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Playstation 2 - Persona 3 FES (Festival)

a) Updates
b) Introduction
c) Walkthrough
d) Ending

a) Updates
May 2008 - Am putting the website version of the walkthrough into a txt file. 

May 25 2008 - Starting Persona 3 FES - The Answer Walkthrough Guide

b) Introduction

This walkthrough FAQ is for Persona 3 FES (PS2).  This FAQ can be viewed
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c) The Journey Walkthrough Guide

As you start Persona 3 FES, you have some options if you played the original 
Persona 3.  Carrying over Persona Compendium, Academics, Charm, Courage stats,
Known Fusion Spells, MAXed social link items.  Since you likely did not
complete everything in Persona 3 this is a good way to see the rest of the
social links throughout the game.
Lots of scenes as you start off and you do not gain control really until April
7th while you are in school.  Go to the conference room down the hall to speak
to Ms. Toriumi the Composition Teacher.  After this you'll see the speech and
then get to meet Junpei Iori.   Just go to bed when you get back from class.
The next day April 8th, Junpei is asked a question in class so help him out;
Utsubo Kubota is the answer in Persona 3 FES.  When you get back you will meet
a Sophisticated Gentleman named Shuji Ikutsuki.  You can ask him some questions
and then sleep.  You will get some scenes with Ikutsuki so just listen well.  
At night you will experience the Dark Hour and meet Igor.  Also, you will get
the Velvet Key.  On April 9th you will be in class, so you can sleep or pay
attention.  Not much goes on until the Dark Hour of midnight when madness
You are woken up as a monster is attacking the dorms.  Yukari comes to get you,
and gives you a Short Sword.   Run upstairs and watch some scenes with the
Main, and Orpheus your first Persona.  The rest of the group watches on in
amazement.  You will have your first battle here; just attack and you should
be fine.  
The Main passes out and you will awake on April 17th, a Friday.  Yukari will
talk to you a bit but not much goes on today.  In school on April 18th Junpei
is asked a question; choose Mud Hunts for a charm increase of 2.  Save your
game when you get back, and then make your way to the fourth floor to talk to
Ikutsuki and learn about SEES, the Specialized Extracurricular Execution Squad.
You gain a social link level with the Fool Arcana / SEES Social Link.
After this you talk to Mysterious Boy for a bit.  About honoring your contract.
Then you next gain control on Sunday April 19th as Junpei comes in.  Lots of
talking between now and then the afternoon of April 20th, Monday.  
At night of 4-20 you will meet with Ikutsuki and he talks about how there are
now 5 Persona users with Junpei's addition.  Now you can check out Tartarus,
the huge tower within school.   Go in the Velvet Room for a little bit and then
it is time to explore the tower with Yukari and Junpei.
If you are new to these dungeons, first of all they are randomly generated so
there is no specific directions (same with treasures).  Important things are to
be patient and attack the enemy from behind for a surprise attack.  If the
enemy on the screen attacks you, they will have a surprise attack.  The key is
to wait until the enemy is not facing you so you can charge in and attack.  
In battle you are going to want to search for an enemy's weakness (with Tactic
- Analyze) and then use whichever skill / attack they are weak against.  For
example use Agi on the Cowardly Maya here and you can do a group attack if all
enemies are knocked down.  Mitsuru will help you through these battles.  Also,
you will probably see the post-battle tarot card game.  Try to get the Persona
cards like Pixie (first one you see).  There will only be a few battles, then
you press square to split up and search, and then use the access point to
return back.  Your Fool Arcana SEES Social Link will reach rank 2 after this.  
You can check out the Velvet Room before you head back.  Definitely save and
then head back to the dorm (this always ends the night).  
On April 21st, you meet Kenji.  Lucky you.  During class you can stay awake or
sleep, and then you have control of the main character after school for the
first time.  Just as you were introduced to Tartarus, now you can work on your
Charm, Courage, Academics, or Social Links.  One of the best parts of Persona 3
FES is that you can ignore Charm, Courage and Academics if you transfered over
your Persona 3 data and already have them maxed out.  This way, you can have
more time for Social Links that you did not get time to finish in the first
For this particular afternoon you will meet up with Junpei Iori and then see
Akihiko outside of school.  He says to meet him at Paulownia Mall.  So, go
there and then the Police Station.  Within you will meet the cop Officer
Kurosawa.  Ikutsuki will give you 5000 Yen to spend here.  So buy a weapon and
some armor.
The rest of the afternoon can be done doing whatever you like.  As stated
above, if you have the Persona 3 Data transfered over you will not need to
worry about Academics, Charm and Courage like you would if you were just
starting.  That said there really is not much to do at this point outside of
the dorm anyway.   April 21st is also the first day where you can willingly
talk to Mitsuru and go to Tartarus.  As you enter you will realize that your
characters will get tired after only a few floors of exploration.  This is a
good amount of training and you may gain a few Personae like Apsalas.  
Save and go back.  Kenji meets you during the day so go out to eat ramen with
him later on.  The Persona of Magician Arcana Social Link will improve to
level 1.  As the evening comes you will probably be tired assuming you were out
the night before in Tartarus.  In this case you should just save, talk to
everyone, and go to bed for the night. 
On Thursday April 23rd you should find an athletic team to join.  It does not
matter which really either way, you will meet Yuko Nishiwaki and Kazushi.  For
joining the athletic team you will begin Chariot Arcana for Personae.  When you
return back to the dorm in the evening you are hopefully rested enough for
another Tartarus trip with Yukari and Junpei.  
Friday April 24th you likely will have a visit from someone like Kenji.  You
will have some open time later in the day for Classmate Magician Persona Social
Link or whatever else, and then you can rest if you are tired from the night
before (or go out to Tartarus if you did not the previously).
When you go to school Saturday April 25th you will hear about the book store
opening at Iwatodai Station.  Class will end so go to Iwatodai and then the
green book store on the first level.  Speak with the old couple and you will
hear about a Persimmon Tree at Gekkoukan High.  If you go back to school on the
first floor you should head towards the sports area is and you will see the
tree in the courtyard.  Search around for a Persimmon Leaf and bring that back
to the bookstore and show it to the old man.  He then introduces himself as
Bunkichi and his wife Mitsuko.  The Hierophant Arcana has started with the Old
Couple Social Link at level 1.  
If you wish to go to Tartarus on Saturday April 25th you need to go to the top
level to see Mitsuru senpai.   At this point you should be able ready to make
it to floor 5 of Tartarus where your first Terminal is back to the main floor,
and you will also see three Venus Eagle's.  If you have a bow using hero you
are definitely set, but just having Yukari is good enough if she knocks them
all down and does a group attack.  For victory you will get 40 EXP and 3
Empress's Masks.  A Bead Chain is also nearby in a treasure chest.  
Floor 10 has 3 more boss enemies for you to fight.  It is three Dancing Hands,
and they are strong against everything besides Bash-type hits.  Orpheus and Ara
Mitama and maybe some other Personae you have will be able to use Bash.  The
main problem here is that Bash is evaded more than just about any other attack
you could use unfortunately, so if you do miss you will open your team up to
get slaughtered.  But if you managed to Bash all three and do a group attack
you should be in the clear.  Don't underestimate these guys they are extremely
tough for this early in the game.  They sometimes use evil attacks like Magaru,
and a few other regular elemental attacks on one person.  If you are hurt too
bad, always use Cadenza to heal everyone and give yourself a good shot to
dodge some attacks.  For your victory in this battle you will earn 3 Mazio
The next terminal / Tartarus boss is on floor 14.  It is only one boss, but
these are the toughest Tartarus bosses often times.  This boss, Rampage Drive,
has a Chariot Arcana.  So it relies on brute force.  Cadenza is very helpful to
dodge the attacks of this enemy.  Junpei is not that helpful with Cleave though
as it is always blocked.  Eventually he learns to use Agi while Yukari uses
Garu.  Problem is, she is weak against Zio, and Rampage Drive lots to use Mazio
on everyone.  Fortunately Cadenza allows you to dodge this often.  This battle
is a typical war of attrition in Persona 3 as there is no weak point, you just
need to stay alive to slowly whittle it's HP down.  100 EXP and a Balm of Life
are the rewards, and you get another Balm of Life and a Soma in treasure chests
after the battle.  
On April 26th, Sunday, you will get to enjoy the day to yourself.  So go out
and do something to raise your stats.  
Monday April 27th there will be an announcement at the assembly.  During class
you are asked about when numbers were invented.  Choose 6000 Years Ago as the
Sumerians did it, and you will gain Charm points.  
Once class is finished Mitsuru talks to you about joining the Student Council
with her.  Agree to do so.  After class though you have to go back to the
Faculty Officer to speak to Ms. Toriumi, and then you go to the Student Council
at the second floor.  Finally you are in the Student Council and you will meet
Hidetoshi Odagiri and Chihiro.  So the Student Council Social Link has been
started at level 1 and Emperor Arcana Personae now have support.
Tuesday April 28th you are asked how school is going by Mitsuru.  Not much else
to do today, except for whatever you want in the afternoon like go out with
Kenji or Kazushi, etc.  I got Chariot up to Social Link Level 2.  At night you
get Innocent Sin Online, a MMORPG for your computer.  You can play this on
Sunday's and Holiday's.
Since it is Showa Day on Wednesday April 29th, you have the day off.  Now is it
a good day to play the MMORPG in your room (check your computer) and you will
start getting messages from Maya an online video gamer.  This social link
allows the Hermit Arcana Personas to be boosted.  
You will regain control April 30th Thursday, at lunchtime.  Kazushi or Kenji
will come by to visit while you are eating.  Later on during the school day you
get a chance to stay awake for Academics or sleep to potentially have a great
condition.   You will have an evening to do something.
When you get back to your dorm on April 30th you will get a call from
Elizabeth.  Save, and leave the dorms.  Go to Paulownia Mall and then straight
to the back to the blue hallway.  This is the alternate entrance to the Velvet
Door in addition to the beginning of Tartarus.  Elizabeth tells you about her
Requests, which are various errands she would like you to run.  Of course,
there is a reward and many of them are difficult.  The initial Elizabeth
Requests are 
4 - 30 new available Elizabeth Requests
Bring her Pine Resin - 5 / 07
Bring her a Juzumaru
Perform Cadenza
Elizabeth would like to visit Paulownia Mall - 5 / 07
Elizabeth would like a sip of Muscle Drink
Retrieve the first old document - 5 / 07
Retrieve 1 Beetle Shell - 5 - 07
One thing about requests that needs to be stated immediately.  If you did not
sign up for the quest, you will not run across the item.  For example you need
to sign up for the Beetle Shell quest before the Grave Beetle will drop the
Beetle shell. 
The Cadenza request you can pass immediately if you have already used it.  It
is once of my favorite ability's in the entire game as it cures your entire
party and ups their evade rate.  You can unlock it by having Aspala and
Orpheus at the same time.  For completing this you will earn 5 Agilao Gems.  
The Beetle Shell can be found immediately on floors 6-15 from Grave Beetles.
They are weak against Garu.  When you return one to Elizabeth you get 12000
The Juzumaru Blade can be found anywhere in the first few dozen floors.  For
returning this to Elizabeth (it is not a timed request) you will earn the Cup
of Knight.  
Muscle Drinks can be found throughout Tartarus or at the Pharmacy at the
mall.  This will net you three Revival Beads.  
On Saturday May 2nd you will hear about Tanaka's Show open on Sunday's.  This
is a good day to go out on a date with Elizabeth during the day.  Just go to
the alternate Velvet Room in the Paulownia Mall, and then you can walk around
the mall with her.  It doesn't really matter what you say, just go along with
her and then to the Arcade or Karaoke and you will be done.  Your reward for
taking her on this date is a Small Cheongsam.   This allows you to fuse Hua
Po, a Magician Persona.  The rest of the day was spent with the Old Couple at
the Book Store.  Bunkichi gives you a Melon Bread, and then you can inquire
about his son.  The Old Couple Social Link will reach level 2 for summoning
Hierophant Arcana.  
In the evening of Saturday May 2nd it is extremely important to have signed up
for the Pine Resin request from Elizabeth so that you can talk to Yukari and
get some from her.  It is the yellow stuff she uses in Archery Class.  When
you bring this back to Elizabeth to complete the request, you will attain
Purifying Rice x 2. 
During the Dark Hour of May 2nd, the Mysterious blue-haired Boy visits you
again.  Talk to him a bit to learn about the Full Moon a week from today.  The
next day, Sunday May 3rd, you should check the TV to hear Tanaka's Show.  You
can check this out every Sunday during the day.  A Slash Ward is the main item
for sale here for about 3000 yen.  The items come in the mail the next few
days.  As it is Sunday, it is another good day to do the Hermit Social Link to
increase it to rank 2.  Say of course you remember Maya and that sunshine is
overrated.  Persona with Hermit Arcana are now powered up to level 2.  
There is no school on Monday May 4th.  As exams are coming up you can study,
but if you transfered over your Academic data of course you don't need to do
that.  You can play the MMORPG game again as Maya is getting drunk.  Say 'oh
really' and then ask Maya whether or not she likes the job.  Hermit Social
Link will raise to Level 3 as your Hermit Arcana is improved.  
Another free day on Tuesday May 5th.  I went to the bookstore for Hierophant
Rank 3.  Just help Bunkichi look for something and a Mysterious Foreigner will
walk in.  He seems to have found Bunkichi's book.  He is Bebe who works in the
Home Economics room, you can visit him at school for the Temperament Arcana
Social Link.   Meanwhile Hierophant Rank will reach 3 for Hierophant Arcana. 
You cannot go to Tartarus on May 5th as Mitsuru-senpai is gone.  Wednesday May
6th school starts back up.  You are asked a question in class from Ms Ounishi
about water without much calcium and magnesium, and the answer is Soft Water.
Your Charm will increase if you get that right.  As it is a Wednesday it is a
good day for the Emperor Arcana in the Student Council room.  After the
session Hidetoshi will talk to you for a bit.  Say it's a waste of time and
you will increase the Emperor Social Rank to 2 for Persona of Emperor Arcana.  
Wednesday May 6th is probably your first time to go to Tartarus in a while.
