Question from zachvaulet

What is the password for costom characters?

Wn dragon ball z budakai tenkaiatchi 2, on data center costom characters, what is the password to create a costom character?


rock465 answered:

Pick your favorite or strongest fighter from dragon adventure wherever else in the game go to evolution z and got to the z item collection tab and choose ur fighter

then you will see 3 options choose the last one-the password- and write the pass down
then go to data center and enter it in
there u go

the custom character are for experimenting z-item combinations so you can have the strongest team of fighters

hope i helped
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megaskyman123 answered:

Whats super saiyan 4 gokus code and do you have to have the guy in dragon adventure for the code to work . If thats the case the insted of goku super saiyan 4 the just goku super saiyan 1
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