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Asked: 5 years ago

FBI Rancher?

Is the FBI Rancher on the ps2 platform and if it is were is it located?

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From: GTA_Phreak 5 years ago

There's no FBI Rancher, - only a Gang/Shark Rancher.
It might be accessible through some sort of cheat device though (?)

There is however a FBI Washington, which will chase you at 5*'s

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GTA_Phreak got alot of it! but not the cheat part.
If you want a fbi rancher you gotta do this

Get to your house(mansion)<-- if you completed mission.

In front of your house is a garage (make sure it is empty)

Start shooting people till 5 stars...

when they all hop out get in it and drive to your garage..

To get a lower wanted level(Required) do this cheat (xbox)(ps2)

Xbox: R(2),B,Black,Up,Down,Up,Down,Up,Down


Then after that, close garage and save the game!!!

Easy as pie!!!

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