Remember, there are a lot of Elizabeth requests running out on May 7th so you
need to complete them soon.  The Old Document 01 is at the top floor that you
can access at this point (which is floor 16 in Tartarus).  Your reward for
this is a Bead Chain.  
Thursday May 7th begins during lunchtime as you get a visit from someone like
Kenji.  Remember the 7th is the last day for a lot of Elizabeth requests.
Since Kenji visits might as well go hang out with the Magician Arcana social
link.  Kenji is down.  Ask him "what, life?" and then tell him to go for it
when he asks about a lady.  Kenji's Magician Social Link Arcana will reach
level 3.  You can make this a Tartarus night or head in.
The day before the full moon is Friday May 8th.  Another Kenji visit at lunch
but also a Hidetoshi one.  Since it is a Friday I decided to spend the time
with Hidetoshi at the Student Council.  Hidetoshi is looking for whoever had
the cigarette in the bathroom. You can say whatever, Emperor Arcana Social
Link reaches rank 3 regardless.
Saturday May 9th is the Full Moon.  You will head straight back to the dorm on
this date and you'll see Mitsuru and Akihiko at the top level.  Mitsuru finds
a big shadow outside of Tartarus and the party is woken up and called. 
Not much to do besides run to the monorail.  When you get in, you will have to
head north for quite a bit.  There will be a few fixed battles, and then
enemies to avoid towards the end.  Eventually you work your way to the
Priestess in the final car.  This is a crazy looking monster.  She can summon
allies to help her but they can be trounced with Bufu.  Priestess is strong
against Ice but other magic can be used against her.  She really does not have
much HP though so use Cadenza to heal if necessary and get her HP down all the
way.  You are rewarded with 304 EXP and a Diamond.  
Afterwards Fool Arcana, the SEES Social Link reaches rank 3.  Also you learn
the Conserve SP tactic.  
You wake up Sunday May 10th and get a call from Elizabeth.  Evidently you can
go further up in Tartarus.  When you gain control check the TV as it is
Sunday, and Tanaka has a Giga Power Band for you.  
May 10th new Available Elizabeth Requests
Bring Elizabeth a Triangular Sword
Bring Elizabeth a Handheld Gaming System
Retrieve 1 Lead Medal
Create Jack Frost with Dia
Retrieve the Second Old Document
Retrieve 3 Old Lanterns
For the Old Lanterns, you will find the Phantom Mages in Arqa, the new area
in Tartarus.  They use Mudo skills and are weak against Hama.  Your reward for
collecting three of these is 31000 Yen.  
Creating Jack Frost with Dia is quite easy.  You will need Angel and Ara
Mitama, but your Ara Mitama should have Dia.  Pixie and Angel make Ara Mitama,
so just make sure Pixie's Dia spell carries over and you should be fine.  You
will attain the High-Cut Armor for this.  Immediately after this the Valkyrie
request will pop up, as you have to create Valkyrie with Tarukaja. Fuse
Forneus with Yomotsu Shikome to make Valkyrie + Tarukaja happen.  For this you
acquire a Torn Black Cloth.  
To get the Lead Medal you will need to go back to the Thebel area.  This is a
hassle because you need to find the gold enemies, Wealth Hand.  It is
important to do this as the Toy Bow is a powerful prize.  
When you complete this one, the Steel Medal quest opens up.  The Steel Medal
can be found in Arqa from a Treasure Hand.  Once you get that Steel Medal
bring it back to Elizabeth for another great weapon as a reward, the Spiked
Bat for Junpei or main.  
Monday May 11th it is back to school.  You are reminded that Midterms are next
week.  You can stay up in class for Academics or sleep for a chance to get
Great condition.  Check with Elizabeth at the Velvet Room to open up the
Persona Compendium.  If you load up your Persona 3 data you will see a ton of
Personae available but you will not be able to afford them likely.  Still it
is helpful now that all the cheaper ones are available.  This makes your
Social Links easier to do as you can get any Arcana before you go do the
social link.  
Not much for you to do on Monday May 11th as with exams most of the Social
Links are gone.  The Old Couple at the Bookstore with Hierophant Arcana are
open though.  Just say that now they have you worried, and you will bring
Hierophant Arcana Social Link to level 4.   At night on 5-11 you can view a
recording in the Command Room. 
Tuesday May 12th is another free day as exams are coming up.  Most Social
Links are gone again besides Hierophant, the Old Couple.  Assure them you will
root out the truth and solve the situation - your relationship will grow to
level 5 for Hierophant Arcana.  Today is probably the first day since the Full
Moon that your party will be rested to go to Tartarus, though Yukari did not
come with this night. 
Wednesday May 13th you will get called on in class.  The answer is 1700 KM /
Hour for a Charm increase.  There is not much to do after class again so I
spent more time with Hierophant but bought Tayokaki for 400 yen nearby.  Now
you just need to buy a Mad Bull from the 2nd floor of your dorm's vending
machine and you will have the two items to start Hanged Man.
The 14th of May, Thursday, is the day where you will want to look for the
Handheld Gaming System that Elizabeth wants for a request.  During the day I
went to the bookstore so The Old Couple Hierophant Arcana reached Level 6.
Tell the two of them to stop quarreling to get them to cheer up.  In the
evening you can talk to Junpei for a handheld gaming system, the COMPstation
Portable, and he gives you the Handheld Game.  When you bring this back to
Elizabeth you will acquire Curse Paper x2.  These Curse Papers cast Mudoon. 
Friday May 15th you will get called on in class.  The answer for 'pan' is
Bread, and your charm will increase.  Went to go see Maiko at the Naganaki
Shrine to start the Hanged Man Social Link.  You need to bring that Tayokaki
and Mad Bull.  The social Link won't increase but now that you have given her
these things you can talk to her on another day.  So instead, spent some time
at Hierophant Arcana (book shop).  Choose 'why is she crying?' and tell her
this is good.  The Hierophant Arcana Old Couple Social Link will increase to
level 7.  
During class on Saturday May 16th you can nap for Great condition or stay up
for some Academics.  Afterwards Maiko at the Naganaki Shrine is around and
you can start the Hanged Man Arcana Social Link with the little girl Maiko.
You cannot go to Tartarus tonight or the next day.  
Sunday May 17th you have to yourself.  Tanaka is selling an All-Purpose
Katana on tv today.  It is also a good day to improve the Hermit Arcana
Social Link.   Choose 'why don't we get married' and Maya Online Gamer Social
Link reaches level 4.  
Monday May 18th begins as you are on your way to take your first midterm.  In
general you will do as well as your Academic score will let you, but there
are some questions you have to answer on your own.  The one about 'pan' is
bread.  The question about the speed of the earth near the equator is the
Faster than sound.  Next question asks about water without calcium and
magnesium - this is Hard Water.  One last question about the Kitora Tomb.  It
is located in Nara.  
Saturday May 23rd is the last day of midterm exams.  Like Monday it is based
on how high your Academic score is.  Afterwards, went to go see Maiko to
raise Hanged Man Arcana to Social Link level 2.  Go to Wild Duck Burger with
her for a bit.  In the evening, you finally have a full party to go to
Tartarus with Akihiko now.  
Relax on Sunday May 24th as the midterms are done.  Tanaka is selling an
All-purpose Apron on tv, then you can do what you want with your day.
Sunday's are great to get Hermit Arcana finished.  For Hermit level 5 say
'don't you mean the SOB?' and 'are you a teacher?'.  Hermit Arcana reaches
rank 5.  
Monday May 25th the exam results are posted.  If you have a higher than 3
rank Academics and got the questions right, you'll ace it.  Your Charm will
increase and if you remember Mitsuru said to visit her.   She is not around
today, but some of the other Social Links have re opened up now that midterms
is over.  I spent the day with Kazushi and the swim team social link, Chariot
Arcana.  For level three Chariot Arcana the proper answers are 'are you sure
you're ok?' and 'will it heal?'.  
After Chariot Arcana level 3 you can go out with Yuko (Strength Arcana).  You
can say whatever and Strength Arcana reaches level 1.  Also, you cannot go to
Tartarus on Monday May 25th as Mitsuru is not around.  
Tuesday May 26th is the first day where you can meet Mitsuru in school after
class to get your reward for acing the exam.  You get Page Card Set.  Went
out with Kenji after school.  He is ready to ask out Ms. Kanou so tell him
'good luck'.  When he returns your Magician Social Link level will be 4.  
The evening of Tuesday May 26th you can talk to Mitsuru for a Triangular
Sword (Elizabeth wants one).  You will acquire a Fencing Epee from Mitsuru.
When you give this to Elizabeth you will get Protection Sutra x2.  You can go
to Tartarus on the 26th but Junpei is not around.
Floor 25 is where the next Terminal is after floor 14.  There are three
bosses on this floor, three Crying Tables.  Each Crying Table is weak against
Bufu ice.  If you are fighting this with three allies though you are in
trouble because the group attacks won't take off that much, and if you miss a
Bufu you are in trouble.  These enemies specialist in Maragi and Agilao and
that's a problem because most ice-using Personae are weak against fire unless
you carry over Bufu.  Your reward for this fight is 99 EXP and 3 Vibrant
Cloths.  You can grab a Bead Chain in a treasure too.  
The next Terminal after this is floor 36, but a hard single boss is here.
It's Arcana is Empress and it is a gigantic structure.   I have many fond
memories of Change Relic from the first Persona 3 but the battle seemed to go
better this time around.  It's all about Cadenza, for me.  Garula and
Magarula are going to hound you especially if you do not have a Persona
strong against Wind.  Yukari will be safe since her's already is but the
other two guys are in trouble.  Change Relic also likes to poison the entire
party.  Your best hope to do damage is to knock it down with a critical hit
and then do a group attack.  Your victory will net you 236 EXP and a Coin of
Queen.  You can also grab a Soma and two Traesto Gems.  
Not much left to do in this area of Tartarus, Arqa, but go to level 40.  The
floors 37-39 should be traversed by very few enemies.  You will be stopped at
floor 40 with Old Document 02.  The Second Old Document can be returned to
Elizabeth for a Balm of Life.  
On Wednesday May 27th your day will start after school.  I went to see Maiko
as a lot of school social links aren't around today for whatever reason.  You
will meet a creepy striped shirt guy who is normally around the shrine on
Sunday's only.  Afterwards you will go out to eat with her and tell her that
her dad will be there for her birthday.  Hanged Man Social Link Arcana will
reach level 3.  Back at the dorm everyone will be around if you wish to go to
Tartarus with a full party.   
In class on Thursday May 28th with Mr Edogawa you can stay up for some
Academic points or sleep to possibly get to Great condition.  Got to hang out
with Kenji afterwards to get Magician Social Link to level 5.  
Friday May 29th is another day in class where you can stay awake for
Academics or sleep to possibly get "great" condition.  Hidetoshi at the
Student Council is still looking for the cigarette smoker (Emperor social
link level 4).  If you do not intervene Hidetoshi will get punched - either
way say 'good job' and emperor social link will reach level 4.  
Throughout Saturday May 30th you will hear about Fuuka Yamagishi or some
other girl in room 2E.  Since there is no practice you can spend time with
Yuko to get Strength Social Link to level 2.  Ask her 'what happened', 'I
agree', and 'That's true'.  The Team Manager Strength link reaches 2.  No
Tartarus on Saturday May 30th as Mitsuru is away.  
Check the TV on Sunday May 31st to find Tanaka is selling Health Sandals.
Buy them for 3900 Yen and then I spent time with Maya, Hermit Arcana.  Ask
Maya 'which bastard' and Hermit Social Link Personae will reach level 6 now.  
Mitsuru greets you on Monday June 1st going to school.  Went to go see Maiko
at the shrine to upgrade Hanged Man but it did not level up.  In the evening
the party talks about the girl at the front gate.  Junpei's Believe it or
Don't.  Yukari is messing around with the Ghost story so you cannot go to
Tartarus again.  But in the evening you are visited by that Mysterious blue
haired boy once more.  
Tuesday June 2nd you have a class session where you can stay awake for
Academics or sleep to possibly get Great condition.  Spent it with Maiko
again as it was her birthday.  Say 'no one could forget you' and talk some
more for Hanged Man Social Link to reach level 4.   
The next day Wednesday June 3rd was spent with Yuko as Strength Arcana /
Team Manager social link level 3 was reached.  Make sure to say 'not really'
at first and then say whatever afterwards.  Thursday June 4th there is more
talk of the ghosts, and then the afternoon I met Kazushi for Chariot Arcana
but it did not level up to 4.  
Hierophant level 8 was reached on June 5th Friday after class.  As you notice
the full moon is drawing near and you are supposed to meet the next night with
Yukari.  Before that though Yuko was around so I got Strength social link to
level 4.  Yuko and some chicks argue.  Make sure to respond with 'no worries'
and 'I'm honored' for maximum points.   
During the evening you'll go out and see some punks.  Shinjiro will bail you
out here and explain more about 'the ghost story'.  It does pertain to Fuuka
Sunday June 7th you can buy a Perfume and then play more with Maya online.
For Hermit Arcana social rank 7 say 'guys like younger chicks' and then your
Hermit Personae will level up to 7.  
On Monday June 8th you will see Mitsuru in the office.  In the evening the SEES
group is going to have to sneak into the gym to find Fuuka.  For the afternoon
I spent it with Kazushi training for swimming but he was not actually there.
He went to the hospital so tell him 'that sucks' and Chariot Arcana reaches
level 4.  
In the evening the group promptly heads to school.  You and Yukari need to go
to the faculty office.  Go down the stairs the long way and then you will see
someone walking around.  Hurry and enter that faculty office as you will find
the gym key here.  You, Akihiko and Junpei are the three that go into the dark
Unfortunately as the dark hour approaches Natsuki Moriyama begins to hear
voices.  Mitsuru and Yukari cannot reach the three of the guys in Tartarus.
When you regain control the Mysterious Boy will come by to greet you.  
You will need to go up a few floors to find Junpei and Akihiko.  You will also
finally find Fuuka Yamagishi here.  Back at the first floor of Tartarus you
will see Yukari wiped out and two enemies will be beating Mitsuru up.  Natsuki
comes too and eventually Fuuka pulls out her Persona to save everyone.   
But you still have a battle to fight against the Empress and Emperor.  You
only have the three guys and you are facing two boss shadows.  Empress is weak
against physical attacks and Emperor is weak against magical attacks.  This
should allow you to get many group attacks to rout them.  Your allies won't be
smart enough to do this (since they don't have 'knock down' tactic yet) but
they will still help you kill off the Empress in a few turns (sometimes even in
one turn).  They can change their weaknesses though so you will need to use
Fuuka to update them.  Your reward is a massive 1525 experience points.  
Things will be calm after this.  You finally learn the Knock Down tactic.   

