine Pools to start the swimming glitch proper.
    It's possible to swimming glitch to the Amulet hall, but according to findle
    this doesn't save time over just normally climbing there because you have to
    hit two tricky loading triggers on the way.
    1, Findlestick's new NP method:
    2, zxcv017l's optimized swimming playthrough (also shows the BP method):
    3, AKheon's original vid:
    Sequence break (BP): at the corner just before the climbing wall section, you
    can use IJ (4-5 charges) to SoD leap and land between 2 hidden exp chests in
    the Amulet hall. It might at best be slightly faster than normally go through
    the area, but it also makes it more difficult getting back to Divine Pools since
    the Kratos never kicked the entrance door open this way. (c: GMG)
    Sequence break (BP): you can skip the pillar puzzle by doing a MotK high jump.
    Remember to get the Amulet before doing this, though.
    Sequence break (BP): you can skip the hands puzzle by doing a MotK high jump to
    grab a ledge under the statue's armpit. From there normal jumps (using statue's
    arm as a platform) are enough to get you to the statue's hands, after which the
    needed cutscene starts. (c: Shen)
    Other: And here is presented, by addaminsain, "Statue head silliness"
    1, see it to believe it
    --- Severed statue head quotes:
    "We will never allow you to change your fate, Kratos."
    "You cannot change your destiny, mortal."
    "We will never allow you to reach our sacred temple, Kratos."
    "You will die here, Kratos!"
    As a cool detail, her mouth matches what she says, even at her current state...
    Other: infinite red orbs have been known to have been got in this area. Seems
    the process can't be controlled, and it only happens due to random chance.
    1, ICCold's/Melot89's demonstration
    <Destiny's Atrium>
    + checkpoint (after fight is over)
    + checkpoint (after FMV of eyes exploding is seen)
    + Save point "Destiny's Atrium"
    Sequence break (BP): by doing a high/long jump over the right or left corner of
    the room where there's the severed head, you can get yourself to the lower floor
    of Destiny's Atrium without activating the cutscene in which the large statue's
    eyes create a preventive wall. This means that you skip a puzzle, at the very
    least. (c: GMG)
    Just for fun, you can later return to the head and utilize its time slowing
    capabilities from the wrong side.
    1, AKheon's demonstration:
    2, Findlestick's (as he calls them) "circus tricks", time slowing fun, etc.:
    Random: "During the first attempts at the skip I'd noted here, I found a small
    area with collisions below on the right side. Possibly connected to the trees.
    *not sure*" - GMG
    Other: a single launch to an aerial knockback (like Piercing Shards) along the
    walls where the above sequence break is made sends the Wraiths down below where
    they survive the fall. (c: GMG)
    Trigger skips: Interestingly, the eye beams are 'active' even if you skip the
    cutscene where you activate the puzzle and the eye beams start shooting out.
    So you can destroy the eyes using the two statues before the game is even ready
    for it! Everything mostly works out like norma, but if you now activate the eye
    beams using the skipped trigger, the beams re-appear but you can't get rid of
    them no more... problematic.
    1, Findlestick's discovery and vid:
    Other (BP): Findle once went through this area in a strange order, by first
    knocking the head down but skipping crashing it, then later returning to the
    area, now smashing the head, then visiting the amulet room and then again
    returning. The end result was the statue head's amulet glow floating in air!
    1, Findle's vid:
    Sweet spot: if you did things in the wrong order so that you already have the
    stairwell to below open, enemies can't follow you there and you can attack
    enemies from there safely.
    Infinite red orbs (NP): again, if you did things in the wrong order so that the
    stairs are already open, you can lure a Hog there and unload its death animation
    to gain infinite red orbs in the process. This takes some setting up to do and
    it also creates some complications for later because the fight cannot resolve
    properly since you kill the Hog in a wrong area. Still, if you're willing to
    devote a little time and effort to it, this is possible. (c: findlestick)
    1, findlestick's tutorial:
    Other: If you didn't kill the enemies near the shattered statue head, you can
    kill them now with Typhon's Bane while completing the puzzle! For some reason
    Kratos targets and manages to hit them through the big evil eye'd head...
    For some more relevant entries, see "Destiny's Atrium return"-section below.
    <The Bog of the Forgotten>
    + checkpoint (entering Bog)
    Random: The EXP bonus chest can be got here later, when you have the chance to
    Random: The hanging corpses can be hit for red orbs. They make a sound, as if
    they were alive! Scary... If you got swimming glitch, you can push towards the
    corpses and move them around both vertically and horizontally.
    If you hit the hanging corpses with very little damage, they actually fall down
    and start acting like Undead Legionnaires without A.I.
    "If you petrified the corpses (ground) then return to that area you see the
    flash of petrification but they cease to exist." - GMG
    1, GMG's vid
    Random: If you want to have the most anti-climactic Barbarian King encounter
    ever, jump into the deadly pond right as the screen blacks out. The cutscene
    activates, but...
    Event break-out: Findlestick has revealed that it's possible to controllably
    break out of the Barbarian King drag sequence by doing attacks before the FMV
    kicks in. Doing this, you can defeat Barbarian King and his horse while they
    stand idle on the forest path (if you can manage the atrocious camera). However,
    in the end you become stuck because the next area won't load unless the drag
    sequence finishes happily and you view another FMV afterwards.
    1, Findlestick's serie of vids:
    2, extra vid with BK's horse acting crazy:
    Trigger skip (BP): It's possible to skip the trigger which begins the FMV &
    fight by doing IJ over the walls to the area where BK chase begins, but even
    less becomes loaded this way.
    Other: by doing PR long jump to the BK chase trigger, you may enter the scene
    with another weapon out instead of your usual Blades. This looks very odd!
    1, findle's vid:
    <Barbarian King>
    + checkpoint (fight begins)
    + checkpoint (second stage ends)
    + checkpoint (after having got Barbarian Hammer and gameplay resumes)
    Sequence break (BP): skip Barbarian King
    It's possible to high / long jump out of the Barbarian King and go to the next
    area early, skipping this fight altogether. (c: tyrhhjy / findlestick)
    For a most efficient jump, you want to infinite jump until you get on top of the
    arena's wall and do a long jump from there.
    1, Findle's new version:
    Speed strategy: charged Wind Blast will do an absurd amount of hits to Barbarian
    King first phase due to a glitch. More hits will be made the closer you are to
    BK while firing. Firing just 3 charged shots can end the phase 1 very quickly.
    Other: spare the Boat Captain
    Normally you wouldn't be able to proceed to phase 3 with any of the Barbarian
    Mercenaries or the Boat Captain alive. However, using petrification you can
    keep the Boat Captain alive 'til the end of the fight and even after that.
    Instructions: after having dealt enough damage to BK during his second phase,
    freeze the Boat Captain and shatter him. As soon as BK starts growing, retry
    from the checkpoint. The boat captain is still alive as a statue, and BK is in
    phase 3!
    1, Findle's vid:
    Other (BP): "During his killing mini-game (just after the final blow) switching
    to another sub (SoD/BoO) will have us celebrate the kill with it instead. Doing
    so after we get the Hammer will cause the glitched effect (this occurs in places
    throughout the game) of the Blades crappily being celebrated with." - GMG
    Random: You can examine BK with R1 after he's down, but only once. Actually,
    Findle later revealed that you can do this examination even if you killed BK
    outside the arena. Basically, Kratos comments on how the floor has a mangled
    Random: There's a strange "hammer cube" beneath the BK arena that you can see
    if you swim there.
    1, Findle's vid:
    <The Temple of Euryale>
    + checkpoint (approaching temple)
    + save point "The Temple of Eurayle"
    + checkpoint (after viewing in-game cutscene with minotaurs dragging a soldier)
    + checkpoint (after unlocking door with E's key, gameplay resumes)
    + checkpoint (after defeating beast lords + cyclopi, gameplay resumes)
    + checkpoint (after getting past the nymph room)
    + checkpoint (after getting past the pillar section)
    Other: the temple door glitches & oddities
    The spikes that come out of floor do not hurt unpetrified Kratos, but they kill
    instantly if he is petrified. Also, the spikes don't hurt a stone clone of
    JFCalibur reports a glitch in which deflecting the stone freeze beams would
    only yield the same Fleece response Kratos does for normal Gorgon stone beams,
    meaning that he will freezes all the nearby enemies but NOT the door. You can't
    progress like this, but apparently this glitch becomes glitched by leaving and
    coming back.
    You can break out of the door's gaze. This causes the door to emit its more
    concentrated beam, but it has no petrification effect or even sound. Even the
    nearby enemies suffer no harm from it. If Kratos tries to leave the door, the
    gaze stops.
    Once you freeze the door, it will not unfreeze ever again.
    1, JFCalibur's vid:
    2, findlestick's vid:
    "Speed Strategy: (just past the first save) Instead of jumping to the left then
    running ahead...just jump straight ahead." - GMG
    Sequence break (BP): You can skip most of the puzzles and fights of this area if
    you, instead of backtracking after reaching the corpse that has a key, do an
    Infinite jump (or preferably a PR long jump) over the long chasm which separates
    you and the Cerberus' Lair. (c: poru2009)
    1, findlestick's vid:
    Sequence break (BP): You can infinite jump up to the 2nd weight from here and
    skip going through the collapsed temple. The jump is really big, though.
    1, findlestick's vid:
    Other: you can somehow fool the game into spawning another Cyclops as you win
    the fight against Beast Lords. It refuses to follow Kratos out of the area and
    apparently can't get on top of the collapsing temple.
    1, findlestick's vid:
    Speed strategy: leave the first weight of the balancing temple a bit to the
    left so that the temple would remain without angle. This way you can later kick
    the second weight onto the temple straight from the upper level.
    Other (BP): findlestick has done some interesting discoveries at the collapsing
    temple. For example, that there's a floor high atop the temple ceiling and that
    the second weight the puzzle needs is already there when you first enter the
    area, only inaccessible (without infinite jump).
    1, Findle's vid
    Sequence break: you can do a high jump up to the cliff in the room where there
    are Nymphs and the "hidden" grapple point. However, it seems that this cliff
    seems quite badly formed for succesful high jumping, and on BP it's just faster
    to use the grapple.
    Combat musings: in the area after grapple but before the logs, the lava ahead
    is real to any enemies but the previous lava isn't. There is a "current" there
    that pulls enemies under the platform and unexists them as they go towards
    the center (this doesn't count as a kill). (c: GMG)
    Sequence break (NP & BP): by avoiding the first tree stump platform, you skip
    the trigger for the next fight. On NP, you need a jump that's just barely longer
    than a normal double jump. Enlongen it by using BK hammer air square attack.
    Works very neatly. (c: GMG)
    Sequence break: you can do a high jump up the pillars. The middle one can't be
    grabbed by its ledge, but the ones on the side can be.
    Swimming glitch (BP): Findlestick demonstrates a pretty easy way to get swimming
    glitch at this area. You first activate a loading trigger by going close enough
    to the river puzzle, then backtrack and jump over the wall from on top of the
    chest using an IJ with about 3 charges and a normal double jump. There's
    collision outside bounds, and moving along there, you can jump to the water
    surrounding the river puzzle.
    To end swimming glitch, you can do it for example at the stone freezing beam
    part before returning back to the main area again.
    1, Findle's vid
    <underground river puzzle>
    Other: The stone button will emit its noise indefinitely if you step on it so
    that it will lower to only halfway.
    Other: as usual, Kratos can do some fairly undignified things with the corpse
    in this area, including turning it into a jackhammer.
    1, findlestick's vid
    Sequence break (NP): if you jump erratically over the button in front of the
    large gate, the door will eventually open up by itself. Pretty funny. And not
    only that, it's useful too! You skip the whole puzzle. (c: AKheon)
    1, AKheon's vid
    <River of the Forgotten>
    + save point "River of the Forgotten"
    + checkpoint (after seeing cutscene overlooking the river)
    + checkpoint (after landing on the other side of the river)
    + checkpoint (right before having to R1 the obstacle)
    + checkpoint (some time after passing the rope)
    + checkpoint (after temple has been pushed over)
    Sequence break (BP): with PR long jump, you can indeed skip much of the rotating
    platforms section, but it's not easy. Lesser long jumps won't do because there
    is a low invisible wall to the side of the platforms.
    1, Findle's vid:
    Speed strategy: Don't bother fighting the enemies at the next section. Simply
    keep on pushing the handle and cast a Cronos' Rage every now and then to keep
    your enemies from attacking you. Another way for the first platform would be to
    launch both of the enemies of that platform on land. This way they won't die and
    respawn to come back to bother you. (c: GMG)
    Other (BP): about sequence breaks and trigger skips of this area
    1. it's possible to reach the area with running conveyor belts from the first
    river platform, despite invisible walls around the area. IJ with 9 charges
    should be enough. Doing this will skip Titan Minotaur 1 in addition to a rope
    clinging part and a small puzzle. However, the next grapple point will not load,
    forcing you to do a long jump if you wish to pass at all. (c: GMG)
    2. After the river platforms there's a chest. You can jump from on top of it
    (with about 6 IJ charges) and reach a rope that runs above the area. You will
    skip Titan Minotaur and a short length of rope travel, but at least everything
    works as normal afterwards. (c: GMG)
    3. After fighting Titan Minotaur, you can long jump past the rope section
    straight to the area with the weight you need for the temple puzzle. However,
    you still need to load the main Bog area again and the nearby grapple point
    isn't active either. So you have to long jump over the chasm and backtrack
    until the walls start emitting the stonefreezing breams. After that return,
    use the now active grapple and get the weight. (c: poru2009 / GMG)
    1, Poru2009's vid of #3 (beware slightly loud volume):
    Other (BP): if you infinite jump up to the platform where Spartan is fighting
    with Sentries, upon getting there you may find that there is no fighting nor
    corpses although the audio for fighting is still playing. (c: GMG)
    Some way you can get to the Spartan early and go hang out in the middle of the
    fight. All the characters are completely collision-less, as you'd expect. You
    can slow the fighters down, which makes the fighting sound effects go out of
    sync. (c: findlestick)
    1, Findle's vid (at the start):
    Other (BP): approaching the tree you pull down from the wrong direction, it
    turns out that it doesn't have any collision and Kratos can jump through it.
    If you continue even further from wrong direction, the Titan Minotaur is also
    absent from the area. Interestingly there is still a large collision bubble in
    the way that you have to infinite jump over to get to the tree / grapple point.
