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          |  1 - Introduction.............................[010000]  |
          |  2 - Script...................................[020000]  |
          |      i - Swamp................................[020100]  |
          |      ii - Dojo................................[020200]  |
          |      iii - First Flight.......................[020300]  |
          |      iv - Dante's Freezer.....................[020400]  |
          |      v - Boss: Ice King.......................[020500]  |
          |      vi - Dojo................................[020600]  |
          |      vii - Tall Plains........................[020700]  |
          |      viii - Boss: Stone Sentinel..............[020800]  |
          |      ix - Dojo................................[020900]  |
          |      x - Munitions Forge......................[021000]  |
          |      xi - Boss: Steam.........................[021100]  |
          |      xii - Escape From Cynder.................[021200]  |
          |      xiii - Dojo..............................[021300]  |
          |      xiv - Concurrent Skies...................[021400]  |
          |      xv - Boss: Cynder........................[021500]  |
          |      xvi - Convexity..........................[021600]  |
          |      xvii - Boss: Final Battle................[021700]  |
          |  3 - Elijah Wood Interview....................[030000]  |
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Here you'll find the entire script for the console version of Vivendi's 2006
Spyro game, The Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning. Almost all of the following
was taken directly from the subtitles included in the game.


Ignitus: In the Year of the Dragon,
Ignitus: in a world beyond the realms,
Ignitus: I, like all the others, awaited the birth of the dragon of whom the
         prophecies foretold.
Ignitus: But the Dark Master heard the prophecies as well.
Ignitus: I should have hidden the eggs long before, but I... I thought we were
         ready, I thought they were safe...
Ignitus: oh... how I was wrong.
Volteer: Save them! The Dark Armies have come!
Ignitus: May the Ancestors look after you. May they look after us all.
Titles: Sierra Presents
Titles: A Krome Studios Production
Titles: starring Elijah Wood
Titles: David Spade
Titles: and Gary Oldman as Ignitus
Ignitus: Eventually, the egg came to rest in a distant swamp,
Ignitus: where a family of dragonflies gathered 'round,
Ignitus: wondering what magnificent creature could possibly live inside.
Ignitus: They didn't have to wonder for long.

                          |                        |
                          |                        |

Ignitus: What emerged from the egg frightened them at first, but finally amazed
         and astonished them.
Spyro: ... eight, nine, ten... here I come!
Ignitus: It was a purple dragon, who they eventually adopted and raised as one
         of their own.
Ignitus: They named him Spyro and he grew up alongside Sparx,
Ignitus: the young dragonfly who was born the same day.
Ignitus: In fact, the two were almost like brothers.
Ignitus: And a more oddly-matched, yet compatible pair of brothers the world
         has never seen.
Sparx: Never catch me this time, purple boy!
Ignitus: As for Spyro, he, like all of us,
Ignitus: accepted the world into which he was born, believing he was one of
Ignitus: A big purple one of them, true, but one of them nonetheless.

Spyro: I see you, my little glowing friend.
Sparx: Seeing and catching are two different things, big boy.
Spyro: Yeah, you better run.

Sparx: What's the matter, little Spyro? You can't fly?
Sparx: Oh, that's right, you walk everywhere. Mmm, thatís too bad.
Spyro: You're toast when I catch you!

Sparx: Aaah, must be tough to lose all the time, Sp-...
Sparx: Alright, let me outta here, you overgrown fungus!
Sparx: Spyro, seriously, lend me a hand here, will ya brother?
Spyro: Geez, Sparx, I dunno. Frogweed's gotta eat too.
Sparx: Spyro, whack it! Do something. Iím your buddy, my wings are getting

Sparx: Ugghhh... now I smell almost as bad as you do.
Sparx: Oooh, and thatís pretty bad. See ya later sucker!
Spyro: So much for gratitude.

Spyro: Hey, that's cheating! We're not allowed in there!
Sparx: Pffft... Excuses, excuses. Catch up or give up, chunky!

Spyro: Where's that little gnat gone now?
Sparx: Has anyone seen a giant purple thing around here? I seemed to have lost

Sparx: You know, this is getting a little boring... aah AAAH
Spyro: Sparx!
Leader: I thought all you guys was gone.
Sparx: You miserable coward let me go!
Leader: Grrrr. Ha ha ha ha. Don't let him get away.

Sparx: Let me outta here and fight me like a... thing... whatever you are. You
       pathetic wretch!
Leader: Nnnnnnnya! I've had about enough of you...
Spyro: Sparx look out!
Spyro: Noooooo... aaaahhhhhhhhhh!
Sparx: Wha hoo... Was that fire dude?
Leader: Take care of 'em... I gotta report to Cynder...

Sparx: Get me outta here, Spyro... I think my wings are singed...
Spyro: You okay?
Sparx: You almost torched me, dude.
Sparx: Wait...

Sparx: You breathed fire!
Sparx: So Iím just about ready to blow the top off that place and kick that
       guy's booty,
Sparx: when Spyro let loose with some serious flame, dude... No Joke. Flames.
       From the mouth.
Spyro: I was just trying to help.
Sparx: Some help. You nearly turned me to ashes, dude.
Sparx: Mom, dad, you shoulda seen him. He came out breathing fire... alright? I
       tell you, it was crazy!
Sparx: You don't believe me? Spyro, tell 'em...
Spyro: It's true, dad. I swear. I just got real mad, opened my mouth, and
       whoosh... flame city.
Flash: It's not that, Spyro. I believe you both.
Flash: It's just that your mother and I knew this day would come.
Spyro: What day?
Flash: The day when we would have to tell you the truth.
Ignitus: So that was the night that Spyro learned he wasn't a dragonfly after
Ignitus: But in fact an exile from an unknown, distant land.
Spyro: So... you mean... I'm not your real son?
Nina: You are our real son.
Nina: It's just that you came from somewhere else.
Nina: Far away, where wars rage on and on, and the innocent seem to always pay
      the price.
Ignitus: It wasn't long after that night that Spyro decided to venture forth
         and find his home.
Sparx: So that's it, huh? Leaving Sparx behind at the old homestead? Not a care
       in the world, donít look back.
Spyro: This is your home, Sparx, but I just found out that my home is out there
Spyro: and I've got to find it.
Spyro: Besides, I'm not leaving you behind. I'm just leaving you where you
Sparx: Well I thought I belonged with you, 'coz I'm always with you. But I
       guess I was wrong, huh?
Sparx: I'm sure I'm wrong on a lot of things. You know what? You're right, I'm
Flash: Don't worry about him, Spyro.
Flash: You know how hotheaded he can be. You'll see him when you get back.
Flash: Now, now, son, keep your head up, your nose clean, and use that breath
       of yours wisely.
Flash: All gifts come with a price.
Nina: Don't listen to your father's preaching, Spyro. Just be yourself. It's
      all any of us can do.

