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OUTRUN 2 SP, SPECIAL TOURS for the arcade
By: Ratix0
Email: squeaky0@hotmail.com
Version: 1.0
Copyright 2004-2007 Ratix0
Release Date:
21st December, 2004-2007
by (c) Sega AM2

This document Copyright 2004-2007 Ratix0.
If you want to use this any part of this document, you need to contact me for
permission and you are not allowed to, but not limited to,
- Selling this guide for monetary gains
- Quoting the guide without credits
- Anything else you will be violating the international laws of Copyrights on
  the various owners of the respective properties.

Outrun, Outrun 2, Outrun 2 SP Special Tours and all characters as well as the
cars are (c) Sega AM2 and (c) Ferrari.

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Table Of Contents:
     - Revision History
     - Special Thanks
     - Contact Me
     - Copyright Agreements

     - Changes from Outrun 2
     - Basic Controls
     - Getting Started


     - Outrun Mode
     - Heart Attack Mode
     - Time Attack Mode
     - Versus Mode

     - Car List
     - Normal and Tuned

     - Secrets
     - Song Select
     - FAQ Terminology
     - 15 Course/Special Courses
     - Bunki
     - Frequently Asked Questions


  In 1986, Sega brought us a game that revolutionises driving game.

  In 2004, its sequel is released, Outrun 2.

  In 2005, the finale has arrived, Outrun 2 SP Special Tours.

  This Guide serves the purpose of teaching the basics of driving and several,
techniques seem employed by various top players to get the best timing in Time

  After taking a Haitus since 2005, I started to play outrun 2006 Coast2Coast,
a new, more like upgraded console port, of Outrun 2 SP. It includes a direct
arcade port of Outrun2SP, and new mode, called the Coast2Coast mode, which
features missions, and a whole new set of cars called the Outrun Cars. They're
basically Tuned up Tuned cars. Moves like lightning, handles like a brick. I
believe its the best description of them. Lets not talk about this, it isn't
the focus of this Guide.

  And the ultimate re-release of Outrun2SP, Outrun2SPDX. Features a brand
new 2 driver mode, deluxe size screens, as well as Afterburner Rocking seats,
its no surprise it always draws a big crowd when someone is playing it,
considering Outrun 2 was pretty unknown of previously before its release.

  Oh and, you can find me on either Coast2Coast with In Game Name of
RatixAlvein, or for the machines, I go by the handle name of RAT0(Rat Zero).

  Lastly, this Guide will focus mainly on techniques one can employ during
driving to improve your time, and to impress the crowd.

Revision History

VERSION 0.1 (December 25, 2004 - December 30, 2004)
 - Started writing this Guide
 - Finished most parts of the Guide except for the courses and HeartAttack Mode

VERSION 0.1a (December 31, 2004 - January 1, 2005)
 - Ammended information about 15 Course and Versus mode
 - Ammended information about driving techniques

VERSION 0.1b (January 4, 2005 - January 20, 2005)
 - Corrected some language mistakes
 - Updated more accurate information about 15 Course

Version 1.0 (April 20, 2007 - April 21, 2007)
 - Revision to a Driving Guide
 - Updates on most parts of the FAQ.
 - Ammended language mistakes
 - Ammended Driving Techniques section

Version 1.1 (June 2007)
 - Corrected information about Brake Drifts
 - Added new technqiues
 - Added new secrets
 - Ammended Language Mistakes

Special Thanks

This FAQ would like to thank the following people. Without their help, this FAQ
would have not been possible:

Sega AM2 <http://www.sega-am2.co.jp/>
- For Producing such a great game. What more can we ask for!

- Introducing me to Outrun 2 as well as teaching me how to play the game and
  some tips and tricks.
- Letting me use the little writeup of the differences between Outrun 2 and
  Outrun 2 SP.

- Introducing me to Outrun 2 as well as teaching me how to play the game and
  some tips and tricks.

- Telling me about Special Courses and information about Versus Mode

Team Marubaku <http://www.marubaku.com/>
- For sharing their replay videos, I learned quite a few tricks in overcoming
  some of the areas in the courses. Horray, you're undoubtedly one of the best
  Outrun 2 players in the world!
- The message board for sharing information about 15 course and Versus Mode

The Legendary players in Marubaku Forum
- Learned a lot of tricks to the game mechanics from Outrun Mode to Heart
Attack mode.

Singapore Outrun 2 Players(R.J, LIM, CCK/LLX, and several others)
- Learned a great deal about various tricks and secrets watching you guys
play time attack and stuff.

Contact Me

Email: squeaky0@hotmail.com
Outrun 2006 Coast2Coast IGN: RatixAlvein
Outrun 2 Handle Name: RAT0(Rat Zero)

  You can send me any information regarding this game. Do include Outrun 2
Guide in the subject title so I don't ignore it. You are forewarned that
spam/junk mail would be ignored, and your email address will be blocked.
Queries answered in the Guide will be ignored.

  If you want to use this any part of this document, you need to contact me
for permission and you are not allowed to, but not limited to,
- Selling this guide for monetary gains
- Quoting the guide without credits
- Anything else you will be violating the international laws of Copyrights on
  the various owners of the respective properties.

Copyright Agreements

This Guide belongs to me, Ratix0. You are not allowed to use this Guide on any
websites or magazines without my permission. If you wish to attain my
permission to use this Guide, you must email me with the title:
"Usage of my (whatever walkthrough) at (where ever)" and get a reply email
from me before putting it up.

If permission is given, you are only entitled to use this Guide as a whole, not
in pieces. You are not allowed to use this Guide in anyway for monetary
purposes. This refers to, but is not limited to, websites which require one to
pay in order to view the guides as well as gaming magazines.

You are, however, allowed to save the Guide into your computer for future
reference, so long it is not going to be used for monetary purposes.

If you do not follow the above agreements, you are breaking the copyright law
which is violating international law.

Alberto, Clarrisa, Jennifer, Outrun, Outrun 2, Outrun 2 SP Special tours,
Outrun 2 SPDX are all trademarks of Sega AM2. All the cars are trademark of
their respective producers. They are not yours to use and yours to being with.

