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 1. Introduction_______________________________________________[INT]

 2. About this FAQ_____________________________________________[FAQ]

 3. How to use this FAQ?_______________________________________[HOW]
 3B. Terminology_______________________________________________[TRM]

 4. What is a PES Superstar?___________________________________[PES]

 5. PES SUPERSTARS SECTION_____________________________________[PSS]

 A. Speed Demons_______________________________________________[SPD]
 B. Defenders__________________________________________________[DEF]
 C. Everlasters________________________________________________[EVL]
 D. Dogfighters________________________________________________[DOG]
 E. Aerial Defence_____________________________________________[ADF]
 F. Dribblers__________________________________________________[DRB]
 G. Snipers____________________________________________________[SNP]
 H. High Flyers________________________________________________[FLY]
 I. Playmakers_________________________________________________[PLY]
 J. Twin Feet__________________________________________________[TWO]
 K. Set piece Masters__________________________________________[SET]
 L. Team Leaders_______________________________________________[TML]
 M. Keepers____________________________________________________[GKP]

 6. Credits, Copyright etc.____________________________________[ETC]



Welcome to this Pro Evolution Soccer 6 Superstar Players FAQ! An FAQ designed to
help all you Pro Evo 6 fans out there get the best possible players money can
afford. In this FAQ you'll find information about specific player positions and
which players around the Globe can best fill that area with their own field of
expertise, allowing you to build a near perfect Master League team, which you
can then use to hammer friends at home or take online to give some stranger a
beat down.

I've spent hours trying out several hundred different players in different
positions and recorded which handful of players are simply the best in the game
at what they do. For seasoned Football/Soccer/PES fans they may or may not be a
few surprises but for newbies and adepts getting a feel for the game and wanting
to broaden their Pro Evo experiences may find some useful information that can
help them immensely in what must be Pro Evolution Soccer's most difficult mode
of play; Master League.

So, hopefully there's something for everyone to discover and learn here, be it
that specific someone you've been looking for to enhance your team and make it
the best, or just a series of objectives and goals to work up to. Anyone and
everyone can benefit, especially since it's never too late to learn new things.


=About This FAQ=

This FAQ is intended for newcomers and those not too familiar with PES to gather
an understanding of who are some of the best players in certain areas and
positions on the pitch. Use this guide as 'reference' to know what to expect the
average PES pro will most likely have equipped on his Team's side as well as to
give you knowledge of who some of the amazing players are within the game.

So now you can't say no-one told you. XD


=How To Use This FAQ=

By now you'll have noticed little boxes with words in such as the one above this
sections subtitle, they look like this:


These boxes are infact shortcuts to sections, so you don't have to plough 
through all of the information to get to just one point.

If your web browser allows for the Search tool (Ctrl+F) then copy paste the
boxes next to the subject title and hit enter to be instantly taken there.

You can find all of the subject boxes along the lines in the contents section.

Try it Now!


Here I'll go through what abbreviations mean what:

CF = Centre Forward aka Striker
SS = Secondary/Shadow Striker
WF = Wing Forward
AMF = Attacking/offensive midfield
CMF = Central Midfielder
SMF = Side (Left or Right) Midfield
DMF = Defensive Midfield
SB = Side (Left or Right) Back
CB = Centre Back


=What Is A PES Superstar?=

A PES Superstar is basically a phrase I've made up to describe the level of
skill some Footballers posses in this game. Most of the Superstars posses some
God-like ability points in the 95+ Region on one or several abilities allowing
them to become excellent players to have on your side.

Some Superstars have are on the boarderline but still immensely talented and
infinitely as useful when it boils down to match time despite not looking as
statistically promissing as some of the other big name players such as Henry
and C. Ronaldo.

Then there are those who aren't as good and evidently aren't featured quite as
heavily in this FAQ and are listed as either "noteworthy" or just mentions.


=PES Superstars Section=

In this section we (finally) get down to what you're all here for. To find out
which players are some of the most skilled in the game.


These are players with near lightning pace that are excellent to have, if only
just to whizz past defenders with the ball or to stop gung-ho attackers when
you don't have the ball. These guys will have none but the most speedy players
trailing behind their movements.