Ignitus: So, hard as it was, Spyro left the only family he'd ever known, and
         journeyed on...
Ignitus: to where he did not know.

Sparx: Spyro, so, ah, me and the old man were chatting
Sparx: and this whole belonging thing, you know, came up, and we decided that
       best friends belong together...
Sparx: even if one of them is purple and does have some weight issues.
Spyro: Weight issues, huh? At least I've never been turned into a lantern.
Sparx: Oh please! Lantern shmantern. Let's see what's out there.

Sparx: Ahhhhhhhhh!
Spyro: Ahhhhh!
Sparx: Breathe, Sparx old boy... go to your happy place.
Spyro: What in the world was that?
Sparx: I have no idea, but I'm going this way... far from it.
Ignitus: Which brings us to the moment that Spyro's journey really began.
Ignitus: When he and I finally met... again... for the very first time... ahhh,
         it's a long story.
Sparx: And I thought you were a big one. Goodness.
Ignitus: You're... you're alive?
Ignitus: But it's too late... too late...
Spyro: Too late for what? Who are you? Do you know me? Where do I come from?
Spyro: What are you?... What are we?... WHAT AM I?!?
Ignitus: You mean you don't know?
Sparx: Does it sound like he knows?
Ignitus: You're a dragon. When you were just an egg, it was my job to protect
Ignitus: ... it was my job to protect all of you.
Spyro: There are others?
Ignitus: Others?
Ignitus: There were.
Ignitus: There were four of us, Guardians that is, and we had one job: ensure
         that all the eggs were hatched.
Ignitus: It was the Year of the Dragon, after all, and our very survival
         depended on those eggs...
Ignitus: but the Temple and Grotto are now gone... overrun by...
Spyro: Temple? What Temple? Can you take me? Can I see it? Where I came from, I
Ignitus: No, no.
Ignitus: Who knows what forces occupy the Temple now. What state it's in.
Ignitus: You don't understand. After they came for you...
Spyro: They? Who is they? And why did they come for me?
Ignitus: Because the prophecies spoke of a Purple Dragon, a dragon born only
         once every ten generations.
Ignitus: You.
Sparx: You? Does that mean him?
Sparx: Wait, this guy? Spyro some special once in a purple thing?
Sparx: Ha ha, I think you might have mixed that one up. Wooo, thatís a
       little... bit of a stretch.
Sparx: I've heard some, ah, doozies in my day, but that takes the cake.
Ignitus: Spyro is it? Well, Spyro, I assure you that I'm telling you the
Ignitus: The Dark Armies attacked, intent on destroying the eggs and killing
         the rest of us.
Ignitus: They nearly succeeded... and then they lay siege to the other
Ignitus: We were at war.

Ignitus: For many years we fought all over the islands.
Ignitus: Brutal clashes with the armies of the Dark Master,
Ignitus: who was intent on preventing the prophecies from coming true.
Ignitus: The other three Guardians and I led our small but valiant forces into
         battle after battle against our ruthless,
Ignitus: mercenary foe.
Ignitus: Then, when we were beginning to turn the tide... Cynder came.
Spyro: Cynder?
Ignitus: Yes, Cynder.
Ignitus: Cynder was... is... monstrous, horrific, ferocious,
Ignitus: a black dragon that fills the skies with terror, an unstoppable force
         of nature...
Sparx: Ah, yeah, you had me at ferocious. Listen, sounds like that thing that
       was chasing us, Spyro.
Ignitus: Yes, she still searches for me...
Ignitus: ... and years ago I watched as Cynder plucked the other Guardians from
         the fields of battle,
Ignitus: like so many ripe grapes from a vine.
Ignitus: Without them, our cause is lost.
Ignitus: Only I, Ignitus, managed to escape.
Ignitus: Not that it matters.
Ignitus: Cynder now rules all... and I sit here wondering what might have been.
         What else I might have done.

Sparx: Wow... sounds... fun. I wanna hang out with this guy.
Spyro: Yeah, why have you given up?
Spyro: I just find out that I'm this special dragon, and you tell me all is
Spyro: That I have no home or family left? I've come way too far to give up
Spyro: I wanna see where I come from.
Sparx: Hold up, savior boy, were you not listening to this guy?
Sparx: Heís talking about flying dragons, and war, and horrible... this is bad
       stuff, alright? I donít know if weíre hearing the same thing...
Ignitus: Yes, Spyro, it's not as simple as that.
Ignitus: It's true, the prophecies spoke of a purple dragon destined to put his
         stamp on this age,
Ignitus: but the prophecies didn't foretell the devastation that surrounds us
Spyro: Maybe you're right, but I'm willing to try. I want to take the first
Sparx: You're actually going to go along with this lunatic?
Ignitus: Very well then. We'll go. You deserve to see your beginning before it
         all ends.
Sparx: Am I the only one sane here? Heís telling us weíre doomed alright?
Sparx: Thatís when I go, ah, maybe we should go back to the forest with the
       flowers and the fun stuff.

Ignitus: Cynder's soldiers must have knocked the other two statues out of
         place... heathens.
Spyro: What other two statues?
Ignitus: On the other side of this door are two statues just like these.
Ignitus: When all four statues are positioned correctly, the door opens.
Sparx: Yeah, good. I was never good at geometry. So what do you want us to do?
Ignitus: Spyro, I need you to get in there and move the statues in place.
Spyro: Me? How?
Ignitus: There's a small tunnel that animals use to access the caves. Find it
         and use it.
Sparx: Yeah, animals, okay. You know what? You do that, and Iíll wait here.

Sparx: Eh, when in doubt, break it right? Go nuts.

Ignitus: Any trouble?
Spyro: A little insect trouble... nothing I couldn't handle.
Sparx: Little insects, my tail section.
Ignitus: The past is prelude, tomorrow a dim promise. Allow us entrance, do not
         reject us.
Sparx: Are you making that up?
Ignitus: It should open for us.
Ignitus: There is a... disturbance.
Ignitus: It seems my fears have been realized: they've desecrated the interior
         as well.
Ignitus: Guess we'll have to open it the old-fashioned way.
Ignitus: Make your way through the connecting rooms, restoring every statue you
         can find.
Sparx: Hey, you know what? Letís donít and say we didnít. Why donít you do it?
Ignitus: You want my help? Very well. Hop up.
Sparx: Alright... the old guyís coming to life.
Ignitus: Careful, Spyro. Cynder's forces are surely on their way.
Sparx: Oh, goody.