After the altercation with Emperor and Empress, you will see Yukari on the way
to class June 9th, Tuesday.  In the afternoon some shops open up like the
weapon fusion one.  Spent the afternoon with the old couple as Hierophant
reached level 9.  Each answer works fine for max social link point  s.  You
will still be tired from the previous night, plus Akihiko and Mitsuru are gone
at the hospital with Fuuka.  
Mitsuru is back to school on Wednesday June 10th and she will say Fuuka is
recovering.  In class you have the option to stay awake for Academics or sleep
to get condition great possibly.  I learned about a monk who fights at the
Paulownia night club from Yuko.  Managed to get Team Manager social link to
level 5.  Ask her if she knows the kid, and then you'll go to the practice
field with them.  Hmm.  Say 'it's up to you' and Strength Arcana reaches rank
June 11th, Thursday, you will start your day after school talking to Yukari
and Junpei.  You get a phone call from Akihiko saying to go to the command
room as soon as possible when you get back from school.  Went over to the old
couple's place but Hierophant is at rank 9 so you need to visit them twice to
get it up.  

Back at the dorm you'll be talking to Fuuka Yamagishi with Shuji Ikutsuki.
Still no more Tartarus  to go to.  The next day June 12th Friday you will hear
about Ekoda from a gossip lover.  Spent another day with Hierophant but it did
not level up to 10.  During the evening you will get an appearance from the
blue haired boy.  You can ask him his name - which is Pharos.  Once you meet
Pharos the Death Arcana social link reaches Level 1.  
June 13th Saturday you will see Mitsuru who says she will be joining the front
lines once more.  She is formidable with her shorter swords and bufu spells.
Finally managed to max the Hierophant Social Link at level 10.  Turns out the
persimmon tree is going so they can expand the school.  Your reward for
finishing is the Persimmon Fruit.  Also the highest form of Hierophant Arcana
may be used now.  Kohryu Guardian of Nature is the ultimate form of Hierophant
Back at the dorm on June 13th, Saturday, you will get a call from Elizabeth.
Turns out you can go past the last blockage in Tartarus.  You're well rested
so it's a great time to check out the new parts of Tartarus.  A ton of new
requests from Elizabeth.
June 13th Available Elizabeth Requests
Bring her a Christmas Star
Bring her something to wipe glasses
Bring her a protein not for pros
Elizabeth would like to visit Iwatodai Station
Bring her 3 Jack Frost Dolls
Retrieve the shell of a man
Retrieve 1 Goggled-Eyed Idol
Retrieve the Third Old Document
Retrieve 3 Snake Scales
Retrieve 5 Bronze Figurines

Bringing back the 5 Bronze Figurines will net you the Sigma Drive.  You will
net 46000 Yen from the Lustful Snakes that drop Snake Scales.  

To get the shell of a man, sign up for the quest and go to Gekkoukan High 1st
floor.  Look for the Laboratory and enter to talk to Ms. Ounishi for an
Anatomical Model.  Your reward is a Land Badge for this.  

For the Iwatodai Station trip, just go to Elizabeth during the day once you
have signed up for the quest.  Then go on a date with her.  You get to try all
the food at Iwatodai and your reward is Empusa, who you can get with the Blue
Creating Oberon should be easy.  Pyro Jack and Pixie is a combo that works to
make him.  If you have just started the Emperor Social Link this will help to
level him up to 17 so you can complete the quest.  You get Coin of Knight x3
for doing this.  
The Goggle-eyed Idol can be acquired at the antique shop, you just need two
turquoise.  You get a Bladefist for this. 
The next Terminal is at Floor 47.  You will want to take it to floor 1 to rest
up and save, and then return to see three Golden Beetles.  The Golden Beetle is
weak against Zio, so you will for sure want to bring Akihiko along.  These guys
have tough physical attacks and they like to boost their attack power.
Fortunately just a few group attacks should do them in.  The Zio spells
themselves will not take off much damage but the 100+ that the group attacks do
should make this battle long not very long.  Your reward for this romp is 190
EXP and 3 Beetle Horns.  Also there are 2 Chewing Souls to the left before the
Floor 59 houses an even tougher opponent.  The Intrepid Knight is another one
of those single tartarus bosses with no weaknesses, tough defense and a lot of
HP.  He loves to use Garudyne which can maul a character not strong against
Garu.  So, try to get a high level persona strong against Garu like Narcissus
so make the fight easier on the Main.  Oh, and don't bring Junpei along as he
is weak against it.  As for your own attacks you will want Mitsuru to be level
21 so she can use Bufula, and then attack with the other characters.  Hopefully
you and Akihiko can manage some critical hits as the group attacks do wonders
on this guy.  Your reward is 508 EXP and Sword of Queen.  Also you can grab a
Soma and two Megido Gems.  
A few more sparce floors up and you will reach 64, with the Third Old Document.
Old Document 03 nets you three Traesto Gems.  
Sunday June 14th you can buy a Brand Purse from Tanaka.  But I had a date with
Yuko so I gave her a teddy bear and that was that.  

Monday June 15th Yukari questions Mitsuru some more.  In Toriumi's class you
will be asked a question so choose 'and...' for some Charm points.  Spent some
time with the crying Maiko as she has been hit.  Say 'that's terrible' and
'that's not true' for the best possible answers.  Hanged Man Arcana social link
reaches level 5.  

Next day, Tuesday June 16th, you will hear about how you cannot go to Tartarus
if Mitsuru and Akihiko are not present.  After school I hung out with Kenji and
he is severely worried about my future.  Be sure to say 'you have 30 year
goals' and you will get Magician arcana to social link level 6.  
Make sure to ask Akihiko about some protein in the evening of 6/16.  He has
'some leftover stuff'.  Yum.  It's the ama-pro brand, Amateur Protein.  Your
reward from Elizabeth is Fierce Sutra x2.  
Wednesday June 17th the culture clubs open up.  Also Mr Edogawa will ask you a
question about magic.  Be sure to answer Shamanism for some Charm.  After class
go join the Art, Music, or Photography Club.  You will meet Keisuke Hiraga and
Fuuka will be in the club too.  This will strengthen your Fortune Arcana as the
club social link will be level 1.  
Thursday June 18th I hung out with the Swim Team for Chariot rank 5.  You will
see Kazushi as you leave so ask him about the hospital and let him use your
shoulder to get up.   Chariot Arcana social link will reach level 5.  
Friday June 19th there was more drama at the student council.  Say 'they can be
cruel and listen to him talk, and Emperor Arcana social link will reach level

On Saturday June 20th you will meet Koromaru.  Talk to that clever Shuji
Ikutsuki to get Glasses Wipe, make sure to do this.  Your reward from Elizabeth
is 42000 Yen.  
Check the TV on Sunday June 21st to buy a Land Badge.  Hermit reached level 8.
Choose 'hurry up and tell me' and then 'what is he like'.  Seems to be
describing someone very similar to you.  Hermit Arcana reaches social link
level 8.  
Yukari continues to question what is going on as you walk to class on Monday
June 22nd.  During class choose Jellyfish when you have the option, for a Charm
increase.  The rest of the day was spent at the shrine with Maiko as Hanged Man
reached level 6.  Turns out Maiko is going to run away.  Tell her to 'calm
down' and 'you don't need that stuff'.  Hanged Man social link reaches rank 6.
During the evening of June 22nd you will see a scene with a bunch of
transmogrified people in their tombs.  
Tuesday June 23rd was time to hang out with that great guy Kenji.  'Ask him
what's wrong', 'Bride to be magazine', and 'thats great, congrats'.  Magician
Arcana Social Link will reach rank 7.  Akihiko and Shinjiro have a conversation
in the evening. 
Wednesday June 24th you talk to Junpei in the morning.  In the afternoon you
can meet up with Yuko.  Teach the kids for a little bit and say 'let's hope for
the best' and Strength Arcana will reach social link level 6.  
Time for class with Mr Edogawa on Thursday June 25th.  Your answer in Persona 3
FES should be Dowsing for a Charm increase.  First thing in the afternoon I
went to the Velvet Room to go on the Iwatodai Station date with Elizabeth, for
a Blue Scale.  The rest of the day was with Chariot Arcana and Kazushi.  He
again skips practice and is at Iwatodai.  Tell him 'to suck it up', 'is it that
important?', and 'what about your knee'.  Kaz tells you a story, and Chariot
Arcana Social Link reaches Level 6.   
Not much is new June 26th, Friday.  Spent the day with Emperor Social Link,
Student Council.  Talk to Hidetoshi for a bit and say 'but i just got here'.
Emperor Social Link will reach level 6.  Shuji is at the dorm telling funny
jokes all night.
Saturday June 27th you will want to talk to Fuuka in the evening.  Went over to
Yuko after class but no Strength Arcana social link increase.  Talk to Fuuka at
the dorm to learn about a Christmas Star plant.  Fuuka just gives you a
Poinsettia.  Your reward for bringing this back is a Megido Gem x1. 
Sunday June 28th you can grab Champion Gloves from Tanaka.  Then like usual I
spent the rest of the day with Hermit Arcana and Maya to get it to Social Link
level 9.  Say 'no way!' and ask her what she is planning.  Hermit Arcana social
link will reach rank 9.
June 29th is Monday, the beginning of the week.  When Mr Takenozuka asks a
question about The Coriolis Effect be sure to say 'either way' for some Charm
points.  Another good day to spend at the student council with Emperor Persona
Arcana.  Just say 'he should suffer' and Emperor Arcana social link will reach
level 7.  
June 30th Tuesday I had not seen Keisuke at the Music Club for a time so I went
there to advane Fortune Social Link to rank 2.  Either answers work.  In the
evening you get your visit from Pharos a week before the full moon again. 
Now it is July 1st Wednesday.  Went out with Yuko after school and Strength
Arcana increased this time.  Ask her 'if she is relieved' and say 'sure'.
Strength Arcana social link increases to rank 7.  One note about social links
with the ladies; once they get past a certain point and develop feelings for
you, you will not want to go out with another girl or else it will get thrown
into reverse and bad things will happen.  So just continue to date the same
girl until you reach 10 then you can date whoever :).  
July 2nd Thursday begins after school.  No Hanged Man social link level up
this time as it is still on level 6.   During class on July 3rd, Friday, you
will hear about Murasaki Shikibu.  Pick the second answer 'Global Heritage
Pavilion'.  Your Charm will increase 2.  The rest of the day was spent with
Kenji at the duck burger but Magician did not level up to 8.  

Saturday July 4th I went over to Yuko's at Iwatodai.  Choose a boy, or a girl,
and Strength social link will increase to 8.  On Sunday July 5th you can buy a
Kelvar Vest from Tanaka.  But I went out with Yuko on Sunday and gave her a
Monday July 6th is the day before the full moon.  Spent it with Chariot Arcana
Kazushi but he got called into the coach's office.  Ask him how his knee is
and then tell him to tough it out.  Chariot Arcana social link reached level
Tuesday July 7th will take you straight to the dark hour.  Fuuka will be
looking for a big shadow.  Fuuka says it is in Iwatodai inside a building on
Shirakawa Boulevard.  You get to choose who you want to bring with, in addition
to Yukari.  The boss up ahead is strong against Zio so you may not wish to have
Akihiko with. 
At Iwatodai you just run up a few sets of stairs and look for the big room in
the southeast of third floor.  Inside you will find the Hierophant.  He repels
Zio attacks but Mitsuru's bufula works well.  Hierophant has a prophecy of ruin
attack that scares your members.  Swift Strike can really work your entire team
over.  For winning you get a whopping 3026 EXP.  
Try to leave the room, but you can't.  Then search the big mirror to the north.
Soon you see a shower scene with Yukari.  When the group gets back together,
there are now shadows roaming.  Enter the northeast room in the 3rd floor and
break the mirror.  Now go to floor 2 and break the eastern room's mirror and
the seal will break on that third floor room with the boss.  

