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How do I beat Sandman?

I don't know hoe to beat him.


truegamer97 answered:

If you battle him at Subway, this is what you must to do:
Run around and dodge his attack. When a train come, stay close to Sandman and you'll see Triangle icon appear. Hurry hit the Triangle button and Spidey will throw him to the train. Sandman will survive and you must do this several time until both of you fall down to sewer. The battle in the sewer won't take a long. Run around until Spidey decide to wear his black suit and give Flint some pounding.

If you battle him at construction site, here is the step to whack him:
Sandman will at sand tornado, so run around him but not too far. There will be explosive flying around. When time is right, Triangle button will appear. Hit Triangle and Spidey will throw the explosive to Sandman. Sandman will stunned only for a while so hurry approach him and give him some pounding.

Hope this help.
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