    Fighting Titan Minotaur from the wrong side is possible. His rock toss will hit
    Kratos even if the throw looks to be aimed at a completely wrong direction.
    Activating the final mini-game will teleport Kratos in front of the Minotaur.
    1, Findle's vid:
    Random: Staying on the large, rotating stone after time returns to normal will
    not cause any damage. The stone just speeds up and you can't keep up. The small
    grindstone further in the area will hurt Kratos regardless, even if time is
    Other: freeze beam troubles
    "after backtracking to the conveyor belt with the freeze beams to get the Urn of
    the Gorgons you can get an extra freeze beam to appear at the end of the
    conveyor belt after already fleecing the other beams(nothing happens if you
    fleece it but it works like the other beams)" - Riningan
    Another glitch report from this area exclaims that the middle beam constantly
    just stays green, and it can't be fleeced (meaning that you can't get the Urn).
    (thanks to Sephiroth_Yuna)
    Random: if you try to stack the two weights by dropping the higher on top of
    the lower, the higher gets stuck a bit in air and makes strange soungs. So yeah,
    stacking the weights isn't an option.
    1, findlestick's vid
    Speed strategy: early Temple lift
    Once you have both of the weights, make sure that you kick in the last weight
    with your back towards the entrance. Do a quick roll to your back after the kick
    and grab the edge of the Temple with R1 before the in-game cutscene kicks in.
    This way you can keep on lifting it during the cutscene, saving several seconds.
    (c: GMG)
    Other (BP): you can first tip over the Temple and only then activate the Beast
    Lord fight there. So what can be done with this? You can R1 the temple during
    the fight and drop it down. The ensuing cutscene stops time and the enemies
    will also become passive for the duration. After dropping the Temple, Kratos
    is teleported beyond the fight barrier and can now fight the enemies out
    of their reach!
    1, Findle's vid:
    Wasted speed strategy (BP): again, it's possible to destroy the tree trunk
    blocking the climbing passage from the ground level (Atlas Quake), but this
    time it's faster to just destroy it while climbing.
    <Cerberus' Lair>
    + checkpoint (after entering)
    + checkpoint (before Cerberus)§
    + checkpoint (after getting Fleece)§
    + checkpoint (back outside)
    --- Quotes of the wounded soldier:
    -- While on the ground
    "Help me..."
    -- Approaching the grinder
    "No... what are you doing? I need your help..."
    -- Entering the grinder
    Sequence break: it's possible to do a high jump over the grinding stone and
    this way access the boss fight without having to carry the soldier around
    or brutally drop him onto the brutalizing conveyor belt. (c: tyrhhjy)
    1, findestick's vid:
    Break-out (BP): it's not possible to do a normal break out of the event of
    talking to the wounded soldier. However, if you skip talking to him and go
    defeat Cerberus right away, later the area has a couple of Gorgons whose
    attacks will disattach Kratos from the event very nicely. The results are
    chaotic but strangely fun... (c: poru2009)
    ++ The cutscene starts with Kratos free to move. The camera is locked into
    the cutscene motions during this time.
    ++ With correct timing you can have the soldier's speech start over and over
    again and make it overlap.
    ++ Eventually the cutscene camera just gives up and you can see the dialogue
    scene from the normal camera angle instead.
    1, Findle's vid:
    Other: grinder glitches and oddities
    + you're immune to the grinding stone as long as you carry the wounded soldier.
    + you're immune to the grinder if Kratos is "slanted" enough.
    + Gorgons that are diagonally knocked back into the grinder will instantly die
      (except if it is de-activated, in which case they clip through).
    + placing soldier 'near' the grinder can be enough to trigger the cutscene in
      which a scream is heard and blood spurts from under the grinder. You can then
      actually put the soldier into the grinder - Kratos gains the ability to walk
      through the grinding stone and have it break down in real-time.
    + if you stand on the conveyor belt while the grinding cutscene takes place,
      Kratos will get sucked into the stone momentarily.
    + if the soldier is thrown into the grinder slanted, strange things may happen.
      He may stay completely visible during the grinding cutscene (and Findle
      reports that the Gorgon, if present, will follow the soldier right inside the
      grinder - getting stuck).
    + slanted soldier may rise up and down very oddly, if placed to a correct spot
      near the grinder.
    1, Findle's discoveries (video of some of those listed):
    Speed strategy: you can do a high jump over the gate right before Cerberus
    Useless trigger skip: you can easily skip the Cerberus fight trigger using high
    jump, but it's not very useful since you can't progress like that.
    Random: You can pull the switch that makes fireballs shoot out of the wall
    during the fight with Cerberus, but it only spits out one and then quits.
    This fireball can hit Cerberus, but it doesn't seem to deal any damage.
    Other: Cerberus can be led out of the fighting arena by doing a high jump over
    the gate, opening it, and leading him out. However, he can't get past the broken
    grinding stone which is situated at the end of the corridor.
    Other: an oddity with retrying from checkpoint after getting Fleece
    "Just finished fighting the Cerberus Bastard for the Golden Fleece, pulled the
    switch and got hit by the fireball which took off a good chunk of health, so I
    restarted from last checkpoint. Upon restart the Cerberus was back and I thought
    the game didnt set a checkpoint for finishing the battle, so I started letting
    off on him with all my magic until I saw he wasn't even trying to attack me as
    well I had the Golden Fleece on my arm still.
    The boss music was still playing and he had no collision detection. I left the
    arena and none of the Gorgons spawned. The boss music continued to play until I
    reached the save point near the entrance to Euryale's Chamber and then reverted
    to the usual music.
    I headed back to the Cerberus area to see if there was any difference, he was
    still there....could not be interacted with in any way." - Nicholas K.
    Sequence break: you don't have to Fleece your way out of the arena. You can do
    a high jump over the closed gate and leave the way you came. (saves time)
    Collision flaw: Addaminsain claims there are odd grabbable/walkable ledges
    at "the other side of the gate". §
    Other: infinite red orbs v3 using the Gorgons
    "Use false grabs to push an Assassin (gorgon) towards the rocks (dividing the
    cave), use a launch to PS/OH until it either clears the barrier totally or gets
    to the top. The use false grabs to get it to ground level.
    More false grabs to push it to the cave entrance where you'll notice a certain
    point at which it disappears...cross back over that point and get the Gorgon to
    "O" and be sure to set up the KILL for it to be near this 'threshold' with its
    back towards the exit/wall thus after each death it goes further and further out
    (towards a point it cannot pass on the left of the cave's mouth).
    Its a good idea to have SFX loud and music quiet (or muted) with the volume up
    so you can hear each scream in place of the vibration you get with the BoO
    version of this...just cross the threshold until you hear it die and quickly
    return back over it so it 'unexists' before full death and repeat as the orbs
    flow over us.
    This could be done with the other Gorgon Assassins but I find that camera view
    unfavorable later on.
    NOTE: It took 1 minute for GK on Titan to collect 9,000EXP once set-up and
    performing. I'd estimate that to be 5 minutes for regular Kratos on Titan.
    That...isn't quite aweful but slower then I'd have liked." - GMG
    A video would be useful... §
    Speed strategy: while exiting, don't use the climbing wall but instead do a
    long jump to the collapsed temple roof below. Easy to do even on NP.
    (note: you could also jump to the platform directly below the climbing wall,
    but this is BP only and slower too)
    <Temple of Euryale, inside>
    + checkpoint (at stairway behind Euryale door)
    + checkpoint (as fight with fat Minotaurs & co. ends)
        - orb glitch doesn't seem to be possible
    + checkpoint (after elevator cutscene)
    Other: if you're swimming right below ground level in the Hades Minotaur fight,
    you make all the enemies nearby start jumping like crazy.
    1, findlestick's vid:
    Sequence break / Swimming glitch: The battle in which there are the new type of
    Minotaurs can be skipped by doing a high jump over the enclosed doorway (there's
    a ledge). If you stay on top of the fight barrier and follow things up with a
    long jump, Kratos can pick up swimming glitch from the nearby pool of water and
    skip many of the objectives that lay ahead. (c: findlestick)
    The sequence break can be done on either NP or BP. It's uncertain if the
    swimming glitch is a BP-only thing, though.
    If you already won the fight, an alternative way to get swimming here is to
    go to the red orb chest at the back and infinite jump from there until you hit
    the water puddle. Yeah, a lot slower alternative...
    1, Findle's vid of this, also acquiring swimming glitch
    Sequence break (NP & BP): the crank guy cutscene skip
    This cutscene can be skipped by moving in a certain way after the fight with
    Hades Minotaurs, regardless if you skip the fight or not. As Findle himself
    puts it:
    "Once you jump over the blue barrier (with the "evil head") and land....then do
    a double jump over that round patch on the ground and towards that trail of
    water on the ground, then QUICKLY roll (as close to the wall as possible)
    towards the elevator. (The key seems to be to do this as QUICK as possible! And
    against the wall where the water is)."
    Why does it work? For now it's uncertain. It might be that Kratos moves too
    quick for the game to load the cutscene in time, or there's just a very peculiar
    trigger set-up at this place.
    It's also possible to skip this whole ordeal using swimming glitch. However, you
    must touch a loading trigger at the bottom of the elevator shaft or else you'll
    likely get stuck.
    1, Findle's vid
    Other: No matter where the two elevators were before the cutscene, they are
    (instantly) brought to the surface level as it starts. This can be tried out
    by skipping the crank guy cutscene, then using the elevators, then returning
    to activate the cutscene.
    1, Findlestick's video:
    <Lowlands Vista>
    + checkpoint (after climbing out of the shaft)
    + Save point "Lowlands Vista"
    + checkpoint (after viewing cutscene after climbing up broken-laddered wall)
    + checkpoint (after landing on the other ledge, after passing ceiling grapple)
    + checkpoint (on the platform overlooking Euryale's room)
    Collision flaw: The wall with the broken ladder has something strange towards
    its top. Try running over it while jumping, e.g. trying to jump to the other
    ledge opposite to it. Kratos hits something which makes him float in air for a
    moment. Nothing useful, it seems.
    Sequence break: Instead of climbing the wall with the broken ladder, do a high
    jump to the opposite ledge. You skip an in-game cutscene and the ceiling grapple
    There is an easier alternative way to do this on Normal Play nowadays: after
    having climbed the broken ladder, jump over the large chasm while staying close
    to the left-hand side. There is a very small piece of collision there which you
    can use to do another double jump, helping you reach the other side.
    1, RJWaters' vid:
    2, Findle's vid of the Normal Play trick:
    Random: No matter how much power Kratos gains, it seems there will always be
    spiked surfaces that kill him on touch. -,-
    Random: After you've jumped down, the previous area unloads and never loads
    again. This prevents swimming glitch exploration of the area if you planned to
    start swimming glitch from here.
    Sequence break: Euryale can be skipped by doing a high jump over the gate that
    leads you out. (c: Shenminiu)
    Note: it's also possible to do swimming glitch here by jumping from on top of
    the door. The effect is extremely powerful, allowing you to skip almost all
    obstacles in your path 'til Atlas. (c: ManeshM84 / findlestick)
    Note 2: also read more in sections below to find out how to get regen magic
    from this part in the game.
    1, Findlestick's demonstration of the skip & the swimming glitch:
    + checkpoint (fight begins)
    + checkpoint (as EH trial begins)
    + checkpoint (as EH trial ends and gate opens)
    Other: If you got swimming glitch on, reading the book will yield a
    glitched-up cut-scene in which Euryale appears from the wrong side of the arena.
    --- Euryale quotes:
    -- after mid-way of the fight
    "You killed my sister!" or
    "You will die, Kratos!"
    Sweet spot: during the first phase, you can also fool Euryale by luring her to
    a precise spot in front of the waterfalls, with Kratos close in front of her.
    (c: findlestick)
    You can go stand under either of the small waterfalls for complete safety from
    Euryale. Mostly works whenever Euryale is at the north half of the arena,
    approaching you, but can also freeze her in her tracks at other places too.
    (c: addaminsain)
    1, findlestick's vid of the first sweet spot:
    2, addaminsain's vid of the second sweet spot:
    Other (NP & BP): getting regen magic
    After fighting Euryale, there's a tutorial fight where you are supposed to
    stonefreeze some Sentries and you have infinitely regenerating magic during
    that part. As expected, leaving the tutorial early will let you keep regen
    magic for a while longer. Also, if you already have regen magic, completing
    this tutorial will end it, so you might want to skip it in that case too.
    On BP it's easy to just infinite jump out of the tutorial and keep regen magic,
    but on NP your best hope is using the old trick my ManeshM84 where you use two
    high jumps to leave this room from the side and are able to activate swimming
    glitch there. But yeah, you need red orbs for two upgrades for this to work.
    1, Findle's vid of regen magic on NP:
    Sequence break mystery: Findlestick reports that creating stonefrozen 'clones'
    of Kratos (a long story) can make Euryale skip many phases of the fight and go
    right to her death minigame upon enough damage. This trick has been verified by
    a video, but still, it is not completely certain how it's done.
    There is a certain random thing Findle mentions about stone clones and this
    fight: it takes a variable amount of clones to finally reach the point where
    Kratos can't be stonefrozen any longer (and he semi-freezes instead). Finding
    out the reason behind this discrepancy might tend to a solution.
    So what's a stone clone? Just this: if you break out (using CC) of Euryale's
    stonefreezing attack the game may create a stonefrozen Kratos out of nowhere,
    with the real Kratos remaining unfrozen. Interestingly, if at any point should
    the Kratos clone get killed, the actual Kratos dies instantly too...
    1, Findle's vid of this event:
    Other: here's a fun vid of a glitched Euryale mini-game, done from behind an
    invisible wall in addition to having the time slowed.
    1, Findle's vid:
    Other: killing Euryale twice
    You can kill Euryale but later make her appear again if you follow a correct
    route. You have to first swim to Euryale's chamber from the "wrong" direction,
    from below Destiny's Atrium, and then enter her lair and defeat her. Then, you
    simply have to get out the way you came, finishing the area normally and going
    to fight Barbarian King, etc. until you're finally back at Euryale again as
    normal. She spawns like she should, though you already got her head once.
    Findle theorizes that by entering the lair repeatedly through the "wrong"
    direction might allow you to kill her an infinite amount of times. But we don't
    know yet if it's so.
