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Frequently Asked Questions GUIDE
Version 1.1
Version History

Version 0.0 Started putting together the text file
shortly after buying the game, on October 23rd 2006.
Version 1.0 ready to go on display, or at least I
looked at what I had and thought it looked good enough,
Uploaded (UniMultiVerse) late November 3rd 2006.
Version 1.1 added a extra note in section 0.3
and a small fix in 5.0.
Uploaded July 19th 2007.

0.0 Title and Version history.
0.1 Table of Contents <--[You are here]
0.2 About this guide
2.0 2nd series 'STAR TREK' original series
2.1 STAR TREK (the original series) CARDS

About this Guide

I'm going to to a crude walkthrough here, because the game
tells you what to do anyway, why go into too much detail;
you may ask, why do a walkthrough at all?, well there is a
good reason for that.
I had checked on the internet a few times to see if I was
doing thing correctly, and discovered others had similar
questions as I did, sometimes doing the correct thing is
awkward and your not sure if your following the directions
correctly, other times the game is just frustrating and
your not sure if your interpreting the on screen direction's
right, and other times your not sure why the game is doing
what it is doing... so having an other perspective is quite
helpful in these situations...
In fact, as you'll see later, sometimes it might even be
best to ignore the games directions, an example being in
is one point where the game suggests following the warp
trail, it is easier to just press L1 and rise above the
maze, and find your way mostly using radar.

The past guide I have worked on is a guide to the story
of Shadow the Hedgehog for Xbox/GameCube/PS2 (one of my
favorite games) it can be viewed at Unimultiverse
UniMultiVerse address and txt file address for the Shadow guide:

Also note, while playing this game, I complained a lot,
and as such those complaints have made it into this guide,
you might not have the some complaints as I did, as most
of these frustrating points are actually shorter that what
you may have encountered in other games such as Star Trek
Invasion or even Star Trek Shattered Universe.
So some of the complaints I made when first going though
the game and remained in this guide even after I went through
many of the levels a second and/or third time for this guide.


NOTE: In this game your ships sensors can detect object beyond
what you can see on the screen, your view is outlined by a box
and enemy ships appear as Red Dots on that outline, Neutral
objects and items are Blue, Allies are Green.
Any Goals you must seek out will be a Yellow/Orange color.
I will usually refer to this outline as your radar.

NOTE: If your wondering the condition of your shields,
at any time you can display your shields (for a few seconds)
by clicking on the right analog stick.
(pushing inward or down, not up or down travel angels)
pressing on the stick inward like any button to click it.
It is fairly rare for games to use the stick this way,
so you might not think of trying it)


Episode 1 "INCURSION"
This episode is mostly training mission,
in fact the only way to fit this story into the Star Trek universe
is to assume all Enterprise episodes/missions in this game are
only training.
This episode starts you after Enterprise's end of season 2 refit,
ready to take on the Xindi.
However, the Enterprise did not yet encounter a Xindi ship yet,
so this could not have happened in this way.
Plus, while episode 2 also does NOT fit the continuity of Enterprise
season 3, episode 3 does even more to defy the continuity of the
TV series.
(personally I'm quite disappointed, because Star Trek Enterprise
and the NX-01 were one of the main reasons I sought out this game,
but at least it wasn't very expensive, still disappointing, it left me
what the writers were thinking when the put together the story,
better writing in this game could have made the Xindi work better)
One redeeming side note, all of the Enterprise levels might just
be an alternate time line, as when you get to the final level of
the game (in Star Trek Sovereign) you'll learn there is a lot of
converging of time lines and time periods going on.

First you exit your repair station by Jupiter station,
then you must seek out the Yellow/Orange dot on your scanners or
radar or what ever chose you call it.
Then you'll find gates you must fly through, this is a simple
All you need to know is told to you in the game left stick moves
the ship L1 makes it rise, L2 makes it lower.
Then You test your weapons systems by blowing up radioactive
asteroids that interfere with your communications.

Then It's time for an annoying test of speed, be ready with
L1 and L2 missing a goal slows you down enough odds are you'll
fail if you have to turn back for just one.
This will be easy if you already collected the 'cards' that
make the ship faster, but this is the first episode, so it's
quite frustrating the first time.
Remember put all your power into speed by pressing left at least
twice on your D-pad before starting the test.
(The D-pad controls where your power is diverted, now you want
all power to engines) Once power is diverted to engines it will
stay there for the rest of the level, unless you change it

Now Target Lock is back online, use it to destroy special
containers. Hold Down R2 to get a target lock on anything
in your targeting slice (move the slice with the right control
stick) then press R1 to fire.
After that the next simple task is destroy the defunct
satellites orbiting around Titan.
Then destroy Saturn Station by targeting each system, holding
R2 will scroll though systems it can target.

Then (and this doesn't fit the tight continuity of Enterprise's
3rd season, but this could be ether an alternate time line or a
future holographic recreation for training purposes) the Xindi
attack, fight them off, then put mines around Jupiter station.
Mines are a secondary weapon press Circle button to switch from
regular weapons to scroll secondary weapons X button will get
regular weapons back. The spots in space you should mine are
clearly marked green.
Be careful not to get too close to the mines, and remember the
targeting slice shows you where you'll be dropping the mine.

Now the Xindi will attack, destroy the fighters, you need to
keep the Cruiser alive.
When the fighters are space dusted, target (R2) the Cruiser,
when the word Engines appear (and only then) fire Phase Canons
(called Phasers in game play) when the ship is dead in space,
use the circle button to select transporter (the image with out
any numbers) put the targeting slice on the ship and use R2
to target wait until the words "away team" appear on the Cruiser
then press R1 to beam your away team over.
Now all that's left is to get back to Jupiter station and dock.
Use both Left and Right stick for docking, as when your stopped
in the docking zone right stick will now rotate your ship.
Be careful of the mine you set earlier when returning to the

(see episode 1 "Incursion" for reasons why this canNOT be anything
more than a bad training mission)

See the Xindi warp trail, glowing energy flashing in one direction
now quickly rotate your targeting/ scanning slice around as you move
in the direction of the energy flow.
Quickly move in the direction of the energy flows you detect as you
scan surrounding space for the next warp trail.
Some one who made this game must have thought this was fun? why?
I guess we will never know that answer.
As you move while swooshing your scanners around you'll eventually
find some points of interest.
BEWARE, the part that really make this frustrating, you must not
take your time when scanning the warp trails.
Because if you scan a warp trail, it will soon disappear, and if
you lose your warp trail, it is mission over.

