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Is the arcade worth the money (status-wise)?
For example, do I get more charm-points for the 1.500Yen game than for the 500Yen coffee? And the there's that horrifying expensive horror house game of course... I'm always very hesitant to spend that much money there (which increases my courage in real life though which is kinda neat ^^).

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I didn't find the thread but I'm not looking for general help regarding stats anyway (I know enough about that), it's just that I have nothing better to do in the evenings and wonder if the more expensive activities are actually worth the money, I've only been going for the cheaper coffee and karaoke until now.

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Okay, I've been here for years but this is the first time I saw that search-bar. >.>

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rikku32 answered:

First go to the bottom of the page---search topics---you can just put in- charm -then look for "points for courage,charm & academics"It's up to you,if you have the time to spend and the money to spend.
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rikku32 answered:

I started a thread on the board section for this game"Points for courage,charm & academics" if your looking for a little help.Also go to the school doctor if you're sick or tired.Usually it happens if you go to tartarus and either get tired or sick, afterwords go home and try to study,DON'T try to sleep because the effect might wear off and you might not be able to enter the school doctor's offfice and get the medicine.You get free courage up that way.Just read the thread and you decide.
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