    1, findle's vid
    <Euryale's defeat>
    + Save point "Euryale's Defeat"
    + checkpoint (after reaching courtyard with the sinking pillar)
    + checkpoint (after winning the fight)
    + checkpoint (after passing the gate signifying the end of the pillar puzzle)
    + checkpoint (after passing the hound trap room)
       - other: if retrying, all the enemies are gone
    + checkpoint (after balancing beams)
    + checkpoint (after defeating Titan Minotaur II)
    Sequence break (NP): skipping Water Pillar puzzle
    You can escape and swim out of this place even in normal New game without too
    much difficulties.  Basically, after opening the first gate and swimming through
    the underwater passage, aim to the left back wall on floor level using a
    charged swim rush. § (c: surerman77)
    1, findlestick's vid
    Sequence break: other Water Pillar puzzle sequence breaks
    - You can do the whole puzzle without using Amulet of the Fates if you're fast.
    Even the last part with the sinking pillar. (c: JFCalibur88)
    - You can do a skip at the start of the puzzle. Go to the switch on the right
    and do a high jump to latch onto the ceiling / wall above. This way you can get
    to the upper floor early and can go through the puzzle rooms in reverse order,
    opening them as you go instead of having to pull underwater switches and whatnot
    to progress. (c: GMG)
    - You only need to roll up pillars 3 and 5 to complete the puzzle. Though a bit
    tricky, you can double jump diagonally to skip the other grapple points at the
    end of the pillar puzzle. (c: GMG / findlestick)
    - You can let go of the pillar handles quite early and they finish rotating to
    the end by themselves. This saves seconds per pillar opening. (c: shenminiu)
    - It's possible to infinite jump to the exit gate with about 7 IJ charges from
    the upper floor. (c: GMG)
    - You don't have to actually open up the exit gate. It's possible to just high
    jump over it. It's the same sort of gate they had before Euryale, where there
    is a handy invisible ledge close to its top.
    1, JFCalibur88's video that shows two first mentioned things in action:
    Random: once I did a swimming glitch playthrough of this area, except coming
    in from Lahkesis' Atrium. The bunch of harpies that appear before Titan Minotaur
    actually followed Kratos here!
    "Speed Strategy: Leave the crusher elevator as soon as the gap is large enough
    for Kratos." - GMG
    Random: At the balancing beam section, you can air grab and throw Harpies down
    the chasm to see them harmlessly stop to an invisible death floor about a meter
    below the beams.
    Speed strategy: you can skip the ledge hanging part with a small long jump here.
    The most convenient one is dropping to hang on from the ledge in front of the
    chasm and doing a double jump from there for improved momentum and height...
    (an old long jumping trick)
    1, Poru2009's video:
    <Catacombs of the Fallen & Destiny's Atrium return>
    + Save point "Catacombs of the Fallen"
    + checkpoint (after activating the stairs leading up)
    + checkpoint (after passing fire-shooting door)
    Random: If you got swimming glitch on, it's going to be slightly tricky to get
    through the stairway corridor leading to Atrium. This is because you can't pull
    out the staircase like normal. You're just going to have to wiggle through the
    ceiling using rushes and devious whirling swimming moves.
    Other: If you skipped the Atrium puzzle earlier, chances are the Cyclops fight
    is still on when you return. The enemies in the area don't know how to react
    with the gaping stairway on the floor and you can take advantage of this fact.
    1, Findlestick's demonstration
    Random: If you got swimming glitch, you can go over the felled tree to re-visit
    the area where Barbarian King dragged you through. Doesn't seem you can get back
    to Euryale's Temple this way, though.
    Remember to go pick up the EXP secret chest now, from the Bog of the Forgotten.
    Just to note, if you first open the EXP secret chest, then the normal red orbs
    chest, you'll get a lot less orbs than if you waited for the secret chest to
    completely empty its contents first.
    Speed strategy: jump halfway down the shimmy (after destroying fire-shooting
    door). Or just "SoD leap" on BP.
    Speed strategy: you can skip about 4 seconds worth of running by dropping down
    to the lower level of the cavern without running to the ladder.
    Battle musings: "I sent a few skeletons over the cliff (grapple) but they just
    stay alive below" - GMG
    Speed strategy: if you got swimming glitch activated, you can shortcut past all
    the objectives from here until Icarus, basically.
    <The Hall of Atropos>
    + checkpoint (after cutscene with eyes activating)
    + Save point "Courtyard of Atropos"
    + checkpoint (mid-way inside lower floor hall)
    + checkpoint (after passing rising platform puzzle)
    + checkpoint (after winning two satyrs fight)
    + checkpoint (before the gate to upper floor areas)
    + checkpoint (mid-way of the cutscene in which barrier dissipates)
    Trigger skips: There exist some discrepancies with the eye beam puzzle if you
    happen to skip the initial trigger that begins the sequence. The eyes do not
    seem to be active at first and there is no obstacle blocking the road to the
    next area. However, parrying in front of an eye causes the respective beam to
    become visible. And like in the previous Courtyard, you can again solve the
    eye beams puzzle before it even becomes active, and in the same way you just
    get stuck in the end.
    1, Findlestick's instructional video:
    Battle musings: if you send a Wraith back to the area you came from using some
    knockback-type attack, they freeze in place down below. (c: GMG)
    --- Distant Perseus Quotes:
    -- When entering the area
    "Someone down there? I can hear you!"
    "Please, help me! I'm trapped!"
    -- When on the upper floor
    "Yes, up here! Quickly!"
    I once heard "Please, help me! I'm trapped!" in the courtyard after Perseus had
    already been won.
    Sequence break: You can skip lower floor dungeon by simply doing a high jump
    onto the ladder out of your reach. No need to get the block... however, you have
    to do this jump again later on when solving the eye beams puzzle.
    "Missed Potential: You can get over the fight trigger for the Priest/Minotaur
    battle. I grab the pillar on the right, pull it out a little (and a tad to the
    left) then get ontop, IJ (2 charges) to SoD leap. After that get on the left
    pillar and HJ up as you noted. Bad news...the area above isn't loaded....sad
    shit isn't it?" - GMG
    Speed strategy: movable pillar puzzle speed tactics
    For the puzzle with movable pillars, it's possible to complete it quickly in
    two ways. First way is to push the nearest pillar on the elevator, lift elevator
    as high as possible, then quickly run and jump (using both of the pillars) your
    way to the upper level.
    Another way is to push the nearmost pillar on top of the elevator, then push the
    second pillar so that it is half on the elevator and half on ground. As you lift
    the elevator, it will get stuck to the second pillar, and it won't neither rise
    or descend after that and can be climbed easily to the top. (c: GMG)
    1, GMG's demonstration of the second trick
    "Missed Potential: After the pillar puzzle, I went up the ladder and tried a
    HJ to SoD leap for a skip *landing where Satyr Champions should be* but the
    block/next area wasn't loaded..." - GMG
    Trigger skip: if you get to the room with fighting characters early, you'll find
    that (as usual) they can't be interacted with in any way. You can now start the
    Satyr fight to make the room extra cluttered and annoying to look at.
    1, findlestick horses around:
    Other: there's a glitch in which Kratos dies the instant he begins to turn the
    crank which is in the Courtyard. Not sure what could cause it.
    1, starsmember's vid
    <The Edge of Creation>
    + Save point "The Edge of Creation"
    + checkpoint (landing to the other side of three grapple point chasm)
    + checkpoint (after clearing the retracting vines puzzle)
    Speed Strategy: you can skip one of the grapple points leading to the main area.
    Would be a good speed strategy if it wasn't so hard to do.
    Random: Despite the retracting action of the vines, Kratos will not move or
    slide while they move under his feet.
    Easter egg: only after killing Perseus (I think). We'll get back to it.
    "Easter Egg - It can be done before Perseus if I recall right. It's just harder
    then. Shen used it like this for his HJ Speedrun." - GMG
    Other: trigger glitch at Perseus door
    While lifting the door open to where Perseus waits, if you stop lifting the
    door at the last moments before it is fully up, you may roll from under the
    door without it actually opening. This way the Perseus fight does not start.
    However, the main area is not loaded this way, so you may just get stuck if
    you do this. (c: KickTheBaby102)
    Apparently you can do swimming glitch like this, though, using the unloaded
    exit to go out of bounds.
    1, KickTheBaby102's vid
    + checkpoint (as gameplay resumes after cutscenes)
    + checkpoint (after defeating him and gameplay has resumed)
    --- Perseus quotes:
    -- while invisible
    "I'm right here."
    "I'm over here!"
    "No, not there, over here!"
    "Over here!"
    "Wrong! I'm over here now."
    Random: it's difficult, but you can infinite jump out of the room. This allows
    you to do displaced mini-games on Perseus or even glitch him to become
    completely invisible.
    1, Findle's vid:
    Strategy: magic won't hit Perseus at Stage 1 of the fight unless he presents
    an opening (like after charge attack). (c: GMG)
    Random: After you manage to minigame him once, Perseus can no longer turn¨
    invisible and his behaviour changes respectively... (Stage 2 begins)
    Strategy: Perseus can be stunlocked in a corner with Piercing Shards. (c: GMG)
    Random: After you manage to minigame him the second time, he no longer has sword
    attacks. (Stage 3 begins)
    Strategy: Whenever Perseus is over the sunlit spots of the screen, he can
    reflect his shield's light towards Kratos in an stunning attack. However, it is
    relatively easy to Bow / Head trick your way out of, at least if you're in air.
    "Typical air tricking is less about a tap and more about holding the stance
    throughout the fall (i-frames until you land).. with Perseus you need to do
    a quick air attack before the 'trick' or it fails. Not sure why exactly. That's
    just how it is for the Bow/Head. CR has more i-frames so (on the ground) it does
    better...but the skilled have the advantage of a free 'trick'."
    "NOTE: Perseus has been seen to do 2 and even 3 flash attempts in succession
    when tricking (though most of the time he just tries to attack when you trick)"
    - GMG
    Strategy: An attack that hits many times in a short period of time (like CR) can
    put Perseus into a fierce stun-block movement in which he can do nothing but
    back away at a great speed.
    "Stage 3 - Hits (Ex: Wind Shots) will send his ass flying into the wall for a
    stun (perhaps a little damage too)." - GMG
    After being damaged enough, Perseus will no longer move from the north side of
    the area. If you go too far away, he will try to shoot at you, or in some cases
    After you manage to minigame him the third time, the fight is over!
    Swimming glitch (BP?): it's possible to get swimming glitch using the water of
    the Perseus arena by doing a long jump from the outside of the arena.
    1, findlestick's vid
    Easter egg: after defeating Perseus, return to Edge of Creation. Then, continue
    on pressing R1 at two spots near where you can see a marker on the ground. Then,
    continue onward to the area with extending roots, and near the middle three
    there's a third and last marker. After pressing R1, you get a buttload of orbs
    and a pretty message in the sky.
    "Easter Egg: Nobody can take credit for this. If you didn't already know, when
    I did the 999,999 hit combo, the secret website told us the HD Cheat and how to
    get the Easter Egg EXP." - GMG
    1, deadmanwalkingx3's demonstration:
    Other: it seems that rarely the shield of Perseus is displaced when Kratos sets
    it on the statue, making reflecting the eye beams back at them impossible until
    the glitch fixes itself.
    1, 406ploskonka's vid
    Other: GMG and Shenminiu report that the game may freeze if you finish the block
    puzzle by using the chain to climb up to the upper level.
    <next place>
    + checkpoint (reaching the front of Lowlands)
    + checkpoint (passing opened gate)
    + checkpoint (leaving rotating platform area with SoD)
       - other: not sure if the conditions require the statue to have been also
                moved in place
    Speed strategy: you can get over the long pressure plate without using Amulet of
    the Fates by doing a PR long jump. Yep, never said it was easy.
    Sequence break: You get to the Spear of Destiny area faster by doing a high
    jump to the switch which opens the locked gate. No need to sidetrack.
    1, RJWaters2's vid:
    Sequence break: You can skip the pre-Lowlands puzzle (with time slowing
    involved) by doing a high/long jump to the next platform. Spear of Destiny will
    be skipped this way. While that's not a big deal on BP, it can be problematic
    on NP where you need a 2nd sub-weapon to do infinite jumping.
    1, Kevbew63's video:
    Other: the turnable platform can be glitched into whirling by itself by some
    random accident. This makes you lose the R1 prompt of the crank, and you can't
    control it any longer. However, the fact that you're not occupied by the crank
    means that you can turn the Statue of the Fates into angles never before seen.
    Useful? Maybe, maybe not.
    1, AKheon's vid:
    "Speed Strategy: Just turn the statue (clockwise) once and put it in place. 
    That should be good enough." - GMG
    Other: Spear of Destiny glitch
    If you stop tapping buttons at the Spear QTE right before it is over, the
    ensuing scene glitches up. A ghostly force takes the spear and swings it around.
    Afterwards, the spear completely disappears and you never actually get it this
    way, which is a bummer. (c: KickTheBaby102)
    1, KickTheBaby102's vid
    "The visual cue where the bridge tilts can be avoided if you leap over it but
    this causes a crappy camera view if you were to try to skip ahead." - GMG
    <Crossing of the Lowlands>
    + Savepoint "Crossing of the Lowlands"
    + checkpoint (after landing on the other side)
    + checkpoint (after second fight has been won and gameplay resumes)
    Other: the second grapple point stays floating in air even after its pillar
    is destroyed. If you get near it you can R1 it again, but it's completely
    1, Findlestick's vid:
    Other: if you hold on to one of the collapsing pillars, apparently Kratos can
    sometimes get beneath death floor and shoot up in air with massive momentum.
    Haven't tried this myself yet, so I don't know if this happens automatically
    or if it's a random effect. Cool nonetheless. (c: ermac210)
    1, ermac210's video:
    Random: Many people have complained loading error at the end of Lowlands. It
    will cause Kratos to fly straight into gray nothingness, leading to death. If
    it happens, try cleaning your disc or PS2, maybe?
    Sequence break: you can skip both of the fights that follow Lowlands doing
    infinite jumps over the fight barriers. (c: Kevbew63 and GMG)
    1, Kevbew63's vid:
    Speed strategy: if swimming, swim above this tunnel because that way you'll also
    skip the pre-fight in-game cutscenes (saving about 10 seconds). (c: zxcv017l)
    <The Great Chasm>
    + checkpoint (approaching the Save Point >,>)
    + Save point "The Great Chasm"
    + checkpoint (after meeting Icarus-FMV)
    Event glitch: you can break out of Icarus struggle by Cyclecancelling right
    after the cutscene has ran its course. The time window is very small. It is
    not certain whether this trick has any use, much of it is yet untested.
