Question from qaz_12345

How do I get past the cruicible?

I cant past the snipers i past the snipers but i was killed at the door
when i entered they were to many? pls help me

rayaan123 asked for clarification:

See you have to go slowly and be accurate.if u have the scope u can kill them more easily. and i don't understand y u have problem there.r u talking about where u get the machine gun to fire at those guys coming from the door?


kingstevenrulez answered:

Okay, if the snipers are killing you, they're on the roof, mostly. Keep searching for them, you should be fine, unless its the MG42 nests. In that case, try to flank them. If you can't (which you usually can), use cover, aim for the gunner, use grenades when possible, and good luck man.
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