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Is this exactly the same game as King of Fighters Dream Match on Dreamcast?

If not, what's different about it?

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SeRBZ answered:

Copied straight off the UM messageboard:
- Balance tweaks all round to all characters to some degree. Some characters get new moves, some have their attack animations and properties changed.
- A new character select screen and new pre-fight portraits for the returning and EX characters.
- A new custom mode on top of Advanced and Extra Mode known as Ultimate Mode.
- Some changes to both Extra and Advanced modes.
- Kasumi Todoh, Eiji Kisaragi, Geese Howard, Wolgang Krauser and Mr. Big join the cast of playable arcade characters. Riot of the Blood Iori and Leona are fightable as sub-bosses, and Goenitz and Orochi return to round out the final bosses cast. This means every playable character from KOF'94 till '98 return in 98UM.
- EX versions of Blue Mary, Geese, King and Ryuji Yamazaki are added to the cast. These are based somewhat off their Real Bout and Art of Fighting versions.
- New special introductions for certain matchups, such as Terry versus Geese.
- All stages from KOF 98 were redone in partial 3D.
- Some stages from previous KOF and RBFF games were re-added or remade for 98UM, together with several new stages. The graphics are not interlaced anymore.
- The theme music for the the returning characters have also been re-added into the game. In the PS2 version, you can choose between the original arcade tracks, or the PS2-exclusive arranged tracks.
- The '98 Advanced Mode system that determined how stocks were transferred (the smiley/neutral/frowning faces) is removed. Now all characters will always transfer stock to their teammates. This goes for Extra and Ultimate modes too.
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marolio_kbk answered:

This game is 98 but is not exectly the same. There are more players and modes to choose from. Ex: Orochi, Geese Howard, Wolfgang Krauser, Mr. Big, Kasumi Todoh, Eiji Kisargi and Leopold Geonitz are playable; you can choose 3 of the same player (Iori, Iori, Iori); have a mission mode; and the graphics may have change a little, like the life a power bar are diferent. Thats is whay I can tell you, hope that it can help.
PD: Sorry my inglish.
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