Xiahou Dun by Falconer

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-= Falconer's Xiahou Dun for Warriors Orochi FAQ: Version 1.2 =-

-= Index =-

Zero)  Getting Started
       1.)  Trademarks
       2.)  Legal Crap
       3.)  What is Warriors Orochi?
       4.)  Who is Xiahou Dun?

  I.)  Unlocking Xiahou Dun
       1.)  Stage
       2.)  Requirements
       3.)  Recommended Method

 II.)  Using Xiahou Dun
       1.)  Move Set
            i.)  Standard
           ii.)  Charge
          iii.)  Special
           iv.)  Horse
       2.)  Combos
            i.)  Standard
           ii.)  Advanced
       3.)  Advised Weapon Outfitting
            i.)  Why Certain Traits Are Missing
           ii.)  Why Certain Traits AREN'T Missing
       4.)  Advised Attributes/Abilities

III.)  Battle Advice
       1.)  Move Set Analysis (a.k.a., C1 and You)
       2.)  General Procedure
       3.)  Difficulty and You
       4.)  Advised Teammates

 IV.)  Unlocking Xiahou Dun's Potential
       1.)  Acquiring His Personal Item
            i.)  Stage
           ii.)  Requirements
          iii.)  Recommended Method
           iv.)  Where to Find It
       2.)  Acquiring His Abilities
            i.)  Vitality
           ii.)  Adrenalin
          iii.)  Technique
           iv.)  Potence

  V.)  Miscellaneous
       1.)  Quotes and Dialog
            i.) Basic Quotes
           ii.) Specialized Quotes
       2.)  History
       3.)  Thanks and Mentions
       4.)  Intended Additions for Version 1.3

-= Getting Started =-

1.) Trademarks

Warriors Orochi is a game of KOEI's making, and most likely also a trademark
of theirs.

2.) Legal Crap

This FAQ is Copyright (C) Scott Faulkner/Falconer (sfaulk@earthlink.net).
It may be posted only on the following site:

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Now what?
A:  Tell me ASAP at sfaulk@earthlink.net.  There's a chance that the site in
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to reflect that.  You can send me an e-mail anyhow, just to make sure.

Q:  If I receive permission to host this FAQ, how may I post it to my site?
A:  Preferably in its original plain text form.  Changes can be made, within
reason (i.e., if it gets to the point where it's hard to read, you've done
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(Note:  This FAQ should _NEVER_ appear on megagames.com, gamesdomain.com,
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off FAQs from what I've heard.)

Q:  Where can I check for the latest version?
A:  The sites noted above should be the only ones with my FAQ, and thus the
only ones that will get updated versions.

Q:  So, can I host your FAQ?
A:  Send an e-mail.  I'll e-mail you back with an OK notice unless for some
reason I feel that it'd be inappropriate or nonsensical (e.g., I'd be a
touch confused if someone who has a fan site aimed towards first-person
shooter games asks me for permission to host my Xiahou Dun FAQ on said

Q:  Can I use this FAQ for any profitable means?
A:  No.  If it vaguely resembles profit or a reward, even only one penny,
no.  Even if for some reason you want to send any or all profits from such
actions to me.  This includes magazines/publishers of any kind.

Q:  Can I use any info found in this FAQ to start my own?
A:  Within reason.  You can't completely copy my FAQ or change one or two
things and then call it your own.  If you wish to use a part of my FAQ,
e-mail me and ask for permission.  I will expect to be credited for any
information you use in your FAQ.  I do as much for those I draw any info
or inspiration from, so I expect the same treatment from anyone who thinks
any of my information is worth using.

SPAM: I do not like Unsolicited Commercial E-Mail (UCE).  If you send me
any UCE, I will ignore it.  If you decide to press the issue, I'll continue
to ignore it.

(That last one wasn't a Q and A; I just don't much care for spam.)

3.) What is Warriors Orochi?

Warriors Orochi (abbreviated as WO) is KOEI's latest offering in the genre
of 3D beat-em-up, combining characters from the Dynasty Warriors series with
those of the Samurai Warriors series.  WO could be seen as a mixture of the
best of both game series just as easily as it could be seen as a clustered
mess of features that doesn't work together as well as they could.  I happen
to be closer to the former sentiment; I like the added features to the DW
cast at the very least.

4.) Who is Xiahou Dun?

Xiahou Dun is a part of the Wei army in the DW games, serving as one of Cao
Cao's first top generals alongside others like his brother (cousin?) Xiahou
Yuan and Zhang Liao.  Known best as the guy who got shot by an arrow that
went into his eye, resulting in Dun eating said eye and retaliating by
putting a spear through the face of the man who shot him.  Personally
known for having a victory message that reminds me of the Human Suplex
Machine (Taz).

I've considered Dun my favorite Wei character from the first time I played
as him back in Dynasty Warriors 3.  Others like Zhen Ji, Xu Huang, Cao Ren
and Zhang Liao are other favorites of mine, but ol' One Eye remains at the
top of the list.  His expanded move set has improved my view of him; he's
the character I like using the most out of every other character in WO,
ahead of ones like Cao Ren, Kanetsugu Naoe, Zhang Liao and Sun Shang Xiang.

-= Unlocking Xiahou Dun =-

Xiahou Dun will automatically join the Wei army after you defeat him and
Xiahou Yuan twice, along with Pang Tong once, during Wei stage 4.

