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Missed Yuko Link?

Quick following the max guide, i missed one of Yuko's links in not being able to talk to her on 4.30, because my chariot link was only at level 2 (chariot's gotta be 3 before she's willing to go home with you after practice). It was the day you had to do the chariot 3 link and strength 1 link at the same time. Will I still be able to find some time throughout the guide to max her link?

Everything else was done up till that point, and I actually made up for the chariot link because fortunately i had an extra emperor level on a monday, so i just leveled up chariot instead. Currently i'm on 6/30.

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If I'm right, I remember reading somewhere that there's a total of 3 opportunities in which you're able to spend time with Yuko AFTER practice. I THINK, I've only had the opportunity twice..if there is only 3 opportunities, when does the third time show up? Would it be after you leveled up chariot a bit more? (my chariot is at 6 now)

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(I meant strength flag** on that last sentence)

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Nasada19 answered:

What you had to do was ask her to walk home with you BOTH times you were prompted. No clue why you didn't ask her both times. Because you severely messed that up there is no chance at all of you following the max social link guide. You can mess up with some of the guys, and maybe a very, very small amount with one of the girls, but this is a HUGE mistake with one of the girls. Not a chance to fix this.

You can still start the Strength link, you'd just have to max chariot first and then waste extra days going to sports club.
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TehJLink answered:

Okay, first of can't even walk her home the first time, she said she was busy (AND i had max courage, the heck?) Was that supposed to activate the strength flag? Because..for me it didn't. What really confuses me, is what the strength flag really consisted of actually doing. You told me to ask her twice, and i did ask her twice, but she only offered to come home with me the second time - which got me really confused.

I didn't decline any chances i came across to ask her, and I'm not sure where you got that assumption from. But if you really want to know what i'm talking about, play through 4/27 monday to see what i'm talking about..i'm wondering where and what the strength requires you to do on that day..
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