Inside that room is the second boss on 7 / 7, Lovers.  In this battle your main
problem is becoming charmed.  Use Charmdi.  Heartbreaker is the ability that
can really drain your party's HP.  It also uses Maragion.  If you can survive
those two attacks you should have this battle won.  3277 EXP is your reward.
Fool Arcana Social Link reaches level 4.  Then, you learn Full Assault tactic.
Wednesday July 8th is the day after the full moon.  You will hear that Finals
start next Tuesday.  Toriumi asks you a question on this day, choose the 1st
answer.  Nobody is around after class.  Maiko is around though.  Speak with her
and she chooses to run away and her parents come and yell at you.  Go to the
Tayokaki Stand to find Maiko.  Hanged Man Arcana will reach Social Link level
Thursday July 9th you get to spend some time with Mr Ono.  This is a difficult
question but choose The Konden Einen Shizaihou for a Charm increase.   Again,
all the students are gone after school so I went to the shrine with Maiko but
Hanged Man did not increase.  As you get back to the dorm you will get a call
from Elizabeth.  You can continue on in Tartarus.  
July 9th Available Elizabeth Requests
Bring Elizabeth 5 Relic Fragments
Acquire Bronze Medal from Supreme Hand in Yabbashah
Elizabeth would like some funky music
Retrieve 3 Greasy Gears
Retrieve the fourth Old Document
Please go feed the cat
Bring Elizabeth an Onimaru Kunitsuna

Your reward for the five Relic Fragments from the Creation Relics is Medical
Powder x5.  

For finding the Bronze Medal from the Supreme Hand, you will get a Steel Pipe.
You can find the Onimaru Kunitsuna anywhere in Yabbashah.  It will likely be a
glowly yellow chest.  You get a Sword of King for finding it.  

The Greasy Gears can be difficult to acquire as the Wild Drives are a difficult
fight.  Your reward is 70000 Yen.  

The Old Document 04 can be found on Floor 89 and nets you three Balm of Life.
Floor 72 is the next Terminal, and there are three bosses around too.
Definitely bring Yukari to this one as these Gigas' are weak against Garu
instead of Zio.  But the real key is having Marin Karin or preferably Sexy
Dance with Narcissus so you can charm these boneheads.  Otherwise their attacks
are so powerful that even using Garu for group attacks, you will absorb too
many blows when they get up.  For winning you get 235 EXP, Golden Beard x3, and
a Precious Egg.    
The next terminal is on Floor 85 where the Hierophant Arcana Fanatic Tower is
waiting.  This guy has high level Zio spells, so make sure not to bring Yukari.
This battle is sure to be a long.  Junpei's Kill Rush is actually the best
option, but Akihiko's attacks are powerful as well.  Your reward for taking
down this beast is 628 EXP, 3 Magic Mirror's, Homunculus x2, and Soma.  
Just a few more floors up to Floor 89, and you can take the Old Document 04 and
return back.  
Friday July 10th you will be in Mr Edogawa's class.  Choose Kabbalah for some
Charm points.  Again no one is around after class because of Finals so I went
to the shrine for Maiko and Hanged Man.  Say you want to 'eat hamburgers' to go
to Wild Duck.  Tell her she did good and to choose her dad.  Hanged Man Arcana
reaches social link level 8.  
Saturday July 11th you get another question in class about Taira No Masakado.
Choose Imperial Prince for the correct answer and some charm points.  Turns out
there is a meeting with Ikutsuki-san.  Before that, more time with Hanged Man.
Choose 'we're friends forever' and Hanged Man Arcana reaches social link rank
In the evening on Saturday July 11th, Yukari confronts Mitsuru.  You will hear
a lot about the background of Mitsuru, Tartarus, the school, and the Kirijo
Lots of stuff going on Sunday July 12th with Akihiko, Shinjiro, Fuuka, Mitsuru,
Junpei, Yukari and more.  You can buy Max Safety Shoes from Tanaka.  Spent the
rest of the day with Maya, Hermit Arcana.  It did not level up to 10.
During the evening, Pharos comes by.  He says the same stuff you have been
hearing since Saturday.  Death social Link Arcana reaches level 3.  
And with all that going on, you have Finals soon.  You can rest in class or
stay awake for Academics.  The rest of the day was with Hanged Man but no
increase to rank 10.  When you get back, Shuji mentions Yakushima.   
Finals begin Tuesday July 14th.  Choose Dowsing for the first answer, then
Octopus the next day.  On Thursday the answer is Minamoto No Yoritomo.
Friday's question is tricky but it is I went, I learned.  Saturday is based on
your Academic rating.  Remember to see Mitsuru if you ace this.  
After class the group meets.  Then Ikutsuki comes in and marvels at adolescence
as Fuuka and Natsuki go off.  He then brings in an Elementary School Student
named Ken. 
Sunday July 19th you can buy Mage's Mark for 39800 and I managed to max out the
Hermit Arcana to rank 10, and when you max the online game social link you can
get access to Arahabaki the aboriginal God.  You also get Screenshot Data.  
Monday July 20th you begin the vacation.  You will hear about Eiichiro Takeba
in the evening, and much more from Takeharu Kirijo.  And then you meet Aigis.
By the time your last day comes up July 22nd Wednesday, SEES Social Link Fool
Arcana will be rank 5.  You will be back at the dorm on July 23rd.  
Friday July 24th you get your exam results.  As usual if you ace the test and
get the top score, talk to Mitsuru.  She is not around today though.  Spent
time at the student council and Hidetoshi was called into the office.  Say it
wasn't me and he will bail you out.  Emperor Arcana social link reaches level
Saturday July 25th you can rest in class if you wish.  There is a big
tournament on August 2nd, you learn.  Talked to Yukari today since Charm was
maxed, to start Lovers Arcana.  Talk to her for a bit on the rooftop and
Lovers Arcana reaches Level 1.  You meet Ken Amada back at the dorm on July
Sunday July 26th is another day to watch the Tanaka show.  He is selling
Brand Purse today.  Since I maxed Hermit there was nothing for me to do
today so I went to the shrine for a relationship fortune.  
The next day your training to go against Mamoru Hayase begins.  The night of
the 29th you will rush out to Naganaki Shrine to save the dog Koromaru.
During the dark hour of the 30th, Pharos comes by again since it is a week
until the next full moon.
August 2nd you will meet Mamoru, the Star Arcana social link.  I hung out
with him on August 3rd, you can find him at Iwatodai on the bench in the
second screen.  You need to have a high enough Courage to start the social
link.  Eat some Tayokaki with him and Star Arcana reaches level 1.  In the
evening I remembered that you can see Tanaka (Devil Arcana) and the Monk
(Tower Arcana).  You need to pay Tanaka 20000 Yen, and get the order right to
speak to the monk.  The order is Bloody Mary, Margarita, Screwdriver, Oolong
Tea.  Then you can ask him about smoking cigars, and Tower Arcana social link
reaches level 1.  
More summer vacation on August 3rd so I spent it with Mamoru.  Star Arcana
reaches Social Link level 2.  Gave Tanaka 10000 more yen and left as the monk
is not there.  
Wednesday August 5th and you are one day from the full moon.  More beef bowl
shop action with Star Arcana.  He tells about his father and Star Arcana social
link reaches level 3.   Then went to go give Tanaka another 10000 yen and he
began to talk.  You can finally become acquianted with Tanaka, the Devil Arcana
social link.  
As Thursday August 6th comes, it will go straight to the dark hour.  Strega
traps you in this underground military base.  Keep running north, you will only
see like 2 shadows along the way.  Soon you will reach Chariot and Justice.
They separate and re-group throughout the fight.  Mostly you can expect
physical attacks but Tentarafoo can throw a wrench in your plans.  5001 EXP is
your reward.  You also learn the Same Target tactic.  
August 7th, Friday, is another summer vacation day.  Spent more time hanging
out with Mamoru but Star did not level up to 4.  During the dark hour Pharos
comes by again and he warns you about some poisonous flowers.  Death Arcana
social link reaches level 5.  
You get a call from Elizabeth on August 8th.  More requests and you can
continue on in Tartarus.  Speak with Mitsuru for a while to learn you need to
go to the fourth floor tonight.  Managed to level up Star Arcana to level 4
with Mamoru.  Tell him 'sounds like a good plan' and 'yea i bet she would be'
as Star Arcana social link is at level 4.  In the evening you will see Korochan
and his evoker.  You can go to Tartarus on this night.  
August 8th Available Elizabeth Requests
Elizabeth would like to visit Naganaki Shrine
Retrieve the fifth old document
Retrieve 4 Knight's Reins
Retrieve 5 Tiara's Hairs

The glowing pink enemies drop the Knight's Reins.  Use Garu on these Champion
Knights.  Your reward is Six-shot.  
From Floor 90, you can continue onward.  At Floor 98 you will face a boss.  I
bring Mitsuru, Junpei and Koromaru to this fight.  Junpei and Koromaru to use
Agi / agilao, and Mitsuru because she is strong against bufu attacks.  If
Mitsuru pulls off a Tentarafoo then you don't have to worry about Mabufula and
the like from the Magus.  Your reward is 552 EXP, 2 Sapphires, and a Precious
Egg and the stairs to floor 99.   

Now you can continue onwards to Floor 110.  You will be able to start finding
the Tiara Hair's from the Shouting Tiara's.  Your reward is an Attack Mirror.
At the top of Yabbashah, floor 114, you can reach Old Document 5 and head back.
You will have summer school until the 15th of August to increase your Academics
which are likely maxed anyway if you carried over a P3 quest.  On the night of
August 15th you can go on a walk with Koromaru with Aigis.  
August 16th you can go to the festival.  Pick up a ball from the bottom to get
a Jack Frost Doll.  Still summer vacation as Monday August 17th rolls around.
Spent it with Star but it did not level up to 6.  The next day Tuesday August
18th Star reached level 6.  Mamoru never shows up but instead calls you.  Say
'no problem'.  Something happened with his mom.  Star Arcana reaches social
link level 6.  In the evening Tanaka was around the mall.  Choose 'placebo' and
President Tanaka Devil Arcana social link reaches level 2.  

Still summer vacation on Wednesday August 19th.  Spoke to Mamoru and then went
to the shrine.  Say 'i dont mind' and at the end tell him not to give up.  Star
Arcana social link reaches level 7. 
Summer vacation is nearing the end on Thursday August 20th.  Ate some Tayokaki
with Star Arcana.  Tell him to get some more.  Star Arcana social link reaches
level 8.  You can walk Koromaru on this night.  He finds a Balm of Life.  
Star Arcana social link did not reach level 9 on Friday August 21st.  Mutatsu
though was back drinking.  Tell him you don't have any friends and he'll
lecture you on the meaning of friends.  Tower arcana social link reaches level
Hung out with Mamoru on Saturday August 22nd.  Say 'and you won?', 'do a
victory celebration', and then thank him for his generosity.  What a good guy.
Star Arcana social link reaches rank 9 now.  You can go on a walk with Koromaru
and Akihiko on the night of Saturday August 22nd.
Tanaka is selling Dragon Boots on Sunday August 23rd.  There will not be much
for you to do, unless you have the Sun social link going on.  I didn't have the
red pen yet so I just went to the Fortune Box for the day.  If you talk to the
thin man at the Naganaki Shrine you can then talk to Koromaru at night for the
Red Fountain Pen.  You can walk him again tonight - during this walk you will
run into Bunkichi.   
Monday August 24th the movie festival begins.  You will see a scene with Ken,
Shinjiro and Akihiko.  Went to talk to Moon Arcana social link and he starts
asking some questions.  Choose 'Pheromone Coffee', 'Green', and 'Hagakuri
Bowl'.  You probably already have an Odd Morsel in your inventory from your
Tartarus experiences.  He hasn't tried one of these.  You will then meet Nozomi
Suemitsu.  Moon Arcana Gormet King Social Link reaches level 1.  
Tuesday August 25th was spent at the beef bowl shop with Nozomi.  Moon Arcana
social link reaches level 2.  Say 'sure okay' and watch him moonwalk.  In the
evening Tanaka is at the mall too so tell him you are interested in stocks and
Devil Arcana reaches level 3.  
The next day Nozomi is hanging out during the day.  Tell him he is the gourmet
king and Moon Arcana social link reaches rank 3.  No social links or dog
walking to do in the evening.  
Found Maiko at the shrine.  Talk to her as she is leaving for good, and gives
you a Bead Ring.  You will get the ultimate form of Hanged Man Arcana at your
disposal, Attis God of Rebirth.  Spent some time with Tower Arcana Mutatsu but
it did not level up.  
Speak with Mitsuru on August 28th as the Chairman is coming.  The rest of the
day I hung out with the Gourmet King.  Ask him if he is sick.  Then, Moon
Arcana reaches level 4.  In the evening, Ken Amada joins the active SEES team.
You can spend more time with Mutatsu after that.  Tell him 'that might look
cool' and he'll talk to you about getting old.  Tower Arcana reaches level 4.