Sparx: Hey Spyro, what was that about?
Spyro: I don't really know.
Spyro: I just felt like I had to hit it... and when I did,
Spyro: the power of a thousand suns surged through my body.
Sparx: Right, okay. Well you know what? You should really sleep better.
Sparx: Y'know, I'm gonna stop buggin you. You really need to get eight hours.
Spyro: Forget I said anything. Let's go.

Ignitus: Thatís quite an entrance, young dragon. There might be hope for us

Spyro: What are these things?
Ignitus: These are Spirit Gems... a gift from the Ancestors.
Spyro: What kind of gift?
Ignitus: A gift that speaks across generations...
Ignitus: a gift that empowers you with the spirit of the past, strengthening
         you with the wisdom of the ages.
Spyro: I feel more powerful already.

Ignitus: Do you hear that?
Spyro: What is it?
Ignitus: Exactly what I feared.
Ignitus: Look, Spyro, perhaps we should turn back.
Spyro: What? After coming this far?
Ignitus: If this door is closed, it means there are intruders behind.
Ignitus: It's how the Temple protects itself.
Sparx: Ah, yeah. Doesn't work too well, does it?
Spyro: So what are you saying, Ignitus?
Ignitus: What I'm saying is the only way the door will open...
Sparx: Don't say it!
Spyro: ... is if the intruders are kicked out of there.
Sparx: Didn't I just say donít say it?

Leader: Well, Ignitus, we nabbed your Guardian buddies but you managed to
        escape our clutches...
Leader: ... until now...
Ignitus: Stand back, Spyro, and let me show what a dragon trained in the
         ancient ways can do.
Sparx: Woah! The big guy's got some moves.
Spyro: Are you okay, Ignitus?
Ignitus: Yes, as I get older it takes longer to recover...
Spyro: You were incredible, Ignitus. Can you show me how to do that?
Ignitus: Patience, young dragon. Soon enough you'll learn all I have to teach.
Ignitus: But right now you must fight!

Ignitus: If Cynder's forces were here, there will certainly be more of them in
         the Temple.
Sparx: Oh goody.
Spyro: They won't be there for long.
Sparx: Wonderful... now he's getting cocky.

                          |                        |
                          |                        |

Ignitus: Ahhh, home sweet home.

Sparx: Spyro, we're not in Kansas anymore...
Spyro: What happened here?
Ignitus: This is what Cynder has done. Put all the islands under her iron
Spyro: I wanted to see where I came from... but I didn't know it was going to
       be like this.
Sparx: Yeah, no offense, but this place is a bit of a dump.
Ignitus: This was once our home, Spyro.
Ignitus: Together we can make it our home once again... reclaim what's
         rightfully ours.
Spyro: What do you mean?
Ignitus: I mean that my time for heroics is past... but with your help, we
         might be able to beat Cynder.
Spyro: I... I can't, Ignitus. I just learned what I am.
Ignitus: You can, Spyro, you can. You are a purple dragon... a very special
Ignitus: You've given me hope again. Now it's time to give hope to all of
Spyro: I'm not sure what help I can be, Ignitus, but I'll try...
Spyro: ... I'll try.
Ignitus: Good. That's all I can ask. Now come with me. I have something for
Ignitus: The style you used earlier is crude, archaic, and obvious, Spyro, but
         you got the job done.
Ignitus: Not bad, considering you haven't been taught anything about what it
         means to be a dragon.
Spyro: Thanks...
Spyro: ... I think.
Ignitus: But if you're going to have a chance against Cynder and her army,
         you're going to need to learn a lot more.
Sparx: Oh good... school.
Ignitus: Unlike any school you've ever known, young friend.
Ignitus: Now... it's time to unleash the true dragon within you.
Ignitus: Each of the Guardians is master of an element.
Ignitus: I, as you may have surmised, am master of fire.
Ignitus: Pay attention and you may be someday too. Let's begin.

Sparx: So what's with the pool, big guy?
Ignitus: If you must know, certain dragons have the ability to see visions...
Ignitus: the thoughts, memories, and dreams of others...
Ignitus: and to see what's happening in places far, far away.
Ignitus: I am one such dragon, and in this pool the visions come forth.
Sparx: Oh really, is that so? Okay what am I thinking now?
Sparx: What am I thinking now?
Sparx: Okay, now? Now? Now, now, now, now, now?
Ignitus: I'm afraid it's not that easy, Sparx. It takes time, reflection, and
Ignitus: What I do see in the Pool of Visions is that Volteer, one of the
         Guardians, is being held on Dante's Freezer.
Ignitus: Spyro, while I look for details on the others, I want you to venture
         there and find out what you can.
Ignitus: Remember, just look around. If you encounter Cynder, run... you're not
         ready to face her yet.
Sparx: Okay, so when people are trying to kill me I run. Got it.
Spyro: But Ignitus, how do we get there?
Ignitus: I'm glad you asked.
Sparx: Why are you smiling. I donít like it.
Spyro: Let me get this straight, you're saying that I... can fly?
Sparx: Maybe you've been hanging in those caves a little too long, Old Man.
       Spyro can't fly. We all know that.
Spyro: Yeah, a bit of fresh air might do you good. I've never flown in my
Ignitus: It's you that will be getting some fresh air, Spyro.
Ignitus: Now... close your eyes, take a deep breath, and empty your mind...
Ignitus: ... yes, yes, that's it.
Ignitus: Now feel the power of your ancestors coursing through your body.
Ignitus: In times of crisis they will come to you and teach you... unlocking
         powers you never knew you had.
Sparx: Boy, this I gotta see.
Ignitus: Just forget everything you ever thought you knew... forget yourself.
Ignitus: Only through forgetting will you remember what your ancient blood
         already knows...
Ignitus: ... you can fly.

                          |                        |
                [020300]~-|~-~-~[FIRST FLIGHT]~-~-~|-~[020300]
                          |                        |

Sparx: Are you kidding! Heís flying! Welcome to the club, big guy!
Spyro: Would that be the annoying pest club?
Sparx: No, smart aleck, the flying club.
Spyro: Yeah, I could get used to this.

                          |                        |
                [020400]~-|~-~-[DANTE'S FREEZER]-~-|-~[020400]
                          |                        |

Ignitus: Dante's Freezer is a desolate arctic expanse that's littered with the
         machinery of war...
Ignitus: soldiers and weapons frozen forever in the posture of destruction.
Ignitus: You must find Volteer before he's lost forever.
Spyro: How the heck do I land?
Spyro: Coming in too fast!
Sparx: This... doesn't look good.
Spyro: Incoming
Sparx: Thatís gonna hurt.
Sparx: Nice landing, ace.
Spyro: Yeah. Maybe this flying thing aint for me.
Sparx: Well, it sure doesn't help that you're carrying all that weight
Sparx: You know, throw a salad in every once in a while. You might be okay.
Spyro: Yeah, I think I'll stick to the ground for a while.
Sparx: Good idea.
Spyro: Not exactly a friendly place, huh? Wonder where we should start.
Sparx: Well, I'm no hero like you, but maybe we should take that clearly marked
       path that leads to the interior.

