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Warriors Orochi - Hattori Hanzo FAQ
By Mik Luna (A p o c a l y p s e) - mik(dot)luna(at)gmail(dot)com
Version 1.0

Table of Contents

I.	Introduction and Revision History
II.	General Info on Hattori Hanzo
	A. Unlocking
	B. Weapons
	C. Personal Item
III.	Character Overview
	A. General Overview
		a. Hanzo's Pros
		b. Hanzo's Cons
	B. Specific Overview
		a. Moveset Analysis
			1. Normal Attacks
			2. Charge Attacks
			3. R1 Attacks
			4. Mounted Attacks
			5. Musou Attacks
		b. Recommended Weapon Setup
		c. Recommended Ability Setup
		d. Team Synergy Analysis (who do I team with Hanzo?)
IV.	Surviving Chaos Mode
	A. Playstyle Recommendations
	B. Tips and Tricks
V.	Credits
VI.	Closing Words and Legalia

I. Introduction and Revision History


       Hattori Hanzo, where to begin? While not as highly regarded as high tier
       characters like Diao Chan and Guan Ping, and possessing no "win buttons"
       like Diao Chan's C1 or Mitsunari Ishida's L+R1, Hanzo is good in his own
       right. The loyal Tokugawa retainer grew on me after I got tired of play-
       ing perennial powerhouses like Lu Bu and Tadakatsu Honda, as well as the
       seasoned polearm users like Zhao Yun and Ma Chao. 

       In a dimension arguably dominated by spear and polearm users, where does
       Hanzo fit in? Well, Warriors Orochi's system allows Hanzo to be a power-
       house in his own right. Weapon fusions and attribute placement, team ab-
       ilities, character buffs that carry over to teammates, and the like gra-
       nt a degree of flexibility that allows any character to be playable. Be-
       ing an innately good character, Hanzo becomes beastly when tricked out 

       This FAQ is written revolving around Chaos mode. Any character can plod
       through the first two modes easily, and Hard with a little bit of think-
       ing and effort. Chaos is what "separates the men from the boys" and most
       tierings are based on Chaos. With that, let's begin.

Revision History

	Version 1.0 (01/02/08) - The first version of this FAQ. Woohoo!

II. General Info on Hattori Hanzo

A. Unlocking

       Hattori Hanzo is initially available as a Wu general. He is a Technique
       general, and he gets an R1 counter-attack as well as a special charge

B. Weapons

       Hanzo's tool of the trade is a sickle attached to a chain, and has four

	Scythe - Attack Power 9

	Flash Cutter - Attack Power 18

	Shadow Fang - Attack Power 37

	Chained Dragon - Attack Power 74

       As with all other characters, you can get Hanzo's fourth weapon by
       completing 3-star difficulty stages or higher in Hard mode, or any
       stage in Chaos mode.

C. Personal Item

       The Scroll of Iga Ninjitsu - Wu Story Six - The Battle of He Fei

	1. Lure Keiji Maeda, Zhen Ji, Cao Zhang, and Hiroie Kikkawa into the
	castle, and defeat them.

	2. Defeat Cao Ren and all surrounding officers.

	3. Defeat the two Defense Captains on the bridge.

	4. Defeat all the generals on the East side of the map except Zhou

	5. After the bridge collapses, defeat Zhou Tai.

	6. Defeat 300 enemies.

       After completing all the requirements, the PI message should appear 
       and the item should pop up on the right side of the map.

III. Character Overview

A. General Overview

a. Hanzo's Pros

       1. Hanzo is a Technique character, meaning he gets an R1 counter-attack
       in response to damage as well as an enhanced charge attack, in his case
       his C3. The counter is vital for Chaos mode, where you take damage like
       a pansy (even at level 99 with Fortitude 20) and with one hit usually 
       leading to another, you die in seconds. While you can't really do anyt-
       hing about being juggled, you're relatively safe on the ground as long
       as you have Musou gauge.

