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How can i get aeon ???

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Silveron714 answered:

After January 1, talk to Aigis on the first day of school in your class room. Think it'll be January 2. Can't remember which persona is cheapest but when you talk to her you'll get more points for increasing level of S. Link if have persona that corresponds to her. Like having a Lovers persona like Pixie when meeting Yukari who's card is the Lovers. If need be can use Velvet room in town to get persona and then return to school to talk to her. Also, get extra points if agree to meet if she comes up to you in hallway than if say no and talk to her in classroom. Can meet with her on Mon, Wed, Fri and Sat but considering don't have much time left before final battle would be good idea to meet her as much as possible.
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xtremegamer4 answered:

After December, and a couple of events, you can start the S. Link at January 8th, I think. >__o
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seancoombes answered:

Yep, it is in January, so you won't want to have many school S-links left to do. Aigis can be found in your classroom to do the link.
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WorldPersona answered:

It is avalible on the first day of school after 01/01.
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Gothic89 answered:

The Aeon Social Link can be started after 1/25(January 25th)

You start it by talking to Aegis in your classroom on the second floor, on a Monday, Wednesday, Friday, or Saturday.
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Gamster_9999 answered:

You can get it at 1/1 because aegis comes back and is more "human-like"
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