Sparx: Is it weird that that blinked at me?
Spyro: Just keep moving.
Sparx: Ice cubes alive!

Sparx: Why don't we use this thing to knock that bad boy down?
Spyro: Ha, ha. I knew I brought you along for a reason.

Spyro: That was a good idea... glad I thought of it.
Sparx: You, glad you? No.

Sparx: You think that was Cynder?
Spyro: I sure hope so.
Sparx: What?
Spyro: Well, if it wasn't, it means there's more than one giant evil dragon
       around here.
Sparx: Oh yeah, I hope that was Cynder too.

Sparx: Look out!
Sparx: Spyro? You okay, buddy?
Sparx: Wooo! I guess so.

Sparx: Maybe we should head this way, genius.
Sparx: Hey, Sp-...
Sparx: Oh, check this out.
Sparx: Echo!

Spyro: Ha ha, alright my turn.
Spyro: Hellooooooo!
Soldier: Hello.
Spyro: Who's the genius now, echo man?

                          |                        |
                [020500]~-|~-~-[BOSS: ICE KING]-~-~|-~[020500]
                          |                        |

Sparx: Hey, thatís him. We did it. Bye.
Spyro: Hmm, I don't like this. It's too quiet... too easy.
Sparx: Wha... what part was easy?
Sparx: Eh, getting chased by frozen madmen and gorillas?
Spyro: Uh, Sparx...
Sparx: Is that what I think it is?
Sparx: Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!

                          |                        |
                          |                        |

Volteer: It borders on the miraculous, incredible, stupendous...
Volteer: a dragon your size defeating that... that... thing. Thank you... ah...
         ah... ah...
Spyro: Spyro.
Volteer: A purple dragon named Spyro.
Volteer: Amazing.
Volteer: Of course, there were unsubstantiated rumors of a purple dragon
         countless generations ago,
Volteer: but most considered it hearsay,
Volteer: gossip, legend. It's hard to believe, difficult to fathom, amazing to
         comprehend... er... um...
Sparx: No wonder they gagged this guy.
Volteer: ... so much time has passed, so many things have been learned,
Volteer: and now, here he is, standing right before me...
Sparx: Excuse me... Mr. Volt.
Volteer: Wha... wha... what is it?
Sparx: Sir. Should... shouldn't we get going?
Volteer: Oh, of course, but where to?
Spyro: Well, back to the Temple.
Sparx: A friend of yours is waiting.
Volteer: Ignitus?
Sparx: Yes, Ignitus.
Volteer: Of course, much to tell him, many hypotheses to pose. I believe

Ignitus: Yes, yes, Volteer, it's good to see you as well, but we don't have
         time to waste on sentiment.
Ignitus: Back to Cynder... she was doing what to you?
Sparx: Cynder's a chick?
Volteer: It's hard to be absolutely sure, Ignitus,
Volteer: but it seems she was using me as some sort of suspended, organic power
Sparx: Huh?
Spyro: She was using him as a battery.
Sparx: Why didn't he just say so?
Volteer: Not only that, she also left with a glowing yellow orb... and I
         believe that I somehow powered it.
Volteer: Does this mean anything to you, Ignitus?
Ignitus: Perhaps... perhaps. What I do know is that we need to rescue the other
Ignitus: before Cynder can power any more of those orbs.
Volteer: I agree, Ignitus, but first I'd like to impart some useful knowledge
         to Spyro,
Volteer: vis-a-vis his recently-acquired electricity-based exhalation device.
Sparx: What?
Spyro: He says he'd like to teach me some things about that Electricity
Sparx: Oi! Why doesnít he just say so?

Ignitus: Spyro... Cyril, the Ice Guardian, was taken to Tall Plains
Ignitus: ... you and Sparx must go there at once... and find him.
Spyro: Yes sir.
Sparx: But if we see danger we should run... right?
Ignitus: There are times when all of us need to stand up to danger, young
Sparx: Yeah, maybe next month, next summer, perhaps next year...
Ignitus: Just go... now.
Spyro: Yes sir.

                          |                        |
                [020700]~-|~-~-~-[TALL PLAINS]~-~-~|-~[020700]
                          |                        |

Ignitus: Tall Plains was once home to a proud ancient tribe called the Atlawa.
Sparx: Bless you.
Spyro: Sparx.
Ignitus: The Atlawa were a people in tune with the rhythms of the seasons,
Ignitus: focused on their relationship to crops, their surroundings, their
Ignitus: They've all been driven underground by Cynder and her forces, who've
         taken over the tribe's Shrine.
Ignitus: I sense that's where Cynder is keeping Cyril, trying to power another
Ignitus: You must find him before she succeeds.
Sparx: Right, it's never easy, is it?
Spyro: Nothing worthwhile ever is.
Sparx: So now you're spouting wisdom, hero boy?
Spyro: C'mon.

Spyro: The enemy of my enemy is my friend.
Sparx: Does that mean what I think it does?
Spyro: Yeah, we've got to help him.
Sparx: Oh brother.

Kane: Watch it, would ya?
Spyro: I was just trying to help.
Kane: Well, the Atlawa and Kane need no help.
Spyro: Oh, just about to spring into action, huh?
Sparx: Forget this guy, Spyro. Come on.
Spyro: What did they want with you anyway?
Kane: It's none of your business. Now move... I've got a tribe to save.
Sparx: Oh you're welcome!

Spyro: We're going to have to use the waterwheels to move ahead.
Sparx: Oh, itís never easy.

Spyro: Kane!
Sparx: Yeah, I know the guy's an ingrate, but you gotta do something, and
Sparx: Buddy, you're getting weirder and weirder by the second.

Kane: You again?
Kane: Why don't you get outta here and leave me in peace. I'm the boss here...
      nobody else.
Sparx: Boss of what?
Spyro: Shhh!
Spyro: You're all alone?
Kane: Only until I kick these bums out.
Kane: Which reminds me, I can't stand here chatting with purple dragons and
Sparx: Hey, woah, woah. Who you calling a mosquito?
Kane: Besides, itís not safe for you here.
Sparx: Oh, concerned about our welfare now?
Spyro: No need, we can take care of ourselves. Anyway, we need to get to the
Kane: Youíll never make it.

