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Asked: 2 years ago

Why can't i get final form in kingdom hearts 2 final mix?

I finished the game twice but i still can't get it?

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I recommend using the keyblade from Roxas(two become one, if I,m not mistaken), then enter Cerberus cup, transform into any form( your drive gauge must be 5 or higher) , and hope your transformation will be Final Form, but that keyblade has a side effect of turning into Anti-form, so if you become anti form, retry the match and transform again. Hope this helps!

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Level all forms as far as possible, until each one's "Next" is zero. Enter a battle (you must risk AntiForm) and then drive into a form. Doesn't matter where, but yes, in a Coliseum summon-friendly event is an excellent choice once the final save point is reached.

If you wait until the next time you play, try right after Memory's Skyscraper and BEFORE entering the castle itself. Final form can be obtained in mere moments, and with AntiForm being a problem while your party members are milling about the Brink of Despair save point. (That changes as soon as you step forward, however.)

Search Questions over on the KH2 Answers page for loads more tips.

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