Question from Whatzup1

Where can I get Kid Goku?

I can't find him anywhere, is he even an unlockable character?

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Ultra_Zero answered:

As soon as you control Goku in the Destined Rivals Saga go to the free event and beat grandpa Gohan and tad-da you have kid goku
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ZyrulUchiha answered:

When you can control Goku,go to the Kami's Lookout (free event) and talk to the person there.You will have to fight Granpa Gohan.Defeat him to get Kid Goku.
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megaskyman123 answered:

But i cant beat android 18 with hercule . cuase herclues thhe worst guy in the game . tell me how
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blazer13a answered:

I beat 18 by making a ring out just push down a hold punch it might take you alwaile
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