Saturday August 29th you will see some scenes with Junpei and Chidori.  Another
good time to hang out with Moon Arcana.  Say 'yea that's right' and Nozomi will
trust you more.  Moon Arcana social link reaches level 5.  Saturday night you
can hang out with Mutatsu again but Tower Arcana did not reach level 5.  Pharos
comes to visit you in the late night.  
Tanaka is selling Varuna Bracers Sunday August 30th on tv.  I had the Red
Fountain Pen from Koromaru so I went to talk to Sun Arcana, the thin man at
Naganaki Shrine.  When you give him the red fountain pen you will learn his
name is Akinari Kamiki.  Talk to him and Sun Arcana reaches Level 1.  Mutatsu
is at the club at night.  Tell him you have enough money and then say 'yes'.
Interesting words from Mutatsu, and Tower Arcana reaches level 5.    
Summer break is drawing near the end as August 31st, Monday, rolls around.
Talk to Nozomi for a bit and ask him 'if he is sick'.  Moon Social Link Arcana
reaches level 6.  There is not much to do in the evening of the 31st.  
September 1st comes up and the second semester begins today.  Refreshing new
school music.  You are asked a question from Mr Takenozuka.  Choose
Superconductivity for some Charm points.   With school back in order a bunch of
social links open back up.  Went to practice with Kazushi and he got sent to
the nurse's office.  Just look away when you are sent there.  Kazushi then
talks and Chariot Arcana reaches social link level 8.  
In the evening, turns out Aigis will be going to school.  President Tanaka is
around at the mall tonight.  Tell him 'I see have!' and he'll begin to talk
about seeing through swim suits.  Devil Arcana social link reaches level 4.  
School September 2nd is a mess with Aigis saying she needs to be by your side.
You get a text from Akihiko so after school you will go to the gate.  You will
go with him to Iwatodai.  Shinjiro walks out and reacts to Ken Amada joining
the team.  He will join the team; you cannot use him this evening but after
that you are clear.  
Thursday September 3rd comes and you are nearing the full moon.  Kenji is
nervous so I hung out with him.  Ask him 'if he is in trouble' and then tell
him 'to talk to her'.  Magician Arcana social link reaches level 8.  Mutatsu is
enjoying thirsty Thursday but Tower Arcana did not increase.  
Friday September 4th Junpei will talk to you about the upcoming full moon boss.
Hadn't been to Student Council in some time, so I dropped in there to talk to
Hidetoshi.  Emperor Arcana did not level up.  Mutatsu is still at the club. 
He's sick today.  Tell him 'he should go home'.  Ask him 'about the others' but
there are no others.  Even if you do everything right, other people can screw
your life up.  Tower Arcana social link reaches level 6.  
Saturday September 5th is the full moon.  Your party will go to the Paulownia
Mall.  Junpei is gone though.  When you regain control you can pick anyone to
join your party with you besides Junpei.  The upcoming boss is strong against
Zio so you absolutely want Akihiko to absorb the Zio attacks on your party.
Shinjiro is good too in this situation because of his high attack power does
damage regardless of element weakness (which most full moon boss' lack).
Then head to Club Escapade.  There is no messing around this full moon, you go
straight to the boss fight.  In this battle you are fighting an enemy that
loves to use ziodyne and then charge up to use a massive Giga Spark attack that
takes off nearly 200 on some characters who are not at least strong against
Zio.  Akihiko and hero (if you have a str / nul Zio character) should be able
to take little damage.  Also, if you have used Cadenza to heal you will notice
that Giga Spark can be easy to avoid with the evade rates up.  That said,
Hermit Arcana takes less turns to build up to use Giga Spark.  Hermit has a lot
of HP but you'll get lots of open shots at him.  7471 EXP is your reward.  Also
the group captures Chidori, and you learn 'attack fallen' tactic.

The day after the full moon, September 6th, you can buy a Brand Watch on tv.
Sunday's are good days to go see Akinari.  Say 'really?'  and 'that's a good
point' as he goes on about his life.  Sun Arcana social link reaches level 2.
You probably need the rest tonight.  
Back in school September 6th, Monday.  Going to practice with Kazushi but
Chariot Arcana does not increase to 9.  More scenes with Chidori on September
7th, Tuesday.  Went to the music club with Keisuke and Fortune Arcana reached
level 3.  Just say 'great job'.  When you get back to the dorm on this night
you still cannot go to the new area of Tartarus.  Tanaka is around the mall
though.  Say 'who're you talking about' and then ask him 'is it always about
the money?'  Devil Arcana Social Link reaches level 5.  
September 9th Wednesday you meet up with Junpei going to school.  After school
go see Yuko since this is the first day since break that you can see her.  Say
'Forget about what?' and then 'an instructor?'  Strength Arcana social link
reaches level 9.   Not much to do in the evening today so take Koromaru on a
walk.  He will find a Homunculus around the shrine.
In class September 10th Thursday you have a question to answer.  The answer is
Gochisou-sama.  and your Charm will go up.  You will learn from Shinjiro about
how Chidori cannot fully control her persona.  Went to practice with Kazushi
and tell him 'I'm fine' at dinner.  Chariot Arcana levels up to rank 9.  You
finally get a call from Elizabeth on this night.

9 / 10 Available Elizabeth Requests
Bring Elizabeth Oil
Bring Elizabeth a Fruit Knife
Bring Elizabeth a Mikazuki Munechika
Retrieve the sixth old document
Retrieve 3 Gold Handguards
Retrieve 5 Empress's Mirrors
Find Elizabeth a beautiful tile 
You can now continue past floor 114 to the next area, Tziah.  You can also find
the Opulent Hand here, they drop the Silver Medal.  For this you get a Bone for
You will find the Empress Mirrors from the Elegant Mothers (floors 126-138).
Your reward is 1 Soma for this.  
Find the Mikazuki Munechika in Tziah.  This is a powerful sword.  Your reward
is Cup of King x2.  
The 3 Gold Handguards can be acquired from the Samurai type glowing-pink
enemies.  These guys are extremely difficult and their only weaknesses are Hama
and Mudo, hardly reliable offensive options.  Your reward is 200000 Yen.  
Find the Old Document 06 on Floor 139 and get Bead x5 from Elizabeth.  

For the Beautiful Tile, head to Port Island Station alley to the west in the
second screen.  Instead of that bar, go in the gambling place to the right.
You need courage to go in there and you have to play paper rock scissors.  When
you win you get Mahjong Tile.  Bring this back to Elizabeth for Berserker's
The next Terminal is at Floor 122.  You will want members strong against Zio,
or Personae strong against Zio.  They are weak against Bufu so bring Mitsuru.
Her Tentarafoo can be the key in this battle in neutralizing the attacks of
these tanks.  The Arcane Turrets will show off their powerful attacks.  For
winning you get 950 EXP and 3 Massive Wheels.  
A really powerful boss awaits you, possibly the most annoying one you have
fought yet.  It is the Sleeping Table on Floor 135.  Sleeping Table is not weak
against anything so you will have to hope for critical hits.  Thus, bring along
Shinjiro and have Eligor cast Revolution.  Sleeping Table has some deadly
attacks with Hamaon, Maragidyne, and Megidola.  Because of the Agi (fire) you
will want to bring in either Junpei or Koromaru.  Also it is helpful to have
level 43 Yukari as she has Mediarama.  The critical rate increase really helps
your party in this battle as just a few group hits with powerful weapons should
be the difference.  You get 2535 EXP, Megido Gem, Balm of Life x2, Soma x1.  
Reach Floor 139 and grab the Old Document 06.  This is the end for now.  
September 11th Friday you will be in Edogawa's class.  Choose The Hermetica for
the correct answer and some Charm.  Went out with Kazushi and he gave me some
Sports Tape.  Chariot Arcana will reach rank 10 and The Mighty God of Thunder,
Thor, the ultimate Chariot Arcana can be unlocked.  Hung out with Tower Arcana
in the evening but it did not advance.  
You can sleep or stay awake in class September 12th, Saturday.  I finally got
my reward from Mitsuru from the last tests - Knight Card Set.  Also went to get
Funky Music from the second floor PA room.  You get the Gekkoukan Boogie.  Then
spent some time with Yuko at her house.  Strength Arcana reaches Social Link
level 10.  Siegfried the ultimate Strength Arcana is now yours to use.   In the
evening Tower Arcana is around at the club.  Tell him 'I don't think you
should' and Tower Arcana will reach level 7.  Late at night Pharos comes to
visit you.  Death Social Arcana reaches level 6.  
Sunday September 13th you can order Prayer Beads from Tanaka.  Headed over to
Sun Arcana to see Akinari.  Say 'I don't know' and tell him 'not to talk so
much'.  Sun Arcana reaches level 3.
Monday September 14th you will be talking about nuclear fission.  Choose #2,
'can't let others produce', as of course Japan can't disallow nuclear weapons
all over the world.  Your Charm will increase a few points.  Went to Yukari
after school since Strength Arcana (Yuko) is finished.  Say 'Pink's cute' and
'that's messed up'.  Not much for you to do in the evening.
Tuesday September 15th you start off after school.  Spent the rest of the day
with Nozomi and he talked about the world ending.  Say 'wiped off the faced
of?!' and then Moon Arcana reaches level 7.   
In class on Wednesday September 16th I went to Student Council for Emperor
Arcana.  Tell him not to blame himself and Emperor Social Link Arcana reaches
level 9.  Not much to do in the evening.
Went to the Music Club on Wednesday September 17th.  Tell Keisuke complaining
won't help and Fortune Arcana Social Link reaches level 4.  Make sure to speak
with Shinjiro Aragaki in the evening to get a Fruit Knife for Elizabeth.  You
get a Nihil Spear for this.  Tower Arcana was hanging out in the evening too.
No social link level up though.  
You will head straight back to the dorm on Thursday September 18th.  Nothing
you can do, it's raining.  You will sleep until the Dark Hour when the Velvet
Room calls you.  You can fuse Four or more Personas now.  
You will sleep until Monday September 21st.  Not many people are around on this
day but Nozomi Moon Arcana is.  Say 'oh brother' and Moon Arcana social link
reaches level 8.  Take Koromaru for a walk during the evening.  He finds a Balm
of Life.  
Tuesday September 22nd is another free day.  Spent it with Moon Arcana for
level 9 social link.  Follow Nozomi as he is being ambushed and Moon Arcana
reaches level 9.  President Tanaka was around in the evening.  Say 'sounds fun'
and Devil Arcana social link reaches level 6.  
One more day of break, Wednesday September 23rd.  More time with Nozomi but it
did not level up to 10.  
You are back in school Thursday September 24th.  You can stay awake for
academics or sleep for condition increase.  Later in the day you get to see
some of the social links talking at school.  Went out with Kenji to Port Island
Station and he sees Ms Kanou talking about him.  Go confront Emiri.  and then
Magician Arcana reaches social link rank 9.  Went to go see Mutatsu tonight and
he was very drunk.  Say 'dad?'  and 'none of your business'.  Mutatsu Tower
Social Link reaches level 8.  Then ask him if he is running away.  
Friday September 25th I went out with Kenji and Magician Arcana reached level
10.  Kenji gave me a Handmade Choker.  The Ultimate Magician Arcana, Surt Lord
of Fire, can be created.  Another night with Tower Arcana but it did not level
Saturday September 26th you have a tricky question to answer.  Choose The
Tetractys and your charm will increase.  Went out with Yukari after school.
She will tell you about her mother and Lovers Arcana reaches social link level
3.  Tanaka is around Saturday Night.  Say 'sort of..' and ''the organic one'
for Devil Arcana to reach level 7.  
Sunday September 27th, Tanaka is selling a Skrep sword.  Hung out with Akinari
at Naganaki Shrine.  Tell him you like reading, and that 'if it's boring,
you'll stop reading'.  Sun Arcana reaches social link level 4.  Mutatsu is
around again at night.  Turns out he's getting his life straightened out.
Tower Arcana reaches social link level 9.  You get another Pharos visit tonight
as there is a week left until the full moon.  
Back to school on Monday September 28th.  You can stay awake for Academics or
sleep for condition improvement.  Spent some time with Yukari but Lovers did
not increase.  
Maxed out Moon Arcana on Tuesday September 29th.  Just eat some noodles with
the Gourmet King and Moon Arcana social link reaches level 10.  Sandalphon the
Heavenly Messenger can be created.  And Nozomi gives you Gourmet License.  In
the evening there is a new recording.  Turns out Aigis goes to check on you
during the night.  It's a good day to see Tanaka.  Just say 'oh really' and
he'll go off about this guy who thanked him.  Devil Arcana reaches social link
level 8
Wednesday September 30th there are only 4 days to the full moon.  Spent some
more time with Yukari as Lovers Arcana reached social link level 4.  Ask her if
she's alright and she then talks about her mom. 
Thursday October 1st you are in class.  You can stay awake in class for
academics or sleep for a better condition.  Went for a walk with Yukari after
class.  Go beat the guys up and then try to cheer her up.  Lovers Arcana
reaches social link level 5.  On the evening of 10 / 1, you can get some
Machine Oil from Aigis.  Bring this to Elizabeth for Magic Mirror x3.  Spent
some time with Tower Arcana in the evening but no rank increase.  
Friday October 2nd was spent with the Emperor Arcana, maxing the student
council social link.  Hidetoshi gives you a cheap lighter.  Now Odin the Storm
God is unlocked.  Spent more time with Tower Arcana but again it did not level
One day before the full moon now.  On Saturday October 3rd you are in school
and can doze off for rested condition or stay awake for Academics.  Went out
with Yukari again but the social link did not increase.   In the evening I
finally managed to max out Tower Arcana.  That social link was a hell of a
time.  Chi You, the Warrior King, can now be created.  Your goodbye gift is a
Reserve Tag.  
It is the full moon on October 4th, Sunday.  The target is located at the plaza
at Iwatodai Station.  Ken and Shinjiro are not here.  Get your party together
to go to the station.  You will want Yukari and don't bring anyone weak against
Garu (Junpei).  
As this battle starts off you can only fight Strength Arcana.  It will use Heat
Wave often which will destroy Mitsuru if she's around.  The Wheel of Fortune
(Fortune Arcana) is easy to manipulate when you know what to look for.  Notice
that marker thing?  When you press X, the wheel will stop at the opposite end
of where the marker is.  So is there is a blue defense up straight across from
the marker when you hit X, that's what it will land on.  As for attacking these
Arcana, notice you cannot do a group attack when you are fighting Strength
(because you cannot even target Fortune).  Once you take out Strength the
battle becomes much easier, and you can do group attacks on Fortune.  10898 EXP
is your reward.
Some crazy plot-altering stuff happens after this.  Up until this point the
game had been getting 'slow' sort of throughout the summer.   
Monday October 5th it is time for you to go back to school.  Akihiko's Persona
Polydeuces turns to Caesar.  During the after school part of 10 / 05, I hung
out with Star Arcana.  Star Arcana social link did not advance to level 10
October 5th Available Elizabeth Requests
Bring Elizabeth an Outenta Mitsuyo (90)
Bring Elizabeth a Sengoku-era Helm (79)
Retrieve the seventh old document (41)
Retrieve 2 Red Armor Plates (40)
Retrieve 3 Gold Rings (39)
Elizabeth would like some Sushi (38)
To get the Inari Sushi, go to the Naganaki Shrine and to the left offertory
box.  Talk to the old lady to get the Inari Sushi.  For returning this you get
a Scrub Brush.  