       2. His enhanced C3 is an instant multi made even better. It effectively
       doubles damage output.

       3. His counter is probably the best in the game. First off, elements
       stack off of it, so be prepared to see a one hit KO (OHKO) counter every
       now and then. Second, it's easy to connect with, so it can actually be
       used pseudo-offensively. Bonus! (not recommended though, haha)

       4. He is the fastest runner in the game. I find that you can ditch Impu-
       lse and Cavalier on non-pressure maps because of this. With Impulse on,
       Hanzo outruns Matsukaze and Red Hare. Booyah.

       5. His C4 as well as its EX version are really good. Elements are trigg-
       ered off of them pretty easily and they are good for decimating crowds 
       and generals alike.

b. Hanzo's Cons

       1. He doesn't have the reach afforded by a spear or polearm. If you get
       surrounded (which you shouldn't if you're playing smartly), there isn't
       really any way for him to initiate quick crowd control outside of his
       counter. Of course, his crowd control isn't as good as say, Lu Bu, but
       C4 at least gives him a bit of crowd management. Still, simply put, he 
       isn't a natural when it comes to dealing with crowds.

       2. Hanzo isn't a wonder either when it comes to dueling. His C4 can
       deal with generals, yes, but it can become tough to bust it out against
       a general with a Defense buff. Chances are, he'll get the hit first, and
       connect with another hit, and another, and before you know it you're
       dead. Remember, we're looking at Chaos mode here, not Easy.

       3. He can take a while to build up. From the start, without a high level
       of Acclaim and a relatively weak weapon set, it will take time before 
       Hanzo grows into his own and becomes a wrecking machine.


B. Specific Overview

a. Moveset Analysis

1. Normal Attacks

S		-	A diagonal slash, lower right to upper left.
SS		-	A diagonal slash, lower left to upper right.
SSS		-	Another diagonal slash, upper right to lower left.
SSSS		-	Spins after his SSS and delivers a horizontal slash.
SSSSS		-	Another horizontal slash, looks like he's skating.
SSSSSS		-	Another horizontal slash to follow up SSSSS.
SSSSSSS		-	Yet another slash in the skating sequence.
SSSSSSSS	-	Wraps up the skating sequence with a final horizontal
			attack and ends up with his back turned.
X+S		-	Tosses three shurikens downward.

All in all, his normal moveset comes out pretty fast but is very, very linear.
Not really good for crowds and once you get a respectable weapon setup, you'll
be turning to C4 for damage output anyway.

2. Charge Attacks

T(T)		-	Throws a bomb directly in front of him. Pressing T a
			second time delays the throw and halves the distance in
			which he throws the bomb. All in all, not good at all
			even as an EX charge.
ST(T)		-	Roundhouse kick into a Bicycle kick, then follows up
			with an axe kick in the air. Can be followed up with a
			jumping charge afterwards. Pretty good, comes out fast
			and it looks cool to boot. Good for duels.
SST(T)		-	Quickly throws down a bomb, and jumps back. Pressing T
			a second time lets him spin his chain and sickle in 
			front of him and release a Vorpal/Slay element wave
			afterwards. Very linear. Good for duels and minimal 
			crowd control. Triggers elements well.
SSST(T)		-	Spins his chain and sickle above his head. Pressing T a
			second time prolongs the spinning motion. The move ends
			with a quick, wide slash before Hanzo retracts his
			weapon. It is his best charge move, as mentioned. Good
			for wide crowd control, good for duels if setup early
			and triggers elements like a hoot.
X+T		-	Slams his fist into the ground, knocking down everyone
			around him and then performs a backflip afterward. 
			Standard crowd clearing jump charge, made worse by the
			backflip that consumes time and prevents you from capi-
			talizing on the knockdown.

3. R1 Attacks

All of Hanzo's R1 attacks with the exception of C3 are enhanced versions of his
Charge attacks. The T(T) bomb becomes less crappy, and the SSST(T) chain spin
becomes much, much more powerful.

