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Warriors Orochi
Character Unlock
Unpublished work Copyright (c) 2007 Ryan Tracey
D.O.B: 02/02/1988
FAQ started: 22/09/07
Last Update: 30/09/07
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Version Number: 2.1
FAQ Number: 4
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ASCII Provided by the awesome ASCII Generator.
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==   `"Y8888Y"'    88       88   `"Ybbd8"'  88	88  88			     ==

- Contents -
To skip to an actual section just input the short code in the bracket e.g.
[Ctrl + f >> INT1] And you're done.

1 - Introduction..........(INT1) -- PLEASE READ THIS FIRST! this so you have a
				    better idea of where to look for whatever
				    information you need!

2 - Characters: Classic...(CLA2) -- GO HERE IF YOU'RE LOOKING FOR A CERTAIN
	Shu.............= 2SHU	    HERO. This will either tell you what story
	Wu..............= 2SWU	    level you get someone or what code to put
	Wei.............= 2WEI	    in to move to that section of the guide!
	SW1.............= 2SW1	   
	SW2.............= 2SW2

3 - Characters: Story.....(STO3) -- Go here to look at who you unlock from each
	Shu Story Mode..= 3SHU	    of the ARMIES story levels.
	Wu Story Mode...= 3SWU
	Wei Story Mode..= 3WEI
	SW Story Mode...= 3SAM

4 - Characters: X-Level...(XTR4) -- This section will be awkward to look at
	Shu XTra levels.= SH!       because it is best to get the characters
	Wu XTra Levels..= WU!  	    code first from section 2 so you don't have
	Wei XTra Levels.= WE!	    to trawl through all the information of
	SW Xtra Levels..= SA!	    each other general first!
5 - Characters: Universal.(UNI5) -- Simply put the code in beside the general
	Lu Bu...........= **1	    to go to the section on how to unlock them.
	Tadakatsu Honda.= **2
	Zuo Ci..........= **3
	Da Ji...........= **4
	Orochi..........= **5

6 - Level 8-X.............(LEV6) -- In here I will tell you how to unlock the
				    8-X levels

7 - Acknowledgements......(ACK7)

8 - Contact Details.......(CON8)

9 - Version History.......(VER9)

10 - Legal Stuff..........(LEG0)

                              1 - Introduction (INT1)                /
This FAQ will quite simply tell you how to unlock each character in Warriors

I will structure it in this method

SECTION 2 -- Classic Allegiances
What this section means is that everyone who was in Shu, Wu or Wei in Dynasty 5
will be in their respective armies section here and depending which Samurai
game they first were usable in will depend whether they are in SW1 or SW2.
While Other is simple non-classically aligned heroes.

So if you want all the Shu generals look here HOWEVER if the Hero is obtained
on an X level you will want to use the code next to them to find out how to
unlock them because it isn't as simple as winning the battle for the X-Levels.

SECTION 3 -- New Allegiances
This is the Story section which names all the normal levels for a story and who
you get on what level not just the characters from said army.
EXAMPLE: |Stage 4:	    | This example is for Stage 4 of the Wei story mode
         |=======	    | and as you can see you unlock both of the Xiahou
	 |	Xiahou Dun  | brothers ASWELL AS Pang Tong.
	 |	Xiahou Yuan |
	 |	Pang Tong   |

SECTION 4 -- "How-to..."
This will be the mostly used section because this tells you how to unlock the
characters from all the X-Levels. I will give you tips on exactly how I
unlocked the person and for the more obscure objectives will go into lots of
depth so you can do it hopefully on your first try!

SECTION 5 -- Non-X-Level Unlocks
This section tells you how to unlock the five characters who need to be
unlocked but don't get unlocked from beating 1 level or performing a special
task on a level.

			     !!NOW ON WITH THE F.A.Q!!

                              2 - Characters: Classic (CLA2)         /
As noted above, for the XTra level characters input the 3 digit code preceding
which is in place of the level they are found.

2SHU			       The Kingdom of SHU Han
Classic Shu
Zhao Yun     	-- Starting Shu General
Xing Cai     	-- Starting Shu General
Yue Ying     	-- Shu Story Stage 2
Wei Yan      	-- Shu Story Stage 3
Zhang Fei    	-- Shu Story Stage 7
Zhuge Liang  	-- Shu Story Stage 7
Guan Yu      	-- Shu Story Stage 7
Liu Bei        	-- Shu Story Stage 8
Pang Tong	-- Wei Story Stage 4
Huang Zhong	-- SW Story Stage 1
Guan Ping	-- SW Story Stage 1

