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1. Introduction
2. Game Goal
3. Controls
4. Characters
5. Levels
6. Walkthrough


Although i've been a user of Gamefaqs for quite a while, i've never written
a guide, so if you think this guide sucks or have any feedback in general,
get in contact with me and let me know, my contact details are at the bottom
of the guide. Hope this guide helps. Also, this guide is obviously nowhere
near being finished at the moment. I'm still working my way through it myself
but thought that other gamers might appreciate the head start.

Game Goal.

The overall goal in this game is to skate your way into Project 8, Tony Hawk's
new skate team. You will do this by completing goals, doing Pro Challenges,
competing in competitions, hitting gaps and finding secret areas.


This game retains the same basic controls that we've all come to know and love
over the years, although it does have one or two new controls.

A - Ollie
X - Flip Tricks
B - Grab Tricks
Y - Grind
Up/Down and Down/Up - Manual
Left Stick - Move Character
Right Stick - Move Camera
LB and RB - Spin
RT - Pivot (when in Manual) Transfer (when in the air) Change between Switch
and regular (when on the ground)
LT (+ Left Stick up or down) - used to do flips when airborne

These are just the basic controls and there are more, although i'm sure you'll
get used to them fairly quickly.


Tony Hawk's project 8 has 12 Pro Skaters with more unlockable. The
characters are (in no particular order) as follows:

Tony Hawk
Lyn-z Adams Hawkins
Bob Burnquist
Dustin Dollin
Nyjah Huston
Bam Margera
Rodney Mullen
Paul Rodriguez
Ryan Sheckler
Daewon Song
Mike Valley
Stevie Williams

The Unlockable Skaters are:

Security Guard

(More To Follow)


Tony Hawks Project 8 is basically one huge level once it is all unlocked,
although different areas have different goals. Below are a list of all the
levels. Underneath these you will find the walkthrough for each level.

Skate Park
Main Street
The Capitol
Hill Top
City Park
Fun Park


Well, i've decided to do this walkthrough in an area by area basis, giving
all the information for each area in one segment, this includes goals, gaps
and secret spots for each area, as well as any pro challenges that are in each


The first level of the game, and where your character lives. A fairly fun
level with lots of grinds, a few half pipes and a couple of pools.

There are 12 goals in this level, some of them fairly easy, others nigh on
impossible! These goals are:

Property Values
Colonels Grind
Plywood High
Mailbox Spin
Nail The Rotation
Picket Fence Photo
Pool To Pool Photo
Demo In The Pool
Shag Dad's Balls (No, thats not a joke..)
Wallplant The Gate
Out Of Suburbia!
Local Turf War

Property Values:
A "Classic" Tony Hawk challenge, consisting of many seperate challanges,
just like the levels in the original games. This goal consists of 10
challenges, these are:

Kickflip over the bushes.
Wallplant four snowmen.
High Score (65,000).
Pro Score (130,000).
Sick Score (400,000).
High Combo (30,000).
Collect SKATE.
Collect COMBO.
Find the Secret Disc.

Amateur: 5/10 challenges (over seperate runs)
Pro: 8/10 challenges (over seperate runs)
Sick: 10/10 challenges (in one run)

Firstly, i will give a challenge by challenge analysis, then below i will give
details on how to achieve the Sick score for the area.

Kickflip over the bushes:
The bushes are to your left from the start point.
Simply go straight ahead and over the pool, up the quarter pipe and back
toward the bushes, the quarter pipe will get your speed up for you. Land the
Kickflip safely to achieve this goal.

Wallplant four snowmen:
All four snowmen are in the main street and are obvious to see, just hit each
of them with a wallplant to achieve this goal.

High Score/Pro Score/Sick Score/High Combo:
The reason i am putting these together is that if you are after the Sick
score, chances are you'll get the others in the process. The best place to do
this is in the yard next to where you start, the one with the killer halfpipe.