C3-EX/SSR1	-	Hanzo dives forward and performs a somersault slash
			psycho crusher, and produces a doppelganger of himself.
			This move effectively doubles his hit and damage output,
			and who doesn't like that!? Makes Multi (which isn't
			very good on him anyway) obsolete.
R1 counter	-	Hanzo performs his X+S upon taking damage, homing in on
			his target and tossing three shurikens at him or her. 
			The homing aspect of this move puts it above the rest, 
			and the fact that the shuriken can hit multiple targets
			and trigger elements makes it absolutely deadly.

4. Mounted Attacks

Hanzo mounted strikes me as kinda blah. Leave the mounted combat to Ma Chao and
battle on foot.

S		-	An upward slash with his sickle.
SS		-	A downward slash to follow S.
SSS		-	An upward slash yet again.
SSSS		-	A rapid sequence of slashes.
ST		-	An upward charged strike to follow the previous slash.
SST		-	Hanzo tosses a bomb at the ground for splash damage.
SSST		-	Hanzo swings his chain and sickle around in a move
			reminiscent of his C4.

5. Musou Attacks

Musou attacks in this game are generally outshined by charge and EX moves and
Hanzo's attacks are no exception. They look cool though.

Musou/O		-	Hanzo releases a series of Vorpal/Slay element waves
			(number of waves depends on the length of your Musou
			gauge) and ends by releasing a 360 degree shockwave
			after a short flip.

True Musou/	-	Pretty much the same as his Musou, except he goes into
O with red life		a short "skating" sequence before releasing the wave.

b. Recommended Weapon Setup

There are really only two abilities set in stone for weapons - Slay and Flash.
These two weapons along with a level 99 Hanzo can take out generals and peons
with a charge move or two. However, given the dangerous nature of Chaos mode,
you want to connect with OHKOs on generals, especially buffed/enraged generals
as much as possible. Here is the setup that I find most useful for general
runthroughs on Chaos.

	1. Slay - Need I really say more? 1-shot kills and instant 50% damage
	to generals is too good to pass up unless you have masochistic urges or

	2. Flash - Ditto, bypassing enemy blocks is too good.

	3. Brave - You need as much of a damage boost as possible for those 
	OHKOs on generals. Brave gives you that boost.

	4. Might - Increases general damage output, definitely a good thing.

	5. Bolt - For general crowd control purposes and hit count rate. Good
	against crowds especially when combined with Adrenaline 20.

	6. Air - C4 + Brave + Slay + Air = Good game, peace out, Lu Bu.

	7. Agility - His C4 _needs_ the boost from Agility, which makes normal-
	ly unsafe charges safe to pull out.

	8. Absorb - Counters and EX moves use Musou, and you'll be doing them
	pretty often. Absorb solves your Musou problems and lets you counter
	all day.

c. Recommended Ability Setup

For Chaos, I believe that the following abilities are staples; don't leave home
without them unless you can play through a stage with zero errors, or are just
plain looking for trouble/punishment/pain.

	1. Potence - You don't want to be doing fly hits against enemies that
	can kill you in a few hits. Get that damage boost.

	2. Fortitude - Even with the defense boost given by Fortitude 20 and
	the natural defense of a level 99 character, peons still bring pain.
	The more hits you can take, the better.

	3. Vitality - See above, replace 'defense' with the word 'life'.

	4. Boost - Charge and EX moves will be the bread and butter of your
	offense, and the damage boost brought by erm, Boost is vital to going
	through a Chaos stage.
The following are optional, but still good to have. Combinations of these work
well with the staple skills listed above.

	1. Technique - As already stated, a damage boost for Chaos is always

	2. Impulse - The speed boost is good for running away if you find your-
	self in a bind. With Impulse 20, Hanzo puts Red Hare and Matsukaze to

	3. Focus - More Musou for Hanzo is good, as more counters and EX moves
	are good.

	4. Adrenaline - Since Hanzo can rack up hits easily, he can gain back a
	good amount of life with this skill.

	5. Conserve - Less Musou used is always good, because it translates to
	more counters and EX moves.

The following are just as good as the skills above, but not useful at all if
you're going on a Solo (i.e. no switching) run.

