Question from krauser1989

Ho to infinite health and the Roulette Wheel ?

I saw someone on youtube did it but I really don't know how to do that. Can someone writ a guiline throughly for me, pleaseeeeee and thanks aaaaaa lots ?

krauser1989 provided additional details:

I searched on google and knew the codebreaker that has 14 cheays total but I don't know how to transfer that cheats to my PS2 ?

krauser1989 provided additional details:

Can I use code with the codebreaker cheats disc ? And do I need a USB to do that. Please help me, Plzzzzzzz !!!!!

krauser1989 provided additional details:

I did it with codebreaker. Thanks a lot for your help !!!

Accepted Answer

SirIlpalazzo answered:

You could only do that with cheats (as in Gameshark, not in-game cheats).
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