    1, AKheon's vid
    Other: you see the lonely save point in the distance? If you get to it using
    swimming glitch, you can save. The save point image/text claims that it's one
    of the save points at Typhon's Cavern (Fire of Olympus). But in effect it's
    just a normal save point, returning you to the Great Chasm if you load the
    saved file.
    1, AKheon's vid
    Wasted trick potential: there's a huge, smoking chasm right where Kratos and
    Icarus will fall down, even before meeting Icarus, but jumping/swimming there
    only yields endless darkness. If you swim near the Icarus meeting spot a bit
    before attempting to traverse the hole, the camera angle changes, but nothing
    else happens.
    Event glitch: Kratos breaks out from duel with Icarus
    If Kratos enters the Icarus event while swimming, the event will glitch up...
    but in a positive way! You see, winning the first QTE prompts makes Kratos break
    out of the Icarus duel and he will be free to move during the freefall.
    While Kratos is loose, he can attack Icarus in any usual way. If Kratos grabs
    Icarus, the normal mini-game begins and the game can continue. But hold your
    horses! You can speed up this section by doing a certain amount of damage to
    Icarus first before grabbing him again. This way the game thinks you've damaged
    him enough to skip phases of the duel with him, so optimally you can just hit
    him a few times with your weapon and skip right to the end of the duel, saving
    around 40 seconds. But be careful: if you damage Icarus too much, he will
    glitch up and you can't finish the duel with him and get stuck.
    You can stonefreeze Icarus. He will become gray and stop moving, but can't be
    shattered. If you now try to duel with him, you get stuck because Kratos can't
    hit Icarus any longer and Icarus refuses to enter new stages of the mini-game.
    Therefore this is for fun only. Retry afterwards to become un-stuck.
    Shooting powered up Wind Shots at him will cause him to move location. I don't
    know if it's possible to actually drop Icarus off the fighting platform - for
    some reason Kratos will eventually have problems targeting Icarus.
    A funny side note: the game gives you Icarus Wings at the start of this section,
    before you've even ripped them off Icarus.
    If you happened to fail the QTE at the start, you get a different result. This
    way Kratos retains swimming glitch and is nowhere to be seen. The camera moves
    with Kratos, almost as if this was a first-person view, and you can descend the
    corridor in a calm and controlled manner this way. But it's unlikely you could
    just swim to Atlas right now. You also can't win the Icarus duel like this, so
    sadly this just comes off as wasted potential.
    So whatever the case, it seems you can't take swimming glitch to Atlas.
    1, AKheon's overview of the glitch:
    2, using this glitch as a speed strategy:
    --- Icarus quotes:
    -- before fight's end
    "Wait! Perhaps the sisters have sent you to help me! I realize now..."
    (nonetheless, if you stop tapping circle now, Icarus will only fly away, leaving
    Kratos to fall into his demise)
    Random: Note that using RotT during this mini-game won't help you. (even though
    it might seem logical)
    <The Face of Atlas>
    + checkpoint (after landing down and cutscene has played out)
    + Save point "The Face of Atlas"
    + checkpoint (before chasm leading to hanging platforms)
    + checkpoint (after landing inside the fleshy cave)
    + checkpoint (at corridor leading to Titan Minotaur 3)
       - other: due to the high lag at this area, lag-related glitches are probable
    + checkpoint (after defeating Titan Minotaur 3)
    + checkpoint (before jumping down to the next area)
    Event oddity: if you Cyclecancel the very first thing after the cutscene, Kratos
    will fly to the balcony from an utterly strange direction (in some cases).
    Untested: the blood on the ground at this area has a strange texture to it.
    Would it work as water? If yes, you could swim glitch with it. But it difficult
    to touch it and try this out.
    Sequence break: You can skip a part of the block pushing "puzzle" by doing a
    high jump to the next area. Just push the block towards you until you can pass,
    then ignore it and do a jump instead.
    1, RJWaters2's demonstration:
    Sequence break: You can skip Titan Minotaur 3 by doing a high jump to the next
    1, RJWaters2's demonstration:
    Speed strategy: For fighting Titan Minotaur 3, you can skip the fight's first
    phase. Jump towards the back wall of the arena, then glide back before you hit
    lava. TM3 thinks the next phase of the fight already passed, and time is saved.
    (c: GMG)
    "(TM3 Stage 1 trick) There's slightly more to it then that. After tricking his
    AI into Stage 2, he needs to toss at least 2 rocks..I trick the first then leap
    over the lava to screw his AI during rock two...returning him to Stage 1 just as
    I land a hit (quickly) which just sends him right into the pound that causes the
    wall to break away." - GMG
    GMG says this tactic (or a part of it) doesn't seem to work in HD Collection.
    1, GMG's video showing both this and strategy for the fight:
    A.I. flaw: the Titan Minotaur's behaviour to stage 2 and 3 will not change if
    you only keep hitting him with ranged (magic?) attacks.
    1, addaminsain's vid:
    Speed strategy: on easier modes and/or BP, you can damage kill TM3 right on the
    fly, skipping all the phases of the fight.
    "Failed Speed Strat: Leaping off and on the wall (Stage 2) to keep the TM at
    bay..it has the bad effect of doubling its Stage 3 HP... yeah...figure that shit
    out." - GMG
    <Inside the Mighty Titan>
    + checkpoint (after viewing an in-game cutscene of the chains, etc.)
    + Save point "Inside the Mighty Titan"
    + checkpoint (passing the large chasm with a grapple point)
    + checkpoint (getting past the Nymph nest room, before next ceiling grapple)
    + checkpoint (inside pendulum room, before reaching pendulum)
       - other: due to the high lag at this area, lag-related glitches are probable
    + checkpoint (landing down after crossing over the newly opened heat vent)
    + checkpoint (after killing all the Legionnaires at the lift)
       - other: infinite red orbs v2 doesn't seem possible
    Sequence break: you can skip the over 10 seconds long intro cutscene to this
    area by gliding right to the right edge of the central platform and doing a
    long jump to the next area (has its own entry below). The worst part is that
    you skip a save whilst doing it.
    Sequence break: central area skips and skip possibilities
                    (c: Shenminiu, AKheon, findlestick and GMG)
    It's one of the more complex areas of the game, and as such you have many ways
    to finish it.
    Normally you'd have to cross over the lava stream, go through some rocky areas,
    cross a ceiling climbing part, lower a pendulum, cross another ceiling climb,
    drop some stalagmites and use a vent to hover to the next area. The area near
    the pendulum is the most critical part since there are two useful loading
    triggers nearby. First is up in the room before the pendulum - it enables you
    to drop the ceiling stalagmites, allowing easy access to the next area. Second
    is at the top of the wall / ceiling climb part that will load the next map.
    So basically, just high / long jumping to the next area won't work. You can IJ
    to the ceiling and go activate the loading trigger, but then you have to climb
    back down and you can't use the vent caused by stalagmites to get to the next
    area easier, so you have to do a big high / long jump anyway. And you probably
    can't skip the area intro cutscene in this route. This is likely slower than
    doing the area normally.
    Another alternative - now outdated - was to complete the area normally to get
    to the pendulum room, then lower the pendulum. From here you could do a long
    jump to reach the main area early again without too much effort and drop some
    of the ceiling stalagmites using PR. (BP-only, since there is no known way to
    drop the stalagmites without PR.)
    Another alternative - now outdated - was to complete the area normally but do
    a PR long jump from Pendulum to reach the next area. (BP-only)
    The newest alternative utilizes Double Glide Jump from on top of the pendulum.
    If you interrupt it in the middle using PR, Kratos is able to use two jumps
    with full momentum and then Glide again to reach the next area quickly and
    without too much effort. But this is also BP-only unless you extend the jump
    by some other means on NP.
    1, findlestick's vid of using Double Glide Jump:
    2, AKheon's vid of the two outdated ways:
    Othe: If you attempt to jump on top of the lava rock too early, you'll fall
    right through it!
    Random: After setting the first lava rock in motion, a new rock will come
    periodically out once the previous one has disappeared in the bottomless pit.
    Sequence break: You can skip the lava rock puzzle by doing a long jump to
    grapple point. Start with BoO or SoD air attacks, interrupt in the middle with
    a sub-weapon change or PR, then Glide the rest of the way. (c: ManeshM84)
    1, ManeshM84's video:
    Sequence break: you can skip the room with the breakable boulder in by doing a
    high jump up the next cliff.
    However, the fastest easy BP strategy for this room is actually breaking the
    stone. Do an Icarus Ascension in front of the stone, then wait for the move to
    end and for Kratos to fall down ever so slightly. Then 'break-out', which means
    that you must switch away from sub-weapon so that Kratos can jump in mid-air.
    Then, do the jump and glide to the other side of the room using the hot air
    lift you caught before moving onward.
    1, first part of this vid:
    "Speed Strat: (Hades Nymph room) You can break one of the nests to reveal a
    place you can jump on to get the platform by it. *skipping a little of the
    climbing*" - GMG
    For the same room it's also possible to just do a high jump at the last boulder
    and grab its ledge, skipping all the climbing.
    Other: the Hades Nymph room has a very obvious enemy unexisting limit. Messing
    around with it too much may cause the nests of the area to "break", so that no
    more Nymphs spawn from them even though they have not been shattered.
    1, Findle's vid:
    Other: you can get infinite red orbs here if you have regen magic since the
    Nymph nests spawn an endless amount of Nymphs you can drop down and shatter.
    A somewhat slow method but practically effortless.
    1, findlestick's vid:
    Wasted potential: you can jump down and Glide from the square hole in Prometheus
    urn room's floor to go back to the main hall early. But as mentioned, this does
    not work out since you skip a loading trigger this way.
    1, findlestick's vid:
    Sequence break: It's possible to do a high jump (with two MotKs and Wings
    gliding afterwards) from the Prometheus urn room to the neaby room where the
    pendulum is. I believe it saves time a bit. Especially if you shoot the boulder
    blocking the room with TB shots or crush it from afar with AQ to save time
    during climbing.
    1, AKheon's vid:
    Random: If you skipped the lava rock puzzle, whilst returning, the things that
    held the rock fast are still there, but with the rock gone!
    Random: Try ramming into the glowing, heated air emitting globe while you're at
    it. It's pretty fun.
    Sequence break (BP?): doing a massive long jump from the platform before Atlas
    Lift you can go around it directly to the next area. Double Glide Jump and PR
    Long Jump are the two most likely candidates for doing this skip with. The long
    jump must be faster than 36 seconds or it won't save time in a speedrun, though.
    1, findlestick's vid:
    <Ascension of Atlas>
    + Save point "Ascension of Atlas"
    + checkpoint (after beginning next wall climb)
    + checkpoint (after getting past grapple points, before two blocks-puzzle)
    + checkpoint (after passing puzzle, before starting next wallclimb)
    + checkpoint (after breaking Atlas' chains FMV)
    + checkpoint (after acquiring Atlas' Quake)
    Other: you can activate one of the three grapple points from the platform above
    it. This has no real use, it just throws you a bit backwards in the level.
    1, findlestick's vid
    Sequence break: You can skip the small platforming puzzle involving two pushable
    rocks by doing a high jump to the next area.
    Sequence break: you can reach the higher grapple wall early by doing an IJ to it
    from beneath. If you start the IJ from the balcony right below the climbing area
    you don't need a big jump and should with some time with this. (c: shenminiu)
    1, Shenminiu's vid:
    Mystery: "I came across some strange glitches during my run, one was a glitch
    at Atlas' arm. At the part where you climb up and down while the large boulders
    are constantly falling...at that part where you slide down and a few boulders
    fall at the same time. If you time that slide at a certain correct time (very
    difficult to do), the game transports Kratos to suddenly standing on top of
    Atlas' hand (!???) and while you are up there you get a different angle of
    seeing the boulders fall. (and you see where they just appear from thin air)."
    - Findlestick
    Speed strategy: The rocks don't kill you, only cause damage. If you're feeling
    particularly impatient, just rush through them. On higher difficulties not too
    advisable because of the amount of damage taken.
    Wasted potential: you can do a high IJ to get on an invisible platform above
    the chain you have to break. But there's nowhere to go from there, even if you
    continue the IJ and go really high in air. It seems there's no way to leave here
    without talking to Atlas...
    Missed swimming glitch potential: the red, splashy substance near the chains
    does not count as water.
    <Atlas' fingers>
    Random: Each QTE failure in the Atlas conversation causes damage, but if you
    have full life bar, you won't die even if you fail 'em all.
    Random: If you have regen magic, you will inevitably lose it here, after showing
    off your Atlas Quake skills.
    <The Great Chasm>
    + checkpoint (after gameplay resumes)
       - other: strange flicker whenever retrying
    + Save point "The Great Chasm"
    + checkpoint (landing on the yard of the Palace)
    + checkpoint (after fight has ended)
    + checkpoint (after having entered the rotating spike-floored room)
    + checkpoint (as the door to next area opens)
    Wasted sequence break potential: if you try to IJ your way to the rotating room
    as the first thing you do, you'll only end up in a semi-loaded version of it in
    which nothing interesting ever happens. It seems the loading trigger for that
    room activates only as soon as you've managed to turn the wheel on the ground
    past a certain length (only possible after Beast Lord fight, it seems).
    Strategy: for the Beast Lords, first stun them with quick Typhon's Bane bolts
    to prevent them from summoning a Cyclops for aid. Other quick long range attacks
    that reach them work as well, like maxed out CR or BH souls.
    Then, lure them to the roadway and knock them over the side one by one, either
    by Orion's Harpooning them or knocking them away while they're in air (e.g. with
    Hammer's square air attack). (c: GMG / addaminsain)
    1, Addaminsain's vid
    Wasted trick potential: You have to pull the wheel all the way through because
    there's an invisible wall blocking the doorway until you do so. You can't just
    jump through the seemingly open doorway the first instant there's a gap!
    Speed strategy: when you roll into the Spike Chamber, you can activate the lever
    in the middle of the room early, saving a little time. (c: GMG)
    Other: the chamber activation switch can be re-pulled again and again. After
    each pull, there's a few frame time window in which you can get Kratos to do
    another pull, in which case the switch re-appears. Nothing interesting seems
    to happen, but just to mention.