XTra level Shu Heroes: Input Code (Ctrl + f >> Input Code Now)
Jiang Wei	-- SH2
Ma Chao       	-- SW2

2SWU			       The Kingdom of Sun WU
Classic Wu
Sun Ce		-- Starting Wu General
Zhou Yu		-- Wu Story Stage 1
Taishi Ci	-- Wu Story Stage 2
Lu Meng		-- Wu Story Stage 3
Sun Shang Xiang -- Wu Story Stage 5
Zhou Tai	-- Wu Story Stage 6
Sun Jian	-- Wu Story Stage 7
Sun Quan	-- Wu Story Stage 7
Huang Gai	-- Wei Story Stage 5
Gan Ning	-- Wei Story Stage 6
Xiao Qiao	-- SW Story Stage 3
Ling Tong	-- SW Story Stage 5

XTra level Wu Heroes: Input Code (Ctrl + f >> Input 3-Digit Code Now)
Da Qiao		-- WU5
Lu Xun		-- SW3

2WEI			       The Kingdom of Cao WEI
Classic Wei
Cao Pi		-- Starting Wei General
Zhang Liao	-- Starting Wei General
Xu Huang	-- Starting Wei General
Xu Zhu		-- Wei Story Stage 1
Xiahou Dun	-- Wei Story Stage 4
Xiahou Yuan	-- Wei Story Stage 4
Dian Wei	-- Wei Story Stage 7
Cao Cao		-- Wei Story Stage 7

XTra level Wei Heroes: Input Code (Ctrl + f >> Input 3-Digit Code Now)
Zhange He	-- WE2
Zhen Ji		-- WE6
Pang De		-- SH3
Cao Ren		-- SW5
Sima Yi		-- SW6

2SW1			    The FIRST Samurai Warriors
Original Samurai
Mitsuhide Akechi	-- Starting SW General
Nobunaga Oda		-- Starting SW General
Okuni			-- SW Story Stage 3
Shingen Takeda		-- SW Story Stage 7
Kenshin Uesugi		-- SW Story Stage 7
Magoichi Saika		-- Shu Story Stage 2
Yukimura Sanada		-- Shu Story Stage 3
Hanzo Hattori		-- Wu Starting General
Ranmaru Mori		-- Wu Story Stage 1
Oichi			-- Wei Story Stage 6

XTra level SW1 Heroes: Input Code (Ctrl + f >> Input 3-Digit Code Now)
Goemon Ishikawa		-- SH4
Masamune Date		-- SH5
Nohime			-- WU3
Kunoichi		-- WU4
Keiji Maeda		-- WU6

2SW2			    The SECOND Samurai Warriors
Secondary Samurai
Hideyoshi Toyotomi	-- Starting SW General
Kanetsugu Naoe		-- SW Story Stage 7
Yoshihiro Shimazu	-- Starting Shu General
Ginchiyo Tachibana	-- Shu Story Stage 1
Ieyasu Tokugawa		-- Starting Wu General
Sakon Shima		-- Wu Story Stage 3
Inahime			-- Wu Story Stage 5
Mitsunari Ishida	-- Wei Story Stage 2
Nagamasa Azai		-- Wei Story Stage 6

XTra level SW2 Heroes: Input Code (Ctrl + f >> Input 3-Digit Code Now)
Musashi Miyamoto	-- SH6
Kotaro Fuma		-- WU2
Nene			-- WE3
Yoshimoto Imagawa	-- WE4
Tadakatsu Honda		-- **2

			      The Unaligned Warriors
Story Earned Heroes
Meng Huo	-- Shu Story Stage 4
Zhu Rong	-- Shu Story Stage 4
Yuan Shao	-- Shu Story Stage 5
Zhang Jiao	-- SW Story Stage 3

XTra level + Universal Heroes: Input Code (Ctrl + f >> Input 3-Digit Code Now)
Dong Zhuo	-- SW4
Diao Chan	-- WE5
Lu Bu		-- **1
Zuo Ci		-- **3
Da Ji		-- **4
Orochi		-- **5

                              3 - Characters: Story (STO3)           /
Now we're get into the real core of the FAQ! Please, carry on! Don't forget to
click up top that I helped!