Place(s) you will find this Guide:
Copyright 2004-2007 Ratix0

Changes from OutRun 2

Primary Features:
- 15 new tracks.
- 2 new cars. 250GTO and 512BB.
- 7 new songs.
- Slipstreaming: ability to gain speed while tailgating.
- Multi-section tracks: tracks on either sides of a center barrier in certain
  courses like the start of Sunny Beach, Start of Casino Town and in Milky Way.
- Obstacles: objects between center barrier intervals or at the sides of
  tracks. Running head-on into them would mean a full car-ejecting crash.
- New route, called 15 course. As the name suggest, you race through all 15
  courses in one go.
- Ability to play 15 course for Outrun Mode, Time Attack Mode, Versus Mode

Minor Effects:
- Fancy fire/exhaust effect during gear shift.
- New spark animation when rubbing pass other cars/barriers. 
- Arrow pointing left reading "EASY" appears right before intersections. Only
  in Outrun Mode.

OutRun Mode:
- New scoring system
- Passing cars boosts score differently. Its not longer 10000(normal
  difficulty) per car passed. It depends on the size now, and is roughly few
  thousand per car passed.
- New "rivals" system, passing "rival" Cars boosts score greatly.
- OutRun Mode is now part of the internet ranking system. You can get the
  password and input in the ranking system to earn a place in the system.

Heart Attack Mode:
- New Heart Attack Request: Hit The Ghost!
- New Heart Attack Request: Collect The Coins!
- New Heart Attack Request: Go Through The Gates!
- New Heart Attack Request: Beat The Cars!
- New Heart Attack Request: Drift and Hit the cones!
- Hearts can be earned in larger amounts than the original.
- Hearts that can be earned in Special Requests compared to normal ones are
  less than the original.
- Hearts that can be earned in harder courses are increased and larger than
  easier courses. (Goal E has much more potential maximum hearts than A)
- Hearts are much more averaged out in the courses.
- Heart Attack Mode is now part of the internet ranking system. You can get
  password and input in the ranking system to earn a place in the system.

Time Attack Mode:
- Cars can now be selected to be "normal" or "tuned" in time attack mode.
- Both normal and tuned cars have different saved ghosts and records.
- No longer need to choose route. You can pick where you want to go on the fly.
- Each course has the fastest ghost car heading left and another heading right.
  Each ghost has their own record.
- Names of the players who played the ghost cars now appear when the times and
  records are flashed during play.
- This means while racing, the time and differences shown is only for the
- Individual Courses hold their own time records.
- Ghost Cars wait/appear at each individual checkpoint during play, and will
  move as the player passes the checkpoint.
- For the top ghost car for the goal to appear, you have to drive rather well
  in the previous courses. Then will a message saying "TOP GOAL X GHOST CAR"
  appear in the top. Then you would have 2 ghost cars, one is the top, the
  other is the second top. Otherwise, you will only have the second top ghost

Versus Mode:
- Ability to choose Special Courses, which is a mix of all 30 course into a 15
  course pyramid for the players to race on.

- All normal cars(dino and enzo alike) now have the same max speed of 293km/h.
- All normal cars(dino and enzo alike) now lose speed during turning.
- All tuned cars have the same max speed of 300km/h, and do not lose speed
  while turning.
- In my opinion, Normal cars are just Testarossa in the original Outrun 2 and
  Tuned cars are F40. Their specs are about the same.
- Spin crashes are no longer in the game. (crashes which causes your car to
- Full car-ejecting crashes are occur less easily.
- Crashing into a vehicle during a drift no longer causes your car to react
  and lose major speed.
- Crashing head-on into a vehicle's back does not reduce as much speed as
  the original.
- Crashing lightly into barriers causes the car to jerk in the opposite
  direction and lose minor speed.

Computer Controlled Vehicles:
- Computer controlled vehicles now crash off-track and disappear when rammed
  head-on into their back.
- Computer controlled "rivals" now exist in OutRun Mode. Rivals take the forms
  of other player-usable Ferraris.

- Improved user interface, it shows where the course is split into. 3 sections
  for the main course and 1 section for the bunki. This is not shown in Outrun
- Improved user interface, shows the hearts for each course in Heart Attack

- You can quit game with any time left, even if it is 1 second. In outrun 2,
  you can only quit game if there is more then 8 seconds in the timer.

Basic Controls

In Demo:

Steering Wheel - Nothing

Gas Padel      - Nothing

Brake Padel    - Nothing

Gear Knob      - Select course for Preview Ghost selection during Demo.

Start Button   - Start Game

View Change    - Alternate between Normal AT, Normal MT, Tuned AT, Tuned MT(In
                 this order) for Preview Ghost selection during demo.

In Menu:
Steering Wheel - Select the options(Cars, Modes, Music)

Gas Pedal      - Accept

Brake Pedal    - Used in conjunction with Gear knob for extra options
                 (Car Colour, Music Volume, ect)
               - Used in conjunction with Gear Shift Up in Versus mode menu to
                 turn No Handicap option on
               - Used in conjunction with Gear Shift Up and View Change in
                 Single Player mode to select Shortcut.

Gear Knob      - Select the options(Cars, Modes, Music)
               - Used in conjunction with Brake Pedal for extra options
                 (Car colour, Music Volume, ect)
               - Used in conjunction with Brake Pedal in Versus mode menu to
                 turn No Handicap option on (Shift Up)
               - Used in conjunction with View Change in versus mode menu to
                 turn Players Only option on (Shift Down)
               - Used in conjunction with View Change and Brake Padel in
                 Single Player mode to select Shortcut menu on (Shift Up)

Start Button   - Accept

View Change    - Used to select another set of options
                 (Original Outrun2 courses, 7 more songs)
               - Used in conjunction with Gear Shift Down in Versus mode menu
                 to turn Players Only Option
               - Used in conjunction with Gear Shift Up and Brake Padel in
                 Single Player mode to select Shortcut.
               - Activate Preview Ghost selection during demo

In Game:
Steering Wheel - Steer the car

Gas Pedal      - Accelerate

Brake Pedal    - Brake
               - Drift
               - Use in conjunction with View Change and Gear Knob to quit game
Gear Knob      - Shift Gears
               - Drift
               - Use in conjunction with Brake Pedal and View Change to quit

Start Button   - Make the ghost cars in Time attack mode appear/disappear.

