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How do I beat the magical women of the circus?

What i exacly do to beat the magical women of the circus. i'm talking about the women with dogs, she's got a lot of dog's and she's magic.

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glimmer98 answered:

There are no "women with dogs", but if you're referring to the boss in the big top, just spam god hand and roulette moves. If you have 2 roulette orbs to start, use Dragon Kick, and then beat her up with God Hand. After that, go into the cage, and two elites will spawn. Beat them up, then collect all the stuff in that area. among the stuff should be a roulette card, so you can use Dragon Kick again, and a God Hand refill, so you can use God Hand again. If you seriously can't beat her after using two God Hands and two Dragon Kicks, you need to get much better attacks.
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