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Wheres the guns?

Can somone please give me A list of where to find all the guns?

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JoveHack answered:

The shotgun is behind the upper waterfall in the Lost Valley.
- After getting the cog up there, cross back over the bridge.
- Shoot down the bridge.
- Climb down it.
- Jump to the opening to the right.
- The shotgun's in a little ways with a health pack.

The .50 caliber pistols are on top of one of the high overhangs in the Colosseum.
- It's the overhang with the grapple point underneath.
- Go to the far side
-- drop down to the edge and
-- handwalk to the right to the alcove with the pistols.

Lara can also get the .50 caliber pistols from Pierre
- just before the Centaur boss fight in the Tomb of Qualopec level.
- It's not much farther in the game.
- I believe it's automatic.

The mini-SMGs are on top of the Sphinx in the Sanctuary of the Scion level.
- Grapple swing to get there from the right-hand path.
- Getting back without dying is the tricky part.
-- Sliding down the Sphinx's shoulder causes Lara some damage, but is more certain than grapple-swinging back.

The weapons can also be obtained in the Natla's Mines level.
- Shotgun from Larsen's dead body.
- .50 caliber pistols in the lava area.
- Mini-SMGs from the kid's dead body.
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