When you get to combat points, with "Gun Turrets" an good tip is
you can sometimes fire your Phase Canons from a far enough range
you can just barely see the Turret, and it canNOT target you when
your hitting it.
Also if a turret focus on Torpedoes, like in all combat, Phaser
like beams can shoot down torpedoes, so you can wait for a turret
that fires Torpedoes to fire the torpedo, shoot down the torpedo,
and use your beam to continue firing at the turret.
Rather than use up beam power, and risk being fired on when
recharging weapons.

After a simple task of swooshing your sensors around, and fighting
any group of enemies you come across, and swooshing around some
more you will eventually collect all the information you need to
find the Superweapon.
When you get to the Superweapon you have 4 minuets to destroy it,
first use R2 to target the shield generators, then, hit R1 to fire.
After all shield generators are gone, you can use snap shot
targeting to destroy the rest of the ship.
It's probably easiest to take out the Shield generators with Phase
Canons (called Phasers in this game) because they are quick to
fire and target with, Photonic Torpedoes would be best for knocking
out the main body of the craft after the shield generators are gone,
because Photonic Torpedoes hit with a bigger punch.
(an antimatter warhead will pack a big punch on anything made of
normal mater, and Photonic Torpedoes have antimatter warheads)

Episode 3 "THE EXPANSE"
(see episode 1 "Incursion" for reasons why this canNOT be anything
more than a bad training mission, or an alternate time line, actually
the events stated here in this walkthrough should explain that anyway,
as this is not how the Sphere's were destroyed)

You start looking for a damaged Sphere.
I recommend starting to look to the upper left area of the zone,
if you don't see anything more to the upper left then work your
way right. If your detected by Xindi quick destroy the ships that
detected you. this should be easy. Note, even Stationary defense
turrets must be destroyed quickly if they detect you here.
Staying in nebula gasses will help keep you out of sight, do not
worry, while you will need to leave the nebula, it will be easy
to destroy any Xindi who catch you (you have a minute to destroy
any who find you) and you will not get caught too often.
Note: While the game says stealth is preferred to aggressive
behavior, you get scored at the end of the game for how many
enemies you destroy, so if you want to earn the Admrial rank
you'll have to destroy plenty of Xindi ships, 59 at least.

*tip* when attacking stationary targets in a hurry, when your
phaser/Phase Cannon energy runs down, quickly switch to Photonic
Torpedoes to quickly wipe out an enemy.

When you find the Damaged Sphere simply dock with it, and then
the story will take you back to Jupiter.
Then dock at Jupiter station, same as docking was done before.
Now you must defend Jupiter station, don't let the Xindi get in
too much damage.
The Xindi like to fly low here, so it might help to hold down
L2 sometimes, also target locking (R2) help hit enemies even if
they are lower than you are. Then a simple docking again, and
your upgraded for combat with the Spheres... and your off into
the expanse again... in the show it wasNOT so easy to just zip
back and forth, this is quite a trip.

Returning to the expanse, save your torpedoes for the spheres,
your not going to have to worry about being detected now, so
feel free to fight at will... Phase Cannons are best for fighting
the Xindi here, make sure you save your torpedoes for the big
spheres. When you destroy all the Spheres you win.
This part of the game must be an alternate time line, or a
holographic training recreation because this is not how it
happened in Star Trek continuity canon.

where do you find the Star Trek Enterprise cards?

Trip and T'Pol player card can be found in the first episode.

In the Second episode following the Xindi warp trail, you will
find the LT. Reed card when you find your first group of Xindi
to fight.

Dr. Phlox player cards can be found in the second episode;
around an asteroid field on the right side of the area you can
search around.
You will probably be able find it just naturally following the
warp trails in the game anyway.
(it's hard to point out an exact location in this kind of game)
but a little further up and/or to the right from the Phlox card
you should find one of the planets surrounded by weapon turrets.

In the third and thus final Enterprise mission,
The Captain Archer card can be found near the sphere your scanners
point you towards, using blue arrows.

2nd series 'STAR TREK'
Star Trek the original series
(or perhaps here it would be better called)
Star Trek the original Motion Picture series
as this is an Enterprise from after Star Trek's
first movie.


Episode 1 "SAVIOR"

Start by destroying every hostile ship and mine you see,
when you reach a certain point, the pre-Federation Vulcan
ship will show up and Klingons will damage it.
(this ship would actually be a Federation ship, but it's
design predates the Federation, but in this time period
this Vulcan ship would now be part of the Federation,
however it is not a Starfleet ship like the Enterprise)

Remember your tractor beam in grouped with your weapons,
press circle button to scroll though your secondary weapons,
and press X button to bring back primary weapons at any
Now put all power into engines and weapons, and tow the
Vulcan ship to the Starbase (located as the orange/yellow
dot on your scanners / radar) every now and again you
may need to stop and fight hostile ships every now and again,
your main focus should be on not letting them get hits
into the Vulcan ship.
There is also a chance you might just be able to keep your
distance and avoid fights with some of the Klingons that
appear on your scanners.
(Your not exactly heading straight to the starbase,
your heading to beacons the lead you to the starbase)

*REMEMBER at any time, you can repair the Vulcan ship,
you canNOT repair the engines, but you can undo damage
from attacks, just get (your self and the Vulcans) away
from any hostile ships, select transporter from your
secondary weapons, target with R2, wait until the word
'away team' appears over the Vulcan ship, then hit R1
to beam over an awayteam, and minor damage will be
repaired. Beam over all the teams you want!