For the three Gold Rings, look for the Wondrous Magi on floors 151-159.  Your
reward is 340000 yen.  
The glowing pink enemies in this area, Scarlet tanks, drop the Red Armor
Plates.  You get Spirit Bracers for destroying these.  
Also I managed to perform the King and I special attack.  You need King Frost
and Black Frost for this.  King Frost you probably already have, but you need 4
personae to create Black Frost.  Gather Pyro Jack, Jack Frost, King Frost and
Queen Mab together to get Black Frost.  Then perform King and I for high ice
damage.  For performing this attack you get S Outfit Main.  This is the Main's
Summer Outfit.  
Next you need Decarabia and Forneus for Best Friends attack.  It combines all
'kaja' ability's.  Head back to Elizabeth for S. Outfit Yukari.  This is
Yukari's Summer outfit.  
Now you need Oberon and Titania, his summer wife.  Then you can use Summer
Dream, which results in something unpredictable.  This will net you S Outfit
Junpei.  This is Junpei's Summer Outfit.  
Dreamfest is the next group ability to perform.  You need Incubus and Succubus.
Dreamfest has high odds of charming all foes.  You get S Outfit Akihiko. This
of course is Akihiko's Summer Outfit.  
Next up is Scarlet Havoc.  You need Ares and Siegfried.  Ares is easy to get
but Siegfried I had to fuse Kali, Incubus and Titania.  Scarlot Havoc does a
ton of slash damage to all the enemies.  As you go back to Elizabeth you get S
Outfit Mitsuru.  This is Mitsuru's Summer Outfit.  
For another group attack sign up for Perform Valhalla.  You need Valkyrie and
Odin.  You get W Outfit Main, Main's Winter Outfit.  
To inquire about the Sengoku era helm go to Faculty Office for Mr Ono.  Inside
the Faculty Office is Mr Ono and his hat.  Your academics will increase as you
talk to him for a bit, but you still don't get the hat.  You have to revisit 6
or 7 times to get Mr Ono to give you the Kanetsugu's Helm.  Return the
Kanetsugu's Helm for Bead Chain x5.  
To get the Outenta Mitsuyo you just need to search around the end parts of
Tziah to find it.  Like the other random drops, this can be easily found or
frustratingly difficult to come across.  Your reward is Cup of King x3 for
finding this katana.  
Your next Terminal in Tziah is at Floor 146.  They like to use Zio spells so
Akihiko is a good choice (not for using Zio of course, but taking Zio hits).
Heat Wave can really do a number on you too, along with Torrent Shot.  You are
better off charming these guys with Sexy Dance and watching them wreak havoc on
their own party members.  They do take a long time to kill though but you get
1126 EXP, Sword of Queen x3, and a Precious Egg.  
You have to go all the way up to Floor 160 for the next boss and Terminal.  The
Mythical Gigas (Strength Arcana) will prove to be a formidable opponent.  He
uses Maragidyne so it helps to have Junpei around, even though he can't do much
damage.  Mitsuru always comes along for me even though she's weak against fire
- it is hard to do damage to the Mythical Gigas but Mitsuru with Bufula and
Varuna Bracers can do a lot of damage.  Yukari helps too for her Garu magic
and Mediarama.  This battle will last a long while and you will get few
critical hits.  Deathbound is the attack you need to watch for.  3003 EXP,
Magic Mirror x2, Soma, and Wand of King x3 are your rewards.   
Continue onward to Floor 164.  Grab the Old Document 07 for a Soma reward.  
In the evening of October 5th you have a meeting.  But Ken Amada ran away. 
October 6th, Tuesday, went to go see Mr. Ono but Ms Miyahara is messing around
the office.  Your Academics will increase.  Exams are coming up so there is not
much available to you.  After class I went to see Mamoru, Star Arcana.  He is
about to leave.  Mamoru gives you Car Key and he appreciates your friendship.
The Ultimate Star Arcana Persona can be created, Helel the Light-bearer.  
On your way to the dorm you get a call from Elizabeth.  Akihiko meets up with
Ken during the evening.  Ken's persona Nemesis gives rise to Kala-Nemi.
Kalanemi is Ken's new persona.  Ken and Kala Nemi return to the dorm.  You
still cannot go to Tartarus tonight so I went to talk to President Tanaka.  Ask
him if he is donating.  Devil Arcana reaches social link level 9. 
You get a visit during the evening of Tuesday October 6th.  Talk to Pharos for
a bit and Death Arcana reaches social link level 8.  
On Wednesday October 7th you get a question in class and the answer is 'to
excite the audience'.  Your Charm will increase.  There were no social links to
attend to today. 
Not much to do Thursday October 8th either.  Spent some more time at the
Faculty Office to run into Mrs Ounishi.  Ms. Ounishi is the science teacher.
Your Academics go up.
In class Friday October 9th you can doze off in class or stay up for Academics.
Visited the Faculty Office again but this time Mr Ekoda was there.  Your
academics once again increase.  
Saturday October 10th you can doze off in class again if you want, or stay up
for Academics.  After class went to the Faculty Office and this time it's Ms
Toriumi here to lecture you to increase your Academics.  
Sunday October 11th, Tanaka is selling an R / C Geta set.  Check out Sun Arcana
for a while.  Reprimand Akinari but he will appreciate your presence.  Sun
Arcana social link reaches level 5.  Walk Koromaru at night to see a social
Monday October 12th is a holiday.  Rest up for the exams.  
Tuesday October 13th you are asked a question about stress.  Choose 'husbands'.
October 14th, Wednesday, you will be asked about numerology.  Choose
Pythagoras.  On the next day choose Zero Electrical Resistance.  Finally,
choose Coup of Meiou on the last day.  Remember, for acing the midterms /
finals you are to go to Mitsuru for a reward afterwards.  
Saturday October 17th you can go out with the school social links again.  Went
out with Yukari and she thanks you for helping her.  Say 'anytime' and Lovers
Arcana reaches level 6.   And what better way to spend the evening than to find
Tanaka?  Devil Arcana social link is maxed at level 10 and Beelzebub Lord of
Hell can be created.  And you get a Thank-you letter from Tanaka.  
Sunday October 18th I went out with Yukari to give her Perfume.  She likes
Your exam results will be posted Monday October 19th.  If you got the highest
score go see Mitsuru after class.  Meanwhile you are asked a question in class.
Choose fourteen for the correct answer.  Your Charm will increase.  Spent more
time after school in the Faculty Office and Mr Takenozuka is there.  Your
Academics will increase but still no Sengoku Hat.  Went out with Yukari after
class.  Tell her 'sounds good' and you'll find out how important you are to
Yukari.  Lovers Arcana reaches social link level 7 now.  
Tuesday October 20th there will be a scene in class with Natsuki and Fuuka.
Turns out Natsuki is moving. Fuuka's Lucia Persona has turned to Juno.  After
class on Tuesday I went to get Queen Card Set from Mitsuru, and then went to
the Faculty Office once again.  Mrs Terauchi is here.  You will learn about
Mahjong and your academics will increase.  Entered the fashion club for the
first time all year to see Bebe.  Temperance Arcana reaches social link level
1.  And you can walk Koromaru in the evening.  He found me another Balm of
In school on Wednesday October 21st I went to the Faculty Office again.  This
time it is Mr Ono at the Faculty Office.  He finally gives the Kanetsugu's Helm
to you.  Also your Academics will increase.  Bring back the Kanetsugu's Helm
for Bead Chain x5.  Spoke with Yukari afterwards and she wanted to look at some
piercings.  Choose 'alright' and talk to her about her mother some more and
Lovers Arcana reaches social link level 8.    
Thursday October 22nd you are asked about soybeans.  Choose 'fermented' for a
Charm increase.  Spent some more time with Yukari but lovers arcana did not
reach level 9.  
Another question in class on Friday October 23rd.  Choose Madam Blavatsky for a
Charm increase.  Went to get a Temperance Persona so Temperance Arcana social
link would increase faster.  Okuninushi was a good candidate.  So I went to the
Home Economics room to level up Temperance Arcana.  Just say 'yea, Japan is
great'.  Temperance Arcana social link reaches level 2.  
Yukari and Mitsuru have a scene on Saturday October 24th.  Spent more time with
Yukari afterwards but Lovers Arcana did not level up to 9.  
Sunday October 25th you can buy brand bag and brand purse but I was going out
with Yukari.  Lovers Arcana is now close to reaching level 9.  Went for a walk
with Koromaru in the evening and he found a Traesto Gem.  
Monday October 26th you are getting close to the full moon (less than 10 days
away).  You get asked a question in class, choose wristwatches, as they are not
arabic.  Your Charm will increase.  Spent the rest of the day with Yukari
Takeba as Lovers Arcana reaches level 9.  Say '...' and she talks intimately to
Tuesday October 27th is a week from the full moon.  Went to the Music Club with
Keisuke; tell him 'to tell his dad' about how he did.  Fortune Arcana social
link reaches level 5.  You get a visit from Pharos since it's now a week from
the full moon. 
Wednesday October 28th I sent the day with Yukari but Lovers did not level up
to 10.  Another good night to go on a walk with Koromaru as he finds a Lucky
Thursday October 29th you have a question to answer - it is lactase.  Your
Charm will increase.  Took Yukari on a walk but again Lovers did not increase
to level 10.  
Friday October 30th you can doze off in class or stay awake for Academics.
Went to Home Economics with Bebe - say 'something traditional' and Temperance
Arcana reaches level 3.  
Saturday October 31st was spent with Yukari for a third time but she did not
level up to 10.  Went on a walk with Koromaru and Ken.  Yep, the elementary kid
and the dog.  
Sunday November 1st you can buy a Berserker's Seal from Tanaka.  Spend the rest
of the day with Sun Arcana Akinari.  Say 'hey, that's cool' and 'it sounds
interesting'.  Sun Arcana reaches level 6.  Went on a walk with Koromaru and
Monday November 2nd I went to Yukari's room.  She gave me Yukari's Strap.
Lovers Arcana reaches social link level 10 and Cybele The Earth Mother can be
created now.  In the evening Fool Arcana reaches social link level 6.  
It is the day of the full moon on Tuesday November 3rd.  This is the final
battle.  Strega is nearby and you still have the Hanged Man Arcana to destroy,
the final arcana shadow.  Takaya likes to use Ziodyne / Garudyne and Jin uses
Maragion.  Neither really has a weakness but Mabufula by Mitsuru is very
helpful.  But she is susceptible to the agi attacks.  Focus on getting one of
the two down immediately, and then you should be able to maintain your HP much
easier.  For knocking these two out, you get 14426 EXP.  
Fortunately you will be all healed after this battle.  And you can re-choose
who you want in the party.  Go up ahead to see Hanged Man.  This battle takes a
long time more than anything else.  You cannot attack Hanged Man until those
statues are down.  They are each strong against different elements.  The Hanged
Man also will summon Devious Maya that are strong against Bufu.  When the
Hanged Man is on the ground you can finally attack it - but then it begins to
use powerful attacks like God Hand.  I like to use Swift Strike on those
statues to knock them all down at once (plus the summoned enemies).  You get
14971 EXP for winning.  It seems you saved the world.  The Dark hour is over.
November 4th, Wednesday, Pharos comes by.  Death Arcana social link reaches
level 10.  You can now create Thanatos, The Bringer of Death.  You will head
right back to the dorm after class.  Ikutsuki and Aigis are at the lab (hmm)
and Mitsuru's dad is coming.  Takeharu Kirijo personally thanks you.  Sees
Social arcana reaches level 7.  
When the Dark Hour comes on November 4th, Ikutsuki is still gone.  Eventually
you go to Tartarus to figure out you've been tricked.  Crazy stuff happens with
Ikutsuki and the party.  
Thursday November 5th you are back in school.  The party will talk afterwards