Collect SKATE:
From where you start, make your way into the next yard. To the left of the
halfpipe there is a car. Atop the car is S. In the garden with the pools next
door to this, the K is at the back of the far away pool and the A is toward
the fence for the Japanese garden. Smash through the fence after collecting
S K A and go under the  shelter at the back of the garden, the T is under
there. Finally, the E is also in this garden, toward the quarter pipe next to
the wall.

Collect COMBO:
This is a fairly easy combo to get if you can grind decently. Grind the wall
next to your start point and you will collect C O M, at the end of the wall,
jump to collect B. From here, land in a manual and up the quarter pipe in
front of you to collect the O, land safely to complete the goal.

Find The Hidden Disc: 
The hidden disk is on a rooftop in this level.From your
start point, head towards the garden with the skate equipment. There is a 
caravan in this garden. Ollie up the caravan and grind the right hand edge of
the house, this will see you grind a power line across the street. Ride this
grind until you hit the Secret Disc.

Sick Completion:
The thing i would stress about the Sick Completion in these classic challenges
is that you CANNOT do one goal after the other, you have to mix them together
into one consecutive run. DO NOT try to get SKATE, then the pumpkins, then
the combo etc because time is tight enough as it is. Here's how i done it:
From the beginning turn to face the pumpkin (1 of 5) next to you and grind the
wall which it is on. Staying on this wall will give you C O M B for combo 
(which must be retrieved in one combonation). Jump the wall at the end and
land in a manual, go up the quarter pipe in front of you and collect the O to
achieve combo. However, make sure that you DO NOT end the trick at this point.
When you land, do a revert with RT and link it into a manual. From here build
up the sick score, making sure to keep linking your tricks. All this should be
done within the first 30 or so seconds of the run. After all the scores have
been achieved make sure you are facing the way which you were going from the
beginning, in the top right hand corner you will see a pumpkin (2 of 5), grind
up to collect it and keep going. Now, at the left hand side of the screen you
will see a car which has the S for Skate on top of it, collect that and make
your way back to the beginning of the run. It is important here that you build
speed as it is required in order to complete "Kickflip over the bushes". You
will see a kicker ramp in front of you as you approach the bushes, just hit
it at speed, kickflip and that should see that goal completed. At this point
there should be somewhere between a 70 and 80 seconds left. Next, make your
way into the street, across from you is a Snowman (1 of 4), wallplant this
Snowman, turn 180 and you will see another Snowman across the street (2 of 4).
Wallplant this one and make your way to the tree in the middle of the road.
To the right is Snowman (3 of 4) and it is important not to hit it at too
acute an angle or the wallplant will not work. After hitting this one the
other Snowman (4 of 4) is behind the woman you spoke to to begin this run. Hit
it to complete this goal. At this point there should be roughly a minute left.
After you wallplant the final snowman you will see a white picket fence to the
right, grind this to hit Pumpkin (3 of 5), jump off before the corner and
cross the street, heading back to where you began. There is a concrete block
outside this house and atop it sits Pumpkin (4 of 5). After smashing this,
head to the back garden again and make your way towards the caravan (stick to
the left, don't go over the pipe). When you reach this caravan, jump off the
board and collect the final Pumpkin (5 of 5). Now get back on the board, up
the quarter-pipe behind you and back toward the caravan. Jump from the caravan
to the roof of the house and grind the right hand edge. This will see you
grind a power line to a house across the street, on the top of this house is 
the Secret Disc. After collecting the disc, fall from the roof and make your
way toward the pool at the back of the garden, where the K is located. After
picking this up, head toward the brown fence where the A is situated. After
picking up the A, simply smash through this fence and go toward the shelter
at the back of this japanesey looking garden, the T is inside this shelter.
After picking up the T you will notice a quarter pipe at the end of the
garden, ride toward it and the E awiats you in front of it. All challenges

These parts of the walkthrough will undoubtedly be the longest, given the
sheer amount of information in each one, please remember that each goal will
not have a walkthrough like this one!