-= Using Xiahou Dun =-

1.)  Move Set

Some of these moves won't be available when you first gain access to Xiahou
Dun.  You'll need to get his proficiency rating up in order to remedy that
situation.  Another note is that the button listings here assume that you're
playing the PS2 version of Warriors Orochi.  Square (S) is your normal
attack button, Triangle (T) is your charge attack, X is your jump button,
and so on for the other functions like Musou attacks and special attacks.

i.)  Standard

        S1 / S - A right to left slash with his weapon.
       S2 / SS - A left to right slash.
      S3 / SSS - A top to bottom slash.
     S4 / SSSS - A spinning slash from left to right; identical to his C4
                 but without any weapon traits attached.
    S5 / SSSSS - Another spinning slash that ends swinging a little higher
                 than his S4.
   S6 / SSSSSS - Identical in appearance to his S1.
  S7 / SSSSSSS - Identical in appearance to his S2.
 S8 / SSSSSSSS - Identical in appearance to his S3.
S9 / SSSSSSSSS - Identical in appearance to his S4 but comes out at a
                 slower speed.
     Dashing S - Hopping uppercut slash.  It'll knock enemies into the air.
                 It is possible to juggle afterwards, but usually this will
                 require favorable terrain.
     Jumping S - Right to left swing.

ii.)  Charge

     C1 / T - Charges forward then does a right to left slash.  Pressing
              T again during this move adds a left to right slash.  Agility
              will notably improve his movement/attack speed during this
              move.  Without it he casually jogs with his sword held out
              (nonetheless doing damage to enemies), and with it he runs
              through enemies and it actually looks painful.
    C2 / ST - Does an uppercut slash that knocks enemies into the air.
              Agility has no effect on the attack speed of this move, and
              it is fairly slow as is.
   C3 / SST - Does a string of vertical slashes, with the final slash
              stunning the target.  Pressing T extra times adds extra
              slashes.  Agility appears to have no effect on this move.
  C4 / SSST - Does a spinning slash.  Different from his S4 due to having
              a knock back trait.  Agility improves the speed of this move.
 C5 / SSSST - Slams his sword into the ground, creating a burst of energy
              that knocks enemies into the air around him.  Agility has an
              effect on the speed of this move.
C6 / SSSSST - A left to right slash immediately followed by a right to
              left slash.  Agility has an effect on the speed of this move.
  Jumping T - Multiple aerial slashes; can only get all of the slashes
              if there's an enemy to swat around, otherwise Dun stops after
              two slashes.  Agility does nothing to affect the speed of his

iii.)  Special

R1 - A whirlwind attack (looks more like a sandstorm to me) that normally
moves for a short distance in whichever direction you're facing.  When
used off of his L + R1 attack, it seems that you can aim yourself before the
whirlwind comes out, but only in a turn up to 90 degrees.  That is, if you
face north while Dun is flying like a torpedo due to L + R1, aiming the left
stick to the south will end up letting you fire a whirlwind to the west or
the east, but never to the south.

You can cancel any charge into this technique, but not vice-versa.  This
move can be jump canceled just like a charge or standard attack.  Agility
has no impact on the speed of this move.

L + R1 - Dun turns into a human torpedo, diving in whatever direction you
aim him with a buffer of energy around his body that has a decent horizontal 
area of effect.  It can be used off of his R1 attack, although normally
you'll want to cancel off of Dun's C1.  Grants complete invincibility.

You can cancel any charge into this technique, but not vice-versa.  It can
be jump canceled; if you're quick enough you can start this move, jump
cancel and air dash and retain the damaging energy buffer during the dash.
Agility has no impact on the speed of this move.

Musou - A series of uppercut slashes that ends with a knock back slash.

True Musou - Similar to his Musou, except he ends with a shockwave nova and
a hybrid stomp/slash after the knock back slash.

iv.)  Horse

    S - Up to six attacks alternating sides.
    T - Standard horse stomp.
Musou - Multiple slashes, much like the standard attack string.

2.)  Combos

i.)  Standard

C1 -> L + R1 - This is a bread-and-butter combo for Dun; the C1 comes out
very fast and does solid damage when paired with a 10 Agility weapon, while
the L + R1 adds some horizontal range and acts like his C4 in terms of
knock back potential.  Invincibility from the L + R1 combined with how you
can use C1 as a way to juke archers means you can dodge out of the way of
incoming arrows/bullets then crash into the archers/gunners with impunity.

R1 -> L + R1 - This is more for flash than anything.  The lack of a charge
move in the combo means it can be blocked entirely.  You can also reverse
the order and still be able to chain the two attacks.

C1 -> X -> T - One of the easiest ways to guarantee that his jumping charge
attack lands, since a C1 all by itself will cause enemies to crumple, and the
jumping charge sucks them into the air for mass slashing.

C3 -> S -> C1 - Not a staple combo, but it is another way to start a juggle
of death (most death juggles with Dun involve throwing in C1 at some point).

C2 -> C4 - Good for damage and aside from the C2, the whole combo comes out
quickly with Agility 10.  Use this if you get bored of the various C1-based
combos and just want to send enemies flying around like ping-pong balls.

R1 -> C1 -> L + R1 -> R1 - The R1 by itself will crumple an enemy just like
C1 does, so you can use this combo as a way of showing off.  It doesn't lead
into an infinite combo very well, since even the quick dash trait of Dun's
C1 can't catch up with enemies knocked away by a juggle R1 unless they're
knocked into a corner or a wall.

ii.)  Advanced

C1 -> L + R1 -> C1 -> L + R1 -> ... - As the combo description notes, you
can continue the C1 -> L + R1 sequence for as long as you like, with proper
timing.  C1 moves very fast with 10 Agility, letting Dun cover a lot of
ground in a hurry.  This comes in handy if a C1 or L + R1 knocks a general
off in a direction other than directly backwards; just C1 towards them and
let it catch them during a bounce or even while they're still in the air.
Certain bad bounces are hard to recover from; a general who flies off at
an angle behind you requires a bit of luck and a quick 'reorient camera'
move or two.

At a certain point it becomes possible for enemies to tech out and try to
jump charge, but L + R1's range and invincibility means you'll win every
time that they attempt such a tactic.  C1 is fairly good at winning such
trades as well, so either half of this combo can work to keep your target
up in the air and on the fast track to defeat.