When you get to the asteroid field you might want to do a
little scouting ahead, but don't get too far from the
Vulcan Ship!
When you get to the end of the asteroid field, you will
then need to clear the mine field, destroy the mines with
your phasers, with all power to the engines and tractor
beam (a weapon system) you should be able to run past any
hostile forces on your way to the starbase.
Remember pressing Up and Left on the D-pad to divert more
power to weapon systems and engines.
Arriving to the Starbase, the Vulcan ship will be repaired,
now it is your mission to protect the starbase, and the
Vulcan ship.
You need the Enterprise, Vulcan ship and Starbase to survive
the Klingon attack so make sure you protect all your allies.

Episode 2 "CAT AND MOUSE"
This level starts off as a simple scanner/slice swooshing
follow the warp trail level, every now and again the game will
allow you time to fight, so if your attacked by weapon turrets
or enemy ships you will be able to fight, other than that,
make sure you move quickly from warp trail fragment to warp
trail fragment because once scanned, a warp trail fragment
will start to fade, and if you loose you warp trail fragment
before finding the next you fail your mission.

When you get to the section where you deal with mines and
cloaked mines on the warp trail, here's an easy tip to
make the perfunctory task of chasing warp trail around
mines easier, as your swooshing your targeting slice around
detecting stuff, just keep taping R1, especially when the
targeting slice is in a forward direction, so as you get
close to mines, your also phasering them out of existence.
The tip works best with Phasers, there's not much reason
to waste Photon Torpedoes on mines.

Eventually, you come to part of this 'space junk yard' where
the ship is hiding, you'll find mines hidden in the junk,
use your targeting slice to target the mines, then your
weapons can detonate them, the mines are protected by garbage
that will prevent snap shot hits from doing any good.
Eventually the Klingon Cruiser will show it's self, use R2
to target it's weapons, it's important not to hit R1 until
you see the word WEAPONS appear on the Klingon ship, then
do the same to engines, R2 it, until you see ENGINES, then
hit R1.

Remember, for constant power to your tractor beam, divert
energy to your weapon systems.
Now you'll have to tow the Klingon ship you disabled,
protect it from hostile Klingons who would rather destroy
it than let you have it, and destroy any mines that might
get in your way, after passing 2 beacons towing the Klingon
ship you will find an area choked full of mines, phasers
will clear the mines out nicely.
Sweep that area with Phasers before taking the Klingon
ship through there.

Just before you get the Klingon ship out of the debris field,
a bunch of probe/missiles will come after you to attack both
you and your captured ship.
Phasers will take care of the missiles.
Also you can quickly get the Klingon ship to the drop off
point if you have all power to your weapon and engine systems,
outrunning most of the missiles.
Note: If you leave the area where the missiles first attack
you too quickly, there is a chance when you drop off the
Klingon ship a missile will still be waiting for you back
where they appeared and you'll have to go back and destroy it.
Then a few more missiles will appear, so quickly get back
to protect your captured Klingon ship at the drop off point.


You start off in a Klingon ship, keep cloaked or hidden,
and get to the Federation reinforcements fast!
if you fight you'll be forced to fight Klingon ships with
a countdown until they can get a message out, while fighting
you'll just (more often than not) end up drawing more and
more attention and end up with more ships to destroy, not
so bad if not for the damnable timer.
Tip: this will make combat easier, while using beam weapons
you might not be in the habit of holding your trigger down
too long (for some reason the beams stop even before running
out of power if you just hold them down for any amount of
time) well with Pulse Disrupters holding down the button
causes rapid fire. The same thing will work later with
Pulse Phasers. Too bad holding down beam weapons didn't allow
for longer fire time.

If you have trouble, remember this little tip, you have enough
cloaking power to get to the Constitution class ship, as long
as you stop at good safe spots when each cloaking device runs
out of power, and wait carefully until the next one is active
until moving from nebula clouds.
Using all your cloaking power for the trip this way, you'll
only run out around the time you reach the 1st ship, that ok,
because this is a check point, if you fail after reaching the
Constitution class ship, you will restart from this point will
all five cloaking devices fully charged.
You can also use this method to help find your next check point.

First you must find a Constitution class star ship,
then your on a mission to find an Oberth class star ship,
at your first goal you'll find it has moved, so continue to
the next point, it's true location.

Now that you are next to the Oberth class ship your
automatically detected by Klingons, with NO Klingons
around... there's that pesky timer again!
to reset the timer that starts counting down
you must actually get detected by Klingons.
(or if your lucky you might find the right ship to blow up)
This seems to be VERY BAD programming in the game.
You'll find the Klingons to blow up by going downward...
Anyway, Blow up some Klingons quickly, if you find a
ship that is labeled "not to be destroyed" by a special
red X like icon target it then scroll through the
transporter options when you detect the special ship, then,
beam any away team onboard.
(Scroll the transporter options by holding down the R2
button while the scanning/targeting slice is on the ship)

Then your off on a new mission, cloak, find the ship yard,
scan the ship yard... beam an away team on it, beam the away
team back and the Ship yard explodes...
Repeat 3 times and your done.

There's not much to walk through here, but this is a very
fun level! not often I've said that for this game!
You'll be trapped in a failed attempt to save a Vulcan ship,
You can not move the Enterprise.
Use Phasers To Destroy enemy ships and Torpedoes and missiles...
Use Tractor beams to collect items left behind by destroyed
When Phasers canNOT be used, use mines and Torpedoes...
Photon Torpedoes are not very useful, but best when the enemy
ship it retreating.
Mines work best, but be careful to launch when enemy ships
are a good distance away, you'll only end up damaging or
destroying yourself if you fire out a mine and it hits a enemy
ship that it too close to you.
Soon some Oberth class ships will come and help you, you'll
be repaired, simply seek out and destroy remaining Klingon bases.