3SHU			   The Grieving Kingdom of SHU
Starting Characters:
	Zhao Yun
	Xing Cai
	Yoshihiro Shimazu

Stage 1:
	Ginchiyo Tachibana

Stage 2:
	Magoichi Saika
	Yue Ying

Stage 3:
	Yukimura Sanada
	Wei Yan

Stage 4:
	Meng Huo
	Zhu Rong

Stage 5:
	Yuan Shao

Stage 6:

Stage 7:
	Zhuge Liang
	Guan Yu
	Zhang Fei

Stage 8:
	Liu Bei

3SWU			   The Desolated Kingdom of WU
Starting Characters:
	Sun Ce
	Ieyasu Tokugawa
	Hanzo Hattori	

Stage 1:
	Zhou Yu
	Ranmaru Mori

Stage 2:
	Taishi Ci

Stage 3:
	Sakon Shima
	Lu Meng

Stage 4:

Stage 5:
	Sun Shang Xiang

Stage 6:
	Zhou Tai	

Stage 7:
	Sun Jian
	Sun Quan

Stage 8:

3WEI			  The Traitorious Kingdom of WEI
Starting Characters:
	Cao Pi
	Xu Huang
	Zhang Liao	

Stage 1:
	Xu Zhu	

Stage 2:
	Mitsunari Ishida

Stage 3:

Stage 4:
	Xiahou Dun
	Xiahou Yuan
	Pang Tong

Stage 5:
	Huang Gai

Stage 6:
	Gan Ning	
	Nagamasa Azai

Stage 7:
	Dian Wei
	Cao Cao	

Stage 8:

3SAM			  The Glorious War of the Samurai
Starting Characters:
	Nobunaga Oda
	Mitsuhide Akechi
	Hideyoshi Toyotomi

Stage 1:
	Huang Zhong
	Guan Ping

Stage 2:

Stage 3:
	Zhang Jiao
	Xiao Qiao

Stage 4:

Stage 5:
	Ling Tong

Stage 6:

Stage 7:
	Kanetsugu Naoe
	Shingen Takeda
	Kenshin Uesugi

Stage 8:

                              4 - Characters: X-Level (XTR4)         /
This is going to be the most in-depth part of my FAQ. This is going to contain
the "how to" + general tips on "how to" obtain every one of the 25 X-locked
characters in the game. It will go in this order; Shu, Wu, Wei, Samurai,
Universal. If you want to jump to a section just input the first two letters of
the team + ! so Samurai would become (SA !) & Universal (UN !) etc. << Take out
the spaces though!!!

Shu XTra Levels (SH!):/
Chapter 2-X: Ambush at Nan Zhong -- Jiang Wei (SH2)

OBJECTIVE: Make sure Jiang Wei's ambush plan succeeds

TIPS: To perform this run to the west, to the generals Naoyasa Akaza and
Tamehiro Hiratsuka. Run very close to them but don't attack, then make your
way back to the start point BUT don't run off just run a little bit then stop
WHILE using the Right-Analog stick to point behind you making sure your being
chased (it also flashes on the map where u have to get to). When you have
succeeded Akaza will say "Where did they get to?".

Now perform the same down the west side luring them back and Niu Jin will say
"Damn! They can't have got far...". This will mean you have succeeded and can
now finish the level.

NOTE: I can be awkward to have them chasing you while your on a horse as it
slides when it stops and is harder to control the camera, try it on foot if at
first you don't succeed ;).
Chapter 3-X: Battle of Shizugatake -- Pang De (SH3)

OBJECTIVE: Rescue all of the Hojo Armies Generals.

TIPS: Quite simply run to the East and defest all the generals around there if
you want names to make sure you have done it defeat (not in this stict order)
Minbu Satomi, Hidetsuna Sakanobe, Diamondback & Mitsunao Tateoka.

NOTE: You just need the message that Pang De is noting the Nobility of the
Hojo, even if one defects after this message it's no problem. (knghtman671)
Chapter 4-X: Escape from Chi Bi -- Goemon Ishikawa (SH4)

OBJECTIVE: Break all of Goemon's 10 treasure boxes.

TIPS: Box1 = At the start there are 2 paths take either path and it is where
they both meet again

Box2  = At the top + centre of the stage a fork appears in the road leading to
the west it is right where the fork starts.

Box3  = Follow the north path from Box2, it is below the north-west Guard Base.

Box4  = The uttermost north-west portion of the level.

Box5  = Follow the path south from Box4.

Box6  = Go back to Box2 it is along the south path, halfway down.

Box7  = All the way down the path from Box6 (It is in the middle of Sukeyasu
Innoshima & the western Guard Base).

Box8  = Going east from Box7 will lead to a fork in the road take the north
path and you will find Box8.

Box9  = If you carry on going east from Box8 (the very centre of the stage)
it is at the fork in the road.

Box10 = North of Box9 is a piece of road that leads into a dead-end the last
box is here.

Then go and defeat Goemon and he will be unlocked

Chapter 5-X: Battle of Jie Ting -- Masamune Date (SH5)

OBJECTIVE: Complete the optional missions given

TIPS: 1) Run down the west flank and defeat Zhang Wei and Kojuro Katakura.

