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Combined Assault

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       This is a general and very basic guide for every "sausage" location and 
nothing more. Note that only 1 sausage is found on each map, you will never 
have to hunt for multiple sausages on each mission. This is my very first FAQ 
yet I always thought my first FAQ would be for an RPG game ... unfortunately it 
seems as though many individuals both online and on the forums are having 
trouble finding the sausages via conventional searches throughout the maps, so 
I have decided to intervene. I will not add any unnecessary information as 
other users put into their FAQ such as their background information, favorite 
games and such. I personally think that is a waste of time. Many people so far 
have spent countless hours trying to find 1 sausage on a single map alone. It 
is tough since you are searching for a tiny item the size of your characters 
hand, placed somewhere on every mission. With this guide, you will have every 
sausage obtained and acquire the sausage badge from your extras menu with ease. 
So without further ado, scroll here and find the bolded mission in which you 
seek the sausage.

Upon obtaining a sausage, your character will say, "mmm spicy". When you 
hear the main character acknowledge the find, the top of your screen will be 
highlighted similar to a mission pop up at the top of the screen stating 
"Sausage obtained".

Acquiring sausages and any or all objectives will carry over to your career 
stats via the cooperative online mode. At the end of each successful 
mission, you will be prompted to save your game, and as you do so; all the 
stats from the game you have played are carried over to your campaign mode.

When a sausage is obtained in either offline or online play, and the mission 
fails, you will not receive the sausage. This applies to any or all 
objectives as well.

You cannot receive any sausages or objectives through the Mission Redeploy 

You cannot find any sausages on the Instant Action mode.

Take your time upon completing the mission. Just make sure to obtain the 
sausage before completion of your last Primary objective.

Remember to stay on the lookout for enemies in the path and area of your 


Sausage Walkthrough


Head to the yellow triangle on your mission map (by pressing the SELECT button) 
marked as the location in which you must destroy the communications radio of 
the enemy. As you clear the area and complete the destruction of the 
communications objective within the tent, face the entrance of the tent and 
head northwest across the creek towards the large boulder on the other side of 
the water. To your right will be a way to get up on the nearby cliffs and you 
will also see a downed tree. Behind the boulder to the left of the downed tree 
and climbable cliffs, placed on the ground is your first sausage.


As you start this mission, eliminate any enemies outside the cave entrances and 
around the premises. Make your way to navigational point JULIET. When you get 
to the nav point, to your left will be a cave entrance and to your right will 
be the continued wooden walkway. Head to the right up the wooden walkway and 
you will approach another cave entrance. Exactly to the right of this entrance 
is a small cliff that you can walk on. The sausage is located directly on this 
ledge from the right side of this cave entrance. 


When you start the mission, turn around and head northeast. You will be going 
up a somewhat steep hill. You will then come to a road. Follow this road in the 
direction of nav point DELTA until you reach a tunnel. Go inside the tunnel and 
continue to stay on the path of the road. Stick to cover if you want, but 
continue following the roadway. Eventually, you will start to see the Saw Mill 
in front of you, keep to the left of the road now almost hugging the wall. On 
your left, if you have been on the road the entire time, approximately 96 
meters from nav point ECHO will be a path that will take you onto a grassy 
ledge containing multiple tree stumps down a ways. You will notice a small 
stump among the other larger stumps that has a white cardboard silhouette 
leaning up against it. On top of the small stump is your sausage.

Broken Chains

This is a very straightforward location. As you begin the stage, head towards 
the lighthouse via swimming or the little boat. Upon getting on land, go inside 
the lighthouse and as soon as you enter the doorway, the sausage is lying on 
the shelf closest to the door you just came in from.


Begin the mission by crippling the drug operation objectives. When you are 
done, make your way to nav point FOXTROT and head down into the storage bunker. 
Next, follow the corridors until you reach a diamond tiled floor containing a 
table propped up against a wall and several white cabinets. Jump on the table 
just next to the one leaning on the wall and climb up into the ventilation 
duct. Now, follow the large pipes on your left until you reach a two-way 
directional split. To your left is another ventilation shaft leading down, in 
front of you is a rectangular window overseeing a storage bunker room, and to 
your right is the continued path. Go right and continue down the walkway until 
you come to another two-way directional split. To your left is another walkway 
with several pipes on the walls and to your right is another walkway containing 
a green rusted pipe. Head left and stick to the left hand side of the wall. You 
will come to a series of pipes and gauges on the wall on your left. Placed on 
right side of these pipes and gauges on the floor is your 5th sausage.


