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\__    ___/___   ____ ___.__.  /   |   \_____ __  _  _|  | __  ______
  |    | /  _ \ /    <   |  | /    ~    \__  \\ \/ \/ /  |/ / /  ___/
  |    |(  <_> )   |  \___  | \    Y    // __ \\     /|    <  \___ \ 
  |____| \____/|___|  / ____|  \___|_  /(____  /\/\_/ |__|_ \/____  >
                    \/\/             \/      \/            \/     \/ 
__________                   __               __      ______  
\______   \_______  ____    |__| ____   _____/  |_   /  __  \ 
 |     ___/\_  __ \/  _ \   |  |/ __ \_/ ___\   __\  >      < 
 |    |     |  | \(  <_> )  |  \  ___/\  \___|  |   /   --   \
 |____|     |__|   \____/\__|  |\___  >\___  >__|   \______  /
                        \______|    \/     \/              \/ 

By ElderwindII
EMAIL: wilshiren@gmail.com
LAST UPDATED: January 31, 2007

If you have any questions, concerns, problems, feedback, or
requests, please feel free to email me. Also, if you could 
please help with gaps and goals, please email me
(credit will be given).

If you would like to post this FAQ on any other website, 
please ask me first. Also, please do not take any
part of this FAQ and claim it as your own. If you would like
to use any part of this FAQ, please ask me first. Now, on with
the FAQ.


FAQ Created, Suburbs and Crete Park added

Downtown, City Center, High School, Car Factory, and Fun Park added

User contribution added, fixed a few things

1. Controls
2. Special Controls
3. Nail-the-Trick Mode
4. Suburbs
5. Downtown
6. City Center
7. Highschool
8. Car Factory
9. Fun Park
10. Tips and Tricks
11. Cheats and Codes
12. User Contributions
13. Other Information

Basic Xbox Controller (Concept Art :P)

    ___              ___
   / LT\____________/ RT\
  /         ------  
 /  __     /   X  \       \
/  /LA\    \ XBOX /   Y    \
|  \__/     ------    X B   |
|            ST SL      A   |
|    __         __          |
|   /DP\       /RA\       * |- BB
|   \__/       \__/      O  |- WB
|     _________________     |
 \___/                 \___/

A - The A Button, hold it down to gain speed, and let go to

B - The B Button, used for grab tricks

X - The X Button, used for manuals and flip tricks. Also
used to talk to people

Y - The Y Button, used for stalls/handstands and grinding

BB - The Black Button, used to get off your skateboard

WB - The White Button, used to flip when in the air

LA* - The Left Analog, used to control the skater

RA* - The Right Analog, used to move the camera

DP - The D-Pad, also used to control the skater

LT - The Left Trigger, used to make sharp turns

RT - The Right Trigger, used to switch from normal footing
to goofy footing

ST - The Start Button, used to pause the game

SL - The Select Button, has no use

* - Also used in Nail-the-Trick mode
Also, the left and right analogs can be referred to the left and
right thumbsticks

Here are some of the special things you can do in Tony Hawks Project 8

To manual, press the X button, or press down and then up on the
LA or D-Pad
To Natas Spin, go up to something like a fire hydrant or mail box and
press LT and Y
To enter Nail-the-Trick mode, click both the LA and the RA
To do flips, ollie into the air (usually off of a vert ramp) and
hold the white button and a direction.
To enable slow motion, get special and then click the Left thumbstick
For more help, see the tutorial on the game

This part of the guide will teach you how to use Nail-the-Trick Mode.
First off, get some air, then click both thumbsticks. This will start
Nail-the-Trick Mode. You now control the skaters feet. The left 
thumbstick controls the left foot, and the right thumbstick controls
the right. You can move your feet to complete tricks when the board 
is highlighted green, and sometimes when it is highlighted blue. 
But at any other time, you will bail. You can only land the trick when 
your board is green, so be careful and try not to bail.

There are 14 kinds of goals in Tony Hawks Project 8, but now there
are 3 levels on which you can complete them. These levels are 
AM, PRO, and SICK.