Eto'o / CF,SS   (FC Barcelona)
Henry / CF, WF   (Arsenal)
Joaquin / WF, SMF   (Spain)
Kaka / SMF, AMF, SS   (AC Milan)
Orondor / WF, SMF   (Germany)
Reyes / SS, WF, SMF   (Real Madrid)
Robben / WF, SMF, SS   (Chelsea)
C. Ronaldo / WF, SMF, SS   (Man Utd - Portugal)


Henry = Perhaps the best speedster in the game with amazing striker stats

Eto'o = Henry but a bit less

C. Ronaldo = One of his many standout features

Some Honourable Mentions:

Lennon - Tottenham Hotspur = Lacks stamina

A.Hleb - Can burn out fast depending on match fitness

Wright-Phillips - Can only last about halfway through second half


These players are some of the best foundations to lay down for your team and the
right back 4 can instantly pick itself. Without hesitation in the back you can
concentrate on the front. These defenders can look after themselves and easily
watch out for and stop attacks in an instance.


F. Cannavaro / CB   (Real Madrid)
R. Carvalho / CB, CWP   (Chelsea - Portugal)
R. Ferdinand / CB, CWP   (Man Utd.)
Nesta / CB, CWP   (AC Milan)
Puyol / CB, SB   (Spain)
Lucio / CB   (Brazil)
Terry / CB   (Chelsea - England)
Samuel / CB   (Inter)


Terry, F. Cannavaro, Lucio = Pretty much the best 3 - these 3 can easily hold
the back in a 3-5-2 esque formation

Some Honourable Mentions:

Messenger - Germany = great def and flexibe in the back positions

Carragher - Liverpool - Not amazing but definately good for a season or two

Maldini - AC Milan = Just below the rest

Sol Campbell - Pompy/England = Too slow with near no room for advancement,
Brilliant nonetheless


Dedicated to players that could play for 180 minutes and scoff at having to play
just 90. These guys will keep going and going and going until physically brought
down for good. It's an added bonus that they're techniquely skilled as well.


Kuyt / CF, SS, WF  (Netherlands - Liverpool)
Gattuso	/ CMF, DMF  (Italy)
Ljunberg / AMF, SMF, SS  (Arsenal)
Xavi / CMF, DMF   (Spain - Barcelona)
Zambrotta / SB, SMF   (Italy - Barcelona)
J.S. Park / CMF, AMF, SS   (Man Utd)
Deco / CMF, AMF   (Spain - Bacelona)


Kuyt = Great Striker with steady growth

Gattuso = Another great player who can last for ages in an important position

Some Honourable Mentions

Lampard - London FC = Can't keep it up over several matches


These players do whatever it takes to get the ball back for you and are very
good at it too, especially when it comes to not getting penalised for it as
well. Not only that they keep the ball during even the harshest of conditions
a player can expect to go through. Great in setpieces where you've got to get
through a wall of defense.


F. Cannavaro / CB  (Italy - Madrid)
R. Carvalho / CB  (London F.C/Portugal)
R. Ferdinand / CB  (Man Utd.)
Gattuso / DMF, CMF, SMF  (Italy - AC Milan)
Heinze / SB, CB  (Man Utd)
Thuram / CB, SB  (France)
G. Milito / CB  (Argentina)


R. Ferdinand - Man Utd = Very good defender with steady growth

Gattuso - Italy = Great in the middle, so perfect for taking a battering

Thuram - France = Good pace and has an attacking play

Some Honourable Mentions

Puyol - Barcelona = Can't take it as much as others

Nesta - Italy = Can't use the ability in an attacking plan as well

\Aerial Defence/

These players are fantastic in the air and have the great talent to knock the
ball out of your box and avoid conceiding a goal. Great to have in a set piece
like a corner kick and even better for a high cross.


Campbell / CB  (Pompy - England
Terry / CB  (London F.C - England)
R. Ferdinand / CB  (Man Utd.)
R. Kovac / DMF, CB  (Juventus)
Nesta / CB  (Italy)
Thuram / CB, SB  (Barcelona - France)


Campbell - Pompy = Fantastic defender with excellent stats, shame he's only
good for a season or two.