Hop into the stealth vehicle when the mission starts and go across the bridge 
directly to nav point DELTA. As soon as you reach the nav point, get out of the 
vehicle. Just to the right of the nav point will be a path leading up the wall. 
Climb onto the ledges and make your way down this mountain pass. CHECK YOUR 
FIRE. There are two friendly Rebels standing around a barrel that is on fire. 
Take a closer look inside of the barrel and you will notice your next sausage 
being cooked. Grab it and continue with your mission. They won't start shooting 
you for taking their only food ration out in the middle of no where, but I 
might have... :) 


In this next mission, make your way to the back entrance of the training camp 
by heading towards nav point FOXTROT as you approach the training camp. It does 
not matter how you get there but I suggest taking the route below the bridge at 
the start of the mission to remain undetected. As you enter the back of the 
facility by opening the door at FOXTROT, you will immediately see a building 
directly in front of you. Head to the left of this building and go past the 
left hand side of the building until you reach a training obstacle. Climb up 
onto the highest level of this obstacle and jump from the obstacles platform to 
the balcony of the building. Once on top of the balcony, head over to the 
barrel and pick up yet another sausage.


Start the mission off by swimming underneath the docks towards nav point ECHO. 
When you reach this nav point continue swimming past it and stick to the right 
hand side of the water until nav point FOXTROT pops up. Head to this location 
and enter the circular sewage drain. As you reach the end of the sewage drain, 
climb up out of the sewer on your right. Now that you are out of the sewer, 
make your way out and around the green fence. You will notice a couple trailer 
houses, 3 all together. Go inside the middle trailer and open up the bottom 
cupboard (second last from the right) closest to the trailers door. Inside you 
will find your 8th sausage. 

Sea Wasp

Alright, I hope everything is going well so far. Make your way to the freighter 
docked at the harbor and go directly to where your mission map has the yellow 
triangle highlighted over the objective to investigate the cargo. Depending on 
where you enter the cargo storage room to complete this objective, check the 
very bottom of the crates and you will find your 9th sausage wedged in between 
two cargo crates on the floor. 


Ok so we are half way there now! Here we go. Upon beginning the mission, move 
to the south bridge, opposite the north bridge (the one you have to destroy) 
and make your way to nav point LIMA. Continue from this nav point and head down 
the road. Just before you get to nav point KILO, just about 47 meters, you will 
see a bunch of trees, grass and an opening to the creek. Dive into the water 
and stay to the left hand side of the water bed. As you continue to follow the 
path of the water, you will notice an arched bridge in the distance. Get up on 
land as soon as possible and head towards to the small bridge you noticed in 
the distance moments ago. Take note that to the left of the small bridge is a 
ledge and if you look up, you will see that it contains big tree. Make your way 
to that tree by going up the hill. Behind that tree directly on the ground is 
your next sausage. 


Upon the start of this mission, start off by jumping into the water and moving 
to the left of the island. You will be skimming the perimeter of the island as 
you wade through the water and grass. Hug the outer wall of the island and 
continue this simple step until you pass up the location of the objective to 
demo the weapons cache. Keep moving through the water and do not go on land. 
For reference, you will pass a couple of pillars up on the island. If you have 
hugged the outer wall up until this point, you will see grass sticking out of 
the water and you will be approaching nav point DELTA. Move closer to the grass 
(still hugging what is left of the outer wall) and you will notice a small 
wooden boat with a blue sail. On this tiny boat within the grass, sails yet 
another sausage.


In this next mission, start by heading right towards the south bridge (the one 
you have to demo) and go into the water. Follow the water past nav point DELTA 
and right on to nav point FOXTROT. When you pass the nav point and provide 
support for your allies there as well, keep going forward until you cannot go 
any further. You will have reached the waterfall. Your next sausage is 
underwater just before this waterfall and at the point where your character 
cannot advance any further down the path of the water. Grab it and go. You are 
well over half way done with the sausages! 


I guarantee this next sausage to be hardest of all to be obtained. As you begin 
the mission walk about a couple steps forward and scan the area just left of 
the garage complex to find a dumpster in a back alley. Run to the dumpster and 
use it to climb onto a ledge. At the end of the ledge you climbed up on sits a 
lonely sausage waiting to be picked up. Too easy... umm I mean, hard right? :) 


For this mission, start off by running past nav point CHARLIE and running right 
to nav point DELTA. You will be encountering strong resistance with machine 
gunners so stay alert. From DELTA (a two-way split) head left past a truck and 
continue down the winding street until nav point WHISKEY pops up. Head there 
and take care of the enemies across the mini bridge. Now, before you cross that 
mini bridge, you will notice a couple of small barrels to the right side of the 
bridge. Go up to the barrels and walk on the right hand side of them, stepping 
to a very tiny ledge that is almost inaccessible. It will lead you to your 14th 
sausage just above a blocked off sewer grate. 