but there is not much going on.  Yukari's Persona Io gives rise to Isis, a new
Persona for Yukari.  As you get to the Dark Hour, the Velvet Room summons you.
Basically he reminds you that you're screwed, you signed the contract, you have
to continue to live by it.
Friday November 6th, Junpei visits Chidori.  I went out to eat Fuuka's food and
to start Priestess Arcana.  Priestess Arcana reached social link level 1.
Elizabeth calls you during the evening.  You can go on in Tartarus evidently.  
November 6th Available Elizabeth Requests
Bring Elizabeth a Featherman Figure (86
Please find the missing person (84)
Please go scrub the bathroom (82)
Bring Elizabeth food fit for a wolf (81)
Elizabeth would like Oden Juice (80)
Elizabeth would like to visit Gekkoukan High (59)
Retrieve the last old document (46)
Retrieve 3 Moon Tablets (45)
Retrieve 6 Pink Feathers (44)
The Moon Tablets are easy to get, as the glowing pink enemies in this area are
simple.  For the 3 Moon Tablets, you will get Space Badge.  
You have to get to Floor 181 and up to find 6 Pink Feathers.  You get
Berserker's Seal for finding them.
For the Oden Juice, you need to buy the three drinks from the vending machines
at Kyoto.  Then go to the girl closest to the Persimmon Tree at school.  She
talks of Oden Juice but you need to pay 5000 yen for it.  But Elizabeth gives
you Gale Magatama x3. 
To find the missing person (84), buy a Cielo Mist at your dormitory.  Actually,
20 Cielo Mists.  With 20 Cielo Mist now go to the Port Island Station by the
vending machine.  Give the apathetic person the Cielo Mists.  For this you get
Maid Outfit A, for Aigis. 
For getting the Last Old Document - Old Document 08 on Floor 214, you acquire
650000 Yen.  
The quest of retrieving 2 Gold Medals can be completed in this area.  You need
to find two Luxury Hands and defeat them (in Harabah).  Your reward is the
Rocket Punch.  
You can now reach Floor 165, Harabah area.  You only have to get to Floor 171
to reach the next Terminal.  There are three Judgement Swords here and you can
expect to die a few times fighting these guys.  The only times I have success
against this trio is when Tentarafoo hits at a decent rate.  Also, it is
important to have the Knock Down strategy because even though they are not weak
against anything, the group attacks are vital.  You will need three critical
hits though, so bring along high-crit attackers like Junpei, Koromaru and
definitely Akihiko (for his defense against Maziodyne too).  Tempest Slash is
what really gets you, if Judgement Sword uses it.  It can sometimes do multiple
attacks of 200+ damage, killing basically anyone.  If you can manage to
Tentarafoo 2 or even 3 of these at a time you are in great shape.  The problem
is the other Tentarafoo user (Mitsuru) is not with the party so you will need
to get by with the main alone.  Your reward is 970 EXP and Dense Rock x3.  And
you get a Precious Egg. 
If you thought the Judgement Swords were fun, wait until you see the Stasis
Giants on Floor 180.  The only way I have won this battle is with Kali Persona
as she nullifies all the slash type attacks (though you are still open for
Gigantic Fist).  The other characters will die off but if you can get a few
Mazionga's from Akihiko that would be a big help.  If not just have your main
character attack with an axe or something that penetrates the enemies armor.
1044 EXP and three attack mirrors are your reward.  
Your next Terminal is on Floor 190.  The Phantom King is here, Hermit Arcana.
Make sure to bring Ken as Phantom King loves to use forms of Hama.  With Ken
and a persona strong against Hama, you should be in good shape.  And for the
amount of HP this boss has (not much), it also has a porous defense.  Your
friends Ken and Akihiko can really do damage with Ziodyne.  Megido can do 200
damage on everyone so that's a good reason to stay healed.  2786 EXP,
Homunculus, Soma and Precious Egg are your rewards.  
11 more floors to the next Terminal, Floor 201.  There are three Royal Dancers
awaiting you.  They are the masters of status ailments, notably Charm with
Marin Karin and Sexy Dance.  If you have the Narcissus Flower you should give
that to the Main and he will never get charmed.  They also poison you (and this
game does a good job of making poison take off a ton even as you get more HP)
and use Tentarafoo.  They really only use a few actual attacks like Heat Wave,
so be sure to set a few characters to Heal tactic so they can keep up with the
status ailments.  That said they do not have a lot of HP so use high level
attack spells and I had Kali Persona so Deathbound produced many critical hits.
1250 EXP, Broken Heart, Precious Egg, and you can continue past floor 201. 
Floor 211 is your next boss, the Reckoning Dice.  This boss loves to use
Megidolaon to shred each character's HP.  So, have a Mediarama user like
Yukari or Ken with.  Also I like to bring Koromaru and Akihiko as they have
high critical hit rates.  Knocking this guy down and doing a group attack will
quickly get his HP down.  You get 3336 EXP, Sword of King, Attack Mirror x2,
and Soma x1.  
Continue onward to Floor 214.  Here you will find the last Old Document, Old
Document 08.  
November 7th, Saturday, I hung out with Fuuka.  Say 'sure' and feed the cat.
Priestess Arcana reaches social link level 2.  You can take Koromaru on a walk
in the evening, and he will find Balm of Life.  
Sunday November 8th you can find Raven Claw on sale from Tanaka.  Went to
Naganaki Shrine for Sun Arcana.  Say 'it sounds really depressing' and you will
see Sun Arcana social link increase to level 7.   
Turns out there is a new student on Monday November 9th.  You will then meet
Ryoji Mochizuki.  He seems familiar?  You can rest in class or stay up for
Academics.  Today I went out with Elizabeth to Gekkoukan High School, one of
her requests.  You get a Red Muffler from Elizabeth for this.  
November 9th I tied up some loose ends.  Equip the Scrub Brush and go to Port
Island Station - check the northeast part to find a toilet.  Choose to 'scrub
harder' as soap does not do anything.  You get Maid Outfit Y for this.  Then I
signed up for the flower-watering request.  Just go to the rooftop of the
school and look by the chubby student to find some wilted flowers.  Water those
flowers and you get Mitsuru's Maid Outfit M.  The rest of the day I went out
with Fuuka.  Tell her 'I believe in you'  and then Priestess Arcana reaches
social link level 3.  
Tuesday November 10th you hear Mitsuru is coming back.  Spent some time with
Bebe after class to level up Temperance Arcana.  Ask him if he is alright.
Turns out something happened to his aunt - Temperance Arcana reaches social
link level 4.  
Wednesday November 11th I spent the day with the music club.  Just tell Keisuke
to do whatever he wants and Fortune Arcana reaches social link level 6.  You
can take Koromaru on a walk.  He finds Trafori Gem.  
In class on Thursday November 12th, answer Edogawa with The Upanishads.  Your
Charm will increase.  Went out with Keisuke again.  Ask him if he is going to
be a doctor.  Fortune Arcana reaches social link arcana level 7.  Koromaru also
hooks you up with some Gourmet Dog Food today.  For completing this you get
Flame Magatama.  
Friday November 13th I went shopping with Fuuka.  Say 'oh, well I don't think
so' for the second question and Priestess Arcana reaches social link level 4.
Saturday November 14th was spent with Fuuka again.  Turns out Mitsuru is
joining your party again for Tartarus though.  Also you can sleep in class or
stay awake for Academics.  To get Priestess Arcana to level up to social link
level 5 say 'you did a good job' after you eat her food. 
Sunday November 15th you can order Sid's Jacket.  Then I spent it with Sun
Arcana.  Stay by his side and then say 'what are you thinking?' and Sun Arcana
social link reaches level 8.  
Monday November 16th is the day before the trip.  You can sleep again in class
or stay awake for Academics.  Spent the rest of the day with Fuuka but
Priestess did not level up to 6.  Then walked Koromaru at night for Traesto
Tuesday November 17th the party goes to Kyoto.  You can buy some snacks at the
shop.  Also, buy a Durian Soda, Jumbo Juice and V6.  Yukari talks some sense
into Mitsuru the next day.  Mitsuru's Persona Penthesilea turns to Artemisia.
Go back to your room on the 19th of November to get ready for the Hot Springs.
You are to avoid the ladies here.  Fuuka and Yukari come at you
counterclockwise at first.  So hide to the far right, and then they circle
around the other way and you will have to hide on the left side.  After this
they split up, so hide in the center (you have to hit x in the middle and your
party hides there).  If you go through undetected you do not get in trouble /
When you get back on Friday November 20th give Ken a Nama-Yatsuhashi.  You can
go on a walk with Ken and Koromaru.  Ken and Koromaru bonded a lot during the
trip while everyone else was gone.  
Saturday November 21st you are back in school.  You can stay awake in class or
doze off.  From now on you can spend time with Mitsuru (by the faculty office)
if your Academics are maxed.  So go spend some time with her eating noodles and
she will be deep in thought.  Empress Arcana reaches social link level 1.
Also in the evening you can talk to Ken for a Featherman R Doll.  A Phoenix
Ranger Featherman R doll.  Ken is ashamed of having a Phoenix Ranger Featherman
R Doll.  You receive Featherman R.  Return this to Elizabeth for Frigid
Sunday November 22nd you can buy Shoes of Bane off Tanaka's show.  Sun Arcana
reached level 9 today.  Say 'oh did you finish your book?'  and you will learn
about his hospital situation.  Sun Arcana social link reaches level 9.  During
the dark hour of November 22nd you are woken up by Fuuka Yamagishi.  Chidori
is on the loose.
Choose your party and then commence the operation.  You will be in front of
Tartarus Tower.  Chidori likes to use Agi attacks and status ailments.  Also
she will put up a shield with Tetrakarn and has Life Spring to heal her each
turn.  But she only has a bit over 1000 HP so bring along Akihiko, Yukari and
Mitsuru to abuse the -dyne ability's.  16089 EXP is your reward.  
After the battle though, Takaya and Jin come by.  Junpei will be in the
hospital with Chidori visiting.  But it is actually Chidori and Medea healing
him.  Hermes then gives rise to Trismegistus.  
Monday November 23rd is Labor Day.  Not much for you to do today.  And the
next four days are Career Experience Days.  'Day after day you carried the
cardboard boxes'....hmm.  And then it magically becomes the evening of Friday
November 27th.  Take Koromaru on a walk to find Balm of Life.  
Saturday November 28th you are back in school.  Mitsuru is available after
class for Empress arcana.  Eat some burgers with her and Empress Arcana social
link reaches level 2.  In the evening Fool Arcana social link reaches level 9.  
Sunday November 29th you can buy Sigma Drive from Tanaka.  Spend your last
moments with Akinari.  You get his Worn Notebook.  Sun Arcana social link
reaches level 10.  The Ultimate Sun Arcana Persona, Asura the Grand Being, can
be fused.  Akinari then disappears into the thin air.  
Monday November 30th you are asked a question in class.  Choose 'they did both'
and your charm will increase.  With only Empress Temperance Fortune Priestess
Justice left for me, there was nothing to do today.  Aigis seems to be worried
about Ryoji.  
Tuesday December 1st was spent with Mitsuru.  Ask Mitsuru to treat you and
Empress Arcana reaches social link level 3.  Ask her if she's happy about
Akihiko, then agree to forget about what she just said.  
The next day, Wednesday December 2nd, is the full moon for December.  Spent the
day with Keisuke.  A box drops on your head.  Just say 'yea im fine'.  Fortune
Arcana social link reaches level 8.  Some stuff happens overnight with
Ryoji-kun and Aigis.  Ryoji is The Appriser. 
Thursday December 3rd you are back in school.  But you go straight to the
evening where you hear a lot about Ryoji regarding Nyx.  Nyx is the Shadow
Mother.  The Appriser of Death is already here.   