Photo Goals - Perform the trick the photographer yells out and get 
your picture taken

Filmer Goals - Perform the tricks the filmer yells out, and stay
near him or you will fail

Spot Challenges - Complete the goals that the person tells you to do

Classic Goals - Complete the classic goals from old THPS games 
in 2 minutes

Tour Goals - Perform certain tricks on certain objects around the 

Collect Goals - Collect certain things to complete the goal

Skate the Line Goals - Skate the line that the person shows you

Races - Follow the markers on the screen to skate to the finish

Competitions - Prove your skills to the pros by getting the 
high scores at competitions

Nail-the-Trick Goals - Nail a certain ammount of tricks in a 
combo in Nail-the-Trick mode

Puzzle Goals - Place the pieces in their correct spot

Pro Challenges - When you get a message that there is a pro 
in town, you recieve a challenge

Secret Spots - There are secret spots all around, see if you 
can find them

Gaps - There are skate gaps on every level, you must find them

When marked with a (PRO), this means that it is a PRO Challenge.
Some goals wont be gone into detail with because they are too simple 
or I haven't finished them.

Uncover the Pool
Grind the colored bars on top of the pool to open it up

Koi Catastrophe
Go to the koi pond, and look for the big shrine statue.
Ramp off its base and get off your board. Land on top, and
then Natas Spin (LA and Y) on top of it, and it will come
tumbling down.

Gap Attack!
Find the Gaps

Photo Basics
Alright, on this one you have to pick up some speed and ramp 
off over fence and lay down a trick. Pretty simple.

Pool Duel
Just get a highscore cobo without leaving the pool. The highscore combos
are 10000, 25000, and 100000.

Yard Tour
Coming Soon

You've got Mailboxes
You have to Natas Spin (LA and Y) as many mailboxes as you can in one
combo. Just do the Natas Spin and then manual to the next mailbox.
Then jump from the mailbox and grind until the fence turns, then jump
off and manual to the next mailbox, and then again to the next one.

Back Where We Started
Spine transfer the quarter pipe and then angle yourself to the
right a bit to launch yourself into the tree. Grind along the 
tree while holding the grind button. Launch yourself to the 
planter box (manual if you have to), and grind along the way to the
gate, then the quarter pipe below, and finally the pipe by 
the first quarter pipe.

Launch to Freedom
Coming Soon

Classic Goals
Do as many of the classic goals as you can in under 2 minutes
(The secret disc is in the little ragged house by the 
construction like place. Just get some speed and launch 
off the ramp into the air and get off your board
and land inside, then jump onto the upper part and grab it).

Grind Challenge
In this goal, you just have to grind along the sidewalk 
through each of the lines. Hold down the grind button and just
follow the grind all the way through SICK.

Vert Challenge
You just gotta ollie up to the mark, thats it. So, spine 
transfer over the ramp you start off next to, then spine transfer 
over the next one, and finally ollie up to the SICK mark
(or boneless which gets you higher).

Shag Dad's Balls
Pretty simple, Dad is hitting his golf balls, and you have to 
collect them. Just follow the arrow on screen and it will lead you to 
the balls

Welcome to the Suburbs, your hometown. This place has plenty of grinding
spots, as well as a few quarter pipes and ramps to get some pretty decent
air. A good way to rack up some points is to handplant the edge of the pool
and hold it there doing different combinations.

Bowling Devastation
Wallplant the last bus by the guy a few times to push it.

The Skateshop
Earn 100 Stokens and use the skator shop. This unlocks the skater shop for
use in the game.

Gap Attack!
Find all the Gaps

Nail-the-Trick: Kickflip (PRO)
This is the pro challenge, just nail the kickflip by doing what he tells you
to (this differs depending on normal or switch footing).