Terry - England = One of the best defenders in he game and fantastic in a corner
kick situation.

Some Honourable Mentions

Samuel - Inter = Can close a mid-air challenge occasionally.


These players can take on a whole back 4 by themselves using their pure talent
and dribbling skills, only to finish all that flair with a goal or low cross
for someone else to finish off.


Joe Cole / SMF, AMF, SS	 (London F.C - England)
C. Ronaldo / WF, SMF, SS  (Man Utd. - Portugal)
Rosicky	/ AMF, CMF  (Arsenal)
Ronaldinho / SS, AMF  (Brazil - Barcelona)
Joaquin	/ WF, SMF  (Spain)
Messi / SS, AMF	 (Barcelona)
Robinho / SS, WF, AMF  (Madrid - Brazil)


Joe Cole - England = Pace, shooting skill accuracy in and out the box as well
as Dribbling ability? What more can you want?

Ronaldinho - Brazil = Amazing ability with the ball, especially in a setpiece

Joaquin - Spain = Great growth and great talent

Some Honourable Mentions

Henry - Arsenal = Since other PES installments his ability dribbling has been
lessoned to show-off his less obvious talent in every other area.

Recoba - Inter = First touch can be dodgy against defenders.


These are the players that can get the ball in th back of the net comfortably
from just about any position available to them. Be it inside the penalty area
out the box or in rare instances, just over the half way line. These boys never
fail to deliver when defeat can look its most grim.


Henry / CF, WF	(Arsenal)
Makaay / CF, WF  (Bayern Munich)
Shevchenko / CF, SS, WF  (London F.C)
Ronaldo	/ CF  (Brazil)
Gilardino / CF, SS  (Milan - Italy)
Van Nistelrooy / CF  (Real Madrid)
Totti / CF, SS, WF  (Italy)


Henry - Arsenal = Great skill with the ball combined with plenty of shot power
and accuracy makes him one hell of a player.

Ronaldo - Brazil = Amazing talent with decent growth that can turn him into a

Some Honourable Mentions

Crespo - Argentina = A bit on the slow side and a declining growth, good for a
season or so.

Gudjohnsen - Barcelona = Difficult to get a hold of and easily knocked by the


These boys are the players that will get you a goal from a high ball or free
kick 90% of the time. They're tall, can jump the distance and have a head made
from pure goal scoring gold. It's just an added bonus that alot of them are
great at striking the ball with their foot as well.


Ibrahimovic / CF, SS	(Sweden)
Drogba / CF  (London F.C)
Koller / CF  (Czech Republic)
Toni / CF  (Italy)
Adebayor / CF, SS  (Arsenal)
Crespo / CF  (Argentina)


Ibrahimovic - Sweden = One of the best forwards in the game, his height combined
with his striking talent's can make him invaluable for
PES players who specialise in Free Kick's and set pieces.

Drogba - London F.C = Much like Ibra above but slightly less skill at headers
and more skill with a lower ball,

Some Honourable Mentions

Van Nistelrooy/Adriano - Netherlands/Brazil
= Can't guarantee accuracy of the shot


A good playmaker is first an foremost an excellent passer with mystifying
degrees of accuracy that can create a goal scoring opportunity in the even the
most dire and tight situations. PES fanatics will know that kinds of goals
capable with these kinds of players. Long pass and short pass skills are a must
with these guys.


Gerrard / CMF, DMF, SMF	 (Liverpool/England)
Xavi / CMF, DMF	 (Barcelona - Spain)
Deco / CMF, AMF  (Portugal - Barcelona)
Xabi Alonso / DMF  (Liverpool - Spain)
Pirlo / DMF, AMF  (Italy - Milan)
Rosicky / AMF, CMF  (Arsenal)
Zidane / AMF, SMF  (France)


Gerrard - England = Great at going forward and back with superb shooting and
Passing abilities.

Zidane - France = One of the best attacking Playmakers out there, great for
Free Kicks as well. Shame he's at retirement age then.

Some Honourable Mentions

Totti - Italy = Rarely has the chance to show playmaking abilities other than
right next to goal.

