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Asked: 5 years ago

Naruto shippuden narultimate accel 3 ?

When is the naruto shippuden narultimate accel 3 being released ?

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Hmmmm.!! I won't close this question till there's more clue. Just give notification here if there's, even just for a rumour. I ask this coz I just saw a while ago A Naruto Ultimate Ninja 4 Shippuden. The seller said hotheadedly it's the continue of 2. What a fool!! I still not yet smell the 3. Then suddenly I realized it's the Naruto Shippuden narultimate accel. The cover told me that. Thanx's for the info anyway.

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So, d'you heard any rumour or whatever about this game in english. It's pain since I don't understand any Japan letter?

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From: jozie123 5 years ago

I dont think that there may be another one, im a hardcore ultimate ninja fan but sadly i have a feeling that its only going up to 2

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I think its too soon to come out with a conclusion, but its really possible narutimate accel 3, but when the game comes out in japan, in north america should be coming out 2 years later, so,.....we will have to wait a very long time...

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Naruto Shippuden Narutimate Accel 3 is coming out Fall 2011
its story mode is going to be based on Pein, Konan and the
Destruction of the Leaf Village 2 with 82 playable characters

Platform PS3

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Narutimate accel 3? I tink it's out.It's abou kakuzu and hidan.All the fiting is 3d but i've only seen it in japanese.(hope this can help)

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