Classic Goals
Do as many of the classic goals as you can in under 2 minutes

Roofs Ahoy!
Start off and grind over the buses and onto the curb. Keep grinding until you
see the ramp, then jump off right and manual. As you manual, go off the ramp
and acid drop to the roof below. Then manual to the other side and ramp off
again into the pizza, manual, and then ramp onto the coffee pot and then
transfer into the roof, onto the street curb, manual, then up the ramp, then
manual again and onto the boat. I have not actually gained SICK on this goal
so this might not be completely right.

Round the Alley (PRO)
Grind down along the street on the glowing objects, and hold down the grind
button as you are dropping between objects. Then manual up the mini ramp and
grind on the hand rail to the top. Before you turn, jump to the right onto
the flashing ledge and grind along that. Grind the streamer to the other
side and then manual then spine transfer to the upper roof. Then grind the
streamer and drop into the quarter pipe.

Filmer (PRO)
Follow the filmer and do the tricks that he calls out, so no need for a real

Daewon's Challenge (PRO)
Perform the called out grind on the bench. The grinds are kind of hard
because you are coming at an angle and you have to backside after AM.
More information will be on this later.

Food Photo
You have to spine transfer from the pizza and then trick into the coffee cup.
The trick is to bank drop right as you are next to the cup so you land inside
of it.

Hot Lava
Get a highscore in 60 seconds on the rooftop. The highscores are 7500, 25000
and 100000.

Coffee Grind Tour
You have to grind each of the coffee cups stars, there are 3. Jump off the
ramp in front of where you start off. Then grind the streamer to the other
side and grind the first cup. Then follow the arrow to the second cup. The
fastest way to get to it is to ramp up onto the roof behind the pizza slice
and spine into the slice and then ramp onto the cup. The third cup is on top
of the building across from the skate shop. Pick up some speed and then
boneless off the ramp behind the building onto the top.

Dance Expel
Wallride all of the dance posters around the shopping area.

Curbage Poise
Grind this line around the corner as you jump over the driveways, then ride
behind the buses and jump over the water spalshing. Then jump to the roof,
and finally down to the SICK line.

Bowling for Balance
Manual down the bowling alley lanes, not that hard. Watch out for the
bowling balls on the SICK lane though.

Where's Wallie
Wallride then wallie onto the vents, then wallride and wallie again onto
the next vents, then keep wallriding and wallieing to the SICK mark.

This level is quite big actually, with plenty of fun places and grinding
spots. It is made up of ramps and pools, but there are some other things
like a pizza slice and coffee cups. Its a fun level for multiplayer, but
there are alot of goals. You meet Daewon Song here.

Rooftop Rebel
Find the rooftop hangout. To do this, talk to the guy by the Powerade

Glass Smash
In the glass pendulum area grind the brass supports, then jump and
grind on the chandeliers. This will crack, and then break the glass.

Gap Attack!
Find all the Gaps

Classic Goals
Complete as many classic goals that you can in under 2 minutes.

Capitol Codes
To do this one, just avoid hitting the lasers when going in.
The quickest way to get in is to go left when you start
and go through the side entrance. Just grab the three
codes which are in the glass pendulum room and go back out
and give them to the Colonel.

Capitol Climber
On this one, you have to grind on all the flashing objects.
Just jump between each one and manual if you have to.

Industrial Art Tour
Complete the tricks that it tells you to. You need to do 2 tricks for
AM, 4 tricks for PRO, and 6 tricks for SICK. Just follow the arrow
and it will lead you to them.

Leap of Faith
Grind the rail thats in front of you, then do the trick called out
in the air, and finally land below. Its pretty easy.

Helipad Session
Get a highscore while staying in the helipad area. The highscores
are 10000, 50000, and 200000.

Industrial Art Session
Get a highscore while staying in the courtyard area. The highscores
are 15000, 75000, and 300000.

Follow the filmer and do the tricks that it says.

Trick Democracy
This one is simple, jump through the sculpture and nail-the-trick.

Vert Challenge
Get some speed and ollie up to the certain mark. Speed up and then
spine over the ramp. Then pick up more speed (up) and boneless up
the ramp.