View Change    - Changes view
               - Use in conjunction with Brake Pedal and Gear Knob to quit game

Getting Started

  Once you've inserted the credits, the game will either start on its own, or
the start button will flash. Once you press the start button, there would be a
countdown for other players to join in. This is how the menus flow:

<Insert Coin>


<Waiting for Other Players> -> <Versus Mode>
     |                               |
     V                               V
<Single Play>                 <Course Select>

     |                               |
     V                               V
<Car Select>                   <Car Select> ---> <Song Select> --+
     |                                                           |
     V                                                           |
<Mode Select> -> <Outrun Mode/15 Course> -- +               <Game Start>
                                            |                    ^
  |       |                                 |                    |
  |       V                                 |                    |
  |                                         |                    |
  | <Heart attack mode> ------------------- + -> <Song Select> --+
  |                                         |
  |                                         |
  V                                         |
<Time attack mode/15 Course>                |
  |                                         |
  + ----------> <Normal/Tuned> -------------+
[--Outrun Mode/15 Course--]
In this mode, you race against the clock in order to score the most points.

[--Heart Attack Mode--]
In this mode, you perform requests by your partner in order to win her favor
and releasing hearts to increase your "Heart Count".

[--Time Attack Mode/15 Course--]
In this mode, you race against the clock in order to finish the routes as
fast as possible.

[--Versus Mode--]
In this mode, you race against human players in order to finish first.


  The meat of the guide. By mastering these techniques, you would be able to
save precious times from your time attack courses.


  There are many areas, where there are turns and you don't need to drift at
all. By turning, if done correctly, you can go through the slight curve at full
speed, for Tuned, or slight decrease in speed, for Normal, by just turning
instead of drifting. This increases the speed at which the turn is covered and
hence, saving precious seconds. Turning doesn't end here.
  There are several variations of turning, each of them have their ways to turn
in. Main advice is to not turn the wheel in at once. Turn it in slowly, and
turn in more only when you need to. It is recommended to line close to the edge
of every turn, in some, its a long stretch which could be tedious to grip as
it has to be maintained, for others, its a sharper turn. Either way, by
sticking close to the edge at the parts with turns, you can shave off time over
there. And these time snowballs to many many seconds in no time.

  This is called Lining, or Gripping. By sticking as close as possible to the
inner lane, you travel the shortest distance and hence, faster timing. Before
lining, if you have difficlty lining, you might want to try to start from the
second most inner lane, and when the curve is about to starts, turn it towards
the first lane slowly line inwards.

  While playing Tuned cars, its not really possible to stick towards the inner
lane for all of the corners, as the handling is further reduced due to the
higher top speed. Thus, it is not possible for tuned cars to follow the lines
normal cars would take while going through the course. It is also not advisable
for normal cars to follow tuned cars either, as certain areas would not be as
good due to speed lost, whereas certain others would give a better line
compared to tuned.

  And of course, lining can easily be affected by the traffic. In cases like
these, it is not recommended to follow the guidelines exactly as it is mainly
written for Time Attack, and when theres traffic involve, those lines would not
be possible to fully follow.

[--Lining Techniques--]

  There are various techniques to lining throughout the game, through various
courses. Here are the few more common ones you will be using more often.

  In order to turn a sharper corner without drifting, for example in Alpine's
first tunnel right turn, you need to stay at the most outer lane and turn
inwards to the inner most lane to prevent sliding into the sand when you come
out of the tunnel. Lining this corner will be faster by a several hundred
milisecond to seconds as compared to drifting it.

  Other techniques for lining used mostly for Tuned Cars, by releasing the gas
pedal slightly, you slightly reduce the speed and is able maintain its line for
a longer period of time. One of the courses that requires this is Sunny Beach,
the long left turn just before the S turn at the end. Mainly for Tuned Cars,
this technique is employed to maintain the inner line for a longer period.

  For Normal Cars, it is recommended to turn the wheel as little as possible
during lining. So in order to do so and get a good grip, it is recommended to
start turning in early, so you will not need to turn in a lot for it. The
more you turn in for Normal Cars, the more speed is lost. So take note on that
as you take a turn.

  Another technique for getting past a corner would be to Grip Drift. Turning
in for a short bit, then drift. This not only ensures Tuned Cars retain the
speed for the bulk of the corner, it also shaves time off, becuase you
basically cover the same corner at very similar lines, except you're doing it
at a higher speed. This will be discussed more in the Drifting segment.


  A good place to practice long distance lining is Palm Beach, Deep Lake,
Alpine, Castle Walls, and Sunny Beach. A good place to practice the sharper
corner lining technique is Metropolis. Though this technique is more curve
specific, it depends on the nature of each curve for which line to stick to
and which to turn in when you grip. The 2nd turn(Towards the left) and the
3rd(Towards the right) in Metropolis are good practice for this. Places that is
good to practice Grip Drift is Corniferous forest, desert, Deep Lake. Once you
can get these right here, you should be able to get the hang of it and can most
probably implement it in the later courses, which most of them require it.

  Gripping is a basic technique in Outrun 2, which you will have to master if
you intend to compete in the Time Attack Mode.


  And here we come, the main driving mechanic of Outrun 2. Drifting. Easy to
learn, difficult to master. I have seen many good players flunking a drift in
a certain section by accident. Its not easy to get all the drifts right. By
mastering it, you are able to get into and out of a drift with the lowest
possible speed lost. By controlling the dirft such that it stops when you want
it to is the way to make it lose least speed. Sometimes, I see people having
a little difficulty counter drifting, which makes the car ending up swirling
left and right, losing some extra speed. Not to mention, drifting in Outrun 2
is a tiny little bit exegerated.

  There are mainly 2 ways to get into a drift, and several techniques that
helps you control the drift better.

  The two ways of drifting, Break Drift and Gear Shift drift.