    "Strategy: (Spike Room) Might I suggest FIGHT and FLIGHT?" - GMG
    1, a more thorough demonstration from GMG
    Sequence break: it's possible to breach this room's ceiling and fly to your
    next destination instantly using IJ. Unfortunately doing it takes quite a bit
    of time because the walls are high. About 35 seconds at least. But it IS faster
    than normal, thanks to the fact that it takes 1 min. 45 seconds for the normal
    sequence to go through its motions.
    1, AKheon's vid
    Sequence break: By doing an Infinite Jump with at least two charges at the chest
    behind which there's a fight going on, you end up on the above floor at the
    Phoenix save point. This is useful for skipping a cutscene at the doorway where
    Kratos does nothing but stand around.
    Even without the multiple charges you can do a high jump over the wall and reach
    the fight behind it. It's only a graphical effect, though. From here you can
    reach the upper floor like you'd do with a more controlled infinite jump anyway,
    just a bit slower. (c: GMG)
    1, Findle's vid of the IJ skip:
    Random: for fun, you can come back later and activate the intro cutscene with
    both Phoenix and a bunch of Cyclopi around to make the scene look chaotic.
    1, findlestick's vid:
    <Auditorium of Lahkesis>
    + checkpoint (after entering and the in-game scene has played out)
    Wasted sequence break potential: many attempts have been made to skip the Ram
    and Warrior doors of this area, but their innards are not loaded 'til you have
    unlocked them with their respective keys.
    It's possible to reach the outside balcony leading to Last Spartan and co. using
    high jump, but its innard can't be loaded until after the Phoenix FMV.
    Below the ground there IS a small stretch of graphics signifying a future
    elevator, but it doesn't seem like you could pre-maturely access the Phoenix
    chamber or anything like that.
    Sequence break: skipping the flames
    There exist multiple different ways to go around the flames here without using
    the crank and Amulet of the Fates.
    The original version of the skip did a IJ with around three charges in front of
    the Skull door to sink into the ceiling, then Glide from there past the flames
    from out of bounds. (c: GMG)
    Later another method was found where you do a droopy double jump from the higher
    area and grab an invisible ledge to the right in front of the flames. Climbing
    up on the ledge, you can do a small high jump and Glide over the flames... but
    you'll likely scathe them in the process, taking a little damage. (c: AKheon)
    An even later method involves doing a high jump in the higher area. In the
    middle of the wall there's a collision flaw through which you can Glide through
    and avoid taking damage, making this superior to either of the above variations.
    (c: GMG)
    Findlestick also created a slightly modified version of the jump, in which you
    do not aim for the doorway but straight to the deeper areas of the corridor. It
    saves some seconds, but also skips a savepoint.
    1, GMG's vid of the first method
    2, AKheon's vid of the second method
    3, AKheon's vid of the third method
    4, Findlestick's vid of the fourth method
    <The East Auditorium>
    + checkpoint (after entering the corridor leading to save point)
    + Save point "The East Auditorium"
    + checkpoint (after passing the vent puzzle)
    + checkpoint (at the Translator)
       - other: two different versions of this checkpoint exist. One with the
         block, one without it.
    + checkpoint (once Translator has been terminated)
    + checkpoint (almost at the central yard, whilst returning)
    Sequence break: 
    1, findlestick's vid:
    Sequence Break: vent and navigation skips
    You can IJ on top of the gate you'd normally have to use the vent to go over.
    Or you can start the vent, then without lowering the gate use the vent lift to
    gain height and then jump over the gate... Or you can use Double Glide Jump from
    further away to gain height over the first vent, then use your double jump and
    another Glide to get over the gate... multiple ways to do it.
    From on top of the gate, you can skip some navigation with a Double Glide Jump
    or a normal double jump to Glide. You can get directly to the room where you
    find the block from up ahead, skipping some enemies, the Zeus door and a short
    1, findlestick's vid using Double Glide Jump:
    2, findlestick's old vid that uses IJ instead:
    Trigger skips: if you approach the Translator area from the wrong direction,
    i.e. from behind the Ram door, you skip a trigger that would load the
    Translator. If you go to his room now, there's no one there and the safety
    button is up. If Kratos goes and stands on the safety button now, he traps
    himself inside the room! Kratos became the new Translator... (c: GMG)
    1, Findle's vid:
    Sequence break: you can skip the large Zeus door before the block room by doing
    several charge IJ and grabbing a ledge on its top. Doing this will skip having
    to kill the enemies, having to open the door and watching a short in-game
    cutscene. It's probably slightly faster to do this jump than not do it.
    Swimming glitch control: the ornamental waterfalls and water texture beneath
    them do not function as water.
    Random: there are two ways Kratos can read the book in the middle of the room.
    One is longer which ends with the message "the book is written in a language
    you can't read". The second one you get after having been to Translator's room
    and returning - in it Kratos just glances the book and there is no message.
    --- Translator Quotes:
    -- Lifting up
    "Leave me be!"
    "It was foretold XXX but I never believed it was true... Please, please don't
     make me read the words!"
    "I know this is what you've asked of XXX consult the sisters .... but is there
     no other way?"
    "I do not want to die!"
    -- After getting banged up (I suppose)
    "Do not let me die!"
    -- at last room
    "I cannot read the words while they attack!"
    -- afterwards
    "I... I have forgotten the words!"
    Sound glitch: Not sure why, but in some games the Translator will say two
    soundclips at once when you carry him out of the room. It is, in fact, the
    reason I haven't deciphered the above comments and written them down in their
    complete form! GMG suggests it also happens if you throw Translator over the
    first fight trigger.
    Other: If you break out of carrying Translator while crossing the limit into
    the first phase of the battle, Kratos can target him (unlike normally)! He is
    not considered an enemy, though, and won't get damage. Looks amusing.
    1, Findle's vid:
    Other: If you leave the Translator fight back to the vent puzzle hallway,
    enough as to make the battle music and Translator's life bar disappear,
    returning won't make Translator's health bar come back. However, this does not
    make the Translator invulnerable, as we originally thought.
    Strategy for waves 1 and 2: use the wall in Translator's room to shelter Kratos
    (and Translator). Or hide Translator behind the cube.
    Speed strategy for waves 1 and 2: just ran past the enemies while holding
    Translator. Takes a bit of luck to do this. (c: shenminiu)
    Random: Translator takes collision damage, which means that thrown or knocked
    back enemies that bump into him can do damage. You can even collision damage
    him to death by yourself, with no aid from enemies: do the Icarus Ascension
    and pick him up the last moment before Kratos lifts up. The timing is tricky,
    but the Translator takes small damage this way every time you succeed.
    Strategy: the armor% of the Translator is the same Kratos has. Activating Rage
    actually has a double effect of protecting the Translator: it divides the
    aforementioned collision damage by 3.75 and also increases Kratos' (and his)
    armor% by a good amount. (c: GMG)
    "Other: The damage dealt to the Translator by us is not that of collisions or
    just 1 (GK TM settings) would instant kill him. It takes 10. He has 100HP
    (approx) as he can take a knockback collision but a full collision destroys him
    (again GK TM)." - GMG
    Other: Infinite red orbs v3
    Manipulate the last Satyr of the 2nd phase to follow you to the entrance of the
    pedestal room. Repeatedly doing a grab on him is a good way to do it. Go far
    enough into the entrance, and the satyr will "unexist". Now, kill the satyr,
    but before the death animation has finished, go through the entrance again and
    "unexist" the Satyr. On returning, the death animation will start anew, and you
    will get the satyr's orbs again as well. This can be repeated as many times as
    you want. (c: findlestick)
    Apparently another way to do infinite red orbs v3 is to escape beyond the Ram
    door during the third phase of the fight, kill some enemies from behind the
    door and then run away a bit to hit an unloading trigger. The same principle
    as usual in red orbs glitch v3.
    1, Findle's vid of the first method
    Other: In the third room, the Translator automatically leaves your grasp and
    runs to the book pedestal. He can't be re-lifted ever again!
    If you break out of lifting him right at the border to the third room, and then
    roll, Translator will actually follow Kratos some way and may get stuck to a
    weird spot during the fight. Unfortunately, trying to roll outside the battle
    barrier will only end in tears since the Translator is too slow to get past it
    before it is there blocking the way.
    1, findlestick's vid:
    Strategy: create a checkpoint for the third enemy wave
    If you know how to high jump, you can leave this area after fighting the first
    two waves to create a checkpoint for yourself. This way, if you die in the third
    wave, you don't have to fight the two first waves again. There exists a few ways
    to do it.
    The oldest method used the East Auditorium save point to create a new checkpoint
    for Kratos. Unfortunately, failure meant that you had to traverse a long way
    back to the combat arena again.
    Second method used a checkpoint beyond the Ram door. This way was less arduous,
    but still.
    As of 2013, there's now a 3rd method to checkpoint the 3rd wave of the
    translator battle. And it's the most convenient, since you don't have to do a
    high jump every time you fail and restart. It's done in the following manner:
    As you approach the two gates near the large blowing vent. Don't use the gate
    that you'd normally go over with assistance of the vent. Instead, Infinite Jump
    and grab a ledge at the top of the gate located closest to the lever. Once
    you're standing on it jump directly to the right, very deep into the hallway
    that you'd normally have to go through. The reason you have to glide deeply is
    so that you skip a checkpoint located near the inner-side of the gate (the one
    you'd normally go over).
    Skipping this checkpoint is crucial, because this is the one you will later use
    to checkpoint the 3rd wave. Once you've skipped this particular checkpoint,
    proceed as normal. Complete the 1st and 2nd waves of the battle, but when you
    reach the trigger for the 3rd wave. Place the translator just before it (careful
    not to trigger the battle), from here all you have to do is go and touch the
    checkpoint near the first gate to checkpoint the 3rd wave.
    1, nanospheres' vid of the latest variation (at the start of the video)
    2, findle's vid of a now obsoleted older variation:
    Wasted potential: it's impossible to do an "early translating" (using R1 during
    the fight end cutscene) because time is frozen and R1 prompts are not allowed.
    Other: in a random occurence, Findlestick got one enemy to remain after the
    fight had ended. Having an enemy around makes the Translator mini-game more
    difficult than normal since the enemy tends to interrupt Kratos in the middle
    of it. The enemy can also interrupt the cutscene of picking up the Ram key.
    Finally, you can lure or throw the enemy behind the open Ram door, where he
    will unload and you can create an infinite red orbs v3 glitch...
    1, Findle's vid
    Speed strategy: for leaving this place, there exists a small skip to save
    navigation time and opening a gate. Go to the exit gate. Jump on top of it with
    IJ, and from there glide to the right so that you end up in front of the save
    1, findle's vid
    <spiked-trap hallway>
    + checkpoint (past Ram door, nearing the first set of spikes)
    + checkpoint (after winning the trap and gameplay has resumed)
    Wasted potential: it's possible to get to the other end of the spike-trap
    hallway super quick by a trick. First have the area load by inserting the Ram
    key to the door. Then, go to the upper balcony and open the door there. Since
    everything is unloaded, this basically serves as a method for jumping into the
    spike corridor from out of bounds. You can get past the trap entirely. However,
    the next area isn't loaded until you've completed the actual trap. Yes, it seems
    that stupidity is the only option...
    1, AKheon's vid
    Other: Kratos may clip through the crusher walls upon death, which looks fairly
    Random: The second spike-wall has a ledge to it in the upper area, but it's
    extremely difficult to grab. Especially (?) while it's moving.
    <The Garden of the Gods>
    + checkpoint (at the corner before Garden)
    + checkpoint (leaving Garden of the Gods)
    Random: you can see The Last Spartan rushing ahead around the corner if you're
    1, findlestick's vid:
    --- Athena statue quotes:
    "Kratos... you know not what you do.
    There are things far more important than your revenge.
    Zeus did what he must to protect Olympus.
    Gaia speaks nothing but half-truths and falsehoods.
    The Titans are not to be trusted.
    In you, Zeus feared the destruction of all he stands for."
    Random: You can destroy Athena statue, but I personally think that's a rather
    rude thing to do.
    Speed strategy: while walking along the wall ledge, do double jumps and glide
    using your wings. Speed increases.
    "Missed Potential: I'm able to use the area (with 2 EXP chests) as a place to
    launch over the wall and fly towards the sacrifice area but nothing else is
    loaded." - GMG
    <Sacrifice to the Fates>
    + Save point "Sacrifice to the Fates"
    + checkpoint (before jumping down)
    + checkpoint (as door to next area is half-way open)
    Sequence break: you can skip Sacrifice to the Fates by doing an Infinite Jump
    to the upper balcony. You get straight to second Translator, skipping the
    sacrifice itself, then the bloody pool swim, then Ice Room puzzle, then the
    Nymph puzzle, then the Cerberi fight ahead (and some additional climbing).
    (c: AKheon)
    Since then, findlestick found a far better way for doing the jump. It utilizes
    a hard to hit bit of collision on top of the closest pillar on right-hand side,
    from where you can jump outside bounds and glide to in front of the translator
    1, findle's new method
    2, AKheon's video of the old method:
    Other: swimming glitch
    There's a way to get swimming glitch from this room, but it is pretty abysmal
    to do since the collisions and camera around the place are so bad. Not to
    mention the red surface is actually not water until you have hit a certain
    trigger first. Rather wait a little longer and start a swimming glitch from
    Ice Room instead.
    Other: if you do things in wrong order, you can go drag the time slowing Fates
    statue upstairs to the balcony overlook and then fight against Sirens with the
    benefit of being able to slow time.
    1, findlestick's vid:
    Other: luring a Siren into the bloodbath room, you can have it fall inside
    the water pool. Curiously a Siren doesn't die when falling into the water.
    1, findlestick's vid:
    <Ice room puzzle and more>
    + checkpoint (after introduction scene is over)
    + checkpoint (after introduction to nymph room is over)
    + checkpoint (closing in on the cerberi fight)
    Random: Enjoy the effects this room has. The pedestal leaves an icy trail,
    the ice itself turns to powder when it is attacked...
    Sequence break: Instead of climbing to the ceiling, you can drop the correct
    ice down by doing a Cronos' Rage under it. Also, you will in fact cancel out
    of the introductory ice room cutscene if you do this the exact same time the
    cutscene would play out, saving even more time. (c: Shenminiu)
    Other: It is possible to break out of the R1-prompt the frozen door has, but
    it seems pointless.
    Other: It seems relatively easy to accidentally break out of the last crank
    turning. It has happened to me twice now... Here's the deal: after the ice
    in the center melts, the last crank continues to turn by itself endlessly.
