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Request #55?

Regarding to faq,i can only accept request #55(fight a secret boss on top of Monad block) in new game +....But i load a new game+ of persona 3 instead of Persona 3 FES.....So,that's why i can't accept this request?i already had fulfilled request #1 to #99 except for #55..... Btw,can i still fight Elizabeth?

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Three_Leaf_Ivy answered:

You can't do a New Game+ with any original Persona 3's save data cleared or not, ONLY with cleared Persona 3 FES's save data. When you started a new game with your original Persona 3 save data, all you did was import a few things, namely:
1. Your Academics, Charm, and Courage stats
2. Your Persona Compendium with ALL Personae levels and skills reset to base (like if you drew them from a Chance card)
3. Any Key Items you got from maxing out Social Links
4. Your list of used/discovered Fusion Skills
A New Game+ carries over a lot more than this-- they're different things altogether.

Also, I'm not sure, but as far as I know, you need to be in a FES New Game+ to fight Elizabeth. So that's why you can't see the request, and thus cannot fight Elizabeth unless you finish the entire FES Journey once.
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