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Asked: 5 years ago

Max all motive?

Is there no max all motive cheat?
how to make sim's motive green easily?

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Whoa... If there is a cheat to max all motive, it will be a boring game..

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Dont use max motive cheat. heres how to max all motives WITHOUT CHEATd motive. You needed 1 cheat and ONE ONLY: Money Cheat
Use the money cheat many times and then buy the furniture. The most expensive one, where that that furniture gains Motive rapidly. Esspecially food.

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I've haven't played The Sims 2 pet a long time. So buy Comfort, Appliance, Electronic, Surface, Evirnoment, and other stuff to gain.

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Sorry for triple posts.

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hi as a profesional on this game i have 2 codes for you
sujestion 1: xx triangle square square down down left right right
if it doesnt work try sugestion 2

sujestion 2: L1L1R1 trianglecircle up


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It aint working!

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