Kane: The Shrine God has not been appeased since Cynder's forces came... he is
      not happy.
Sparx: So, is anybody fun around here?
Kane: You can't possibly face the God of the Shrine alone.
Spyro: Not all of us are loners, Kane.
Spyro: I'm not going alone.
Spyro: Maybe some day you'll learn that two heads are better than one.
Spyro: Even if they are pin heads.
Sparx: Yeah... what?!

Spyro: I'm not sure I like the looks of this thing.
Sparx: Now you tell me.

Sparx: Well, that was fun.

Kane: I have to admit, you've done better than I thought possible.
Sparx: Saying that had to hurt.
Kane: More than you can imagine.
Kane: There are some things you should know about the Shrine before you
Sparx: And I think we're done here...
Spyro: Not before we rescue Cyril.
Kane: The Atlawa Shrine has been desecrated
Kane: and the God of the Shrine has not been given tribute since Cynder's
      forces arrived.
Kane: But if you can subdue his anger, the balance will be returned... and my
      people can come home.
Spyro: That's fine, but I came to free Cyril.
Kane: You must go through the God of the Shrine to free him.
Sparx: Knew you were going to say that.

                          |                        |
                [020800]~-|~[BOSS: STONE SENTINEL]~|-~[020800]
                          |                        |

Spyro: Be careful. Remember last time.
Sparx: I know, I know, but Cynder left and I don't see any Ice Kings hanging
       around this place.
Sparx: When will I learn? When things look good, run for the hills.

Kane: You have subdued the God of the Shrine, restored balance to seasons, the
      land, our world.
Kane: The Atlawas want to worship you now.
Sparx: Worship?
Sparx: Okay, now that's what I'm talkin' about...
Sparx: I've never gotten the respect I deserve... the praise that should be
Spyro: That's very nice, Kane, but we have to get back to our home,
Spyro: figure out how to stop Cynder for good.
Sparx: My dear Atlawas, I am the mighty Sparx, scourge of despots...
Cyril: Yes, yes, old boy, we'd like nothing more than to stay and be a part of
Cyril: primitive, barbaric society, but
Cyril: duty calls, duty calls...
Kane: If you must, you must. But know that you're now part of the Atlawa
      tribe... one of us.
Sparx: I am the mighty Spar... whatever.
Kane: By the way... you were right.
Spyro: About what?
Kane: Maybe two heads are better than one.
Kane: Even if one of them belongs to an annoying mosquito.
Sparx: Mosquito, me? Is that... oh.

                          |                        |
                          |                        |

Cyril: Yes, yes, Volteer, I see that months of tortured captivity has done
       nothing to slow that electric
Cyril: tongue of yours from incessantly wagging.
Volteer: It's just that it's all so exciting, exhilarating, enchanting,
Sparx: All right, no more thesaurus for you, pal.
Ignitus: All of you please be quiet.
Ignitus: It is certainly encouraging that Spyro has been able to free two of
         you to allow this reunion,
Ignitus: but haven't we forgotten someone?
Cyril: Yes, yes, of course... Terrador.
Ignitus: Precisely. Now how do we proceed?
Cyril: I believe I can help, Ignitus.
Cyril: Well, young chap, since you learned a few things about ice on Tall
Cyril: I suggest we adjourn to the Training Room so that I can teach you some
Cyril: The legacy of the great Ice dragons of yore... my ancestors,
Cyril: who come from the best of the best of this somewhat bedraggled
Cyril: is long and storied.
Cyril: With my help, rescuing Terrador should be a certainty.
Volteer: Your pomposity, arrogance, and pretentiousness is odious to the
Cyril: Shall we?

Cyril: So what exactly are you saying, Ignitus?
Volteer: Yes, your hypothesis is an intriguing one but it is perplexing to the
Sparx: Huh?
Spyro: He says he doesn't know what he's talking about.
Sparx: Dude, I never know what heís saying.
Ignitus: What I'm saying is that Cynder is harnessing the Guardians' power to
         unlock a portal
Ignitus: that must never be opened.
Spyro: Why, what's behind this portal?
Ignitus: That doesn't concern you right now. What does concern you is getting
         to Munitions Forge -
Ignitus: and freeing Terrador before she can create another crystal from his
Volteer: ... and before the volcano blows itís-...
Ignitus: That's enough, Volteer, there's plenty of time... plenty of time.
Sparx: Plenty of time? What we need more time to have horrible things happen to
Sparx: Why didn't we just stay in Tall Plains? Oh, Iím a big deal there.
Spyro: Quit complaining Sparx. Maybe there's a tribe on Munitions Forge you can
       save too.
Sparx: Yeah, but there's always something special about the first tribe you
       save. Ya know?

                          |                        |
                [021000]~-|~-~-[MUNITIONS FORGE]~-~|-~[021000]
                          |                        |

Ignitus: Munitions Forge is an island dominated by Boyzitbig,
Ignitus: an unstable volcano that makes life on the surface very dicey.
Ignitus: The locals, who live underground, have been forced to mine the metals
Ignitus: that Cynder uses to forge her army's weapons.
Spyro: What are the locals called?
Ignitus: They're called Manweersmalls.
Sparx: Right. Do I need to write that down?
Ignitus: Rumor has it that Cynder is holding Terrador somewhere in the mines.
Ignitus: We know she's using him to power the last of the crystals she needs to
         open the portal.
Ignitus: Free him before she gets the chance.
Sparx: Boy is it big!
Spyro: Boy, itís big! But no time for sightseeing, Sparx.
Spyro: Time to get serious, let's go.
Sparx: Ohhh... not again.

Spyro: Man... is he small!
Mole-Yair: What's that? Who's there?
Spyro: It's, it's me, Spyro...
Sparx: ... and the former god of Tall Plains, Sparx.
Mole-Yair: You don't carry the stench of Cynder's beasts, so you must be
Spyro: We are.
Spyro: And who are you?
Mole-Yair: I am Mole-Yair, leader of the Manweersmalls.
Mole-Yair: But I'm not much of a leader anymore.
Mole-Yair: Those of my people who aren't mining for Cynder are holed up in the
Mole-Yair: scared out of their little wits, waiting for Boyzitbig to blow.
Mole-Yair: Which shouldn't be long.
Mole-Yair: If you would help me free them, perhaps there's something I could do
           for you?
Spyro: I don't know. We're here to rescue a big friend of ours.
Mole-Yair: Is he a mighty dragon?
Spyro: Yes... why?
Mole-Yair: Because I know where he's being kept...
Mole-Yair: in the mines near a large labor camp, where my own brother, Exhumor,
           toils away.
Mole-Yair: We can help each other.
Spyro: Well... which way do we go? What should we do next?
Mole-Yair: Oh, it's simple enough, but we've got to hurry.
Mole-Yair: Boyzitbig is getting more unstable by the minute.
Mole-Yair: We must clear these caves before we can help your friend.
Sparx: You're asking him for directions? Wow, talk about the blind leading the
Spyro: Forget him, Mole-Yair... we're in.