C1 -> S9 - C1 by itself will crumple a general, leaving them open to
another hit.  Adding the Bolt element will make any hits afterwards act as
juggles.  The full S string racks up a lot of bonus damage when paired
with the Air trait.  The only major drawback is that this takes a long time
to execute, and Dun can be interrupted by other enemies while he's bouncing
his target off of his sword.  A minor annoyance is that without the Bolt
element, the entire combo seems to take place on the ground and sometimes
your target will get knocked away during the S9 attacks.  This of course
breaks the combo.  Peg them with a L + R1 or R1 to salvage a clean combo
end if you find them starting to fall away.

C1 -> C4 -> R1 -> L + R1 -> X -> T - Yet another C1 crumple combo, except
this one throws in both special techniques.  It may be possible for an
enemy general to flip out after the R1, but at every other point they're
either in a knock back state (C4 and L + R1) or in hit stun (C1, the S3
part of C4).  This is best pulled off after you've backed an enemy up
to a corner or a wall, so that they can't be knocked away.  Without the
barrier to keep them in place, it will be difficult if not impossible to
land every single hit after the R1 and/or L + R1.

3.)  Advised Weapon Outfitting

My main weapon of choice has the following traits:

- Bolt
- Flash
- Slay
- Drain
- Air
- Range
- Agility
- Might

I also have a backup weapon where I swapped out Range 10 for Brave 10.

i.)  Why Certain Traits Are Missing

Well to be honest, any of the other traits are either counter-productive
to my style of play (Ice, Fire, Multi) or they're outright bad choices to
have on my weapon (Rage, Absorb).  Ice freezes enemies.  I like bouncing
enemies into the air and knocking them around, so welding them to the ground
in a block of ice is not going to be something I want to happen.  Fire isn't
a bad choice, but I feel that Bolt adds so much more to Dun's arsenal.
Multi can and will screw with combo timing, if not mess up a combo entirely.

Rage requires I be nearly dead to get great use out of it, and that's not an
option I'm fond of on Hard and Chaos difficulty.  Xiahou Dun only has one
move that makes use of Musou, and it's not good enough to warrant having
Absorb on a weapon, since his other options of escape and knock back are that
much better.

ii.)  Why Certain Traits AREN'T Missing

Flash is good.  Really good.  Really, REALLY good.  Flash means I get to
start combos off of C1 whenever I want, which usually leads to defeated
enemy officers.  I might be able to get away with a Scimitar that has nothing
but Flash 10 and Agility 10, just because of how deadly it makes his C1.  As
the previous sentence infers, Agility is really good too because it turns
his C1 into an attack to be feared.  Plus, faster charge attacks are always
a good thing to have.  Slay is a great trait to have on any weapon, and Air
makes Dun's air comboing skills deadlier.  Might and Range are good traits
that make for an all-around weapon; bonus damage and area of effect on his
charge attacks makes for a happy one-eyed death machine.  Drain goes well
with his C1 and reduces the need for Adrenalin.  Bolt makes for good splash
damage on his C1 and C4, and that's always useful in crowds.

4.)  Advised Attributes/Abilities

I'm fond of using Vitality, Potence, Fortitude, Impulse, Speed, Boost and
Adrenalin.  Vitality means I have more margin for error in case I get caught
out in the open (i.e., not in the middle of an L + R1).  Potence means bigger
and stronger hits, and also means fewer enemies are left to try and stick Dun
with their pointy bits of metal.  Fortitude lets Dun absorb a decent amount
of punishment; ideally I'd like to avoid all damage though.  Impulse is there
so that I don't have to use a horse of C1 -> L + R1 to quickly get from place
to place.  Speed adds more damage, as does Boost, both of which make for
fewer hits needed to get rid of generals.  Adrenalin means that most every C1
-> L + R1 landed restores health.

Out of those seven, the ones I'd be willing to swap out would be Impulse and
Adrenalin.  Impulse is mostly negated by C1 -> L + R1 and Adrenalin is only
there to act as a free heal on top of Drain.  Either one or both attributes
could be traded for something like Technique, Power, Conserve or Awakening
in order to help improve the skills of a teammate who actually has a use for
their Musou gauge (or just for someone who isn't a Speed character like Dun).

-= Battle Advice =-

1.)  Move Set Analysis (a.k.a., C1 and You)

C1 - This is the tool that you will live and die with.  Fully enhanced, it
blazes through enemies and helps keep juggle combos alive.  Almost every
major juggle combo Dun has will at some point require that you charge in
with this move.  Some require it in order to keep the combo from ending.
Overall, if you're not using this during your fights, you're doing something
wrong.  You'll rarely want to use the two hit version, since the second hit
knocks away enemies, and this isn't always something you want to do.

C2 - This has limited utility.  Dun's dashing S knocks enemies into the air
almost as well as this does, and it doesn't take as long.  C1 has the same
purpose on its own; crumpling an enemy leaves them just as defenseless.

C3 - I almost never use this.  The stunning property on the last hit can be
reproduced via C1 (this will be a recurring theme by the way; C1 does a lot
of things by proxy).

C4 - This is a solid knock back tool.  It comes out rather fast with enough
Agility, and it scatters soldiers just as well as L + R1 does while also
triggering weapon traits.

C5 - This is better than his C2, but it's still not something I find myself
using on purpose (e.g., I tend to use this only when I mistimed a C4).

C6 - It looks nice and the damage is solid, but it's ultimately not as useful
as some of Dun's earlier charges.

R1 - A solid attack that flies out in whatever direction you're facing.  It
has a decent vertical and horizontal range, but since it doesn't trigger
weapon traits, you can't make it into an unblockable wall of damage by way
of the Flash element.  Still, this works well as a combo ender or even a
combo starter since on its own it crumples enemies just like C1.

L + R1 - A very important attack; whenever you're looking for a quick way
to trigger crowd clearing, this is going to be the tool of choice.  It has
invincibility, so it works wonders for getting away from a crowd even when
they're trying to keep you from escaping.  With good reflexes, you can use
it to avoid incoming fire from enemy archers and gunners, and possibly peg
them as well.  Like with R1 though, weapon traits like Flash and Bolt won't
trigger, so the damage of this attack on its own is a little lacking.

