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Asked: 4 years ago

Where are all the stars in home stink home, the deserted kitchen, and the city market?

I am literally missing the last three stars in each of those levels. I have killed all my enemies that give me stars, I have looked everywhere (I am certain) and I have collected everything else. So where could the last three stars in each of those be? that is all I lack to completing 100%.

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Maybe the FAQs got?

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For me, the last 3 stars, were obviously bags. I restarted over and over and finally found all except the home stink home last 4. In the deserted kitchen there were 2 bags that were my last. One by the entrance, but hard. Go to the right coming from home stink home, go up the thread and on to the tall part overlooking that part of the kitchen. There is a "ratapult" ... Ignore it and slowly go off the edge all the way to the left and you will land in a crate with a bag. If that is not it, anothother was in the part of the kitchen where linguini used to be. Where the 3 stacked boxes are, go to the left facing them, go behind the cans, and it is in the very back to the right. As for the city market, my hardest was a counter I had been on before by the forklift. You jump on the can, fall in a sink, keep falling in the sinks unil you see a bag. I have tried and tried to find the home stink home stars, but can't. Hope this helps.

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