Question from donai11

Asked: 4 years ago

How do i destroy a busness?

After i deafeated that 1 mission that u have to help marty get a buisnnes,I went to try get a bussenes for my self. So i went destroed a colo car next to thos small trailer things and then i deafeated all the colos and they would not let me go in there was not a large blue arow. Then i tryed a second time only this time no colos showed up and it was a diffrent one then i tried the same one i said before still no cholos. PLEASE HELP ME AND TELL ME WHERE I CAN BUY MORE BUSSENES.

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From: GTA_Phreak 4 years ago

You just need a little patience.
You can't take over businesses before you pass the mission "To Victor, the Spoils"
Even if the game suggests otherwise.

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first complete the "To Victor, the Spoils" mission then destroy a cholo/biker/shark/ect car then the cholos/bikers/sharks/ect will appear kill them all then go inside when the blur arrow comes up then kill everyone inside and all they propatie inside then u sucessfully destoryed there business

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