Colonels Grind:

Amateur: Grind to the first marker
Pro: Grind to the second marker
Sick: Grind to the third marker

Across the road from where the first snowman was wallplanted you will see a 
green line spraypainted on the ground, this is a spot challenge. Basically,
you have to get into a grind before this marker and stay on it until you reach
the Amatuer, Pro and Sick spray marks on the pavement (Amatuer is orange, Pro
is blue and Sick is yellow). The amateur marker is located just after you turn
the corner, the pro marker is located ot long after this, although you must
jump a gap in the kerb on your way to it. The sick marker is almost opposite
the starting point of the objective and is over yet another kerb gap. My
advice for this goal and all others like it is to get the amateur rank, then
pro, then sick. This way you can build yourself up gradually rather than
trying for sick straight away and getting nowhere. To stop after a certain
marker, just jump out of the grind and make sure you don't bail out.

Plywood High:

Amateur: Ollie to the first marker
Pro: Ollie to the second marker
Sick: Ollie to the third marker

In the garden with all the halfpipes and the caravan there is a piece of wood
that sticks high into the air, this is Plywood High. All that you have to do
in this objective is reach the markers and land safely. I would recommend
doing this by starting at the other side of the garden and transferring all
the way along, this will build up air and speed.

Mailbox Spin:

Amateur: Combo to the first mailbox
Pro: Combo to the second mailbox
Sick: Combo to the third mailbox

In my opinion, this is one of the trickiest goals in Suburbia. Across the road
from where you wallplanted the first snowman, you will see a letterbox with a
green ring around the bottom of it. To start this challenge, just jump on top
of the mail box and press Y, this will start your skater spinning round on
the mailbox. From here, the 2nd mailbox (and the amatuer rank) is right across
the street. Jump off this mailbox with your analog stick facing the mailbox
and land in a manual. When you get near the mailbox jump onto it and press Y.
From here, the best way to go to get the Pro rank is to grind the white fence
in front of you until just before the corner, at this point jump off and land
in a manual. When you get close enough just jump on the mailbox. This is where
it got tricky for me. Jumping into a manual will not get you all the way to
the third mailbox, which is out of your view to the right. The best way to do
this is to jump off with your analog stick facing down/right and land in a
manual. From here, grind the tree in the middle of the street until you are in
line with the mailbox. Jump out of the grind and into another manual, ride the
manual until you get close enough to jump onto the final mailbox. As always,
the rank only counts if you land safely.

Nail The Rotation:

Amateur: Flip the board three full rotations
Pro: Flip the board four full roatations
Sick: Flip the board five full roatations and score 10,000 points

This is an example of the new "Nail The Trick" feature in THP8 and it takes
some getting used to! There isn't really much i can say about this one as it
is mainly a case of trial and error, although to get the sick score i would
suggest turning around from where you begin, wallplanting the wall behind you
and riding back down, this will help you get more power out of your ollie.
As you need 10,000 points i would suggest holding down RB as you jump in order
to spin, this will help as a multiplyer.

Picket fence photo:

Amateur: Land a 180 Flip Trick
Pro: Land a 360 Flip Trick
Sick: Land a Clean 540 Double Flip Trick and a Grab trick

I would advise waiting until your stats improve before attempting the sick
trick, it's just a waste of time in the beginning. Again, i would recommend
doing the amateur first and building up, although you can attempt the pro
trick right from the beginning if you're feeling confident.

Pool to Pool Photo:

Amateur: Land a 360 Transfer with a Grab Trick
Pro: Land a 540 Transfer with a Rocket Air
Sick: Land a 720 Transfer with a Seatbelt Air

The same applies to this goal as the last one, keep the sick trick until
your stats are better, the other two can be achieved from the beginning,
i'd still advise doing amateur first and building up.

Demo in the Pool:

Amateur: Keep all three crowds paying attention
Pro: Keep all three crowds interested
Sick: Keep all three crowds stoked

Ok, the most important thing to remember here is that there are three
different crowds watching, a crowd to each pool. I would suggest that
you do a couple of combos in each pool then transfer to the next one, keep
this going for a full minute, making sure that the entertainment bars stay
high! All you have to do is keep churning out tricks (also, bails cause the
interest bar in the crowd to fall, so make sure to land every trick, use focus
if you can!)