Remember the whole "Enterprise" thing, where I commented,
this is not how it happened in the TV series, well,
this is NOT how it happened in the Movie series,
plus when Genesis explodes it does so at "warp speed" now
that's strange, a subspace shock wave from that kind of
Still, this is a VERY FUN level!!

The Walkthrough is simple, keep in your subspace short cuts,
that is "warp conduits" that make you warp faster.
The idea of subspace short cuts have been played around with
in the series before and spoken of the STAR TREK STAR CHARTS
by Pocket Books (2002 edition).

Now after exiting from warp fight and destroy the ships
your told to destroy, you will be timed but don't worry,
the timer isn't so bad here.
The timer is only on ships that try to scan for the Genesis
device. When in a big fight, keep moving, firing Phasers
in the direction of what ever enemy ship needs to be destroyed
the most quickly usually a cruiser scanning the planet.
Also, as usual, if Torpedoes are coming at you, try to keep
at an angle than when you fire at them destroying the torpedo
with a Phaser beam, the Phaser can continue firing at enemies
as the torpedo is destroyed.
Beware this battle will be hectic, but as as usual when arriving
with in a certain time is important, it a good idea to have
energy diverted from sensors to engines, and you will not need
to quickly lock on weapons here, snapshot firing is best.

When the planet is ready to explode, do as told, run like hell,
and be quick, do not worry about firing on enemy ships at this
point, even when at warp they will be exploding as you pass by.

Anyway in the regular Star Trek time line this is when the
USS Enterprise NCC-1701 (original) was supposed to be destroyed.
One redeeming side note, like with all of the Enterprise levels
this might just be an alternate time line, as when you get to the
final level of the game (in Star Trek Sovereign) you'll learn
there is a lot of converging of time lines and time periods going

Just taking a second or two to think of what this level changes:
The original 1701 survived the battle a Genesis? hmmmmm,
must be an alternate time line.
If the 1701 doesn't get blown up at Genesis, does Spock really
get saved, if it happened this way? then I guess there will NOT
be a 1701-A or Enterprise-A, so would the Enterprise-B in that
time line would become the Enterprise-A instead?
Or maybe with out the destruction of the Enterprise-1701 they
would NOT start the tradition of reusing the Enterprise's registry
of 4 arabic numbers plus a roman letter of the alphabet.

STAR TREK (the original series) CARDS.
Where do you find the Star Trek cards?

Lt. Commander Scott card can be found at the start of the first
episode, by flying left from where you start, look for a blue
dot on your radar to help you find it.

Following the Warp trails in the Second episode will lead you
straight to the Spock card.

In the 3rd episode, when flying as the Klingon ship,
you find the McCoy card near where you find your first goal
(a Constitution class starship) These cards are easy to find.

In the 4th episode "Dead in the water" get the Captain Kirk
card by hitting it with a tractor beam.

In the 5th episode "Battle at Genesis" you can find the Sulu
card, just turn left after coming out of the last warp short
cut conduit.

It is good to see the Galaxy class Enterprise back in action again!
Could just be my excitement for seeing a Galaxy class ship in action
again, but, really these levels seem a lot more fun than the
Enterprise and original series levels.
But then again, I was even more happy to see the NX class ships
again, and those levels sucked.

Follow those pesky warp trails again, as done in earlier episodes.
Target the Romulan ships engines, fire Phasers, beam over an
away team, beam the away team back... then,
destroy all hostile ships.
Once all that is done you'll find the next scout just jumps to
warp when you find it.
Be ready to blast it with a tractor beam to stop it from warping,
then once again you'll be beaming in an away team, and thus also
beaming them back. After that the ship and any others that come
to fight can be destroyed.
Soon you'll be back searching for warp trails, you will be ambushed
by Romulans a few times.
Usual trick will take care of the final scout, not before a space
battle that will include weapon turrets.

When you find the last scout, and recover the data from it,
you must rush to the wormhole to stop (in other words 'destroy')
any Romulan ship that tries to enter.
If you pull that off, you then must follow a heavily shielded
Romulan war bird to a Federation outpost, trying to stop the
war bird before it crashes into the outpost.
Destroy any Asteroids with green glowing bits to unleash
radiation that will weaken the Romulans special shielding thus
allowing you to damage the Romulan ship.
You'll have to hit the Romulan ship with everything you've got,
unload every torpedo at it you can (but only while it's special
shields are down) then use Phasers! also Phasers are best for
blowing up the Radioactive asteroids to help weaken it.

This is pretty straight forward, do as the game says,
destroy all Romulan ships (by now you should be good at this,
including dealing with the probe/missile weapons) then
destroy the turrets in the asteroid field, allowing you
to destroy the radioactive asteroids, thus enabling you
to communicate with starfleet.
...and after that is done...
Then it's a simple case of using the R2 button to lock onto
the Romulan warp bird loaded with antimatter and beaming an
away team on board, then protecting the that from attacks
from the other Romulan ships.
...then when the Romulan War Bird hits the Romulan outpost,
your in for a fun space battle.
When that Fight is over, your off to meet a Nebula class
starship, following beacon by beacon...
When you find the ship quickly tractor beam it to the
wormhole... if you were lucky enough you got the ship lined
up into the wormhole (bad 3D programming in the game sometimes
prevents you from telling if you lined up properly) an other
ship will also call out in distress, get this ship to the
wormhole quickly too.
...and that's all she wrote for "into the wormhole"

Episode 3 "SEE NO EVIL"
Do as the Game instructs you, collect evidence 'in your tractor
beam' and haul it back to the Outpost.
It's best if you destroy many of the Gun Turrets along the way,
however, you can also take some advantage of the empty space
above the map, just don't go too far as you'll start to level out
if you go too far above the asteroid field...
but don't worry about leveling out too much, you'll get a 10
second countdown to get back into the map.
Remember it only take one hit from enemy weapons to destroy the
evidence, but you can always go back for more.
Just don't destroy the Romulan ship that is drooping off the
evidence (or else you will not be able to find more evidence)
and be careful not to get pulled into the black hole.