2) Now run to the middle and defeat Zhang Xiu

3) They may of reached the middle by now but if they haven't, go and defeat
Tsunamoto Oniniwa and Cao Xing who were down the east flank

4)By this time Dong Xi and Sun Shang Xiang should of reached the middle of the
stage near Magoichi, defeat them and then wait for the message from Masamune
where he says something similiar to "Using himself as bate to attack on the
flanks..." this means your ploy was successful and you can now go, defeat
Masamune and unlock him :)

NOTE: Don't rush up the mountain too soon or Magoichi will say something
similiar to "Don't make it too obvious" and if you keep going he will say
something like "Ahh no theres nothing for it everyone charge" in which case you
failed your mission. So patience is a virtue unless your can't kill all the
generals ASAP then you don't have to worry about being to fast just watch out
for the "Using himself as bate to attack on the flanks..." message from
Chapter 6-X: Battle of Tetorigawa -- Musashi Miyamoto (SH6)

OBJECTIVE: Make sure all of Musashi's Swordsmen survive the level (All the
Yellow generals) AND Open the flood gates.

TIPS: Ignore the "Musashi's in Danger" messages, he's the MAN!, he wont die
easy unlike his friends. So here's a very thorough step by step that worked
PERFECT for me ((Zhu Rong died but she isn't important to the level))

1) Run to Muneyori Yagyu and kill Hidetsuna Sakenobe >> Go south and kill Minbu
Satomi >> Go east and kill Mitsuujie Ujiie >> Go north and kill; Ina, Yue Jin,
Ji Ling & Wang Shuang saving Tanaka and Kuroda

			DON'T KILL Mitsuyasu Shimura 

2) Run to Cao Xing and take him out >> NOW run south-west and kill Mi Fang and
then work your way toward Musashi taking out the Base Captain, Zhange He, the
Base Captain near Musashi and finally Mitsunao Tateoka ((Unless Musashi has
killed him for you by now))

			DON'T KILL Mitsuyasu Shimura

3) Now were escorting Musashi to the bottom right base, this involves killing
everything near Musashi so that he will keep running until you get to the base
and have to fight Lu Bu. Once Lu Bu is Defeated the gates will open and you
will get the message "I couldn't of done it without you guys!" from Musashi
signalling it is now time to go and kill Mitsunari

NOTE: Musashi's Swordsmen don't all have swords :P

Wu XTra Levels (WU!):/
Chapter 2-X: Battle of Chang Shan -- Kotaro Fuma (WU2)

OBJECTIVE: Guide all supply troops to your base and then defeat Kotaro.

TIPS: Make your way to the north-western supply base, defeat the captains and
generals you meet and guide the Captain all the way back (NP). Now make your
way to the eastern supply base this time ninjas will appear once you defeat the
general, kill the ninjas and then escort the captain back to your base. Finally
this guy is a real pain in the ***!

                        YOU MAY WANT TO INTERIM SAVE NOW

Make your way to the west base, kill the Huang Zhong and the captain appears as
usual HOWEVER Kotaro should of made his way to the base and you aren't allowed
to kill him until you have the final captain back at the base. The captain
wants to stay and fight every enemy there is including Kotaro which means you
have to lure Kotaro away.

Kotaro will follow you anywhere on the map which is a good thing so lure him up
to the first base you went to and then call a horse and run away from Kotaro
one of your generals probably followed too. They will fight each other now go
back and take the captain back to your base then run after Kotaro and kill him
only when you get the final message saying the captain has arrived at the base.

NOTE: The last sentence above was short... the captain took FOREVER to get back
for me so don't be thinking somethings wrong if he is running the COMPLETE
wrong way to fight someone... Don't hurt Kotaro too much or your general MAY
kill him even if your getting messages the said general is in trouble.
Chapter 3-X: Battle of Jian Ye Castle -- Nohime (WU3)

OBJECTIVE: Stop all of the messengers before they leave.


TIPS: Run to the bottom portion of the map -- it is a square house and around
this square house a messenger will spawn at the south-east, north-east and
south-west. Stand at the north of this house and just kill all the messengers
as they appear as well as the generals BUT don't go looking for generals just
stay where you are waiting for the constant messages to stop and then spawn
more messengers until Zhen Ji and Masamune Date appear.

These 2 will come to you defeat them and then moce to defeat Dong Zhuo this
should end the level and unlock Nohime.

NOTE: I only got the message "A few messengers are left" I defeated Zhen Ji and
Masamune, none appeared for about a minute I then defeated Dong Zhuo and she
was unlocked. I would actually say the objective is not to kill all the
messengers but stop any from leaving.
Chapter 4-X: Battle of Wan Castle -- Kunoichi (WU4)

OBJECTIVE: Escort all the people safely out of the stage.

