Question from hotbigtoad

How do you save both Jean Grey and Nightcrawler?

I tried going to two player mode, and unlocked both cages at the same time, but then they both fell down. When I went to fight Mephisto, it acted as if Jean Grey was dead. And whenever I talk to people, some speak as if Jean Grey died, and others speak as if Nightcrawler died.

What do I do?

hotbigtoad provided additional details:

I was wondering because I was hoping for an ending where Odin doesn't mention anything bad. And now I'm worried I might get both bad messages. Has anyone done this? Which message will I get? Is there any way to save both of them?


most_games_r_ok answered:

*sigh* You can't. one of them must die, so you might as well just save nightcrawler cause jean will just come back anyway. She is Phoenix after all.
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ken_ultima answered:

Well depend on which ending u like?
saving Jean and nightcrawler mom will kill professer x
saving Nightcrawler Jean will turn into dark Phoenix
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