2.)  General Procedure

This usually goes without saying, but always try to keep your enemies in
front of you.  A well-aimed C1 -> L + R1 will deal with clusters of enemies
while keeping you safe from retaliation.  L + R1's invincibility gives Dun
the option of flying headlong into a cluster of enemy generals and troops,
but make sure you make your suicide dive count, because he has no invincible
escape option out of that cluster.  Generally, battle tactics boil down to
"Is there an enemy or four in front of me?  If so, fly into them with C1
and scatter them with L + R1.  If not, look for enemies to run into."

If this style of play seems a little boring (and to be fair it sort of is), 
C4 is a good crowd control tool, as is C1's second hit and R1.  C1 will
still be useful, since it remains Dun's best way of getting that first hit
in, at which point you can do whatever you wish to dish out the damage.  Now,
I've noted that Dun has little use for Musou, and this is true.  Ultimately,
Dun's musou gauge is only there as an emergency escape mechanism.  If you're
getting beat around and don't think you'll have an opportunity to switch out
or escape with L + R1, use your musou attack and try to fight your way out,
then hope you can dash to a safe distance with L + R1 and C1 or just switch
to another character (preferably a technique character who can counter and
get breathing room without retreating).

3.)  Difficulty and You

There's not much to say here; on Hard and Chaos, you won't be able to lazily
throw out attack strings.  You'll need to rely more on the invincibility of
L + R1 and learn the maximum range that C1 has.  Knowing when you can start
a C1 and still clobber any wiseacre spear users thinking they have a range
advantage is key.  Knowing how to avoid archer/gunner fire and knowing when
you're close enough to turn that evasion into an immediate counterattack is
also key.

4.)  Advised Teammates

When restricted to the Wei army, I like bringing along Cao Ren for his solid
defense and juggle capabilities along with Zhang Liao (more due to liking his
character opposed to actual fighting ability).  Granted, some of Wei's
officers won't be unlocked in the Wei campaign (Cao Ren in particular), so
Dun's best Wei teammates are sometimes those who aren't available until after
you complete a stage in a different campaign.  In general, Dun works well
with anyone who has at least two of the following traits:

- A Technique character with an inexpensive counter and/or special attack.
Cao Ren and Dian Wei are good examples of such characters.
- A Power character with a solid special attack and/or move set.  Zhang Liao,
Lu Bu, Ieyasu and Kenshin are good examples of such characters.
- A Technique character with a powerful counter and/or special attack.  Cao
Ren and Hanzou are good examples.
- Any character with an ability and weapon trait lineup designed to absorb
punishment and stay out in the heat of battle for an extended period of time.
Sometimes Dun will get beat up and whoever you switch out to will need to be
able to hold their own until Dun recuperates to a point where he can come
out and fight again.  Cao Ren, Kuniochi, Gan Ning and Zhou Tai are good
examples of characters who can fight for extended periods of time, or at
the very least play keep away long enough for Dun to recover.

-= Unlocking Xiahou Dun's Potential =-

1.)  Acquiring His Personal Item

i.)  Stage

Wei 6, the Battle of Chen Cang.

ii.)  Requirements

Within 5 minutes, ally with Da Ji, defeat Oichi, Yoshimune Kawai, Nagashige
Tomita, defeat both defense captains inside the eastern part of the castle
and defeat 200 soldiers.

iii.)  Recommended Method

Head east and ally with Da Ji, then head back to the west to clean Oichi's
clock, after you defeat her two bodyguards Kawai and Tomita.  Kill enemy
soldiers along the way and once Oichi and friends are defeated, head north
and break into Chen Cang via its western gate.  Head inside the castle and
go east.  Eventually you'll reach the center of the castle, and you'll want
to head south (based on the overall map, not necessarily based on whichever
way you're facing).  The two defense captains will be in this southern
section of the castle, set up just like Base Captains.  Wipe both of them
out, then get more kills if you're not at 200 yet.

This should satisfy all of the necessary requirements, so go ahead and get
your PI, then beat on Nagamasa to finish the stage.  You could go ahead and
clear out the entire stage if you want; I'm sure Xiahou De wouldn't mind the
help with the troops and generals he attracted while pretending to be you
during this stage.  :P

iv.)  Where to Find It

It'll show up on the wall south of the northern part of the castle.  Pay
close attention to where it shows up on the History report if you have
problems figuring out where exactly it is.

2.)  Acquiring His Abilities

All four abilities that you can unlock with Xiahou Dun do not require you
to play on a certain difficulty.  You can kill three officers on Easy or
kill them on Chaos, and you'll unlock another level of Vitality.  That

i.)  Vitality

Defeat three officers.  Bonus HP is always nice.

ii.)  Adrenalin

Defeat three officers while staying at or above 30% life.  After you unlock
the ability your life level can dip as low as you want, so long as you don't
get Dun (or a teammate if you switch out) killed.  More life restored with
every 10+ hit combo never hurts, given that Dun is good at burst combos
with the press of a button (C1 in particular).

iii.)  Technique

Defeat 100 enemies while staying at or above 50% life.  Like with Adrenalin,
you can drop below 50% after you've gotten this skill, but don't die.  This
skill has no benefit for Dun given that he's a Speed character, but some
of his best allies are Technique characters.  So go ahead and get it so that
you make Cao Ren and others sharing his character type happy campers.

iv.)  Potence

Defeat 180 enemies, including six officers.  Bonus attack power is nice and
a useful trait for every character in the game.