    Looks fun, but is pointless. Every once in a while you see the reflecting
    beam hit the center again and the effect of thawing plays anew, as the mirror
    continuously breaks and comes together again. Cyclic...
    1, AKheon's vid
    Random: It's possible to start turning the giant bird while the flames are
    still being thrown. This causes the camera angle to stay better while turning,
    that's all.
    Random: You CAN kill enemies with flamethrower, but it takes 3 hits.
    Other: infinite red orbs v2
    "Bring a Minotaur to the end of the hallway just before the Hades Nymph nests.
    Standard procedure." - GMG
    Speed strategy: use an Ascension to meet the descending grapple earlier than
    normal. You can also turn the wheel and ride the grapple without destroying any
    Nymph nests if you pre-emptively interrupt them with magic like CR. Also, even
    if you do get hit during the part where the grapple point is rising, you can
    instantly R1 the grapple point again and continue rising up. (c: GMG / AKheon)
    Swimming glitch: Ice Room swimmingness
    After clearing Ice Room, and on the way to the Cerberi fight, do Infinite Jump
    over the corridor next to you. You will end up back in the Ice Room, but with
    the swimming dungeon unloaded. You can but jump in the water, then swim out
    through unloaded nothingness back to the normal level! (c: findlestick)
    (note: Findle has an exclusive series of videos dealing with swimmingness at
    Palace of the Fates. Some of them are found from related videos...)
    1, Findle's vid:
    Sequence break: you can skip the Cerberi fight in a couple of ways. One, do a
    MotK high jump over the battle boundary. Two, do a MotK high jump over the fight
    trigger. This method is quicker because it allows you to skip the pre-fight
    cutscene too (saves a few seconds).
    1, AKheon's vid of second method:
    <The West Auditorium>
    + Save point "The West Auditorium"
    + checkpoint (reaching Statue of Time)
    + checkpoint (almost at the vent puzzle)
    + checkpoint (approaching the elevator that leads you back to the central area)
    + checkpoint (after landing to the central area)
    Speed strategy: you can do an "early gate opening" by pulling the switch before
    the Translator dies the first time (during his introductory cutscene).
    Sequence break: skipping Translator time warping puzzle
    The original way to skip the Translator puzzle was to do an infinite jump with
    several charges over the corridor wall. This way you skip some triggers and the
    Translator is standing in his room completely passive when you reach him.
    (c: zxcv017l)
    But later a faster method to do this skip was found. The gate to the room can be
    grabbed from its top if you're careful, so do that and you can achieve the same
    thing with just a high jump instead of an infinite jump. (c: findlestick)
    There's a third alternative method to do this skip if you're coming from the
    side of the ladders and gates. High jump (about 4 charges and double jump) in
    between the two high gates to grab an invisible ledge, and from there you can
    jump to the right... to grab another invisible ledge in the sky, and from there
    you can glide all the way to the Translator room. (c: findlestick)
    1, zxcv0171's old vid of the outdated 1st method:
    2, an excerpt from theenglishman's AGDQ run showing the 2nd method:
    3, findle's vid of the 3rd method:
    --- Translator quotes:
    -- When picking him up
    "You'll doom us all! Can't you see that?"
    "You are making a mistake!"
    "Release me at once!"
    "Get your hands off me!"
    -- Falling down
    Other: If you cancel out of a move while picking up Translator, the Translator
    will get stuck in air. The game considers him re-pickable, though, so you don't
    have to start over. He will also glitch hang in air if you collision damage him
    while picking him up.
    If you checkpoint and retry while the Translator is glitch hanging, he will be
    found standing idle and without any A.I. impulses when you return to him.
    1, AKheon's vid:
    Random: You can throw the Translator off the cliff yourself, if you like.
    Random: After finishing the puzzle, the time warp will not bring back the
    Sequence break: skipping the vent puzzle
    It is possible to altogether skip touching the vents by first jumping to the
    higher switch, then continuing with a high IJ to the platform where there's a
    chest on it to the left and above. This can be up to 6 seconds quicker than
    doing the vent puzzle at all. (c: AKheon)
    A faster variation involves doing a Glide from on top of the Skull door to get
    directly to the higher switch. (c: findlestick)
    1, excerpt from findlestick's BP speedrun with this skip:
    Speed strategy: if you do the vent puzzle, it saves time to first high jump to
    the higher switch, pull it, and only then return down to turn the crank.
    1, RJWaters' vid
    Wasted sequence break: you can go over the wall, skipping the elevator ride,
    but the courtyard isn't loaded until you've actually lowered the elevator down
    a certain way.
    Sequence break: after you've descended from the elevator, a cyclops fight
    awaits thee. You can skip it by doing a high jump to the ledge to your right,
    and jumping over the fight trigger.
    Alternatively, you can not lower the elevator all the way and do a Double Glide
    Jump from the elevator to get on top of the same ledge.
    1, findlestick's vid of the 2nd method:
    Strategy: during the Cyclops fight, you can lure them to their deaths from
    the flame spout platform. Just provoke them to attack and you're set.
    1, GMG's demonstration:
    <Entrance to the underground>
    + Save point "Entrance to the Underground"
    + checkpoint (approaching the lava pit with a rope over it)
    + checkpoint (after you win the fight with archers and gorgons)
       - note: infinite orbs v2 is possible here
    + checkpoint (at the rotating pillars)
    + checkpoint (getting to the other side of the pillar flight)
    Sequence break: you can skip riding the spike-ceiling elevator by doing a high
    jump from on top of the chest. You exit boundaries, and from there it's easy to
    glide inside the elevator shaft and descend. Make sure to hit the loading
    trigger for the next area (e.g. not go too far out of your way) or else there
    awaits nothing behind the gate. (c: ManeshM84)
    1, ManeshM84's vid
    Event oddities: spike-ceiling elevator
    - the spikes in the ceiling will only start to hurt Kratos once they are low
      enough. They can be infinite jumped through before it!
    - you will not get a game over if the spikes catch the elevator while Kratos
      is NOT inside.
    1, Findle's vid
    Strategy: for damaging your enemies more quickly at the spiked-ceiling elevator
    you can always launch them to the spikes above. (c: ManeshM84)
    Sequence break: you avoid fighting Archers and Gorgons by keeping RotT on during
    the climbing sections. Arrows won't make you drop.
    "Speed Strat: You could of course just kill the Archers then get on the wall so
    you don't need to worry about a FREAKISH flurry of arrows (SRSLY..they go
    batshit when you start using the wall... that shit ain't normal)" - GMG
    Other: infinite red orbs v2
    The fight with Archers and Gorgons is a spot where you can get infinite red
    orbs. This is because a checkpoint activates right after the fight, and a glitch
    allows petrified creatures to cross over a checkpoint boundary... as well as
    their orbs. So, stonefreeze and crush the last enemy of the fight, then retry,
    then crush it again, then retry. And so on, until you've got enough. I heard
    about this glitch from somewhere (may have been a Youtube-video?) but I can't
    remember where. If anyone knows, tell me.
    Just a strange observation: once I managed to stonefreeze two Gorgons at the end
    of the fight. After smashing them and retrying, only one Gorgon returned and
    things seemed to go like usual. But I didn't actually get to keep the red orbs
    this way and the infinite red orb trick failed.
    Another oddity: after knocking the Gorgon into the lava pit, she never re-
    spawned over checkpoint retry again.
    Repeated long-term checkpoint restoration also causes the Gorgon to shrink in
    size noticeably and also change position. (c: n3obuddha)
    1, AKheon's vid
    2, glitch-within-a-glitch by n3obuddha
    "Sequence Break: (by the Archers/Gorgons/Sentry) You can IJ (3-4 charges) over
    the wall then glide to point just before the vent/hidden room." - GMG
    Gift of magic: after clearing the climbing bit, shoot the wall behind hot air
    vent (on the way to the next section). There's a strange marking on the wall,
    and the wall can be targeted - it's easy to notice. After the wall has broken,
    enter the hole in the wall to claim the secret chest.
    Another secret awaits right next to the chest. Smash the wall to the right of
    it to find a switch which will take away the rotating pillar spikes, making your
    life a lot easier.
    <The Phoenix Chamber>
    + Save point "The Phoenix Chamber"
    + checkpoint (entering the spike-floored room)
    + checkpoint (getting past the spike-floored room)
    + checkpoint (at the entrance of flame trap room)
    + checkpoint (after passing flame trap room)
    + checkpoint (after seeing FMV of Phoenix)
           other: you need to be in front of the switch for it to activate
    + checkpoint (about halfway up the stairs)
    Other: Addaminsain has in the past issued a complaint about floating Cursed
    Romains in the area.
    1, Insain's vid
    "Strat: Break the wall with a fate statue behind it as the spikes are up for an
    instant kill of the 2 Hades Legionnaires." - GMG
    Sequence break: you can skip the whole area by doing a high jump to the stairs
    which will lead you out. (c: Shenminiu)
    1, romvaleri's vid
    Speed strategy: at the flame trap room, you can speed up your progress a lot
    by having RotT on (especially viable on BP and urns). No need to worry about
    Other: if you return to flame trap room after having solved it, the statue you
    pushed around may have the flame effect stuck on it.
    Glitch control: the platform of the Ash urn is enclosed by small walls from
    each direction, ensuring that you can't move it to strange places.
    Event glitch: by pulling the switch of the Phoenix ash machine right as the
    fight ends (you can pull it even if it is just rising up from the ground),
    Kratos is able to move freely while the ashes are being dropped, allowing you to
    perform some odd tricks here. (c: Findlestick)
    + leaving the area to the west or south causes the FMV to never to show up, and
    re-operating the machine gives you the usual special camera angle and even sound
    effects, but the urn graphic is missing (and nothing happens afterwards).
    + hanging on a nearby ledge causes nothing too interesting to happen, mainly
    that you can escape the following cutscene by just climbing up.
    + Findlestick got a strange result while trying to escape to upper levels. The
    FMV kicked in right before areas transitioned, and after FMV had ended, all his
    stats were empty (0 orbs, no weapons/magic, etc.) and the game crashed in a
    1, Findle's vid. See first part:
    Other: only the vents on the right side of the area are real.
    Other: rarely the elevator leading back up can disappear mysteriously while
    Kratos is on it.
    1, findlestick's vid
    <Releasing the Phoenix>
    + Save point "Releasing the Phoenix)
    + checkpoint (after blowing the horn)
    + checkpoint (approaching the wheel)
    Random: Touching Phoenix's lava pillar will hurt Kratos. If enemies touch the
    pillar, they instantly die. (c: Findlestick)
    1, Findle's vid:
    Sequence break: you can skip the Boreas door in a few ways. You can either do
    a high jump through the floor from the preceding corridor, or you can jump from
    the yard directly to the horn upstairs with a high jump.
    1, Shenminiu's speedrun segment which uses this skip:
    Other: moving block fun
    You can reach the pushable block / pillar early and take it out of its intended
    area. By pushing it into a chasm, it stops at the invisible death floor that
    would kill Kratos on contact. Strangely, you can't depress the vent button at
    the yard by putting the pillar on top of it. It effectively has no weight.
    If you try to move the block too far, like through doorways leading to other,
    areas, it will unload from the level - ending your fun.
    I attempted to shove a block into a doorway to see if it would prevent the door
    from closing. The only door I could get to without the block disappearing was
    the doorway leading to the balcony puzzle room - the very same we just came
    from. Unfortunately this scheme didn't work: the door closes in so that the
    block gets stuck halfway, and Kratos effectively pushes it through the door, if
    at all, unable to really move other than sideways, then the block just falls
    into nothingness.
    With the block around, you can slightly mess up things during the Cyclops fight
    as well (if you start it out of order). For example do glitched QTE finishers
    from above ground level.
    Strangely, while accessing the yard while it was unloaded, after leaving the
    pillar to the middle of the yard, the 'vent' effect was seen active but it
    didn't actually work. Then I pressed the vent button down to see what would
    happen, and the moving floor moved my pillar... and as I got back to it, it
    had turned facing a diagonal direction and it was invisible! Useless, I guess.
    The block disappears before Kraken fight if you leave it to the yard.
    1, findlestick's vid of QTEs above ground level:
    Other: something you can try it is approaching the Phoenix early by swimming
    to it. But it doesn't serve much purpose, just looks cool.
    1, findlestick's vid
    Sequence break: in the next puzzle, you'd normally climb to the roof, cut a
    chain, push a block, etc. It all can mostly be skipped by doing an infinite
    jump with multiple charges to the closed door platform (for example: IJ with
    two charges, then IJ and jump + MotK, then glide to it). From there you can
    do a high jump and cut the chain at the roof with normal attacks.
    However, GMG warns that if you don't operate the elevator switch twice first,
    the area beyond it won't load properly.
    1, Shenminiu's speedrun segment which uses this skip:
    Sequence break: you can skip rotating the wheel by doing a high jump to a ledge
    near the ceiling (try the right-hand wall) and Gliding inside the room with the
    rotating walls.
    1, Shenminiu's speedrun segment which uses this skip too:
    Wasted sequence break potential: Early Phoenix
    Using a high jump to escape from the crank room, people have been able to extend
    the bridge out towards the Phoenix early, but the platform Phoenix is on is not
    solid, and as such the circle minigame can't be activated. Darn! During this
    time the arena has been cropped off like it is in the Kraken fight and the sky
    is also black. You can also fight Kraken's invisible tentacles.
    Another alternative: if you don't pull the switch at the lower floor twice,
    things do not load the same way and the end result of this skip is different.
    The map outside is still mostly the same it was previously, and the sky is not
    black either. Rotating the wheel that raises the outside pillars only operates
    the left pillar for some reason. But this variation is not useful either since
    The Last Spartan is unloaded, and can't be reached... although it leads to a
    side effect that is explored more in an entry below. (c: RJWaters2)
    I tested it some more, and found out it's possible to turn the upper floor wheel
    twice: once when it's invisible, once when it's visible. Interestingly, the
    bridge mechanism began to work only after turning the wheel when it was visible.
    If you extend the bridge early doing this, then make your way to Last Spartan
    like normal, the bridge remains extended as Kraken fight begins. You can
    actually skip Kraken at this stage by jumping over the painfully high invisible
    wall that is in front of him. Fighting Kraken normally is not an option any
    more if you do this, though, because you can't end the fight by pulling the
    bridge switch now.
