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Asked: 6 years ago

ARMAX code for persona 3 fes the answer??

Is there a code ARMax a game persona 3 fes the answer please help!!!,if there is a mistake please excuse the language I am indonesian people!!!

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Cari aja disini tapi daftar member dulu gratis kok

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ah mainnya pake AR max gak seru lho!!!!!!lvl nya jadi cepet naik jadi gak ada tantangan gw saranin gak usah pake AR max

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ehm.. skalian numpang tanya AR max ntu ap?

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awkawkkawkwaawk kok pake bahasa Indonesia???
AR max? ya action replay... kek GS.

aduh mas, pake AR max mah g jaman ateu...

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Just passing through but,
i'll comment anyway,
1st of all
your english is bad,
you need to improve it,
2nd, go buy the armax disc in the nearby gameshop,
3rd, why would you use armax? you suppose to think in this game,,,

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mhh sory airwind but i have alredy finished the game 3 times so what if i want to try to play with AR and by the way i have ARmax disc but u have to have netvork connection to get updates for it thervise u have o enter them u self :D

Ps. and so what if y eng is bad its ok iff ppl understand what i hant to say :D

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gk pake AR aja gampang naek suram ah....

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weleh kset ps mh dh jual AR max yg dh keupdate FES kali.. duh Jadul nih

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