-= Miscellaneous =-

1.)  Quotes and Dialog

1.)  Basic Quotes

Switching: "Stand back!"
L + R1: "Take this!"
C4: "You're finished!"
Musou attack: "Begone!"
True Musou attack: "It's over!"
Officer defeat: "Just another victim!"
Greeting: "Show me what you've got!"
Retreat: None, aside from stage-specific ones noted in the specialized quote
         section, like his two quotes from Wei 4 and his quote from SW stage
         6.  He doesn't appear to show up in any other stage in a way that'd
         allow for a standard retreat message.
Death:   None, aside from the specific quote he has if you allow him to be
         defeated in Wei stage 6.  Since the only stages where you fight Dun
         as an enemy are ones where his defeat triggers a plot-related quote,
         he has no standard death message like Cao Ren, Da Ji or any other
         officer who shows up a lot.

ii.) Specialized Quotes

(Note:  This is a semi-complete list now, although there may be still be a
few that I have forgotten to note, whether due to not remembering them or due
to forgetting to list them after having read the work of others.)

Starting out is a list of quotes said by Dun when he is a 'true' ally (his
icon on the map will be blue instead of yellow), or when you control him.  In
some cases it will be necessary to have Dun as your active character (or at
least on your team), since some quotes occur on stages Dun normally does not
appear on, such as Wei stage 2.

In cases where there is a single quote as opposed to a short conversation,
the speaker will be noted after the quote.  Otherwise the quotes will be
preceded by their speaker.  In any case, on to the quotes themselves.

Wei 2 - Battle of Tian Shui

Mitsuhide Akechi: "This blade will measure your caliber."
Xiahou Dun: "Nobunaga's continued existence offends me.  Out of my way!"

Another reminder that Dun doesn't much care for Nobunaga, who he sees as an
imposter of his lord, Cao Cao.

Wei 4 - Battle of Yi Ling

"I will put his mettle to the test...  to see his worth!" - Dun's intro
speech before the battle starts, directed towards Cao Pi

"My lord's progeny...  I will put his blood to the ultimate test!" - Dun's
quote near the start, after Pang Tong has requested that he head to the main
camp of Orochi's forces from the east and Yuan from the west

"Show me what you've got!" - Dun's quote when you encounter him for the
first time

Xu Zhu: "I won't go easy on you, you know!"
Xiahou Dun: "Xu Zhu!  Hmm, how times have changed!"

(Note: This appears to be the only unique quote Dun has when you encounter
him with a certain officer.  Not even Cao Pi gets a special quote from Dun,
and he's the one that Dun and Yuan are after during this stage.)

"So Pang Tong's plan has failed...  no matter.  Continue the march on the
enemy camp!" - Dun after you prevent Pang Tong's engineers from building
a bridge to your main camp

Xiahou Dun: "Not bad... but you've not earned my respect yet, youngster!"
Cao Pi: "Then would you like to give me another chance?"

"Letting your enemies go?  You're just full of surprises, aren't you?", Pang
Tong's reaction after you defeat Dun or Yuan the first time around (requires
that you not defeat Pang Tong before you defeat either Xiahou brother)

"Released them again, have you?  I think I know what you're up to...", Pang
Tong's reaction after you defeat both of the Xiahou brothers the first time
(requires that Pang Tong not be defeated before you defeat both brothers)

"Come Yuan, let's show them how we fight!" - Dun, upon returning to the

"You think you can overcome us!?" - Dun after running into your characters

"The princess of Wu...  Impressive." - Dun's reaction after running into Sun
Shang Xiang and Ina after you've defeated both him and Yuan once

Xiahou Yuan: "My lord!... But weren't you supposed to be...?"
Xiahou Dun: "Don't fall for their tricks, Yuan!  It must be an imposter!"

(Note:  Notable as a quote you only see if you're playing as Cao Cao, which
also seems to indicate that both Yuan and Dun believe that Cao Cao really is
dead at this point in the storyline.)

"You have defeated my flesh and blood, but while my strength remains, you
shall not be victorious!" - Dun's quote if you defeated Yuan first after
their reappearance

"Don't worry brother, I'll cover for you!", Yuan's remark if you defeat Dun
first after their reappearance

"You... you have your father's strength, I admit it." - Dun after losing
to your team for a second time

Cao Pi: "You would both be of great value. Come, work for me."
Xiahou Dun: "Orochi has crushed Wei... I am not fit to serve..."
Cao Pi: "Wei is about to be revived."
Xiahou Dun: "So, it seems there was truth in what Nobunaga said... Very well.
You shall have my aid."

"No man could ever match my lord...  But you seem to have your own sense of
honor..." - Dun's quote after you complete the stage but before he joins you

You get a feel for Dun's general attitude here, along with his connection to
his brother/cousin/whatever, Xiahou Yuan.  Based on events that occur in
the Samurai Warriors campaign, it would seem that Wei's fourth stage takes
place at a point after Xiahou Dun has encountered Nobunaga in SW stage 6.
This would explain why he and Yuan have decided to test Cao Pi's skill in
battle in order to determine if he is indeed a worthy replacement for his
father (and their lord), Cao Cao.  This would be opposed to going after Cao
Pi merely to strike him down for seemingly surrendering Wei to a serpent's

Even then, it takes the defeat of himself and Yuan twice before the two of
them are convinced of Cao Pi's worthiness...  but better it take awhile than
for it to never occur at all, I guess.  This is the first Wei battle where
Dun has a considerable role, and the amount of dialogue he has in it is a
good indication of that role.  Stages 6 and 8 will be the only other Wei
stages where Dun has a fair number of lines.

Wei Story 5 - Battle of Odawara Castle

Cao Cao: "You dare raise your weapon against your own lord?!"
Xiahou Dun: "I will cut down any imposter who dares to use my master's name!"

Dun making it clear that he's not fooled by Da Ji's phantom version of his
lord.  Come to think of it, no one who has a special quote with any of Da
Ji's phantoms ends up being fooled aside from Huang Gai, and his situation
ends up being explained in a way that makes it sound like he wasn't fooled as
much as he's hesitant to raise his hand against his lord even when it's a
fake.  Kotaro has a better track record with convincing phantoms and magic
tricks, and his role in the WO storylines is minor compared to Da Ji's.