Capitol Grind
Start by grind around the pendulum, then ramp off the ramp and grind
the outer curb. Keep going and then one you get the PRO, get some
speed on the grind and hop up to the SICK.

Capitol Combo
Get a highscore combo without leaving the pendulum area. The
highscores are 25000 75000, and 250000. The fastest and easiest way
to do this is to handplant and just use the X Y and B buttons to
pull off combos.

Welcome to the City Center, full of beautiful art sculptures for
you to grind on and ramp off of. The center of it is a giant
pendulum of which you can break and use it for a ramp.

Mind in the Gutter
To empty the drainage ditch, talk to the guy outside the gate.
He will say you need to Natas Spin the valves. So go around the
drainage ditch and Natas Spin (LA + Y) all the valves.

Tool the Pool
To empty the swimming pool, flip all the red switches by grinding
on them. 3 are downstairs, and one is upstairs.

Gap Attack!
Find all the Gaps

Classic Goals:
Complete as many classic goals as you can in under 2 minutes.

Score No More
Grind all 4 streamers to knock down the scorebox. Its fairly easy.

Manual Challenge
Pick up some speed and manual all the way to the PRO line. Then,
ollie over the rail and manual to the stairs. Ollie, up each
staircase (manualing in between) to reach SICK.

Grind Challenge
Grind the Quarter Pipe and then ollie to the green pipe. Then
follow it and ollie to the right onto the right side of the
awning. Follow the awning to the PRO line, then jump to the
other side and stay on the right. Follow it to the SICK line.

Honor Roll
Race 2 laps around the level. Not much I can say here.

Nail a trick to win. Pretty simple.

Impress the judges by showing off big point moves.

Video Yearbook
Follow the filmer and do the tricks that are called out.

Blowin'z Curve
The object is to skate on all flashing objects in one combo.
Hold the grind button down and go up the side of the table,
and get on the lights, then jump to the second light. Jump
left to the pole and ride it around. Jump through the window and
land on the other side. Follow it and then jump down to the side.
Then jump onto the middle area, jump onto the open area and manual,
and manual all the way down the ramp, and grind up the second ramp.

School Spirit
Place each piece in front of all the signs, then wallplant each one.
Thats it.

Schoolyard Session (PRO)
This one is pretty simple, just beat Nyjah's score first, then Lyn-Z's.
Then beat them both combined. The easiest and fastest way is the
handplant method. Just handplant or stall and use combos with
X, Y, and B.

This small level is where you mean Nyjah Huston, and Lyn-Z Adams
Hawkins. There are good ramps on this level where you can get
some serious air and pointage.

Office Opener
Natas spin all the yellow valves in the courtyard area. There is one
in each of the four corners.

Gap Attack!
Find all of the Gaps.

Tricks 101
Nail-The-Trick when you jump off the ramp.

Trick Club
Nail-The-Trick when you jump off the ramp.

Courting Disaster
Skate on all of the flashing objects in one combo. Spine transfer
between the trees, then manual and ramp up and grind on the rail.
Then grind the handrail. Acid drop onto the ramp below, and ramp
up and grind on the next rail and ollie to the handrail. Then
acid drop to the ramp below. Then do it all one more time. Make
sure you are manualing between each.

Jeep Photo Op
Pull off tricks jumping over the jeep and having your picure taken.

Courtyard Session
Get a high score without leaving the courtyard area. The scores
are 15000, 75000, and 300000.

Filmer Challenge
Just follow the filmer and do the tricks that are called out.

His name was...Manual
Just get some speed and manual to the end, then make a right
to grab the PRO line, and make a left and get the SICK line.

Robot Arms Session
Get a high score without leaving the Robot Arms area. The scores
are 10000, 50000, and 200000.

Classic Goals
Complete as many of the classic goals as you can in under 2 minutes.

High Combo Challenge (PRO)
This is easy, just beat Williams and Dollin's combos.

The Car Factory seems very squished together when you start off.
There isn't much room to manuever around in, but that can be a
good thing. You meet Stevie Williams and Dustin Dollin here.