Shag Dad's Balls:

No conditions for this one, a simple pass or fail. Your dad is out back
having a few practice swings, all you have to do is keep doing tricks (what
tick to do will be listed in the top right hand corner). There is a time limit
for each trick and you will have to transfer all the way through the halfpipe
garden. A fairly easy goal.

Wallplant the Gate:

This isn't really a goal as such, all you do is wallplant the gate to the
skatepark, this opens up the Skatepark as a level.

Out Of Suburbia:

You have to ollie an RC car in the street, after this you are told to skitch
the car to the end of the street and wallplant a security light, this opens up
Main Street and more.

Local Turf War:

Amateur: Hit the first four segments of the line in one combo
Pro: Hit all eight segments of the line in one combo
Sick: Hit all eight segemts of the line and score 250,000 points in one combo

The amateur rank can be reached fairly easily here, just make sure to keep
grinding. The second will take a bit of practice due to the line being arounf
corners, uphill, downhill and finally you have to jump out of the grind into
a circle on the ground. Easily enough done with practice. The sick score did
take me a while to get. Just keep putting small flip tricks into your grind
to build up a multiplyer. Also, buy a couple of special grinds from the skate
shop. It'll take a high multiplyer and the specials to do this one!

Gaps In Suburbia:

There are 19 gaps in Suburbia, these are a combonation of grinds, jumps,
manuals and transfers.

1. Across the Street: Grind the ledges by the entrance/exit to main street
(the easist place to start is where you land after kickfliping the bushes).
From here, grind down until you are about to hit the street, jump and land on
the other side, an easy gap to hit.
2. Around the Sac!: Start at one side of the sidewalk and just grind the 
entire way around to the other side, similar to Colonels Grind.
3. Driveway Hop: Simply jump between two lower kerbs, grinding both sides,
easist on a straight piece of road.
4. Holy ...!: If you can do this you're doing something right! Start a grind
just before you enter Suburbia from Main Street (the closer the better) and
grind all the way round until you exit Suburbia again, a very hard gap!
5. Over the Driveway: In front of the last house before main street, there is
a white fence. Grind one side, jump and land back to grind the other side.
fence, jump over the driveway and land back on the fence
6. Picket 2 Roof: Grind the fence in front of the house with the caravan in
the backyard, then jump off the fence and grind to the roof.
7. Planter Hop: In the Japanes garden there are two long plant pots, grind one
of them, jump over the walkway and grind the other.
8. PoolBQ: In the garden where you help dad, there is a BBQ, simply grind
this and jump to land on one of the grindable strips over the swimming pool.
9. Pools to Fury!: You will do this when you are doing the demo in the pool,
just transfer from one pool to another.
10. Rags to Riches: Transfer from the garden with the half pipe into the
garden with the pool in it, there is a quarter pipe next to the wall.
11. Rail Hop: Just grind gap one of the many fence gaps, lots to choose from!
12. Riches to Rags: Rags to riches in reverse order. If you can do one you can
do them both!
13. Round and Round: Grind the entire planter in the middle of the street.
14. Skate Transfer: Transfer across the gaps between the quarter pipes in the
skater yard, found right next to Plywood High.
15. Trailer Trash: Jump across the trailer awning in the skater backyard,
i would recommend getting some speed up in the halfpipe to make this easy
16. YardHop: Jump between any two yards while grinding.
17. Zen Deck: Jump from one side of the pool in the Japanesse garden and to
the other (skateboard seems to work fine in water, strange..)
18. Manual the Grass Path: Manual the grass path behind the pools.
19. Planter Pop: Jump off of the planter in the middle of the street and bank
 drop on the other side.


Ok, so as you can see i've not got all that much done but i will be updating
in the next few days. Also, any help on any gaps, goals, hidden spots or just
general tips for this game that you may have, i'd be glad to hear them and add
them into this walkthrough. Also, as i stated above, any feedback, good or bad
(make it constructive, not just plain nasty!) would be appreciated, my contact


Thanks for reading!