Question from utak_at_puso

How do I get Olivia's Naked Picture?

I have finished Easy and Normal mode I still haven't seen it at the Options Menu..
I haven't tried Hard mode yet though....

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pxf31 answered:

It's just a picture of her in a bathtub... And you can only see up to her shoulders....
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ActionHam answered:

I don't know who told you that exists.. But it doesn't.
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mario5816 answered:

when the game is paused, press L1/R1 to toggle between pictures of her. I dont know if you need to play the game on hard to get it, though.
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jasonred79 answered:

Press START, then L1/R1. You don't even need to finish the game at all to get it, the pictures appear as you complete each stage.
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