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The gourmet king?

Is that a social link to?

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Yep.You need to raise the classmate[Kenji]social link until he tells you about the Gourmet king.You must have at least level 3 cham and go to paulownia mall.Talk to the fat kid sitting on the bench by the fountain.You have to pass a test first though.All the questions are food related.Pass and the social link will form,fail and you have to come back the next day to try again

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Yeah.....and to get the social link you need to get a weird food that call odd morsel..

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Gourmet King is a Moon arcana.
You can get this social link if you've gone deeper of Magician social link (Kenji Tomochika). Kenji then will tell you a rumor about "gourmet king" at Paulonia Mall. Go there, and you will find a fat student.
But, you must upgrade your "charm" to a certain level first. Then, talk to him and answer all 3 questions. Also, bring "odd morsel" or something like that because he wanted to eat something rare.

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