Mole-Yair: Ha ha! You did it, you did it! A thousand thanks. Mwah, mwah, mwah!
Spyro: It was nothing.
Sparx: No problem, pal.
Mole-Yair: Well... you did your part, now I'll do mine.
Mole-Yair: Your friend is being kept in the center of the volcano,
Mole-Yair: past the labor camp where my brother, Exhumor, is working.
Mole-Yair: Find him and let him know we're friends, and he'll tell you how to
Spyro: How will we know Exhumor?
Sparx: Yeah, all you Man-are-we-smalls look the same to me.
Mole-Yair: Oh, you'll know him. Trust me.
Mole-Yair: He's the most cantankerous hard-nosed Manweersmall around.
Mole-Yair: Whatever you do, don't get on his bad side.

Sparx: I bet you can't ring that bell.
Spyro: Why would I want to?
Sparx: Oh, youíre scared.
Spyro: I'm not scared.
Sparx: Oh, the big special dragon is scared of the mean old bell...
Sparx: Oh I didn't know, I'm sorry, oh no, I'm sorry baby, why don't I get your
       pillow all laid out...
Sparx: SPYRO! Can you hear me? Are you okay, buddy?
Sparx: Hey listen, forget about those cracks I made about your fatness and
Sparx: being purple and stupid and fat, all right?
Sparx: Just get outta there! Please, Spyro, don't be dead!
Spyro: Did you say something?
Sparx: Me? No. No, I was talking out loud, thinking of my day, I gotta do..
Spyro: Oh, just thought I heard something before I blasted my way out.
Sparx: Oh, thatís funny. Yeah, no, must be hearing things.

Conductor: Come on, you worthless waste of flesh... let's go.
Conductor: We've got to hop on Steam and get back to that flea-bitten dragon.
Conductor: The crystal should be almost ready... and the volcano is right on
           the brink.
Spyro: Come on, Sparx, we've got to catch them!

Sparx: You don't know how to drive this thing.
Spyro: How hard can it be? It's on rails.
Sparx: Famous last words.

Spyro: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Spyro: Wait, wait, wait! We're on your side!
Exhumor: More likely spies for the Conductor... or that flying beast Cynder!
Spyro: Mole-Yair sent us!
Exhumor: My brother is alive?
Sparx: He sure is, pal, heís all safe and sound. But I gotta say, he's the
       friendly one in the family.
Exhumor: I'm sorry, I'm sorry. In these dark times, one can't take chances.
Exhumor: So Mole-Yair is alive. Wonderful news. But why did he send you here?
Spyro: Well, he said you might be able to tell us where our friend, Terrador,
Exhumor: If he's a big dragon, I certainly can.
Exhumor: The majority of the Manweersmalls are kept here in this camp,
Exhumor: forced to live above ground and mine for Cynder...
Exhumor: and there are rumors that your dragon friend is being kept somewhere
Exhumor: in the darkest pits of the volcano.
Exhumor: All of us are doomed...
Spyro: Not if we have anything to say about it.
Exhumor: What do you mean?
Sparx: Yeah, what do you mean?
Spyro: I mean we're going to free the Manweeersmalls,
Spyro: venture to the darkest pits of Boyzitbig, and find Terrador.
Sparx: Then itís off to karaoke!

Sparx: Well, I see you two crazy kids found each other.
Mole-Yair: Yes, at last... thanks to you.
Exhumor: We're just disappointed you didn't leave any fun for us.
Spyro: Maybe next time. So now, which way to Terrador?
Exhumor: That way... but be careful. The Conductor and his maniacal locomotive
         will surely be close by.
Sparx: When you say be careful, does that mean try not to die? Iím trying to do
       that anyway.
Mole-Yair: Come, Exhumor, we must get all the Manweersmalls underground...
           where they belong.
Exhumor: Yes, it won't be long now.

                          |                        |
                [021100]~-|~-~-~-[BOSS: STEAM]~-~-~|-~[021100]
                          |                        |

Spyro: Is... that... Terrador?
Sparx: Big dragon being held prisoner in the center of an explosive volcano?
Sparx: Iím guessing thatís Terrador.
Spyro: Careful... it's never this easy.
Sparx: After the last two times, you're not going to get an argument from me,
Sparx: Oh, here we go again!
Conductor: You're a little late, fella. The crystal's already charged and the
           volcano's ready to blow...
Conductor: But before it does, me and Steam here are gonna take great pleasure
           in running you down!

Terrador: The purple dragon... lives.
Sparx: He's got a name you know.
Spyro: Yes, my name is Spyro... and you must be Terrador.
Terrador: Yes, yes I am, and I must say I never thought I'd live to meet you,
Sparx: Look, Iíd love to sit here and hug everybody and chit chat,
Sparx: but how Ďbout we leave before the volcano blows us up?
Terrador: You're right.
Terrador: I've got to tell the others what Cynder is up to.
Sparx: Letís go. Iím right behind you. Actually, Iím right in front of you.
Terrador: Run...
Sparx: Look, when the guy says run, I think he knows something!
Terrador: Go, Spyro! Fly like you've never flown before! I'll go back to the
          Temple for help!

                          |                        |
                [021200]~-|~-[ESCAPE FROM CYNDER]-~|-~[021200]
                          |                        |

Spyro: We've got to find them... help Ignitus!
Sparx: They're gone, Spyro. There's nothing we can do!
Spyro: I don't care... Ignitus wouldn't leave me...
Terrador: Spyro, heís right.
Sparx: Iím right? Oh my god, thatís a first.
Terrador: Yes. You'll never find them in this mess, and you're not ready to
          face Cynder yet.
Terrador: The time to fight will come... but it is not now.
Spyro: I guess you're right. Let's go.

                          |                        |
                          |                        |

Spyro: It's my fault... I failed Ignitus when he needed me most.
Spyro: It's just that the sight of Cynder so close, just... just...
Sparx: ... made your heart stop? Put ice in your veins? Scared the crud out of
Spyro: Yeah, something like that.
Terrador: All warriors feel fear at one time or another, Spyro. There is no
          shame in that.
Volteer: Yes, it's a proven scientific fact that the quotient between
         adrenaline and trepidation...
Cyril: Volteer, please, I believe our good friend here was trying to make a
Terrador: Thank you, Cyril.
Terrador: What I was going to say is that all warriors feel fear, Spyro, but
          only the most valiant among us can face that fear... and master it.
Terrador: From what I saw of you on Munitions Forge, you are one such warrior.
Terrador: Young dragon, now is the time to complete your training... now is the
          time to face your fear.
Terrador: Come.
Sparx: Am I the only one still petrified?