[--Brake Drift--]

  While travelling at ANY speed, release the gas padle, step on the brake
padle, release the brake padle and step on the gas padle. Turn the steering
wheel before doing it (maintaining the turn on the steering wheel whilst doing
it), or turn while doing it, or turn a short while after doing it will trigger
a drift lock.

Pros for using Brake Drift over Gear Shift Drift Drift:
- Loses lesser speed to start drift
- Loses lesser speed during drift
- Gains speed during counter drifts
- Easier to recover from the drift

Cons for using Brake Drift over Gear Shift Drift:
- Lesser handling in drifts as compared to Gear Shift Drift(Understeers)

  Thus, Brake Drift is ideal for long turns that is mild in nature.
E.G. Desert's long right drift after the first chichane, Ancient Ruin's long

[--Gear Shift Drift--]

  For this drift to work, you'll need to have the control over your gear.
In other words, Manual Transmission. While travelling over a certain speed,
you are able to do a drift by shifting down your gear, then quickly up. Turning
the steering wheel slightly before, during or slightly after gear shifting will
trigger the drift lock.

  The speed of your car must be of a specific range before you can do Gear
Shift Drift. For example, for most cars, while travelling at top gear, as long
as your speed is over 240km/h for tuned, or 230km/h for normal, you will be
able to execute the gear shift drift. If your speed is below it while being at
the top gear, nothing will happen. So what to do now? You can shift down 2
gears to execute the drift, then shifting up 2 gears and adjust accordingly to
the speed when the drift ends. 
  When you shift the gear down, if your current speed is over a certain
speed (Depending on which gear you are in), you will execute the drift. This
drift technique doesn't only work when you're in top gear. Even while in the
second top gear, you can shift down to the third from the top ect.

  When shifting gear from lower gears(Not the top), you will notice the LED
is blinking red, even though your speed is nowhere near that region. In any
case, turn your gear all the way up to 5(Or 6, depending on the car) then
adjust it back afterwards. This technique allows one to lose lesser speed or
even gain speed while drifting, if you're shifting from a lower gear. But this
is hardly used unless you mess up.

  Gear Shifting has a slight leeway where it allows 1 second or so after the
gear shifting/choking to initiate the drift. This leads to another technique,
Delayed Drift, which will be discussed below.

Pros for using Gear Shift Drift over Brake Drift:
- More handling in drifts as compared to Brake Drift(Oversteers). Easier to
  keep in line for a drift.

Cons for using Gear Shift Drift over Brake Drift:
- Loses more speed to start drift
- Loses more speed during drift
- Slightly harder to recover from the drift

[--Drift Stopping--]

  When the drift is about to end, turning the wheel the opposite direction will
turn the car back straight on the road. If the wheel is slanted to the opposite
direction, it will start to counter drift to that direction. If it is slanted
towards the drifted direction, it will still be under the drift lock, but with
a slight drift.

  Personally, what I do is quickly slide the wheel all the way to the opposite
direction when it is about to end its drift, then quickly return to the center.
When you turn it quickly as its nearing the end of the drift, it should stop
drifting and start turning back to the center. Going back to the center as
quickly as possible prevents it from sliding around after the drift, losing
speed. This requires some minor timing, but not much accuracy, since the time
to do it is pretty long enough, with some leniency and there are quite alot of
clues such as the direction your car is facing, as well as the force feedback
on the wheel.

  Alternatively, others prefer to not turn it all the way to the end and slowly
turn it to the opposite direction. Generally, the faster you stop the drift,
the better it is and you will start accelerating earlier.

[--Counter Direction Drift--]

  When approaching a curve in the opposite direction of where you are drifting,
turning the wheels to that direction would cause it to counter drift in the
other direction. However the momentum might not be enough for many turns, which
then you will need to employ the next technique.

[--Stronger Counter Direction Drift/Counter Drift Re-Entry--]

  While counter drifting, many a times, the momentum produced is not enough to
overcome the turn and one would end up the grass. This technique produces a
stronger momentum while counter drifting.

  When you are counter drifting, your car would turn from one direction to the
other. When the car is somewhat facing forward, before turning to the
direction, do a Gear shift drift or Break Drift. If done correctly, it should
produce a counter drift of a stronger momentum, as well as starting the drift
lock in the other direction faster, allowing you to grip the lines better.

  Be warned, the momentum is rather large and for some corners, you may
instead oversteer and hit the barrier in the direction you are drifting, an
example would be Corniferous Forest's triple chichane and the first chichane.

  This is crucial for many of Outrun 2 SP's courses where there are many
Chichains after Chichains(E.G. Canyon, Jungle).

Pros for using Counter Drift Re-Entry over normal Counter Drift:
- More momentum during the drifts(oversteers), allowing better lining.

Cons for using Counter Drift Re-Entry over normal counter Drift:
- Slightly harder to recover from the counter drift.


  This are the basic techniques for drifting. There are more tricks which allow
one to go around a corner faster, and at a better line. There are also some
curves where the techniques are needed in order to drift past it.


[--Force drift stop--]

  While drifting, releasing the Gas Padle while counter steering would quickly
stop the car from drifting. Return to center for the steering wheel after it.
This is useful for certain areas like Ancient Ruins. The long drift has a
short straight road interval where you can stop the drift and continue on as
normal. This is crucial for a fast timing. By stopping at a place where
drifting isn't nessesary in the later part, you can gain the speed during the
time when you would be drifting if you did not force stop it.

[--Force Counter Drift--]

  While drifting, by releasing the Gas Pedal while counter steering would
quickly stop the car from drifting. Continuing to counter steer would cause
it to counter drift. This enters the counter drift lock at the fastest possible
speed. Combined with the previous "Counter Drift Re-Entry", it becomes the
fastest drift lock to the other direction while maintaining a good momentum.
However, speed is lost doing this tecnhnique. 

  This is crucial for some of the courses where a normal counter drift will be
too slow resulting in the car sliding into dirt, mainly for Tuned Cars.

[-Delayed Drift-]

  Before reaching the corner, doing a gear shift, down and up, without turning,
instead, wait for about 1~ second or so before turning. This allows the car to
accelerate slightly before starting the drift, hence initiating the drift at a
faster speed.