Wei Story 6 - Battle of Chen Cang

"Enemy officers on the ramparts...  we must exercise due caution or our main
camp will be in danger.  It's up to me to put a stop to them.", Dun's quote
once he's close enough to the castle walls

"I can't let Dun have all the fun.  Gimme my fair share!", Yuan's remark
after Dun starts his one-man stand against Nagamasa's forces

"The enemy advance has ceased.  Now is our chance to attack!", Dun's quote
after you seize both enemy bases on top of the castle walls

"Cao Pi, this is the end of a line.", Dun's quote if he is defeated at any
point in the stage; most likely if you take too long in seizing the enemy
bases and/or do a poor job of keeping allied morale up

Xiahou Dun: "Da Ji, you are no friend to Wei.  I will never trust you."
Da Ji: "Since I don't care what you think, that works out fine."

Oichi: "There is no point in lamenting our fate..."
Xiahou Dun: "Hmm... a bit philosophical for such a chit of a girl, aren't

Xiahou Yuan: "Cao Pi seems to know what he's doing. He's a smart lad."
Xiahou Dun: "If he is to succeed the great Lord Cao Cao, then he will
need every bit of that cunning."

Gan Ning: "Get a look of this chest! You want past, you gotta go through it!
Ding, ding! Round one!"
Xiahou Dun: "Hot-head! This is a real battle, not some back-street brawl!"

Nagamasa Azai: "My lance will take that challenge!"
Xiahou Dun: "Hmm... you might be of use after all..."
Nagamasa Azai: "And your might is beyond my wildest imaginings."

One of Dun's better appearances, taking on multiple officers and soldiers at
a time at one point.  If you keep allied morale high, Dun can keep fighting
indefinitely without losing much life.  It depends a bit on what difficulty
you do this stage on too; on Easy it'll be easy to kill enemies but Dun will
not have much of a life bar to work with.  On Chaos your main concern will be
to get morale up ASAP to help keep Dun from getting in over his head.

You also get a bit more of a look into Dun's mind when it comes to what he
thinks of Cao Pi.  He's still a little reluctant to praise Cao Pi, but being
around Yuan is enough for Dun to recognize that Cao Pi at least has the
potential to match or possibly exceed Cao Cao.  The rest of Dun's interaction
on the stage requires that you control him in order to see it in a timely
manner (Oichi, Da Ji, Gan Ning, Nagamasa).

Wei Story 6-X - Battle of Liang Province

Kotaro: "You shall be a test in auguring Cao Pi's future!"
Xiahou Dun: "You fiend! Why do you meddle in this battle for your sport!?"

Not a lot of dialogue for Dun here, partially due to this being a stage he
doesn't show up in naturally.  This could be seen as another sign that Cao Pi
is starting to get Dun's respect, albeit in a roundabout way.  On the other
hand, maybe Dun's irritated because Kotaro isn't taking this battle seriously
enough for Dun's liking as opposed to being irritated because Kotaro was
playing mind games with the wife of his current lord.

Wei Story 7 - Battle of Yamazaki

Xiahou Dun: "My lord... you are here at last."
Cao Cao: "I apologize for my tardiness..."

Xiahou Dun: "Dian Wei, you have performed a great service in keeping our
lord safe."
Dian Wei: "It is my calling, and my destiny.  I know no other way to live!"

Another stage where Dun doesn't normally appear in, explaining the lack of
dialogue.  As his two quotes show, his interaction is related to Cao Cao; if
it isn't in response to meeting with his lord and finding him to be alive,
it has to do with the man who swore to be a faithful bodyguard of Cao Cao's
up until his death.  Any signs of respect and growing loyalty to Cao Pi are
good and dead by this point in Wei's campaign.

Wei Story 7-X - Struggle for Nan Zhong

"Hmm...  that man could hold the key to this battle..." - Dun after he runs
into Tadakatsu during Wei 7-X

Not much to note here, since Dun is one of many characters connected to the
Wei campaign who remark on Tadakatsu's power.  Dun's take on the observation
is nice; he seems less interested in Tadakatsu's power as much as he is in
Tadakatsu indirectly being a factor that would make the battle a winnable
one for the Wei army.

Wei Story 8 - Battle of Koshi Castle

Masamune Date: "Only the truly great can rule. If you can't understand that,
then I'm afraid you forfeit the right to live."
Xiahou Dun: "Come on, mister so-called Dragon. I'll show you're nothing more
than a pathetic worm!"
Masamune Date: "I bet you'll just wear that eyepatch to get the girls!"

Xiahou Dun: "I should have cut you down when I had the chance."
Da Ji: "Ooh, I'm shaking..."

Lu Bu: "Come on, you insects! No one is getting to Orochi without going
through me! If you value your life, leave now!"
Xiahou Dun: "Damn, this could take a while..."

Orochi: "Only the worthy have made it. Now I shall see for myself the strength
of mankind."
Xiahou Dun: "I see now why Lu Bu toed the line..."

This has an amount of dialog not seen from Dun since Wei 6, although all of
it is based on encounters with characters as opposed to general speech during
the stage.  Still, the token encounter between the one-eyed dragon and the
one-eyed kirin (I guess) was nice, giving Dun a little more than the quotes
that most everyone connected to the Wei campaign has in this stage.

Wei Story 8-X - Battle of He Fei Castle

"You have proven your greatness once again, my lord!  Onwards, to the
enemy's main camp!" - Dun after you successfully guide allied officers into
the inner section of the Orochi Army's base

Another brief list of dialog, and unsurprisingly the one quote is directed
towards his 'true' lord, Cao Cao.  Dun is loyal, if nothing else.

