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Do you play as kairi or any other girl charcters?

Do play as kairi?

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falconesque answered:

No, you don't play as Kairi or have her aid you as a party member. She fights only in scenes, not as a playable character.

In KH2, Mulan is the most active female party member, and even she's masquerading as Ping, a male character, part of the time. Queen Minnie also fights beside Sora, but only briefly. And that's it.

In the prelude to one big fight, a pair of FFVII ladies fight alongside Sora, fun to watch them work but you have no control over their actions. Others appear in scenage, too, but not actual battle.

Ariel is all exposition girl this time around, sadly. One lady ex-summoner, no female summons.
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Nubrox answered:

No. You can just play as Sora, but that are some exceptions. Sometimes Mickey comes to help you when you're knocked out, then you control him for a little time. Also you play as Riku just in a short moment in the battle against the final boss
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lim11 answered:

No,you could only play as sora in KH2,but if you play in KH 358/2 Days,you could play as female characters.
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