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Valor Form Level Up help?

I was trying to level up my Valor Form at beast Castle and I got it to level 3. But when I finished Beast Castle my Valor Form doesn't gain any experience no matter how many times I go into Valor Form and attack enemies. I really need some help to explain whats happening and how to fix it?


falconesque answered:

Same as in KH2, I'd imagine (grain of salt, but this is most likely true). Check Status for Valor. If one of the values is zero, then you've leveled up Valor as much as is possible for the time being.

Once you obtain another form, you will then be able to level-up Valor some more, but again, only so far.
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lim11 answered:

There is a limit.As you proggress through the storyline,you would be able to level it again.
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C077x answered:

You can only level up the forms up to a certain point with the story, for instance having all forms, minus the final form. They can only go up to the level 6, one getting final they can be leveled up again till the last level.
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