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Asked: 5 years ago

How to unlock other character?

Please help me

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After you beat the game, the slot machine is how you unlock characters. You get coins for it if you clear any missions on the way to the end. I've you have to line up 3 of the red pirate-hat-wearing Jump icons.

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After you had beat the game the slot machine will appear.You will have to wait untill the background turn dark,this enables you to enter a bonus slot machine.line yourself with 3 of the ?? then voila new character unlocked.

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Just play the slot machine thing and you can also unlock different scenarios

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you have to match up the three red flags that say JUMP on them(they can go straight across or diagnole). after matching those three up you enter the bonus game. you get 10 trys here to try to macth up the person with a ? over there head just like you did with the JUMP flag. after matching those up it say you have unlocked a char. and it will tell you who it is. (i no its almost immpossible, i did it once before but i dont no how to save. eventually i just gave up cuz it was way to hard.

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The way you unlock characters on this game by far the WORST way ever

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