Wu Story 4 - Battle of Osaka Castle

Sun Ce: "Arghh, we're surrounded!"
Xiahou Dun: "I'll hold them off...  You go on ahead!"
Sun Jian: "That is my place.  It has always been my duty to protect the
Xiahou Dun: "Sun Jian..."
Sun Jian: "Worry not!  They shall not break me, for I fight with the tiger's
rage!  You heard me!  Now go!"
Sun Ce: "Understood.  I'm gone!"
Xiahou Dun: "Sun Ce, wait!"

This is Dun's contribution to the cutscene at the end of the stage, one of
the few where any character can be involved.  Dun comes off a little bit odd,
willing to take on all comers even though the one he's buying time for is
the leader of the Wu army, who is normally an enemy of Wei.

Shu Story 8-X - Battle of Mikatagahara

"Guan Yu!  Put some back into it!  You don't want to let me down!", Dun's
quote once he shows up

"With you on my side, my blade feels sharper still.", what Dun says after you
forge an alliance with him

Guan Yu: "Thank you...  Support sometimes comes from unexpected sources."
Xiahou Dun: "Hey, I'm not letting anyone take you down except me!  If you die
now, I won't get that pleasure!"

Ginchiyo Tachibana: "Thank you.  I will not forget this debt."
Xiahou Dun: "I don't need your thanks.  Just stay alive, we need your blade!"

Yoshihiro Shimazu: "A kindred spirit!  I see you live for a war too!"
Xiahou Dun: "It's all I know."

Magoichi Saika: "You're a handsome fella...  D'you wanna be my wingman?"
Xiahou Dun: "...I want to spend as little time with you as possible."

Yukimura: "Ah, the one-eyed general Xiahou Dun... it is a great honor to meet
Xiahou Dun: "Watch it, kid.  Careful how you tread there."

These quotes are limited to when Dun shows up as a neutral officer, so if you
don't fulfill the requirements for making him appear, you won't see them.  I
have been informed that letting the supply line succeed does indeed speed up
Dun's arrival, since normally it seems you have to let Guan Yu struggle when
he's fighting Orochi.  With this method it only takes about six minutes after
the start of the stage before Dun shows up to bail out an old enemy.

Dun has some special dialogue with certain characters from the Shu campaign,
which was rather nice to see.  I like thatDun has something to say to people
aside from the guy who he has a history with (Guan Yu).

Samurai Story 2 - Battle of Honnoji

Nobunaga Oda: "Hmm...  I see a new warrior on the battlefield."
Huang Zhong: "It looks like Xiahou Dun. He was Cao Cao's right hand-man."
Nobunaga Oda: "Ha...  It begins to build..."

"I come here in a search of my lord, and this is what I find?  Hmm... that is
the banner of that pretender, Nobunaga!", what Dun says once he shows up

"I will put my shoulder to the wheel!  Let us brush the enemy aside!", what
he says once you forge an alliance

Hideyoshi Toyotomi: "Cao Cao is certainly a remarkable individual."
Xiahou Dun: "He is the only man fit to rule over this chaos."
Hideyoshi Toyotomi: "What are you, in love with the man?"

Nobunaga: "So the name of Cao Cao has drawn you out as well..."
Xiahou Dun: "And you are Nobunaga Oda.  I have heard the name."

"Nobunaga... There is something familiar about you.  Something that I can
respect.  And yet you are not fit to take the place of my Lord Cao Cao.",
what he has to say after you've encountered him as Nobunaga and get a safe
distance away

Shingen Takeda: "Time to have a lie down, I think.  We will be busy again
soon enough.  What are you planning, my one-eyed friend?"
Xiahou Dun: "Search for my lord.  That is all there is."
Nobunaga Oda: "We shall all meet again."

In terms of the overall timeline, this appears to be the earliest moment that
Dun appears.  He has yet to challenge Cao Pi and is in fact still searching
for his lord, who he doesn't believe to be dead.  This eventually turns out
to be true, but only if you've been through the Wei campaign (or knew better
than to think that KOEI would exclude Cao Cao as a playable and non-dead
character).  It should also be noted that this is another case where Dun is
a neutral officer as opposed to either an ally or enemy.

As expected, this is the start of the numerous interactions that Dun will
have with Nobunaga.  There's a bit of respect tempered with suspicion and
general disdain, but eventually it turns into "I should kill this guy before
he becomes a threat to my lord Cao Cao..." later on.  For now though, Dun's
more concerned with finding his lord, whether he be dead or alive.

Samurai Story 6 - Battle of Fan Castle

"Nobunaga...  There is no place for you in my lord's kingdom!  My duty is to
ensure your elimination.", Dun's quote once he arrives

"Sooner or later, Nobunaga will get in my lord's way.  If you stop me in my
duty, then you will fall too.", Dun's generic quote when you encounter him

Nobunaga Oda: "Why are you here?  Do you wish to judge my greatness with your
Xiahou Dun: "I will not judge...  I will destroy the pretender!"
Nobunaga Oda: "Ha ha ha..."

No: "This is as far as you go..."
Xiahou Dun: "Then your head shall join his!"
No: "You talk big, but can you fight like a man?"

Xiahou Dun: "All I want is Nobunaga's head!  Step aside!"
Mitsuhide Akechi: "It is my mission to keep that head where it is!"

Hideyoshi Toyotomi: "Right now, it's not the dark tall guy you want to worry
about - it's the taller, scaly guy!"
Xiahou Dun: "Lord Cao Cao will easily dispose Orochi in good time.  This
pretender is of no use."

Guan Ping: "Why do you not join forces with Nobunaga to slay Orochi?!"
Xiahou Dun: "Nobunaga has not earned the right to stand with my lord.  Lord
Cao Cao is the rightful ruler of the land!"

Okuni: "Oh, I like the eyepatch.  Very piratical.  Would you like me to walk
the plank?"
Xiahou Dun: "I have no time for your childish games, woman.  Leave me be!"

Xiahou Dun: "My fate is already sealed..."
Nobunaga Oda: "No... Your fate is in my hands, and you may still be of use."