Terrador: You've done well, Spyro.
Cyril: Yes, yes, pat on the back, good going, all that other rubbish, but we've
       got to get moving here.
Volteer: Cyril is terribly obnoxious but in this case he happens to be right,
Volteer: Ignitus is the final piece to Cynder's puzzle.
Volteer: If that last crystal is powered, the portal will open and we'll all be
         done for.
Terrador: I know, I know.
Terrador: When I was on Munitions Forge,
Terrador: I overheard the Conductor say that Cynder's final preparations would
          take place at her lair,
Terrador: where she lives in solitude among the clouds and the towers.
Terrador: I am certain that's where she's taken Ignitus.
Spyro: We have to go... come on.
Terrador: I'd give anything to go with you, young warrior, but that crystal
          sapped the last of my will.
Terrador: I fear my fighting days are over.
Volteer: Every generation must pass the torch to the next, Terrador. Our time
         is done.
Cyril: Yes, it is Spyro's time to shine.
Cyril: Now go to it, young dragon!
Spyro: Yes sir!
Sparx: Wow, you guys make even me wanna face Cynder.
Sparx: Did I say that out loud?

                          |                        |
                [021400]~-|~-~[CONCURRENT SKIES]~-~|-~[021400]
                          |                        |

Terrador: Cynder's Lair is where hope goes to die, Spyro.
Terrador: A dark, foreboding place in which Cynder broods and skulks and plans
          her next assault.
Terrador: You must make your way to her fortress, where I'm sure Ignitus is
          being held.
Sparx: Next time I say that I want to face Cynder, why donít you go ahead and
       punch me in the mouth.
Spyro: No problem.

Sparx: Terrador made it sound like this place was uninhabited!
Spyro: Now what fun would that be? Come on, we've got to take them out!

Sparx: Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!
Sparx: I canít talk... heart... breaking up...
Spyro: Come on. Ignitus is waiting.

Spyro: Sparx, look! The gate's losing power!

Sparx: Her architect musta been a beauty.

Sparx: I still don't like it.
Spyro: Still doesn't matter. Ignitus needs us.
Sparx: I'm not complaining, I'm just saying it'd be easier if she was
       smaller... a lot smaller.

                          |                        |
                [021500]~-|~-~-~[BOSS: CYNDER]~-~-~|-~[021500]
                          |                        |

Sparx: Spyro... ?
Spyro: What?
Sparx: I don't like this... It feels like she's baiting us. I'm getting
Ignitus: Spyro... destroy the crystal... quickly...
Spyro: Let's get him out of here before Cynder gets back!
Cynder: If only life were that easy, little one.
Sparx: S-s-s-s-s-s-so... b-b-b-b-b-big...
Cynder: Time you learned how complicated life can be.
Ignitus: Run, Spyro... save yourself.
Spyro: Not this time. This time I fight.
Cynder: Ha ha ha ha ha... Bring it!
Sparx: um... Spyro.

Cynder: It is so sad it must end this way.
Cynder: Now... Where was I?
Sparx: Does she ever use doors?
Spyro: There was something in her eyes, Ignitus... something familiar.
Ignitus: There should be, Spyro.
Ignitus: You and Cynder share more than you know.
Ignitus: It's time I told you the truth...
Ignitus: ... all of it.
Ignitus: You see, after I took your egg to the Silver River, I returned to the
         Grotto to find utter chaos.
Ignitus: The other Guardians had been overrun,
Ignitus: and all the other eggs had been smashed by the Dark Master's forces...
         all except one...
Ignitus: You see, the Dark Master was torn.
Ignitus: He wanted to destroy all the eggs to prevent the birth of the purple
Ignitus: ... but he also needed a dragon.
Spyro: Why would he need a dragon?
Ignitus: Because, Spyro,
Ignitus: only one born in the Year of the Dragon could open the portal that
         served as the Dark Master's prison.
Spyro: Cynder?
Ignitus: I'm afraid so.
Spyro: But if we come from the same place, why is she so, so... ?
Sparx: Evil? Monstrous? Big? Sexy? Oops, did I just say that?
Ignitus: Because, Spyro, after the night of the raid,
Ignitus: she was corrupted by the Dark Master's poisonous powers
Ignitus: ... twisted by his evil lore.
Ignitus: She's become the Dark Master's monster.
Spyro: But why? What does this Dark Master want?
Ignitus: He wants to be freed from the portal of Convexity
Ignitus: ... to wreak havoc across the realms.
Ignitus: And if Cynder gets there, he just might succeed.
Ignitus: I'm afraid we might be too late.
Spyro: No, I refuse to give up... I'm going to stop Cynder and the Dark
Sparx: Wait you, you heard the Dragon, Spyro. He said, too late. Weíll get him
       next time.
Sparx: Come on, champ, you did a great job and letís... letís take five.
Spyro: No! I'm ready... now!
Ignitus: Okay, okay, Spyro, you're right.
Ignitus: At the very least, you have to try.
Ignitus: If the Dark Master escapes, a shadow will fall over the land, and who
         knows what will happen then.
Ignitus: May the Ancestors look after you. May they look after us all.

                          |                        |
                          |                        |

Ignitus: Convexity acts as an airlock between our world and the Dark Realms
Ignitus: You must stop Cynder before she inserts the final crystal and
         activates the portal,
Ignitus: freeing the Dark Master.
Sparx: Now... I've seen everything.
Spyro: Yeah, if we don't hurry, I have a feeling you're going to see a whole
       lot more. Come on.

                          |                        |
                [021700]~-|~-[BOSS: FINAL BATTLE]-~|-~[021700]
                          |                        |

Cynder: My Master returns.
Spyro: We're too late!
Cynder: Hmmmm! Persistent little fella, aren't you?
Cynder: This is where it really ends.
Spyro: Bring it!
Cynder: No mercy this time.
Sparx: I can't watch this.