Then your mission will be to protect the Starbase, you then
must beam away teams onto Nebula class starships, 3 are possible,
don't let the Romulans destroy them, at least come away with
one Nebula class wing man, and then rush back to protect the
If you and your Nebula friend(s) survive the battle, with out
letting the Outpost get destroyed, you've finished "See No Evil"
and unlocked a Nebula Class Star Ship.

Episode 4 "BEHEMOTH"
First destroy the Orions whom are attacking the big lifeform.
The creature must have strange energies coursing through it's
body as the wound the Orions created sucks in the Enterprise-D!
AS your ship is trapped with damaged engines, use Phasers to
fend off white corpuscles and anti-bodies.

Then, when You get engines back online, you must heal the
creature traveling from various nodes in the creatures
huge body, and blasting the nodes with energy from the
deflector dish (or sometimes, if your back is towards the
target, energy from your warp nacelles)
"Remember Deflector dish energy beams are in your secondary
weapon list, with tractor beams and mines"

Once all healed on the inside, you have only a little time
to escape the wound, thus, all power to the engines rush
to the wound (as usual it on your radar) have Phasers ready
to fend off any immune system cells that may attack you on
your way out.


In Episode 1 "Shadows and Dust" a Data card can be found just
after one of the ambushes by Romulans, when you resume following
the warp trail you'll see in near some large asteroids.
Later in that episode if you follow the heavily shielded Romulan
warp bird closely though the asteroid field you'll find the
Geordi LaForge card.

A Picard Card can be found in the Radioactive asteroid field.

In Episode 3 "See No Evil"
The Worf card can be found in the asteroid field, near some
weapons turrets.

In Episode 4 "Behemoth"
You can find the Dr. Crusher card while traveling between
the nodes in the space creature. Near an area mined with

4th series
The show may have deviated from the spirit of Star Trek,
at least in appearance more so than any other Trek series,
perhaps most notable in the mistreatment of genetically
engineered people, and it in a war back ground rather than
the usual more peaceful toned adventures, but this series
did a lot of good expanding of the Star Trek universe.
Perhaps almost as Good as Enterprise, Deep Space Nine
surpassed even the quality of Next Generation.
(Hey a little personal reviewing and over viewing here)
So it's too bad Deep Space Nine is only represented in
two levels (or episodes) here.
Note: while the Defiant usually fires Quantum Torpedoes,
and Federation Quantum Torpedoes are usually blue,
in this game your torpedoes are a Photon Torpedo red.
A similar error of sorts can be seen in the Enterprise
era where Phase Canons are called Phasers.


Looking for friendly ships, if you get detected by the
Dominion ships, you'll be in for a big fight.
If you wish you can Cloak, remember the Defiant has a
Romulan cloaking device.
But then again, if you fight, you'll get a lot of enemy
ships out of your way, remember you have the Defiant,
Hold down your fire button and you can Pulse Phaser the
living **** out of your enemies!
First, find the Beacons, your radar will help.
Then you'll soon know where the Ships are, a mix of
Federation Nebula and old style Vulcan ships, plus
Ferengi ships need to be save from the Dominion.
Beam away teams on these ships, but first clear way
any enemy ships around them... be careful, Pulse Phasers
only snap shot target, so try not to hit your allied
ships, as pulse phasers will travel a long distance,
you may even damage an allied ship with it's outside
your range of view.

Once you've save those ships your off on a mission,
to find more beacons in the Plasma Storms. Yikes.
Full power to engines and shields!

Once you've found you beacons, and hopefully a Worf
card to go with your O'Brian card that could be found
even earlier in the episode, you now must take down
some Dominion ships, as the game says 'using antimatter
mines' so be careful not to travel too slow when
dropping mines, you might blow yourself up.
Also I should save this for the 'cards section' but
your third card can be found here, Sisko joins Worf
and O'Brian.
Ok, Drop of your mines to blow up the big ships,
when fighters warp in fight off the Fighters...
your biggest problem will be making sure you get
away from your mines fast enough, as in the Defiant
quick moves and Pulse Phaser Canon fire can take
care of the smaller ships.

Episode 2 "FIRE AT WILL"
Starts off easy enough, do as the game asks,
seek out the enemy ships and destroy them.
An easy task for the Defiant.
Two battles with the Jem'Hadar and your called back
to defend the Deep Space Nine station.
After a simple battle protecting DS9, more enemies
are en route, and you must dock at the station.
If you don't dock in time you'll continue to fight
in the Defiant... however, if you dock you'll take
control of Deep Space Nine.

The First Battle as the Deep Space Nine station
is pretty straight forward... destroy the enemies.
While attack ships both small and very very large,
Don't forget to be on guard for missiles!
Then when that battle is won, the Dominion ships
take up a new strategy, using tractor beams to hurl
asteroids at the station... now this can become a
bit repetitive... tip: if your finding it hard
to take down the asteroids as the get close, try
swiping your phaser beams across space in the
general direction of the red blips on your radar,
remember Phasers extend for a long distance beyond
your view.

Ok you've won an other battle, so once again the
Defiant leaves the station, and your off to stop
an Armada that will be exiting the wormhole.
Now, destroy as many enemy ships as you can until
a Nebula class star ship can arrive, don't let it
get destroyed... and you win when the Nebula class
ship enters the wormhole. Yay!