Friday December 4th, SEES continues on to school despite the despair from the
truth behind Ryoji.  Spent the day with Temperance Arcana.  Say 'sure' and go
out to eat with Bebe.  After hearing him out say 'then stay'.  Temperance
Arcana reaches social link level 5.  You still cannot go to Tartarus but speak
with your party members.  
Saturday December 5th you hear Ryoji 'transfered again' and won't be coming to
school anymore.  No non-maxed social links are around for me after school but
I did go to Elizabeth to see there are new requests.
Saturday December 5th Available Elizabeth Requests
Elizabeth would like to see your room
Retrieve 3 Rainbow Hairs
Retrieve 3 Sand of Time
To get 3 Rainbow Hairs look for the Daring Gigases, the flashing pink enemies.
They drop them and your reward is Omega Drive.  
Find 3 Sand of Time from the Perpetual Sands for Charun's Hammer.  You may have
already found this as a special item around Tartarus.  
So on Saturday December 5th I got to bring Elizabeth to Main's room.  For
completing this you get to fuse Kartikeya, with Rainbow Feather.  In the
evening Akihiko seems to have become more focused, not everyone else though.
Meanwhile you still cannot go to Tartarus.
Tanaka is selling a Brand Bag on Sunday December 6th.  Again, nothing for me
to do in the day with Sun Arcana maxed.  There was a recording I hadn't seen
though from 11 / 13 with Ken practicing with a brush.
You have a question in class on Monday December 7th.  Choose 'ozone' for some
Charm points.  N one is around because of exams.  
Tuesday December 8th you can snooze in class or stay awake for Academics.  
The SEES group has a meeting later in the evening. You can go back to Tartarus
December 10th, Thursday. 
During class on Friday December 11th you are asked a question - choose Cacti
and your Charm will increase.  
Class on Saturday December 12th you can rest or stay awake for Academics.  You
can walk Koromaru at night for a Trafuri Gem.  
Sunday December 13th you can buy Omega Drive from Tanaka.  
Monday December 14th, Exams begin.  Choose 1185, Oxygen, Left-Hand Rule, Winter
Morning is Pleasant, and Cacti. 
Saturday December 19th is the last day of finals.  Spent the rest of the day
with Mitsuru since students are done with exams.  Ask her if something happened
and then say it's the result of love.  Empress Arcana social link reaches level
4.  If you walk Koromaru, you will come across Kenji Magician Arcana.  
Sunday December 20th you can buy Apocalypse after the Mitsuru / Yukari scene.  
You can check your exam scores on Monday December 21st.  For the question about
Himiko, answer Kido.  Charm will increase.  You can go on a walk with Koromaru
and Mitsuru at night. 
Another question in class on Tuesday December 22nd so choose Euphoria for a
Charm increase + 2.  Went out with Empress Arcana Mitsuru after class.  First I
got a King Card Set for acing the test from her.  Tell her 'I'm glad you
enjoyed it' and then say 'A motorcycle?'  Then ask her to go for a ride.
Empress Arcana reaches social link level 5.  Go for a walk with Fuuka and
Koromaru in the evening.  
On Wednesday December 23rd it is a Holiday, Emperor's Day.  
December 24th Thursday you are in school.  Doze off in class or stay up for
Academics.  You get a few texts from the babes to spend time on Christmas so I
said no to Yukari and Fuuka then finally Mitsuru sent a text.  She had some
Champagne.  Whoever you go out with, remember to give them their best present
(Mitsuru - Google-Eyed Idol / Japanese Doll) for maximum points to that social
Spent December 25th Friday with Bebe.  Tell him to 'take a break' and 'alright'
to go to the sweet shop.  Then you just have to support him and Temperance
Arcana reaches social link level 6.  
Saturday December 26th you can rest in class or stay awake for Academics.  Went
to the library with Mitsuru afterwards.  Ask her if you can get a book for her,
then say that's news to me!' and 'you have to reconsider'.  Empress Arcana
social link reaches level 6.  In the evening you can take Koromaru for a walk.  
Sunday December 27th you can buy a Silver Plate.  Monday December 28th and
Tuesday December 29th are two more days off.  
You get a knock on your door from Yukari on December 30th Wednesday.  Aigis is
coming back tonight.  And when she does, Palladion gives rise to Athena.  She's
also more 'human' now.  
You have an important choice on December 31st, Thursday.  It is a full moon and
Ryoji comes by at night.  Give him your decision and choose to let him live if
you want to continue your game.  He then talks to you some more afterwards.
You will max Fool Arcana as it reaches social link level 10.  You can create
Susano-o The Raging God.  You also begin the Judgment Arcana social link as it
reaches level 1.   
On January 1st Friday you go with the guys and the dog to the shrine.  Sure
enough Elizabeth calls you on January 1st and you can continue on in Tartarus.  
January 1st Available Elizabeth Requests
Retrieve 1 Bloody Button from The Reaper
Playing the original Persona 3, I did not defeat The Reaper.  It seemed too
tedious but I realized with Persona 3 FES that you need to defeat The Reaper to
access Monad, the secret dungeon that you could go through just by reaching the
top floor of Tartarus.  
The Reaper is a terribly annoying fight.  There are all sorts of strategies for
defeating him.  The annoying part is it would be nice to go into Monad where
leveling up is much easier, but defeating the Reaper is a sound prerequisite
for getting into Monad.  The Thunder Reign strategy was most accessible for me.
You'll need Odin and you'll want him maxed out to level 65 with Spell Master,
so Thunder Reign takes 16 SP instead of 32.  Now the absolutely essential part
of this strategy is the turn order.  If you regularly attack Reaper with the
Main, it'll be Main - Reaper - rest of party.  This is not what you want. 
You want Reaper to encounter one of your other characters, then wait a bit,
healing your character in the fight in the meantime.  Then join the fight.
This way it'll be Main, your other two characters, Reaper, and then your third
ally that encountered Reaper first.  The third ally can have any tactic but the
two that go immediately after you, you'll want stand by tactic.  Use Thunder
Reign and it will shock The Reaper.  You can get critical hits easily now, so
have your next character knock him down and do a group attack.  But then make
sure your character who goes right before The Reaper attacks, and then
'relents'.  Since that character is on standby, they will just let the Reaper
stay down.  Thus, the Reaper goes next and wastes a turn getting up.  This is
absolutely essential to this strategy because you are going to be lucky to
survive even a few hits (depending on what ability's he chooses to use) from
the Reaper.  You will want to continue to do this each turn, but the luck comes
in with Thunder Reign.  If you miss it (which is actually pretty likely Thunder
Reign hits about 60-70 % of the time) you will have to absorb a hit from The
Reaper.  Fortunately The Reaper wastes attacks doing Ice Break, Fire Break, and
so on.  But The Reaper has an uncanny ability to attack your allies at their
weak point.  This is a good reason to bring Ken or the Dog along, but The
Reaper also uses Mamudoon and Mahamaon so he can screw your party there too.
And Megidolaon will obliterate your party.  It took me 10+ tries and the
biggest factors were Thunder Reign hitting or missing, and also when The Reaper
gets a turn if he kills one of your characters, they go back at the end of the
turn order.  So if your turn order is Main, Mitsuru, Yukari, Reaper, and Ken,
then you need Mitsuru and Yukari to survive (at least one of them so they are
attacking right after the main still).  Otherwise they get shot back to the end
of the line after Ken and you might as well run away at that point because the
Thunder Reign strategy would be broken.  Be patient with this strategy; as luck
would have it, you'll likely die a few times.  But then you'll also have a few
run throughs against The Reaper where he is missing on his Mamudoon's and
Mahamaon's and is wasting turns on Ice Break, etc.  
For defeating that Reaper you get 12000 EXP and that wonderful Bloody Button.
Now go save your damn game as fast as you can.  When you bring the Bloody
Button to Elizabeth you get a whopping 5000000 Yen.  Yes that is five million
You can now venture to the final section in Tartarus before the top of the
tower.  As you enter the final section of Tartarus, Adamah, on Floor 215, you
will see Judgment Arcana reach social link level 2.  
Also the Platinum Medals can be found from the Glorious Hands.  You need three
Platinum Medals and you get Jack's Gloves.  
As you get to Floor 220 you will encounter three Noble Seekers.  Their use of
Garudyne and Vorpal Blade can put you in a bad way.  I like to have Raphael use
Deathbound though they are successful at dodging often.  It is best to head for
one of them but chances are you and your teammates will be attacking all
enemies at once with Mabufula, Mazionga, Maragion, and so on.  1594 EXP, Bead x
15, Precious Egg, and Judgment Arcana reaches social link level 3.  
Continue on as the next Terminal is on Floor 228.  As you reach Floor 224
Judgment Arcana reaches social link level 4.  The bosses on floor 228 are 3
Carnal Snakes.  Maragidyne is the dangerous attack you need to watch for
especially if you have Mitsuru in your party (which you should since her Bufu
attacks are vital).  Carnal Snakes also have SP drain (very annoying) and HP
drain).  Fortunately they waste turns on fire break.  Carnal Snakes yield 1711
exp, Cup of King x3, Precious Egg x2, and Judgment Arcana reaches social link
level 5.  
Now you can go on past Floor 228.  When you reach Floor 236 you are at another
boss, World Balance.  This guy likes his high level Zio, Bufu and Agi spells.
Also watch out for Mahamaon and Megidolaon at the end.  For defeating this
thing you get 4252 EXP, Megidolaon Gem, Balm of Life x2, Precious Egg, and
Judgment Arcana reaches social link level 6.    
As you reach Floor 240 Judgment Arcana will reach social link level 7.  The
next Terminal is on Floor 244.  Up ahead is three Fierce Cyclops.  Vorpal Blade
can critical hit you causing massive problems.  If they charge up you're in
even more trouble.  It's nice to have Mitsuru and Yukari with 'same target' and
then have them bufudyne and garudyne one at a time.  Leaving all three alive
(killing them all at once) leaves too much room for a critical hit or luck to
go sour.  Also having Ken as a dedicated mediarama / recarm user was vital.
2088 EXP and Coin of King x3 are your rewards.  And Judgment Arcana reaches
social link level 8.  Grab the Soma and continue up.
The final tartarus boss is Hanged Man Arcana.  The Jotun of Grief is weak only
against pierce attacks.  It's really as simple as bringing along Aigis, Ken,
Yukari, and equipping a bow on the main.  The Jotun of Grief will cast Enrage
which is stupid because it just allows you to do two attacks now.  Jotun of
Grief also uses Primal Force like the previous bosses so that will require a
Diarahan to heal.  Careful at the end as Megidolaon will put you in a bad spot.
Your reward is 4500 exp, Fine Statuette, and Soma x2.  This was the last
guardian.  Judgment Arcana reaches social link level 9.  
Floor 254 is the top of Tartarus.  Judgment Arcana is maxed, increasing to
level 10.  Messiah the Savior can now be created.  
Saturday January 2nd you will hear about the cult around town.  Sunday January
3rd you can turn on the tv but you can't buy anything from Tanaka.  
You have winter vacation throughout the week.  Friday January 8th you are back
in school and you have a question to answer.  Choose 'Its wrong' for a Charm
increase.  You can go to the rooftop with Junpei after class.  After class I
went out with Aigis and Aeon Arcana reached social link level 1.  
Saturday January 9th was spent with Empress Arcana.  Say 'let's do it' and
Empress Arcana reaches social link level 7.  In the evening you can take
Koromaru on a walk, and he finds a Mad Bull.  
Sunday January 10th you turn on Tanaka again but not buy anything.  Monday
January 11th is Coming of Age Day, a Holiday.  You are back in school on
Tuesday January 12th.  Sleep in class for some extra rest since you don't need
the Academics surely.  Went out with Mitsuru after class and Empress Arcana
reaches social link level 8.  Get up and talk to the guy when he comes by.
Lots of drama.  
Wednesday January 13th, Keisuke was going to leave but stop him.  Then a few
old people get sic in front of you two so help them out.  Fortune Arcana
reaches social link level 9.  The next day was spent with Mitsuru.  Say 'that
makes me happy', and Empress Arcana social link reaches level 9.  
Friday January 15th you get another opportunity in class to sleep for Great
condition or stay up for Academics.  Bebe was free after class for Temperance
Arcana social link.  Yea 'that's a good idea' and Temperance Arcana reaches
social link level 7.  
Saturday January 16th, Mitsuru was not around.  So I went out with Aigis.  Say
'I agree' and Aeon Arcana reaches social link level 2.  You can go on a walk
with Koromaru tonight, and bring along Mitsuru.  
Sunday January 17th there is not much for you to do.  Monday January 18th the
answer in class is Circe for some Charm points.  Spent the rest of the day with
Aigis so that Aeon Arcana social link reached level 3.  Just say 'that's not
true'.  In the evening you can take Koromaru on a walk and you will find
Trafuri Gem.  
Tuesday January 19th, Mitsuru is around school.  Empress Arcana reaches social
link level 10 so you get to go to her room.  She gives you the Motorcycle Key.
Empress Arcana social link is maxed and Alilat The Ancient Goddess can be
Went to the mall with Aigis on Wednesday January 20th.  Say 'alright' and go
search for the cat wth Aigis.  Aeon Arcana reaches social link level 4.  
Keisuke, Fortune Arcana, was around on Thursday January 21st.  He makes an
announcement during Club, then Keisuke gives you Award Letter at the rooftop.
Fortune Arcana reaches social link level 10 and Norn The Sisters of Fate can
be fused now.  
Friday January 22nd you can stay awake for Academics or sleep to get Great
condition.  Advanced Aeon Arcana with Aigis.  Tell her 'you may be right' and
Aeon Arcana reaches social link level 5.  
As Saturday January 23rd approaches you are running out of time to make it to
the top of Tartarus.  Go out with Aigis again to see Mewlie's owner once more.
Aigis will talk to Kiyoshi.  Just say 'no you didn't' or 'He saw me as a
boyfriend' for Aeon Arcana 6.  Walk with Koromaru and you may see Strength
Arcana (Yuko) at the shrine.  
Sunday January 24th I went out with Fuuka to give her a gift (Brand Bag).  Walk
Koromaru again in the evening to talk to Kenji.  
A chance to sleep in class again on Monday January 25th, then you get to
discuss your future plans with Toriumi, and then talk to Aigis.  Afterwards
Fuuka was around, just say 'okay' and Priestess Arcana reaches social link
level 6.  
Aigis is around on Tuesday January 26th.  Say 'I'm sure she was happy' and then
Aeon Arcana will reach social rank 7.  The next day she's available to go out
again but Aeon Arcana did not level up.  
Another chance to doze off in class on Wednesday January 27th for 'great'
condition.  Aeon Arcana reached social rank 8, just say 'it is like that now'
and 'you're not in the way'.  Spent the next day Thursday January 28th with
Aigis too.  Say 'yes it is' as far as the fateful day coming forward.  Aeon
Arcana social link reaches level 9.  Friday January 29th you can go on a walk
with your entire group.  
The last school day Saturday January 30th I went out with Aigis again but it
did not max out at level 10.  
Sunday January 31st is the day you must enter Tartarus for the final time and
reach the top of Tartarus.   You can continue past Floor 254 now. 
On Floor 258 of Adamah you will get to re-choose your party as you will run
into Jin on this floor.  He is by himself so start unloading spells on him like
Thunder Reign with Odin.  Spellmaster allows it to only take 16 SP instead of
32 SP.  Jin will attack the weakness of some of your character's but his
attacks just won't take off enough HP to be a significant threat to you.  Just
beat him down for about 2000 HP and you will win, netting your party 8313 EXP.
Up a few more floors and you will run into Takaya on Floor 262, the last member
of Strega.  He laughs at you crazily and then the final battle against Takaya
begins.  Just like Jin, you are too powerful for just him to stop you.  Takaya
likes to use -dyne ability's.  If you have done any work in the optional
dungeon Monad you should blow this guy away.  9068 EXP is your reward.  
You are nearing the top of Tartarus.  The party regroups at Floor 263 and then
you reach the top at Floor 264.  You will see Nyx come from the moon.  It looks
a lot like Ryoji-kun.  
When the battle begins with Nyx Avatar you will want to use your tactics
continually as Nyx Avatar switches arcana.  For example the second arcana is
Magician and then another Arcana Shift will occur and you will be fighting a
new arcana.  Then he becomes Empress Arcana.  Watch out for his Almighty Attack
as it attacks everyone (for paltry damage but no one is strong / weak against
it).  Just continue using Thunder Reign or your other top attacks to mow
through the Arcana Shifts.
The final arcana for Nyx obviously is the Death Arcana.  It's defense and HP go
up drastically for this sub-battle and Nyx will put up a Moonless Gown which
blocks all attacks on occasion.  You will need to 'Stand By' until Nyx retracts
the Gown, then begin attacking again.  Towards the end of this battle Nyx will
use Night Queen, a more powerful attack that also causes Panic, Charm, etc.
5678 EXP is your reward for defeating Nyx. 
Use the Great Seal to seal Nyx and then watch the ending.

D) Ending
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