TIPS: You don't need any tips! This level is so simple just kill the generals
and the people that need to escape will do. It's also so small you turn around
a corner and there will be the next general you wont to main ^_^ -- enjoy.

Chapter 5-X: Battle of Anegawa -- Da Qiao (WU5)

OBJECTIVE: Meet up with Da Qiao before the enemy does.

TIPS: You want a tip? Meet up with Da Qiao before the enemy does. This is that
simple, run to Da Qiao kill Zhang He run a but more and it's done when you get
this message "The Coalition has Succesfully Rescued Da Qiao".

Chapter 6-X: Battle of Osaka Bay -- Keiji Maeda (WU6)

OBJECTIVE: Make sure all of your ally's stay alive and reach Keiji's base in
20 minutes (before it shows 10:00 remaining).

TIPS: This is going to be a long one! Ok first kill the general in front of you
now stay around your base until you get told to bang the drums and do it so
that Zhu Zhi comes (don't worry your reinforcements get better). Ok now this
depends on how fast you are because you need speed here. If you don't have a
high level horse yet run to Lu Meng wait for him to get knocked off his horse
now kill the generals he is near then steal his horse.

You'll want to go and take as many guard bases you come across as possible!

Lu Meng should soon say something about how there must be reinforcements nearby
this means you can go and bang the drum again so do it. Keep running between
banging the drum, taking bases (and re-taking bases) and killing generals. The
killing generals is very important as you don't want anyone to die!

Keep doing all this until Hanzo pops up now you should be around the 10 minute
mark don't worry if your not it may just mean you were killing more generals
when I was killing bases or something and took longer to get back. Now just
wipe out all of Keiji's generals, ignore bases now, and run to anyone who needs
help. When everyone is at Keiji's castle the doors will open and you can go and
beat the big guy to unlock him.

NOTE: With my lvl 50 Musashi on normal I took down over half his life with my
Square, Triangle attack xD -- Viva Musashi!!!

Wei XTra Levels (WE!):/
Chapter 2-X: Invasion of Nan Zhong -- Zhang He (WE2)

OBJECTIVE: Get Cao Pi to meet with Zhang He

TIPS: From where Cao Pi is work your way up with him to the top left where
Zhang He is. Run off and take out the Guard Base there then go back and meet up
with Cao Pi. Work your way up to He with Pi then when Zhang He says he will
fight for Cao Pi to amuse himself go and finish the level.

NOTE: I did this on easy because I was also training abilities at this point
and I'm not sure whether you will need to run off and save anyone at any point.
Chapter 3-X: Conquest of Ji Province -- Nene (WE3)

OBJECTIVE: Defeat the 2 Nene clones within 4 minutes of their appearance.

TIPS: Ok you have to release Goemon so he can spot the spies when they die Nene
clones appear. HOWEVER Don't go for Goemon ASAP...

1) Go east and kill Katsunaga Mori and Yukinaga Konishi this will stop Zhang
Liao dieing and help protect Dong. Now go south and kill Hidenaga Hashiba and
Hideaki Kobayakawa now Dong Zhuo won't die (he didn't for me).

2) Now time to save Goemon, go kill the generals near him first off then free
him and follow him to the west base kill all the spies. Now make your way to
the north-west base then a Nene clone will appear, kill her. Now run to the
east base and take out that clone.

3) If your getting messages regarding the commander's safety go save him ASAP
don't think you can go rush Nene you have to go kill Kotaro and Hanzo to open
up the fort BUT before that they have like a 10 second dialogue THEN they
appear. So if the commanders safe take out said super ninja and then finish off

NOTE: Ok this one I completed on my 3rd(!) go on EASY(!) mode because Dong Zhuo
kept dieing, I was getting abilities at the same time so, stopping and killing
many generals and 100s of soldiers so I guess that's why I failed but ahh well.
Chapter 4-X: Battle of Saika -- Yoshimoto Imagawa (WE4)

OBJECTIVE: Prevent all the Lead Engineers from entering the village.

TIPS: There are 4 points the engineers attack at. The North gate, South Gate, 
East gate and West gate while waiting for the engineers kill the generals who
are at each gate.

1) Once you have cleared out the village of the 4 officers make your way out of
the north gate and wait for the first engineer. Then when he's dead make your
way out of the west gate killing the officer while waiting. Do the same again
for the south gate and then for the east gate. Use the start menu map if

2) Once you have defeated the fourth Lead Engineer ANOTHER will appear from the
north, then west, then south, then east again. However this time don't wait
around and kill generals just make your way directly to the next engineer.