Spyro: She is just like me.
Sparx: Dude, we've got to get out of here... NOW!
Spyro: I can't leave her behind... I've got to save her.
Sparx: What? Save the beast that's been trying to kill us?
Spyro: That wasn't her fault... she was being used by the Dark Master!
Spyro: Now we can go!
Sparx: I'm right behind you buddy.
Sparx: Mommy? Fluff my pillow?
Ignitus: Feeling better, Spyro?
Spyro: Not really, Ignitus.
Spyro: That battle drained every last bit of my strength. I can hardly even
       lift my head.
Ignitus: Yes, it will take some time for your powers to return.
Ignitus: But they will in time, young dragon. They will in time.
Ignitus: Cynder, ever since I failed the night of the raid, I've dreamed of
         this day.
Volteer: It wasn't just you, Ignitus. We all failed.
Ignitus: Be that as it may... we're together again now... thanks to Spyro.
Ignitus: Well done, young dragon.
Spyro: Thanks, Ignitus, but we still don't know what's happened to the Dark
Terrador: No matter, Spyro. There will be time to talk of the Dark Master
Terrador: Now it's time to be grateful for your success.
Sparx: His success? What about me?
Sparx: Just because a bunch of weird stuff doesn't come flying out of my
Sparx: doesn't mean that I didn't help, ya know!
Spyro: You were a big help Sparx. No doubt about it.
Spyro: But just for the record... a lot of weird stuff does come out of that
       little mouth of yours.
Sparx: And what the heck is that supposed to mean?
Sparx: You know, I don't need this. I could have stayed with the...
Sparx: Llama people, whatever, where I was appreciated, but no.
Sparx: No. I decided to help the poor helpless dragons rid the world of evil.
Sparx: What a mistake that was because I get no thanks, no respect, no love, no
Ignitus: My goodness... and I thought Volteer talked a lot.
Sparx: I left home too, you know. Iím a little guy. Yeah, thatís right.
Sparx: Maybe you havenít noticed, but things are a lot bigger to me than they
       are to you.
Sparx: And did I back away? Nah, nah, nah. Why? Because I've got moxy, I'm a
       tough cookie, I've got class...
Sparx: I've got fro... (cough) I got a little frog in my throat.
Sparx: ... as I was saying, on Tall Plains they knew a good thing when they saw
Sparx: ... they recognized the value of a quality dragonfly like me...
Sparx: but here I get nothing... not even a thanks, hey, how are ya doing,
       good, let me buy you a drink.
Sparx: I should go back to the swamp... mom'll make it all good... Mommy always

Cynder: See anything, Spyro?
Spyro: No, but I've got a bad feeling.
Cynder: Me too.

[030000]--------------------ELIJAH WOOD INTERVIEW----------------------[010000]

Elijah Wood: And I think whatís really great about this game and what Iím
             excited about
Elijah Wood: in regards to this game is that itís sort of telling the story of
             Spyro from the beginning.
Elijah Wood: Heís actually a small purple dragon that is raised by
Elijah Wood: He doesnít realize heís a dragon.
Elijah Wood: And within the story, as the story progresses,
Elijah Wood: he learns of his true self, where he comes from...
Elijah Wood: you know that there are these Elders, these kind of guardian,
Elijah Wood: giant dragons and that heís one of this ilk
Elijah Wood: and throughout the game he starts to learn more about what heís
             capable of as well.
Elijah Wood: The significance of being a purple dragon is something special...
Elijah Wood: the powers that come along with that
Elijah Wood: and whatís really cool is as a player I think,
Elijah Wood: is that you get to learn these different attributes throughout and
             use them in different ways,
Elijah Wood: such as breathing fire which is kind of typical to dragons or
Elijah Wood: breathing ice or electricity and these things just kind of come
             throughout the game and
Elijah Wood: itís a really interesting story based game that I think is quite
             immersive which is cool.
Elijah Wood: If I could leave with one of Spyroís powers, what could it be?
Elijah Wood: Itís tough, theyíre all pretty good,
Elijah Wood: but the old standby, the ability to fly...
Elijah Wood: you know thatís a big deal.
Elijah Wood: Breathing fire... okay, that could be...
Elijah Wood: I mean I could really run into some trouble that.
Elijah Wood: You know, can you lessen the amount of fire that youíre
Elijah Wood: What if you only intend to like,
Elijah Wood: I donít know, light a candle for instance, but then you light up
             your couch?
Elijah Wood: You know, that could be really problematic.
Elijah Wood: Electricity could be good because you could probably turn,
Elijah Wood: like infuse something with power,
Elijah Wood: but then how do you know like how much power to infuse it with?
Elijah Wood: Like how many amps it takes and what if you go overboard
Elijah Wood: and then you burn out all of your electricity? Thatíd be bad.
Elijah Wood: Ice could be good, but then I could see that being extremely
             dangerous as well.
Elijah Wood: I mean all of these things I think youíd have to learn how to
             regulate because you could
Elijah Wood: freeze yourself, you could...
Elijah Wood: I donít know, I think thereís a lot of...
Elijah Wood: flying the safest. Iíll go with flying.
Elijah Wood: I mean heís a character that sort of starts out
Elijah Wood: entering into a world that heís unfamiliar with
Elijah Wood: and taking aboard something that is kind of quite massive.
Elijah Wood: Itís not dissimilar from a journey that Iíd taken before,
Elijah Wood: as someone who is embarking on something that is sort of
Elijah Wood: bigger than they could conceive of or bigger than them.
Elijah Wood: I came in to do this session today and I was told that...
Elijah Wood: I didnít know who the rest of the cast were.
Elijah Wood: I came in and I was told that Gary Oldman did the voice of
Elijah Wood: which blows my mind. I mean heís one of my favorite actors of all
Elijah Wood: a true, true chameleon, someone that you canít really peg.
Elijah Wood: Has done every kind of voice, character imaginable...
Elijah Wood: I mean that my time for heroics is past,
Elijah Wood: but with your help we might be able to beat Cynder.
Elijah Wood: I canít Ignitus. I just learned what I am.
Elijah Wood: You can, Spyro, you can.
Elijah Wood: You are a purple dragon... a very special creature.
Elijah Wood: Itís a pleasure to be associated with him because Iím such a huge
Elijah Wood: and David Spade as Sparx as well.
Elijah Wood: Iíve met David a couple of times and heís a really sweet guy
Elijah Wood: and really funny and for this kind of character,
Elijah Wood: itís so important to have someone thatís sort of biting and
             sarcastic and funny.
Elijah Wood: Sparx is definitely all those things and David Spadeís perfect for
Elijah Wood: Spyro, can you hear me? You okay buddy?
Elijah Wood: Hey listen, forget about those cracks I made about your fatness
             and your being purple and stupid and fat.
Elijah Wood: Iím very much, as a gamer, Iím very much attracted to
Elijah Wood: a game that includes a great story that I can sink my teeth
Elijah Wood: that will allow me to kind of continue to focus on the progress of
             the game and lead to other games.
Elijah Wood: My favorite games are story based games and if the storyís good
Elijah Wood: and the actual game play is fun than thatís all you need really.


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