  After doing a gear shift/choking, from max speed(293km/h for Normal), it will
drop to 288km/h. During that 1~ second or so, it can accelerate up before
starting to drift, hence it starts to drift at a higher speed as compared to
288km/h if delayed drift is not employed.

Pros for using Delayed Drift:
- Starts drift at a higher speed, hence improving overall speed at taking

Cons for using Delayed Drift:
- Momentum for delayed drift is significantly lower than a gear shift drift,
  about the same as a brake drift.

  Hence, Delayed Drift is useful to employ on several turns where one can
anticipate the corner and have ample time and space to accelerate up.

[--Feint Drift--]

  There isn't much use for this alone. To do a Feint Drift, simply steer the
wheel in one direction and quickly turn it to the other. The car would go a
little unstable.

  By doing a feint drift, then drifting in the direction the feint drift is
going, you can gain more momentum as well as giving you more control over your
car. It also starts the drift lock a lot faster, which means you can line in
some corners earlier, and better. This helps in alot of the areas, allowing
you to stick to the inner most lane while drifting, hence shaving seconds off
the clock.

  However, this technique only applies mainly to Tuned Cars, as they do not
lose speed from Feint Drifting. As for normal cars, they lost a slight amount
of speed doing this, which is not desired.

[--Turning Drift--]

  This is a simple drifting technique for Normal cars to start the drift lock
faster. Turning drift is sort of like the Feint Drifting technique for Normal
Cars, without the extra momentum.

  Simply, turn in the direction you want to drift before gear drifting. The
car will go into a drift lock faster, compared to turning after gear drifting.

  This technique is useless for Tuned Cars, but can help a Normal Car shave
precious time.

[--Grip Drift--]

  As discussed earlier, Grip Drifting is basically a combination of both Lining
and Drifting. This technique is usable for both types of cars, but some of the
corners done by a normal car would result in a longer time taken instead due to
the speed lost. This doesn't apply for tuned cars as they hardly lose speed on
turns so, so its best to use this technique whenever you can use it for a Tuned
Car, while maintaining the line.

  Basically you turn in from the outer most lane, inwards, and stay at
the inner lane for a second or so. Then the sign to start drifting is when your
car starts to lose the inner most line. Drift to maintain the inner most line.

  Example of courses which this technique is applicable is in Metropolis' last
3rd and 2nd turn, which are after the big turn. Also in deep lake's last turn.

[--More Momentum Drift--]

  While drifting and you find that your car can't turn in enough to the
direction you want it to go, you can hold down the brake padle. It would
allow the car to turn inwards more and hence ensuring one wouldn't hit the
side. This technique is definately needed while playing Automatic Transmission
as some of the curves need a stronger momentum which normal break drift is
unable to perform.

  By holding brake, it slows down your speed. Thus the speed you are moving
forward is reduced, not horizontally. Thus, to move the same amount of distance
forward, it would take a longer time if you held down brake. Thus, having a
longer time means you would have moved more horizontal distance, which also
means time taken would be longer compared to not using it. Generally not used
other than for Automatic Transmission.


  You can combine some of the techniques to allow one to conquer some of the 
drifts  During drifts, you can use the steering wheel to move the car left and
right, avoiding the traffic as well as keeping your line.


  New to Outrun 2 SP, this technique requires traffic, or other cars for
it to work. Another words, it is impossible to Slipstream in Time Attack
Mode. When you are within a certain distance behind the car, you can travel,
or accelerate faster then usual. This is slipstream. Staying behind the car
can bring your max speed to as high as 315km/h! Slipstream can continue on if
you switch lanes and still stick behind another car. Also you do not directly
have to be behind the car, you can be at the side and it still works, within
about 3/4 a car's horizontal distance.

  Slipstream work on the logic of Air Resistance. When one travels, the car
would "Cut" through the air, creating a "^" shaped motion of the air.
While travelling at a very high speed, the air doesn't have enough time to
fill into the gap between your car and the one infront of you. Hence, air
resistance is reduced. Reducing air resistance would hence increase the speed
you travelled.

  This technique is important for Outrun Mode. In order to score really great
scores in Outrun Mode, you will need to slip stream. Your scores double for
cars past by if you have drafted behind them, especially rivals which award
a whooping 25000 points normally, 50000 if you have drafted behind them.

OutRun Mode

  The goal of Outrun mode is to get as many points as possible. There are many
ways to get points. By passing a car, you will get points, depending on what
type of car it is. Also, the time remaining when you finished the race will be
converted into score and adds to your score. New to outrun 2 SP, rivals. Rivals
will appear through the course. About 2 to 3 rivals per course, when you pass
them, your girlfriend, Jennifer, would show some Hearts popup over her head.
This will net you additional points. Hence, in order to net yourself a whole
lot of points to get into the ranking, you will definately need to pass all the

  Your score is saved according to the goal, not universal like what Outrun 2

  Outrun Scoring Mechanics in Outrun2SP is different from Outrun2. In Outrun2,
the scores go by the distance moved when you're not rubbing objects/grass and
a definite amount of points is awarded for all cars past. In outrun2SP, points
are awarded based on the type of car it is and the size. Passing a lorry
compared to a normal car would net more points.

  Normally while moving, you will gain points. If you're slip streaming, the
points increase double the speed. If you have slipstreamed behind a vehical
and pass it, you will gain double the score. However, if you have rubbed it in
any way, even if its a minor scratch, you will gain half the score, even if you
have slipped streamed in it. This shows the importance in Slip Streaming in
Outrun mode. Whenever you can, slipstream. Change lines to draft in different
cars to gain more points when you pass them. These additional points will
rake up quite hefty in the end.

  Also new to Outrun Mode is Rival cars, where they will be driving Ferarris,
similar to yours, and you will gain a huge amount of points when you overtake
them. Not to mention your girlfriend would have hearts blinking over her when
you overtake them.

  Lastly there are also Bunki Bonuses. These bonus seem to work in a weird way,
I have yet to figure out how you are awarded these bonus. But basically at each
bunki, you are awarded a certain amount of points as special bonus. These
points play a BIG role in your score. Primarily deal with how well you drive
during the course, but the exact factor has yet to be known.