"Every man and woman on this field resents Orochi, and yet he has us fighting
against each other.  When what we should be doing, is whacking some snakes!",
Hideyoshi's quote after he defeats Dun

Xiahou Dun: "Kill me now...  I do not wish to live to see your rule..."
Nobunaga Oda: "If Nobunaga does not suit your tastes, then look elsewhere
for leadership.  But look to the living, not to the dead.  Surely you have
sensed the greatness of your master's progeny?"
Xiahou Dun: "...you mean... that evil-hearted man...?"
Nobunaga Oda: "Since you seem to need to cross swords with a man to determine
his worth, then that is what you must do with him."

Although he shows up as an enemy, and thus is technically on Cao Pi's side
during this fight, Dun hasn't yet actually aligned himself with Cao Pi (Cao
Pi's quote after Dun first makes his appearance acts as support for this
train of thought, as does the conversation Dun has with Nobunaga after the
stage has ended).  As the quotes show, Dun's got Nobunaga on his mind, and
wouldn't mind terribly if he had Nobunaga's head on his mantle.

The conversation between he and Nobunaga after the stage is over marks the
point where Dun starts looking for Cao Pi in order to test him, as seen in
Wei stage 4.  It ends up being one of several events in the SW campaign
where the results are seen in one of the other campaigns.  Sakon being sent
to aid Sun Ce is another such event, and Yoshihiro Shimazu showing up to
free Zhao Yun is considered another (although any connection to Nobunaga is
tenuous at best, unlike with Nobunaga's clear cut request towards Sakon).

Miscellaneous Dialogue

This is for quotes for things that can show up on any stage where Dun appears,
whether because he's in your party or because he's involved in the stage as
an ally.

"Now's our chance! Press the attack!", praise from Dun as an ally after you
have gathered some multiple of 100 kills

"Such remarkable skill...", praise from Dun after you defeat an officer

"Pretty impressive.  I've got my work cut out for me!", praise from Dun as
an ally after you defeat an officer

"So this is to be my final resting place...?", quote from Dun as an ally
when he's in danger of being routed

"Support is here at last...  Launch the counterattack!", quote from Dun as
an ally when you come to his rescue

"Today, we have proven our might to the world!", Dun after he gets 1,000 KOs

"Magnificent, my lord!  The land is yours for the taking!", praise from Dun
when you defeat an officer as Cao Cao

"There is no one who can match my lord after all!", praise from Dun when you
get 1,000 KOs as Cao Cao

"My lord!  I am saved!", thanks from Dun when you rescue him as Cao Cao

"Superb!  You have come far indeed!", praise from Dun when you defeat an
officer as Xiahou Yuan

"I am proud to have such a warrior in my family!", praise from Dun when you
get 1,000 KOs as Yuan

"Yuan!  Your help is much needed!", quote from Dun as an ally when you come
to his rescue as Yuan

"Mighty impressive, Yukimura!", praise from Dun when you get 1,000 KOs as
Sanada Yukimura

"A welcome sight!", thanks from Dun when you rescue him as Yukimura

"That girl shows no mercy...", praise from Dun when you defeat an officer as

"Hmm...  I have never seen such skill from a woman.", praise(?) from Dun
after you get 1,000 KOs as Oichi

"Masamune... There's something about that guy that I really like!", praise
from Dun when you defeat an officer as Masamune Date

"I sense that man sees the world much as I do...", praise from Dun after you
get 1,000 KOs as Masamune

"Thanks for the help, pirate!", thanks(?) from Dun after you rescue him as

"You embody everything good about my army.", Cao Cao's remark after you
defeat an officer as Dun

"I knew I could rely on my faithful retainer!", Cao Cao after you reach
1,000 KOs with Dun

"Thank you, my friend.", thanks from Cao Cao when you rescue him as Dun

"Don't forget to smile, brother!", Xiahou Yuan's remark after you defeat an
officer as Dun

"I knew you were the best, brother!", Yuan after you get 1,000 KOs as Dun

"This makes us even!", Yuan after you rescue him as Dun

"This is far from over!", Guan Yu after you defeat him as Dun

"It galls me, but you are too good...", Guan Yu after you kill him as Dun

"Don't forget to keep little old me safe, too!", praise from Okuni after you
defeat an officer

"Looks and skill...  What a combination!", praise from Okuni after you get
1,000 KOs

"Take me away from all this, back to Izumo!", thanks from Okuni after you
rescue her as Dun

"So, you are my last...", Okuni's last words after you kill her as Dun

"Let's go, one-eye!", Masamune Date's words when you encounter him as an
enemy while using Dun

"Maybe you're tougher than you look...", Masamune's quote after you defeat
him as Dun

"It's a pity you and I never saw eye to eye...", Masamune with some rather
dark humor after you kill him with Dun

2.)  History

December 26th, 2007:  I start work on v1.0 of Dun's FAQ.
December 30th, 2007:  I finish the first draft, not long before the New Year.
  January 8th, 2008:  I start actual work on v1.1, as opposed to cosmetic
                      work along the lines of fixing typos and word choices.
 January 12th, 2008:  I finish v1.1 for all intents and purposes, in order
                      to have a version that shows the new list of accepted
                      sites for this FAQ to show up on.
 January 14th, 2008:  v1.2 is started.

3.)  Thanks and Mentions

Thanks to:

- KOEI, for making this game.
- GameFAQs, Neoseeker and Super Cheats for hosting this.
- Rydain Darkstar, since I loosely based the structure of this FAQ off of
their Cao Ren FAQ.
- LordofWei's Character Dialog Guide, and by proxy, Humble Novice's dialog
guide thread on the KOEI Warriors forum.
- Any and all posters on the KW and GameFAQs forums who contributed to one
or more of the threads related to Xiahou Dun in some aspect (discussion of
tiers, character strategies, etc.)
- All those who gave me feedback in regards to previous versions of this FAQ.

4.)  Intended Additions for Version 1.3

- At this point, maybe little more than typo fixes and quotes.