Ronaldinho - Brazil = Better suited to attack rather than to lay low and make


Of course all of us have two feet, but that doesn't go to say that we can use
or left foot as well as our right. Same goes for footballers, even more so in
PES when you so a simple shot veer off into the stands because of a weak-footed
attempt. So here are the best players who can play on the left or right and
use both their left or right.


Ballack / AMF, CMF  (London F.C - Germany)
Larsson / CF, SS  (Sweden)
Santa Cruz / CF, SS, SMF  (Bayern Munich - Paraguay)
A. Hleb / AMF, SMF  (Arsenal)
Pizzaro / CF, SS  (Bayern Munich)
Sneijder / CMF, SMF, AMF  (Netherlands)
Zidane / AMF, SMF  (France)


Zidane - France = A great versatile player who can be player left or right? That
means he can take corner and free kicks on the left or right
as well...

Larsson - Sweden = Ace striker who can score in front with ease with either foot
that means you want get too many shots veering of to either
side of the net.

Some Honourable Mentions

Nedved - Czech Republic = Not great but not bad. Both feet means not too many
opportunities being totally missed.


Players born to bend a ball in the back of the net. A skill so rare that a film
was made all about it to help the World remember how it's done. Seriously
though, a player who can get a Free Kick or even a corner in the back of the
net is a player you'll want on a team. You can have the worst team in the league
but be top of the table thanks to a set piece.


Beckham / SMF, CMF, AMF	 (Real Madrid - England)
Figo / SMF, WF, AMF  (Portugal)
Roberto Carlos / WB, SB	 (Brazil - Real Madrid)
Lampard / CMF, AMF  (London F.C - England)
Pirlo / DMF, AMF  (Italy)


Beckham - England = He may be knocking on and on the slower side but he's still
World class at free kicks in PES.

Roberto Carlos - Brazil = Also known as the swerving master. Nail using him for
Free Kicks and he alone will win you games.

Some Honourable Mentions

Zidane - France = Corners aren't his major forte but a Free Kick at 25 yards is.


Every team needs a leader, football teams are no exception either. The Teamwork
skill in PES is more for when the CPU takes control of players. High Teamwork
basically means non-human controlled players on your side will do so outstanding
displays, be it moving into a better position for your pass, allowing you to
string together a series of breath-taking passes leading to goal scoring 


Makelele / DMF	(London F.C - France)
Scholes / CMF, AMF, SS  (Man Utd.)
Gudjohnsen / CF, SS, AMF  (Barcelona)
Xavi / CMF, DMF	 (Barcelona - Spain)
Xabi Alonso / DMF  (Liverpool)


Scholes - England = A great central player who can pull players together

Xavi - Spain = Another great player who commands the forward attack with
military precision.

Some Honourable Mentions

Maldini - Milan = Teamwork on his team can easily turn into an individual effort


A good goal keeper is the foundation of a defensive line. Without one, you'd
get nowhere and with a goalkeeper that's no good - you'll get nowhere. A Goal
Keeper who can stop any number of shots and penalties is invaluable to your


Cech  (London F.C)
Buffon  (Italy)
Casillas  (Spain)
Given  (Newcastle)
Dida  (Brazil)
Burton  (England)


Cech - London F.C = Easily the best in the game, with all the GK attributes you
can ask for with near to no weaknesses.

Given - Newcastle = Impenertrable against almost any Free Kick.

Some Honourable Mentions

Pjiromel = Simply brilliant but not to the degree of the above.

Well that's it. The complete list of top PES Master League Superstars. I hope
this has been a much use to you all as I'm hoping it is. Many of you will 
disagree with me and that's fine. Understandable even. And if you so strongly
disagree with me, contact me at;	(Mark your email title as PES otherwise I'll delete it)

And simply tell me the player name and why. Then he can get added to the lists
and everyone else can benefit from what you know and not just yourself.

Copyright Information etc.

First off special thanks to my friends who got me into PES as well as the
Gamefaqs PES6 board for advice etc.

This FAQ is copyright by Michael Smith a.k.a smit_massacre and cannot be used
by anyone else other than Gamefaqs without my consent, especially if said guide
is being used for monetary purposes.

If others wish to use my FAQ email me using contact information listed above
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