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Asked: 5 years ago

Something about hacking??

Uhm so I read this a faqs about innocent life and it said in some part of it that I can can hack the game or somthing so I can get advantages. Yah, how do i do that?? I really wanna know coz i kinda suck at this game. ^^;

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You need to purchase a third party device if you want to modify your save data. You'll also need codes to use. But the game isn't that hard. Buy the scale pack as soon as you can to harvest wild fruit and mushrooms, focus on growing flowers and herbs once you have the option to do so, buy livestock when they become available, and you'll be swimming in piles of money before you know it. Papaya, cacao, and many other fruits that grow in the summer are very lucrative. It helps if you bring along the balloon tent, which allows you to either camp at your current location or if you decline to do that, warp back to your farm instantly and go to sleep.

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