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Asked: 6 years ago

What are all the jobs and promotions?

I really want to know coz i want to find the perfect job for my sims.

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From: abler2005 6 years ago

Perfect job depends on their aspiration you chose for them.

Jobs are based upon what your Sim wants to do from what you chose at the beginning when you created them.

If you chose:

1.] Aspration of Creativity - Artist and Fashions are the best careers for these Sims.

Arts and Crafts - final pay is $1,924
Retail Clothing - final pay is $1,800

2. ] Family - None to whatever job you want.

[They are home bodies and rather stay home cleanning, taking care of the pets.
Not all Sims do well in jobs and it can make them run into the house and cry when they come home from work. ]

Parks and Recreation - final pay is $2,000

3. ] Aspiration of Wealth - They thrive on any job and love to get the highest paid jobs.

Business is one. - final pay is $2,100

4. ] Aspiration of Knowledge - Education or Medicine is the best careers for these Sims.

Education - final pay is $1,800

Medical - final pay is $2,299

5. ] Aspiration of Popularity - Best jobs are Government and Coaching.

Coaching - final pay is $2,033

Government - final pay is $2,300 [ also works for those with the Aspiration of wealth. ]
*** These careers are up for grabs. Why do i say this; never saw a Sim who said they wanted them. But this is what I got from having my Sims do them.

Law Enforcement - final pay is $1,640

Construction - final pay is $2,100

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Well, every Sim wants a different job. Just check their aspiration meter and it will tell you what job they'd like to get in.

Two ways to look for a job are: Through the computer and looking through the newspaper.

I do hope this answer helps you out finding the perfect job for your Sims!

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