In episode 1 "INTO THE BADLANDS"
The O'Brian Card can be found in the 1st episode of
the Deep Space Nine era, it is to the left of where
you start the episode at, and perhaps a little bit up.
Then in the Plasma storm, Worf is back! in Card form!
(You just saw him in card form in the Next Generation
levels, you can find his Deep Space Nine card near a
beacon in the Plasma Storm in this Deep Space Nine
But that's not all in this very same episode, while
dropping mines near Dominion ships you'll find a Sisko

In Episode 2 "Fire at Will"
The Dax card can be found in the Asteroid field,
near where the 2nd group of Dominion ships are.
On your way back to Deep Space Nine from where you
found the Dax card you should find the Bashir card.

Well the bad news is were all out of Deep Space Nine,
Next Generation and Enterprise missions...
Don't even have any original series missions left to
fall back on, I guess I'll have to play some Voyager
now. This show did have it's good moments, and there
are also some good novels based on this show too.
So the good news is, that there is some more game to


Episode 1 "THE CHASE"
This episode in the game is based on a Star Trek the
Next Generation episode of the same name. CooL.

You start off in a Star Ship race, just like in
"Battle at Genesis" so put all your power to engines.
Then at the end of the race, you must fight some weak
ships, the Kazon ships are not known for being
formidable in small numbers.
(Wow, Voyager might not be a pretty as an NX, Oberth,
Constitution, Galaxy, Nebula, Defiant or Sovereign class
ship, but she sure is agile, she might not be pretty
but she is a good little ship)
(Every time I look at the ship, and start to get used
to it, then I see it on a different angle and it just
looks some how wrong, not the model here, I mean the
actual class of ship, on a side note, I find the Titan
also looks like that, the Titan is not in this game)

After that fight, it's off on an other Starship race,
these races are more rigid than the ones in "Battle
at Genesis" thus these races are less fun.
In fact the 2nd race is far too rigid to be fun at all, in my opinion,
(still at least it's not as poorly designed as the
"Specter's Ghost" or the Enterprise levels)
Here's a trick, bumping into the Kazon ship just slows
you down, so (awkwardly) hold L1 to rise above the Kazon
ship should you ever be close to it, once in front of
it's just for fun, you could always unload a bunch of
mines, I don't know if it helps, but I like the idea of
dropping mines on the damn Kazon here.
You collect the 2nd artifact Then have your self an
other space battle.
In this battle don't forget to check for any character
cards that might pop out of ships you destroy.

Then, THEN, Then the people who made this game decided
it be fun to do that again, they were wrong, but anyway
deal with the next race using the same procedures as
Same for the following space battle.

Then once again an other space race, same as before,
collecting the 4th artifact, you'll end up in the
same space battle again.
...And in the end, you'll discover what was already
discovered before Voyager was launched, by the
Still it was cool to that Next Generation episode
referenced in this game.

First, shot down all the Borg ships, any one remember
when the Borg were scary? this battle will be easy.
Then you need to target with Torpedoes the Roboticized
sections of the planet. A few Photon Torpedoes will
clear up that planetary Borg infection.
Collect some kind of Kazon escape pod.
Now power up your tractor beam, you have to collect
some satellites and return them to orbit, just drop
them in the green glowing target areas.
The returning the satellites to orbit quest end with a
Borg attack, usual space battle rules here; except,
now you must keep track of new information and keep
track of where you are in relationship to each planet,
because, you goal is to protect the planets and keep
the population from dropping to zero.
(the on screen numbers are kind of small, and hard to
read, but, the biggest problem is running from planet
to planet.
Personal opinion again here, This is less fun than
playing "The Chase" and that one had it's negatives,
however things get a little more fun in the final
fight you must destroy big Borg ships before they can
destroy the planets.
Focus on the Big Cubes, ignore smaller ships and rush
from Cube to Cube destroying them as you go.

For the record I do remember when the Borg were scary,
or at least a threat, in "Q Who" and "Best of Both World"
on Star Trek the Next Generation, plus "Regeneration" on
(later the Borg seem to become only a nuisance)
FEDERATION for Personal Computers with Microsoft WINDOWS
it takes about 20 ships to fend off a Borg Cube, here
Voyager does it alone.

If you wondering Roboticized, and Roboticize, are terms originating
from the Sonic the Hedgehog series.
If you wonder who LUDDITE is, It's someone who is anti-technology.

Episode 3 "MY ENEMY'S ENEMY"
Now we are fighting species 8472 to collect information
on the Borg, this seems a little out of characters as
something a Starfleet vessel would do, anyway usual
space combat rules... expect 8472 to get away with the
Cube, and thus expect more combat to follow...

This will lead up to one of those annoying, swipe you
scanners across space to track down the warp trails.
(why do they keep putting that in this game)
Handle this the same way you've handled it in the
On this quest you can expect to get attacked a few
time along the way (as usual) and also (as usual)
during combat it's ok to loose track of the warp
trail because after a fight your scanner magically
find it (yet loosing track of it for a few seconds
any other time causes you to fail) don't worry
about the ambush (as usual) nothing you can't
Finally the Battle between the Borg and 8472, finally
some Star Trek style negotiation (rather than blowing
everyone up) dock at 8472's base to talk.

While it might be very strange to see the Kazon out
here in Borg/8472 territory, you now have an interesting
alliance with 8472 and must protect them from the Kazon.
A few things must be done for 8472
Including tractoring weapon turrets into place,
and a good idea would be to drop mines (a good distance
from the turrets) in the direction of incoming Kazon
You also must fight to protect species 8472, make
protecting their base your main priority.
Try not to let any Kazon pass the defense turrets,
if the defense turrets are destroyed use their location
as a good line in the sand (metaphor) and try not
to let the Kazon get any closer.