	1. Recuperate - The Musou gain from Recuperate 10 is very good, but if
	you can't bench Hanzo, what's the use?

	2. Refill - See above, replace 'Musou' with 'Life' or 'Health'.

The following are to be used only if you're farming for experience and growth
points, or weapons and abilities:

	1. Acclaim - For the experience and growth points.

	2. Karma - For the drops and weapons. Good if you rely on buns, wine
	and buffs to go through stages.

In the end, I choose to go and have gone through various stages in Chaos with:

Solo - Potence, Fortitude, Vitality, Boost, Conserve, Technique, Adrenaline
Team - Potence, Fortitude, Vitality, Boost, Conserve, Recuperate, Adrenaline

d. Team Synergy Analysis

Knowing that Hanzo is more of a jack-of-all-trades rather than a real master
at any field sans speed, two options come to mind when it comes to who to team
with the Iga ninja master. This is not to say of course that Hanzo is a bad ch-

1. Someone who is a master at either dueling or crowd control and/or has a win
button. Given that this game has 78 other characters to choose from, I'll name
just a few. The rest can be found out through experience or by visiting sources
like message boards.

	a. Diao Chan (TEC) - Win button in the form of C1 that comes out really
	fast and triggers elements like no one's business. Control AND dueling

	b. Guan Ping (PWR) - C4 of 3 Ds. (doom, death and destruction) Crowd
	control goodness.

	c. Miyamoto Musashi (TEC) - Ditto with C4, but a better duelist than
	Guan Ping.

	d. Lu Bu (PWR) - He's Lu Bu, he's unchanged (pretty much) from the past
	Dynasty Warriors games where he was one of the best. Can't anyone prov-
	ide him with a decent challenge!?

	e. Tadakatsu Honda (PWR) - Like Lu Bu, instead he is a man of peerless

	f. Xiahou Dun (SPD) - Can pretty much destroy anyone or anything with
	his ability to combo, making him a reliable fallback if Hanzo takes
	a lot of damage.

2. Someone who can augment Hanzo's abilities with team buffs. Attack speed and
power are the name of the game for this category, and there are two generals 
that I can name from the top of my head.

	a. Hideyoshi Toyotomi (TEC) - Attack speed buff + Hanzo's C4 = STEROIDS

	b. Cao Cao (SPD) - Attack power buff + Hideyoshi's speed buff + Hanzo's
	C4 = Good game, peace out, see you later.

Of course, this is all moot if you choose to Solo. In that case, pick someone
who you want to get level 4 weapons for or max in terms of weapon abilities.
Personally, I prefer to solo but when I go teaming, I either go with option 2
since the idea is to make Hanzo the star of the show, or people I have fun
playing as.

IV. Surviving Chaos Mode

A. Playstyle Recommendations

So you've finally gotten Hanzo to level 99, tricked out his Chained Dragon, and 
decided it was time to leave your comfort zone. Only to be shocked as a number
of peons and Urutu (Urutu!?) destroyed your life bar. What did you do wrong? Is
Chaos mode supposed to be that screwed up? Well yes it is. For some reason Koei
got lazy and decided that instead of evening out all other factors that affect
difficulty (enemy HP, item drops, time limit, general AI) they would make every
enemy deal insane amounts of damage regardless of your defense. Damn shame when
Urutu (Urutu..?) and Patchnose (Lol!) kill you, yes. Well, it may be the case
that all you need is a little playstyle adjustment.

	1. Be careful. Don't go rushing into mobs like you do most of the time 
	on lower difficulties or as you would when using Lu Bu or Honda or who-
	ever. You don't have ye olde Sky Scorcher, nor are the enemies pansies.
	Battle each mob methodically. Divide and conquer.

	2. Be alert and observant. Wow, a small group of peons and a general, I
	can take that! Yeah, you can, but did you see the clump of archers close
	to the mob? Or did you notice that the general is on anabolics and can
	take you out in a charge? Failing to notice these things is what gets
	newbies to Chaos the big GO. (Game Over) Keep an eye out for things like
	these before rushing into battle, and plan accordingly.