3) Once this is done Zhang Liao should be getting hurt so go save him. Then
just finish off all the other generals when there gone beat Yoshimoto and he
joins you.

NOTE: No help here just want to say this... guy... scares... the **** OUT OF ME
Chapter 5-X: Battle of the Five Gates -- Diao Chan (WE5)

OBJECTIVE: Meet up with Diao Chan in under 6 minutes of the start of the level

TIPS: Very simple, run to the gate kill the general, rinse and repeat. You know
you have gotten her when she says something along the lines of "Oh, the
resistance is here to save me!?"

Chapter 6-X: Battle of Liang Province -- Zhen Ji (WE6)

OBJECTIVE: Defeat all 6 sorcerers and the fake Cao Pi.

TIPS: As soon as the level begins move to the south south-west fort (this one
is to the east of where you start about a 10 second run) defeat any generals on
the way. Then Kotaro Fuma will appear and after his speach where he talks about
pandemonium his sorcerers will appear. 

1) Kill the sorcerer who spawns in the base you should be in (1), then move to
the base with Mitsuujie Ujiie kill that sorcerer (2). Now to the base with
Shigemoto and Fusamoto Makabe kill that sorcerer (3). Now to the base with 
Yoshishige and Yoshinobu Satake kill that sorcerer (4). Now to the base with
Tao Qian and Fan Chou kill that sorcerer (5). Finally to the base with Li Meng,
Yoshiaki Mogami and Hidetsuna Sakenobe when that sorcerers dead take out the 3
generals and the base captain right near you.

2) When you've done that run to Zhen Ji and just escort her wherever she goes.
You'll have to kill plenty on normal guys so crowd-clearing skills are good
here. Then when your at the north-east base the fake Cao Pi appears, kill him
and THEN go and finish the level and Zhen Ji should be yours.

NOTE: Not sure on the fail time -- 10 minutes estimated. :S Sorry!

Samurai XTra Levels (SA!):/
Chapter 2-X: Battle of Kawanakajima -- Ma Chao (SW2)

OBJECTIVE: Make sure all peasents & Ma Chao survive.

TIPS: Stick to the peasents like glue then simply win the level.

NOTE: Ma Chao had no problems at all for me (normal mode).
Chapter 3-X: Battle of Xia Pi -- Lu Xun (SW3)

OBJECTIVE: Escort Lu Xun to your base.

TIPS: Simply run to Lu Xun kill all the generals near him then just stick with
him NP at all!

NOTE: Possibly the most simple person to get as he doesn't even stop to fight
with all the normal enemies which is nice ^_^.
Chapter 4-X: Battle of Si Shui Gate -- Dong Zhuo (SW4)

OBJECTIVE: Defeat the 3 supply troops before they reach Dong Zhuo.

TIPS: The 1st supply unit comes from the centre-north base. The 2nd supply
unit from the centre-west base. The 3rd comes from the centre-north base
HOWEVER it is being escorted by Lu Bu. You have succeded in getting Dong Zhuo
when he says "Thats it! I've had it with that snake he's not even give me the
gold he promised!".

NOTE: You have plenty of time to run around a kill generals while waiting for
the supply captains ALSO they are only on foot.
Chapter 5-X: Battle of Nagashino -- Cao Ren (SW5)

OBJECTIVE: Save all the Yellow Generals THEN go north and escort the Cavalry 
they send out from the far north-east (I think there's only one general). 

TIPS: Run straight to Kenshin & Shingen and defeat all generals there abouts 
making sure no Yellow generals die. Make sure you see the Kenshin and Shingen
successfully rescued message pop up within two minutes. THEN the alliance sends
their "Cavalry" 1 man at a time to the north north-west base from the very

The central north base can't be taken so it keeps making enemies, once the
second cavalry has gone through Cao Ren should start to charge. Ignore the next
cavalry to come through (this 3rd is for Guan Ping's Personal Item) just defeat
Cao Ren.

NOTE: The second one should be very fast as the cavalry stops to fight everyone
so from the first cavalry he makes you kill everyone and I only had around 20
or so guys (about 4-5 squads) for the second one.
Chapter 6-X: Showdown at Odawara Castle -- Sima Yi (SW6)

OBJECTIVE: Beat Yellowbelly and Urutu ASAP so that you receive the message from
them that their plan failed

TIPS: ASAP!!! Run to the centre of the level as these two run in opposite
directions(!) so obviously anything that helps running speed increase will be
very useful, e.g. A Great horse fighter who doesn't need to dismount.