Snake Pit

Start off by swimming to the edge to pull up and move in the direction nav 
point CHARLIE. A guard will be standing to the left near the bridge and to the 
right will be the nav point. Take care of business and move past CHARLIE, do 
not go into the courtyard, and go straight until you see a guardhouse. Go into 
there and you will be in the courtyard but on the left hand side. Hug the walls 
of the buildings on the left and you will eventually come up to another 
guardhouse. This has a couple computers and some cabinets. Pass that place up 
and keep hugging that left wall. Use the trees to your advantage and nav point 
PAPA will appear towards the end. As soon as you get to that nav point, open 
the back doors right into the headquarters and proceed through the hallways and 
double doors to work your way to nav point JULIET which is in the middle of the 
staircase. From here, head down the stairs and move directly for nav point 
FOXTROT. Take a left from FOXTROT into the kitchen. On your right will be a 
food rack with many goodies. Unfortunately all that interests you is that 
sausage, so without further ado, check the middle shelf on the left hand side 
of the food rack and right next to the colored soda cans layeth your sausage. 


Before you start this mission, be sure you have a weapon that blows things up, 
for example, grenades, AT-4, M79...whichever pleases you more to have equipped. 
Right off the bat, head for nav point CHARLIE. As soon as you take care of the 
enemies here, nav point LIMA will show up. Make your way to the left towards 
LIMA. You will come to a two-way split where as if you head to the right pass 
some doors, you will reach LIMA and if you go to the left, you will continue 
down the snowy path. Continue down the snowy path and nav point KILO will then 
pop up. Follow this nav point, taking care of some enemies and on your way to 
KILO you will notice a snowman near a light pole. Admire the fine work the 
paramilitary put into making it and then blow it up. Atop the remnants of the 
snow man is another sausage to add to that collection of yours. Only 2 more to 


Truthfully, the 2nd to last sausage here is tricky. Be sure to arm your party 
or friends with rocket launchers and a sniper candidate. Take the convoy route 
all the way to the extraction zone. Do not deviate from that course unless you 
know those secret ways to take that convoy off-roading past all the enemy 
snipers, away from the bridge barrier, and away from that KA-50 attack 
helicopter. Be sure to place the convoy in a safe location and get rid of the 
tanks if they start moving around the extraction point. You will even score the 
bonus objective on that stage for destroying the enemy armor. Ok so along the 
extraction route, if you did not deviate from the road, you will notice two MGL 
turrets on the left hand side of the road. The very last MGL turret is where 
you want to go. Head over to the turret location and check the left hand side 
of the chimney. Approximately 101 meters from the extraction site is your 2nd 
to last sausage on top of the chimney. Use the box on the ground by the chimney 
to get at it. We are almost done! One more to go...


This is it. You ready? Alright, start by heading towards the right at the 
beginning of the mission and take the back entrance into the headquarters 
through the kitchen. Do what needs to be done and then go for nav point 
FOXTROT, but not directly towards that location. Head in that direction but 
instead check out the library adjacent to FOXTROT and enter the tunnel entrance 
leading down below that is accessible from the back of the library. Here is 
where the fun begins. Make your way through these close quarter rooms and head 
to nav point JULIET. We are going down even more. As soon as you reach JULIET 
and descend those stairs, you will come to a two-way split. To the right lies 
multiple corridors and to the left is a hallway containing a box with a tarp on 
it. Go left in the direction of the tarp but do not go into the open door on 
your right. Continue going through the hallway and you will come up to yet 
another door (this one is closed) on your right. Enter the room and you will 
find multiple white cabinets lined up along the wall. Examine the second from 
the left cabinet and open it. Inside you will find your last and final sausage, 
totaling 18! Congratulations!!! You did it!


Contact Information

AIM screen name = Crono SPG 2223

E-Mail =


I will accept all e-mails and messages from any user who is still having 
trouble finding sausages. If any individual needs help with bonus/crosstalk 
objectives, I would also be more than welcome to help them out with any problem 
he/she may have. Do not send me hate mail, spam or complaints on how bad my 
guide is. However, I would appreciate feedback and or changes, modifications 
and such. Users who contact me will be added to the credits as people who 
organized and helped me solve more problems. I will also hold live missions 
where a user(s) may contact me and set up an online game where I will show them 
personally each location of sausages. I thought about doing the Bonus and 
Crosstalk objective FAQ but I will leave that in the hands of another dedicated 
user. If by request, I can work things out. Thank you.



The world: Everyone I have ever encountered in my life time who have shaped me 
to who I am today

Neil and Elliot: for inspiration

Dollarman_2005: for help uploading this FAQ to the proper format

Zipper: for another excellent SOCOM game

GameFAQs: for the best gaming site on the web


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