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Asked: 6 years ago

How to fight Orochi, Goenitz, Orochi Iori and Orochi Leona?

Hi, I read on the Cheats section that, in order to play with the "Mini Bosses" team I must fight them first on Arcade Mode but, I have played the Arcade Mode and the only boss I fight is Omega Rugal.

How can I fight them then? Do I have to play with certain teams?

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From: Jin_Sakazaki 6 years ago

By the time you get to the fourth round, if you have:
A)Won 6 rounds with a DM/SDM finish and
B)Not lost a round
You get to fight O. Leona or O. Iori

If you fight them, you'll get to fight Orochi automatically.

Fight Goenitz by winning 4 or 5 round with a DM/SDM by the time you get to round 6.

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The "easy" way to unlock all characters (and their respective pic in the gallery) is to complete all missions in "Mission Mode". I say "easy" because there are 30 and some of them are a quite challenging. But you can "google" for strategies and find very nice videos in youtube.

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I've gotten to Orochi Iori, but never Leona. Is there any specific thing I need to do to get Leona?

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