    1, RJWaters' vid (part 3/3, check out the rest too if you like)
    2, findlestick's vid of skipping Kraken
    Other: how to re-load the Auditoriums anew (c: findlestick)
    It's possible to utilize a loophole in the map loading to have all the paths
    of this level load anew, so that it's almost as if you hadn't played through
    them yet. Want to rescue the first translator again? Sure! Open all the chests
    a second time? No problem. Using this trick, it becomes possible.
    "This glitch may seem hard to believe, but this is how it is done if you want
    to try it for yourself:
    1. Don't release the Phoenix, instead skip it with a high jump.
    2. Blow the Boreas Horn.
    3. Go through the pedastal puzzle area without pulling the lever at all.
    4. Jump back out to the Kraken battle arena area."
    1, findle's vid with a more in-depth explanation
    <The Last Spartan>
    Wasted potential: the room seems to be sealed off, so that you can't escape from
    there early.
    Random: Out of sheer curiosity, I defeated The Last Spartan while disc tray
    glitched. Kratos and the Spartan never actually fly out of the room since it's
    the FMV I just skipped that acts as the teleport trigger for them. So the fight
    went on as normal...
    + Checkpoint (after breaking out of his grasp once, gameplay resumes)
    + Checkpoint (after defeating FMV has played out)
    --- Kratos quotes:
    "I grow tired of the lies of the gods!"
    "I am cursed!"
    "I cannot change my fate!"
    "Come down here and face me now, Zeus!"
    At the first phase of the fight, you're stuck in the stance "unmotivated
    Kratos". Any attack you try to do ends up in a disgruntled comment from Kratos.
    In addition to that, he walks slowly and curled-up. He will receive no damage
    from any attack Kraken makes. Not long after, he is grabbed and...
    Other: Addaminsain has said that by activating RotT too early (before the meter
    re-fills), you will not get an automatic refill like you would otherwise.
    *one cutscene later*
    No matter you use or not use the RotT upgrade, Kraken will throw you out of
    his grasp in a moment.
    Other: If you break Kraken's tentacles' knobs while not on the tentacles, they
    grow back instantly. The same will happen if you fail to grab them in time, or
    even if you don't manage to break them at all (they go back to full health).
    However! There's a strange exception to the rule, and you can break the knob
    from ground using PR. The circle-prompt (indicating a mini-game) will appear
    whether you're on the ground or climbing. Of course the mini-game won't start
    until you actually grapple and hit the correct area with a grab. Also, you can
    only destroy the second tentacle's knobs only with a ground PR (otherwise
    Kraken just pulls out his tentacle in an instant). PR knob breaks may yet save
    some time in a speedrun.
    Random: "When one of his tentacles go into the ground/wall, hits do not add to
    the combo meter." - GMG
    "Strategy: You can whore PACED bow shots for a very efficient defeat of the
    Kraken from a certain spot. (I've yet to record this) Obviously we can attack
    the head directly with other means..even without Magic." - GMG
    Other: After the mid-way of the fight, Kraken will eat Last Spartan's corpse as
    if it was a breath freshener. Unfortunately it does not actually freshen his
    breath, as you may've guessed.
    If you pick up the Last Spartan corpse right before he is eaten, the whole scene
    of devourment will effectively be skipped. But you shouldn't do this because it
    glitches up the fight and causes it to continue endlessly (the wall in front of
    the switch stays there even if you defeat Kraken's remaining tentacles.)
    Other: GMG reports of "invisible tentacle stabs" during stage 2 and on the left
    side of the arena.
    1, Shinobier's video
    Other: extra red orbs
    "The Kraken in GoWII, when defeated (in normal) gives 500 red orbs. I walked to
    the end of the ledge, just before the bridge, and restarted from last
    checkpoint. I ended up keeping the previous 500, but also *gaining* another
    500. This only works ONCE, ie you can only receive a maximum of 1000 red orbs
    (normal) from Kraken." - shadowgeyser  §
    Trigger skip: It's possible to jump over the trigger which would activate the
    bridge retracting animation. Doing this causes a graphical glitch when you
    finally land in front of Phoenix: the bridge just disappears without a trace.
    <Temple of the Fates>
    + checkpoint (after FMV)
       - other: a black screen flashes after retrying
       - upgrading effect: some amount of strain leaves the screen completely black
         until you retry (which is a bad thing). Might be true to all post-FMV
         checkpoints, but quite rare (so it's hard to verify).
    + Save point (Temple of the Fates)
    Other: the permanent time slow effect of this area does not function reliably
    (until you retry from a checkpoint in which case it will always work). Several
    times I've started playing this area with the effect completely absent or
    disappearing after waiting a bit without doing anything.
    Swimming glitch: This is easy to do in this area. Backtrack to the start of the
    level. Find an edge from the right side of the screen you can stand on, then do
    a high jump (easiest with BH and Icarus Wings) towards a nearby platform sort
    of place. Kratos won't grab its ledge, so you need to be high enough for it to
    work. While on there, jump on a chest and do another high jump. There! You're
    Few words of warning though. The cameras in the next area are atrocious to
    follow through. Also, before Lahkesis there's a loading trigger right under
    the closed gate which you must hit. Not easy. And in any case, you can't do
    much against Lahkesis while swimming. And it's not possible to just swim over
    the wall to the next area, because nothing is loaded there yet.
    1, AKheon's vid:
    Break-out glitch: if you break out of the battering ram, doing any moves after
    it causes Kratos to fly across the room interestingly for a few seconds time.
    The momentum of the move calculated wrongly? This can also happen if you R1 the
    battering rams while swimming.
    1, Findle's vid:
    Sequence break: You can skip the whole puzzle by doing a high jump over the
    giant stone head. There are two ways to do it. The old method jumps off the
    grapple point and reaches a floor above the grapple point. Another high jump
    takes you over the wall to the next place.
    But there exists a faster, easier variation of this skip now too. You do a high
    jump over the right back wall of the room, over the bars behind which you see
    a chest. (c: findlestick)
    1, Findle's vid of the faster method:
    2, Shenminiu's speedrun segment which has the old version of the skip:
    Speed strategy: if you did the above skip, you may still be suffering from the
    time slow effect. In that case, quickly R1 a chest to end the effect and save
    some seconds en route to Lahkesis.
    + checkpoint (as fight begins)
    Speed strategy: You can get a free time slow if you activate AotF right before
    this fight.
    Other: more time slowing exploits
    GMG once reported a glitch on Normal Play in which he managed to retain the
    ability to use Amulet effectively in all of the fights, including the one where
    you are alone against Atropos.
    At the end of 2010, findlestick found a way to consistently get this to happen
    at least until the end of the first fight. It involves going to the balcony
    overseeing the boss arena, then backtracking to get the time slowage start
    again (of course, you have to skip breaking the stone which keeps time slowed
    for this to work), then go back to the balcony mostly out of bounds (so that
    you don't have to open the gate, because that would end time slowage).
    1, findle's vid
    Other: Lahkesis A.I. glitches
    This boss is particularly subject to various A.I. glitches. Some are random, but
    it is known for certain that playing around with the grapple points too much
    will cause her to act strangely. For example, at the first stage of the fight,
    go to grapple-mode. She will start to fire her plasmaballs at you. As soon as
    you get hit by one, press R1 again to re-grapple. Do this for a bit, switch
    between two adjacent grapple points if you want. Eventually Lahkesis' aim
    takes a dramatic turn for the worse: she will fire way too low or high from
    Kratos' location. She will do this as long as you don't move away from the
    grapple point.
    After falling down as a result of this glitch, she will remain docile as long
    as you don't move Kratos much. Another small oddity.
    And back on the topic of bigger oddities: Lahkesis has a tendency to start
    whirling in air or in the ground in some circumstances. Also, her "dodge" (done
    as a counter for several moves) can lead her to endlessly rush towards a corner
    of the arena. (despite the fact it's a round room)
    1, Addaminsain's vid of a "spinning Lahkesis"
    Other: Lahkesis is one of the rare enemies with an air false grab chance. The
    animation for it is exactly the same as with the ground one.
    Other: At any time during the fight, trying to use the Amulet doesn't work. The
    time slow effect just flashes on the screen but ends instantly. If you try to
    activate the Amulet regardless, you can manipulate Lahkesis into doing her
    projectile attacks, so it could come in handy as a fight strategy. (c: GMG)
    Strategy: Grapple points cancel Kratos out of any move. Do damaging, slow
    specials and fly to safety with R1 whenever you feel like it.
    "Other: When she has a "O" on her, leap to weapon switch (to any sub-weapon)
    to air grab *exactly like that* and the sub-weapon you have out will be what
    you use against her." - GMG
    Other: sometimes the fight's final FMV starts slower than usual and you can
    tangle onto the grapple points of the arena before the next phase of the fight
    begins. This causes Kratos to start the next fight stuck half-way into the
    sword, with a strange R1-prompt still showing. Merely jumping let him out of
    the ground, but I still wonder what would've happened if I had pressed R1...
    On another occasion when I pressed R1 right before the next FMV, Kratos never
    got to Temple of the Oracle but instead tangled onto a nearby grapple after the
    FMV. The screen said "Temple of the Oracle". Lahkesis or Atropos were nowhere
    to be found, and trying to retry didn't help. Got stuck, basically... To note,
    the non-standard game over of Atropos fight never happened this way, so maybe
    the Atropos fight wasn't loaded any more due to Kratos' distance from it?
    + checkpoint (as fight begins)
    Random: The Kratos you see fighting is the background is blatantly the same as
    the Kratos of God of War II! He even has the scar in his stomach. Maybe it is
    just an illusion created by the Fates...
    Random: You get a special death cutscene if Atropos manages to shatter the
    whole sword well enough.
    Other: GMG reports that he had once started the finishing mini-game to Atropos
    but the game failed to progress afterwards. It may have been a sort of break out
    because he had turned Urn of Poseidon off around that time, or maybe just some
    other loading oddity. Anyway, afterwards the fight continued as normal until a
    new chance to finish off Atropos came up. At that point the game just skipped
    the mini-game and went straight to the post-fight FMV.
    <Both of 'em>
    + checkpoint (as fight begins)
    Other: At the beginning of the fight Lahkesis will rise up and activate the
    three mirrors of the room. This can be interrupted by trying to use the Amulet,
    but it makes no difference for the fight (other than the fact that Lahkesis
    will stay in air until knocked down for the first time, which can be used for
    strategy) (c: GMG).
    During the mirror activation time you can also get right next to the right
    mirror to get near Atropos without her fleeing. You can reliably attack her
    with whatever you like, but she suffers no actual damage until time is slowed.
    Also, she can't be damaged during the cutscene when she appears the first time.
    Speed strategy: the first time you've beat Atropos into submission is followed
    by a short cutscene in which the mirror is shown to crack. By doing a long
    attack right before the cutscene, you can break the mirror during the scene,
    saving a second or two of your time.
    Strategy: during the time Lahkesis is recovering, activate Amulet of the Fates
    and go break a mirror. Afterwards you still have time to activate another Amulet
    time slow, so do it to get some free damage in.
    1, addaminsain's demonstration:
    Sweet spot: right at the end of the fight, get behind Lahkesis while she is in
    front of the last mirror. None of her large-scale beam attacks can hit you.
    Random: after they bosses are inside the window, they turn into nothing but
    graphics. They will never break out, so don't worry.
    <The Inner Sanctum>
    + checkpoint (after smashing last mirror)
    + Save point "The Inner Sanctum"
    + checkpoint (entering corridor in which Clotho begins talking)
    Other: you can activate two of the grapple points of the boss fight arena from
    inside the next corridor if you do a short Infinite Jump and then try to R1
    them. Kratos flies straight through the wall to the grapple point.
    Wasted glitch potential: seems like swimming glitch is not possible here. All
    the walls and ceilings in each area are sealed off, except the ceiling/wall of
    the Throne of Lakhesis, whose walls extend so high up it's not rational in the
    least to try it. I've tried this place through and through with no success. I've
    heard Findle has too done some work to no avail.
    Sequence break: You can skip the wallclimbing bit by doing a high jump to the
    next balcony.
    1, an excerpt from shenminiu's run:
    <Endurance run>
    + Save point "Before the Loom"
       - note: appears after Endurance Run is cleared
    Wasted glitch potential: After activating the endurance run, a barrier forms
    behind you. If you jump over it, you'll find that the area behind you has now
    unloaded and you can from here down below to the final door or even over it.
    However, jumping in front of the door won't help you skip battle segments and
    there's nothing loaded behind the door. So skipping Endurance Run isn't this
    simple, unfortunately... (c: Poru2009)
    It's possible to do an alternate route for Endurance Run skip (read more below)
    by first making your way to the fourth wave and then retracing back to do this
    trick. The cyclops spawn, and after the fight everything works like it should.
    However, it's unlikely it could be faster than just doing it the normal way.
    "Other: Try a 360 toss (Legionnaire) downhill..won't kill the Legionnaire." -GMG
    Sequence break: each fight wave except the last is possible to skip using
    infinite jump. It takes one to two charges per wall (if you jump too), so it's
    slightly arduous. I've been in the past able to skip all the waves, apart from
    the last one which is needed to open the door to Loom Chamber, without the game
    objecting and considering the fight unfinished... but occasionally it still
    happens. (c: shenminiu)
    For the record, the waves Shen skips in his run are the 1st, 3rd, 4th and 5th.
    Explanation is this: Shen skips the waves which are more a bother to fight than
    skip. The main exception is the fourth wave, which consists of only weak
    enemies. It is skipped because its final boundary will not dissipate if the
    previous fight wasn't skipped. I think this is because too much enemies nearby
    will leave some (or even all) of the 4th bunch unspawned, making the game think
    the fight is still on even if it isn't.
    1, Shenminiu's speedrun segment where this is done:
    Graphical glitch: doing grabs and finishers through the separating force walls
    yield strange graphical displacements.
    Other: checkpointing while the door's arms are lifted up may cause glitches in
    the arms' behaviour after retrying. (such as: after lowering from air, the arm
    may instantly re-appear in air, then descend again.)
    <Clotho, first level>
    + checkpoint (after opening door, gameplay resumes)
    She consists of three levels.
    Sound glitch: The soundclips she says when you're outside the chamber, if
    they're still playing, will cut out instantly you begin closing on her.