Heart Attack Mode

  The goal of Heart Attack Mode is to gain hearts, by impressing your in-game
girlfriend, Clarrisa. Basically Clarissa will give you request throughout each
course, 2 for Sunny Beach/Palm Beach, 3 for the rest. Perform these request
well, she will shower you with hearts. These hearts will be directly related to
how well you do the request. And you will also be awarded ranks, from E to AAA.

  Ranking wise is important, in order to access Special Requests. From the
third stage onwards, you will be given Special Reqests. These requests are
based on the ranking you achieved in the previous courses. In the 3rd course,
if you do very good, you will get Special Request. In the 4th, you'll get
Special Request 2 if you do very good, if you do moderately good, you'll get
Special Request, and if not, you'll not get any special request. Same for the
case in the last course, Special Request 3 if you're very good, Special Request
2 if you're good, Special Request if you're decent, and none if you're not.

  These requests are important becuase they will award you more hearts compared
to not having them, meaning, in order to get the top amount of hearts, you
have to get Special Request 3.

  Also, you will lose hearts if you bang into vehicals, crash, or hit the dirt
during requests. Also, bonus hearts for the stage is awarded during the Bunki.
However, exact specifics on how it is calculated is still unknown.

Time Attack Mode
  The goal of Time Attack Mode is to get through the courses as fast as
possible. There will not be any traffic, hence, slipstream is not possible in
Time Attack Mode. Unlike Outrun 2, SP provides the fastest Ghost Car for each
course, one to the left course while the other to the right course not the
whole route. When you start at Sunny Beach/Palm Beach, there will be 2 ghost
cars racing with you. One of them would turn left, while the other would turn
right when you reach the junction. The computer automatically picks the fastest
car for that course and you will race against it. When you reach a new course,
2 new ghost cars would start together with you. One to the left, and another to
the right. Thus, in SP, you are in fact racing against the Ghosts for the
course, not the route.

  When you reach the goal course, unless you perform well enough in the first
4 courses, you will only have 1 ghost car, the second top, for that goal. If
you do well enough(E.G. timing below a certain time, and not crashing at all,
not even a minor scratch), the message "TOP GOAL X GHOST CAR", where X is A-E,
will appear on the top. Then will there be 2 ghost cars, one being the top and
the other second top.

  Your time is saved according to the goal, and whether its Tuned or Normal, as
well as Manual Transmission or Automatic Transmission, unlike the universal
score chart which Outrun 2 was.

Versus Mode

  The goal of Versus Mode is to battle it out with the other 1-3 human players.
First to get through the goal line gets the first place(Obviously), or the one
closest the to goal when time is over gets the first place. There is also a
Handicap system in Versus mode. If it is not disabled, after the first person
gets passed the Checkpoint to a new course, subsequent cars would get a speed
boost. This is not shown in the speedometer though. The speedboost makes it
possible for one to catch up. The nearer the Checkpoint is to the goal, the
more the speed boost. Hence the handicap for the final course would be a lot.

  You are only allowed to use Normal Cars for Versus Mode.

  In versus mode, you get an additional option to choose Special Courses. It is
a mix of all the 30 courses(SP and Original) into a 15 course pyramid for the
players to race on.

There are a few tactics, which I have used once in a while.

[--Car Blocking--]

  This basically is well, Car Blocking. When you are in front of someone else
in a versus mode game, they would usually have handicap on, or if they are
using a faster car then you, they'll over take you. Not to mention, slipstream
allows them to overtake you faster. This technique requires some prediction,
good reflexes as as well as some luck. Staying in front of the car, by looking
at the sign below to see where your opponent's car is, block him. If you manage
to do it long enough you'll probably annoy the hell out of the opponent and
sometimes, he may hit you. This results in the losing of speed at his car and
the temporary boosting of speed for you.

[--Car Grinding--]

  This is also basically, well, car grinding. This technique doesn't work in
drift, and isn't as effective in a straight line but is a hell lot of effective
during a grip, preferably long ones. By staying next to the other car during
the grip, purposely ram into them, then stay in contact with them, pushing them
to one side. Notice that the amount you have turned in the steering wheel isn't
the same as the amount your car would've turned in that direction due to the
counter forces by the other car.

  After a while, return your steering wheel back to either the center or at the
angle to conquer the grip. Purposely slow down your speed. Your opponent would
probably still at the grip with his speed and turning. When you slow down, you
stop grinding with the car and most likely, the opponent is going to crash into
one side because of the turning of the wheel. This works best when you're on
the outer lane and your opponent isin the inner lane while gripping.

  Areas like the turns in the bunki, long grips like the one in sunny beach ect
are good areas to get this out.


  Having an opponent near you, constantly grinding you to prevent a good line,
yet you can shake them off? Consider this. Slowing your speed down, let them
overtake you and you slip stream on them until you gain a good speed, and over
take them far enough with this.


  In outrun 2 SP, as compared to Outrun 2, the differences between each car is
VERY minor. The top speed is the same for all cars in Tuned and in Normal. For
normal cars, they are all at 293km/h. For tuned, its 300km/h. There IS a slight
difference in terms of their handling and acceleration, but its very very minor.
Its hardly noticable either.

  So another words, there isn't much difference between the cars themselves
so there wouldn't have any "Acceleration / Handling / Max Speed" Charts and
explanation of their pros/cons due to that there is no pros/cons.

  Here is the list of cars in Outrun 2 SP:
(Not in order of the Car Select Menu)

360 Spider
Dino 246 GTS
365 GTS/4 Daytona
288 GTO
Enzo Ferarri
250 GTO


No. of Gears: 6

Colours Available: Red, Yellow, Black, White, Silver, Green, Light blue, Blue

Interesting Fact: The Ferarri F50 was designed in 1996 to commemerate Ferarri's
50th aniversary.

360 Spider

No of Gears: 6

Colours Available: Red, Yellow, Black, White, Silver, Green, Light blue, Blue

Interesting Fact: With the introduction of the 360 Spider, Ferrari's range of
models on sale around the world becomes a total of four.