NOTE: If your at least at Zhang Ren when they start running away and you chase
after one of them you should have at least 20 seconds on that one before you
even have to jump back on your horse (thats 20 seconds + travelling time) so
it's not that harsh if your not playing on Chaos ^_^

                              5 - Characters: Universal (UNI5)       /
In this section I will list the 5 characters that you don't unlock through
completing a level but by performing something that requires you to do multiple
levels. HOWEVER This section does tell you how to get; Lu Bu, Tadakatsu Honda,
Zuo Ci, Da Ji and Orochi himself! Shall we begin...

Lu Bu -- "Among men Lu Bu..." **1
To unlock Dynasty Warriors most ferocious warrior you have to defeat him on
each of the 4 8-X levels.

Put this code in now to go to the section that tells you how to unlock all
those levels -- (LEV6)

Tadakatsu Honda -- "Samurai among Samurai" **2
To unlock Samurai Warriors DISPUTED most powerful warrior you need to impress
him on each of the 4 7-X levels. This isn't straight forward so I will now list
how to impress him on each of the levels.

Shu level 7-X / Kill Lu Bu within two minutes of his arrival and all the
-------------/  peasants must escape. Kill TOPPPP first and then kill BOTTOM
2nd. After this clear out the troops until there are practically none left. Now
make your way to the east and defeat the two generals who show up and the Base
Captain near here. Then finish off the peons, now make your way to the south.

Lu Bu should make his grandeose appearance, get rid of him ASAP wipe out the
big chunks of enemies, steal Red Hare (unless you already have it) and make
your way to Yukimura and see if you can kill all the generals there before the
peasents escape :P -- Hey who said a bit of fun was ever a bad thing :P

Wu level 7-X  / When Tadakatsu appears for the second time you must defeat him
-------------/  within 2 minutes and he re-appears at the north-east fort. I
was still where he starts off I ran to him got hit around a bit and killed him
in 1:03 so make your way there or if your horse is fast take out some peons.

Wei level 7-X / You have to run to the southern fort and save the Honda family
-------------/  members by killing Yuan Shu and Kojuro Katakura. Tadakatsu will
roar Lu Bu will appear and call everyone weaklings then go and kill the
overbloated sack of erm... I 'unno :S -- just beat him :P and Tadakatsu will be
very impressed ^_^.

SW level 7-X  / Escort the messenger to the north-east fort, kill Lu Bu and all
-------------/  allied generals must survive. Very easy to do this one just a
bit of waiting involved. Down the middle of the screen are groups of 2 generals
take out the south group then the centre group and then the north group run to
the messenger and stick with him.

Kill any generals and Guard Bases you come across and make sure your in the
north-east fort before him just incase Lu Bu somehow gets to him and 1 hits
him! Take out Lu Bu now and wait for the messenger to leave now run around the
level killing all generals left except Masamune. When your reinforcement appear
finish off Masamune and if you did it in this order Tadakatsu may be yours now
so congratulations!


If your anything like me you may have just gotten Orochi and Da Ji too! ^_^

Woo Warriors Orochi: Everyone Unlocked as of 00:25 -- 27/09/07

Zuo Ci -- "The Taoist of the Concealing mind" **3
To unlock Zuo Ci you must complete all of the 4 stories from level 1 to 8 not
the XTra levels.

Da Ji -- "The killer of the Shang Dynasty" **4
To unlock Da Ji you must have won each and every level in the game including
the XTra levels.

Orochi -- "The Big Snake of Eight Branches" **5
To unlock the snake reaper himself you must unlock every other character in the

                              6 - Level 8-X (LEV6)                   /
Here I will tell you how to unlcok the 8-X levels because I have seen many
people asking how and also it isn't as straight forward as winning a level. All
of these levels are the 7th normal level of the story mode for each respective

Samurai 8-X / Battle of Bai Di Castle
To unlock this you must get 1,000 kills on the level and Keiji is your
favourite enemy here. To do this ignore Orochi's two generals that are infront
of you so that they will hold-up your general because if he runs out he starts
fighting Keiji and we don't want that! First off run to the west side and kill
the 4 generals there, MORE IMPORTANTLY all the peons!

When Keiji appears DON'T kill him, now run over and take out the 2 Orochi
generals you didn't kill first off. Now run into the middle base killing all
the peons on the way. This place has a Guard Base BUT the Base Captain is Keiji
Maeda and (Masamune Date when he appears). Each one of these has about 20 guys
that respawn from this centre base. That means your going to keep waiting
around here for them to respawn (they do fast) if there aren't any go and kill
all the peons around Keiji and watch the respawns (a fast horse is useful!).