After saving, then docking with the 8472 base, you'll
have to seek out your allies (8472 ships) and enter a
wormhole. As usual use the Yellow/Orange dots on your
radar. (after you leave the 8472 base don't miss the
crew card en route to your first goal on the radar)

Once you exit the wormhole, simple use of the radar
will help you find the nebula and then the 'garbage'
you need to collect, and even your way back to the
nebula again.
No combat a that point, so just have your tractor
beam ready for garbage towing.
Note: you see the garbage flashing green even before
it exits the garbage port, sometimes you might have
to run at strange angles to keep the garbage disposal
phasers from targeting it.
At one location you may even have to head deeper into
the borg base, as running straight off with it means
pulling it past the garbage disposal phasers.
If your garbage gets blown up on you, then you must
wait for an other garbage pod to be emitted.
Arming the garbage bomb means zapping it with your
deflector dish, so be ready to quickly beam an away
team into the shield generator before your 10 second
garbage time bomb goes off.
Also exploding garbage might make the Borg angry,
beware that near by Borg cubes will start attacking
you when you blow up garbage and knock out shield
generators near them.
After your 2nd (successful) attack you will have wing
man support from species 8472. (be careful not to let
the Borg wipe them out, By the time your down to your
4th and final attack on the Borg you'll be in need of
all the help from them you can get.

And that's all there was to that level, there is some
fun to be had there, yet much of it is per functional
perfunctory tasks.


Ok, the Borg queen is hot on your @$$ and quite irate
over what you did to her in the last episode of the
game, so run like hell, charge the warp conduit (a
job for the deflector dish) then fend off the Borg
(a job for the Phasers) until the transwarp conduit
opens... then run like hell (a job for your warp
nacelles) so feel free to dump all your power into
shields and engines, because you do not want to slow
down for anything.
Remember, slow down for nothing, better to hit L1 to
rise above your enemies, than slow for combat, or
worse bump into an enemy and slow down even more.

When you finish your 1st transwarp race, expect more
of the same.
and after the 2nd race cross subspace, the Borg
Queen's is damaged by the conditions you've exited
transwarp, so now you can destroy the Borg queen,
and then you must combat an armada of borg ships.
Have fun.


The Torres card can be found in episode 1 "the Chase"
when you blow up a big Kazon cruiser, after collecting
your 2nd Artifact.

The Seven of Nine card can be found in episode 2
"The Luddite Prophecy" up and to the right of the planet
on your radar, near the warp short cuts, you might see
it en route to the farthest orange dot on your radar when
collecting the satellites.
Then the Tuvok card can be found in the same level,
following the warp short cuts that lead left from the
planet where the Seven of Nine card is.

In episode 3 "My Enemy's Enemy" the Doctor Card can be
found after protecting 8472 from the Kazon attack,
if you go straight from the base towards the
yellow/orange goal on your radar you should pass very
close to it, if you don't get too close to it you can
still see it as a blue dot on your radar.

In the 4th and thus final Voyager episode of this game
"The one who is many" you can find the last Voyager
card, and thus the last card in the game, where you
enter the 2nd Transwarp gate.
With Janeway, assuming you've collected all the other
cards in the game, you now have all character cards.

Is this the Sovereign class Enterprise "the Enterprise-E"?
Or just an other Sovereign class ship?
Anyway here the last two episodes of the game.



Protect the Ferengi ships from all attackers, make your
way to the weapon. Beam an away team on to the bridge,
then lock a tractor beam onto the antimatter reactor,
the Ferengi warp trail (no annoying scanning needed) can
be found a little bit to the right of where you pick up
the antimatter reactor.
Beware debris that will crash into you "only" when you
have the reactor in tow (an Orion trap) you can rise
above the junk yard like area (pressing L1) to help avoid
traps, then get to the rendezvous point.
You can see roughly where the warp trail would take you,
to the right and a little bit upward.
The rendezvous point might not appear if you don't pass
close enough to parts of the warp trail.
As usual the rendezvous point will be a Yellow/Orange
point on your radar.

Now do as the game says and get to the 2nd reactor, use
an away team again, this time you protect the Ferengi
who tows it.
However, this time when the antimatter reactor is unlocked
this time the Ferengi tow it...
(Rant again here)>>>
Now some games are challenging (for example Silp Heed for
the Sega CD was challenging) this game is not challenging
It's hard parts are just awkward and annoying, you simply
must accept defeat and hope next time you are lucky...
THAT IS NOT CHALLENGING, why did something this horribly
planed out ever make it in a game, ANY GAME, ANY WHERE!
How many times does stuff like this make it into games,
where it isn't challenging, it just requires amazing luck!
...well, at least it's not as bad a Star Trek INVASION for
the original Playstation, but then again at least Invasion
had a story that could fit inside Star Trek continuity.
<<<(rant somewhat over)
Now you must protect the Ferengi, one hit will destroy the
reactor the Ferengi are towing, you must prevent the Orions
from getting a hit in, you can fly ahead and take them out
just before the Ferengi get to them, but, then the Ferengi
are not guarded, and sometimes the orions fly past you after
the Ferengi, and sometimes (often actually) they will be
out of view of the Ferengi and target them when they are not
in your view (remember weapons, including beam weapons
travel beyond the area you can see on screen) this is a very
annoying set up.
The best way to deal with this is keep ahead of the Ferengi,
tapping R2 as you go (tapping not holding, because for some
reason beam phasers will only constantly fire if you target
something, as opposed to pulse phasers where you can hold
down the button and unleash a constant force)
Blasting empty and unknown space with Phaser beams as you
go should help destroy any mines and get early shots into
enemies out of view sweep space as best you can, and any
sight 'ANY SIGHT AT ALL' of an enemy destroy it quickly, do
NOT let any enemy fighter or mine get near the Ferengi ship.
This will lead to a timed fight where the Ferengi will
protect the cargo, while you must destroy the Orions with
in a limited time.

Ok, you've got the reactors out of the junk yard like weapon,
Now fend off an other fleet of Orions, don't stray too far
from where the reactors are. Then tow one by one, both of the
reactor to the near by star.
Remember if orions show up destroy them before towing, as the
could easily destroy the reactors.
However, if you already have the reactor in two, with all
your power in engines and weapons (tractor beam is powered as
a weapon) then even if the Orions show up while your towing
the reactor you should be able to get to the star on time.