    "Other: (Clotho Arms) All her arms have 20HP (slightly over actually) but a
    single launch *damage is irrelevant* during 'idle' (can be hard to get) will
    send it to the ground. Any bounces/launches will restart her downtime." - GMG
    Other: ceiling mini-game oddities
    If you try to grapple the ceiling much, she grabs you with her arm and a
    mini-game ensues. Afterwards, the manhandled hand will be out of commission
    permanently. (except for additional ceiling grapples)
    Addaminsain encountered glitches with this mini-game by simply switching
    weapons, and indeed, it seems that the hand is especially prone to disappearing
    if you open up start menu casually during the event.
    You can also graphically glitch it reliably by doing a MotK high jump inside
    the grapple ceiling and jumping and gliding in there.
    1, Addaminsain's vid:
    Other: Clotho's hands can glitch up in a variety of ways, like doing ghostly
    attacks to Kratos.
    1, findlestick's vid
    Sequence break: you don't have to traverse the ceiling in order to get rid of
    the stuck corpses. A high level Cronos' Rage/PR can clear them up for you.
    <Clotho, second level>
    + checkpoint (after getting to the second floor)
    Sequence break: It's possible to skip the second level altogether by doing a
    high jump to the switch which will transport you to the highest level.
    Sequence break: by doing a high jump to the third floor instead of using the
    elevator, you will skip a small cutscene in addition to having an easier fight
    with both of Clotho's arms paralyzed! Afterwards, though, you have to watch out
    for the huge, gaping hole in the floor. If you return down after killing Clotho,
    you will see all her lower floor arms still move around as if nothing had
    happened! Perhaps she has to send all her nerve movements a few days in advance.
    If you now jump back up, Clotho has revived and is perfectly healthy again,
    although still passive.
    1, AKheon's vid
    <Clotho, third level>
    + checkpoint (reaching third floor)
    "Other: Rather then have seperate HPs, each arm shares a bar that depletes
    twice. It's odd really. So you can't work over both to near destruction then
    beat both....thus Amulet usage is forced often enough." - GMG
    Sequence break: skipping Clotho
    In case you want to skip Clotho, be prepared to quickly roll past her into
    the elevator corridor before the fight barrier is formed. Also be prepared
    to do a few big infinite jumps not too long from now... (read more from the
    section of "strings skip").
    1, Shen's old video, showing how to get past the Clotho battle barrier:
    Other: about the switches
    You see two switches with moveable positions around the arena. Pulling from a
    switch when it is situated on the third, fourth, sixth, seventh, eigth or ninth
    slot (looking from the right to left), you drop a corpse on the battlefield.
    When/if it breaks it unloads a big dose of green health orbs on Kratos. It is
    not a normal corpse in the sense that you can pick it up. Pulling from a switch
    situated on the fifth slot, you pull up a large, swinging blade. (well, it
    actually stops swinging the instant it starts to rise, for some reason)
    Grahical glitch: If you skipped the second level, insubstantial pieces of rope
    decorate the third floor.
    <The Loom Chamber>
    + Save point "The Loom Chamber"
    Random: After pulling this switch, you get new trinkets on the battlefield.
    Several different threads and their operating devices descend down, but you
    can only use one of them without the glass case breaking ominously. Kratos'
    is the fifth (from right to left).
    Sequence break: strings skip
    You can access Zeus fight as soon as you've pulled the switch in front of the
    mirror and then visited under the first 'wall' of the swimming pool to hit a
    loading trigger. There's absolutely no need to go further and actually pull
    on the strings if you can do a decent infinite jump over the mirror and land
    inside it from above. (c: AKheon)
    The jump is a bit high, but there's a ledge on top of the mirror you can grab
    and afterwards stand on. Also, you can give yourself a small height advantage by
    starting the jump from on top of the small switch. Note: if you didn't hit the
    loading trigger and the Zeus fight isn't loaded, Kratos gets stuck behind the
    wall in a strange way. Or falls down to the lower floor after the Zeus FMV while
    Clotho is unloaded.
    Saves at least... 30 seconds?
    1, AKheon's vid
    2, findlestick's vid of falling down to the lower floor with Clotho unloaded:
    Other: the switch in front of the mirror disappears and appears haphazardly.
    After pulling it, try leaving behind the corner and returning. Also, after
    trying to access Zeus fight without the FMV loaded, retrying made the switch
    go away.
    Other: for the sake of science, Findlestick jumped down to the lowest level
    after pulling the switch at the top level. Clotho appeared graphically glitched,
    and parts of collision were not loaded.
    1, Findle's vid:
    Untested: swimming glitch in this area might be fun, but seemingly very hard
    to perform. I haven't succeeded in it yet. Findlestick has said that the walls
    are very bad and suck Kratos inside the pool if the water is touched.
    Random: if you're in front of Clotho, after you've lost the 30 seconds in which
    to reach the mirror, all the pictures of different times rush through the
    screen once the big Zeus image has dissipated. However, if you're in front of
    the mirror when the countdown ends, the only image you see is Zeus'.
    <Summit of Sacrifice>
    + checkpoint (right as fight starts)
    + checkpoint (as second phase of the fight starts)
    + checkpoint (as last phase of the fight starts, e.g. before final QTE)
    Random: If you go to start menu instantly as the fight starts, your sub-weapon
    is transformed into BoO (at least on BP), a phenomena pertaining to the second
    part of the fight mostly.
    Random: During NP you lose all your sub-weapons and also the chance to switch to
    your usual Blades.
    During BP whichever sub-weapon you were wielding will become your only
    sub-weapon during these parts, but not only that: you actually lose the
    sub-weapon window too and thus the ability to Cyclecancel.
    Random: Even if you skipped the Fleece earlier, you get it here for some reason.
    (c: Findle)
    Other: infinite red orbs
    You can technically get infinite red orbs during this part by killing the Sirens
    over and over again. A bit too little and a bit too late in the game, but just
    to mention. (c: manojpj200)
    Battle musings: "It is ONLY during a RotT triangle ender with the Spear of
    Destiny (straight to his hand) that you can repell Zeus as if he got hit by a
    Siren...there's an element of chance to whether he will actually follow through
    with a punch to the center (opening for REAL damage).
    Zeus doesn't have a real HP bar here but during each 'opening' he has about 15HP
    (approx). It takes 3 'full repells' (life depletion during openings) typically
    though I've seen it in as few as 2.
    NOTE: You can reflect his GIANT thunderbolts but it doesn't really help and it
    is actually as retarded as it sounds. ~" - GMG
    Mystery: a scene break-out
    "The moment Giant Zeus [Phase I] ends, I tried to use Findle method* to breakout
    and did manage to do it. Difference was, cutscene played out from behind Kratos
    rather than from behind Zeus [cutscene where Zeus comes down to size]. I think
    breakout happened when Kratos slammed BH into Giant Zeus Hand. Tried once more
    again, couldn't repeat. After cutscene, Zeus stands still, Kratos is frozen,
    floating slightly above air and you can do nothing but watch birds flying in
    background and turn rage on or off. Can access menus though." - wreckem
    * Findle-method is basically attacking wantonly before a scene occurs
    Second phase:
    Other: about your sub-weapons on BP
    On BP, if you open weapons menu any time after Zeus has grabbed you the first
    time, you see your sub-weapon automatically change to Blade of Olympus, and you
    lose the chance to wield any sub-weapon you may've carried with you until that
    point. So if you have another sub-weapon you prefer and don't want BoO, don't
    open the menu during this fight.
    "The switch to BoO only occurs in stages where he wields the Blade itself and
    when we are shown 'surrendering'." - GMG
    Opening the menu during any of the cutscenes involving BoO or your sub-weapon,
    you can cause a graphical glitch by opening the menu. Tha game will revert to
    BoO, but on the field you see the Athena's Blades, spread out strangely.
    Interestingly, during the times Zeus has the BoO you CAN switch between your
    main and sub-weapon. You still only got one sub-weapon, though.
    Other: about your sub-weapons on NP
    You lose all sub-weapons for this fight, and have to take turns with Zeus for
    the last remaining one, Blade of Olympus.
    I've heard of a glitch in which Kratos gets to keep BoO for himself though Zeus
    grabs it from his hands between stages. An event glitch of sort, I'd assume...
    Other (BP): going out of bounds
    It's possible to leave the Zeus battle arena after all! This is done by having
    the Hammer active, then when Zeus takes the 'Sword' off you, the game does an
    automatic glitched "weapon switch" when you enter the menu. This can be used to
    do (only) 1 high jump out of the arena and to a large mysterious green geometric
    shape far below. (c: findlestick)
    1, findlestick's vid
    Event glitch: the break-outs of this fight
    You can break out from both of the mid-game R1 prompts (using Poseidon's Urn).
    This enables Kratos to stay unoccupied while the rock formations smash
    themselves at Zeus. This might help you to deal more damage in a shorter while.
    The second one is not as useful, since not only you don't need to damage Zeus
    any longer, you can accidentally skip a checkpoint doing this. If you fail at
    the last QTE, you would have to beat Zeus all over again!
    1, AKheon's vid
    Other: The entrance to the last QTE is characterized by an impossible
    circle-smashing feat. Tap circle or don't, the result is the same... breaking
    out is possible (using Poseidon's Urn, again), but this does nothing but stall
    Zeus a moment. Then he starts anew. So heavy glitchwork doesn't seem possible
    Battle musings: "NOTE: His grabs are odd....I've seen quite a few glitch
    scenarios for Zeus. One where he fails to get the weapon and appears to go to
    Stage 4, another where he walks like Stage 2/4 but attacks like Stage 3/5
    *doesn't get stunned and his has a glitch resistance to taking damage that
    makes him invincible for Stage 5 versus just having 3000+ HP in Stage 3* and
    a simple one where Stage 3 lacks stun properties." - GMG
    Grab breakout: it seems that standing at certain areas of the arena causes Zeus
    to breakout of grabbing Kratos. Resulting in seeing Kratos struggling in mid air
    against an invisible attacker.
    1, findlestick's vid:
    Sweet spot: there's an impossibly difficult-to-locate sweetspot on the arena.
    However it's pretty pointless, because even if you do find it...doing any type
    of action (except for drawing the bow and shooting) causes you to lose your
    1, findlestick's vid:
    Other: during the third phase of the fight, Zeus will shield himself with
    thunderbolts that can only be removed with RotT. But if you start RotTing him
    too early, his shield will never dissipate. So don't do that.
    "The Lightning Shield can be destroyed many ways but requires RotT and direct
    contact typically. Hits at a distance typically hurt us if the weapon itself
    connects. Spells like CR are good for earning sprays of Rage orbs.
    Once his shield goes down, it's Stage 3 without a stun by default. He has low HP
    so that's fine." - GMG
    Loading error specialty: if the second-to-last FMV of the game never activates,
    something indescribable happens...
    I recommend you to watch the vid. However, for the chance it might some day go
    offline, here's a small synopsis (don't spoil yourself until watching the vid):
    instead of FMV, the camera resets right as Zeus is getting stabbed. The sound
    loop of him getting stabbed plays in the background while both his big and small
    forms are visible at the same time. The small Zeus can be attacked, and
    eventually a mini-game prompt appears. If the mini-game is activated, Kratos is
    pushed away by something invisible, and all of a sudden the big Zeus is hunched
    over the arena ridiculously and can't be come to contact with.
    1, MisterTwister23's vid:
    <Return to Loom-thing-a-majig>
    + checkpoint (gameplay resumes)
    Sequence break: again, it is possible to skip operating the strings, saving
    about 30 seconds. The trigger for getting the last FMV to load is a bit further
    than the last time. Try swimming to the other end of the swimming pool and then
    returning. If the game loads an eerily long time, you got it. After that it's
    just a matter of getting over the mirror to activate the FMV... voila, game
    dealt with, and everyone was left scratching their heads.
    Note: if you try to jump behind the mirror without FMV loaded, the screen goes
    black and Kratos can do nothing any longer. Not a very good ending, is it?
    Though perhaps a more realistic outcome if one were to travel through time with
    absolutely no coordinates.
    Random: The palace will not collapse no matter how long you wait, it just looks
    like it.
    BTW, if you visit the lower floors of this place again, you will notice a very
    different camera at the first floor - one which shows you it pretty much
    unloaded - and also, the pathway to the endurance run is completely gone!
    After the final FMV you can still hear the save point hum for a moment. You
    can also access menus. I wonder if you could glitch things up using this short
    phase to do something unexpected? (though you can't f.e. save during this time)
    For speedrun time counting, it might be the best to check the time from the menu
    after/during the final FMV instead of the last save point. This is because the
    last save doesn't work as an accurate time measure if the strings skip is used
    (unlike when playing normally).
    <Arena of the Fates>
    Other: graphical effects like Kratos' Blade residue can remain on the Arena
    if you leave and return to it all of a sudden.
    Other: sometimes the red screen effect of dying doesn't happen when dying in
    the Arena.
    Other: if you turn infinite health 'on', Kratos will not die from instant death
    chasms in any of the arenas. This leads to embarrassing situations in which
    he continues to fall or just gets stuck in the swamp... forever!
    Actually, this is the same phenomena infinite health has in God of War III.
    Much more prominent there since you can actually take it out of the arena and
    into the main game itself, where you can have fun with the death floors all
    However, Kratos will still die if he becomes stonefrozen and shattered.
    1, poru2009's vid
    Other: you can try out an esoteric "Anti-Gravity Combat Glitch" inside the
    challenge where you have to shatter a certain amount of enemies. You must first
    create two Kratos stone clones to activate a glitch where subsequent stone
    freezes of Kratos only cause him to semi-freeze. If a Cyclops grabs him now
    when he is only semi-frozen, the anti-gravity glitch begins.
    Kratos is now stuck in air but capable of doing normal attacks. Most attacks
    work like normal, but MotK acts strange since it can't resolve by getting to
    ground level and it can hit enemies multiple times very fast while Kratos is
    stuck in the attack pose.
    1, findlestick's vid
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    Or for E-mail, go check out my GameFAQs contribution recognition, it is
    listed there!
    Shameless plug alert! Aside from glitching, I also make music. Check it out!
    Additional thanks:
    GMG (a.k.a. BigVEE, the_creeper, "man with a thousand names")
           King of the GoW-kind
           A noteworthy breaker and speedrunner of GoW 2.
    Addaminsain (a.k.a. Mr. Insain)
           GMG's right hand
           Why are there so many great speedrunners whose nick begins with 's'?
    ManeshM84, Kevbew63, RJWaters2, Tyrhhjy, zxcv017l, among others
           Found tricks, made videos of 'em, that sorta stuff.
           For inspiration

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