Question from slyjakprinceico

Asked: 5 years ago

How can I get to Kitchen Pipes area?

I'm looking to get some of the final stars in the game. I know I missed some in the Kitchen Pipe slider area, the very first slide area in the game. But I can't go back there, the hole used to go there in the beginning is blocked with a cardboard box. Any other way to get there so I can get there? Please help, I'm stuck at 99% because of a few of those wretched stars and I don't want to end up starting the whole game over.

Accepted Answer

From: PlaCary 4 years ago

Go to the Deserted Kitchen. Go to Linguini's cook place and look for an open window. Remember when u cook the soup in Soupy Assistance? Then Remy ran out of the open window thats the window where u can ge to kitchen pipe but first u will end up to a table and a hole route. go through the hole and u can be at the Kitchen Pipes.
Easy, right?

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How cant you go back while sliding ??? Its easy just slow down, move camera and just jump.

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