The last episode of "Star Trek Sovereign, and thus the last
episode of the game.

Ok you Star off as the SOVEREIGN class star ship ENTERPRISE,
Picard's 2nd Enterprise, you encounter a strange anomaly near
Luna (Earth's Moon) and out come the Xindi and the NX-01!
Fend off all enemy ships and protect all Federation ships and
space (protect the NX-01 and Starbase) easy enough, but soon
enough the distortion will cause Picard's Enterprise to
disappear, then Captain Archer's ENTERPRISE NX-01 is Earth only
...Remember, the Enterprise NX-01 is an older ship, beautiful,
but outdated, it's Phase Canons are weaker than most other
beam weapons, and in this game it's Phase Canons have blind
spots, but it's Photonic Torpedoes are almost as powerful
as Photon Torpedoes, so that's your key to hurting more
powerful ships.

Now playing as the NX-01, you'll be fighting Dominion ships,
(this rift must be a result of the Temporal Cold War? perhaps
the Sphere Builders? someone with an interest in destroying
Earth?) The Defiant will soon arrive to help, and fending off
the Dominion soon hostile Klingons and Krik's Enterprise show
up... and when the NX-01 disappears so does the 1701 with Kirk.
So now you play as the Defiant.

From Sovereign Enterprise to NX Enterprise NOW to Defiant, when you
fend off the Klingons (don't forget to use L1 and L2 to rise
and lower to the levels of Klingon ships, so you can hit the
Klingon ships even as they cloak) Watch the Klingons and you
should be able to get shots in even as the cloak, a cloaked ship
canNOT be target locked, but it can be hit, besides the Defiant
was never best for target locks.

Beat the Klingons then the Defiant will be caught in an anomaly
again, this time (you the player stay with the Defiant) the
Defiant goes back in time to 2006, and use must use time travel
to get back to the future.
(remember special conditions in the warp engines, plus strong
gravity and high speed can cause time travel)
(actually, remember relativity, just high non-warp speed should
cause time dilation, but we want true time travel here)
Run though the warp short cuts to pick up a high enough warp
speed, to cause time travel.
Do NOT miss any Short Cuts! You need all your speed.

Ok Defiant, now your back at the time of the anomaly and the
anomaly has taken you to an alternate universe where the
Romulans control Earth.
Now you take on the Romulan base and fleet!
You'll soon see your new ally, the Intrepid class USS VOYAGER,
and soon the Defiant class USS DEFIANT will disappear into the
rift, so now Voyager is the only hope.
Your biggest fight here is with the Romulan base, make quick
passes, hit it with Voyager's impressive phasers, and try to
target lock the turret around it, it's easier to fight if you
can get rid of the turrets first.
Don't forget the turrets around Luna (Earth's moon)

With the Romulans gone the next rift brings in the Borg and
a special sovereign class star ship ENTERPRISE.
In this ream the Borg have assimilated Earth, hit the Borged
up parts of Earth with Photon Torpedoes!
You only have 5 minutes to de-roboticize Earth!
Uh oh, Just to slow you down... your switch over into to the
Enterprise takes place here!

Your next rift you meet up with everyone, this could be the
start of a beautiful Captain's Table Anthology by Pocket Books,
Instead it's an all out battle!
With help from all those other ships from the game, battle the
hostile forces the anomaly has dumped next to Earth.
All out fighting, as best I can tell every ship does a good job
of protecting it's self, and you can get a lot of multiple hits
in on the enemies by target locking them (as there will be large
numbers of enemy ships close together to target all at once)
This huge battle is the last of the trouble anomaly causes!
This was a very fun level.
While it had it's flaws this game had a lot of fun parts.

(This has no effect on the game, nor does it help game play,
I just wanted to ponder this)

Maybe this is an attempt to destroy humans again!

(Braxton was in a few episodes of Star Trek Voyager,
and Star Trek New Frontier Double Time (Graphic Novel)
also Double Time is reprinted in Star Trek Other Realities.
Who knows what Braxton could be up to, or maybe some strange
faction in the temporal cold wars.
Maybe all of the events of this game were erased from the
time line when Archer ended the Temporal Cold Wars? thus
this anomaly might be the result of, and, one of a few
remaining events in temporal cold war.
Or maybe this space/time Anomaly erased the conflicting events
from earlier in the story from the time line, ether way
this could be the result of the Temporal Cold War.

Q keeps tampering with the events related to humanity, who
knows what Q might be up to!

Maybe it's Tholians from ether this universe, or maybe from
the Mirror Universe, who knows what the Tholians could be
trying to do.

It could be a natural result of some strange mix of forces
somewhere in the universe causing the fabric space and time to
rip. Nature has been responsible for a lot of interesting
things ever since it Big Banged it's self into existence
about 14.7 Billion years ago. In other words, this event
might not have an intentional cause, it could be just Natural.

RAKATA from Star Wars
These guys became quite advanced,
Maybe they were looking into other universes and found
Starfleet, an organization with replicator technology,
Perhaps messing with the universal boundaries they might be
a plain to kidnap some humans and their technologies,
including replicators, so they can complete their starforge.
This could explain how humans arrived in the Star Wars
galaxy, and if the Rakata discovered human mitochondria
could be transformed into midichlorians by exposing them to
the radiation surrounding the Milky Way Galaxy, who knows
what uses the Rakata might have for humans.
(This unlikely idea would be a 'Star Trek / Star Wars Crossover'
as the Rakata or Rakatan people are from Star Wars Knights of
the Old Republic, this would explain how humans arrived in the
Star Wars galaxy, and any similarities between Star Trek and
Star Wars)

Maybe a mix of any number (if not all) of the above resulted
in the anomaly, it's just kind of fun to think about.
It still could be all of the above, each group taking advantage
of something the other has done, even perhaps taking advantage
of and manipulating both natural forces and attempts of others.

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