	3. Keep an eye out for archers. I cannot can't this enough. Archers are
	the bane of every player's existence. A trio to five can destroy you if
	you are not careful. Never deal with a mob while there are archers in
	range. Fall back as necessary, or deal with the archers first if possi-

	4. Learn to block. Kinda self-explanatory, but the ease of play brought
	about by the first three modes can make you complacent. Blocking is
	your friend.

	5. Learn to counterattack. As already mentioned, Hanzo's R1 counter not
	only prevents you from getting comboed and killed, it also acts as an
	offensive tool.

	6. Manage your Musou gauge. It's no fun coming up against an enemy gen-
	eral after you've burned out your gauge against generics. Know when to
	counter, when to burn an EX, and when to charge your Musou.

B. Tips and Tricks

Still getting destroyed by the likes of peons and demi-human serpents (demi-
serpent humans?)? Maybe a few of these could help you out.

	1. The Pre-emptive Charge - Some charge moves take a while to bust out.
	When facing a mob, there are times when you have the first move against
	them (which is 99% of the time if you're careful). Take this situation
	where X = You and O = the enemy:

	X	OOOO <- Urutu
	At this range, the enemy will run toward you. Once they start, whiff
	(attack even if your attack won't hit anything at all) your first three
	moves (SSS) and by the time you bust out your C4, they'll be in your 
	face, eating Slay, Bolt, Air and their own teeth. Pre-emptive charges
	are the foundation of mob management, in my opinion. This is a very
	rough diagram, but it should give you the idea of how it's done. With a
	bit of trial and error, you should be able to get it down pat.

	2. The Jump Cancel - In the event that you misjudge the enemies' dis-
	tance, you could cancel a jump with an attack to give yourself a bit of
	breathing room. Jump, and then quickly tap S or T so you execute a move
	a quarter or a third into your jump. Run away or charge accordingly.

	3. Divide and Conquer - When faced with a huge mob, stand at a particu-
	lar distance and only a part of the mob will run at you. Best used in 
	tandem with the Pre-emptive Charge.

Hopefully you'll get to use all of these in combination with one another and in
the end be able to run through Chaos. Don't start out by picking a 5-star stage
(i.e. the 8/8-X stages where you have to fight an angry Lu Bu and Orochi) and
setting it to Chaos. Give yourself time to get used to the high-risk settings
by picking a 1 or 2-star stage and putting it on Chaos. Eventually, you'll get
the hang of it and even let it become the norm for you.

V. Credits

Like every task, this wouldn't have been possible without the intervention of a
number of outside parties.

Koei and Omega Force - Without whom Warriors Orochi would have been released.

CJayC - For hosting and maintaining GameFAQs, and posting this.
More power to you!

The GameFAQs Warriors Orochi Message Board - Where I've been lurking for a few
weeks now. I've gotten a wealth of information from here other than FAQs, espe-
cially from posters like Rydain, Tomitain, MGunzC , Maxim Shadow and other 

Rampidzier, KWMrHonda and opfer_gv - The first two for their FAQs on Personal
Items to which I refered to complete the section on Hanzo's PI, and the latter
for his FAQ on Weapon Elements.

God - Of course, for without Him nothing is possible.

You - For taking the time to read this.

VI. Final Words and Legalia

Final Words

Well, this is pretty much the end of the FAQ. I'll be working on a Sanada Yuki-
mura FAQ next and hopefully, a Tokugawa Ieyasu FAQ after that. Thanks for read-
ing, and good luck tackling Chaos if you haven't already. For any critique or
further questions, send me an e-mail at mik(dot)luna(at)gmail(dot)com. Please
use the subject "RE: HANZO FAQ" or any relevant subject for your e-mail. I will
address questions regarding subject matter not found in the FAQ. Criticism is
very much welcome. 


This FAQ is copyrighted 2008 to me, Mik Luna. <mik(dot)luna(at)gmail(dot)com>
While I'm not particular toward which sites this FAQ is posted on, please don't
take credit where it isn't due and definitely don't rake in any profits from my
work unless you plan on giving me my fair share. (My asking price is 90% of the
profits in case you're wondering </sarcasm>)

Mik Luna, 01/02/2008