Coffee Grinds
To complete this goal, just find the guy that says the power line
to the coffee cup is right above you, then either grind or get
off your board and climb to the coffee cup. Then grind around it
until it says to land it.

Dig Site
Grind or wallride the red anchors to open the gate. 3 of them 
are found right next to the gate into the construction site. One
is one the back wall by the gate to the construction site. And the 
last two are on the middle of the level on top of the pools.

Gap Attack!
Find the Gaps

Classic Goals
Complete as many classic goals as you can in under 2 minutes.

Trick it Up
Nail-the-Trick Goal

Trick over the wall (PRO)
This is the Pro challenge, you need to ramp onto a power 
line and do a trick over the wall. Just ride up and over the
first ramp and boneless (up up A) onto the power line, then
jump up and down on it to gain some speed, then do the trick over 
the wall and land it.

A competition where judges score you

Manual Challenge
Manual down into the pool and follow it down to where the pro 
line is, then make 2 lefts

Grind Challenge
Grind down on the side of the pool, and hold the grind button 
down so you make the little drop and keep on grinding, then 
just follow the line, but you need to pick up some speed
so you can make it up the mini ramp after the PRO line

Fun in the Sun
For this goal, just get a highscore inside the orange rimmed
area. The highscores are 50000, 100000, and 500000.

This level is a decent size skate park. There is also a construction 
site next door where you can cause some mayhem. You first start off
at the top of the park, and if you go left, there are a couple people
ready to give you goals. The park is mainly just ramps and pools
with some exceptions.

Captain's Rope Bridge
Just go to the pirate place (with the pirate ship) and go through
the skulls head.

Gap Attack
Find all of the Gaps.

Grind Challenge
This one is pretty simple, grind as far as you can on the roller
coaster. And watch out for the trains.

Manual Challenge
Pick up some speed and manual up the ramp to get AM, then turn
left, and go for the PRO line. Then roll on down to the SICK.

Puzzle Time

Classic Goals
Complete as many classic goals as you can in under 2 minutes.

Snap Ya Picture
Get your picture taken as you jump over the pirate boat.

Filmer Challenge
Follow the filmer and do the tricks that are called out.

Your racing against 3 other people around the level. Its pretty

Nail that Dragon
Nail a trick off the dragon's wings

Observation Deck on Lock
Nail a trick off the observation deck

Nail the trick off the kicker
Nail a trick off of the kicker ramp

Fun Park Tour Time
Complete the requested tricks around the map. First, ollie over
the skull, then ride on over and climb the dragon and grind on
its horns. Then find the carousel and heelflip over it. Next,
do a lip trick on the top right part of the mast on the pirate
ship. And finally, grind the Captain's Bridge.

Fun Park, the happiest place on Project 8. Here you will find
many different "areas" such as Pirate Land, or Cartoon Land.
There are lots of ramps and grinding spots on this level, so
go have a blast.


More of the walkthrough will come, I will be updating soon! Also, if 
you would like to help me out by submitting information for this 
FAQ, email me, I will give you credit.

To get some serious scores, handplant or stall and spaz out on the
X, Y, and B buttons to do some different combos. It works fast
and it gets the job done.

If you have any tips or tricks and want to contribute then please
email me

Just a few cheat codes to have fun with...

needaride - All decks are unlocked
allthebest - Perfect Manuals
frontandback - Perfect Grinds

go to the Quad where you are outside (by busting through the 
window to the right when you start the level) there is a bird 
statue in the the center, get off your board  and jump on 
top of the bird  (try to get as close as you can to his head) then 
hold your right trigger in and press A then Y to natas spin cycle 
through the tricks  for a while ( YY,BY,XX,BB,XB,YB,YX etc. etc.)
and you will be please at the amount of stokens you'll get.
~By Penn Chambers~

EMAIL: wilshiren@gmail.com
If you have any questions, concerns, problems, feedback, or
requests, please feel free to email me. Also, if you could 
please help with gaps and goals, please email me
(credit will be given).

Copyright 2007 Daniel Vink