I decided to leave when I had 650 kills started wiping out everyone at the
bottom of the level I didn't even kill everyone and when I finished the level I
had 1150+ kills so you don't have to stay at the centre base until you have 650

Shu 8-X / Battle of Mikatagahara
To unlock this make your way to the centre of the map ASAP and your aiming for
Mi Zhu. When he is dead the lower keep will open up make your way inside and go
and kill Ma Su, this will open the centre keep are. Run inside here and make
your way to Zhang Fei defeat him. Now go inside defeat Jiang Wan and Guan Yu.
Go up the last floor defeat the 3 who spawn here and then make your way

Now the place should set on fire. As you made your way here so fast there
should be no generals in the centre keep except for you. When you run outside
you should get the message "The Escape from the Main Keep has been successful"
when you've got this message finish the level and you'll unlock Shu 8-X.

Wei 8-X / Battle of He Fei Castle
Quite simple to unlock this one, defeat Da Ji within one minute of her
defecting. I was on top of Mt. Tenno just killed Zhuge, got to her and killed
her with 10 seconds to spare. So if you'd like you could just stand next to her
and wait... very eay either way.

Wu 8-X / Battle of Chi Bi
You must form an alliance with the Sun Jian army in under 3 minutes. This means
run across the bottom killing the generals to open the gates and then running
to Sun Jian NP really except for the insane amount of messages the game has to
go through before a damn gate opens!

                              7 - Acknowledgements (ACK7)            /
People Who Need Acknowledging
BlackKite - This is the amazing guy who posted all the information on GameFAQs
and who I took how to get characters from. Sadly I tried to send him an e-mail
(twice) but I got notification failure from hotmail :S -- I hope this
acknowledgement is enough, if anyone can help me out on this part please say as
this wouldn't of been made without BK -- Thanks :)!!!

Con - My lil 9 year old genius of a bro who unlocked everyone from the
Samurai-X levels.

Haz - My lil 7 year old dude of a brother for being very patient when I was
flitting between bossing them about and writing stuff down in this guide.
P.S. Check this vid out of him! -- (
It's ace!

Me - For making you this guide :). WELL To tell the truth I make a guide that
I could really do with either RIGHT NOW or know I will need in the future when
I restart a game. BUT I did put it all neat and linkable in here for you guys
;). I also did plenty of testing too! Hope you enjoyed!

BlackKite - Read Above!!
Awchong - Had at least 1 "How to Unlock" I must of borrowed from the "Cheats
and Secrets" section.
knghtman671 - Help on Hojo defection for unlocking Pang De.
opfer_gv - He's a really helpful guy on the WO Forums!
xXTactXx - Gave me quite a bit of help for quite a few people -- Cheers :D!
Matt Bianco - Pointed out Magoichi mistake cheers ^_^
Alex Vizena - Gave me proof Nohime can't be unlocked with Nobunaga

                              8 - Contact Details (CON8)             /
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I would appreciate any help you can give me toward this FAQ please just drop me
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                              9 - Version History (VER9)             /
Version 0.90: 22/09/07 - It is here and created in ONE night because there
wasn't one when I really needed it and I guessed other people would too -- The
info is in the cheats and secrets section of GameFAQs but this has multiple
area's, is more concise, easier to search and describes better how to get XTra
level heroes. Expect an update tomorrow where I will of done some game testing
of the current posted methods I haven't completed yet myself.

Version 0.93: 23/09/07 - After I hastily created one just to get out, here is
the new and improved version. All of the Shu and Samurai XTra levels have full
mini-guides on how to complete them while I work on completing the other story
modes and try to get 1000ko's(!) for Tadakatsu ;_;.

Version 0.96: 24/09/07 - Completed the Wei character unlocking section. Also
corrected the two "your" to "you're"... :P

Version 1.00: 25/09/07 - All the 4 forces are completed :D (Which means I have
everyone from them forces *silent YAY!*). Now probably by tomorrow I will have
completed unlocking everyone so stick around for your in-depth guide to
unlocking Tadakatsu and Lu Bu and then you can make your own team of Lu Bu,
Keiji Maeda and Tadakatsu Honda ^_^!!!

Version 1.90: 26/09/07 - Practically added a whole extra idea to the FAQ, how
to unlock the levels and seeing as I have completed that section and it isn't
character unlocking I think it deserves an extra ".90" addition ^_^ also with
the new section, 10 has become LEG0 how awesome :P...

Version 2.00: 27/09/07 - Everyone is unlocked and everyone I can give
instructions on unlocking is! Enjoy this guide to your hearts content now I'm
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Version 2.10: 30/09/07 - Added some contributor information among a few other
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                              10 - Legal Stuff (LEG0)		     /
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