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Asked: 5 years ago

How do I get past (Atlantis)?

My son is having a hard time getting thru the underwater atlantis part. can anyone help us?? please...he is driving me nuts lol

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From: Rasengan324 5 years ago

Just tell him to explore around the unvisited areas on the map outlined in red if he has trouble with this lvl hes gunna face a tough time in the other lvls if this doesnt help just read the faqs

(plus he has to fight a sea monster on that lvl hint is to kill the random ppl after u run into the broken posts and do a pressing thingy like in dance dance rev... but in symbols)

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You go to the Underwater Connection Tube then, you must go to other room by
Underwater Connection Tube. Try to find a black action figure and there is a machine like computer and then you get in to the water ok i finished it i know how to dive in

Controls at diving :

Triangle to go up

Square to more deeper

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If your son even wants a chance at beating Atlantis I recomend HAving Wolverine and Deadpool since both can heal over time. Then you can pick who ever you want. Note IF you pay with someone make the hero you are using stays in at all times so he wont get weak

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