Dino 246 GTS

No of Gears: 5

Colours Available: Red, Yellow, Black, White, Silver, Light blue

Interesting Fact: In the late 1960's through the 1970's Ferrari produced the
Dino series - the 206, 246 and 308. What an Old car it is. Old enough to
compete with 250 GTO.

365 GTS/4 Daytona

No of Gears: 5

Colours Available: Red, Yellow, Black, White, Silver, Light blue

Interesting Fact: The car was powered by a 60 degree V12  engine with dual
overhead cams, 6 Weber 40 DCN/20 carburetors, double coil-ignition making
352hp at 7,500 rpm.


No of Gears: 5

Colours Available: Red, Yellow, Black, Silver

Interesting Fact: Testarossa in SP looks different from what it did in the
original. The original Testarossa had its looks altered, wherelse Xbox Outrun 2
and Outrun 2 SP has the original Testarossa.

288 GTO

No of Gears: 5

Colours Available: Red, Yellow, Black, White, Light blue

Interesting Fact: The sequal to 250 GTO, exactly 22 years after 250 GTO's
lunch, 288 GTO made a grand appearence. 2 years after its released, another
car, styled after 288 GTO, was released. It was F40.

Enzo Ferrari

No of Gears: 6

Colours Available: Red, Yellow, Black, White

Interesting Fact: This car is named after the late founder of the Ferrari
company, as you've guessed, Enzo Ferarri.


No of Gears: 5

Colours Available: Red, Yellow, Black, White, Silver, Green, Light blue, Blue

Interesting Fact: The aim for F40 is simple. To be the fastest road going car
ever built. It was the closest to a race car that money can buy.


No of Gears: 6

Colours Available:

Interesting Fact: Pronunced as B-B-Five-Twelve. BB being Berlinetta Boxer, it
was not allowed to be sold in North America due to safty reasons, which spawned
the creation of Testarossa.

250 GTO

No of Gears: 5

Colours Available: Red, Yellow, Black White

Interesting Fact: There is only 39 Ferarri 250 GTO made! Yes its not a typo,
39! Made within 1962 to 1964, these cars can fetch up to somewhere around 7
to 9 million dollars!

Normal And Tuned

  You will always use Normal cars in both Outrun Mode, Heart Attack Mode and
Versus Mode.

Properties of Normal Cars:

- Better handling as compared to tuned. Is able to grip certain areas by lining
  in the inner lane as compared to Tuned, where it requires one to drive from
  the outer lane to another in order to get across the curve fastest.
- Easier to handle during drifts. It doesn't straft left and right that much
  and easily as compared to Tuned.
- Normal Cars have more acceleration as compared to Tuned Cars.

- It is slower then tuned cars due to the speed lost during turns as well as
  lesser top speed.
- It does not straft left and right during drifting as much as tuned, making
  it harder to keep in the lining while drifting.
- Loses alot more speed while turning as compared to Tuned. The more it is
  turned, the more speed is lost.


  You can only choose to use Tuned cars in Time Attack mode.

Properties of Tuned Cars:

- Higher Max speed
- It does not lose much speed while turning, and is capable of gaining speed
  while turning. If it is turned by a little, it will still continue to gain
  speed. The more it turns, the lesser speed is lost until it reaches 0, and at
  the extreme end, it loses only about 1-2km/h.
- It strafts left and right more during drifts, making it easier to keep to the
  most inner line.

- Lower handling, making it harder to grip, as if one wants to grip past an
  area area with tuned cars, it requires more precise timing and lining as
  compared to Normal cars, where they can turn inwards more due to higher
  handling and lower top speed.
- Harder to handle during drifts, since it straft left and right more, one
  might just crash into the fence more easily.
- It has lesser acceleration as compared to Tuned Cars.


  For Drift handling, tuned cars can turn MORE and QUICKER during drifting.
Even though its harder to control, this just makes Tuned Cars more responsive
during drifting and its what makes up Handling. 


In this section, you'll find certain stuff which can affect gameplay as well as
do nothing to the gameplay and is not blatantly obviously shown in the game.

[--Colour Change--]

OK, maybe this is shown in the menu but its writting in small print at the
bottom. One might miss it.

During car selection, hold down brake. You will see a small menu appear
below with several colours. Use the gear knob to choose the colours.

Note: Some colours are not available to certain cars.

[--Play Original Outrun 2 Courses--]

Yet another not so obvious thing. Many people miss the sign saying
"View change: Outrun 2 Courses" at the bottom.

During mode selection, press view change. This will switch it with another
set of "Outrun Mode | Heart Attack Mode | Time Attack Mode", with a sign
at the left hand side saying "Outrun 2 Courses". Pressing view change switches
back to SP courses, where it is shown by the sign on the left hand side saying
"Outrun 2 Special Tours Courses".

[--Music Volume--]

Same as the above 2 "secrets", this is mostly missed out by people.

During song select, hold down brakes. A small menu should appear.
It has "More BGM" | "Balanced" | "More Engine".

Well, it should be self explanatory.

[--Alternate 7 Music selection--]

Its the same old easy to miss tricks.

During Song select, press view change. It should switch it with 7 new songs
for one to choose from.

[--Quick Start--]

While there are 2 or more machines connected, when you insert a coin and press
start(Some machines are set to start automatically), there will be a count down
for other players to join in. If no players has joined in yet, you can hold
down View Change and Brake to get the countdown to 0 instantly. Holding down
this before you press start will entirely skip the "waiting for players"
screen, even if there are other players there in the countdown waiting for

And again, this is a command that is written in the "Waiting for players"
screen where many misses and jam the start button rapidly.

[--Quit Game--]

At any time, as long as your speed is below 10km/h, hold down brake, view
change and shift the gear downwards. The game should pause with a new menu
oping up and a countdown timer at the top right starting from 9. The menu gives
you 2 options, YES and NO. Choosing NO would return you back to your game and
you can no longer access this menu. Choosing YES would end the game and says
"Time Over".

You can only do this in Single player mode.

[--Real players only--]

When you are selecting your Car/Song/Waiting for other competitors to do so,
you can Hold View Change and shift the gear knob up and down. If all the
competitors do the same thing, you would enable an option called "Real Players
Only". This removes the traffic in the game.

You can only do this in Versus Mode.

