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I have unlocked all but one player, who is the last one?


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Possibly, Silver Surfer, you have to achieve a bronze in each of the sim discs to unlock him , I believe.

Nick Fury is unlocked by completing the game on normal mode?

DareDevil and Black Panther are unlocked by collecting 5 (of 9?) of their figurines.

Ghost Rider is unlocked during Mephisto's Realm.

Blade is unlocked by playing crane game in Murderworld.

Dr. Strange is unlocked upon reaching Act 2.

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My guess is either Silver Surfer or Nick Fury.

If it's Silver Surfer, just do all the comic book missions.

If it's Nick Fury, it's best not to worry, he sucks. But, if you want him just to say you have everybody, just beat the game once.

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Silver Surfer - Complete all of the simulator discs. Every single one (including Daredevil & Black Panther, which you don't get until you unlock them).

Nick Fury - Complete the game in any mode (even Easy).

Daredevil/Black Panther - Collect all five figurines for each character.

Ghost Rider - Unlocked in Mephisto's Realm.

Blade - Unlocked in Murderworld

Dr. Strange - Unlocked after completing Act I

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Just use the cheat for all peps

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