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Set Type? Special Skill?

In the game, your enemy officer can activate a skill like Slow March, is that their skill or its like a formation that you need to have one? Another is when you create a character, there is a set type, ea. Charge and Rally, what is it for and how to activate?

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lord_lofo answered:

1- slow march a Special Tactics:
Cost: 400

Effect: Decreases the movement and attack frequency of all enemy units.

How to Unlock: Random consultation, can be obtained from Michinobu Kono and
Kanesada Ichijo.

Uses: This really helps keep the enemy in check if they are just all over
you. Then again, you shouldn't allow them to be all over you. However,
just in case, you should use this to slow down the pace of things if the
enemy is getting out of hand.

2- i don't know what do you mean?
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