[--No handicap--]

When you are selecting Car/Song/Waiting for other competitors to do so, you
can hold down brake and shift the gear knob up and down. If all competitors
do the same thing, you would enable an option called "No Handicap". This
removes the handicap the leading person suffer in multiplayer matches.

You can only do this in Versus Mode.

[--Shortcut Menu--]

During Single Player mode, at Car selection menu, Hold down View Change, Brake,
and Gear Shift Up, you will activate a shortcut menu which shows the settings
chosen at the previous games and if you would like to go on those settings.

Note: This would not work if the previous game was a Versus game or 15
Continous Course.

[--Ghost Preview--]

During the Demo Screen, while the game is showing the tutorial(How to Drift,
Outrun mode, heart attack mode, time attack mode etc), press View Change. This
should activate a mini menu at the bottom of the screen with either Outrun2SP
or Outrun2 and the pyramid. Also with it is the different time attack modes,
Normal AT, Normal MT, Tuned AT, Tuned MT.

Pressing View Change will alternate the modes in that order, and Gear Shift
will allow you to highlight a course in the pyramid. Shifting down past
Skyscrapers will change it to Original Outrun 2 courses. Shortly after, there
will be a preview screen which will show the top ghost for that course in that
mode, in a 3rd person view.

Song Select

  Upon entering the song menu, with the redesigned interface, it gives a sense
of "Radio Stations". Well, pressing view change changes it to another set of 7

Here is the list of songs:

Splash Wave
Magical Sound Shower
Passing Breeze
Risky Ride
Shiny World
Night Flight
Life was a bore


Splash Wave 1986
Magical Sound Shower 1986
Passing Breeze 1986
Who are you 1986
Keep your heart 1986
Shake the Streets 1986
Rush a Difficulty 1986

  New to SP, there is a Random button! As it suggest, it randomly chooses a

  Holding down Brake, a menu will appear. Using a Gear Knob, you can choose
between "More BGM", "Balanced", or "More Engine".

15 Course/Special Courses

  15 course, as the name suggest, you race through 15 courses. You need the
arcade operator to enable the ability to choose 15 course. Once enabled, you
can race through the 15 courses of SP or Original. When you reach mode select
menu, you will have 2 additional options for each course if 15 Course is
enabled. 15 Course Outrun Mode and 15 Course Time attack mode. When you reach
the bunki, no matter which bunki you take, you will end up in the same course.

There are mainly 2 buttons to operate the Bios, Test button and Service button.
Use the service button to navigate through the Bios and Test button to select
the option.

- Press the "Test button", the system menu should pop up.
- Select "Enter Game Test" to enter "Game Test Mode".
- In "Game Test Mode", select the option "Game assignments" to enter "Game
  Assignments Mode".
- By pressing the "Test Button" on the 15 Course option, change it to

When it is set to "On Charge", it will enable 15 Course. There is a bug that
if it is set to "On Free", the machine will not register any credits that is
inserted into the machine.

  In Special Courses, which is only available to Versus mode, players can choose
it and the computer will randomly form a 15 course pyramid from the 30 courses


  The bunki is basically the intersections between 2 different courses.

  The bunki basically consist of 3 lanes, with 2 turns and a long road in
between the 2 turns. It basically takes up a quarter of your total course time,
so its about 1/4 of all the courses. Both of the turns are exactly the same,
except they turn different direction. This is a good place to practice lining,
where the bunki's turns can really affect one's timings. Considering there
are a total of 8 turns in the whole game, they stack up to a lot. You can drive
into the "White Tiles" lookalike without losing any speed.

  New to SP, the Bunki now contain certain cameo appearences from different
Sega games. As well as a few stuff which I don't think its from any sega games.

  The cameo appearence depends on how well you perform on the course.

Here are the things you would see in the bunki:

A bunch of 30 odd birds flying past.
A few birds flying in circles above you.
2 Jet Airliner flying past.(From SEGA's airline simulation games)
2 propeller propelled planes.
A dragon flying past.(From Panzer Dragoon)
Someone skygliding past.
A few UFOs
Many Hotair Balloons
Jet Fighter Plane(From Afterburner)
Panzer Dragoon Orta (With Orta riding the heavy-mode dragon)

FAQ Terminology

This area contains certain words/phrases used in the FAQ which can make one
confused. Or it can be terms used in driving.

Drift - A technique used in driving where the back wheels of the car loses
        tracktion and the car slides across only with tractions from the front

Lining/Gripping - Keeping closest to the inner most line during a grip to
                  reduce distance traveled and time taken.

Drift lining - Keeping closest to the inner most line during a drift to reduce
              distance travelled and time taken.

Drift Lock - Drift Locking is when the car has fully turn horizontal and is
             executing a drift.

Course - A course is just a single course(E.G. Sunny Beach alone, Skyscraper
         alone ect).

Route - A route is a combination of 5 courses which one can take towards the
        goal. (E.G. Route 1(Original) - Palm beach, Deep Lake, Castle Wall,
        Cloudy highlands, Tulip Garden).

Bunki - The official name given to the Junction between each course.
        Bunki is supposetly to mean Junction in Japanese.

Goal - The final courses in each route(A total of 10 goals in the game).

Ghost Car - Semi Transparent cars which appears as you run through Time Attack
            Mode. It is the car which the top players for each course takes,
            that is, anyone who has beaten the default ghost cars.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I switch to playing original OutRun 2 courses?
A: It is answered in the FAQ. You just have to press View Change during mode
   select menu to switch to another set of modes which plays the original
   OutRun 2 courses.

Q: How do I play 15 Course?
A: 15 course require the arcade operator to enable it. Afterwhich, to play 15
   course, it requires one additional credit. For more details, check the
   15 Course/Special Courses section under 5. Courses.

Q: Where can I find video replays of Time Attack mode?
A: You can find the Marubaku Super Replays at http://www.marubaku.com. These
   replays are played by Team Marubaku, mainly GIL, who are one of the top
   league of players of Outrun 2, in acctual fact, many driving games, around
   the world.

OutRun2SP: Special Tours FAQ v1.0                copyright (c) 2004-2007 Ratix0