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Asked: 5 years ago

I can't find the missing person for Elizabeth's request #84?

They are not in Port Island Station by the vending machine there is a man there?

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From: rikku32 5 years ago

The person is a girl next to the vending machine in Port Island station,she`s` sitting on the ground between the vending machine & stairs. Get 20 Cielo Mists from dorm vending machine & give her all 20 to complete the quest.

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Look for girl, not man.
Also don't forget to buy 20 drinks in dorm's vending machine.

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There is a girl there in Port island station near a vending machine but she is saying Cielo mist after some talking make some social links the when you are in the dorm at the evening buy 20 cielo mists then end the day. After class go back at the port island station then talk to the girl again then she will drink the 20 mists after that scene the request is complete then report to Elizabeth.

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